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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 1, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. we begin this hour with president trump. he plans to travel to puerto rico in two days for a look at the hurricane devastation and recovery effort. in the meantime he continues to brag on twitter about a job well done saying in part the people are now starting to recognize the amazing work that has been done by fema and our great military. all buildings are now inspected for safety. thank you to the governor of pr and all those who are working so closely with the first responders. fantastic job. the governor said he is not sure what inspections the president is referring to. >> i'm not aware of such inspections. there are areas of puerto rico which we haven't really gotten contact. perhaps he was referring to a particular set of buildings. i'm not sure what the context of the message is. >> this comes on the heels of
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president trump spewing nearly 20 tweets since yesterday on the dire situation in puerto rico from blasting the mayor to bragging about the federal response. sarah murray is in san juan. sarah, what are you hearing about the president's visit? what's scheduled? >> people are aware the president is coming and the white house has not given us a sense of what he will do while he is here, but the residents are clear on the message they want president trump to take away. that's that there is a lot more work to be done here. there are millions of people who still do not have power or water or cell phone service. when you drive outside of san juan to the neighborhoods and you look at homes that have been decimated or missing roofs and they know they need the government's help and they don't know how to let people know they are in crisis right now. >> sarah, this morning the white house budget director followed suit with the president's criticism of what the mayor has
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been saying. ewill be rate. >> reporter: the mayor had sharp comments because she's has been here on the ground watching people grapple with the challenges of not having water or electricity. listen to what mulvaney had to say about the back and forth. >> it's unfortunate that the mayor wants to -- the san juan mayor wants to go against the grain. we would love to have her on the team as we pull in the same direction. as of yesterday she had not been to the fema operations center in her own city. we need to get her involved. >> now again, more administration officials criticizing the mayor saying she is going against the grain, but it's worth noting that san juan is the best case scenario where power is starting to come back on. there is some access to cell phone service and restaurants and bars that are opening. there are grocery stores you can go to. that's not true for many areas not far from here. you can understand the mayor's
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frustration and the frustration of a number of other officials on the ground. >> thank you so much. remote mountainous city in puerto rico has received much needed relief. people there welcoming federal help with open arms and tears. we have the latest. >> i'm in san juan right now, what we have seen the one, two punch. this came down during irma. these streets came down during maria. this is a clear example of all the work that really needs to be done around this island. >> the wind sounded like a monster. >> she rode out the storm from in this bedroom. the eyewall traveled through this city about 90 minutes from san juan. the river that runs through this area rose more than 20 feet. >> what was your thought looking
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out the window and seeing this river go up? >> terrible. i thought it was going to come up here, but it didn't, thank god for that. >> the flooding caused landslides and knocked out this bridge. the only way for cruz's community to get out. >> we were afraid we were going to be left alone. >> but they weren't. the system construct booed i a task force under the direction of fema and across the river about 40 families who have not seen relief up until today until this system was constructed. this group of specialized officers, firemen and ems come from new york, indiana and ohio. their teams have saved more than 800 people. this task force took us to cruz's neighborhood. >> while we were conducting the assessments, we received the information from the local emergency management officials in these particular areas, we
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haven't gotten there and we have no communication with them. can you help us? that's what we are here to do. >> residents are rationaling this new shipment of supplies and they are grateful. >> i saw them come the first time. i saw heaven. finally we knew they knew about our situation. >> with a broken bridge, food and supplies will be need and communications are still out. this man can't get in touch with his daughter. bringing him to tears. >> what do you want to say to your daughter in texas. >> you are surviving? >> we appreciate your help. >> even without the help, we found this community doing all they can to stay alive. >> you see that line in there? that's where we got the water. >> did you that wrourz in? >> the people here. not me, but the men. >> if you didn't have that? >> we would have no water.
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>> that despite the criticism of local leaders and response. >> of course we get frustrated. we have done what we can. >> as for the task force, this assignment is over. and they are on to the next mission, continuing to help the people of puerto rico. >> i have news that warms the heart of my crew. the man who was crying because he couldn't get in touch with his daughter, his granddaughter victoria reached out to me on twitter a few minutes ago and in caps saying that's my grandfather and asked me if he was doing okay and did he evacuated the island. we gave her good news about her grandpa and that makes us feel really good with the help of the task force. >> that's fantastic. that will make his day too knowing that family is in connection even via reporters and crew. thank you so much. appreciate that from puerto rico. let's go to our panel now.
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commentators for more on the president's planned trip to puerto rico. a former special assistant to george w. bush and a columnist for the daily beast. good to see both of you. scott, you first. what do you want the president to see on this visit tuesday. >> i want him to see the devastation and the clean up and the rebuilding here is what is going to matter for the rest of his first term. the same thing in texas because of the other hurricane there. a huge part of his first term is going to be defined by how we rebuild these places that have been devastated by these amazingly powerful storms. he needs to see the devastation and hear from people what they need to get their island back up on its feet and needs to talk with local leader about an island that had an updated grid and road systems and telecommunications and they have
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to get these things right and that will require a serious engagement by the executive branch. >> this is different because there is a lot of tension building within the last 24 to 48 hours between the president and the mayor of san juan with the president directing a lot of criticism with the mayor, calling her an example of poor leadership and hearing the fema head offer this criticism, including when i talked with him yesterday, talking about she not going to some of the meetings. listen. >> the bottom line is we had a joint field office established for numerous days in san juan and what we need is for the mayor to make her way to the joint field office and get plugged in to what is going on to be successful. >> so scott, is this the president's backlash at the mayor because she has not been accessible or attending some of
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these meetings? is that pay back for that? >> there is certainly frustration on behalf of federal officials who feel like they are doing everything they can do to help the people of san juan and all over the island and when someone say nothing is being done and you feel like you are doing everything you can do, frustration would mount. tensions and frustrations are bound to mount in any humanitarian crisis. the time for political recriminations is for the future. for right now, everybody needs to focus on getting help to the island and getting the people back on their feet in terms of food, water, and electricity. that's the most critical issue. we can figure out what can be done better in the future. right now basic human need is in my opinion all anyone needs to care about. >> i don't know if anyone heard her say nothing was being done. it was in response to them saying it was a good news story and she said people were dieing and going without medicine.
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it has taken a terrible turn with the president getting personal with the tweets and now he is going to be in puerto rico. how does that set the stage of what the meetings might be? >> i have no idea what to expect from the president. just when i think he can't sink any lower, he does. here's a man who just used military helicopter at taxpayer expense to go from one golf club to another golf club and he is criticizing the mayor of san juan who is literally sleeping on a cot out there every day wading through waist high water trying to save lives. listen, you are right. scott is right. this is not a moment for political blame, but let's be clear about where it is coming from. the immaturity of this white house in response to this crisis and the decision to lob personal attacks instead of just sending
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help. president trump, this is simple. i get it. you don't like the people criticizing your response. nobody is out to get you. notice that the response to the hurricane mobilizations in houston were overwhelmingly positive because the federal government did a good job. it's not working here. you don't have to listen to mayor cruz. the general that president trump sent to puerto rico to shepherd disaster recovery also said he doesn't have what he needs. this is the time to grow up. this is the time where you have got to stop tweeting and start doing the right thing and saving lives. i'm telling you, all the criticism and the whatever it is that gets under this president's skin, do the right thing here. strengthen the response. these people are dying. these are americans dying on your watch. do the right thing. i swear, i will be the first person to come on air and say thank you for a job well done. it's not that hard to just do
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more now. >> first it was the tweets, something like 18 tweets just about that particularly between the president's sentiments about the mayor just yesterday, 20 tweets about puerto rico and the treasury secretary weighing in on the president's words about the san juan mayor. listen. >> i think as you know when the president gets attacked, he attacks back. the mayor's comments were unfair given what the federal government has done. i completely understand people's frustration. this is a very, very difficult situation. i haven't been there, but i have been almost on daily calls monitoring what's going on with the rest of the cabinet. fema has done a terrific job. >> you just said you want the administration to focus on meeting the needs and the have you treasury secretary who underscores that this morning. how is this helpful? >> i think the administration is very sensitive to the concept
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that public opinion hardens quickly in this country and more quickry with each passing administration. it hardened quickly with katrina against george w. bush. the trump administration officials are worried that public opinion will set and they don't think it's setting fairly. they think they are doing things. i don't think they believe they are getting credit for the naval assets sent to the area before the hurricane. there were several carriers sent to the area to prepare. i don't believe they feel like they are getting the credit for doing what they should have done in advance and feel in fear that public opinion it going to harden and no matter what they do to get to right, no one will have judged them to get it right. because the hurricanes and emergencies are enormous drivers of public opinion, they are frankly in overdrive trying to reset public narrative to make sure people believe they are doing the right thing.
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>> we will talk more after we take a short break for now. this was another message coming from the president. don't waste your time. the message from the president of the united states to his secretary of state when it comes to diplomacy and north korea. if trump is turning his back on diplomacy, what does that signal to kim jong un? that's next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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president trump taking another shot at north korea, but this time his own secretary of state is in the process hairs. tweeting this morning, i told rex tillerson our wonderful secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. save your time. we will do what has to be done. coming on the heels of tillerson's comments saying the trump administration can and
12:20 pm
does talk directly through back channels. the messages seem to contradict one another. the senior officials say nothing has changed and the white house remains committed to a diplomatic approach. joining me to discuss in new jersey not far from trump's private golf club and reporter ryan brown in washington. ryan, you first. the president tweeting just moments ago again about north korea. how does all of this under cut and there is a tweet. being nice to him hasn't worked. clinton failed and obama failed. i won't fail. how does the president see winning on this? >> that's a great question, fred. it appears that are not too many that can actually answer that
12:21 pm
question. at least with much specificity. it seems clear that the president is trying to make a point. he had an early round of tweet this is morning where he specifically contradicted what his own secretary of state said talking to one of the most important leaders of a country involved in this situation in north korea saying they are attempting to have a diplomatic channel to pyongyang and the president saying it's not worth your time and to stop. the administration's official position is that things have not change and the option is still their best course of action. now the president who by the way is on his way to a golf tournament here in new jersey after he gets off the helicopter and into the limousine takes time to tweet yet again that he believes that it's not worth it to be nice to kim jong un. it's really hard to get a read on what this means. he obviously said before that he is willing to use fire and fury
12:22 pm
if that means taking down kim jong un. he seems to be not leaving too many options open for his administration despite the fact that his advisers say diplomacy is the best course of action in this case. >> among them, secretary mattis who said diplomacy is the goal here. the president is undermining very key members of his administration. >> it's interesting. secretary mattis talked about diplomacy partnered with military options. they said on the korean peninsula, they are ready to fight tonight. there is an angle to this and what mattis is talking about is the diplomacy and not the bilateral effort with north korea. they see diplomacy as working with the un and working with china. it's the same as what they heard from the administration
12:23 pm
official. some elements see the diplomacy as going into bening and not this direct one to one communications that the state department showed no interest in serious talks. it's going to be this diplomatic effort going around to the other key players and an attempt to curb the north korea and nuclear missile activity. >> thanks to both of you and let's take more about this at this twitter sentiment being expressed by the president and under cutting the secretary of state and defense secretary. cnn commentator is back with me. scott, you first. the president is now on his way to the president's cup in jersey city. as we just described. he is making his way to the limo that takes him to the golf course for the president's cup.
12:24 pm
he sent out yet another message saying be nice to rocket man hasn't worked in 25 years. clinton failed, bush failed and obama failed. i won't fail. how will this president define winning on this? >> we have to define winning by not allowing the north koreans to have a weapon that threatens the mainland united states. that's the most important issue here. who is in charge of that country is less important than making sure they cannot threaten american citizens and allies with nuclear weapons. whatever we have to do to achieve that is what we have to do. he is not wrong that we tried diplomacy for a long time. it has not slowed down the interest in getting nuclear weapons and hasn't slowed down in the last few months. it accelerated. the hope the president has a strategy for dealing with the guy that works. i don't think most americans would find it acceptable for
12:25 pm
someone like the north korean regime to have nuclear weapons that reach us. >> is the president further threatening and if not provoking by tweeting we will do what has to be done? >> i think the north koreans and the chinese and the rugs and everybody else has to believe we are serious about a military option. if they don't believe we are serious about using american military power to destroy their capabilities to deliver nuclear weapons, then it takes a lot of leverage out of the game. we have to keep up in my opinion the idea that we do have a serious military option. otherwise talking at the un and directly to them and talking in multilateral talks, no one will take them as seriously if they believe the u.s. won't deal a decisive blow to a nuclear site. >> what does this underscore to you when on one day, the secretary of state said we have
12:26 pm
in roads and back channels that we are using and up holding diplomacy. he is the nation's top diplomat. you have the president saying out loud about his secretary of state, don't even worry about diplomacy. it's a waste of time. >> first of all, i never thought i would feel badly for a former big oil executive, but here i am feeling badly for rex tillerson. just to put a fine point on this, the way diplomacy works if you talk to the experts is you have to have options on the table. if north korea believes it is hopeless and donald trump only has one vision, diplomacy is bound to fail. you know, again we are having this conversation while the president is using taxpayer resources to go from one golf club to another golf club on
12:27 pm
what i believe is his 68th golf trip of his presidency while people are dying in puerto rico and he is trying to take health care from 30 million americans and we may be approaching a nuclear stalemate. i can't help thinking, this can't be what people voted for. they can't have voted for a guy who is so disorganized, such a mess that he is making the problems of the world worse and not listening to the advice of his own generals, the people he surrounded himself with, saying don't call him rocket man. don't bait him this way and don't do this and that and he keeps tweeting and making everything worse and under cutting the experts on his routine. come on. >> it is hard for people to not interpret this as an example of disarray within the messaging within the administration.
12:28 pm
they are saying different things from the white house or the expectation is from the white house that there is uniformity in messaging, particularly as it pertains to global matters. >> the short-term implications of him under cutting tillerson, we won't know until it plays out. i'm worried about the long-term implications if the secretary of state is traveling to other countries, they may not know what to believe if rex tillerson says something and that might be true today, but will it be true five minutes from now. under cutting the diplomatic core is problematic and they need to think about that before they under cut each other via social media. >> what do you think it does to a secretary of state? >> it's easy to understand why the president is frustrated because the north koreans have been slow to respond to diplomatic pressure. >> does it make it sound like the president is frustrated with
12:29 pm
the approach that rex tillerson is taking. how does that make the secretary of state feel about how he is doing his job? >> we don't know how it makes him feel because we don't know if it was part of a plan. did they plan to have a talk or plan to have the president tweet? it's hard to know how he feels because we don't know what went into the thinking behind it. it doesn't feel good to be under cut on this issue. there have been several issues where the president under cut the state department. i think rex tillerson is honorable and doing the best job he can, but i'm not sure social media engagements make his job easy. >> perhaps that's part of a strategy. i. >> i think we can recognize that donald trump is not a strategic genius playing chess on the
12:30 pm
global stage. he is impatient, immature, inexperienced and takes that out on twitter and constantly catches his own team by surprise. and under cuts them. if we are waiting for this president to get better, it's not happening. if we are waiting for him to get more measured and presidential, it's not happening. it's getting worse. now the stakes are high. we are talking about lives at stake. >> thanks so much for both of you. up next, as the president gears up for a visit to puerto rico this week, the region is still dealing with extreme devastation. we go inside one family's struggle after this. are you done yet? does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump!
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>> puerto rico is in desperate need of food, water, and other basic necessities and families are coming together to help loved ones who are struggling to get by on the devastated island. we have the story. >> janie's usual morning routine includes household chores and taking her son, christopher, to school. >> you are going to take him to school? >> this new jersey woman and her family are embarking on their own mission. giving help to loved ones in puerto rico. >> today what i'm going to do is drop him off and try to go to
12:36 pm
buy a few things for my mom. >> mom is over 1600 miles away stranded in san juan. since hurricane maria battered the island, she had to rely on word from relatives to confirm her 76-year-old mother is okay. >> the first week was horrible for me. i didn't know anything about none of my family members until my best friend called me finally and said she went to the house. she saw that she was okay. >> barbosa's husband doesn't have that peace of mind. he doesn't know the fate of his family. >> i heard from my daughter that lives there. i don't know anything about my sister or other relatives. it's been hard. >> i have to carry those on.
12:37 pm
>> tired of waiting, the couple is heading to puerto rico and they are not packing light. lanterns, medicines for mom are all packed in this pile of boxes. the next morning -- >> do you think that one will be enough? >> the family's stock of splice are successfully checked in at jfk, bringing them a step closer to take off. four hours later, barbosa, her family and supplies land safely in san juan. >> mommy. >> first a reunion with her mother. >> [speaking foreign language] >> then office off to search for her husband's sister, vivian. it's over two weeks since they heard from her. and her home, a much anticipated reunion. moments like these provide relief the weeks of uncertainty
12:38 pm
90% is without power. telecommunications are largely off line and over half of the country's grocery stores remain closed. this family representing the reality for millions of american citizens in puerto rico. some are reunited and all on the long road to recovery. >> i'm trying not to cry, but it's hard. it's hard. it's very hard. you have to be here to believe it and see it with your own eyes. >> among some of those tears, there is help making its way to the island. the latest coming from fema suggesting they handed out food and water to all 78 municipalities and stressing that there are many of the isolated pockets where they are relying on the local authorities and the mayors. and they can are the the isolated areas.
12:39 pm
many of the areas are out of touch. without communications, that is complicating the situation. one story of one family that had to take matters into their own hands. >> the two households are in great need of a lot. they are the lucky ones because their homes are intact. the need is great. thank you so much. it is a scene of chaos today in cat lonnia where they turned out to vote where 750 people have been injuried in clashes like this. anies, but we make more than our name suggests. we're an organic tea company. a premium juice company. a coconut water company. we've got drinks for long days. for birthdays. for turning over new leaves. and we make them for every moment in every corner of the country.
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interesting though, he did not call for any dialogue and he
12:45 pm
also didn't mention the more than 760 team who were injured throughout today here in catalonia. the government and those who turned out to vote were applauding at the polls at 8:00 local because it's something they have been waiting for for such a long time. the last poll said that 49% didn't want independence. it will be interesting to see whether the action by the state police has been shifted to be separatists. we expect results in at least the first results. >> we will check back with you. still ahead, president trump issuing a major blow to potential diplomacy with north korea and publicly breaking with his secretary of state. what it means for the nuclear threat posed by the rogue nation.
12:46 pm
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this is life is lisa lee returns for season four. tonight's episode includes people's journey towards sexual healing. here's a preview. >> why do so many of us have so much shame surrounding sex and our bodies even though both are perfectly normal and natural? touch and desire to feel connected with others is part of what makes us human. >> at some point would you like to spoon a bit? >> i would. >> let's get super, super
12:51 pm
comfortable. >> for keith it has been a long, slow journey. in his work with indigo he has made great strides. >> deep breath. at 60 years old it has taken his entire adult life but keith has finally experienced the joy of touch. >> all my life it has felt dirty. i was afraid of admitting that i was a sexual being. now it feels just like a beautiful loving thing that is necessary. we all need that kind of connection. >> lisa ling joining us now. congrats on season four. so what was it about this discovery or finding out that this is a journey that many people have to take? >> this episode is about sexual healing and in it we profile two we women who are in the business of
12:52 pm
sexual healing. one said to me if you have blockage to your sexual energy or deficiencies in your sex life like you have endured sexual abuse like the man in the clip that you just saw, if you are not physical with your partner or if you have body image issues which i think applies to most of us, it affects every aspect of your life. so while it may sound like a bit of a sentilating topic that we are taking on tonight it is actually incredibly relevant. >> how difficult was it for people to open up? it is one thing to open up with the professional there. it is another with the cameras there and you there and really asking about their deepest thoughts. >> yeah, certainly it was a little challenging, but part of this episode, the goal for me is to try and normalize the conversation about sex. it is the most natural thing.
12:53 pm
and there is so much stigma and shame surrounding it. that is one of the reasons why i wanted to do this. i grew up being really ashamed of sex and i was told as a kid just never do it. and i think that goes for a lot of people in this country. on the one hand we promote it and publicize it and we police it and politicize it and we shame it. so what we are trying to do here is to say to people it is okay. it's natural and the sooner you can start healing those blockages the better the rest of your life can be. >> powerful stuff. lisa ling thank you so much. everyone can watch the return of this is life with lisa ling tonight at 10:00 here on cnn. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it?
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does your sleep aid leave you groggy? switch to drug-free midnite®. its specially formulated to work with the body's sleep mechanism to promote natural sleep. try midnite® tonight. absurdities of devastation became focal point of last night's fall premiere of saturday night live and no shortage of jabs, jokes aimed at the president and the current president in puerto rico. >> you should have paid your bills. fema takes a few days unless you join fema prime. >> what are you talking about? >> i don't know if you know this but you are in an island in the water. the ocean water with fishies and bubbles and turtles that bite. we want tohelp you but we have to take care of america first. >> you do know we are a u.s. territory, don't you?
12:59 pm
>> i mean, i do, but not many people know that. >> we have so much more straight ahead. the next hour of newsroom all starts right now. hello again. thank you for joining me. diplomatic channels with north korea are open for now but they won't be forever. the u.s. state department tweeting out that message after president trump took to twitter insisting he will not fail in north korea as his predecessors bush, clinton and obama did even under cutting his own secretary of state with this tweet saying i told rex tillerson that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with little rocketman. save your energy, rex. we'll do what has to be done. ryan nobles is not far from trump's private golf club.
1:00 pm
the president is at the president's cup. what more can we glean from what's been transpiring here? >> seems pretty clear that the president wants to send a message about how he wants to interact with kim jong-un and north korea. he sent out another tweet right before he made it to the golf tournament where he said being nice to rocketman hasn't worked in 25 years. clinton failed, bush failed and obama failed. i won't fail. listen to how rex tillerson talked about the relationship to north korea during a visit to china on tuesday. >> the back and forth with unki jong-un how is that helpful? >> we will continue to pursue our diplomatic efforts. >> reporter: tillerson also has described the rhetoric between north korea and the united states as


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