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tv   New Day  CNN  September 29, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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>> new move here. at least 140 countries streamed that game. it was a little choppy in the beginning but at nepds. >> it shows you -- how consuming medias. thanks for joining us. >> more ethics questions for tom price. he didn't just fly charter planes. he took military planes overseas, "new day" has it all covered for you. see you next week. the bill is a million. it was 52,000. who is paying? taxpayers are. >> all of them were improved. >> it reinforces every bad stereotype about the trump administration. >> i am looking very closely. i am not happy with it. >> this is a national emergency. millions of our fellow americans are in peril. >> will you acknowledge it was a mistake to not have this on the
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ground earlier? >> no, not at all. >> it is really a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people. >> we need the help. tell the president everybody needs help here. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is friday, september 29th, 6:00. cnn now reporting that price used military aircraft to travel overseas. price is offering to pay the deposit back but only for the cost of his seat, not the total travel cost that is reported to be over a million dollars. president trump is reportedly mad as hell over the travel flack. jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, failed to disclose his use of personal e-mail for government business to the senate intel committee. >> all right. so that's one kind of
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accountability controversy. there is a very different one more than a week after hurricane maria. this is not hype or the media ignoring a good news story. nobody wants bad news to come out of puerto rico. everybody wants more good news. it's just the reality that is the problem. these are the images of the on destruction. they're not doctored. they're not old. they're right now. there are an increasing number of people desperate for aid. there is no question there are tremendous resources and manpower being brought to bear by the united states government. there is increasing planning. but it is not enough. thousands of containers that you're looking at right now are filled with food, water, medical aid, other types of essentials that will be needed for store shelves. they are stuck at the port of san juan just sitting there. why is the trump administration insisting everything is going well and anything else you hear is fake news? we have reporters on the ground.
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they will show you what they are seeing. we have it all covered. let's go first to cnn's joe johns live at the white house. joe? >> reporter: good morning, chris. members of the house and the senate are now asking questions about this jet travel issue involving the health secretary. he's promised not to take any more chartered flights. but the inspector general is looking into is it also. the president would love to put it behind him. but the drip, drip, drip of information continues. secretary tom price under fire for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for trips on private jets. cnn has learned it doesn't stop there. air force official said price also took military aircraft for two multistop international trips earlier this year, racking up a $500,000 bill, according to politico. the overseas trip, which the white house approved, bringing
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the total cost of price's travel over $1 million. >> we have heard the concern and the criticism and we look forward to the inspector germ's report. >> price pledging thursday to pay back a fraction of this total writing a check for $51,887.31. the cost of his seats on the chartered planes but not the military flights. >> to pay for my portion of those trips. this is unprecedented. >> reporter: the white house releasing a statement thursday defending price's travel on military aircraft, insisting that it is sometimes an appropriate and necessary use of resources. as for the 26 chartered flights price has taken since may, the administration taking a tougher tone. >> the white house does not have a role on a front end of approving chart or flights at agencies. that's something that we are certainly looking into from this point forward. >> reporter: sources tell cnn that price's partial repayment for his flights is not helping
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his case with the president but that mr. trump is not yet ready to fire his health secretary. although names of possible replacements are being floated. >> i am not happy about it, and i let him know it. >> reporter: this wasteful use of tax payer money flying in the face of one of the key campaign promises. >> it is is time to drain the damn swamp. >> reporter: it is also the same type of spending price railed against then house speaker nancy pelosi for in 2010. >> i want to say to the speaker, don't you fly over our country in our luxury jet and lecture us on what it means to be an american. >> reporter: the treasury secretary and the epa administrator have both come under fire for taking chartered flights. and according to politico and the "washington post", the interior secretary, ryan zinke has taken a charter flight, including a $12,000 flight to
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his hometown on a political trip, according to the press secretary for the department, it was approved. chris and alyson, back to you. >> joe, thank you very much. let's bring in our political panel to discuss this. a.b., tom price is offering to pay $51,000 out of a million. this is laughable. you heard him there last night saying is it's unprecedented. i'm taking on this responsibility, taking accountability. how does the math work there? >> it's hard to believe he can be so defiant given the tape you just rolled with him about the speaker, who was supposed to be flying in a military plane. there's no way that i'm coughing up $51,000 after having all of
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these people fly, including his wife, and going two days early, is remotely acceptable. something made him think he can get away with it. and i think his bluster shows tom price thinks he might be able to keep his job, and i don't think there's a chance he can. >> what are you hearing in terms of reporting? is it bubbling up that we get people don't like this, but this is what happens. people take these kind of flights all the time in government. i've been hearing that a lot. of course they came in with a mandate to drain the swamp. it seems the president surrounded himself with alligators. what are you hearing in terms of rationalizing this? >> they are defending tom price. they believe in what he is trying to do at hhs. the president set a tone that it is okay to criticize since the president is criticizing too. the numbers don't add up .
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this is an administration, a party that talked about trying to be more responsible with dollars about deficits and responding to tax payers. as you played clip from price from 2010. it doesn't look good. it's not a comfortable thing for anybody right now to have price in the headlines like this. as a.b. was saying, not offering to put up the entire cost of what is the extra expense from having charlotte orred this flight and taking staff along with him in all of these different circumstances. >> since when is president trump a budget hawk? he and his family are on track to outpace for secret service bills, any other president. just in their short time. they're traveling. you know, he has a big extended family, lots of kids who get secret service. they're spending a king's ransom
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on this. why is he swraoer is rowizeroin price? >> you heard about michelle obama's foreign vacation. i think america in germ tolerate a pretty high degree of spending on things they perceive as essential to the president and the president's security. tom price flying on private jets is certainly not in that category. i have spoken to a number of people who have known tom price over the years. the thing that is most surprise to go him is tom price is a wealthy man. he is not someone month has not lived the good life and now he reached the pinnacle of government thinks now is my chance to live it up. he has chose especially to do this anyway. is this about being surrounded by wilbur ross, steve mnuchin.
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>> they are uber weighalthy. >> or are they not used to flying commercial. people don't buy homes because of the mortgage deduction. most people are completely dependent on what kind of nut and fig they will have to pay. how big a problem did tom price have anyway because of what happened with the health care roll out and how the president does like to blame others. some of this just an opportunity for the president to make good on prior agreements. >> right. and i think wool see, and i'm not happy about it, he does like to let people twist. the people who have served in congress, mulvaney, paul ryan as speaker now, tom price, even vice president pence, they were supposed to go deliver the
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results for health care. the president made it known months ago those guys were supposed to milwaukee it happen. so it is layered on top of tom price losing something. but alyson makes a point. trump is allowed, i think with his supporters, to do whatever he wants, not separate from his businesses, get his legal fees paid for. there's no end. all the travel that will add up at the end of this year to obama's eight or less more more, it's the other people around him, he knows his voters will not tolerate taking plans. cabinet secretary zinke and scott pruett, it's these kinds of stories. it's not just price. it's several others. it is not tolerable for the drain the swamp voter. >> even before this came out on,
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tom price had basically become an invisible person in the health care debate. he was seen as helpful getting that bill through the house. when it came to the senate, he was involved july. that failed to push. he got flack from senators and governors who felt like he was not delivering honest, reliable, persuasive data. >> so very quickly, we just need to talk about another person in the president's inner circle, jared kushner using, as it turns out, private e-mail. i wish we had a sound effect for hypocrisy alert. we need the bell to ring. how is this going to go over? >> i mean, this is not good, right? it looks like it's something they're trying to hide. his lawyers say, no, with looked into the e-mail account. we didn't think it was there. no problem. we will disclose whatever you want.
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the fact that they weren't fully forth coming at the outset when the administration tried to say we're cooperating with every part of this russia probe, they spent how much time during the campaign season railing against hillary clinton for her private e-mail account to have the president's son-in-law and daughter be the worst defenders in this potentially is certainly shaking the white house a little bit. because, you know, it is very obvious do what i say, not what i do. that doesn't work. when you're the center of attention and center of a probe in washington. >> i get it is not a private server. it's a private account. i understand the differences. he didn't delete, as far as we know, 30,000 e-mails. don't all of us now have private e-mail seered into our brain of what is bad to do during an investigation? >> no, apparently, is the answer to the question. they didn't.
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>> this is the thing. a lot of people have e-mail accounts that are public and some that are private. to have anybody in it still using private e-mail connected to anything with their official visitsis that much worse than it might have been in a different circumstance. >> panel, thank you very much. all right. so look, this is one intrigue going on. this is politics, leverage, hypocrisy. there is a very different conflict playing out in puerto rico. the trump administration is defending their response to the storm. the president said he gets an a plus on the storm. more than 10,000 workers on the ground. the penalty gone appointed a three-star general, jeffrey buchanan, to help deal with
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logistics. homeland security adviser tom boss effort is saying the relief efforts are unfolding at a good place. here's the problem. we see on the ground. >> the pictures on the ground from our correspondents tell a different story. they are seeing nothing but devastation everywhere they look. watch as these people try to cross this river with a wire after maria wiped out a bridge. this is people in the town outside of san juan. they're pleading for help. they're walking hours trying to get food, just even bread or rice. they are still trying to get water. the reality is frightening. the drone video says it all. houses mangled, roofs blown away. this is an island in ruins. we have a team in puerto rico. let's start with boris sanchez live in san juan with what the latest is there. what's happening with all the aid that people need, boris? >> reporter: many people we have
3:15 am
spoken to on the ground are saying they are simply not feeling it. case in point, i want to step outside of the way so you can see this massive line behind me. it looks like street parking. it's not. there are at least 100 cars going as far as the eye can see. people have been here for hours waiting for gasoline. the guy at the front of the line got here at 9:00 p.m. last night. when they ran out of gas, he parked his car and went to sleep. he's been here since hop to go get his happens on some gasoline. you see people bringing as many containers as possible as well. it is not just lines for gas. one woman told me she waited for several hours outside a grocery store yesterday trying to get water and canned food. when she finally got in, she was disappointed because the store shelves were totally empty. there is a major logistical
3:16 am
bottle neck. yesterday we were standing at a main port in san juan with 10,000 shipping containers that couldn't get out of the port because there wasn't enough truckers or fuel available to get the containers where they need to be. the need, the desperation is palpable. to make things worse, there is rain in the forecast today. it adds insult to injury because folks here are already dealing with difficult conditions. and that rain may make it more difficult to what get what they need. alyson and chris. >> we will spend our program trying to get answers for you and the folks down there. because we have the general who led the response after hurricane katrina on with us. he is slamming the current relief efforts in puerto rico. we will get his reaction about what they are doing today. when you say you need
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growing criticism because of growing need frankly. listening to acting homeland security elaine duke. she said the island is a good news story. take a listen. >> i am very satisfied. i know it's a hard storm to
3:21 am
recover from. but the amount of progress that's been made. and i really would appreciate any support that we get. i know it is really a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people and the limited number of deaths that have taken place in such a devastating hurricane. >> the last part is true. it is shocking that to this point, remember, we have secondary terciary waves. sanjay gupta will take us through that. but to this point it is surprising there haven't been more deaths. it is is not surprising there is so much disconnect between a good news story and the devastation we see on the ground. one man putting in the hours, the sweat, the blood, the tears is u.s. army core of engineer commander colonel james delapp. i have seen your men and women in action.
3:22 am
i hear your reports from the ground. i know you are putting your all into it. there is no question about that. but let's deal with the realities, colonel. you have been given the job of restoring power. that is the heart of the situation. it will be very difficult. what is the status on the ground of how much still needs to be done to get power back? >> good morning, chris. first of all, our thoughts and prayers with those who are impacted and will remain impacted for a while. we are trying to restore critical facilities to get those back up and running. we are continuing to do assessments of all the other facilities and understand better what the complete damage is to that infrastructure. we're working really closely with the pure the toe rhee can electric power to determine a plan forward to get the power restored as quickly as possible across the eye land.
3:23 am
>> because you're on the ground and you understand the island so well, it is is probably not surprising to you you are seeing an emerging disconnect. yeah, we're checking certain boxes. we have a certain hospitals back up. we're getting more gas stations up. we're getting some banks up. and the reality for the people on the ground of i can't get cash, i can't get gas, i don't have any power, i don't have any water. in a situation like this, both can be very true, right? >> sorry, chris. i lost you there. but if you can hear me still, the challenge is and the logistics moving the equipment and people as well as the repair pieces required to get the power restored. and the terrain is significant. there is a logistical challenge. the corps is working with the local power company to get that restored as quickly as possible.
3:24 am
the folks at the very end of the line will see their power return to service last. >> totally understood. can you hear me now, colonel? >> yeah. sure can. >> thank you, sir. i will repeat the question because it matters. because you know the island well and you're on the ground, it is probably not a surprise to to you to hear this disconnect. you're hearing from washington, look, we're happy with how we're doing with things to this point. and people on the ground saying i can't get cash, i can't get gas, i don't have clean water, i don't have power. i don't know how long i can make it. both situations can be realities in a situation like this, yes? >> absolutely. is and the reality, though, is the whole of government is really trying to get the material here as quickly as possible and provide that combined response to get that restored. there will be those that see it sooner and those, as i had, at the end of the line that will see that return much later.
3:25 am
just because the massive destruction. according to the puerto rican power authority, 80% of the system is down on the ground. that will talk a bit to get restored. >> we keep hearing from guys working from you and other branches of the recovery, it's like rebuilding an island from scratch. that nothing is in place. we have the shells on of certain things. but that the task can't be underestimated. but that said, what is your guess? we are showing different images while we are doing this interview of people where there is no bridge and they are doing a rope line across. that is so dangerous. people trying to find water sources from natural water resources. we know how risky that is from a health perspective. how long do you think it will be until the average puerto rican can say, yeah, i got my powerback. i have water. >> is hard to determine how long
3:26 am
it will take. it is one we have not undertaken before, in terms of this magnitude. the closest thing is when the army corps led the recovery of electricity in the iraq war. it is hard to determine when the power will be back for the everyday citizen. >> i watched your men and women do that job in iraq. nobody in puerto rico is going to try to destroy what you do every day, which is what you faced during the war. no one doubts how hard you and your men and women are working. we've all seen it on the ground firsthand. we appreciate your efforts. thank you for what you're doing. >> absolutely. >> alyson? meanwhile, cnn has new reporting about the russian government attempts to amplify racial tensions during the 2016
3:27 am
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okay. now to a cnn exclusive. there is a social media campaign calling itself blacktivists. it was designed to look like an american grassroots effort. in fact, it was orchestrated by the russian government to amplify racial tensions during the u.s. election. the fake accounts on twitter and facebook used message office police violence against african-americans to divide the country. our political panel is back with us. this is cnn exclusive reporting. just so everybody understands what we're talking about what these russian accounts did, let me just read some of them for everyone. we will put them on the screen.
3:32 am
here are the messages in tweets that people got. and you'll see they're strange. so here it is. for the entire history of the united states, black -- that's a typo, black have face aid legal system that treats them worst than an enemy. next, black people should walk up as soon as possible. united states of american continues to show that sit not for black people even though america was built on on our backs. meet this upstanding young man doing big things. blacks still are talking back seats to the white america but he broke it through. the syntax is strange. and that i guess should be a tipoff, however, it wasn't. nobody knew russia was doing this to this scale. >> it is twitter and we are in the age of cofef if he e.
3:33 am
>> see, this really was -- this was designed to help hillary clinton not me. none of this matters. we have no way i think to measure the outcomes that came from this influence. but the influence is there. the sophistication is exceptional how much they dug into this process. how we will learn more and more how widespread it was. right now we have an administration and congress that is refusing to address this certification. >> i don't see for an election three years ago in an effort to
3:34 am
begin to mitigate this threat and protect our elections going forward. that pressure has to come to bear soon. >> here's the hope. as we see the meet on the bones, the president's hollow resistance of there was no real interference. they didn't really do anything. we will look at a minimum wrong and a maximum too much if he keeps denying this obvious reality. the question is, well, what do you do about it? and who helped them do it? how did they know where to put these ads? is that just russian fist indication? or does that get you into the phone call you got where someone said where would you put ads if you could and you gave them information? that's a big part of this investigation as well. >> and are these tweets going to
3:35 am
people who might be seen as is sympathetic to a black lives matter message or going to white people to get them upset about black lives matter? there are a lot of on questions to be answered. i do think just for starters a really important thing for all of us to do and really all americans to do is sort of kind of let the buyer beware message out there. this sense during the campaign that some people apparently had the things that you see are usually what they seem to be. >> it's not just the russians. you have a lot of agenda the that play there with fake accounts and people who say things that are patently false. >> absolutely. we learned this in the program yesterday. people who were going to twitter or facebook for their news, twitter and facebook, they're
3:36 am
not journalists. and by the way, they have also been woefully late to be transparent and to try to fix this. senator mark warner commented on how tkus appointed he has been. listen. >> the presentation that the twitter team made to the senate intel staff today was deeply disappointing. the notion that their work was basically derivative based upon accounts that facebook had identified show that a enormous lock of understanding from the twitter team of how serious this issue is. >> karoun, it sounds like they're not on board yet with fixing this. >> no. warner is sawing it is is deeply disappointing. house intelligence committee staffers talked to twitter yesterday too saying he's
3:37 am
questioning whether twitter has the capacity to be able to look at these things if they are only going after the accounts that facebook already linked as being suspect. there is not an easy fix. it's not clear that these companies were built as platforms really necessarily know exactly what they're doing, especially if they're in the business like twitter of not vetting things. and generally speaking, the country is kind of going through this interesting education right now seeing how russia sees us. i was living in russia when ferguson was happening. they were obsessed with it. it was on the news all the time with russia. they were really tuned in into anything that divides the american population. racial issues have been a stumbling block for the united states in many different generations. so russia was watching that for a long time. we are saying who is adviseing
3:38 am
can and how specifically to get these accounts. americans have been going to russia for years with a political background. it doesn't have experts they can pay and exploit to figure things out over time. maybe it was more acutely well orchestrated effort but it is something we are just waking up to and russia has been paying attention to for a long time. >> this has been going on for a long time, right? that's one expect aspect. but the last part will be the biggest i believe with the fruit of this investigation who knew what they were doing. who knew what they were trying to do. who was in that loop. that will be a big part of the investigation. >> panel, thank you very much on for all that insight. >> big night last night in sports and in this evolving culture situation. the bears and packers went at
3:39 am
it. what did the players do before that game started? you're looking at it. they stood, they locked arms during the national anthem last night. some green bay fans did the same thing. we have details of the game before the game in bleacher report next.
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nfl teams continue to go show unity. bears and packers locking arms during the anthem before last night's game. andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> aaron rodgers invited fans to also lock arms during the national anthem last night in the stands but didn't get very good participation. the broadcast showed a small number of fans locking arms. but nearly all the bears and packers did so on the sideline. rodgers said what they are doing is starting graduate conversations. >> as much as some people want us to shut up and play football, sports and politics have always intersected. if we can help continue
3:44 am
conversation through demonstration of unity like don't, i think that's a good thing. >> probably for the first time ever, three former presidents on the opening hand of the presidents cup. phil mickelson getting the greatest selfie of all time right there with former presidents clinton, george w. bush, and barack obama. the only thing he could have done better there, chris, is just to frame it a little bit better. >> you have to take opportunity where you find out. i don't know that he beats ellen. >> three former presidents are not together very often. >> all right, my man. thank you very much. a heartbreaking scene is unfold anything puerto rico. that's just the truth. one aspect of it is people returning now to find their homes, to find family, and often finding nothing. we have a couple's emotional journey that you need to see to connect with what's happening on that island. please join us, next.
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a little shot of truth and perspective for you. why isn't the media being
3:49 am
congratulatory about the efforts to help rebuild puerto rico. one is about what you're about to see. unquestionable humanitarian crisis is gripping that island. one aspect of it is the return. people who got out or people who are flooding in to find you families, find homes, and to see firsthand what the aftermath has brought in their lives. brynn followed one couple as they made this hard journey home. she joins us now in san juan. tough for them, tough for you, for everybody. >> it really was, chris. it was emotional on many levels. this is a couple visiting family in new jersey when this storm hit. so they had a little understanding of what was going on with their family back here, with their home. we followed them. when we witnessed what we saw, at one point it literally took this woman's breath away. carmen delgado wiped away tears.
3:50 am
from the middle seat she desperately tried to get a look at what they calls her island. she hasn't been home to puerto rico in three weeks. a lot has changed since then. >> a home. it is totally destroyed. >> reporter: we first met them in the philadelphia airport. she calls it a miracle because the other three flights she booked canceled. her family lives in assume you go. all she knows about her home is these pictures sent by her daughter. >> we went through panic. desperate. frustrated. now the idea that we're going home. >> reporter: on the ground the couple looked for a red car. their children were supposed to meet them. but with no cell phone service, they were unreachable. so carmen and eduardo drove with
3:51 am
us an hour outside san juan to their home. the relief carmen felt on the plane turned to shock. >> this is like fire just came through here and just burned everything out. >> reporter: at her home those feelings intensified. >> i think i have to sit down. >> reporter: the roof, gone. bedrooms, wiped out. their garage crumbled. and their backyard, carmen told me, is a skeleton of what it once was. >> this is your living room? >> this is the living room. that's the kitchen. we used to have three bedrooms. i'm shocked. >> reporter: you had pictures. how does it compare? >> this is nothing compared to my house. everything was so nice. >> reporter: all of this, carmen
3:52 am
said, is replaceable. she has her husband and kids. hours after landing, who she still hasn't seen. then carmen finally spotted that red car. the family back together again. now for the first time together in their shell of a home, each well aware of what lies ahead. >> what is your biggest fear? >> my biggest fear, how much time it will take us to get this together again. when is help going to get here? most importantly, even though we don't have a house, a home is not a house. i think home is family. >> reporter: incredibly emotional. and, alyson, i asked carmen,
3:53 am
what now? she gave me three words. pray, wait, and hope. alyson? >> oh, my gosh, that is so emotional. that's what so many people are doing on that island. thank you very much for reporting that reunion for us. and here's another story. yesterday we introduced you to a good samaritan in puerto rico who is helping families find their loved ones through social media. here is just one of the emotional moments that he shot. we're happy to report they did find cristina and she did see her parents were alive. the man behind those videos is
3:54 am
here with us now. anthony, great to see you again. i can't tell you how many people approached me, viewers, to tell me they were touched by the videos you're shooting, connecting families. and by the work that you're doing. we know this is not easy for you. tell us about the day that you had yesterday after you were on our program. >> good morning. thank you for having us. this is based on a group effort. i'm not the only one doing this. i just want to get that out of the way. this is based on a team effort. everyone is coming in together. i have friends from the states sending us information also. so when it comes to the day yesterday, it was a very interesting day. i went to visit my father. and on the way back i ran out of fuel. so i had to walk home. and one of the reasons why i ran out of fuel is because i misjudged my car. plus, there were lines everywhere all the way to where i'm from.
3:55 am
it is really frustrating right now because there is a certain restriction that according to the news yesterday, a local organization that controls policies here actually stopped that from gas stations restricting certain people to get a certain amount of fuel. they had them at $10. they had them at some gas stations had them at $20. >> that was the limit. >> we heard different gas stations have different limits for how to get fuel. for you to do your work obviously need fuel to drive around. you ran out, as you say. i understand you walked seven miles to get home. and just what is the situation -- >> close to it. >> okay. what's the situation at the gas stations? you're given a number when you show up? and how long do you wait to get a little bit, $10 worth of gas? >> on average, you'll probably be there anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. that is the average right now. and some gas stations have an
3:56 am
organized system. i think that's a great format in order to keep things in order. i don't understand how certain spots are not open 24 hours a day now. >> listen, while you're doing all of this to connect other families, your own house was destroyed. your own roof was torn out. >> right. >> you are sleeping on the floor of your house right now. >> you don't have enough food. what are you eating, anthony? >> were honestly, whatever i see open and there's certain things like -- i don't want to mention company names but ritz crackers are my new best friend. certain areas are open in the metro area and around certain
3:57 am
communities. when it comes to food, if you want to walk a couple miles, you will be able to find some food here. >> anthony, you are not going to survive long on just ritz crackers. thank you for the work you're doing to connect families. we know they are appreciative here states. we will get answers for you as soon as we can. anthony gonzalez pena, thank you for being on. >> thank you so much. big numbers of resources but obvious and huge examples of need. it raises a very obvious question. is enough being done? are the supplies getting where they need to be? are the logistics right? is the manpower right? we will talk with puerto rico's governor next. easier. except when it comes to retirement. at fidelity, you get a retirement score in just 60 seconds. and we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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this isn't just five flights. not just 15. it is 75. >> the optics don't look good. that's why we have taken this. >> we will conduct a full review. >> it goes against everything donald trump said he would do in terms of draining


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