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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we are happy congressman scalise is back on the job in the house of representatives. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the "situation room." erin burnett out front starts right now. out front next, a good news story. that's how the trump administration describes the response to puerto rico. why are millions still without water and power. tom price says he's going to pay back taxpayers for the seats on the private planes he took. why is he only forking over a fraction of the cost? twitter found 200 accounts linked to russians. they say it is disappointing. let's go out front. good evening, i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, tone deaf. the trump administration making a bad decision worse.
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puerto rico on the verge of a calamity. it's been eight days since hurricane maria destroyed puerto rico. millions of americans on the island haven't gotten ha they need. i mean, take a look at this, thousands of shipping containers full of supplies are stranded in the port of san juan. it's taken eight days since the storm for a military point person to be named to coordinate the relief efforts. eight days. jeffrey buchanan is on the way there tonight. his work is cut out for him. why did it take eight days to bring him in. here is tom bossert's response to that question. >> it didn't require a three star general eight days ago. >> didn't require a three-star general eight days ago. did they not see the pictures we
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did. no gas, filling water bottles from an open pipe. sleeping in the airport for days. elaine duke didn't have a better grip on reality or the gravity of the situation when she spoke today. >> i know it is really a good news story, in terms of our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths that have taken place in such a devastating hurricane. >> a good news story, in any way to reach people while they aren't getting things and half the population doesn't have water and 90% don't have power. lives are on the line. but it's a good news story. this morning, the president reverses force on the jones act allowing non-american vessels to enter the port. sarah sanders says that wasn't necessary and trump, of course, sided with the shipping industry, appeared to be concerned about their view more than that of puerto ricans. >> we have a lot of shippers and
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a lot of people and a lot of people that work in the shipping industry that don't want the jones act lifted. >> today, the administration say they lifted the law. here is the thing, they said they did it in the interest of national defense. they haven't answered the question why it wasn't a matter of national defense 18 hours ago. they are responding to the biggest natural disaster of trump's presidency. i want to start with leyla santiago in san juan. the containers at that port, what is in them and why are they there? >> reporter: well, actually depends on who you ask. according to fema, there is not a single container at the port that contains fema aid that is not being moved. fema has 11 supply points across the island, it is moving water and food as well.
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when you talk to crowley and when you talk to the puerto rican government, they will tell you, there are thousands of containers at this port, right now, with aid, that is not being moved. so, a little bit of a discrepancy when it comes to what is happening at the port. let me tell you what i saw, i did not see much movement of containers while i was at the port today. a minimal amount of trucks moving containers. when i stopped some of them, they were commercial trucks, furniture stores and drivers that were not aware there was a need for drivers to get relief aid across the island. that is what the government is saying. the government in puerto rico say the aid supply, the aid coming in is stuck at this port because they haven't been able to find the drivers. if they could find the drivers, they don't have the diesel. that is the complexity of what we are seeing at the port. let me tell you what else i saw at this port today, erin.
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that is thousands of people in line, trying to get off this island. those people are now on that ship. that ship that is headed to florida. as i talked to people, erin, i saw one man lift his shirt and show the scar from his surgery to prove that he had a special need, that he needed to get off this island. i saw a woman, connected to an oxygen tank. i want you to listen to the conversation i had with her. >> well, i cannot leave without oxygen. i can die if i don't have the oxygen. i have something in the lungs, fibrosis, that i need the oxygen to leave. so, it's imposzsible not to hav it. i'll die. >> reporter: when you talk to people getting on this ship, on
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the ship right now, getting ready to leave puerto rico, many of them are so upset, not knowing when they will be able to return to the island that they call home, but to the island that is now destroyed in many communities. erin? >> thank you very much, leyla. tonight, many americans received their lives to get help and supplies. you can see people here, as you see, clinging to a wire. it's a metal wire. they are attempting to cross a river to try to get food and water they need. ivan watson is also in puerto rico tonight. ivan, you were there. you saw the desperate things people are doing right now just to get food. >> reporter: oh, what's crazy about that, erin, is that washed out bridge is only 45 minutes drive from downtown san juan. 25 miles as the crow flies. you have a bridge to a small
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town, a neighborhood in the municipality. 1,000 people living in that town. the surrounding countryside is ravaged by hurricane maria. there's no electricity in municipality. there are long, long lines of people waiting for gas. there's no cell phone connection, no telephones, either. it's worse for that community, because to get in and out, they have to ford the river with water going up to their knees and then since they can't get their vehicles across that collapsed bridge area, then they have to hike as one couple that i met did. hike about two hours to the nearest store to buy bread and rice to hike back two hours, wade across the river and bring that food to their children. the wire that was laid across the river was done by locals from the community who say they got one visit from fema, several
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visits from the mayor of the municipality. no aid, whatsoever to the community. they did see military helicopters flying overhead, but none of them have stopped in village. if you have an emergency, you cannot call 911. there are no radios. you have to cross that river and try to get somebody to drive you to the nearest hospital. >> they have had a visit from fema, but no aid from fema or anyone else at this point? >> reporter: no and they were authorized by the mayor of the municipality to go into the school, which is heavily damaged by the storm, the town school and pull out school supplies for the school lunch and distribute them to the rest of the community. i saw many houses there destroyed, particularly the wooden ones destroyed, roofs ripped off. people sleeping on mattresses
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near their home. i met a 95-year-old woman who brought fresh medical supplies. if she has an emergency, they can't call out. people have to come by foot to communicate with the outside world there. erin? >> thank you very much. with millions waiting for food, water and other necessities, the pentagon appointed a three-star general to go there and sort out logistics. barbara starr is there. it's been eight days of unfolding human calamity. what took them so long? >> well, erin, they will tell you that military, for its part started with ships offshore. the lodgist cal problem we are talking about, getting supplies on the island, getting roads cleared, airports open, trying to get communications going, all of this is now the challenge for lieutenant general, jeffrey buchanan. he will oversee for the military
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support, for fema and the government of puerto rico, he will oversea the military air, land and sea based assistance. let me give you one statistic that will tell you the staggering challenge ahead. tonight, the pentagon estimating there will be a need for up to 160 million meals over the next 30 days for both puerto rico and still the american virgin islands. 160 million meals. what they are trying to do is get a military sustainment effort going, if you will. the ability that the u.s. military has to sustain operations 24/7 and get that network of distribution up and running. that is the absolute challenge tonight. erin? >> barbara starr, thank you. i want to go out front to daniel, the deputy director firefighter fema. daniel, i appreciate your time. i know you said none of your aid
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has been held up. you have been able to get your aid where it needs to go. you have delivered 1 million meals, obviously not a enough. there are americans in puerto rico without food and water. who is responsible for helping them right now, daniel? >> first of all, this is a tremendously challenging response. we were hampered early on in the first step of getting all of that aid to the island. being 1500 miles away from here, i assure you is not the same as in the continental u.s. it is more challenging to ship via air and via ship. second of all, the fact that the air traffic control tower went down and is slowly ramping up thanks to herculean efforts by the department of defense to get online, it's like pushing a bowling ball through, quite frankly. this is a logistics challenge from the beginning. now, we are facing, ironically,
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you have all those supplies, now we have to get those delivered to those that need them most. the last mile delivery we are aware of that is challenging us at this moment. >> i know you heard ivan watson talking about that village where they put the wire up, going through the water. they got a visit from fema, but no aid, yet. when you look at the reality, 160 meals needsed over 30 days, you all provided 1 million. it is clear the need is greater than what you have been able to provide. there's no question about that. whose fault is that? do you need the government to step in and put a military general in earlier? who has created the situation where half the people on the island don't have water? >> so, i would say hurricane maria created that situation. this is a catastrophe like the island has not seen in nearly a century. we are doing our absolute best.
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those federal responders seated behind me and 10,000 on the ground are doing everything in their power. please understand, without a functioning airport, this is a difficult situation to get all of those meals and commodities in. that said, we were prepared for this disaster from the get go. it's not like we just showed up after this all happened. there were commodities staged on that island. there were thousands of personnel staged on that island to respond immediately. we responded to those immediate needs. now, a sustainment where we can get a larger military footprint in thanks to, for example, we opened another airport dedicated just to military operations. it's an old naval base. there's ingenuity to say we think we can open this airfield. it's happening. there are planes landing there right now, carrying helicopters, carrying supplies.
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as you mentioned, there's a three-star general on the grounds that is going to coordinate this. this takes time. >> i think people are trying to understand why this didn't happen sooner. part of this is because of what members of the administration said today. i don't know if you heard it, but the homeland security adviser was asked about the government's response, why did it take three day cares to get that three-star general to puerto rico. i want to play that exchange. here it is. >> require a three-star general eight days ago. >> was it a mistake, looking back, to not have this three-star general on the ground earlier? >> not at all. that doesn't affect the way we stage equipment and field operational commands. this is textbook and it's been done well. >> has the u.s. government response, daniel, been textbook? >> i'll say, again, there were personnel and commodities on the island when the hurricane
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struck. that provided immediate needs. we didn't anticipate the airport not being functioning. it was a game of catch up for several days. we acknowledge that. now, the commodities are there. the personnel are there. we have such a large footprint, it's natural that is military upscales from a one star to a three-star. similarly, on the civilian side. fema provided many more personnel over the last few days and we have a very large footprint on the ground right now. had we not had that challenge of the airports and the ports being closed, we would have loved to have that footprint. we would love that many personnel on the ground as we do right now and as many commodities on the ground from the beginning. >> you have a lot of people, i know, risking their own lives to help other people. i want to make that clear. what i'm trying to understand
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and the american public want to understand is, did you expect, is it textbook, is this what we all should have expected that half of the people in puerto rico would not have access to water eight days after the storm? >> this storm was 1-mile-an-hour short of a category 5 hurricane, striking a country that had infrastructure that is weak and was aging before the hurricane struck. we knew that this hurricane was going to have catastrophic consequences and we did everything we could to prepare in the days ahead of the hurricane. the reality is this is going to be a challenging situation. we are not going to rebuild the power grid overnight. they have been assigned to do that. in addition to generators an jewel, we have a sign, the u.s. army corps of engineers to rebuild that nation's infrastructure. we are doing everything we can. this is an incredibly difficult
4:17 pm
situation for those in puerto rico and challenging for us. we can get through this and we can get through it together. it's easy to say, sitting in washington, be patient. i understand that. we have helicopters overhead, military on the scene and thousands and thousands of people up for this task. please trust that we are there and we are going help you. >> i appreciate your time, daniel. thank you very much. >> thank you. next a celebrity chef taking matters into his own hasn'ts in puerto rico helping to feed those who are desperately hungry. plus, the secretary of health and human services paying taxpayers back for part of his private flights. he's only paying $52,000. how does that math work? tonight, about to come to a head in wisconsin. we are live with fans at the green bay packers/chicago bears. ? no sir, no sir,
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our guests can earn a free night when they book at and stay with us just two times? fall time. badda book. badda boom. pumpkin spice cookie? i'm good. book now at most of puerto rico doesn't have water tonight as the humanitarian crisis continues. fema distributed millions of food to the victims. obviously, it's a drop in the bucket. not anywhere what is needed to bring relief to those that are suffering so deeply and a matter of life and death. one of the hardest hit parts of san juan, one of the most famous chefs in the world is on the
4:22 pm
ground to help out. bill weir is on the ground. >> reporter: barking orders at chefs. today, jose is in one of the poorest neighborhoods in san juan, with volunteers from 8-80 working pans and sandwich assembly lines in an urgent race to feed as many hungry puerto ricans as possible. which is more satisfying to you as a chef, serving a gastrocreation in new york or washington or helping someone. >> i always say chefs like me love to feed the few, but we love to feed the many. >> reporter: from haiti to harvey, but most recently in the headlines for a two-year legal battle with the candidate.
4:23 pm
after candidate donald trump referred to mexicans and racists, he pulled his hotel in washington. you have a public feud with president trump in recent years. what is your reaction to him lifting the jones act today? >> it has been one of the bad things that happened in puerto rico over many years. you want to help the island, you need pragmatic, smart, business-like decisions. we need to make sure this happening and used for the betterment and the lives of the people of puerto rico. we know after the situation like haiti, we have between 25 and 30,000 military. i was there. i watched it. very good operation for a big disaster. i hear we have only 5,000 people on this island. we have great military.
4:24 pm
we have great nation at work. it's a moment to be using them for the betterment of the lives of so many americans. what is the moment? the moment is now. >> reporter: half his job here is navigating around the red tape that snarls projects like this. some, but not all of the food is donated. some time after things have calmed down, he'll figure out how to pay for it all. >> who has the money, i don't know. fema has money and i'm sure they are using that money well. but, i can tell you, we can do stuff. >> reporter: turns out he is faster than san juan traffic will allow. the days first sandwich delivery is ready. bound for the doctors and nurses at the university of puerto rico hospital. we race across town and as we arrive at a place where an emergency room is full and generators are nearly empty.
4:25 pm
there is a stark reminder of why they are all working with such urgency. just as it is wheeled in, a victim of maria's brutal aftermath is wheeled out. >> such a matter of life and death, hospitals literally hours away with life or death situations. you have been on the island for five days now, reporting. the fema director on the show said people need to trust that they will deliver. they miscalculated the port wouldn't be open and the airport, but they will deliver. do people have trust at this point? >> reporter: no. absolutely not. we have yet to see any federal presence on all our travels across the country. we have dozens of cnn personnel on the island. the sightings are sporadic. the celebrity chef is getting
4:26 pm
more done today than we have seen in five days. there is good news that the u.s. coast guard tweeted they delivered water this morning. that's just the beginning of the dire needs on that island where people have no fuel and running out of food. it's on the brink of lord of the flies anarchy there as well. some of my colleagues are just back from their days out in the northwest. people are bathing in the public fountain. it's the only fresh water they have. it's not that fresh. they are begging for satellite phones. the mayor of the town is driving to san juan to get supplies. the only planes that showed up are spirit airlines and ponce from the south. 4 of the 17 hospitals are operational. cannot overstate the amount of need on this island, erin, and the lack of obvious support from
4:27 pm
those on the mainland. >> thank you very much, bill weir, explaining what the reality of the situation is there. certainly not tom bossert are telling us. up next, breaking news about the health and human services secretary spending $1 million. we have the breaking details on that. first facebook, now twitter. the site compromised to hundreds of accounts linked to russia. why are we just finding out about them tonight? start here. or here. even here. and definitely here. at fidelity, we're available 24/7 to make retirement planning simpler. we let you know where you stand, so when it comes to your retirement plan, you'll always be absolutely...clear. ♪ time to think of your future it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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human secretary says he's going to write a personal check, $52,000 to pay for his seat on private planes arnds the country. this is far less than the total amount of the flights. we are just learning, a few hours ago, 400,000. guess what? it's more than $1 million. $1 million taxpayer. he hopes he will be able to regain the trust of not taxpayers, but his boss. >> i work with the pleasure of the president. the president is a remarkable leader. i'm privileged to work in his cabinet and on behalf of the american people. i look forward to regaining the trust some of the american people may have lost in the activities that i took and to not only regain the trust of the american people, but the trust of the administration and the president. >> sarah murray is outside the white house. sarah, we know the president is
4:32 pm
angry. he's angry about the controversy. he's angry at price. health and human services says price took more trips than he disclosed. now you have $1 million tab and he's paying $52,000 of it. is this apology and personal check going to save his job? >> reporter: that is a great question, erin. we know this is something the president put thought into and is paying attention to. he's upset. price is still in his position. the president could choose to ask him to resign at anytime and so far hasn't done so. look what sarah sanders said today when asked about the controversy and how the president is feeling about it. >> as the president said yesterday, he's not thrilled, certainly not happy with the actions. we are looking at the issues. they are conducting both internal and ig review going through the process. we are going to conduct a full review and see what happens.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: erin, you could tell when the president was talking about this yesterday, he was visibly frustrated. this is a guy that ran on draining the swamp and a cabinet secretary is spending thousands and thousands of dollars on private jets. he's making moves to remedy it, but again, he's paying for his own seat on the charter planes, not the entirety of the tabitha taxpayers are stuck with. we will see if it is enough to pass by the president. >> thank you, sarah. i want to go to former presidential candidate santorum along with bacari sellers. bacar, we just learned it's $1 million in private jet travels for secretary price, not 400, 0 $400,0 $400,000, 1 million. the secretary is writing a check for $52,000. should he be fired?
4:34 pm
>> he should have never been hired. let's not forget between 2012 and 2016, this same person, secretary price, traded over $300,000 worth of stock related to 40 companies he had legislation that affected these companies. he's had an allergy, severe allergy to ethics. now that the tab is over $1 million and he's writing a check for $52,000, the trump white house are inept at handling crisis. he is not refunding what the private or charter jet would cost. he pulled the wool over our eyes once. he's trying twice. the swamp is not being drained, the alligators are being replaced. >> a gop senator said he believes pump is mad as hell.
4:35 pm
those were his words. what the "f" was he thinking. do you share that sentiment? >> no, i don't. i didn't necessarily share that thinking when nancy pelosi was using a lot of government aircraft to go back and forth to her district and spending an enormous amount of money. i'm not upset when president trump and president obama used private transportation to travel. tom price has a travel budget. is he exceeding that budget or isn't he? he can travel around the country and get to places he needs to get. he is a senior executive, he travels with more than one person. >> he's going to philadelphia. >> you have to buy airplane tickets for all people. you have to buy for security. when i was running for president, i traveled by myself and flew commercial. then i got to be covered by secret service. i had staff.
4:36 pm
it was actually cheaper to fly charter than on an airplane. >> they are not making that argument. >> i think they are wrong in not making that argument. this is defending, not defending the defensible. the reality is, i don't know what the circumstances were. maybe they weren't defensible. sometimes you have a meter here and there. sometimes the only way to get there is hire a charter. nobody is suggesting he exceeded his travel budget. if he did, that's a problem. >> i will say this, john, we have a travel budget and you don't need to travel, you don't just spend the money on a private jet because you have the budget, you return the money back. >> especially if it is american taxpayer's money. look, politico's reporting it's $1 million. i'm going to guess that's
4:37 pm
exceeded. i'm going to guess that's exceeding any travel budget. to the senator's point, you know, you do not need to travel private between washington, d.c. and pennsylvania. you just don't. it's actually easier and cheaper to go amtrak or train. that's the whole point here. if you have these responsibilities, the ethics washes over the commentary and the attitudes of people in congress when they are in power versus an opposition, that stinks to high hell. it's right to call them out. >> nancy pelosi was doing it -- >> that's not true. that's not true. >> did you ask for her to resign? >> i'm not calling for tom price to resign. i'm talking hypocrisy in politics. in the case of nancy pelosi, she was using the jet dennis haster
4:38 pm
did when he was speaker of house. she asked for a larger jet because she lived in california. it's not parallel at all. >> the private jet, that's the point. >> no, she's not. >> she could go back and forth -- >> i don't think we have to argue about nancy pelosi and what she did or didn't do. we have tom price saying wh he thought of nancy pelosi at the time, which brings up hypocrisy. here he is. >> don't you fly over our country in your luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american. washington does not need to take more from hard working americans. it needs to start living in its means. we must constantly ask how to deploy the resources we have in people and treasure to the most efficient and effective use on the behalf of the american people. >> senator, that sounds hypercritical. >> if the issue is tom price is
4:39 pm
routinely using private jets and doesn't fly commercial and uses it all the time, i think you have a story here. if he uses on occasion because of the circumstances of his schedule, there's a little more knew wa nuance than he's taking 13 trips. if they are not defending it, sometimes it's more cost effective for a variety of reasons to take a charter aircraft than pile a bunch of people on an airplane or disrupt your schedule to the point you can't do your job. all i'm saying is there's nuance here and you are painting it with a broad brush and i don't think it's fair. >> a source in touch with s.a.p. saying it's a witch hunt in the department going on for leakers. they are hiring lawyers at their own expense basically giving information to people to see what leaks out and figure out
4:40 pm
who is leaking all the information about price. what is your reaction to that? >> i mean, the problem is not the leaker. the problem is the actual act and to watch senator santorum bend in this pretzel, it's almost comical. the fact is, how many times did we have a story like this about any of the secretaries in the obama administration? zero. i was actually at the airport when the u.n. ambassador, the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., samantha power was getting on a commercial airplane. tom perez flew in the middle seat on a commercial airplane. the reason nancy pelosi was flying on the air force plane is they started flying were security after 9/11. it doesn't make sense. when you play the clips, when you talk about fiscal conservatives and they are hawks and all they do is use taxpayer dollars. if dnc was smart, they would run
4:41 pm
a 30-second add on fox news showing the hypocrisy starting with tom price. >> we are going to hit pause there. next, growing frustration with twitter. revealing the attempts to reveal the election. did the russians act alone? all eyes on the nfl. a star quarterback asking them to link arms during the national anthem. how will fans respond? whoooo.
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breaking news. the top democrat slamming twitter after representatives went to capitol hill to testify in the russian investigation. twitter said they found 200 russia linked accounts that tried to interfere in the election. senator mark warren was not satisfied with twitter's response. >> presentation that the twitter
4:46 pm
team made to the senate intel staff today was deeply disappointing. their response was, frankly, inadequate on almost every level. >> deeply disappointing, inadequate on every level. manu raju was on capitol hill. he is one that can be diplomatic. he was mad. >> no question about it. the reason why he did not like the way they went through this review and what twitter said they did was there were 450 accounts that facebook identified that had linked to russian actors and russian troll forms. of the 150 russian accounts, 22 were linked to twitter accounts. of those 22 accounts, twitter looked deeper and there were 200 tied to the 22 accounts.
4:47 pm
they suspended some of them and got rid of others. they spent some several hundred dollars on ads during the campaign season. that, according to senator warren is not enough. he said it's not a full review and he's deeply disappointed. when i asked him, are you prepared to subpoena the company, he did not rule that out. he wants to hear from them in a public hearing next month. expect that to get feisty. >> senator warren said this is the tip of the iceberg when it started. there were a few russian ads on facebook. all right, it's getting bigger and bigger. it could be bigger within facebook, we don't know. what is the response from twitter to that? >> reporter: so far, they are saying they have been cooperative with the committee. they are trying to be as transparent as possible. they did conduct a review that is continuing and will be ongoing. the question is whether or not it will be good enough or satisfy the republicans on the panel, we have not heard since
4:48 pm
the staff briefing that occurred. the senate telling me up to this point, the platforms have been cooperative. the question is, do they still think that after today. >> thank you very much, manu. one of the nfl's biggest stars is asking the fans to take a stand. will they listen to aaron rodgers request? remembering hugh hefner, a game changer. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at steve chooses to walk over the26.2 miles,9 days...
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breaking news, less than hour from tonight's nfl football game between the packers and bears. packers quarterback aaron rodgers urging fans to lock arms in unity and support and equality. president trump keeping up attacks on players believes that owners are afraid of their players. >> have so many friends that are owners. and they're in a box. spoken to a couple of them. we are in a situation where we have to do something. i think they're afraid of their players, you want to know the truth, and i think it's disgraceful. >> ryan young ought front at lambeau field, what are the fans telling you? all coming in, this is a big statement, you can link arms, kneel or stand, we'll see.
4:52 pm
are they going to do it? >> there's a lot of energy here. the fans excited about the game but big conversation about what has been going on all week. crowd is not diverse but diverse in ideas and all day long hearing how they want to return to football but more people know about the issues than ever before. one soldier explained to us now he gets why the players are doing what they're doing. >> i'll always have hand over heart for the flag. just the way i am. don't disagree wholeheartedly with what they're doing. think it's important but as veteran won't change approach. >> i'm not here to protest but watch a football game. eliminate the national anthem. leave players in locker rooms and get to football. that's what we're here for. >> it's great idea. plan to show unity and support the troops as well. >> reporter: you can feel some
4:53 pm
of this year. memorial here is for soldiers served in several different wars. talked to people who get the idea that players want to do what they want to do but want the combination to happen together, have conversation and at the same time respecting the flag. whatever the debate has done, changed opinions of lot of people. one guy said he didn't realize it was this bad and didn't understand why people were kneeling but now he gets it and says maybe it's helping change things. we'll have to see what happens on the inside. 60/40 split, most saying going to join arms tonight. >> we'll be watching. thanks ryan. next, farewell to innovator. jeanne moos on the death of hugh hefner. [ airplane bell chimes ] you should be serving your country.
4:54 pm
you're c.i.a.? american made is the first great film of the fall. how about that. and now, it's rotten tomatoes' score is sky high. shoot the gringo! it gets crazy from here.
4:55 pm
american made. rated r.
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4:57 pm
tonight hugh hefner is being recommended more than six decades after he launched controversial new magazine. jeanne moos. >> despite what he said on the simpsons tlt, he liked being
4:58 pm
called hef. hef the help cat. '50s and '60s, played playboy after dark, before dark and in any life. someone tweeted he wore a robe for a living. every morning happy hour. married three times. last wife 60 years younger than hef. when he turned 80 he was still relevant enough to be saerenade by paris hilton. appeared as mystery guest on "what's my line". >> are you part of the sports world? >> does sex qualify as sport? >> what is your definition of sanity? >> racism, war, bigotry, but sex itself no. what a sad world would be if we weren't sexual beings. >> but even in death not
4:59 pm
everyone feeling warm and fuzzy towards hef. president of glaad tweeted hefner was not a visionary but misogynist. even if unpopular with some, a pop culture icon. >> you wanted something? >> no thank you. >> from laverne and shirley tlt to a nelly justin timberlake rap video, this icon will rest in peace next to marilyn monroe. she was his very first "playboy" cover. all these bunnies later, hefner's tale is larger than life. not so much a sex symbol as a symbol of sex. >> drinking with three blondes, i guess that's just a regular day for you. >> a slow one. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thanks for joining us, watch
5:00 pm
"outfront" name. go to cnn go. "360" with anderson cooper begins right now. we begin keeping them honest with secretary of health and human services tom price and apparent love of pricey private planes. how much that costs government, meaning taxpayers. after extensive reporting and anger from the president, spokesperson said price would reimburse the treasury for the cost of travel but not doing that at all. plans to reimburse taxpayers for a cost of seat on the plane, not plane or crew or fuel. just the seat. said about $52,000. now we're learning that full cost of chartering the planes was far higher than previously reported. new report in politico w


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