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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 29, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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from wherever you are watchi from around the world, we are beginning with a brewing battle puerto versus washington. at issue, the federal govern response to hurric maria. the mayor of san juan slamming common by the acting head of homela security. >> i am very satisfied. i know it's a hard storm to recove from, but the amount of progre that has been made and
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i really would appreciate any suppor that we get. i know it is really a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people. and the limited number of deaths that h place in such a devast hurricane. >> when you are drinking for a creek, it's not a good news story. when you don't have food for a baby, it's not a good story. when you have to pull people down from buildings, i'm sorry. that really upsets and frustr me. damn it, this is not a good news story. this i a people are dying story. >> elaine duke is now in san juan, puerto rico. these are cnn exclusive pictures of her briefing on the plane later this hour. she will hold a press conference that we will bring you live when it happens. we hav teams on the ground to bring you the real story in realti it can be summed up in three words. people are suffering.
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it is getting worse with the lack of medical care and millio without drinking water and food is running out. there are shortages of gas and cars are lined up for miles trying get it and one of the most frustrating aspects, thousa of containers filled with supplies are sitting at the port of san juan. i want to begin with boris sanche you have been there several days now. have you seen any in the distribution of aid? >> rep bryanna, incrementally. so far here we are standing in san juan and we have seen the line starting to move steadily, but it's a massive line. it is blocks long. we counted more than 100 cars and at about 5:00 a.m., we had a chance to chat with the guy in the front of the line. he got here at 9:00 p.m. last night. the gas station ran out of gas and he parked his car and went
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to sleep waiting until it was finallopen. if you look over here to the right, people are lined up with gas canisters. some o them with many gas canist try to take it home and power their generators. we see people using all kinds of contai to put gas into, includ paint canisters and old jugs of laundry detergent. they are scraping by. it's not just gas lackin one told me that she spent severa hours in line outside a grocer store. when she finally got inside, she was heartbroken th not an water and the food she was looking for. there a lot of desperation here. i was chatting with a man who asked me where is donald trump? where is the federal government and the military? they are not feeling the aid here. make matters worse, there rain in the forecast for puerto rico. the ground is already saturate and some neighborhoods flooding
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is a serious issue even without a hurricane. in one neighborhoo yesterday, there a channel going through and it floods in a rain storm during hurricane maria. there sewage going into homes. a lot of people are homeless becaus their roofs have been blown off. they are going to have to find shelte there are two to three days of rain ahead for puerto rico. >> sta as you keep an eye on things here in san juan. we will keep you close. acting homeland security secret elaine duke responded to the mayor's criticism. they said this is not a good news story. here is what elaine duke said after landing in san juan. >> the end of my statement about good news is it wa that t puerto rico and many public services of the united and the people of puerto were working togeth i beli that is the way we believ in this community
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togeth trying to recover and suppor each other. >> i want to discuss this with my next guest. the press secretary for the depart of homeland security. thank so much for being with us, david. certainly a tough a tough job that you have ahead of you here. i want to hear about your boss's explan she said it was about people workin together. that's not what she said. she said it was a good news story in terms of the ability to reach people. >> i understand the frustration of people on the ground that are not necessarily getting the suppli and they need to know that there are tens of thousands of federal government employees includ military personnel that are in puerto rico in the water and in the air above them as well. they are working hard. i know we had teams that reached every municipality on the island and we will keep doing that. we certainly understand the frustr but with the acting
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secretary, we try people are working hard 24 hours a day. there no shortage of concern about the situation there or the pe of puerto rico. they are hard at work and will stay hard at work until we get power turned on and clean water to people so they can move back into t homes and they can go back to school. >> she to reassure people things are moving in the right direction. you heard boris's from san juan. this i san juan, the major city. you get further away into the mounta and away from the big city, it's a different, worse, more desperate situation. he said looking at aid being handed out, it seems increm that's word from the ground. what's your response to that? >> again, this is not something
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that people that are in desper circumstances like to hear, but given the devastation and the circumstances, it's going to take time to make sure that that aid gets distributed as you said. lots of things in san juan. the capital is open there, but leavin things from the port into the farthest reaches, we need airlifts because of the damage to the roads. actual the department of agricu has the service team and th saw teams that are there cutting trees and limbs to try to open passage. there are 11 major roadways that have b open. again, people don't want to that they should know that the govern is doing as much as we can, asquickly as we can. >> does the federal govern have grasp of how bad it is on the ground in puerto rico? accord to puerto rico's emerge website, they say 34
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hospit are up and running. we heard from tom boss effort a simila number. i want you to listen to what sanjay gupta said last night.d number i want you to list sanjay gupta said >> if you give a hospital fuel, are they up and running? if you are running out of fuel and water, helps are buildings that cannot function at all withou power. you can't get electronic medical record or give insulin. you need power for everything. if there is not a consistent source it's not a hospital that will t new patients. it may meet the criteria, but it's not doing the service for the people who need it. >> does the federal government have a grasp of which hospitals are up and running and what that means for them? does that mean they have power
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or are an hour away from running out of water which would impede a lot of medical care. here's where the big issues are and where it is very acute with this medical care in this part of puerto rico? >> it' say that we do. it's an incrementa approach and you will have hospitals that yester he had three hours of power. >> how are you in touch to know? >> it's having teams on the ground the infrastructure has been damage it's difficult to get the communications and we are putting people on the ground physic at those hospitals. >> with the backbones to be in touch? >> and i heard that the marines are going out in teams with commun to be able to facili that discussion and gettin word passed. >> sanjay is a doctor using
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that. especi our viewers. >> they are handing backbones to people who didn't have communication. >> you are talking about someone in a hospital. this i a more official role than someone in their neighb and so many thousa of people are dealing with that. a hospital is an acute situat does that give you concern that there are not people there yet at these hospitals providing that essential communications channe and do people know dire it is? >> i think there are people in the hospitals and not all of them. there of hospitals that are not reopened for variou reasons that are working througthat. we have people on the ground. again, our priority is life saving life sustaining and hospit are a huge part of that. that's one of the top priorities
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in the homeland security. >> ver man. thank to us. president trump is considering whethe to fire him and fire tom price because of the expensive travel he said he was goi that's small fraction of the price. we think it's important and they say there will be no private air charte at hhs going forward. a second is to cooperate fully with the inspector general. i called for a rev with the depart itself. to pay for my portion of the trips. this iunprecedented.
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never been done by the secretary the president is a remarkable leader and i'm privileged to serve in his cabinet and work on behalf of the american people and i look forward to regaping the trust that the american people may have lost in the activi that i took. to not only gain the trust of the american people, but the admini and the presid we have david gregory. and media and business reporter. this i a question, david. is this something that will give tom price.
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>> he lower thresholds to fire people. he may look and see how much there and decide that's not enough >> did tom price understand the proble here? is he getting it? >> i don't think is. i have to agree with you. >> he is paying a fraction of the cost. $400,0 and he is paying someth and i will pay you $2. >> that's what it is. when you pay that back, this has been a through line from this whole thing. it's a story that has been dragging on for 10 we follow all the regulations and he had to meet with the
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americ people. and they get a sense of how caller are reacting and calling him a swamp rat and saying they have to take it this is supposed to be this messenger and at a time when he is giving it away to the rich. how bad does this look for the admini >> care a lot about object and searches for tom price peaked in the last few days after this and people are rememb about him right now. these flights. that's not what you want in the
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drain the swamp administration to have people think about taking private jet they thinking of him health ca shot. it's not working right now. >> thinking about him for health care, gloria borge reporting that if price is fired while there concern about finding the replacement, it's a two for. he did this thing with the planes but also the obamacare repeal is not going so well. him out of h. >> he hasn't gotten much of the blame on that. it is mainly congress with the presid hammering on leader you would have people lining up to replace somebody like this. you can draw from republican govern democratic govern the admini the problem with this admini is you may not be able to find somebody who could replac him. it might give them turning the
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page on health care and it's not going to make it easier. we will see what they end up doing. it's friday and we will get the news. >> there is these 13 trips on the private charter planes. many defy thought here, but price travelled on the intern trips. >> exactly. the government planes, that's not as bad as a charter jet and you ca keep in mind she is a physic a lot of the staff didn't fly with him on that plane. they flew commercial. when ivanka trump now to german she flew commercial. she is arguably more high profil and flew commercial and he took a flight costing $500,0 that's huge amount of money. >> all americans. that's five times the annual
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income according t econom adviser. actual more. >> for nancy pelosi from flying in a private jet. to the news point, somebody who is a member of the house who had expertise is not successful in the area of health care. >> thank you so much for that. just ahead, cnn's dr. sanjay gupta a suffer woman to the hospital becaus red tape is keeping her and others away. cnn unfolds on what americans think of the anthem protest and attack nfl players and an emotio speech on race after severa african-american cadets are targeted with racial slurs at the airport act's prep school a lieutenant stern >> if you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, yo need t get out.
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this hour revealing how americ really feel about protes during the national anthem the new polling comes a day after a game between the green bay packers and chicago bears. at the start both teams walked on to the field and locked arms during the anthem. they asked fans to join them, but take a look at the people in the crowd. one man held up a sign saying protes on your own time and not on my dime. anothe said we stand. i want to bring in david. how divided is the country on this issue? >> the country is pretty divide take a look at this poll number cnn poll conducted and we asked americ are the athletes that are kneeling during the anthem doing the right or the wrong thing. 49% say they are doing the wrong thing and 43% of americans say they are doing the right thing.
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divide leaning a bit toward donald trump's position. we wil goet to him in a minute. it's d and age. 59% of whites say that the athlet are wrong for protes during the national anthem 12% of blacks say they are wrong and 34% of hispanics. that's the racial components. let's look at age. a big divide. people under 45 and over 45 see this. under 4537% say the athletes are wrong for protesting. over 45 years old, 59% say they are wrong for protesting during the national anthem. now as i said, donald trump called on the nfl to put a rule in place. we asked americans should profes sports demand or requir that athletes stand for the national anthem?
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49% said yes and 47% say no. again, complete divide. where there is more consensus on this issue is the country saying donald shouldn't be involv take a look at this. did donald trump do the right or the wrong thing with criticizing the players who were kneeling? only 34% said he is doing the right thing and 60% of americans say he is doing the wrong thing. you rarely get that consensus on anythi these days, but clearly a healthy majority think he is doing wrong thing. we want to look at how it breaks down by race. 51% of whites say trump was wrong to criticize athletes for kneeli across every racial group, it's a majority. 97% of blacks said donald trump was wrong and 72% of hispanics and if you look at the
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partisanship, that is involved here too. you will see that 86% of democr say donald trump was wrong and 61% of independents. the great middle of the country that donald trump is looking to court. and yes, also, nearly a quarter of republicans and his base say he was wrong to criticize the athlet for kneeling. >> thank you very much for explai all of that. a lot of interesting numbers. i want to bring in the panel to talk about it. sports analyst and columnist for "usa t christine brennan and former nfl player and presid of the player's associ dominique fox worth back with us as well. that really stands out to me, that 97% of african-americans say -- they are saying this is wrong for donald trump. he said it's not about race. the effect of the perception of it among black americans is that
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it very much is. >> absolutely. that's something we have been talkin about all week. what really struck me was that 6 in 10 americans are saying he made a mistake. i have to believe that is a real shock to one person in partic donaldtrump. when you see the fans out there who are either saying usa or whatev and linking arms as they did and you kind of think that must be the mood of the countr but it's basically a balanc act on this. i think it's interesting too. it really goes to what the nfl has done over the last week. that's to say embrace the player we have never seen this unity betwee the union and the owners i think this will prove that the nfl is doing the right thing when you look at the future. the younger people. the season ticket holders in the next 20, 30, 40 years. >> that was an interesting dividi line. what do you think about this?
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also the president even though you have 6 out of 10 people saying that the president should weighing in on this, he has a lot of support. is he in nfl players with this? >> i hope not. that polling is disappointing, but more disappointing was the signs. the signs that say and people who say he should separate race and politics from sports, that is a form of pernicious suprem in and of itself. black people like me, i don't have a choice to forget about . when they asked me to come on the show, they asked me how to spell my last name. i got it from my father and he got it from his father. there not a time i'm not remind of racism and not remind of this country's histor people get angry that we want to
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interj reality and the consci on occasion. you can't take five minutes to acknow the injustices that contin to go on because it makes you uncomfortable because you paid your dime? it's disrespectf and a bit of unfair that people experi and don't even recogn >> there are so many diffe thread here. we know that a lot of americans, the majority of americans don't like this form of protest. we have a debate about that and even if you have been watching the vietnam war documentary, even w turned agains the war, a majority did not agree with the tactic of the protesers because there was a sense of rallying around the flag. donald trump has done siz the president is cast the nfl player most of whom are african-american, as not being entitl to make this protest as if they are out of control and
10:28 am
many of them, not all of them, powerf successful, people who have a platform and are going to use that platform. that's their expression. he is saying no, you shouldn't be able to do that. a lot of the players are saying maybe we will not kneel, but lock arms to defy the president and say we respect the disagreement about during the anthem which is tough for a presidents. >> i can just -- >> word you are hanging on here. >> i don't thi that we can have a discussion on whether it's okay or not. that's not a thing we can have a discus on that. i hate to disagree, but that's part of the problem. we are willing to have a conver on whether what they are doing is okay or not. players should be stand. we are venturing into hypocrisy. it's the right to protest. we can go through our nation's
10:29 am
histor as far back as when slaver was around. not black people because we were not allowed, but we became a countr from the root of protes anyone thinks that protes is unamerican or disres to the flag and the athletes have to live up to the stated ideals that we never lived up to in the first place. >> op ed written by a member of the army, she said in the us, armed forces pledged to the consti and not a flag or a leader that oath would carry me all over t country in into unplea corners of the world. people in the military are a minori we are -- we pledge to the consti and not to the flag. we pledge to the flag and not to
10:30 am
presid or president trump. i woul stand myself and not kneel. there disagreements. how do you swear that if you have those pledged in the constitution. the popularity is other ideas that they do not have that with them. >> we're talked about this before and the idea of critiq forms of protest. people didn't agree with the march on washington protest. they thought there should be differprotest. 200,00 negroes in the capital in 1963. now it seems like it was a people gathering and everyone agreedwith. >> it's upheld. >> i think there has been a bit of hijacking of the newark area and the idea that people in the milita and it's diverse at 40%. the idea that people in the milita don't have an
10:31 am
indefi voice in racial equali there are african-american service members an servic members who have a stake in speaking out ag these things that people in the nfl are talking b. you have seen the hijack imagery and pat tillma family saying don't politi the death of pat tillma for political gain. it's a complicated issue of race. has been throughout this countr and painting them as unpatr and you think about them in the civil rights moveme they were calling ideals and the original docume for americans to live up to those ideals. >> i think the poll going back to this, the numbers for those of us talking about this, i'm surpri i think there are positive signs
10:32 am
for those players who are protes the nation is not against them. 60%. i haveidea. polls are polls. here we are. this i a snapshot and we are lookin at it right now. the fact that again, 6 out of 10 americ are saying trump is wrong. i think that's shocking news to the white house. i think it's heartening for the player i realize there are things he wants to see, but i think becaus of the fact that trump is inserting himself, people who are not on the side of kneeling player are saying i want to see them protest because they are protes against trump. that'sing the argument. >> i have one final question and i want to put it to you, domini when you heard the president say as a former player yourself, he
10:33 am
said he talked to owners and he thinks they are afraid of the player that essentially they are sort of going along with it because they are afraid. what's your reaction? >> that's dog whistle. it's certainly not -- it's a lot dog whistle that we all seem to be able to hear except for president trump. it's disappointing. as a former curren player, what is the first thing you think when hear that? >> i talked to a lot of players and i can't say i was that disapp it's hard for me to be surprised by what he says and does up to this point. it's a problem obviously, but what is more scarey and we have seen progress, but it's scare tow me that anybody believes that he thinks that the players are acting like that. this country is hooked on this drug of racism and has been for so long. the players are trying to help
10:34 am
us bring us to an intervention watch football. that's the wrong response. >> par of protesting and taking a stand. the importance is the protest and not everyone will agree wit. i don' they disagree with the form as much as the substa and they find someth in the form to disagr with. >> i think there are people who do find and do disagree with the form. it's an inappropriate way to regist that. that's a legitimate reaction. >> they talked about that. >> they convinced themselves and a lot of people come to decisi by instinct and immedi find rational to suppor that without them knowin it. the bla players kneeling are angry. they look for a reason to hate
10:35 am
them. it happened all the time where you find a reason to under cut the cause because you hate the cause and you find another shield to use and say it's about a formprotest. i don' they care about the form of protest. you look at numbers and sports is the perfect place. where else are we so biased? >> this is the same thing. we saw the racial numbers. >> that's because it's so divers >> david, mia, dominique, christ thank you so much. there total agreement in this conversation like the rest. presid is attacking the media for criticism of the govern response to puerto rico. shawn duffy is going to help me discus this and so much more. plus, any moment, acting homela secretary elaine duke is going to speak in puerto rico. her first press event since callin puerto rico a "good news
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story. we will take this live when we come b
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secret will hold a press confer in puerto rico. she is basing major criticism for calling the administration respon a good news story. we have wisconsin republican joinin me now. what do you make of that comment consid she was saying that it was a good news story in terms of our ability to reach people >> listen, if you watch any of the news stories and talk to anybod from puerto rico, there the island. it is devastated. they hflattened. the governor has done a good job of bringing resources to the island but the distribution doesn' exist. not only is it food and water and medicine, but they need
10:41 am
driver trucking to get around the island. i would disagree and say it's short sided. from those i talked to, they are reelin there no good news right now. >> we have reporters who are in downto san juan and that is of course the big city on the island that's the place where the port is and where you expect things to get going before other places on the island up in the mounta far along the coast. they are telling us it's intermittent and b seeing anythi when it comes to federa response. >> again, i think the problem is when you bring things to the island you expect there to be a distri network. you ha a whole other set of resour to help the island out. the governor has been compli of president trump in bringing in the resources when requested and this is not like florida or texas.
10:42 am
there infrastructure to deal with the supplies there to help the citizens. that's not what it is in puerto rico. they have a destroyed and rushed econom before this hurricane hit. they are having a double whammy here and aren't even able to get the aid out to people when it arrive that's the problem. now they have to go okay, let's get transportation on the island to help people. we have stories that you might people up in the hills. this i devastating. i love the island and i worked on the bill to try to help them out of the debt crisis and i have b a number of times. the greatest people and the most americ and loving people you will ever meet. they will need help as fast as possib right now. >> i want to talk about tom price, former colleague of yours. he agreed to pay back a portion
10:43 am
of the cost of his flight. a small fraction. the president is reportedly very angry over this whole affair. do you he should be fired? should tom price be fired? >> fired, no. tom is a great choice for this positi at health and human servic i know tom price. he's a great guy, but as you rally against democrats for wastin money and you are a budget hawk and you take private planes that's a real problem. he should have flown coach. we applaud paul ryan and john boehne when they flew commer and coach where nancy pelosi was on a private jet. what we apply to democrats, we should apply to republicans and tom price should pay it back and apolog and give up the busine of trying to fix the health care system in america. >> but what does it say to you when -- i think the reason it
10:44 am
bother so many people is it sort of reveals maybe a way of thinki or even not thinking. not thinking about how you are spendi taxpayer money when you are talking about being a fiscal conser and you go to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollar that you could have paid so muc less flying commercial at a time when republicans are talkin about obamacare repeal and at a time when republicans are pushing a tax reform plan that even the top adviser to the presid admitted yesterday, some middle class americans are going to pay more in taxes. this is something bigger problems fo priori >> that's a bi mantra. you should be there every day. i note that we have to be fair as reporters on how we analyz this stuff.
10:45 am
if i criticize nancy pelosi or barackobama, i should also critic tom price. democr if they don't critic nancy pelosi, they shouldn't criticiz how the reso used. for me, i'm going to criticize them both. let's start saving some money and we might go $200,000 as chump change, but here and there, that's real money. it adds up and that can go to puertorico. that can go to texas or florida. i shak head at all of those abusin money in the federal govern >> sho strong message be sent about what it means to have used those funds? >> what is unique is every news outlet held tom price to task and the president is frustrated and angry at him. it will hit him in the pocket
10:46 am
book a he will pay at least a portio back. >> but $2 on a 10 spot. >> witoversees, if you are traveling to nashville or philad where there are flight every hour on the hour. those two scenarios. i'm not going to call it. does this rise to the call of having him fired? no. it's a mistake. he's going to pay it back and let's move on. i'm a conservative and a fiscal hawk. i'm going to call him out for it. he was our budget chairman and he was writing budgets to save us money and you get to the admini and your views plane us wrong message. if you are going to stand on princi you should stand on princi every day as opposed to one day in the house and the
10:47 am
other at health and human servic tom price is doing a great job and i support him there. he has this wrinkle he has to deal with. >> and big struggles in his job at health and human services as republ are struggling to repealobamacare. unfortunately i don't mean to say that and say you can't respon but that has been a strugg for him. >> we have a question of obamac that falls in the hands of democrats. so poor people don't get left behind >> it is a tall order for him or whatev may succeed him as well. we will see how it shapes out. congre thank you so much. apprec it. the state department is taking new action after a string of myster sonic attacks in cuba. we will have the details next. plus we are waiting for a press confer from acting security direct elaine duke.
10:48 am
we will get it to you live as soon a begins.
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there's only one egg that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. americans under attack in cuba. now families and other are being pulled out by the state department for their safety. americans are being warned ton travel to cuba. cnn global affairs correspondent elise labbot is here with me. these are acoustic attacks aimed at the u.s. embassy. so tell us about this new decision by the state department. >> that's right, it's very mysterious. 21 diplomats and family members have been affected. about 50 separate incidents. and the state department says it's been investigated with the fbi. they've gone down there. they don't know what it is. they think it's some kind of sonic device that was either inside or outside these diplomats' homes and hotels that they've been staying in.
10:53 am
they say the cubans have cooperated, but that they haven't provided any evidence. so it's basically not protecting their diplomats. secretary of state rex tillerson said, look, investment the cubans can protect our diplomats we have to take them home so they're not at further risk. they're drawing down the embassy to more than 60% reduction. they're not going to be able to give visas anymore in cuba. and they'll still have a small skeleton staff to help americans and such, but it's a big drawdown. >> they're clearly send a message to cubans that you need protect americans. when you're talking about a 60% drawdown, what does that do perhaps, you know, to the detriment of relations between the u.s. and cuba? >> that have really improved under president obama. >> that's right. >> they had this great opening and opened up the embassy a couple of years ago. listen, it's a message to the cubans that if you're not going to protect our people, we're leaving. look, officials say this has nothing to do with the broader relationship. but it can't help not affect
10:54 am
them. they're telling americans not to go down there. you have -- they're not going to be able to be providing visas for cubans. they're going to have to get them in a third country. and essentially, that opening, that exchange of people back and forth, is going to go away. i think it is a big effect to the relationship. even though that's why the state department took the move. i think there are senators and other lawmakers like senator rubio who's been hard on cuba, has been calling for closures of the embassy, tougher measures. so those people that were upset with that opening between the u.s. and cuba i think are -- are going to think this is a good idea. >> thank you for that report on the new move. we appreciate it. we are standing by for a news conference from the acting homeland security secretary. these are live pictures, hopefully this is going to start shortly. elaine duke. we're expecting her to talk about the crisis there in puerto rico. she is under fire as well for her comments. plus, nobody is taking care
10:55 am
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get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. a host of assets including the general who has been leading efforts in designing infrastructure for and working in infrastructure for energy purposes as well as admiral shultz from the coast guard. secretary, thank you very much for being here. it is really a testament to the commitment of the administration that the secretary of homeland security is here with us.
10:59 am
we had a briefing with the secreta secretary. our director of public safety, resident commissioner and myself, were talking about the issues of puerto rico. the commitment of the administration. and the vast deficit e de-- vas devastation we've seen in puerto rico due to hurricane irma and hurricane maria. we've established priorities that we need right now in this emergency. and afterwards, we flew over parts of puerto rico where she could see, number one, where the flood plains were, and how that devastation ensued. number two, in the mountainous regions of puerto rico, now the
11:00 am
eve venturi effect on windows a-- o and housing. and three, the infrastructure such as the refinery. we flew over it. the secretary had a snapshot of the aftermath in puerto rico. afterwards we had the opportunity to sit with their assets from the energy department from the omb office, from tsa, the administrator is here with us, as well. so that we can have a -- a working session with our leads in energy, infrastructure, security, and other areas of our government. so we are thankful for her leadership, for being here. i have to say that the secretary called on me prior to irma and maria to make sure we had our assets. let us know that there were going


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