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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  October 3, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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statement it is time for congress to get off its ass and do something. gabby g giford said she's calling on her colleagues to >> attacked by someone with a gun is saying this. i encourage people across america to stand together in solidarity and support the las vegas community and all of those affected. in the face of unspeakable evil, hour whole nation must respond with countless acts of kindness. "early start" continues right now. we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured and
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individuals that have died or passed away, 59. >> and unimaginable human toll in the las vegas massacre. also new details emerging about the shooter, but they don't seem to answer the big question here. why. good morning, and welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans in new york. >> good morning i'm dave briggs. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. just over 24 hours since the worst mass shooting in modern american history. the head line is not what we know at this hour, it's what we don't. the motive. why did 64-year-old steven paddock open fire from his 32nd floor window. killed at least 59 people and injured more than 500 as concert goers ran for their lives.
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the guns in the shooters hotel room were recovered and from his home. we'll have more on the gunman in just a moment. now investigators have started piecing together how the attack happened and how it was stopped. officials say a team of six officers spoke with security at the mandalay bay, searched the hotel floor by flow and found the gunman through the smoke alarm. the shooter fired at the officers through the door forcing the s.w.a.t. team to move in. >> on the 32nd floor ea. >> breeach breach breach. >> s.w.a.t. officers moved in finding the gunman had already killed himself. the question haunting investigators and victims this morning, families wondering why. why did a man described as a
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retided accountant with no known history of violence. no known connections to hate or terror groups suddenly arm himself with largely military style weapons and open fire from a window. general casarez joins us now. >>reporter: what's interesting law enforcement said yesterday he was not on the radar. they had no interactions with him in any cities he had ever lived in. no criminal background at all but they did say at least one of those weapons that he had altered to allow it to be an automatic weapon. and weapons he had, i think that's the shocking thing about this, because in that hotel room, which is right behind us there, the mandalay bay, they found 23 guns, including a handgun and many rifles, some
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with scopes, they believed he used numerous weapons, during the carnage that he committed at 12:08 yesterday morning. also in his home, there were 18 weapons, explosives, hundreds, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and electrical devices. his car, there was imodium nitrate and fertilizer. what we haven't heard about are electronic device, computers, laptops. that can be a befy of information there to go to the state of mind. because they really want to understand why. they want to classify this and they can't do it until they find his state of mind. and he's not around anymore to talk to. here's something else. his father, not only was a convicted bank robber, but he broke out of prison in 1966. he was on the run. he was on the fbi's most wanted
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list from 1966 through 1997. but his brother, eric, said that he and his brother didn't know him. they weren't close. that his brother steven never wanted the lime light and wouldn't do something like this. never wanted to be photographed. he said my brother's the type that sort of wanted to eat a burrito. >> taco bell. what about the girlfriend do we know anything about her. >> mysterious too. we heard last night tokyo is where they believe she is. when she left, we don't know. they lived together. that was his girlfriend. why did she leave? will she come back? will she talk to authorities? someone has to know something. has to know something. if you look at the amount of weapons and one of the guns, we know he got in april, springtime
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here in northern nevada. north las vegas. you have to store them. have you to keep them. >> this is an enormous arsenal. so she might be the focus ever this. when did she leave, why did she leave? was she visiting family? she's one the few people who can speak to, as jean spoke about there, the state of mind of steven paddock. no trace of it. no digital footprint whatsoever. >> the only reason anybody care bs this guy is because of the victims that he left behind. at some point, his name will fade away i hopefully there will be answers to why. to be instructive going ahead. but the people who really matter here are a special ed teacher, a new husband, las vegas mother of three. local residents and visits from near and far. the people who really matter are not the cowardly shooter but the
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people who were enjoying life. they came from all walking of life. there are so many names and grieving families. i want to bring in cnn's scott mclain. scott? >> reporter: good morning, christine. there are 59 victims of this tragedy. you mentioned the professions of some of them. obviously hoping that number does not change as you mentioned suspect in this case has gotten a lot of attention because we want to know his state of mind and why he carried out this attack. i want to tell you about the victims as well. we're learning more about them. one of the victims is rachel parker. she was 35 years old. employee of the manhattan beach police department. that's in california. she was a victim or shot at the concert. she died in the hospital. sandra casey, who was 35 years old, a teacher in manhattan
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beach, california, a special ed teacher at a middle school for the last nine years. rhonda laroque. her sister says she feels paralyzed because of her sister's death and will be turning to god for comfort as her sister would have wanted her to. >> bailey schweitzer was watching the concert with her mother when she was fatally shot. she was a cheerleader and volleyball player. a mother of three kids, ney neysa tonks. we also know there are some people who are still looking for
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their loved ones. i ran into a woman who is a family friend of a man named derek tailor. he is 56 years old and he is missing right now. he was staying at the paris hotel. he never checked out. he had a flight back to california. he never got on it. his family today, i spoke to them on the phone. they have been calling the hot line that official the have set up for people to be reunited with the family members. considering the number of people who left their phones behind. they haven't gotten any answers yet. one of his sons will be here tomorrow to try to piece together those answers, but you can be pretty sure that this is not the only family that is trying to get some confirmation of what happened to their loved one. dave? >> they're setting up some free rooms here at the bellagio, i know southwest airlines is
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trying to help fly in some people. everything is being done to help these families as comfortable as they can be as they search for their loved ones. how do you pinpoint a motive when a man with no criminal history goes on the deadliest shooting ram beipage in history? we'll get perspective from law enforcement when we come back.
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our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bonds cannot be broken by violence and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. and always will. forever. president trump playing that role of comforter in chief before traveling here to las vegas tomorrow to directly address the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history.
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he read a subdued statement saying the nation is united in sadness, shock and grief. his spokesperson -- >> says far more about who we are as americans than a cowardly acts of a killer ever good. the gospel of john reminds us there is no greater love than to lay one's life down for a friend. ultimate expression of love in an act of hate will never fade. >> the concert massacre reigniting the gun control debate. democrat ex senator chris murphy of connecticut who called for legislation after the sandy hook shooting releasing a statement saying it's time forecongress to quote get off its ass and do something. >> gabby giffords says she is
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praying for the victims and her former congressional colleagues to act. steve scalise wounded just months ago saying in part, i encourage people across america to stand together in solidarity to support the las vegas community and all these affects. our whole nation must respond with countless acts of kindness, warmth and generosity. one person who changed z his mind quickly on gun control is a man named caleb keeter. he's the guitarist of the josh abbott band who was on stage before the act. he's a self-described opponent of the secondary amendment. he now says in a tweet i can't express how wrong i was. we actually have members of our crew with licenses and firearms on the bus. they were useless. enough is enough. we need gun control.
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we need it right now. jimmy kimmel made an emotional late night plea. this debate will continue to rage. if now is not the time, when is it? >> we'll play a little bit of that 13 minutes of mono log. dave, this happens again and again. you saw the president, you saw sarah sanders stand before the podium. they will stand there again. this is just something that america deals with very uniquely american situation. thanks. before the president heads to las vegas he's set to fly to puerto rico today. president trump and the first la lady are expected to arrive in san juan around noon noon. they will receive a briefing and meet with individuals hit hard by the storm. the pair will also meet with the governors of puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the visit comes as the administration tries to show
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progress. one fema said he saw improved cell service and relief. still, the army corps of engineers said it will be up to ten months before power is restored to some parts. sad news to report this morning. rock legend tom petty has died. >> ♪ ♪ free falling, now i'm free falling ♪ >> he passed away monday after being rushed to a los angeles hospital. petty sold more than 80 million records worldwide during his very long distinguished career working solo and with his band, the heart breakers. petty turned out hits like free falling, american girl, i won't back down. he was unducked into the rock
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it has been more than 24 hours since the gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the hotel in las vegas. the search for answers so far only leading to more questions. the gunman had no criminal record. many struggling to figure out a motive for the deadliest mass murder. i want to bring in former nypd
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sergeant. here is someone who is a retired accountant. someone who has 23 weapons in his hotel room, another 19 in his home. someone who's really no social media profile. live-in girlfriend, a family he talks to occasionally living in florida. no red flags. 64 year the old. one fbi toad under the circumstances this is an outlier. >> certainly he throws off the entire plan about how to try to dom bat these guys. the closest thing you can come to is the guy who shot everybody is the the baseball game a few months back. >> other than that there's generally about 20 or 30 years old and have a high social media profile. one of the things i was looking at was at least we have something to work on. he said this or said that. belonged to a club or something like that. >> people armed him say no real religious affiliation, no
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political leanings. maybe this can change. it has been just 24 hours. give me a sense, 40 guns. his brother said only he had a couple handguns, maybe a long rifle. does only 40 guns, is that a red flag. >> i don't know about a red flag, but it seems to be excessive. the amount of gun that is this guy had. not only that, he also had a bullet resistant vest they found and the fertilizer. that was used in oklahoma city. his plan could have been worse than what we saw. it's something they need to figure out what made this guy tick and what his intentions were. maybe he wrote something down somewhere. >> i know there's a computer they found in the hotel room, so clearly they're going over the computer. one wonders if he's some 64-year-old sort of, you know, sniper fantasy cowardly behind the window on the 32nd floor. what was going on in his mind. we may never know.
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but for law enforcement, times squa square, any kind of big event in any of america's big cities, how does law enforcement look at this? >> is this is keeping police executives up at night. anywhere you're going to have a large group of people. this has put a wringkle in all your plans. we're talking about presidential or pope kind of details where counter snipers. you don't do this for a concert. you don't -- las vegas police department or any of the police department is not prepared for this. you don't have enough personnel. there aren't enough people. it's a real concern. if i was sitting now on a planning stage of they of these things, the first question is how are we going to prevent this. >> you're concerned also when you say something like the largest mass shooting in modern american history. you're worried about sick brains, hearing that and being enticed. >> absolutely. i would hope that we just kind
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of tone down the largest mass shooting in history because it gives some other person out there whose mind is bent something to strive for. that's a concern of mine. i think it should be a concern of everybody's. >> i got to tell you i've done this of about. been here before. we'll do it again. the president standing in front of the podium for the first time yesterday. president obama more than a dozen times stood up and had to deal with this. this is a uniquely american issue. isn't it? >> it's an american problem for sure. we have -- there never seems to be a right time to speak about it. we're not allowed to talk about it when the event is happening. after the event we never talk about it either. we need to figure out when we're. maybe we should make an appointment on such and such a date. >> we can't just accept this as the way it is at every ex-number of months will people enjoying themselves and be gunned down. >> it is unacceptable. as a collective people, we
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should demand our representatives do something about this. loosening lawis right now is probably not the greatest idea. we something going through about silencers. >> as a law enforcement professional how do you feel with making it easier? >> i don't think you're go going to have any cop that will tell you they want more people to get guns, especially the attacks we saw last year against law enforcement. >> this girlfriend, the woman, mystery woman who is apparently o out of the country. what do you think investigator will be pursuing with her? can we assume there's an fbi team debriefing her. >> i think it would be silly to wait until you're done with your vacation. she's lived with him. you can't live with somebody and not notice all these guns around. he might have talked about it. the they're not married so there's no privilege there. they can be able to try to get some information out of here.
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listen, it's an eyebrow raiser. >> one of the things is that there are some people is this domestic terror or links to any f foreign groups. is there a reason to try to figure out how to label this? >> the only reason why is because we're so polarized, each group is dying to blame it on the other. it's really got to be a point where we need to come together as a collective people and just, it is what it is. it's a label. you want to put it as a label, it's very pejorative. we know that. but from a legal standpoint, it doesn't rise to the level of domestic terrorism. if we can prove that i'm sure our government's going to be more than willing to label this. le buoy need we need to wait. >> he lives in nevada. the video game he did.
1:30 am
i saw his dad in the '60s and 70s was on the most wanted. >> we never want to blame people for the sins of their father so to speak. but may not be an issue with this. but something along the line had to change this guy's mind about what he wanted to do. that's where law enforcement has to figure out what made him do this. i know people use the word snap. whatever it is, let's figure it out. there are warning signs. if you see this, let somebody know, because this could be a problem. >> it looks so pre-mmeditatedpr. i don't know how you get that many guns without being spotted. we'll talk more about this case. "early start" continues right now.
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we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured, and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. >> so many questions and unimaginable heart break after the worst shooting in modern american history, new details emerging about the las vegas shooter. but nothing really seems to answer the big question here. why? welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans? new york. >> im e-dave briggs lye in las vegas. 1:31 here local time. we are just over 24 hours since the worst mass shooting in modern american history. the head line not what we know at this hour. it's what we don't. the motive, why did 64-year-old receiven paddock open fire from
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his 32nd floor window. the he killed at least 59 people, injured more than 500, as 22,000 panicked concert goers ran for their lives. authorities have recovered an astonishing 23 guns from are the shooter's hotel room, 19 more from his home in mesquite, nevada. we'll have more on what we know about in gunman in just a moment. but now investigators have started piecing together how the attack happened and how it was stopped. officials say a team of six officers spoke with security at the mandalay bay, searched the hotel, floor by floor, until they found the gunman through the smoke alarm reportedly helped them locate the exact room. smoke from the weapons. the shooter fired at the officers through the door forcing the s.w.a.t. team to move in. >> all units on the 32nd floor. s.w.a.t. has explosive.
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breach, breach, breach. >> s.w.a.t. officers moved in finding the gunman had already killed himself. the yes hauntiquestion haunting investigators and the families this morning is why. why did a man described as a retired accountant with no known history of violent or association with hate groups or terror groups. suddenly with his military stale weapons open fire from a window. the answer proofing elusive at this hour. jean casarez joins us. the you were here from the beginning of the attack. what do we know. >> reporter: we know he's 64. lives in a retirement community in mesquite, nevada. his brother describes him as 62 inches call so a large man. but the way his brother described him is anything about what the reality is. he said he loved video poker,
1:34 am
that it was a job to him but sfwas fun to him. he loved getting the free drinks, the shrimp, he would sit there. he said his brother just like nothing more than to take a cruise, and eat burritos. he would send his mother, just boxes of, big boxes of cookies. that's just like the perfect son. the perfect brother. what's missing here? there's something more to the picture. when you look at the amount of weapons, christine was just mentioning it. 23 weapons were found in the hotel room. early on, police said they thought he brought the weapons in himself. they're coping through surveillance video now. >> rounds and rounds of ammunition. when you talk about 23 weapons, thousands of dollars. is there any sense of how he made his living, how he had the money to buy all these weapons.
1:35 am
>> he was an accountant. we know he had real estate. how he made all that money -- another interesting aspect. there have been search warrants executed on the hotel that's behind us, on the home in mesquite, in reno nevada. we don't know the full inventory. we heard details about the guns and explosives and electrical devices and we don't know the complete inventory. we don't know if that will be made public. maybe they have a pathway now to discover more of the state of mind. >> we've heard almost nothing about freptsdss of tiends of th. what about the girlfriend? >> she's in tokyo. so she left the country and authorities really are going to want to talk with her. we have fbi overseas, we have fbi in tokyo.
1:36 am
so, whether they are sending someone from here they're obviously going to ask her a lot of questions. >> mary lie marylou danley. getting some background about this character. some indication why she left the country, did she know about this massive stockpile of ammunition, and weapons and what did she think he was using them for. >> it's remarkable i'm sure they'll have so many questions for her to sort of fill out the picture of this dead shooter. all right. dave. the victim the here are the most important, most important spot light, a special ed teacher, husband, las vegas mother of three, local residents. they are the names that matter in in mass shooting. they came from all walks of life. there are so many of them. 59 of them leaving behind 59
1:37 am
grieving families. cnn's scott mclean joining us live with more of the victims. report good morni report. >> reporter: good morning. so much attention is on the suspect. people want to get a sense of what his motivation was. as for the 59 victims, we know what their motivation was for being at the concert, just wanted to enjoy some country music with their friends. really enjoy themselves. and they all leave behind people. family and friends. we want to show you who some of these people were. and so, one of the victims is jennifer ir vine. she's from san diego, an attorney, practiced hot yoga, also an avid know border.
1:38 am
sonny be, jenny parks, a kinder garten teacher from california. her husband also wounded. and her school district said that she was, quote, truly one of the most loving people you could ever hope to meet. susan smith was just 53 years old, a mother and office manager from california. she was married with two adult children. angela or angie gomez was just 20 years old from river side california. we know she was one. victims because, at least according to the river side unified school district, her employer said she was fun loving. the we also not lose sight of the fact there are a lot of people still in hospitals, having a long fight ahead of them, just at umc alone there are 12 victims still in critical condition. others will still have a long
1:39 am
way to go for recovery. i spoke to the family of one woman named taylor bard just it 2 years old. she was shot in the arm. she lost a lot of blood on the way to the hospital. she still has movement in her hand but not a lot of feeling. she's going to require more surgeries to really repair some of the nerve damage that was done. and one more thing to mention, dave, that's that officials appeal to people in las vegas for blood. the response, absolutely overwhelming to the point where a blood clinic today or yesterday i should say was actually turning people away. >> it's incredible outpouring of generosity. thank you, scott. i flew in with officials from the american red cross. the they were stunned at how many people lined up at 2:00 a.m. they didn't even open to donate
1:40 am
until 7:00 a.m. we should also mention the bellagio hotel getting free rooms for the victims' families, airlines based here in las vegas trying to help as well. many of them wondering where their loved ones are. aside from the more than 40 guns, authorities have very little to work with as they search for a motive in this awful attack. we'll get some perspective from law enforcement next. on "early start." now where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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more than 24 hours since the gunman opened fire, no clear picture why. the gunman had no criminal record, leaving authorities struggling to figure out a motive for the deadliest mass murder in u.s. history. i want to bring a back nypd
1:45 am
sergeant. we were talking about the social media issue here. after this event all kinds of false rumors, still actually out there. look at crisis response page for facebook had fake information lo wrong information. google had a chat thread that was alsoer ronious. this is a problem for investigators. >> certainly a problem for law enforcement trying to keep people calm. when they start, these rumors can cause more panic. every police department, we -- most police departments are small. they should have somebody dedicated solely to the social media aspect and cull through all this information. when you find something that's false or rumor, get out there in front of it. l las vegas they did that. they were getting on saying there's nothing going on here. so they did an excellent job. like everything else, you can
1:46 am
find all of it. i'm looking through the twitter feed this morning on the way here and some of the things people say. >> it's ridiculous. what we're trying to do is figure out what drove this man to do this. . so we can try to understand is so it can be prevented. when you look at the profile of him, 64 years old, older than most shooters, gunned to the teeth. gunned up to the teeth in that hotel room and outside of that hotel room. but no real criminal record. >> no criminal record but that doesn't mean that he didn't do anything wrong in his life. just means he didn't get caught. that probably a lot of people in the united states. but, the reason why we need to figure out what happened here is because we need to see how we can prevent it if there's anything that would let us know ahead of time or tip us off. tip anybody off. a lot of times you have these things and we haven't heard it yet, well he did mention this or that. we're not seeing that yet. we need to figure out what friends he hung around with, if
1:47 am
he had any friends. people might find him as a r recluse. >> there was a woman he lived with that's out of the country. we can assume investigators have followed her wherever she is. >> i don't think she's out on the street. i think she's in a police facility. if you notice there aren'tny camera picturepictures, i belies with law enforcement. >> speaking of pictures, there's been -- las vegas is probably the most photographed place in the world. you are followed everywhere you go. we can assume they're going through hours of footage. >> it plays a key role now in every investigation. las vegas is probably the most sur veiled place. er' going to have a lot of video evidence. we also have cell phone records.
1:48 am
these are what i refer to as the forensic horseman so to speak. and they're going to be looking into these things. there's going to be hours of footage. it's not very exciting to watch video footage and you have to do it step by step. >> dave, we were talking about also the concern about calling this the largest mass shooting. there are other sick minds out there. there will be more shootings, dave. >> indeed there will be. joe, a couple of questions for you. one is you've seen this video over and over again and some law enforcement an analysts have said that doesn't sound like the weapon that they reported they found in his room. there's some report that it may have been modified with a bump stock or with a trigger rigging. what do you hear when you see that video? what type of modification could be made, and is that something you can purchase over the internet?
1:49 am
>> you can buy anything over the internet. we know that. there's a lot of gun clubs, big gun show coming up in las vegas so we have to figure out exactly what happened with that. we have a serious issue with these you type of firearms that can be rigged to be able to be a -- from a semiautomatic to a full automatic. i've heard full automatic guns. you -- belief me. that was on fully automatic. i'm no the an expert as firearms so i'm not going 0 to foe what the difference is but we do know you can get the kits and people can do it for you or someone can do it for you. if p you go on the internet you can plan to do anything. >> you are an expert and president trump called it miraculous, the speed that law enforcement responded to this incident. there are some that dispute that notion. some that suggest there was actually 72 minutes and nbc news reports from the time the shots opened to the time they penetrated the roomt on the
1:50 am
second floor. why would it take so long. >> well they have to figure out exactly where this was coming from. even the people on the ground watching the videos, nobody knew where the fire was coming from. they're saying now a fire alarm cued them in on to something. it's las vegas at 10:00 at night. probably nobody in h the hotel rooms. nobody was making phone calls. i can hear noise from the guy next door. i mean, listen i know people say 72 minutes sounds like a long time. you have to get people in place. they had to have the explosives put in. they were probably there a lot earlier than people know. but like everything else these things take time. you are setting off explosives you don't want to injure anybody innocent. if you do something wrong they're going to say why didn't i wait, why didn't you do that. in law enforcement you're not moving fast enough and then when something goes wrong, what did
1:51 am
you do. >> sounds as though that local arm was pivotal in finding where the room was. the those -- ahead, president trump forced to fill a role no president ever wants but every president must. >> families of the victims we are playiraying for you and aree for you. >> president trump travels to las vegas tomorrow. more of his response to this awful shooting, next on "early start." dlt
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our unity cannot be shattered by evil. our bopdss cannot be broken by violence and though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our love that defines us today. and always will, forever. >> president trump heading to las vegas tomorrow to directly
1:56 am
address the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. he read that subdued statement saying the nation is united in sadness, shock and grief and his spokes woman, sarah sanders became amotion nal describing the heroism we witnessed. >> what these people did for each other says far more about who we are as americans than the cowardly acts of a killer ever could. the gospel of john reminds us there is no greater love than to lay down one's life for a friend. the memory of those who displayed this ultimate expression of love will never fade. >> the concert massacre is reigniting the gun violence debate. congress to quote get off its ass and do something. gabby give fords wsays she is
1:57 am
praying for the colleagues to find courage to act. republicans also responding to the shooting but largely avoiding the issue of how to address gun violence. house majority whip steve scalise wounded in a gun attack just months ago said i encourage people across america to stand together in h solidarity. in the face of unspeakable evil our whole nation must respond with countless acts of kindness, warmth and generosity. >> another emotional heart felt plea from late night host jimmy kimmel last night reacting to the tragic shooting. >> here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible inexplicable shocking and painful tragedy. this time in las vegas which happens to be my home town. this morning, we have children without parents and fathers without sons mothers without daughters, we lost two police
1:58 am
officers, we lost a nurse from tennessee. a special ed teacher from local school. here in manhattan beach, and it's a kind of thing that it makes you want to throw up or give up. it's too much to even process. . of the course there's something we can do. there are a lot of things we can do about it. but we don't, which is interesting because when someone with a beard attacks us we attack and build walls, but when an american buys a gun and kills other americans, then there's nothing we can do about that. the. >> an emotional jimmy kimmel. this is an exercise americans go through far too frequently. there is always a political fight on the back end that just fades away. immediately, people using that terrible phrase gun control. what we're talking about here is gun violence. gun murders.
1:59 am
we're talking about something that affects so many different families, yet, our leaders can't seem to have a grownup discussion about it. >> yeah. many on line are blasting jimmy kimm kimmel. it carries an inherent risk for him to go out on a limb to make strong statement ts him to go out on a limb to make strong statement ttatements. just so the misinformation is not spread, these guns were purchased through legal avenues, a statement from guns and guitars said he passed, steven paddock all required background checks. there was no indication to believe he was unstable or unfit at any time. >> christine? >> showing pictures of some of the victims. they are people who matter here, not, you know, the weak twisted. >> no question. >> weak twisted and failed human being who did this. dave, we'll come back in a
2:00 am
second. "early start" continues right now. we are currently standing at 527 for individuals injured, and individuals that have died or passed away, 59. >> investigators trying to crack this motive. what drew this shooter to the 32nd floor of mandalay bay hotel, what drove him to kill all of these people. the big question is still why. good morning and welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans here in new york where it's exactly 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> i'm dave briggs, it is tuesday, october 3rd. it is 2:00 a.m. local time in las vegas. you wonder, this city of las


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