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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  October 5, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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neighbors' view of his home. >> on his real estate application he said his income came from gambling. authorities found 19 of the shooter' knenearly -- meticulou plan and anger that drove it developed over some time. >> more than 100 investigators have spent the last 72 hours combing through the life of 64-year-old stephen paddock. he is a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammo. and living a secret life. much of which will never be fully understood. >> well officials also say there is evidence the gunman planned to survive the attack and escape. the usual for a mass murder. experts say most of them expect to be caught and killed. there's also new video this morning of concert goers running and police trying to manage the crowds. the moment it became apparent
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that they were under attack. we want to warn you this video may be disturbing. run. go. go. go. everybody go. [ gunshots ] >> go. keep your head down. run. go. keep your heads down. go. >> gunshots ]. >> run. keep your heads down. [ gunshots ] >> hard to see. cnn's general casarez live for us in las vegas joining us with the latest on the investigation. >>reporter: good morning, dave. authoritiear looking at a time line of october, 2016 through september, 2017 because 33 weapons were purchased during that year. remember, the total that he had was 47. so really, the bulk of weapons were purchased beginning in october, 2016. so they want to know, and it appears as though they don't
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know, was there an event? did something happen during that time? another time line we learned for the first time definitively last night is the time line of when the shot the began and when authorities got to the 32nd floor. i think the riv itting part of this is what they brought out. it's believed that the security guard and officers that were already on the 32 nd floor that that may have stopped more shots from ringing out. let's look at the time line. it gan at 10:05. that's when the shots began coming out of his guns, he state-of-the-art t started pulling the trigger. over ten minutes those shots rang out. 10:17, the first two officers arrived on the 32nd floor. 10:18 is when the security guard walked in front of his hotel room door. remember cameras in the food cart, cubbyhole, he thood have
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been looking. that's when they say he shot at the security guard, shot him in the leg but they believe 200 rounds of ammunition ended up in that hallway. they say it's a miracle that security guard did not pass away. after that, there were no more shots out to that crowd of 22,000 people. that's when law enforcement on the 32nd floor started going room by room, went into the hallway. saw the cameras on the cart. realized, we need s.w.a.t. and that's why they stopped. they also didn't hear more shots and at 11:20 that's when s.w.a.t. came and made entry into the room. the girlfriend has started talking. we only know because of her lawyer. she says some things that may be surprising to some that he was a kind and gentle person. that she never dreamed that anythi like this was happening or in the planning stage. and dave, she also said that she went to the philippines because he got her a dict, a cheap
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ticket and once there, wired her $100,000 for a home for she and her family. she thought he was trying to break up with her. >> hmm. well we also understand chief lombardo said he believed the shooter may have had help. what is he basing that on? >> that's so interesting, because he prefaced this by saying that we're having difficulty in finding the personal relationships of this man. and in the day and age we live in, most people have social media, so it appeared as though he doesn't and then he said this. >> look at this. i mean you look at the weapon obtaining, the different amounts of tanner rite available. do you think this was all accomplished on his own? is self-value -- face value. you got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> they're really appealing to
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people, if you know nanything e please come forward. dave? >> it's a strange thing to say when there is nothing to suggest he needed help to do this. he had nothing but time. all he did was gamble, clearly had a lot of cash. that's certainly raise the questions. >>reporter: you're right. and so, dave, then you have to ask the girlfriend, because she was retired too, was she ever in the car? she was in the homes. she was in so many areas where that ammunition was, along with all the weapons. what does she really know? >> she remains the most important person in this investigation. thanks so much. of course with all the talk about motive, we can't forget the victims. 50 of the 58 victims who lost their lyes have been identified, 10 more names added to the list on yesterday.
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kar karly kreibaum. >> steve berger, a final advisor from minnesota was in vegas celebrating his 44th birthday with a college roommate. >> thomas day jr. was at the festiv festival. the 54 construction worker from california was a huge pittsbu b steelers fan. >> the los angeles king's hockey team will honor christiane in a duarte. she just started working for the team as a fan service associate. >> austin davis was a 29-year-old pipefitter from riverside california. he was on a trip with friends when the bullets rained down. he loved to play softball and
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sing country karaoke. >> 57-year-old denise cohen celebrating her boyfriend's birthday. her son says she touched everyone she knew. the she and her partner were both killed. >> brian fraser of california was a 39-year-old real estate lender who loved to hunt, deep sea fish. he recently earned his pilot's license. >> victor link, a 55-year-old manager at a mortgage firm in california, loved golf, travel, snowboarding. he leaves behind a fian fiance, and boss. >> laura shipp was enjoying a concert with her 23-year-old son when the gunman opened fire. friends say her son was the light of her life. he survived. sadly. she did not.
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>> chris hazencomb, a 44-year-old walmart cashier from california shielded a female friend's body with his own. shots rang out. he saved a mother of two. his friend who attended the festival with him says chris was so excited to see jason aldean, who of course was playing when the shots were fired. those, the heart breaking details of this shooting. all right. ahead, would republicans really take concrete steps on guns right now? new suggestions that they just might. and we'll discuss the secretary of state trying to firm up his rocky relationship with the president after calling him a mor moron. how the president responded, next. lilly.
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but birds eye made it from zucchini. mmm! bird: mashed potatoes and rice. but made from cauliflower. looks like i need a fork! oh, no. (giggling) bird: new birds eye veggie made. so veggie good. . welcome back. president trump visited las vegas along with the first lady to offer come tort and gratitude to victims, families and first responders. after return to go the white
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house the president fwetweeted behalf of a grateful nation, thank you to all of the first responders who saved countless lives in las vegas on sunday night. back in washington there's possible movement on gun regulation as some are signaling a slight willingness to consider a band on what's called bump stocks, that, of course, the device used by the las vegas shooter that enables a semiautomatic automatic weapon to fire as rapidly as a fully automatic. >> let's bring in a. >>reporter: -- let's talk about this potential small movement on gun legislation. two different narratives. here's one. show nra who's boss. breitbart has a title. cornyn caved. he suggested he might be willing to move on these bump stocks. not sure what that would truly accomplish in the long run but
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is there any agreement on any gun legislation. >> i think of any -- putting any restrictions in place this it one that probably would get a healthy amount of support behind it. it's not a device in a most people would need to use, in any of the sports activities that include using a gun. the whether it's hunting, target practicing, whether the case may be. so this could be something where you could show -- you could gather a decent amount of people on both sides together and get something passed. i don't think it would get a ton of push back from the nra on this either. >> the president has spoken very little about gun control in light of all of this. we actually have some sound when he's asked about it. let's take a listen and talk about it on the other side. >> mr. president, gun violence problem? >> we're not going to talk about
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that. >> all right. so he says now is not the time so focus on gun control. but as we said, on capitol hill, they are starting that conversation. you have members of congress like cornyn, a republican, who is signaling that he might be willing to ban these devices, the device used in in the shooting that allowed him to fire off so many shots. how does this all play out, do you think, when it comes to gun control? we hear this conversation come up all the time after these mass shootings. do you think this might be the chance where we get some headway? >> well yes. i do think this is a chance where we do get some headway, but i think that for a president that gets a ton of criticism to how he reacts to things, whether it's answering a question o he ju blurts it out, this was a smart move on his part. one of the things that people were really upset about after unfortunately the amount of mass
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shootings that we've had, particularly under president obama's presidency, was that it immediately went to gun control and immediately went to politics, so, for him to step back for a moment, and knowing what a staunch sporter he is of the nra, i thought it was very president shoall of him and ver important. a lot of these families still haven't identified their family -- victims of what happened in las vegas, and it's probably best to wait till that's behind those families, and their emotional concerns right now than it is to talk politics about guns. at least in the presidential podium. >> right. from the presidential podium. i agree with you. because on the flip side, other after shootings, there was an immediate politicization of banning muslims. . let's talk about rex tillerson
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who reports cnn can now confirm he called president a quote moron and had a haze ilnews con yesterday. >> there's never been a consideration in my mind to leave. i serve at the appointment of the president, and i'm here for as long as the president feels i can be useful to achieving his objectives. >> can you address the main head line of this story that you called the president a moron and if not where do you -- >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. i mean this is what i don't understand about washington. again, i'm no the from this place. but the places i come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> the president called the nbc news report fake news. it is clearly not, based on that reaction from rex tillerson. but to argue what -- the world most of us come from, everyone's called morons. how does that get out and what does it say to you that that's
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leaked? >> well, i mean we've been discussing this since november 9 of last year. right? leaks coming out of this white house or before it was a white house and it was a transition team has been like a fire hose in a kol lan der. it just pours out of every hole. i'm sure presidents have called their cabinet secretaries worse namens and i'm sure they've called president's worse names. the uniqueness of this moment is that it's out there. the and the word moron is said 92 times every day tore the neck couple of days because this got leaked out, and that's what people are talking about. the fault is right here is the leaker. that he called him that or that trump called him something, is probably not unusual. these are intense heated times. that it gets out, that's unusual. >> you know, what is also unusual and interesting to watch
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is another republican speaking out about the president. this is -- i'm quoting, he says i think secretary tillerson, defense secretary james mattis and chief of staff, john kelly, those are the people that help separate our country from chaos. very interesting words from the senator as he has already said he doesn't plan on running again. what does that tell you about where things stand? also the view of the president who's supposed to be the leader of the republican party? >> well, we can argue about whether he's the leader of the republican party because i've always thought that he's not really that much of a republican. right? but the thing about corker is sort of very similar to the thing about john mccain. these are men who neither of them have any political ambitions going forward. so that gives them the freedom to be a little more honest and
2:20 am
blunt about how they see whether it's fellow senators or the president. and i don't think we're going do see that stop until corker's term ends at the end of 2018. >> this is someone who's considered to be a secretary of state who's already questioned his competence and stability. >> thanks. >> -- that moron. see. my producer calls me a moron four or five times a day. it happens. >> on air in front of the nation. coming up, equifax, former ce 0 depending the company on capitol hill. will the historic breach mean more oversight for the entire industry? details next.
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three u.s. special operations soldiers have been killed in an attack in. le a patrol came under fire near the border. the two wounded u.s. troops were evacuated. their condition is being described as stable. the u.s. military has maintained a small presence in e untr advising local groups. >> equifax's fosrmer ceo on capitol hill, the enti -- selli
2:26 am
consumer's data with outside oversight. will this lead to more regulation? our own christine romans recently spoke to the head of the u.s. consumer watch dog a agency. he says it should. >> we've seen a very botched situation here and a botched response by equifax and they're going to have to be subject to ongoing monitoring. >> regulators want to make sure there's an in-house watch dog, regulator? >> we think that's very important. we think, frankly we don't have the right legal framework. these companies are not going to be able to do what they think is best an be on their own. they're going to have to be accountable to someone. accountable for oversight and monitoring. that's a change that's going to have to occur here. >> equifax exposed the data of
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americans. more regulation under the trump administration, that would be something. >> that industry is very -- very little regulations surrounding. coming up, the las vegas gunman didn't just plan an all-out assault. he was planning to escape. that, and more of what police are now revealing about the attacker, coming up next. what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, this one's in german, it says, "reindfleisch?" plain. great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. check out the best of the best hand-picked fall shows on xfinity x1, online, and the xfinity stream app. thirsty? what i saw today is an incredible tribute to mow fegs nallism and what they have done is incredible. bravery. some were very, very badly
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wounded and badly wounded because they wanted to help others because they saw people going down all over. >> all right. president trump visited las vegas along with the first lady to offer comfort and gratitude to victims and family. >> back in washington there's possible movement on gun regulation as some republican lawmakers are signaling a willingness to consider a ban on bump stock. that's the device used by the las vegas shooter that enables a semiautomatic weapon to fire as rapidly as a fully automatic weapon. we want to bring in cnn contributor celina zito. first question out the gate. is it possible for any begun contr gun control following this? >> i think it's very possible for this type of gun control to
2:44 am
be debated and voted on and possibly pass on this specific device. this is not something that's commonly used by any gun official or one who likes the sport of target practice. it can be replicated. you can rig your gun to do this, but to have the specific device just seems unnecessary, and probably something republicans and democrats and probably the nra might not have a problem with either. in terms of no pushback on this device. >> that's sol. >> yeah. >> the nra would move then this would get through. let's talk about what's happening in d.c. with the secretary of state with a hastily addressed news conference to address a report
2:45 am
that he called president trump a quote moron. president trump said he denied it, it was fake news. first, here's the secretary of state then the president. >> there's never been a consideration in my mind to leave. i serve at the appointment of the president. and i am here for as long as the president feels i can be useful to achieving his objective it is. >> did you a dri address the reports. >> i'm not going to deal with petty stuff like that. this is what i don't understand about washington. again, i'm not from this place. but the places i come from, we don't deal with that kind of petty nonsense. >> i'm very honored by his comments. it was fake news. the totally phony story. made up by nbc. thank you all. total confidence in rex. >> calls it fake news there. he tweeted that it was refuted by rex tillerson. clearly, it was not.
2:46 am
did they keep this story alive by that holding that press conference and by the president calling something fake news that rex did not refute? >> i hope not. so i think the important point is when tillerson says he's not used to this independekind of s people are misreading that. i think what he's referring to is he has a do a press conference about something he said in private. this goes back to the amount of leaks that come out of that white house. i will -- i think we've seen a slowing do you know of it, but, that a private conversation got leaked to the press and the press is talking about it and it's embarrassing for the president, it's embarrassing for tillerson and that he has to go out and say -- talk about it, it's probably just scrambles his brain. >> right? >> i don't mean to suggest they intentionally kept it alive. but that seems to be the result.
2:47 am
>> yeah. the right. >> i agree with tillerson, people call me a moron into my ear two times a day but the leak is interesting and why address it on camera. >> i know you want to ask about someone who's considered. >> in the context of all this happening we're hearing from another prominent republican, senator corker. here's what he said to say about tillerson and the president. >> i think secretary tillerson, secretary mattis, and chief of staff kelly are those people that help separate our country from chaos. >> interesting comment. and also, the context is -- when you think about where tillerson has stood on a lot of policies, like the climate paris accord, he was not with the president on that. as well as north korea. he's taken a more diplomatic
2:48 am
tone. here you have cocker saying this is t corker saying that they -- what do you take of that? this is a republican speaking about the president. >> this is the republican who's a lame duck. 's not going to run again. there's no political cal consequences to anything he says anymore in terms of a political future. the he's not going to run for his seat again, and the president and him have had a very public falling apart -- sort of coming apart at the seams, and i suspect, like john mccann of arizona who the president also had a very public fracture with, that's' not going to be afraid to speak his mind and may be a little more subtle than john mccann but mainly because he still ha z to work in the body for the next year and a half and probably still wants to be able to work with his
2:49 am
colleagues and pass some things. but i don't think this is the last time we hear corker nudge the president in public. >> corker not running, neither is congressman murphy. an antiapportion republican had an afear and reportedly encouraged the woman he had an affair with to have an abortion. is this representative of a larger trend in the country of republicans not seeking reelection? or is this just a personal scandal? >> this is my congressman. this is really kind of stunning. the he has always been immensely popular in the district. he was forced to resign. the he went to see paul ryan why ed and within minutes getting back there was a statement that came out saying he was not seeking reelection. this would not play well.
2:50 am
but what i think is fascinating this is the fourth republican congressman in pennsylvania to not be seeking reelection for their seat, either taken an appointment in the white house or seeking another higher office, or decided they don't want to do this anymore or get caught in a scandal. 13 of t 1 seats. this could make pennsylvania something to watch during the entire midterm elections as a bellwether as to what happened in the majorities. >> bit of a national trend too. all right. international global super star, actress, pop singer and washington examiner. thank you for being with us this morning. >> hair flip. you saw that. >> you're the best . details on cnn money stream, kevin
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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to . many welcome back. football team will play treeb out to the -- we have more in the bleacher report. >> they're going to wear special black helmets on saturday. the decal will be a big red riprip ribbon about the word las vegas printed on. they'll also hand toout. the they'll honor in the ceremony for the game. all for the rest of the season
2:56 am
are going to wear that ribbon on the uniformuniforms. >> the diamond backs held a moment of silence before the game to honor the life of christiane in a duarte. arizona was taking on the rock jiys and check out relief pitcher hitting a triple in the seventh inning knocking in two runs and rocking one heck of a beard. he hadn't had a hit the entire season. diamond backs advance with an 11-8 victory, now facing the dodgers tomorrow in la. speaking of celebrations, big congratulations to the minnesota links who avenged last year's final defeat by beating the la sparks. trending number one on bleacher
2:57 am panther's quarterback under fire for his response to a female reporter. >> seem to really embrace the physicality of his -- and making those extra yards. does that give you a little bit of an enjoyment to see him kind of -- it's funny to hear a female talk about routs like. it's funny. >> panther's spokesman say gnawt newton expressed regret but they say he did not apologize. the she's a panther' beat writer for of the -- she said i was dismayed by his response which not only belittled me before me and beside me who work in similar jobs. nfl has also spoken out releasing a statement quote the
2:58 am
comments are just plain wrong and disrespectful to the exception female reporters in all journalists covering our league. >> i'm not easily offended. what the heck happened. he was a super star in college. how dez he explain this? >> this is is a former league nvp. to make a comment like that to someone who is a beat reporter, been with the team for about a year. she also went on to say he didn't even know her name, so a lot wrong with this situation. >> not the head lines the nl needs right now. thank you, my friend. let's get a check on cnn money stream this morning. global stocks mixed this morning with the winning streak continues on wall street tore the third day in a row. dow, nasdaq all hit record highs. amazon and netflix both rose about 3%. speaking of taxes, europe cracking down on u.s. tech
2:59 am
companies targeting amazon and apple for back taxes. first eu ordering nam a zon to pay nearly $300 million in claims luxembourg gave them illegal tax benefits for years, amazon denies this. the at the same time pushing ireland to collect apple's unpaid taxes. saying they gave illegal tax aid. $15 billion. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm dave briggs. >> "new day" starts right now. >> do you think this was all accomplished on his own? >> he had to have help at some point. >> why de acquire that stuff and never use it? was there a trigger that led him not to pursue building a bomb? >> he's got other weapons he's using as defensive or maybe part of the escape plan. >> anything


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