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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 28, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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just sitting right here on a san juan shipping dock. officials blame the already waek infrastructure and say there are not enough truckers to get these containers out to people who need them. cnn has crews dispersed across the island in some of the worst hit areas and where people are trying to get out. and where supplies are trying to get in. so with me right now, boris sanchez and leyla santiago. leyla, let me begin with you. thousands of puerto ricans are trying to to get out apyou're at the dak where people are lining up to board cruise ships. do they expect all those people there are getting out today and how are they triaging the situation? >> reporter: so let me walk you through because you're right, typically in this area i see tourists and these are mostly puerto ricans trying to get on to this ship. as you see behind me, this is a line where people that they are
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classifying as special needs. directly behind them, that is a line for people with children. and then this line extends to further down the block where there are thousands of people trying to get on the ship right behind me. now, as i was talking to some of the organizers here, they told me that if they were registered, they would get on the ship today. when i asked when the ship leaves, they told me as soon as it is at capacity. but still you have a lot of people here who are showing up hopeful when they see these lines at trying to get on and they will not be able to. i saw one man lift his shirt to show the scar from his operation so that he could maybe get in and he was depended because he had not been registered. now, i want to introduce you to luce, her family is in line and they is sitting over here to relax because she has special medical condition, a blood condition. is that correct? >> yes.
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>> what is it like to have to be in this line to get off your home island? >> in my house, i can't live in my house right now because all the water in my house. and i can't live in my house. >> you can't live in your house. >> and i have my daughter and two sons. and claudia told me to leave, that i can take the ship. >> so someone here has alreadied to her that -- >> conditions for my -- my condition -- i have to take care of my blood condition. >> what does it feel like to be here? this is your home island. this is where you've lived for your life? >> yes. i live here all my life. but in the conditions, i can't stay here. >> so where will you go? >> i go to florida with my daughter.
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i have a daughter in florida. >> how long have you been here trying to get on the ship? >> about three hours. >> all right. well, we are thinking of you and i hope you do well in florida. luce is one of thousands, thousands, with some sort of condition trying to to get on this very ship. that is the sign of hope for the people here. now, i will say we also saw some supplies leaving this part. we just watched as about a dozen generators were escorted u.s. customs escorting those supplies leaving this part of the island. you can see behind me that they are escorting either people or supplies on buses coming out of this part of the port. but you're right, the frustration is that on the other side of the port, there are the supplies. stuck. unable to move because according to the government, they don't have the drivers. although i talked to several commercial drivers who didn't have any idea that they needed
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drivers. so it's not just a matter of transportation. it's a matter of communication that makes all of this a logistical nightmare. meanwhile, half the island remains without any relief. no hurricane relief. the government saying 35 municipalitie municipalities, and an island of 78 municipalities, not even half of these u.s. citizens have the relief aid that they need from fema right now. >> insane. i'll talk to boris in a second about dispersing some of the aid and the cargo -- shipping containers. but back to you. the line and people trying or thinking that they will try to get on these cruise ships, who is in charge of that whole process, leyla? >> reporter: right. so what we have seen here is we've seen some volunteers, actually quite a lot of volunteers that where going person to person handing out water, checking on i.d.s to make sure they are registered. i've seen people from royal
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caribbean, that the ship belongs to roib cryal caribbean. and then i've seen a lot of law enforcement. so it seems like there is a accordi coordinated effort at the entrance, but i haven't seen one main force here in control. now, to be fair, i have been walking around talking to the people. but it's actually been surprising how many volunteers are actually helping out here. and that is a good thing. >> i'm just trying to understand who is calling the shots or not depending on the case. thank you so much. we wish luce and all these people well. but it just feels like they just need so much more help. boris, you're at the port of san juan where the supplies are stuck. we heard leyla mention at least some generators are en route to people in needs. but what are the logistical issues that are holding this up?
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>> reporter: there is a serious bottleneck when it comes to delivering the supplies. we can get a faint glimmer of hope. there is a barge not far from me that is full. hundreds of shipping containers with supplies are on there. and until recently, they haven't been able to unload them off of there because here at the port, where there are thousands of others about 10,000 shipping containers, there simply wasn't room for them. and the past hour or so, we have started to see shipping containers coming offer of tha barge and we're seeing movement. because as you're heard, there is desperate need and not enough resources out there to help those who need it most. i want to bring in jose, vice president of operations for puerto rico for crowley who is managing the shipping containers. thank you so much for joining us. for folks watching at home, can you please explain why this is so difficult when supplies are here, why are they not getting
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where they need to go? >> basically everything relies on the lack of distribution. right now with the hit of hurricane maria, the entire distribution supply schan has be chain has been interrupted and it's a matter of how we can move the goods from the ports to the final destinations meaning the shelves and table of the people of puerto rico. we have definitely done our part. crowley company has done everything in its hands to support the people of puerto rico. we have delivered. same thing the people of puerto rico, we have come together as one and we have gone way above and beyond of our responsibilities. and i also have to stress the new orleans that f importance that fema has done an extraordinary job as well where they have been delivering cargo since the first day we have opened the bay. >> reporter: so several issues. there are truckers that need gasoline to get to work. and then their trucks need fuel.
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there is a shortage of cash so people may not have money to go pay for gas, to get this line to pay for gas. help us understand how we can unravel those layers. >> yeah, first the worker that for some reason lost his whole belongings. and then you have the one struggling to get to the workplace. and if he gets to his workplace, you don't know if the workplace has been entirely damage like a warehouse, the offices, the retailers, all the commercial. and then if but get to your workplace and as an example you have a truck driver, then you have the need of diesel. do you have fuel to get to move around from your husband to your work. do you have feel or diesel to mo fuel or diesel to move the truck from the shop to the terminal and around the island to make sure that we restore the supply chain on the island. and the electricity. there is a lot of work to do
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here. >> reporter: one last question for you. you're a puerto rican. how does it make you feel knowing that there are people out there that are very desperate and that the help is here but it can't get to them? >> it's frustrating. it's sad. it's devastating. knowing that there is over 9500 containers in the port of puerto rico and because of the interruption from the terminal to its final destination, those people can't get a hold of water, of medicine right now. refrigerated cargo amongst other especially in the commercial side of the business. and to tell you the truth, we really need hands on. right now it's a matter of additional resources. we need additional resources to restore the power to clean the debris to restore the water on the island and to do everything else related to the recovery efforts. >> jose, we thank you so much for the time. appreciate it. hopefully you get that relief. brooke, back to you.
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>> it's all interconnected. they need the gas to get the trucks rolling. they need the warm bodies to drive the trucks. what a mess it's been. boris sanchez, thank you. let's stay in contact with you and make sure that these cargo units get to where they need to go. fema says not all hospitals are in operation. and one doctor says that, his word, it's about to explode. d dr. sanjay gupta is at one of those hospitals that is still taking patients. >> reporter: we've been looking at some of the different clinics. and it's very hard to know if a hospital is actually functioning. you can't communicate with these hospitals. so you hear 20 hospitals are up and running, you hear 40 are up and running. it's chaos as far as actually trying to figure that out. if they are up and running, it becomes a question of how long will they be up and running. we were at a hospital yesterday
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that basically said they had six hours worth of fuel. they ended up getting more fuel. but they didn't know for a long time. they don't know after this fuel runs out if they will get more. we were at a hospital today where clearly a woman needed to be moved from that place, that shelter, because there was no care there. ambulance shows up to take her. but then the ambulance doesn't have enough gas then to take her from that shelter to a hospital. so it's kind of like half efforts. you're getting halfway there, but not actually completing the job, not actually moving a patient who needs that care that you are describing from point a to point b. so it's really -- there is a lack of coordination here. and what i think is highly frustrating for the medical professionals who are in the more remote areas, look, we keep hearing there is enough medications, enough supply, water, fuel, on the island. we're not getting it. people right now are at risk of dying. they can be saved with pretty
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simple interventions. but they are at risk of dying. and this is about people who aren't necessarily injured by the hurricane, these are people stuck in these remote places, conditions get o can't get out and are dealing with uncontrolled hypertension, chronic illness that could turn into a death sentence. humanitarian crisis to me means that needless deaths can occur. and there is a real risk of that. so your point about more resources down here, i think it's a really important one right now. at this moment. >> sanjay, thank you. in the worst of mother nature, we often see the best in human nature. the people of puerto rico coming together, sharing generator, helping get supplies out to harder hit areas. my next guest is one of those people. ashley lopez born and raised in puerto rico, currently in one of the worst hit areas. she is there volunteering with fema. we have you on the phone.
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before you talk to me with your fema volunteer hat on, you can just tell me what this past week has been like for you personally, how have you been getting power, and what about your access to food and water? >> almost 95% of the island has -- [ inaudible ] >> ashley, forgive me, we'll try to get a better connection. obviously everyone understandses circumstances, the fact that you even have juice to get on the phone from puerto rico steams like a huge win. we'll work on getting a better signal.eams like a huge win. we'll work on getting a better signal.eams like a huge win. we'll work on getting a better like a huge win. we'll work on getting a better signal. it's important to hear her story. more including the military's role in sorting out these logistical issues, this
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recovering effort. how does the government get the supplies into the hands of those in need? who the pentagon just put in charge of trying to tackle this. and we are moments away from a white house press briefing. we'll take it live. back in a moment. people confuse nice and kind but they're different. it's nice to remove artificial ingredients. kind never had to. we choose real ingredients like almonds, peanuts and a drizzle of dark chocolate. give kind a try. ♪
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puerto rico in crisis mode. millions waiting for food, water, fuel, all kinds of key necessities. the pentagon has now appointed a three star general to help sort out the low ghis he logistics. barbara starr, tell me more about jeffrey buchanan.
11:19 am
>> reporter: the understanding is that general buchanan will arrive in puerto rico as soon as later today. he is a combat veteran, has served in the 82nd airborne, 101st. and what does that mean? it means that he has taken command of large operations and knows how to get things done, how to move from point a to point b. how big is the need? the military has given us just one statistic that will set you back on your heels. 160 million meals will be needed over the next 30 days between puerto rico and the american virgin islands. general buchanan we're told is going to focus on the distribution network. when you have need like that, the issue is getting -- it can get on to puerto rico, but how do you get it out to the areas that are so devastated. he will oversee air, land and sea operations. he will try to assist fema and
11:20 am
the commonwealth of puerto rico in getting up and running with the airports, with roads, with communications, with medical care. the navy hospital ship "comfort" with set sale fril from norfolk tomorrow expected at puerto rico middle of next week. large transport military aircraft is bringing in a super large generator to get an air traffic control center up and running again that will allow more aircraft slots, more aircraft to land and take off from puerto rico. this is bit by bit logistics and supply. very detailed work and the military now really stepping in. they have to do it at the request of fema and government of puerto rico. they can't just show up and move in. but this is a real indication once again in a crisis that many times it is the u.s. military that has that constant
11:21 am
capability, the through-put of aircraft and ships to try and help and especially in this situation. >> barbara, thank you. position we me, lieutenant general russell who led the hurricane katrina relief effort. general, i think it's wonderful that this general will be, you know, on puerto rican soil today, but i'm left wondering what the heck took so long. >> well, i think that ought to be the center part of the senate investigation because something has happened since katrina with how we were supposed to do that. that general buchanan command, and he is the right guy, because guess what? that is his only job is to be prepared to respond to disasters in the united states. i'll say it one more time. that is his only job. we didn't use him in harvey because of political b.s. we didn't need him in irma because general calhoun maneuvered and the chairman
11:22 am
emptied the barn door and even sebts seventh an aircraft carrier. but for some reason we've spent eight days to do what we should have done on the second day and that was to appoint a marine buddy, all on the east coast, that could have done the same thing. we need to make sure next year when hurricane season comes around, all three of those components including the air force is ready to lead a joint task force in behind a category 3 or higher storm. we need to fix this. they need to scale up, brooke. katrina had 20,000 federal troop, over 200 helicopters and 20 ships. what in the hell oig aare they ? they are talking about partners and business plan. the defense don't operate that. we got defense logistics. the seven transportation command could have been there sunday opening that damn port. the marines and the navy got
11:23 am
opening authority. the airports could have been there sunday evening and the had the damn airfield open. we're operating with this partnership b.s. give the mission to the dech department of defense. if a foreign nation would have attacked, we would have had the entire fleet out there. and speaking of that, we need to tell the brigade at 82nd airborne, get ready and be on the ground tomorrow morning. because they can take coms in, they can leave the ammunition and weapons at home and jump into puerto rico and immediately bring thousands and thousands of pounds of goods and services with them as well as communications, all parts of that's land. dropping battalions and companies in different places and start getting the services to these people. they need to get 200 drivers out of -- off the east coast. and get them moving now into
11:24 am
puerto rico before night fall so they can get the damn trucks moving off the port. that company can give fema the loading dock. all the trucks with water should be moving before dark. we can do that. you have to break the rules. you can't follow the rules and safer li save lives. we need ten more ships to get people that are ill and want to visit relatives and they don't have to pay nothing. have to do it in two days. no cash system operating on the island. >> i hope somebody is listening to you with all of -- with everything that you are saying. and you know first hand. i don't know if you were watching, we were talking to leyla santiago standing in front of a line of people hoping that they are getting on cruise ships and she was telling stoert ofry guy who had to lift his shirt up to show his recent surgery scar so he can get off the island. and according to her they dined him because he hasn't put his
11:25 am
name on the list. >> let me say this real clear. so the white house will understand it. we need to do an evacuation. you can call it a voluntary evacuation, but we need to support that people don't have money. send ships in, every airplane should leave full. let the area companies go in with wide body airplanes, pick hundreds up, take them to relatives in new york, chicago, wherever, miami, and then new orleans. and let them find a place where they want to go stay so they can register for fee that. we need to get as many of the vulnerable population off as we can. many with family, with their children, take them so they can put them in school and then the more people we get off the island, that would help get the infrastructure back up quicker and those that need medical care, those with asthma, those with requirements that have to go to the hospital two or three
11:26 am
times of week, we have to fix this and break the damn rules. no reason airplanes should be leaving there without every seat full because the tsa. the hell with the tsa. do it on the other he said. >> end. >> break the damp on rules. please stand by. we'll listen in on the white house press briefing. i can imagine a lot of questions will be pointed at the press secretary there. specifically on what we're talking about. what is the u.s. doing to help. and we're also getting news regarding the leader of isis. jim sciutto is standing by for that. a quick break. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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jim sciutto is with me. i know there had been rumors or thoughts that perhaps he had been killed. is it him and what does he say? >> the u.s. intelligence community just moments ago telling us that, quote, they have no reason to doubt the authenticity of this new audio recording from the isis leader. though they caution it is not yet a final assessment. it's a 46 minute recording. it breaks -- it would break if confirmed ten month silence by al baghdadi. and in did you hear a leader trying to urge on his troops. isis fighters who as you know and we've been reporting for months now have been under enormous pressure, their u.s. led coalition air strikes, loss of territory to iraqi forces, u.s. backed forces in both iraq and syria, so this you hear the al baghdadi urging on isis fighters to stand firm, stand strong in the face of this while at the same time taking some
11:30 am
shots at the u.s. and this is one of the reasons why the u.s. intelligence community believes this may very well be authentic, that is because he makes references to events that have only taken place in the last few weeks. for instance he references north korean threats to the nus gentlem u.s. in japan, russia in ukraine in defiance of the west. so all these things because of that timely information giving some confidence that this is in fact the isis leader. in addition typically when you get an audio record willing like thi this, they ever other recordings and they look see if there is a voice match. i'm toldwilling like this, they ever other recordings and they look see if there is a voice match. i'm told assessment is not complete, but like i said, neff no reason to doubt the authenticity. >> as you get more, we'll bring you back on.authenticity. >> as you get more, we'll bring you back on. i have to imagine it will.
11:31 am
the white house holding its briefing any moment now as millions of americans are waiting for food, water, gas, et cetera just to arrive to them. it's been eight days since hurricane maria shredded puerto rico and help is so close. this is the insane piece of this. there are like 10,000 containers here holding vital supplies sitting in san juan. but they are not going anywhere. at least the vast majority hasn't been so far because of lack of fuel to get the trucks up and running to go on these impassable roads. puerto rico's governor says officials can't locate enough drivers even to take these critically needed goods out to the people who need them. as we wait for this briefing to begin, i have with me a number of great voices here including our chief local correspondent dana bash and earl lewis sitting with me. so i don't know if you were sitting to the general with me, he was saying break the rules, this is bs.
11:32 am
all kinds of criticism has fallen on the president for waiting too long, not having a bold enough response. what do you make of this today? >> look, there have been a lot of criticism, some of it is justified. some of it i think maybe is not. i think if you take a step back, the federal government has been dealing -- had been dealing with not one, but two major hurricanes on the continental u.s. having said that, that is what the federal government is supposed do. it's supposed to figure out when a place in the country or in the territory needs it. and clearly a place like puerto rico which already because of the debt crisis and everything else was in very dire straits with even the basic infrastructure to give it the kind of help that it needed from
11:33 am
within the island would need the federal response. so i think it's pretty obvious that the federal government was caught flat footed. the president himself just even in terms of the appearance ever giving help was caught flat footed. the fact that he tweeted umpteen times on the nfl which is okay, fine, he will do that, that is his shtick. but not showing the same kind of leadership or showing leadership, not the same kind, but leadership on puerto rico, you know, certainly sends a message to the world that he wasn't at the time that they needed him focused enough. >> i was talking to a mother who we will air the interview the next hour whose son was down in puerto rico helping his grandmother and she hasn't spoken with them in eight days. and she just through tears, i said, notice, what would you say to the president and she said please stop talking about
11:34 am
kneeling or not kneeling and go get my son. please treat this as these are your children. she's frustrated. >> sure. and she has every right to be. look, because of the nature of twitter, we can look hour by hour and see what he was doing, what he was tweeting about and sooner are on later cnn and other news organizations will do a time line of what was happening in the virgin islands and puerto rico while he was doing all of this stuff. the whole nfl controversy happened at a political rally, so he'd already made one important choice to be at a political rally rather than in the situation room trying to save 3.5 million americans. so he's already kind of behind the 8 ball and then you look hour by hour and you see more and more of the tweets about this political controversy. and then we see the president going to a political fundraiser for his re-election campaign at a fancy restaurant. and all the while reports are coming out, i'm reporting, you're reporting, local stations in new york are reporting, everyone is reporting that there
11:35 am
is an evolving humanitarian disaster on our hands. members of congress are standing in front of the cameras. the governor of new york took national guard a patchy helch p helicopters and went down there and reported directly. so it's not as if the federal government didn't know that there was a problem. the president made some choices. he will have to live with those choices. things will be a little bit harder for the federal government both politically and logistically because they got off to such a slow start. >> let's ask you to stand by. david chalian moving offer ing puerto rico, we have new pictures in of multiple presidents hanging out together today. was it today? what was this? >> yeah, this is the presidents cup golf tournament i believe, a golf club in new jersey. their honorary chairs of this event, the presidents cup.
11:36 am
and i think you will find the honorary chairs decided to show up, but you're getting to see 42, 43 and 44 all together there. and actually you said apart from puerto rico, but these men have been part of an effort to try to raise big sums of money as you notice with each hurricane, first harvey, the presidents club got together all of the living former presidents, the two not here, jimmy carter and george h.w. bush got together to raise funds and now they added irma and now maria and devastation in puerto rico as another opportunity for them to continue to raise huge sums of money to try to help people. so they actually have been working together for the last month on trying to do what they can with their notoriety and their unique position to get as much money to the right hands as possible. >> my thought bubble is can you
11:37 am
imagine 45 with those three? >> right. no. but my thought bubble is also just having covered -- i covered the bush white house. and also the obama white house from up on capitol hill. and they had issues very much like what we're seeing right now. obviously the most infamous is katrina. i was covering the bush white house, watched first hand as they were very, very flat footed, not understanding how -- >> huge criticism. >> -- never mind the federal government which is obvious, but the presidential role is so critical. and then even obama when the -- in the gulf with the oil spill. they were slow there. so look, this is not easy. this is really hard stuff. not only with the actual recovery, but again, certainly not as important as saving lives, but making the country
11:38 am
and the world understand that you get it, that the people who are citizens of your country, and that is a way that this president who tries to have his finger on the pulse of that kind of thing didn't in this case. >> one thing the president even now could do, and i'm just sort of putting it out there because i know he watches television, when you see a poll showing that most americans realize that p t puerto ricans are u.s. citizens, that is something that the president can and should on fwits twitter on facebook, every time a cram is in hamera is in his f tell everybody these are american citizens. this is the equivalent of -- puerto rico is bigger than like 20 states. if the state of wyoming had no fresh water or pow, everyone
11:39 am
would understand that it was an emergency of the highest magnitude. this is no different in a way. and the president can and should focus the nation's attention on that fact. >> stand by. we have the general standing by as well. a quick break. we're waiting for the white house briefing to begin. hi i'm joan lunden. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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live pictures inside the briefing room waiting for this to begin. as we were in commercial break, i was handed this piece of paper because we will talk next about how the hhs secretary tom price is under fire for taking these private jets, something like 24 since may which racked up hundreds of thousand of dollars of your taxpayer money. and so we've just gotten this quote from a republican senator, not to be named from a source, this is a quote, i think the president's mad as hell, the republican senator told me, what the f was he thinking, it's just
11:43 am
stupid the senator said of price's choices. i think price can probably survive this, don't know. david chalian, dana bash, will he survive this? >> i don't know. the fact that you have the president coming out and saying -- >> he's in trouble. >> saying he's not sure what he will do. the sentiment given by the senator is right. what was he thinking. we were talking about it in the break about that i'm trying to figure out as somebody who covered tom price as a con ma congressman, watched him and others go after members of congress who used private jets and i understand that he understands the rules, that you can't and shouldn't spend 25 grand of taxpayer dollars to fly from d.c. to philly for example.
11:44 am
i can't federal governmeigure i. >> all i can say is there is an ancie ancie ancient uberous. greeks identified this, it's among men in pow person. >> but it's not the excuse of he didn't know. >> rick perry abolished that he was going to abolish the department of centering and then he was sprintroduced to his dri and his story changed. >> so the president saying i don't know what i'll do with secretary price, but you look back to the not so distant past of the steve mnuchins of the world, scott pruitt, why is it price? >> well, price's story is
11:45 am
egregious. mnuchin has paid back and has asked for permission for his honeymoon travel and didn't end up taking it. but collectively, it's a huge problem in terms of so against the grain of the trump brand. this is the guy that got elected to the -- >> david, sorry to cut you off. here is sarah huckabee sanders. >> i'd like to start by saying that the president and all a of us at the white house were thrilled to see congressman ask a lesion bascalise back on the floor. we'll continue to root for him as he works toward a full recovery. today the president is actively engaged in monitoring the efforts in puerto rico. he received an update from fema administrator brock long. he also briefed members of the senate and members of the house this afternoon. the full weight of the united states government is engaged to ensure that food, water, health care and other life saving resources are making to the
11:46 am
people in need. at the request of the governor who is doing a terrific job, the president wavedived the jones a. and we will continue to focus on the challenge of distributing the resources. the island setting presents logistical murder behurdles. 10,000 federal government relief workers are there including 7200 troops and working tirelessly to get people what they need. we have prioritized live saving resources to hospitals and can report that 44 of the island's 69 hospitals are now fully operational. the army corps of engineers is spearheading a massive mobilization to restore power and it began with providing the diesel fuel necessary for sustainable emergency power generation. they are also working to restore long term power generation and distribution around the island. there is a long way to go, but we will not rest until everyone is safe and secure.
11:47 am
our message to the people of puerto rico is this, the president is behind you, we all are, the entire country. your unbreakable spirit is an inspiration tos all. we are pare praying for you and working for you and we will not let you down. as you note president traveled to indianapolis to roll out a framework for tax relief. it's based on four key ideas. first we will cut taxes for the every day hard working americans. second, we will make the tax code simple, fair and easy to understand. third, we will cut taxes on american businesses to restore our competitive edge and create more jobs and higher wages for american workers. and finally, it encourages american companies to bring back the trillions and trillions of dollars in wealth that is parked overseas. ro robin owns a small business in indianapolis. she and her husband bought the
11:48 am
business in 1991 and have tripled in size. they work full-time and employ three additional people. as robin describes it, her family is living the american dream. however, robin feels small businesses in our country have been neglected and put on the back burner. but she's now excited about what the president and congressional leaders are proposing. she believes this tax cut will be a boone not just for her small business, but also her customers. rob ben relies on small businesses to take risks and make investments in marketing campaigns that require printing services. robin is thrilled about the possibility of the tax code being simplified to allow the average taxpayer such as herself to save time and money and that they can invest in their families and business. people like robin are at the heart of the president's tax relief plan. on to talk more about the tax relief plan, i'd like to bring up ne krechlt direc director ga then we'll also have tom bossert
11:49 am
up to abls questions speciffte to the hurricane relief efforts. and then i'll come back up if you have other topics. >> thanks, sarah. i was going to make some opening remarks. i think i won't because you covered a few of them. a couple things i will say, the president has made his goals very clear. what he wants to achieve here with tax reform and cutting taxes in the united states. i think you know where we are in the process. the group of six has been working really well together. we're now in the hands ever congress. we want to go through a normal regular process both in the senate and house and we're working well with both tax drafting committees. and the committees will continue to work and they are working really well and really quickly. and we're trying to drive tax reform as quickly as we can. i think you know the basic premise behind it. i won't take you through what we've talked about before. again the question we get asked a lot, we have to make some
11:50 am
basic assumptions right now on where we will end up with the brackets, but i'll tell you based on our assumptions, a typical family earning $100,000 with two children that has been a standard deduction, they can expect a tax cut of about $1,000. that is where we're headed. and that is where we'll continue to be. and with that, i think i'll open it up to questions and see what is on your mind. >> big criticism is to on give away to the rich, but the one criticism that seems to be relevant for connecticut, california, other states is in a by eliminating the state and local deduction, there are certain people that will suffer double taxation. these are obviously itemizers. is that a hard and fast red line or would you be willing to give that up in negotiations? >> our plan is based on lowering reallies, and expanding the
11:51 am
base. it's very simple if you think of what we're doing. you expand the base by getting rid of the room hoalone holes t wealthy have used to pay tax on less of their income. so we have designed a plan where you will pay a lower rate, but up pay more on of your income. that is a basic core premise and we're committed to it and we're sticking with it. >> the criticism is that there are people in the middle income for who the tax is supposed to be beneficial because they itemize. >> so just to remind everyone in here, 25% of american families today itemize. that is it. 75% of american families do not itemize. so when you're talking about itemizing, you're fwatalking 25 pfrts pop lags. we have many things we're doing to help out. we're lowering tax rates. going from seven to three. we're expanding the zero rate up to $24,000 for that family.
11:52 am
first 24 240$24,000 of income, will pay zero on. we're lowering the 15% down to 12%, we're doing things to help that family. we're expanding the parameters for child care. we're really going to move the upper bound to who is eligible for child care up to a substantial higher income level. so that family may be eligible for more and more credits. you have to look at this plan in its entirety. the one thing i would beg you do, don't look at any one piece. that is how we look at tax reform, looking at it in its entirety. >> a for hllow up on the standardized versus itemized. there are people who say if you dissuade people from item miding, that you will suppress the real estate market because they won't need to use itemized deductio deductions. >> we're protecting the mortgage interest deduction. and the home builders today came
11:53 am
out in favor of our tax plan. the number one reason why people buy homes is they're excited and optimistic about the economy. they have a job today, they have feel confident that they will have a job tomorrow and their kids will get a job and their spouse has a job, they feel like there is upwards wage pressure, mobility in their job. and they feel good about the economy. that is when people go out and buy homes. we have not been in that situation in america for the last decade. we have to get america back to a place where people feel excited and exuberant about the economy. when they do, they will spend money and buy homes. people don't buy homes because of the mortgage deduction. again, 75% of families don't use itemized deductions. >> how will you ensure wealthy taxpayers don't abuse the lower tax rate? >> a great question. we have spent enormous amount of time on the anti-abuse language. the last thing we want to see is wealthy individuals or wealthy
11:54 am
groups or families move their tax rate down from the 35% rate to a 25% rate. we have pending time on that. the tax writers in the house and senate are acutely aware of this issue. you will be seeing language as we deliver more of the details. guys like myself should not be allowed to put their assets into a partnership and reduce our tax liability by 10%. >> two things about -- one thing you said this morning and the president said yesterday, you said you koochbcouldn't guarantt no middle class taxpayers would pay more taxes. and because of the details, that is a real possibility. some of the calculations are that some lower income people could see a very small cut of a few dollars or not more than that. so is it a red line for you and the president that all middle class taxpayers under this plan, and the president said that this
11:55 am
tax cut would not help him. he said in indiana that it would be bad for him. based on what we know about his finances, amt saves almost like $31 million. he'd obviously save a lot not paying estate tax. so how can you say this does not help him? >> the american people are concerned about their financial position. i think they are concerned about when they go to work every week and they get their paycheck, how much do they get to keep. how much goes in their pocket versus how much goes to government. how much do they get to spend versus how much do they send the government. if we allow a family to keep another $1,000, they can renovate their kitchen, they can buy a new car, they can take a family vacation. they can increase their lifestyle. that is what our tax plan is to
11:56 am
aim to rush more income back to hard working americans. >> speaking of the pass throughs and the president saying that this tax plan wouldn't benefit him, don't you think it would be a good idea if the president proved that by releasing his tax returns? >> like i said, what we're trying to do here and what we're working on is to increase the lifestyle of american citizens. our hard working citizens that get up every morning and work as hard as any people in the world to try to keep more of their hard earned income. that is what we're all about. that is what our tax plan is about. our tax plan is trying to get the economy to get the growth rate back to a normal alized rate before 3%. yes, we just had 3.1%. people didn't think that we could get there and we're at 3.1%. can we go higher? 1% of gdp means $3 trillion. it more than pays for a tax cut. that's what we're trying to do with our plan.
11:57 am
>> if you can't guarantee some middle class americans won't see their taxes go up, does that contradict the central promise of this plan? >> our tax plan is aimed at making sure we give middle class americans a tax cut. we are going to give middle class americans a tax cut. that is what we're spending all of our time on doing. and we have lots of tools to do that. as i said this morning, and i'll say it again, i could read my statement from this morning, i liked it so much, i'd say it again. i cannot guarantee that. you could find me someone in the country that their taxes may not go down. remember, we have 50 states. we have counties, cities, long term capital gain, sort term capital gains, all different structures. i guarantee you, you could find someone in this country maybe one person who their taxes may not go down. >> you can walks through the
11:58 am
time line for how you think the tax raising committees will get through this and what confidence do you have that given what has happened so far this year on capitol hill that they will actually get this done? and why did you decide to stay at the white house in the wake of charlottesville? >> i'm very confidence that the house and senate are working as quickly as they can. if you look at chairman brady and what he is doing in the house ways and means committee, they came in on sunday to start work on the tax plan and continue to work every day. chairman brady has said that they will get through it as quickly as they can. we would hope that we get through the house in october. we would hope to be in the senate in november. and we hope to have a bill done by this year. why am i here? i'm here just for this reason. think about the opportunity that i'm involved in with the president in being able to rewrite the tax code, something that hasn't been continue fordo for 31 years.
11:59 am
s amount of impact we could have in changing the forward outlook of the united states, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i would never miss this. >> does that mean when you're done with tax reform that you will no longer be at the white house, but when you talk to -- >> there are many more once in a lifetime opportunities at the white house. >> on the child tax credit, which we have heard ivanka trump talk about, can you give us any he kind of description as to what that would look like? what is the goal here? >> i think we said in our outline the existing is refu refundable and will stay refundable. additional money put this will be nonrefundable. we want to encourage people to work. we want people to have taxable income to take the credit against. the side of it we're still working out. >> do you have a range in mind? >> yes.
12:00 pm
we're continuing to work on that range. again, we are working on delivering a large middle income tax cut to american workers, one this they rightfully deserve. >> the plan is said to add $2.2 trillion to the deficit. are they wrong? >> we think they are wrong. because the way they score. but let's not argue if they are right or wrong. we firmly believe that it tax plan will have a dramatic impact on economic growth. we know that 1% change in gdp will said $3 trillion back. so if they are right, we've only pay down $800 billion to the deficit. i'll live with 800 bui$800 bill paydown. >> on the corporate side, your critics say on the repatriation of overseas a


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