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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  September 30, 2017 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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okay? i can tell you, i'm not happy. >> president trump accepting the resignation of tom price. >> he railed against people using private jets. >> it was time for him to go. he had lost the confidence of the american taxpayer. >> parts of puerto rico are at risk for flash flooding this weekend. >> we're taking food, water and medicine everywhere. we would like it to be quicker. of course it's not where it needs to be, but we recognize
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that there is a limitation in terms of the logistical support to get there. >> we're dying here. we're truly dying here. >> and i'm tired of the president always talking about how much it's going to cost. it's costing lives. so grateful to have you with us today. i'm christy paul. >> graetz to be with you and great to be with all of you. another dramatic departure rocking the white house this morning. there is now a new acting health and human services secretary. tom price is out amid the growing interest.
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>> the first casualty of president trump's cabinet, tom price finally submitted his resignation bowing to the pressure of this white house after day after day of questions about his air travel both on private planes as well as military air kraft amounting to a million dollars or so. even after he said he would pay back some $52,000, that did not sit well with this president. we asked the president on friday if he still had confidence in his secretary. it was clear that he didn't. >> fit's not a question of confidence. i was disappointed because i didn't like its cosmetically or otherwise so i don't like to see somebody that perhaps there's the perception that fit wasn't right. >> so certainly private planes were one big concern of this president but it was more than that i'm told. health care was one of the reasons that tom price was brought into the cabinet in the first place. he was supposed to lead the charge to repeal and replace obamacare. that of course didn't happen.
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i'm told the president increasingly lost patience with him. these flights were simply the thing that put it over the top. this is something that flies in the face of the president's pledge to drain the swamp so finally after a full week of this, the resignation accepted now there's one more vacancy in the cabinet. this has been a pretty tough week for the president. let's just take a look back and remember what kind of week. it was a little more than a week ago the president launched an all out attack on nfl players protesting racial inequality and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field? he's fired. >> john mccain announced that he would not support the gop's latest health care bill to
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replace obamacare. the president's candidate in alabama, gop primary lost to the candidate backed by former white house senior advisor steve bann bannon. >> and elaine duke called the government's response to the disaster in puerto rico a good news story. she had to walk those comments back saying she meant people working together in response. but people are struggling to get food, water add gas over a week after the hurricane. >> we're dying here. we truly are dying here. and i keep saying it. s.o.s., if anyone can hear us. if mr. trump can hear us, let's just get it over with and get the ball rolling. >> we'll continue this with cnn political commentator and white house correspondent for the
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washington ed doitor. good morning. how much of this, we just heard the president say and i want to focus first of all on tom price. the president said he didn't like the optics of this. how much of this resignation -- forced resignation as we understand it was about the planes? was it about the optics? was it about a man who couldn't get health care through? >> i trust the reporting so if there was this underlying problem i'm sure there was something to that. on the other hand, when he talks about ap ticoptics, this is a president who watches a whole lot of television and day after day there were these negative headlines. in this case, this wasn't some sort of abstract problem. you know, when there were problems with some of the other members of the leadership team about what they knew or didn't know about russia, about private conversations, we don't really know what happened. everybody i think understands luxury travel, flying around
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like you are some kind of a -- of a multimillionaire when in fact, you're using a taxpayer dollars. it's the simplest thing in the world and it was a direct contradiction of that promise to drain the swamp so i think president trump realized if this was a political problem that couldn't be wished away. >> yeah, not only draining the swamp, questionable use of taxpayer money and gabby, with that said, is there any indication how expansive this might be? does it stop at tom price? >> no, i mean, there have been numerous reports this week and previously that there are other cabinet secretaries who have engaged in private travel that are costing american taxpayers several thousands of dollars and i think it's something that the white house is taking serious now. we saw last night that chief of staff john kelly has sent out a memo to every cabinet agency saying that you know, if there's
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any attempt to take a private charter flight that it needs to be signed off on by the white house and so i think this goes back to this flies in the face of that drain the swamp message that president trump ran on. i spoke with a white house official earlier this week who was inclined to say that president trump is likely to make an example out of tom price, to send a message to the rets of his cabinet that this will not be tolerated. this do as i say, not as i do swampy behavior is not something that's going to be a good image for the white house and not something that's going to be allowed and i think that's what happened last night when he accepted secretary price's resignation. >> and how the president said that he was really angry about i guess the attempt tom price was going to make to reconcile this. he wanted to write a $52,000 cheblg. -- check. >> analysts say this was in excess of $500,000 and up in
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terms of tax money that was wasted. will we see that check and does it malter at this point? >> now that he's been forced out i suspect tom price might be looking at his finances more closely and i wouldn't necessarily bank on that $52,000 check or the true amount which is about ten times higher as you suggest. something that's got to be said is that the tone starts at the top and these officials around the president have watched the way he conducts himself. weekend after weekend at his own luxury golf courses and clubs, having the federal government pay his club and this president and his private company from which he has never severed his financial ties and i think they very logically looked at it and said, well, look, i'm not going to be less careful about this than the president. you know, and that's what you get. so you know, if donald trump
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really wants to sort of fix this after this firing, he's going to have to look in the mirror as well and maybe think about setting some leadership by example here. >> changing some of his own habits i guess you're saying. let's listen together to something that david axel rod had to say about this a few hours ago. >> there are two reasons why people are forced out. one is scandal and the other is failure. they've had a lot of both in the first eight months and not a whole lot of success. now, i think john kelly has gotten the white house under a degree of control that didn't exist before, but the problem always persists as to the man on top and the ability to control him. >> okay. so he's talking there a lot about what you just said, but he also mentioned john kelly. is john kelly getting control of the white house? do we know how much influence he truly has in terms of what's going on there? >> well, in some areas he has
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certainly exercised significant control over the flow of news to the president, over the president's interactions with various members of his cabinet, with various white house staffers, and also making sure that the president sticks to his message. i mean f you recall those images from the u.n. speech when the president went off script and started talking about rocket man in north korea, you could see the frustration on john kelly's face so i think there's definitely discipline that he's brought not only to the chain of command but also to the president's message. but as we all know, president trump is at the end of the day is going to do what he wants and say what he wants to say. so the president is always going to be unpredictable. >> all right. always good to have both of your voices in the conversation here. thank you so much. >> thank you. no food, no water, no power,
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no money. devastated communities in puerto rico are begging for more help. we're in san juan talking to struggling storm survivors. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, there is a lot of frustration and anger here on the ground. there's also a discrepancy between what some federal officials have said about the situation in puerto rico and what local officials are saying. but what are everyday puerto ricans who are struggling to find some very basic good saying? you'll hear from them next. frds kevin, meet your father.
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. i am begging, begging anyone that can hear us to save us from dying. i am mad as hell. because my people's lives are at stake. >> the mayor of san juan, puerto rico making a very emotional
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help for more help while slamming the government's response to hurricane maria. mr. than a week after the storm devastated the island, defz stati -- devastation is growing. and then there is this infuriating site. thousands of containers of aide just sitting at the port not getting to those in need. we're joined now live from san juan and we're wondering, are you seeing any sight of improvement where you are? >> there are incremental signs and in some places, aide is being passed along to those who december prattly need it. in others, people are flustered. they're angry. they feel the federal government has not done enough to help the island of puerto rico. >> getting key resources has proved daunting for puerto ricans. many camping in their cars outside a gas station forming a line more than a quarter mile
3:17 am
long, waiting hours to fill their tanks. >> it's really hard, like when you have to go and check on your family, you have to waste gas and you have to come and make all these lines so you can get gas. it's pretty hard. >> massive lines are also forming outside grocery stores and banks and many businesses are only taking cash which is now in short supply. much of what these people desperately need, essentials like food, water and medical supplies have proved elusive. >> no here. nothing. water, food. >> translator: it's been about nine days that we don't have help. supposedly the u.s. has provided help but we don't have water, food or medicine. they keep telling us it's coming from the u.s. but we don't see it. >> reporter: cries for help are being answered in other parts. people run on to the street to wave down the mayor and other
3:18 am
officials. as he drives through town offering emergency food and water from fema. the mayor asked for calm and admits he knows they will need much more. further complicating recovery efforts, the weather forecast. while many remain homeless, parts of puerto rico are at risk for floo flash flooding this weekend. >> there was rain coming this weekend. i don't know how we're going to deal with it because it's still flooded everywhere. >> reporter: and that last gentleman you heard from tells me that he lives in a neighborhood that has a channel running through it and it floods on just a typical rainstorm. during hurricane maria raw sewage washed into their homes. when he says more rain comes this weekend he has no idea what
3:19 am
he's going to do. >> let me ask you this. so of course the administration is saying they are delivering everything they can to try to help the island there, but is it a problem of not having enough stuff or is it a distribution problem? in other words, they have the stuff, they can't get it out to the people? >> reporter: well, there's several different things at play here. you mentioned those shipping containers that have been stuck at the port for several days. typically that is not federal aide. that wasn't provided by the federal government but those are commercial goods that are lacking in store shelves right now. i spoke to a woman yesterday who was watziiting in that line fors waiting to get inside only to find the shelves bare. there was no water for her to take home. so it is a problem of not getting aide here but it's a problem of taking what's already here and getting them on the tables and homes of puerto ricans. the difficulty there is that
3:20 am
there are several layers of issues. for one they've had a shortage of truckers available over the last several days either because of a lack of communication or a lack of fuel for those people to actually get to work. beyond that, it is a series of grid locks because as you saw in our piece, there's a lack of cash because there's no electricity in many places so banks and atms are shut down so even if those people were try to go to a bank to get enough money and go get in line for gas, it would talk a long time for them to be actually able to then get those goods out to where they need to go. there are a series of problems and it will take time to unravel, martin. >> it will indeed, but fuel seems to be one of the most critical needs of all. and later this morning fema will update us on puerto rico and the federal relief efforts there. cnn will have live coverage in our 8:00 hour. >> and cnn meteorologist looifz
3:21 am
in the weather center says there's a flash flood watch for this area. what are they going to be looking at today? >> we're not talking a half inch to an inch of rain. we're talking 2, 4, 6 inches of rain in an area that's now starting to recover from maria. the entire area of puerto rico is under a flood watch going forward for the next couple of days but you have to understand how much rain has fallen. the purple 10 to 15 inches. the white areas were in excess of 20 inches of rain. the problem with that is you still have a lot of rivers and streams that started to crest and are now starting to come down but they haven't gotten to normal levels so you start adding more rain on top of them and you're likely to see those rivers and streams swell again, causing even more problems. here is puerto rico for reference. you can see all of this tropical moisture surrounding and pushing offer to the north adding more
3:22 am
of those showers and even some thunderstorms to this region. normally we would also show you the radar to show you exactly where some of those high precipitation storms are but we can't. this is all that's left of their radar. there would normally be a dome right up here but it was destroyed by hurricane maria. so we are limited to just satellite data. that also makes it harder to pinpoint which areas get more rain which in turn can be tougher for those living in the communities who maybe don't get the alerts as fast as they would want to. forecast rainfall, guys, we're still talking an additional 4 to 8 inches in some areas. >> cannot imagine what these people are going to be dealing with. thank you so much. and puerto rico isn't the only island struggling from these storms. there are residents on the u.s. virgin islands who are suffering this morning. college football also ahead. wisconsin versus north western
3:23 am
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27 minutes past the 6:00 hour. you're up early on a saturday. we're glad for it. >> pretty extraordinary week so far. there's been controversy, there's been failure for president trump and the white house it seems this morning in damage control mode. >> very latest, president trump's health and human services secretary tom price was forced to resign in scandal. it was revealed he used taxpayer money to take flights for government business. >> and there's the ongoing crisis in puerto rico. the president has been criticized for his administration's slow response in helping the 3.5 million
3:28 am
americans who are still suffering after hurricane maria hit the island ten days ago. another gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare failed. trump endorsed the wrong guy in the senate race. but the moment that the pr crisis really started was when the president started african american players sobs for kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice. so tom price is just the latest high profile departure from the trump white house. just ten days after his inauguration president trump fired acting attorney sally yates. michael flynn was forced to resign a few weeks later and about a month after that attorney general jeff sessions asked dozens of u.s. attorneys to resign. all of them did except the president told him he could keep
3:29 am
his job and he was then fired. president trump fired james comey. days later, white house communications director stepped down. and the director of the office of government ethics who resigned. sean spicer quit. chief of staff reince priebus was replaced and not far behind anthony scaramucci. also chief strategist steve bannon followed him out the door in august and there was sebastian who left his post as white house advisor and now tom price resigning. and the debate of whether players taking a knee are doing the right thing, but a majority agree that president trump did the wrong thing by criticizing their actions.
3:30 am
we're covering today's big game. coy, the debate has certainly gone over the nfl, there's the nba and now all eyes are on college football players and how fans are going to respond. >> that's right and it's been a week since the heated debate of kneeling during the national anthem got more heated. more players doing it after being called sobs and being called to be fired if they don't stand for the anthem. in college football, players are not ern on the field when the anthem is played and we know here in mod soadison are going take the field with locked arms as a show of unity. but the nfl, the saints taking on the dolphins and the saints are going to kneel just before the national anthem and then they'll stand while it plays. this week several players spoke about how they ooefz become more united and plan to continue to call for change and awareness.
3:31 am
falcons minority owner says they want to get the fans involved. >> the falcons, we're going to stand up for the national anthem. we're going to arm lock and we're going to ask the fans who attend the game to arm lock as well. we're going to show unity. of course you're going to have players on other teams that -- that they're not going to stand up and arm lock, but i still respect the way they're protesting because they want to raise awareness. they want their message to be heard that we want everyone to be treated equality in this country. >> reporter: it's not just the nfl. we've seen nba player kneel and a memo has already been sent that states all players must stand for the arabnational anth. regular season tips off october 17th.
3:32 am
>> that will be very interesting to watch. thank you very much for that. let's discuss with our political commentator and gabby, she's the white house correspondent for the washington examiner. good to see you both. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> i want to begin with this feud with the nfl and while the majority of americans think that the president, his profanity laced rant was uncalled for last week, most persons polled agree with his message. 49% say that the protesting players are doing the wrong thing to express their political opinion. so is the president winning on this as far as the culture war? >> no, i would say absolutely not. this was a dormant issue. the underlying question about police treatment of civilians, especially black american civilians was not really at the top of the agenda until the president put it there and he did it very deliberately.
3:33 am
it was, in my opinion, race baiting. it was for political reasons. he sort of stirred the pot in order to sort of get some kind of a political advantage. he's been doing it his entire political career and even before he went into politics. he does this from time to time. it's not a terribly honorable thing but the president brought it up so the american people have done exactly what you suggest which is to say look, we agree with the president on the substance, but we also think the people have the right to express themselves and he is deliberately sewing division by criticizing their absolute right to express themselves. >> we should point out that there is of course a racial split over the players' protest. 59% of whites saying protetsing during the national anthem is wrong compared to just 12% of blacks. so gabby, what does this say about the president's ability to
3:34 am
heal race relations in this country? >> i have to disagree with what he said. i do think that if he's benefitting from anything he's certainly been catering to his base and that's something we're seeing in this poll that 87% of republicans think that players should not be kneeling during the national anthem regardless of the protests that they are trying to partake in where as 72% of democrats think that it is the right way to protest race relations and police brutality in this country. that is a perfect example of where it's benefitting president trump. a message that breaches his platform -- reaches his base, i'm sorry, and something they welcome, but you know, again, he is sewing racial division by weighing into this especially at a time when his administration is trying to focus on tax reform, something that republicans are hoping to get through in the next three months. it only creates bad optics and
3:35 am
questions that are uncomfortable for a lot of lawmaker to have to answer. >> we know that the nba has sent out a memo that went out that's reenforcing the rule that players and coaches must stand for the national anthem. it also suggests there are other ways to protesting including a joint address to fans before the anthem. is this evidence that the president's remarks are influencing not just the nba but professional sports? >> yeah, i don't do a lot of predictions, but i'd say in this case, i think the president is going to lose this culture war ultimately. he may get a couple of points here and there. it may have helped him with his base a little bit, no denying that. he would be the first demagogue to play to the crowd, but in the long-term, i go to some nba games here in the city and they have a million different ways, those players do to express what it is they're doing. i mean, all eyes are on them. tens of thousands of people
3:36 am
watching every little move and gesture. the alterations to their uniform, fists in the air, what they do after the game, you know, the commercial sort of impact that they have, i think they are going to use it and the nba is a very different league than the nfl. they slhave ap different level power and influence and nobody's going to sit down and shut up because the president told them to stop complaining about racial injustice in this country. >> we're going to have to leave it there. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. police say seahawks defensive end was lawfully detained despite his protest otherwise. video was released after he claimed he was racially profiled last month. it happened outside the hotel following the mayweather versus
3:37 am
mcgreg toor fight. bennett claims an officer stopped him, put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him. the department said it reviewed 800 videos, concluded there was no evidence that that happened. the detaining officer who drew his weapon didn't activate his body camera. bennett's attorney disputing the police department's determination that race was not a factor and none of the arresting officers were white. two here were hispanic and a third was black. over a week after hurricane maria, many in the caribbean are still of course struggling to get food, water and gas, but puerto rico wasn't the only island hit hard by the two storms in a row. next, we get the latest on the u.s. virgin islands and they also struggle to recover. and a mysterious sound like sonic attacks in cuba.
3:38 am
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the crisis in puerto rico is gripping the country, but they're not the only island that is zrugstruggling to recover. >> we can't forget about the u.s. virgin islands. >> reporter: this isn't puerto rico, but in the u.s. virgin islands the trail of suffering and destruction are much the same. the u.s. and british virgin islands were dealt a one two blow. irma during the first week of september, then maria two weeks
3:43 am
later. a landscape of the british virgin islands is now littered with twisted metal and tangled tree trunks. >> it's something like a horror movie and also when you just look at the landscape as well, we've seen the decembimation ofl green landscape. >> reporter: more than a hundred tons of aide have arrived there. in the u.s. virgin islands residents feel they've been left in the shadows of puerto rico's recovery. >> we understand puerto rico is a lot more populated people there, but we do have our own needs here on the island and we don't see the supplies coming in for us as much as we need them, you know, we hear the plane fliezing over to puerto rico and sending them lots of supplies. >> reporter: aide is reaching the u.s. virgin islands slowly. complicating the situation, many
3:44 am
goods come by hard hit puerto rico. the u.s. air force has flown in communication equipment. the national guard and fema have teams on the ground there and the salvation army is serving food to nearly 5,000 residents daily. officials say more help is on the way as residents take recovery the only way they can, one day at a time. after a series of unexplained sonic attacks the state department is pulling the families of u.s. diplomats out of havana. how that could change the u.s. relationship with cuba. en easie. except when it comes to retirement. at fidelity, you get a retirement score in just 60 seconds. and we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. it's your retirement. know where you stand.
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the u.s. state department says it's pulling out all the families and nonessential personnel from cuba. >> here's our correspondent.
3:49 am
>> just two years after a re-establishment of full diplomatic ties the u.s. embassy in havana has seen better days. u.s. diplomats are still picking up from the storm and now are facing another calamity. diplomats' family and nonessential personnel are being ordered to return to the u.s. after at least 21 members of the embassy staff were targeted by what u.s. officials say could have been sonic attacks. >> it's a very serious issue with respect to the harm that certain individuals have suffered. we've brought some of those people home. >> reporter: starting last november, devices that emit sonic waves could have targeted u.s. diplomats while they were in their homes or hotels. who is behind the attacks is unclear. cubans deny the responsibility and are investigating the
3:50 am
incident. >> translator: cuba has never perpetrated nor will it ever perpetrate actions of this sort. nor has cuba allowed its territory to be used by third parties for that purpose. >> u.s. officials say they believe cubans know more than they're saying and that what they know rogue elements of the island's formidable intelligence services could be involved. not long after the u.s. complained to the cuban government about the attacks castro himself personally promised american diplomats that cuba would investigate the incidents. the fbi was allowed to come to havana and security increased at diplomats' homes but still the attacks continued. u.s. officials say as a result of the attacks they will stop issues visas to cubans effective immediately and issue a travel warning to americans thinking of visiting cuba. despite the harassment, both current and former u.s. diplomats say now is the wrong
3:51 am
time to lessen the u.s. presence on the island. >> it's the worst possible thing that could happen to both countries and what worries me more than anything is that hard liners on the cuban side and the u.s. side might be behind pushing this idea. >> reporter: u.s. officials say their first priority has to be to keep u.s. personnel and their families safe. but they concede that american diplomats leaving cuba could be just what the people behind these mystery attacks were hoping to accomplish. >> thank you. we have got to talk about what's happening in puerto rico, particularly with the medical crisis. doctors are taking matters into their own hands now. they're volunteering to take medicine and supplies to those hospitals and clinics. >> we're tied up here because we don't have iv antibiotics to give to patients and we have no place to get them.
3:52 am
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medical crisis in puerto rico is growing by the day with hospitals slow to receive supplies for supplies. so medical doctors are taking the case into their own hand. >> here's cnn. >> we don't have antibiotics to give the patients and we have no place to get them. >> how difficult could this be if these life saving supplies are on the island, why aren't they getting to the people of puerto rico? and can i make it happen? >> first i'm going to try the disaster management assistance team. this is the federal government.
3:57 am
i was with the doctors yesterday who were volunteering and this is what they were asking for. okay. so we've been waiting about 45 minutes now outside the hhs tent. we know they have medications. what we heard is they've got to run it up two chains of command and then they get back to us, but again, it's been 45 minutes. we're going to go try somewhere else. >> we went so some of the shelters. >> you the get some here. >> is there medications here? >> we have the medications. >> okay. thank you. because the hospitals have been slow to start back up, these are all volunteer doctors over here who have basically come, trying to gather supplies and take it out to the people who need it. they're trying their best. it's a slow process.
3:58 am
yeah, if we can get a few doses we'll take it over there. >> we have only some of the antibiotics and tablets. >> that would be great. perfect. okay, doctor. thank you. >> the other one i will get you. >> appreciate it. thank you. it's all about getting the supplies and getting them to the people who need it. these come from an organization called direct relief. they're set up right underneath this parking structure with all these medications. we got them. now we're going to take them. what dr. morales asked is that we get these medications and see if we could bring it to this clinic, this hospital. this is one of those places that's up and running but without these medications they haven't been really able to take care of patients. dr. rodriguez, i was told to
3:59 am
bring you this. >> thank you. >> let me tell you what we have. there's all sorts of antibiotics. dr. morales said you were needing a lot of this. >> yes. >> you can go through it and there's also pediatrics. i hope this helps. >> yes, thank you. >> all right. you're doing great work here. keep doing what you're doing. it's like a little baby. >> cnn, puerto rico. >> it is that valuable certainly down there right now. we're going to continue to talk about puerto rico. also rex tillerson is meeting with chinese president and i want to share with you some of the video that just came into our news room here. this is about trade and the north korean standoff. those are high on the agenda in terms of talking points. secretary tillerson expected to speak with reporters soon as well. we'll let you know and we'll keep you updated as we get more
4:00 am
information about this trip and what they're talking about. >> i'm not happy. okay? i can tell you, i'm not happy. >> president trump today accepting the resignation of health and human services secretary tom price. >> tom price knows better. he railed against people using private jets. >> it was time for him to go. he had lost the confidence of the american taxpayer. >> parts of puerto rico are at risk for flash flooding this weekend. >> we will not rest until the people of puerto rico are safe. >> we're taking food, water and medicine everywhere. we would like it to be quicker. of course it's not where it needs to be, but we recognize that there is a limitation in terms of the logistical support to get there. >> we're dying here. we're truly dying here. >> and i'm tired of the president always talking about how much it's going to cost. it's costing lives.


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