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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  September 29, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we will cut taxes on american busine to restore our compet edge and create more jobs and higher wages for the americ worker. the last major tax reform was passed more than 30 years ago in 1986 a large bipartisan majori this sounds so nice. wouldn that be nice? come on. we have so many right here. raise your hands. the 1986 tax bill substa of business tax rates make america globally compet the plan worked and the jobs and indust boomed. other countries saw our success and copied our playbook. our foreign competitors adopted tax rates much lower and much more competitive than our.
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in fact, when it comes to busine acts, we are now dead last and pay the highest tax of any nation in the world. our rate is the least compet there is. the business tax rate is 60% higher than the average economic compet think of that. then y say how do you compete? well, in many cases you don't. the companies leave. they go to other countries. it's a massive tax giving countr like germany, japan, south korea, china and mexico not to mention so many others a massiv head start over american indust it's time to go from dead last to pretty much the front of the
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pack. we won't be the lowest, but we are getting close. under our framework, we will dramat cut the business tax rate so that american compan and workers can beat our foreign competitors. we will cut the business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 20% below our average compet by far. this i a revolutionary change and the biggest winners will be everyd working families as jobs start pouring into our countr
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when companies lea shores, it's american workers who get hurt. they get fired. when companies stay in america and move to america, it's our corker who reap the benefits re taxes as partnerships or corpor we will cap your tax rate at a maximum rate, unlike present of 25%. that's the maximum rate. this will be the lowest top margin income tax rate for small and medium sized busine more than 80 years. it will be rocket fuel for our
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econom to help our companies to compet for the next five years, the framework will write off the cost of new equipment in the year you buy it. you don't take it over many years. you take it immediately upon when you buy it. that will be something people have never seen before. it will be great. it will be truly great. more production and more invest and far more jobs. if we want to say made in americ or made in the usa, we have to reduce tax on the busine that produce in
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americ that is exactly what we are going to do. finall our framework and you have to remember you see what's happen and encourages compan bring back trilli wealth overseas. and discourages them from bringi back the profits they earned overseas. i must tell you, i have been follow this for six years and republ democrats have always said we wan to they all agree and never got it done.
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we will bring everybody together and get that done. we will eliminate the penalty on bringi back future earnings. we will impose a one-time low tax on money currently parked overse so it can be brought home to america where it belong they incentivize companies in search of lower tax rates. they reject the offshoring model and we embraced a new model. it's called the american model. we want companies to hire and grow in america and raise wages for american workers. to rebuild american cities and
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towns. when we grow american manufacturing, we don't just grow wages, but also grow americ spirit. when we purchase products made in america, fashioned by our fellow citizens, we renew the bonds that link us all together as one. there a great patriotism who lives in the men and women who leave their hearts on the factor floors and pour their hopes into iron and steal and turn dreams into reality with their own two hands. when they are at the rest stop or at the long of a very tiring shift, they take pride in knowin that they work and make are not just think business, but buildi families and commun most of all,
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they are building this nation that we all love so much. we want every american to know, the dignity and the beautiful pride, getting a paycheck. the satisfactio of being told that w a job well done. we want every parent to be able to care for their children and we want every child to know a home filled with love and a commun filled with hope. that is the america we see when we look at the american flag that h our factor it waves over our cities, towns. we love our american flag.
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the soul of a country is found in the people who make it a home. we owe it to them where they earn a living with dignity and purpos and pride. we can build the future together as one team. one people. and one great american family. we chose a future of american patrio prosperity and bride. with your help and your voice, we will bring back our jobs and bring back our wealth and bring
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back our great american dream. thank you. god bless you and god bless americ thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> welcome to inside politics. you watched the president of the united states in a lengthy addres the president's main goal today was to promote his big tax pla. help bring money offshore to the compan back to the united states that's the period's main focus. he began the speech by speaking for four minutes about the federa response to hurricane maria and the devastating impact on the island of puerto rico. under fire and under criticism that the a's is not getting to puerto as quickly as many reside desperately need. i will bring you more of what he said in a moment. let's get straight to puerto rico.
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from t "washington post" and the "new york times" and jonath martin of the "new york times" the president just spoke here. his acting secretary who is workin 24-7 on this. she said this was a good news story. she cleaned this up a little bit and cleaned this up and said what she meant was people are workin 24-7. people on the ground and the aid organization. that's what she meant. the mayor took offense. the administrat is in a bit of a dilemma. listen to the president at the top of his remarks. >> the appropriate departments from homeland security to defens are engaged fully in the disast and the response and
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recove effort probably has never been seen for something like this. this i an island. surrou by water. big water. ocean water. we are closely coordinated with the territorial and local govern which are total ly and unfortunately unable to handle this catastrophic crisis on their. unable to. the police and truck drivers are substa gone. >> that's the president's take there. he is saying to local govern the island govern and the mayor is unable of handling this crisis. it is the second hurricane to. we have the secretary saying
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this i a good news story at a minimu they seem tone deaf. >> they know that's what presid is sensitive to. you heard the homeland security offici talking about how he wants the media to show more update pictures of what's going on on the ground. they are sensitive to what it looks like. that's important too, but they should sensitive to the realit on the ground. they wouldn't be there and you have a fairly strong state govern that can take the lead and work hand in hand. they needed to be more proactive and didn't realize until it was too late. >> we had a transition issue and let's get straight to san juan.
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the president said he is doing everyt he can and prepared to do whatever it takes. tell u the situation for the people there who are trying to recove from the devastation. >> hey, john. people ever asking where they can find aid. they have been standing at the gas station and arrived at about 5:00 a.m. the line is still huge. hours long. the guy in the front of the line showed up at 9:00 p.m. it ran out of gas and he parked his car and waited until sunrise when the police got here to facili and spread out gas.
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people bringing 10 or 11 canist they are using everyt they can from old laundr detergent to paint canist water jugs. anythi that gets gas to their homes. it's not just gas that is the issue. we heard from seve who spend hours in line. one woman was heartbroken after waitin for hours. gettin supplies has been an issue and there is a big pressu on the horizon. more rain is headed to this area. there a severe danger for floodi floods just about a rain storm maria. a lot of people on the street
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he here. appreciate the reporting. let's come back to the conver what happened the last 24 hours in the sense that you have a mayor and just in san juan. and she is getting questions for her people. they said i think the president is all in. he said i think the president's heart is in the right place, but we need it fast. the president should federalize this by putting a general in charge to clear the roads and get the trucks and the supplies going. that w of bush's hesita at the beginning of
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katrin but they took it over. >> that's a big thing. does he have the trust? is he able to handle this questi distri is a problem and you ca this to the island and to people who need it. what's the point? you get to the poi as you said, people are waiting in line to get water. that's the situation. if you are going to make a decisi to federalize something and put the three-star in and run the show, as much as it's diffic to make that judgment call and challenging, you are in the situation ask it's that much more of a mess. >> we will bring you this when
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it happens. assumi the recommendation will come. we will take a quick break from inside we'll
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and a whole lot more. in our country tax cut. >> describing as only he can with the new trump admini tax plan. they'r beginning to sell this to tough selling countries. collap the tax brackets from 7 down three. double the standard deduction and expansion of the child tax credit for those businesses, the presid speaking to the big sellin cut it from 25% to 20%. we are in the beginning of the
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sales pitch. the qu there are a lot. >> this is do-or-die for the republ they have to get it through. i don't think they have any choice they have to find a way to pass this. if they don't, they will be a failur they know that. republ like to cut taxes. they should be able to come togeth and it will probably go into next year. >> you spent a lot on capitohill. those are magical words for how this works. you think it will go into next year? >> they are going to go an entire year.
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>> i think it will take time and think they have no choice whatso >> in this year of the republ party, this coalit there was not a lot of unifying issue. to have an accomplishment going to the mid-terms, i think this will happen. it's going to be something signed into law next year. >> is hard when the republ establishment has proble its own base. republ establishment has proble its own base. the president is trying to sell it to his voters. especi the trump voters as a good thing for you. it will cut little class taxes
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except them saying i think so. >> if i'm hearing you correctly, you can't guarantee no middle class families who get a tax increa there will be people who get an increa your plan. >> the an exception to every >> tha yes. >> you can always find a unique family somewhere. >> if we did not learn from the debacl that when you are trying have a strategy. >> that's one of the many land mines for the tax plan. what does it do? compar to if it's a tax cut for corporations and high income earner they have to make tha true in order to sell it to his voters
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who are not millionaires necess not all of them are millionaires. beyond that, there is the questi of does it add to the defici and by how much? he is still resisting this idea of 20%. he is talking about it, but resist it. he wants it to be 15. he wants to say he brought it down by half or more. we have a long way and you know the president doesn't always -- just because his r his aides have endorsed something, doesn' mean he is all the way there. >> you were on the hill througthis. you have northeast moderate republ state and local income taxes that disappear.
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you have congressional things. the deficit. they have not described how they will pay for this. i can't promise you every little class family gets a tax cut. that's a large number.abracadab. >> we have been talking about the white house's math about the defici and the growth contribution. it's we have been talking about that and we will carry the day.
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it adds beyond 10 years out. that means you will have to have democr on board. a lot of this depends on are the number adding up and you made the point that a lot of senators will say this is actually a tax hike. you not only have the removal of the state and local tax, but the person that's well over $10,000 and they are doubling the standard that we make up for everything else and depending on what they take away. the one reason i'm not willing to say it's hard to get it throug a lot of americans do not understand the taxes. it's really confusing. a lot of people and if you say
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the line numbers are nice and pitch it correctly, you can get th people who don't know how to look into it. wait a second. the numbers are not adding up. >> if you pass that corporate tax rate, the market is going to take off. >> this is the market and the best thing for the trump-based voter. it doesn't matter to you. it does get arcane and there is a lot of math involved. we will stay on top of this. the president is still angry about flying on your dime. he doesn't seem to
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fly in style. the president is more than a little angry. tom price reportedly now racked up a travel bill topping $1 millio $1 million. they attempted damage control and backfired. price releasing a statement billed as an apology. it didn't include the word sorry or apologize. he promised taxpayers you won't pay a dime for my speech. taxpay won't pay a dime. they will matee preponderanc they hundreds of thousadollars, a fraction of getting the jets that you pay for. he said he is being generous. i think it's a and under review
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by the epa administrator scott pruitt and the interior secret also taking and that's a litt bs. they will tell you not to say that. let's start with secretary price and a statement that regrets the concer that this raised. people get this. they may not include health care policy but they understand this. >> it's not equal to draining the swamp. >> they ran on the theme o we are going to shake-up washington and do things different.
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they don't expect the hhs secret to get to philly as we were talking about. the most accessible place from washin >> philadelphia, you can get there on the bike faster in some cases. to that point, they don't expect this. everyb in washington has been screwi you. i'm the business man and i'm going to help you. it's outrageous an in secretary price's case, it's his personal history. >> don't you fly over our countr in your luxury jet and lectur us on what it means to be an american. >> washington does not need to take more from hardworking americ it needs to live within its means. >> we must be asking how to deploy the precious resources we have to the most efficient and effect use on behalf of the
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americpeople. >> $25,000 on a private jet as oppose to $150 on a train to philly you make the call. >> how different this admini is from past admini from a democrat or republican. this w happening on a daily basis should tip our hats poli. it is striking and shows that so much of what the president cares about and what he has seen on tv. that's what prompted the apolog trump said he was not happy about it, but unhappy to the point where he is going to fire
9:38 am
him? it's 1 i don't get it. >> with trump there is a combin factors. he rarely wants to fire people even in moments. >> meaningure you' you fired. >> he doesn't want to be pushed into it by the fake news media and hearing from people like ryan that this is all bs, but it's not. i'm old enough to remember four months ago when the trump offici were going up to the podium and talking about cutting commun developments and grants pay for lunches for kids in rural america and urban americ and saying they had to do it because they had to explai to the american people how they were spending their money. this i not consistent even with trump officials. the president is not focused on that right now. he is thinking i don't want to
9:39 am
have to replace a health and human services secretary that will be quite difficult in this politi environment. >> other crisis with health care will probably not it's presiding over the drip, drip, drip. disman obamacare. he rocked that boat a little bit. i'm sure they can else. it's inconvenient when the push is doing something that depends on the hhs secretary and they can ta out. it's probably concerns not for what his actions were? >> if you are really sorry, say you're sorry. if you believe you screwed up, say i believe i screwed up as oppose to a lawyerly statement that said i guess i got caught and need to do something about this. in the secretary's case, every now and then this is necessary to get to a place in a hurry, they have to do this sometimes.
9:40 am
that's why when you are going to philadelphia, that's why it's outrag to people. there are a thousand ways to get there without spending $25,000 on a private jet. he said the focus is for a little bs recently. one other claim, maybe he needen oil executive's plane. those are the people that are overse that's not draping the swamp. >> the ethical issues are in line here. this i going to be harder becaus it's not taxpayer money. there time even in this town w flying on a plane paid for by the people thaw are supposed to be ove overse would have been seen as part of washington as usual. the special interest control in washin
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happy to see this and some of them have flash backs. we are beginning to learn more detail about how russia linked accoun on social media helped with influencing americans on the final weeks of the 2016 electi some key members of congress are not thrilled with a lack of full cooper the special counsel is looking into this question, mapping out how and where russian links target voters. the research at oxford univer looked at a slice of this. about seven million tweets of conten shared just before the electi
9:47 am
about one in five, 20% came from accounts traced ba russia and junk newssources. they said and that's what they were about they were targeted. the darker the shading, the more of the fake news and russia linked accounts are going into these. see how dark pennsylvani is and michig and ohio. very dark in florida. these other states and republ states like west virgin kentucky and alabam and missouri. if you look at those few and go back to the results, this is what the special counsel is trying to figure out. why was it disproportionately target that helped swing the election. they are studying the electoral colleg and i think the russians got help. >> what these platforms have been doing, both twitter and facebo are toxic for news
9:48 am
pollut we kno that less than 100,000 votes in the primary states of wiscon pennsylvania, michig ohio. 100,00 votes turned the tides this this election. the targeted fake news went predom to those states. how did russia gain that sophistication. they gained that with help. >> she said it's a statement there that said they got help. we don't know that, do we? it is a suspicion and democrats want to believe it. and i know they are looking at this. going back to look at the trump campai and does anybody know it's a fact like that or is it an open question? >> i think it's still an open questi the most important right them to figure out if the look at the data an
9:49 am
lytics of facebook and twitter and the trump campaign and they will be doing matching. there may well have been direct help or america's education proces of how russia has been giving us the wrong signs. a lot of these accounts push things poking at issues and you mentio the lead in. they w obsessed with that. it was on the news 24-7. they w obsessed with the idea of being a great hypocrisy. russia are kind of racist too. they are. the hypocritica things. they have been harping on this since the 60s and saying this is a leak point and why america is not who you say you are. the idea that you would have notice this, of course this is an exploitable thing. it's not like you didn't have the union that broke up, a bunch of americans going-over there.
9:50 am
expert in business and politi they h people who can be paid in dollars or red,white,anlue l -- rubls. they don't block the interthnet from people. this i the perfect -- this is how they come and maybe they had more help to get this specific or maybe this is a culmination of years and years. >> it's not that hard frankly. which states you need to win the presid election in this countr there the possibility that maybe but maybe they just did the research. they would have given the amount of money and effort and manpower they put behind it. one other thing about the accoun is like you have to rememb that there are all these fake accounts pushing all of this stuff, but they're being
9:51 am
amplif by real people and real accounts out there. that's what makes it effective. they share that as we think about what was the impact of the fake stuff on the internet? it was only impactful because real people were pushing it where it needed to be. >> think of people who share on f facebo the pope endors donald trump. >> i don't know if they need to tell, but they get encouragement and there might be a nuance there. i think facebook and twitter are starti come to grips with how bad this was for them and mark zuckerberg said he should have said that after the election that this couldn't have played a role. especi the senate intell committee and those report come out, we will see how pervasive this is. >> it's important for the democr not to get out of
9:52 am
their seats. they need to believe the findin of the investigations and need to believe what people are drawing the conclusions to the evidence. i want to close it by saying the republ at the end of what has be an interesting tumult week and the efforts to repeal obama care collapsed again. are bipartisan talks to try to see if they can get togeth some of the fixes for where o ba amma care is strugg but would they allow a vote on something that can be fairly and writrightly describe fixing obamacare. the upstart wins the primary over the candidate. you write in your column that we provid partisanship. that's how you put it. can mitch mcconnell bring a piece of legislation fixes obamac >> it's not a huge fix. i honestly don't know.
9:53 am
one thing you have to watch, lamar alexander is the person behind that. and that's the wild card. that's a fair question. they want to do something after failin repeal and seeing roy moore and they killed the candid down there. and bring it out. i don't know if they would do it. >> caused a serious sense of lookin over the shoulder of republ probab going to retire anyway and probably made the decision. bob corker retires now and people are looking around and will susan collins look at the race for governor in maine. orin hatch will decide this is not fun anymore. steve bannon saying i'm going to build on alabama and the primary challe for everyone. what does it do to the party? trump is not the great innocu that they hoped. she the decider in the party and
9:54 am
he lays hands and the deal is done. that w given the nature of how his perfor but this was not close. nine and change. it was for his popularity. if you are in nevada or missis you are an incumb senator and you get the trump endorsement, is that enough to overcome the primary challe on the right? >> they are helping to fund and that is a great question. you mentioned tennessee. this could be the state. if the governor there who is on the center right a figure and a very wealthy family he runs, he will have a fierce challenge from the right and that will be lit. >> they are getting fired up and the rate they become. nashvi not that.
9:55 am
>> the note that president trump did endorse in alabama, but didn't try that hard. he gave voters a permission slip to vote for roy moore. that seemed to undermine everyt said giving lip servic to that endorsement. we don't know what it does when trump really is all in on a race. i don' he really was. >> to your point, caused the firing squad. the white house is saying it's the president's fault mitch mcconnell is so soxic and a lot of people say we were making up ground i will be here for the other guy. >> i talked to somebody after the event last time. very enthusiastic how trump came throug because they saw the event live and heard about it on social media. he did read from the script, but this would have earned media and the press coverage three days
9:56 am
later what is so full of covera about trump hedging. did i make a mistake that the same person said that people on tuesda heard that part of trump speech said this is not a vote against trump. this i a truvote for moore. >> see you sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. and bryanna keilar is in for wolf after
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from wherever you are watchi from around the world, we are beginning with a brewing battle puerto versus washington. at issue, the federal govern response to hurric maria. the mayor of san juan slamming common by the acting head of homela security. >> i am very satisfied. i know it's a hard storm to recove from, but the amount of


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