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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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good evening, at the end of another day of big developments here in las vegas, we are expecting to learn still more any minute now about the worst mass shooting in modern american history. another press conference by authorities is going to be coming your way. we learned a lot at the press conference last night, we hope to learn a lot more tonight as well. a visit by president trump today, of course. also tonight, there was a questioning by the fbi of the killer's girlfriend whose now back in the united states and more. with all of that, the killer as always we are not naming remains a mystery. as we wait for press conference i want to talk to martin about the latest in the investigation. obviously as soon as the press conference starts we'll go right to it. martin, a statement by the girlfriend of this killer through her attorney. >> reporter: so much has been anticipated as to what she might say, and tell the authorities
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and the public about what may have motivated this horrible tragedy. but she says in a statement that she was just as shocked, just as horrified, just as surprised as everyone else. she joins a long list of people who say there were no red flags, no indication, no warning sign that he was going to do what he did. she also -- >> let's go to the press conference. i'm sorry, martin. >> sure. >> thank you for being courteous with the mics at this time. good evening. obviously i'm sheriff joe lombardo with clarke county. this will be one of the press coverages we'll be providing. so the see consequence of these events tonight, i will provide you some -- can we get some help
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back there? i will provide you a sequence of some updates of the investigation as we have moved forward since the last time we spoke to you. any specifics or continuous or any global investigate leads that you need to be aware of. special agent aaron rous will provide that information associated with that, okay. and subsequently i will return to the podium, assist with some q & a, and then the commissioner is available if you have questions of the commissioner. and obviously we have senator dean heller, who wished to address the audience also. so, president trump, i think he was in town today. yes, he was in town.
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the reason why i bring up president trump has nothing to do in fact with president trump but has to do with the police department. there was some concern, because of his visit that investigations associated with this case would be delayed or hindered and i'm here to assure you none of that occurred. there was a separation of personnel associated with first responders of the harvest festival event that took the opportunity to meet with mr. trump and he had the opportunity to congratulate them from their heroic acts. investigators that are direct re relation to this investigation in my department and the fbi were not part of that. so i want everyone assured there was no hind rus in the investigation. return of property, there's a lot of questions going on with that. i wish i could provide you answers with that.
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we will try to post on lvn as soon as we can advise victims of when they can receive their personal property. we are still evaluating the crime scene. until that completes, the property phase will not occur. the best of my understanding of where we're at, we're looking at four to five days. so, i know that sounds troublesome but it's important that we dot the i's and cross the t's as far as evidentiary and possible prosecution in the future. injuries, injury number that we are using today, 489. of that 489, 317 have been discharged from the hospital. so the question is, sheriff, you provided several different numbers associated with that all the way up to 527. now, you got to imagine, we're dispersed across several
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hospitals. we're relying on internal communication of the hospitals to provide us accurate numbers so that's ever changing. in addition hospitals received patients outside of this event. so quite often, or hopefully not quite often, but often some of those patients were double counted or misconstrued as event injuries versus other injuries such as car accidents. so today i'm comfortable in saying the injured number is 489. deaths still remain at 59. i told you 59 before, plus one, being the suspect, that changed. today it's 58, plus one, the suspect, 59. it's the same reason that occurred before as i explained. so hope you understand that. nobody wants that number to go up, and by the grace of god it went down. so, that's a good thing. so, today i'll provide you updates on our investigation of
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of the mass shooting sunday night at route 91. more than 100 investigators spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of 64-year-old stephen paddock. to produce a profile on someone i will call disturbed and dangerous. what we know is stephen paddock is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo and lived a secret life, much of which will never be fully understood. and planned on the worst massive attack in united states history. as many of you reported, paddock rent ed a room at the hotel in downtown las vegas, this has been confirmed. okay. reasons that ran through paddock's mind is unknown but it was directly during the same time as life is beautiful. we have received and recovered evidence from that location, we don't know if it is evidence but
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we have recovered items in video evidence. you know what, i'm using the wrong term, evidence is not the term. we have recovered video from there to review mr. paddock's actions while he was there. it's important for you to understand, the rooms were not rented by the ogden, it was done through airbnb by a private owner unknown to the ogden. so, we have very great cooperation from the owners of life is beautiful, and the ogden and they're in full cooperation. okay, while we have already spoken to many people who had contact with stephen paddock at hotels and places he frequented, we still have more interviews to conduct. since monday, there have been many questions for us to release a timeline and today we have one. i want to point out the
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information previously reported on the time of the first shot was based on a cad report, a computer aided dispatch. that's what we do for calls for service. so that report is dependant on whose the particular person calling in and that time stamp. what we have done through the review of body-worn cameras we were able to pull it back to previously from 10:08 to 10:05. so carlos -- so i'm going to give you a chance to review that, take photographs of it, and i'll walk you through each timeline. so, at 10:05 the first shots fired by the suspect -- this was seen on close circuit television from the concert venue. 10:12 first two officers arrived on the first floor and reported fire coming from directly above them. 10:13 shots fired by the suspect on body worn camera.
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so if you're looking at the math, 10 minutes. 10:17 the first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor. 10:18, security officer tells the offers he was shot and given exact location of the suspect's room. now you'll notice a minute, delta there before they broadcasted it, obviously they were in a conversation with the security guard immediately upon them meeting at the elevators. between 10:26 and 10:30 eight additional officers arrived on thend floor and begin to move down the hallway, clearing the hallway and looking for any individual people. they moved this way because they no longer heard active gun shots. 10:55 eight officers arrived in the stairwell, at the opposite end of the hallway near the suspect's room. so when i say nearest the
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suspect's room, you can imagine the hotel room, this doorway and stairwell access is approximately 2 to 3 feet away. 11:20 the breach was set off and officers entered the suspect's room and saw the suspect down. and also saw a second door that could not be accessed from their position. so it's a suite. and we have -- there's a main area of the suite which is the living room, kitten kich kitchen dinette area and on the opposite end of that, two bedrooms. i'm sorry where did i leave off? something yell it out. >> 11:20. >> okay so if you do the math on that all the way up to is 1:20 from 10:05 we're looking at 75 minutes. so, young lady here in the front with the red phone, you mentioned 72 minutes so now you see where those minutes came from. 11:27 the second breach set off allowing offices to access the
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second room and no one else was located within the hotel room. okay. these are following extenuating circumstances as to why it may have appeared that there was some delay or some undue delay in reaching the suspects the officer in the first strike team reached the 32nd floor within 12 minutes which is phenomenal of the first shots being fired. when the officers arrived and confirm it had location of the suspect's room, the gun fire had stopped. in accordance with their training the officers received a master key card from the security guard and began to clear each hotel room. so imagine the elevator bank in the center, 150 feet down on a tri-plex hotel was the suspect's
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room. so there are several rooms along the way. no fire was occurring, they could not hear additional fire, they believe it was important to evacuate in case the suspect was barricaded. while the first strike team did this, the second team, made up of two canine personnel, s.w.a.t. offers and patrol officers carrying large bags and technical equipment and carrying rifles moved to have a close er location to the suspect's room. they attempted to secure the front doorway of the suspect's room. as they entered into the hallway they could see the room service cart and apparent on the room service cart were cameras. so, they pulled back and waited for the approach of a full s.w.a.t. team. keep in mind, this delay was not undue, it was purposeful and no
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shots were being heard by the suspect at this point. eventually a plan was formulated, entry was made. suspect was seen laying on the ground. they encountered a closed bedroom door, which was locked and they breached that door, additionally and found no other suspect. another investigate issue was cameras. questions was presented about cameras and were they recording. we determined none of the cameras were recording. there were two cameras on the room service cart on the hallway, one on the peephole of the front door and additionally there was a baby monitor camera placed in the general family area of the hotel room. none of them were being recorded. one thing i left out was the initial approach and they looked out in the hallway when they observed the cameras on the room service cart.
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it was obviously -- there was several rounds discharged through the door and through the blast of the bullets through the door, you could actually see a weapon through those openings in the door but no suspect was seen. those rounds were the rounds that he put through the door in order to shoot at the security guard. okay, the other thing i wanted to update you on is the search warrant of the suspect's vehicle located at the mandalay bay. i have presented that there was ammonium nitrate recovered but there were several cases within the car that had not been searched yet. at the last briefing i provided with you. so within those cases there was ten, one pound containers of tahn rite, two pounds of tan rite and approximately 1,600 rounds of ammunition.
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so, carlos, can you put up the numbers. so tip line. this is an ongoing investigation. we can never not have enough information because we are continuing to run down leads. it's important for us to get all the information we can on mr. paddock. because right now we're trying to prove his intent. or understand his intent and the history associated with this and whether or not he has any accomplices. so, we ask people to still call into 311, if you're out of state 702-828 311 and the fbi and that is investigative and for also,
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electronic media. if you're able to call them they'll provide you the ability to download that online into their system. so at this point, i will provide you special agent in charge aaron rous and he will walk you through some of the investigate steps we have accomplished jointly and where we are in that total investigation. subsequent that i'll come back to this podium for any q & a and we'll have the commissioner and senator dean heller make comments. thank you. >> thank you sheriff. my name is aaron rous, i'm the special agent in charge of the las vegas division of the fbi. before i begin i want to comment that on behalf of all the fbi, specifically the las vegas division, our sympathy goes out to all of the families affected by this tragedy. this is our community, it's our community too, we live here and we will get through this together. the fbi has had a great partnership and continues to have a great partnership with las vegas police department as well as other state and local officials. to say this investigation will
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take a while is not surprising, so there's a lot of information that's going to change over time as we determine more facts but this is what i can tell you. our resolve is firm. we will get to the bottom of this, no matter how long it takes. the fbi has deployed over 100 personnel from across the nation to assist the las vegas division in this investigation. this includes victim/witness assistance, the aep counselors, evidence technicians and technical assets. not to mention additional agents to help cover leads. the information that the public provides us is going to help us solve this. we must focus on facts, we cannot give into conjecture and we cannot respond to every little twitter feed that may indicate a theory. we need to focus on the facts. you need us to be right, you
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expect us to be right, and we want to be right. there's going to be questions, i'm sure you're going to have questions about people we've been talking to, maybe people outside of the united states. the fundamental trust of the american people in the fbi is based upon our discretion, and how good would that discretion be if we were to provide information that they provided to us in confidence. this is about informing on an investigation, this is about resolving an investigation, so specifics regarding any individual contact cannot be answered. you need us, you trust us, and the way we have that trust is by using good discretion about what we share. additionally, we have multiple leads all across the united states and all across the the world determining the whereabouts of the panel of the people involved in this investigation, and that leads grows. a lot of these leads will go
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nowhere but we have to follow them, and that's going to take some time. patience is going to be required of all of us. i know we have patience of this political director, because we're all looking for same thing. we're all interested in the same thing, resolving this issue fairly and factually. with that, i'll turn it back over to the sheriff. >> okay, happy to answer questions. and please provide some decorum. >> sheriff. >> yes, sir. >> we know you have an opportunity to -- we know that -- we know that you had access to his computers, his cell phones and so forth. while you're not able to tell us specifically what you found. let me ask a general question. through all of that information that you've so far arrived at, is there anything that gives you a sense as to what was going on with this man?
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what the motive might be? without saying what it is. are you seeing anything that gives you a direction or any kind of an answer to that question? >> globally no. i'm sorry to report, no. me personally, but i'm not privy to the subsequent interviews that were conducted today. fbi is not ready to disclose for public consumption what occurred in those interviews as of yet. sorry for that answer. yes, sir. >> she said, during the course of her time with the suspect that she never saw or heard anything that suggested he would carry out an act like this. you also said you are looking for other people associated with the information specifically that there was a woman that you're looking for to talk to that may have been associated with the suspect. is that -- you also said -- >> are you giving me a chance to answer?
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can you start from the beginning? >> i'm sorry sir. it's a question about the comments to the lawyer she had no idea what was going on. >> i think any person put in her situation would probably answer the same way. like i said, we're not privy to investigate leads that were obtained to today. mr. rous could probably give you better clarification to that, i haven't been briefed by the fbi on that interview as of yet. what was the other question, sir? >> you said you're still trying to figure out whether he had any accomplices. >> right. we're obviously going through that. it's troublesome that this individual was able to move this amount of gear into a hotel room unassisted. it's troublesome for the amount of stuff he had at both residences unassisted. there's people that know this individual. there's people that can help us understand this
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individual, because, you know, interesting enough i read a periodical earlier today, it was from an fbi profiler that didn't understand this individual. usually there's a telltale sign associated with these type of actions, reclusive, a plethora of things associated with this mind set and we have not found that yet. so what could be more beneficial than to find people who are associated with him either by friendship or accomplice and for us to determine that. >> thank you. >> sheriff. >> yes, sir. >> two questions. first you mention in your comments he had a secret life. what do you mean by that? >> well, most of us -- not most of us. i don't. i don't live through social media. there's a lot of us that live through social media in today's world. there's a lot of people that are interactive in the public, there's a lot of people that have work mates. this individual was retired.
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we found out he had some real estate investments, relationship wise it's hard to determine what has occurred in his life in the last decade or so. we do know he has an ex-wife. she didn't lead us to any knowledge. everybody knows we talked to his brother, no knowledge was obtained. so anything that would indicate this individual's trigger point, that would cause him to do such harm, we haven't understood it yet. i think it's important for us to get to there. and you have to be patient with us because this premeditation of this, this is well-thought out. so don't you think the concealment of his history and life was well-thought out? it's becoming upon us as professionals to figure that out. >> and then besides what he did, that who horrific act, are
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there any other signs of a mental break down? >> i'm not aware. i personally have not been briefed on some of these personal background, i'm leaving that to the experts. i haven't been updated on that yet. so, it's going to be frustrating for you obviously, but you got to remember, and i've said it 100 times, this is an investigation and we can't be delayed by providing information that will delay or information or cause an individual to go underground. you know all that, everybody sitting before me knows that, and i need you to understand. okay, it's important for you to convey to the public we're doing everything we can do to bring this to fruition. i think we are doing that and i ask you for your patience. >> sheriff within the course of your investigation you discovered perhaps he might have been targeting another concert the week before? >> yeah i mentioned he had obtained a room at the ogden which is located downtown and at the same time life is beautiful
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was being conducted. was he doing presurveillance we dent know yet. this is all conjecture at this point. that's why it's important for us to have boots on the ground. >> sheriff, on the stairwell there's information out there the door to the stairwell of the 32nd floor was bare indicated and possibly welded shut. can you tell us if it was -- >> it was not welded shut but it was secured. >> sheriff, have you determined whether he had visitors in his room while at the hotel? >> as of yet no. we haven't been able to determine if there's been anybody else in that room besides him. >> tan rite in the car does that lead you to believe he might have been planning a bigger attack? >> speculation, i'll leave that to your own free will. it remained in the car for some reason.
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>> is there an estimate of how many rounds he fired, and is there an estimate of how many rounds he didn't fire found in the room? >> no. i'll give you my personal preview, that'll come out in the public space, no. rounds haven't been counted yet. there's a lot of evidentiary recover systems that have been taking place prior to the recovery of the rounds. there was well in excess of thousands of rounds in the room. >> sheriff, in the photos there was -- there appeared to be a yellow note. can you tell us about that? >> no, i can't recall. >> a suicide note or anything? >> no. no. it was not a suicide note. i'm comfortable in saying that. >> sheriff, where is -- now and is he still a person of interest. >> everything to do with marilou i'll have sergeant rous address that. okay. if you have any questions outside of that, we can circle back on that.
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>> i have questions about marilou danley. >> we'll circle back on that. you guys want to know how i know her name? she was eating lunch to me yesterday and introduced herself. >> sheriff, do you know what caused him to stop shooting? >> very good question. no, i do not know. i don't know if -- this is my assumption, only my assumption and nobody's been able to disspell my assumption as of today, i believe because of his counter measures placed in the peephole and in the hallway, he observed the security guard and he was if fear he was about to be breached. so he was doing everything possible to figure out how he could escape at that point. his concern was personal concerns versus what was occurring down below. >> can you talk to about what time he shot himself and can you tell us when --
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>> you know, i don't have the answer to that question. that's the question that's been presented and we haven't been able, through the internal investigation of that, to pinpoint exactly if it was heard wen he shot himself or did it occur in close proximity of entry. because you imagine when they breached the door, they used explosive devices, so did it occur in proximity of that explosive device and we lost it in audible or did it occur when we were trying to set up our team in the hallway. >> do you have a security guard separated from the other officers? >> he was -- he was -- it was my understanding before i had said he had gotten separated -- that was inaccurate. what had happened was he was conducting an investigation based on customers calling in and he was personally attempting to locate what was occurring. he happened upon that doorway because it was ajar, which keyed his interest.
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but our officers from close proximity saw -- as you can imagine the timeline there. as soon as they came out of the doorway in the elevator he was there, so it happened in a matter of seconds. hold on let me finish here. >> can you tell if there was a note from him? >> what note? the yellow paper? >> yes. >> i don't know. i did a cursory review of the room but i haven't been provided that information. i know it was not a suicide note. >> sheriff -- >> yes, sir. >> do you believe he saw the security guard approaching and it caused him to stop shooting. if he hadn't seen the if he haven't seen the security security guard approaching do you believe he would have shop shooting? >> no. and i'm comfortable in saying no. our security officer was approaching up there. we had knowledge he was between 31 and 32, remember when you asked before we said 29 and 32, and through that time it got
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culled down to 31, 32, a knowledgeable customer, prior military said it was occurring directly above him, which subsequently the officers were doing their own checks, he was not aware of what that customer had said, and they were conducting -- he was trying to pinpoint it. so our officers learned, because they had a security guard attached to them that they had recent information the individual was on 32. okay, so they would have encountered him shortly in that timeline, maybe 60 seconds. and i would assume the same thing would have occurred. >> sheriff we asked about you wen he stopped firing and why. you already stated he saw the security guard and thought he may be breached shortly thereafter. based on the assessment of the weapons he was there and using and access to, are any of these weapons jammed or inoperable or could he was continued firing without any problems if he had
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not seen, possibly, in the cameras that were there -- >> he could have continued firing. some of them were jammed but he could have continued firing. >> you say some were jammed? >> yes. >> how many? >> i don't know the number by some. he had plenty of fire power. >> do you have any idea again -- >> if you recall there were 23 weapons recovered. >> one last question on the weapons that he was using. this guy had a -- and about 500, 800 yard kill zone, how many of these weapons he was using firing with advanced optics on it? either scopes or -- >> just from my visual preview of the crime scene i saw at least three scopes. most of them didn't have any. [ inaudible question ] >> no. from what i know of firearms, they appeared to be regular
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scopes, not marksman scopes. >> sheriff was the security guard armed? >> i don't know about the mandalay bay, some are armed some are not. some supervisors, not regular -- i don't know the profile at the mandalay bay personally, so i don't know if he was armed. his bravery was amazing because he remained with our officers providing them the key pass to access the door and actually continued to help them clear rooms until our officer demanded he seek medical attention. >> while injured? >> yes. >> let him ask the question. >> sheriff, before the shooting we've heard someone say he was gambling, do you know? >> we are aware he was gamble. >> for hours? >> i don't know the time line, but we are aware he was gambling. >> sheriff -- >> so reference, let me provide
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some clarification, because the answer one of the other questions on accomplice. we did see he was gambling but we didn't see any other individual that appeared to be with him. >> what about was that? >> i don't recall ma'am. [ inaudible question ] are you looking into the possibility that there may have been some kind of a mental issue, something that happened in october of 2016 that compelled him to purchase those weapons if. >> yes. >> you are? >> yes. >> what have you uncovered? >> i haven't -- i don't have the information. but we are looking. >> you suggested that after he saw the security guard his concern became himself, did you see any evidence that he planned to survive this or try to escape? >> can you tell us what that was? >> what's that? >> i can't tell you. >> sir, just to clarify, was it the security guards or the officers coming up that
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identified his location -- >> i'm sorry start over. >> was it the security guard or your officers arriving that positively identified the location first? >> it was the security guard. the officers had knowledge that it was occurring on the 32nd floor. the person called in that it was occurring directly above him, so it was an assumption it was at the end of the hallway because a customer called it was directly above lim. the security guard confirmed it prior to their arrival. >> can you say in detail the magnitude of the gunfire he encountered -- >> well over 200 rounds. >> sheriff can you -- >> so it's amazing that that security guard didn't sustain additional injury. >> sheriff, you commented that you believe he had a plan or some kind of organization planned for surviving. what have you determined that could have given you -- escape line -- >> that's just a different way of asking the same question. i can't answer that for you. >> sheriff, did the officers
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fire back at all? >> no. >> sheriff, you mentioned accomplices. we've talked previously about ma marilou danley previously about a person of interest. are there any other person of interest in this investigation? >> well, is there any other no. concrete, no. we're looking at it this way, ken, is there another one, no. we're determined to find out if there was. i mean, it's important not to close this case until we run down everything. >> should we ask the terrorist question -- >> because look at this. you look at the weapon obtaining the different amounts of tannerite available, do you think this was all accomplished on his own? self-value -- face value. you got to make the assumption he had to have help at some point, and we want to ensure that's the answer. maybe he's a super guy, super hero -- not a hero, super -- i won't use the word.
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maybe he's, you know, super yahoo that was working out this out on his own but it will be hard for me to believe that. >> and to that do we need to ask -- >> here's the reason why, put one and one together, two and two together, another residence in reno with several firearms, okay electronics and everything else associated with larger amounts of ammo, a place in mesquite, we know he had a girlfriend. do you think this is all self-facing individual without talking to somebody, it was sequestered amongst himself. come on, folks, these type of investigations have been occurring in the last few years and we have to investigate that. so hold off, i'm down. what i want you to do is give rous an opportunity to talk about marilou, he may not have anything for you but i think it's fair to ask him and then
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i would like to get to senator helder and the commissioner. >> the car was. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? >> was the car planted to -- >> don't ask me to make assumptions, please. >> thank you. >> ken. >> you were asking where is marilou danley now, and is she still a person of interest in this investigation? >> as i mentioned in my comments, you know, people rely on us for our discretion. if someone is assisting us in an investigation and being cooperative, that's between us and them. giving away the location of a citizen or somebody that is cooperating with us, is not in our best interest, not in that person's best interest, so that's a matter of their business, i'm not going to excellent on that. >> she's not in federal custody? >> we have no one in custody.
10:39 pm
>> special agent rouse. if i can ask the same question, without saying anything specific, after seeing his computers and speaking to marilou, do you have any direction or any sense as to what may have been a motivate? any sense, any evidence of anything? >> so as i mentioned in my earlier remarks, we like to deal with facts. theories are great, but i like to deal with facts. the sheriff needs to deal in facts. we're reliant on that to do our jobs. that's what we're going to focus on. there are a number of working theories out there and we're going to use those but not publicize them because they're not fair to everybody. we want to make sure what we have is accurate and you want us to be accurate. that's what you expect of us. >> sir, do you consider this an act of domestic terrorism? >> we have found no evidence to this point to indicate terrorism. but this is an ongoing
10:40 pm
investigation. we're going to continue to look at all avenues. we're not closing down any doors. the best way to do an investigation is that you don't go in with assumptions, he's not going to make assumptions, i'm not going to make any assumptions. we're going in there following the facts. the facts will always lead you to your conclusion. we hope very much so to be able to provide concrete information to the public about why this happened, because that's what's on everyone's mind. because, to understand the why helps you deal with the tragedy we've all faced and we've all faced it. so, believe me we want to know why. >> okay, i want to take this time to give the commissioner an opportunity to say a few words. >> thank you. i'm going to say some things that the sheriff didn't say. when you see these men and women in these uniforms, and the
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men and women that don't wear the uniforms, but they have the lapel pins on i've noticed, you have to tell them thank you. i've dealt with these folks, working with them for the last three days, they're working on zero sleep, i beg of you to show some patience. i have heard the same question asked three, four, five times in different ways, they're not speculating, there's no conjecture here, they're not dealing with theories they're dealing with facts. their primary purpose and their goal is to conclude this investigation in a professional and accurate manner and i'm totally confident they're going to do that. they are protecting the citizens of clarke county and the tourists that are here. they have made the place safe again. i implore you please, please show some patience and understand that they're not going to deal with conjecture and theories coming up on social media. thank you very much.
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>> senator. >> my words and comments are similar to what the commissioner just said and the importance of patience. this horrific incident is less than 72 hours old. the reason i come to the briefings and these press conferences is to listen to sheriff and learn bit by bit what happened just a little while ago. what i want to express is my gratitude to the sheriff, the fbi, and the atf and everybody keeping us up to date on what is going on. i also want to say how grateful i am that the president of the united states came in and expressed his sincere concerned for this community and understanding what this means. i had a rare occasion to be at 30,000 feet with a couple hours of face time with this president and we talked specifically about the heroes, individuals, deputies, first responders and all that and what
10:43 pm
they were able to achieve in a very short period of time. in my cell phone here i have numerous pictures of survivors from ufc and i shared the pictures with the president of the united states so he could see some of the damage and what had happened. one was a deputy, second day on the job, he was there, his father was actually at the the job, his father was at the event as a spectator when the shooting occurred, got hit in the arm and went to his chest. his name is brady cook. i shared this story with the president, president went up to the fifth floor of umc, and had an opportunity to talk to this young man and express his sincere gratitude for his strengths. i also showed him a picture of a cell phone, an apple phone that had a bullet through it, it was therapist over at umc. that bullet went through her phone and hit her hand. she just had tissue damage, she fixed it herself.
10:44 pm
went back to umc, and sent hours helping those that had come into the hospital. these stories were important for me to share with the president of the united states as he was coming into this valley and understand the depth of the issue that we had on hand. it wasn't just that i also lobbied him on a couple of issues, one has to do with terrorist. now i didn't lobby the president because it was important to me. i asked the governor what should i talk to him about. i asked the mayor what do you want me to talk to the president about. i asked the sheriff, what do you want me to talk to the president about? and it had to do with this terrorist funds that come out of homeland security. and how important it is that las vegas, the strip has the funding necessary to keep not only citizens safe, but also those that are visiting this city. it's not enough that we have
10:45 pm
2.1 million people that live in the valley, but we have 42 million people that come in every year to visit and i want to make sure las vegas has the terrorist funding necessary to keep us safe, to buy the equipment they need to be able to monitor and be able to follow up on the issues they're faced with on a day-to-day basis. my gratitude continues from everybody around the country. about 15 seconds ago i was sitting right behind her, a cab driver that i used in new york city just sent me a text. we became friends on a ride but his message was senator, myself, my family and all my drivers wanted to express our condolences of those touched by the weekend shooters. all our best. the cab driver from new york concerned about las vegas valley. i am grateful for all my colleagues back in washington, d.c. grateful for the sheriff, fbi, atf. all the work that's being done. the healing is being done, but it's been less than 72 hours.
10:46 pm
we have a long way to go. thank you very much for being here today. >> all right, that will conclude today's press conference. so, as a matter of moving forward i can't give you a definitive time for tomorrow. i anticipate these press conferences will stay at a maximum once a day because leads are changing that fast for us to address this group. the one thing i wanted to talk to each and every of you in this room, thank you. thank you very much. you have been very professional, you have not been overwhelming and i appreciate your candor and your ability to express exactly what occurred in the las vegas valley. so thank you. and hopefully you have a great night. thank you. new details tonight from las vegas, authorities just heard sheriff lombardo, he said the gunman had to have some help at some point to do what he did. also a new time line, first
10:47 pm
shots fired 10:05 local time, the first breach of his room an hour and 15 minutes later. i'm here with former assistant director service, and law enforcement experts is with us as well. art, in terms of what you heard, a lot of new information in that, not just the time line, but the idea perhaps this guy was thinking about trying to have an escape plan. >> yeah that was the first time we heard this. that he thought he might actually get out of there. what's also concerning is what he had in his vehicle. he had explosives in his vehicle that could have been set off at any given point. this plan of escape opens us up a lot wider. the explosives in the vehicle are very concerning. very concerning to everyone. >> also by the way, phil mud is with us, dan simon. phil it's interesting seeing that timeline, you get more and more of a sense, because you
10:48 pm
hear it took that long for them to breach the door. the shooting only went on for ten minutes. the first police were able to get up on that floor and they found a security guard that had been shot, it seemed like from the timeline, it was the shooting of that security guard, the arrival of tha security guard from the hotel that redirected his attention to the possibility his room was going to be breached and stopped him from firing any more out the window. >> it did. it broke the scenario. the fact that law enforcement could ascertain from when the first shot was fired to actually making it to the floor and begin to intervene in ten minutes. >> it's incredible. >> it is incredible. >> when you hear it and you're not here on the scene -- when you look, it's blocks away. it's two small windows on the 32nd floor. i assume some officers saw a muzzle flashing and that's the way they figured it out. the fact that it was only that
10:49 pm
amount of time i think is remarkable. >> it's dark, there are tens of thousands of people that are about. you don't get too many scenarios where you have have a sniper shooting down. >> terror watchtower. >> and that was decades. >> '66. >> but in ten minutes they figured it out. >> phil mud what stood out of this press conference? >> when you look at the characteristics -- let me point this out, going to the house, going to the hotel room, we have a lot of information about that. how they breached the location, how many weapons and rounds were found. the two basics elements we want to understand, what kind of digital information do we have, how do we exploit it, phones and things like laptop, that's typically in the fbi's inbox, zero. we got nothing on that today, as you'd expect 72 hours into that. the second thing would be people, interviews. this was fascinating, anderson,
10:50 pm
there was a suggestion in there by both the sheriff and the fbi that some of the interviews are cooperative, people are providing information. maybe including the woman who was the girlfriend of the shooter. was the girlfriend of the shooter. mentioned, she's not in custody and talked about not wanting to disclose her location because one would not want to talk about someone who's cooperating. that to me is important. if you have people, whether it's a neighbor or somebody at a gun range, whether it's the girlfriend who can help get inside of an individual they've known for years, that could cut to the chase in terms of motive. so digital information and interviews were really blank spaces and there's a suggestion on at least one interview that we're learning something. >> the sheriff talked about kind of a secret life this person had. i don't know if that's based on particular information, to phil's point that they have learned. but also that he had rented out a room, i guess it was the week before, at a prior music festival.
10:51 pm
>> that's right. so this is just consistent with there was a lot of planning. perhaps he even had a different target in mind at one stage but preferred having the elevated view over the concert. when you look at this press conference, i think there was sort of clear intention or at least sort of the sheriff wanting to sort of give more information, the fbi essentially standing up there saying, only the facts, only the facts. something the sheriff said that we've been talking about the last two days, he finds it inconceivable that something like this could have been planned for so long and that he was unassisted. those are his exact words. do you think he could do this unassisted? and so that does make me think that these interviews are leading to questions about if others knew, co-conspirators, with the girlfriend, she may be cooperating now, she may not be cooperating later. she may constructively have knowledge that something was
10:52 pm
happening but not until she sort of pierces her own memory, realized that was what in fact was being planned. so these investigations will take a long time. definitely the sheriff has a theory of the case, so this investigation is going to move forward. >> phil mudd, to you the idea of the explosive left in the vehicle, and based on what the sheriff said, does it seem to you that there may be some idea in this person's mind that they had some sort of exit strategy? or idea of moving elsewhere? >> there's a couple characteristics about the explosives that i feel curious. ammonium nitrate that could potentially be used with other materials for a backpack bomb. why did he acquire that and never use it? was there a trigger that led him to pursue not building a bomb? there's a reference to tannerite. art probably knows more about that but that can be cinematic, dramatic. you put a small amount of that in a place, pop it with a rifle, you get a large explosive effect.
10:53 pm
did he want to use that over time in some location to create a diversion? the answers about those explosives i think will help us on a couple of questions, anderson. one is what the sheriff was talking about, did he want to escape? did he have other locations he was thinking about? and two, why did he acquire materiel and not use it? was there a trigger that led him to choose that target and location before he could fully develop a plot? >> art, to you. >> that to me is the biggest question here. those explosives, that's the scary part here. what was he planning to do with those? you don't acquire them, leave them in your vehicle, and not have a plan for them. was he using that as a vehicle-borne explosive device? >> i keep coming back to the early intervention by the first responders.
10:54 pm
the amount of -- we don't know how many shell casings actually will be found, they haven't accounted for that. but the amount of munitions that he still had available to him. and had he chosen to continue firing, the death toll, it's incalculable. >> it would have been. another thing that needs to be brought up, and we've talked about this, the bump stock that he's using, this kind of odd mechanism that allowed his weapon to fire like an automatic. that's not easy to use. it's a very difficult kind of technique to master. which means he would have had to have practiced a lot. and the question mark is, where was he doing it? and was anybody assisting him with that? >> you made the point earlier about the way he was using -- the way the gun was set up. >> it was set up for tactical purposes. but those weapons are not made to fire in automatic status. so that bump stock that he had would cause a jamming in the weapon at some point in time. if you're not 100% sure on how
10:55 pm
to use it. so he had a lot of training, obviously, to set those weapons up the way he did. but that bump stock can cause the weapon to malfunction or jam. >> we don't know if that did and if it contributed to him not doing it, or was it just the intervention of the security guard? >> the other thing in the weapons, the photographs we've seen, some of the weapons are meant for distance shooting, some of the weapons are meant for close-in either defense or fighting. >> handgun, shotgun. >> even the one that had the hand grip on the very end of the barrel. >> the .323. >> that is the one that is set up to clear the hallway, maybe, the sheriff saying there was some 200 rounds he thought were fired in the hallway. that's a staggering number because did he reload? where did he fire one weapon with 200 rounds? so he's got certain weapons that he's using to fire on a crowd, he's got other weapons he's using as defensive or maybe part of this escape plan they talk of. >> with so many active shooter
10:56 pm
situations, and the fbi's review of all of them since columbine, i think it's the first six minutes or so in which most of the fatalities take place. do we know why it doesn't go longer? is it police response? in some cases shooters kill themselves prior to intervention by the police. >> sure. some of these situations where you're looking at this, whether you're looking at terror situations that i studied in my career. the individual invests so much of their emotion in getting to the location and conducting the attack, that is, they've got to build up to an emotional bubble that says, i'm going to kill people. when i kill people, most likely i'm going to die myself. what i'm saying is once they get to the actual event, they might not always have thought through, how do i maintain focus for 20 minutes or 30 minutes? so that i can kill 500 people instead of 100 people? they're invested in conducting the event and once they get into the event the emotion is so
10:57 pm
intense that they might lose focus, they might focus on killing themselves because they don't want to be taken by police, it's the emotion of the event that drives them. >> there's also the question of money. jen simon has been looking into the shooter's finances. dan, what have you learned so far? >> no question, anderson, that is going to be an important part of the conversation and the investigation. we know that the shooter often described himself as a professional gambler. but he was also an active real estate investor. as you have heard. we know that he bought and sold some 11 properties going back to the 1980s. some of them netting him a small fortune. one example, in 2004, he sold an entire apartment complex in the town of hawthorne, california. he had his ex-wife and family members as partners with that. they sold that for $3 million. they bought it for $1 million a decade earlier, $2 million net. and so this was an important part of his life. one other thing, when he bought his most recent home in mesquite, it was an unusual transaction because when he
10:58 pm
bought that home, he paid for it entirely with cash. and the agents were startled by that. and when he bought that house, he said in passing to those agents, apparently at closing, that he was a professional gambler and that he would gamble $1 million each year in las vegas. >> phil, just from an investigative standpoint, how much more do you want to know or investigators need to know about the shooter's financial situation? how significant is that, could that possibly be? >> it's not simply a question of financial situation, anderson. it's placing it in the context of a couple of other elements that are going to multiply over time. so we have how much money he acquired, how much money he spent, how much money he invested, how much he gambled. that's on a timeline. on that timeline as well i want to know where he moved, when he moved, whether that timeline corresponds with when he found friends, when he lost friends, when he developed a relationship with his girlfriend, when he decided to send her overseas. so it's the money, whether the
10:59 pm
quantities of money change over time and how they correspond to other changes in his life. friendships, romance, geographic movements, that is, when he moved from mesquite to other residences. you start to get a pattern of life that might show aberrations. he suddenly lost money, for example, i don't know this, but just speculating, maybe he lost money six months ago and we saw at the same time differences in his relationships with friends. that's really important, anderson. but you need a lot of data to put together that three-dimensional picture of a life. >> just in terms of the investigation and from what you heard tonight, what else stands out to you? >> so i think most of the focus is going to go on marilou danley right now, the girlfriend who was with him during the most significant period. it appears he purchased the guns during a limited period of time, the last year. and she's with him during that time. so she's going to be focused
11:00 pm
just highlighting what was going on in his life that might actually come to the motivation aspect, the thing that we're so curious about. i am going to say this again, though. the sheriff does seem to have a theory of the case. he said it out loud, that he does not believe that he could have planned this alone. and so there will be a look for co-conspirators as well to at least -- with the potential of arrest if they were actually involved with the planning of this. >> there's still obviously a lot to be learned in the days and obviously weeks -- obviously this investigation could go on for a very long period of time. and they're being very transparent as they can, but at this point investigators want to hold back as much as they can. >> you're getting a lot of information from the sheriff. the fbi, general already think standard answer which they're involved in the middle of an investigation. >> there's one point they mentioned there. october 2016. seems to be when there's some


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