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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  September 29, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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after. >> president trump said to be fuming over the new revelations and all the negative press and for his part, secretary price vowing to personally reimburse taxpayers for the private charters. sort of. price will pay nearly $52,000 covering only his seat. not the total cost of the charter flights. estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. those military flight lgs require a sign-off from the white house. charter are only subject to approval by the department of health and human services lawyers. the sign-off procedure began under president obama. since the inauguration, the trump white house has authorized 77 military flight the. but compare that to the same time period in 2009 when obama approved 94 flights. 17 more than the trump administration. important context in this controversy. >> very important.
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meantime learning tensions are are running high at the department of health and human servic reports this morning also say interior secretary ryan zirng and his aids have taken flights. and private flights between two caribbean islands. four cabinet members have been found to be using noncommercial planes at taxpayer expense. let's bring in julian -- their time is valuable. when you're trying to get a new administration up and running. but are these flights appropriate to go from washington to philadelphia on a charter flight. >> it's a three-hour drive, mind
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you. >> and there's the asela. >> to take a government flight to berlin, then geneva with a stop in -- >> well i think there are trips that require either military aircraft, or special accommodations for cabinet members in this day and age, but it's hard to fathom why all of these trips were necessary. especially with an administration claiming they're there to clean up the swamp. i think this is part of a culture that we have seen with president trump where the question of ethics is simply not central. the question is did he set a tone for his cabinet open officials with are these guys -- >> i think one thing a really important part of this. dave and i have mentioned before. tom price has criticized others for taking private jets. again and again. as said that someone who would -- let's listen to him.
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>> don't you fly over our country in your luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american. >> it needs to start living within its means, we must be constantly asking how we can deploy the precious resources we have to the most efficient and effective use on behalf of the american people. >> in defense of tom price, there are fewer fghts taken in the trump administration than the obama administration but the hypocrisy is there. >> if you're going to criticize others, you don't want on the front pages to see that you yourself are doing this. the this kind of hypocrisy matters. even the numbers comparing what happened under president obama to president trump might be fair, but given the rhetoric and tone of what he has said, and his own -- the questions about his ethics that came up during
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the confirmation, i think this becomes a bigger problem for the administration. >> given the president's own travel habits, tens of millions of dollars to fly to and from mar-a-lago and now to and from bedminster because that looks a little better, how would he fire him? and will he? >> no. that's part of the problem. when people say you need to set an ethical tone for your administration, and he didn't, it's then hard for him to be outra outrag outraged. he has been using his own properties for many presidential events and almost as an info meshl whenever he goes back. how can he criticize secretary price when he has done things far worse. the he has never fully spratded himself from his own business. >> don't forget we're in the $40 make america great again. let's talk about the use of private e-mail. one to think, after this
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election season, you would be very careful about using private e-mail for government business. turns out not so much. we're learning more about jared kushner's use of private e-mail and other members. is this hypocrisy? >> yes. it's hard to say it isn't. they made this the central theme of the campaign. they chanted lock her up to secretary clinton who admitted this was a mistake. here you have high level officials in the middle of an investigation going on who are obviously knowingly using private e-mail to communicate. and so this is not what we expect under the presidential records act. there's a reason we have that law. we want to make sure the administration is accountable and want to have a repocord of what they do. >> jared kushner did not tell about using that but you're not comparing what they did to what hillary clinton did, having a
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private server in her home. these are apples and oranges. >> they are but they made the issue of private e-mails the center piece of the campaign. go back to the rnc and listen to the speeches. here they are, after that, using private e-mails themselves. it's hard to under stand and explain. >> we're learning more every day about russian interference in the election using social media. these facebook, twitter and others criticized to are being too slow or libertarian about saying we're the flat form platform. now we know the accounts -- linked to so division and anger in kmeamerica's communities. do you have any sense we're going to make thur sh doesn't happen again or are the russian's going to morph the tacti tactics? >> it does look like the heads of these companies are going to take this seriously.
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this is going to require government. it will start with the administration acknowledging what happened. that's the first step. then it will require both the administration and congress really looking into what happened and working with the private sector to make sure you at least curtail this in the next election. but look, the clock is ticking. midterms are almost here. soon people will be running for 2020, so you can't wait, wait, wait because it's clear the russians had an extensive operation and will do it again. >> it's going to take a real effort from the private sector to make sure is doesn't happen. >> one wonders if john huntsman now confirmed to be the ambassador to russia. maybe he'll do something. white house defending its tax plan. the president calling it a middle class miracle. some middle class americans might potentially even pay more. economic adviser gary cone nan says look, no tax package guarantees zero tax increases.
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>> hour tax plan is aimed at making sure we give middle class americans a tax cut. remember, we have 50 states. we have county, cities, long-term capital gains, short term. all different types of structures. i guarantee you you can find someone in this country, maybe one person may not. >> taxes of course are complicated and the plan lacks details on purpose actually so the tax writing bhit whitties can figure out the best thing here. there's no telling how it benefits the middle class. two things we know for sure, a higher child tax credit and doubling of the standard deduction. all others gone, including the tax break for state and local taxes. who uses that? mainly middle class americans in high tax states like california, new york, new jersey. house republicans are already pushing back worried their consit wents will pay more.
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family of four, 100,000 in income, this could be a $1,000 tax benefit for them. they could pay less. and again, there's a lot of. >> blanks to be filled in. >> right. because the tax writing and the committees. it's their turn. this is the owning opening argument. >> puerto rico out of power expected for many months, millions still waiting, critical supplies. le some wading through knee-deep waters for limited groceries. more on that, next. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys.
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...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? a flash flood warning in effect for puerto rico. acting homeland security travels to puerto rico today and meet with the governor and fema officials. there's confusion surrounding the delivery of supplies. >> according to the governor, there are 3,000 containers stuck in ports, some may not be
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related to hurricane relief. earlier, cnn had been told by shipping officials as many as 10,000 containers were stuck. either way, distribution remains an issue. >> they have just appointed the general to try to improve this. listen to the president's homeland security adviser when he was asked why it took so long to appoint buk cannon. >> do you acknowledge it was a mistake to not have this on the ground earlier? no. the not at all. in fact that doesn't affect the way we stage equipment and field operational commands. this is textbook and has been done well. >> about 75 hun u.s. troops are on the grouped. right now over 10,000 people in shelters. >> the grid not expected to be
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back on line for months. 90% of cell sites out of service. >> we heard from the podium yesterday that this is a good news story. the puerto rico response is a good news story. according to puerto rico's governor an airplane with cash will soon be arrivesiing to eas pressure on banks. buses in san juan resume limited service this morning with more routes expected to reopen next week. u.s. virgin islands still facing trouble as well. two thirds of the cell service on the island still knocked down. st. john no self-service at all. this weekend royal caribbean's cruise ship will evacuate residents. priority being given to high risk pregnant women, elderly as illnesses or injuries requiring urgent care. >> from florida the first fema trailers arriving in key west
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for those who lost their homes. so far, fema officials have already approved 84 of the trailers for storm survivors. irma pounded the region nearly three weeks ago leaving the middle and lower keys badly j daed. the in ex-goal is to install the trailers on pads so they can become inhabitable after being hooked up to utilities. >> the epa confirms the flooding from hurricane harvey caused a leek in one of the most dangerous and vulnerable supersites. the protective cap has been damaged and samples show underlying waste material was exposed. waste from a paper mill. test results incovered die objection sins at more than more than 2300 times the acceptable level. >> it appears the leader of isis is still alive. breaking 11 months of silence, he mocks the united states,
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calls on jihadis to rally and the group remains viable. the speech seems to have been recorded recently, references north korea's nuclear threats against japan. >> that's the only video we have of him. so. >> after he gave that sermon there in mos sell was on the run. >> a second massive rock fall in two days. the officials say one person was injured in the fall. el tcapitan. it happened along the same route as wednesday's. all the victims said to be british tourists. this picture taken by a climber who had just reached the top of el capitan when the rocks broke loose. >> actress julia lou dreyfus
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saying she has a sportive family and friends an fantastic insurance through her oourn. sh me plea to help others facing a similar fight. the 56-year-old getting plenty of support from holley kood and veep co-stars. and skbroe biden tweeting. we are with you. >> ever watch veep? >> she's hysterical. >> always nice to see when your bosses and employers recognize life happens. >> she might be the funnist woman of our generation. nfl may be okay with the player as protest burr during the national anthem but what about the nba. commissioner silva laying down the law. next.
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all right. chants of usa nfl team continued to show unity locking arms. >> andy scholes has more. >> good morning. packers quarterback aaron rogers invited all the fans to also lock arms but he didn't really get very good participation. broadcast showed a very small number of fans in the stands locking arms but nearly all of the bears and packers did so on the side lines, after the game rodgers said what they're doing during the anthem has started
2:24 am
great conversations. >> as much as some people want tous shut up and play football, sports and politics have always intersepgted. and if we can help continue the conversation through demonstration of unity like tonight, i think that's a good thing. >> as for the game, packers receiver day von ta adams on the wrong end of a scary hit. right in the helmet. the game was delayed for about five minutes while medical personnel tended to adams. he gave a thumbs-up as he was headed off the field. he's being treated for head and neck injury. news pos positive. nba commissioner adam silver says he ex-pets his players to stand for the nag anthem when the preseason starts.
2:25 am
>> on the anthem and specifically, we have a ruled that requires our players to stand for the anthem. it's been our rule as long as i've been involved with the league. and my expectation is that our player also continue to stand for the anthem. >> silver added he does not know how they will deal with a player that decides no the to stand for the anthem. >> baseball history, the marlins slugger hitting two more home runs last night to give him 59 for the season. he's got three games left to try to hit two home runs to match roger maris's old home run record of 61. for the first time ever three former presidents on hand for the president's cup, taking in the festivities, this may the greatest selfie of all times phil mickelson gating a selfie
2:26 am
with the presidents. that's got to go on the mantle above the fireplace. >> he was one chin short of that being the greatest selfie of all time. there was a little head room. he had it. still, great stuff there. thank you andy. >> i wonder what they talked about. >> wouldn't you kill to know what the conversation was? >> shooting the braeeze. >> 26 minutes past the hour. health secretary tom price facing growing scrutiny over his travel. military flights overseas, we're told the president is not pleased. over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine.
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hi, i'm the internet! you knoarmless ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. growing scandal around health secretary tom price using military planes for two foreign
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trips in addition to charters private plans, now says he'll reimburse the government but not ep material. in puerto rico, the homeland security chief heads there. the flash flood warning could make the bad situation worse.t hour. first, tom price facing more scrutiny as new details emerge about his high cost travel habits. the in addition to chafrtering private jets he also traveled on government aircraft for two multi stop international trips. politico reporting those two trips alone cost more than a half a million doll ares. >> already under scrutiny for chartering private planes insist all flights were approved. >> all of these trips were official business, all of them were within budget and approved by the normal processes that every other administration has gone through. prior to the trip, not after.
2:32 am
>> president trump is said to be fuming over the knew new revelations. for his part secretary price is vow to go personally reimburse. he will pay $52,000 for his seat, no at the total cost of the charter flights. >> those military flights require a sign-off from the white house. le they' are only subject to approval by hhs lawyers. it began under president obama, since the naurg the white house has authorized 77. compare that to the same time period in 2009 when obama administration approved 94 fliets p flights. >> we're learning tensions running high at the department of health and human services, sources telling cnn there's a witch hunt for leakers.
2:33 am
reports say interior secretary ryan zinke and his aides have taken flights between two caribbean islands. four cabinet members found to be using noncommercial planes. >> let's talk about this with julian zeleny. good morning to you, sir. >> draining the swamp is getting awfully swampy. the problem really appears the optics, here's what tom price has said in the past about such private plane usage. >> don't you fly over our country in your luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american washington does not need to take more from hard working americans. we must be could be stantsly asking how we can deploy the prishs resources we have. to the most efficient and
2:34 am
effective use on behalf of the american people. >> that first clip he was lecturing nancy pelosi. let me do it apparently is the part he would have continued. the department of health and human services has a $12 billion budget cut proposed to the new budget. what's the op ttics here? >> they're terrible. here's an administration that promised to be a populist administration, promised a cut government spending and to drain the swamp. and here you have a very high profile cabinet member doing all the things president trump promised wouldn't happen. so in terms of the optics it certainly doesn't look good. president trump. >> president trump when he was on the campaign trail rode his own plane. sabt secretary -- he's a private jet guy. this is the private jet administration. and you look at the numbers, playing devil's advocate. when you look at the obama
2:35 am
administration, they haven't taken as many. is this a tempest in the tea kettle? >> it shoopt be a surprise for sure. these kinds of issues have been the for the beginning. even in thecampaign, president trump didn't really give any dications he was going to change the ways of washington even though he said he would. so in some ways people are getting what they paid for or they're paying for what they elected. >> let's talk about what's happening with facebook and what are finding out is that the russians may not necessarily have been trying to get president trump elected. but trying to just so chaos in our political system. this blackivist account had more likes than the black lives matter. the russians have succeeded in doing exactly what they wanted, which is chaos. >> absolutely. the we don't know yet toward whether he this leaned toward candidate. there is evidence they preferred
2:36 am
president trump once it started. i think the principal goal was find all the divisions and make them worse. create a certain kind of chaos and tension that as already there wand make it worse. >> which in turn undermines democra democracy. let's talk about tax reform. really trying to sell this. it's cuts for the wealthy, for everyone, really and cuts for corporations. do you see real tax reform here? or will this end up being tax cuts? because already, today, you're seeing real pushback on some of these elements. >> the harder the plan the tax cuts, not tax reform. this is about cutting corporate taxes and cutting upper bracket taxes. there are reforms in there. the likely, the reforms that are in there are going do fade away as we already see. that happens in the tax writing process. but that's not the center piece.
2:37 am
president trump has been pretty explicit about this in many of his talks. he sees this as red meat for the republican party. >> but in all fairness, there is pretty much agreement that we need simplification and we need corporate tax cuts. what are the most controversial el el elements. >> already the reduction for property taxes is front and center. lobbyists are moble liesing, specially from many blue states. republican representatives who don't want that exemption removed. that's going to be the first part of the fight. i don't think president trump could put together a coalition that includes these republicans if he doesn't abandon that. this happened in 1986 and it will probably happen again. >> the state and local stacks
2:38 am
deductions, if you are from california, new jersey, connecticut you know those taxes matter. >> as we saw in maihealth care, doesn't have the numbers that allow him to do many controversial things. the heart of what he wants to do is that corporate tax cut. my guess is that has a better chance of going thugh. >> the business world thinks it's going to happen. nice to see you. the president claims he will not benefit from the tax plan. another real estate mogul, told me actually this whole plan is great for the rich and that his tax cut will boost jobs. >> most high income earners pay taxes and earn their income through past through entities. this will be tremendous from 39% down to 25%. entrepreneurs tend to take most of their free capital and put it
2:39 am
back? >> also killing the tax, you say this is great for rich people. >> it is. it's great for entrepreneurs. i like the elimination of the estate tax because it allows us to orderly transfer wealth we worked for to the next generati generati generation. so you're going to have new york and california fighting tooth and nail because they're the two highest tax states in the country. i think that's going to be a big issue. >> that's the fight we were just talking about with julian zelizer. you're seeing those -- they also told me the plan is particularly good for real estate developers. >> well, if you take away the salt, state and local, then his tax cut would be massive, wouldn't it?
2:40 am
from the one page we have seen, he paid amt almost exclusively. >> i would really love to see his tax returns. >> we're never going to you wonder if that would be something the democrats try to frame. it's not just people in puerto rico struggling. it's people still trying to get home to puerto rico. the cnn joined one family on the long journey back to the island. their story is next. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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flash flood warning in effect for puerto rico threatening to compound the misery. acting homeland security elaine duke will meet with the governor and fema officials. >> according to the governor, there are 3,000 of these containers stuck in ports. the some may not be related to hurricane relief. earlier, cnn had been told buy shipping officials as many as 10,000 containers were stuck. either way, distribution remains a critical issue. the pentagon has just appointed lieutenant general buchanan. the president's homeland security adviser was asked why it took so long to appoint bu ban non. >> you acknowledge it was a mistake looking back to not have
2:46 am
this on the ground earlier? >> no. not at all. in fact that doesn't affect it the way we stage equipment and the way we handle commands. this is textbook and it's been done well. >> buchanan will join "new day" later this morning. about 7500 u.s. troops and 10,000 federal relief workers are on the ground in puerto rico, right now there are over 10,000 people in 160 shelters. the island's power grid not expepgtded to come back fully on line for months. 90% of the cell sites also out of service. >> according to puerto rico's governor an airplane will cash will be arriving soon. the u.s. department of transportation sending $40 million to help restore roads and bridges. buses resume limited services. >> desperation not limited to the people on the island. there are also many folks trying to get home to puerto rico. kr we met up with one family.
2:47 am
>>reporter: christine a dave, we met up with a couple for the past week trying to get back to puerto rico. no idea what their house looks like. they haven't seen their family and their flights have been canceled three times. finally, they got on a flight on the thursday morning from philadelphia to san juan. they called it a miracle flight. i can tell you it was an emotional one. we took it with them. the at times we watched carmen look out the window. she cried. when we landed there was cheering in the cabin. when we got to the airport it was chaos. the couple was frantically searching for the two children meant to pick them up, but of course communications are dismal at best. they weren't able to kconnect. we got in a car and traveled about an hour outside of san juan to where they live. the it's actually one of the
2:48 am
first places maria hit. and as we were really driving around, carmen would look out the window and said it looks like a fire for through this area. it didn't get much better when we got to her house. she was gasping for air. there was no ceiling, no walls, and at one point, she turned to me and said i have to sit down. this is a house that she lived in for 20 years with her entire family. and maria just completely wiped it out. remember, they hadn't seen their children. it was three weeks and for an hour we waited at that house, which seemed like a lifetime to them. finally carmen saw the car coming down the road and watch this emotional reunion. one thing carmen told me after
2:49 am
this is i might not have a house, but i have a home, which means to her that she has her family back together against and used three words. we now pray, we wait, and we hope, and that is what they are doing in the near future until hopefully they can rebuild. >> wow. what a story. >> wow. >> and what do they do now? >> now you're home, you have no roof. probably can't find anyone to fix that home. that story multiplied by the tens of thousands if not worse. many more of those stories, coming up on "new day,". >> that was a brilliant, beautiful, that reunion, catching that. as you point out, there's maybe millions. so, obviously, we're going to talk about that. we're going to dig deeper in hh secretary tom price wharks was he thinking taking private planes repeatedly? and we're going to talk about
2:50 am
the president's son-in-law, jared kushner, what was he thinking, and what is the president thinking about these things, and then we are going to speak to the zwren who is now on the ground in puerto rico about what needs to be done. what about those containers that are trapped at that holding lot, when are they going to get supplies out to the people who desperately need them. >> and the homeland security adviser? >> oh, yeah. we need to hear from him about what the federal response is because we keep hearing they're doing a great job, and obviously what we hear on the ground tells a different story. >> it's a disconnect. >> what we're hearing from the white house is this is a good news story. we have i think our second largest bur grow in puerto rico. thank you. nice to see you this morning. the talk to you soon.
2:51 am
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welcome back. triumphant return to capitol hill for congressman steve scali scalise. [ applause ] >> the house republican whip was shot in june at a congressal baseball practice. on tuesday he you returned to the hill for the first time. >> he calls himself a living example that miracles really do happen. >> that's why i'm so excited to be back because as we're fighting through the issues of the day, let's just keep in mind that we rise above the challenges of the day and understand that it's not just us and our constituents and the country, the united states that's counting on us being successful. people all around the world that believe in freedom are counting
2:56 am
on us as well. >> scalise planning to resume his job at the capitol while continuing rehab. >> first lady says she plans to use her flat form to help kids. >> drug addiction, especially opioid abuse, is one of those issues, and i look forward to working alongside the presidential opioid commission. and people such as yourself to do all we can to teach children the dangerous consequences of drug abuse. >> many of those invited were directly affected by opioid abuse. others work in the drug recovery field. actress julia dreyfus revealing she has breast cancer, posting this message. one in eight women get breast cancer, today, i'm the one.
2:57 am
dreyfus also saying she was support of family and friends and fantastic insurance. she made a plea for universal health care to help others. the 56-year-old emmy winner getting support from a real life veep. >> wish her the best. 57 minutes past the hour. cnn money stream. global stock market mostly higher. s & p 500 writ a record close. the white house tax plan would cut the corporate tax rate. also, the economy grew at its fastest pace in two years, 3.1%. the department warns the third quarter will slow down because of the impacts of the hurricanes. twitter speepuspended 200 ra
2:58 am
ling nged account the. twitter told the committee it mainly removed accounts connected to rouussia linked accounts. elon musk wants to colonize mars and just unveiled the next phase of his plan. he says space x aims to land two cargo ships on the planet in 2022. that will allow crews to start arriving in 2024, just seven years from now. me musk admits this is a mars shot. >> in a word, that's elon musk. another business story the nfl game streemded on amazon prime. >> interesting. >> new move here. at least 140 countries streamed that game.
2:59 am
it was a little choppy in the beginning but at nepds. >> it shows you -- how consuming medias. thanks for joining us. >> more ethics questions for tom price. he didn't just fly charter planes. he took military planes overseas, "new day" has it all covered for you. see you next week. the bill is a million. it was 52,000. who is paying? taxpayers are. >> all of them were improved. >> it reinforces every bad stereotype about the trump administration. >> i am looking very closely. i am not happy with it. >> this is a national emergency. millions of our fellow americans are in peril. >> will you acknowledge it was a mistake to not have this on the ground earlier? >> no, not at all. >> it is really


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