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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 5, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> everything is engaged, but not stressed. >> because it's practiced slowly, a lot of people have discovered the healing benefits. >> tai chi improves psychological help. if we have depression, anxiety or sleep problems, improves all those problems. the practice of tai chi over time alters the underlying physiology in such a way that we're more resilient and less likely to develop chronic diseases of aging. >> we all need a practice, whether it's tai chi or something else that allows us to slow down. top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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thanks so much for being with me. none of us know the answer to the key question of why, why did sprod decide to commit mass murder? now we know he originally wanted to survive this. police say he had an escape plan and that the letter they found inside his hotel room wasn't a suicide note. police say the gunman stockpiled his arsenal for months and months, 50 pounds of explosives and 1600 rounds of ammunition, and that was just found in his car in the hotel parking lot. meantime, his girlfriend tells the fbi she had no clue of his murderous plan, but police insist he couldn't have possibly pulled this off by himself. >> you look at the obtaining, the different amounts of tannerite available. do you think this was all accomplished on his own? self value, face value, you have
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to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. >> we just heard from first responders who revealed the chilling confusion as they tried to figure out what was going on. >> if you've efr had an opportunity to sit on a call takers panel and listen to a citizen, another person in shear terror for their life, those men and women, that dispatch office did a phenomenal job. they sat in one building and handled the phone calls because they handled the business, got people to where they needed to be, handled the resource requests of us as a fire department and chief officers looking for our help. i have to a plod them. >> as far as the reports of the other hotels, that complicates the matter. we know we've got a lot of things going on here in the immediate area around that concert venue, when you get a 911 call saying we've got shots fired at cesar's palace or at a hotel as far away as spring mountain, that complicates our
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response. what is going on in our town? is this a single event or are we under a mumbai style attack where we've got multiple things going on at multiple properties. we had to handle that. >> that confusion can be seen in this new video taken by a city worker showing terrified concert goers trying to escape. >> get down. get the [ bleep ]. those are shots. run. those are shots. run! don't walk! >> run! go dlaim go! everybody go. keep your head down. go! run, keep your head down! >> this is what the scene of terror looks like today, these
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aerials showing everything that was left behind, this area stroon with abandoned belongings still a crime scene. let's get straight to brian todd live at the scene. brian, what are you learning about the possible plans to target other music events? >> reporter: brooke, we learned this last night from sheriff joe lombardo. police telling us that stephen paddock rented a room at the ogden condominium the same weekend as the life is beautiful music festival, the condominium overlooks the concert venue. that is the weekend of september 23rd. it's not clear where paddock's room was in the ogden condominium. we do know that condominium is right in the area where that concert venue was. we also have information from chicago, from a spokeswoman for
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the blackstone hotel in chicago that a person matching the name stephen paddock rented a room, reserved a room at the blackstone hotel in chicago. that blackstone hotel overlooks grant park where the lollapalooza festival buzz to take place in august. the spokes would monday say it's not if it is the same stephen paddock as the las vegas gunman, and the person never checked into the room. so that is what we have now as far as what we think may have been some of the planning for e e other events. he rented a room at the ogden hotel a week before the shooting in las vegas and he had a room basically that could have been overlooking that concert venue here in las vegas. >> makes you wonder how many different music events perhaps he thought about and if this actually has nothing to do with country music and about vegas. we're left wondering for now.
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brian todd, thank you so much. we're also getting a clearer look of exactly how if timeline of events unfolded. let me walk you through this. it was 10:05 p.m. when he fired the first shots, 10:12, two las vegas police officers makes it to the 31st floor. one radios he can hear automatic fire coming from the floor above them. 10:z 15 he fires his final shot recorded on an officer's body cam. >> get down, get down! [ bleep ]. >> where are you? where are you? >> go, go. >> then at 10:17 p.m., the two officers arrive on his 32nd
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floor. >> the officers and the first strike team reached the 32nd floor within 12 minutes which is phenomenal, of the first shot being fired. when the officers arrived and confirmed the location of the suspect's room, the gunfire had stopped. >> police say from 10:k6 to 10:30, eight more officers arrive on the 32nd floor and moved down the hall, clearing the rooms along the way. then at 11:20 p.m., s.w.a.t. officers used explosives to breach his suite, and inside is where they find him inside on the floor dead. all told, it took 75 minutes from the start of the shooting until officers breached the room and found his body. chris carol is with me, retired lieutenant las vegas met toll tan police department and matthew florez, former atf executive. thank you for being with me. chris, on the news from chicago, we don't know if it's the same
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guy, in the hotel that overlooked where lol palazzo would have been, the fact that he cased out the other venue, life is beautiful in las vegas. if you're police, are you casting a wide net over music venues of the last year trying to figure out motive? i can't hear you? is it just me? matt, did you hear my question? can you answer that while we work on chris's audio? >> i think it's very clear that the suspect here had method and he had motive. he also with those had -- it transcended distance and geography. investigators are going back now and checking credit card receipts and social media, and through that and banking records they'll determine where in the united states where he's been, what he's charged and where he stayed for how long. >> we're also learning the shooter was planning this
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escape. so many people thought there's no way he could have thought he'd escape this sort of scene. investigators aren't giving much details. a letter or some note was left in a hotel room. not a suicide note. just, matt, staying with you because i don't know if chris heard my full question. what do you think leads investigators to think iing he would had to have had help. >> two schools of thought -- number one. >> sorry, audio fun on live television. chris, if you heard me, let's take turn. chris, go for it. >> as i heard your last question, they're wondering about him having help. sheriff lombardo has said that there are things that lead them to believe that there was help. at this point we don't know what capacity that was. off speculation, i would think it has something to do with getting all his guns and ammunition up from the ground to
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his hotel room in a relatively short period of time. >> you don't think he could have done that by himself over the course of a couple days with some suitcases? >> i think he could have done it by himself, yes. but obviously something new has come to light. maybe it's video. maybe they've talked to somebody. but there is information out there now and i believe the sheriff said it's only a possibility. but something has come up where there appears to show that there may be somebody else involved as well. >> matthew, there was also in his car the ammonium nitrate found there. a subsequent search shows 50 pounds of other explosive material, tannerite. does that signal to you that he had, how shall i say this, bigger plans? >> clearly he may have had bigger plans. but then when you incorporate the fact that police think did he also plan to escape, he was dealing in some level of delusion as well.
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this was a well calculated plan and exactly what happened, he was not going to make it out of that room alive. >> so you can be -- everything else we're haerlg, though, very meticulous in the plan and the accrual of the 33 rifles over the course of the year, you can be delusional and meticulous at the same time? >> absolutely. we see it all the time. the best laid plans of criminals always fall apart at the end. >> chris, the girlfriend. let's talk about the girlfriend. she's back from asia, questioned by authorities in los angeles. she released a statement vis-a-vis her attorney saying she didn't see any signs that he was planning any violence. the sheriff said he thinks he had help in carrying this out. no concrete evidenced of that yet. she said she thought she was being september away because he was breaking up with her. she said she saw nothing, new
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nothing. >> that's certainly possible. it is possible because he's accumulated these guns and ammunition over a period of yea years. it's not like all of a sudden you see a guy who buys thousands of rounds of ammunition. we know it was his girlfriend, but i don't know how close they were, if they lived together, how frequently they see each other. it's certainly a possibility that she was sent out of the country so that he could carry this plan out without her getting in the way or calling police. >> quickly, the ak queueing of all the rifles in multiple locations, can you hide all of that from someone potentially. go ahead, chris. >> it doesn't need to be hidden where she can't see it. he probably has gun saves and so forth with the equipment in there that she knows it's there.
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but it may just be his collection. this has gone on over years. just because he had that many guns and that much ammunition doesn't mean it was necessarily a red flag to her because she's seen this over years. >> chris carol and matthew hora horace, thank you so much on the investigation piece of this. next we'll pivot back to our breaking news out of the white house. the line from sarah sanders was they're open to the conversation on banning those bump stock devices that the shooter may have used. the nra with a statement just in this last hour seems to be getting on board with that. we'll talk live to the republican congressman who says president trump needs to take the lead on the issue. the man known as mr. las vegas joins me live. wayne newton has now met with some of the victims, the survivors of that mass murder, donated $100,000 to their recovery fund. we'll talk to him about how his be loved city moves forward.
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this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. las vegas helped to make his name. now wayne newton, mr. las vegas himself, is trying to help the city heal. the legendary entertainer has been consoling a number of the survivors this week. he insists las vegas will not be defind by what happened. wayne newton joins me live from las vegas. it is so nice to see you again though i'm so sorry about the circumstances. >> thank you, brooke. i, too, am so sorry about the circumstances. nice to talk to you again. thank you. >> it's my understanding you've
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talked to a number of survivors of sunday's shooting. can you tell me a little bit what that was like for you and what they shared with you? >> well, what it was like for me, i'm still numb from it as i think most las vegans are. how does one explain that kind of evil happening? as far as the people who have been injured, those families that have lost a loved one here, the thing that remains constant is the first thing that they bring up in the conversation, is how immediate the first responders were in terms of what they would have expected, how they and other members of this community actually citizens from all over the world that were at that concert certainly started to run and then turn back to help those that were less
12:20 pm
fortunate, having been affected by the gunshots and those kind of things. so they were just talking about the kind of kindness and dedication that the sit sents of las vegas have. >> wayne, where were you late sunday night, and how did you hear? >> itches coming back from texas. i had gone there for a show, a benefit show with a dear friend of mine. we had just landed in los angeles because i had meetings within morning in l.a. i went to bed. my wife couldn't sleep, so she got up and turned on the television and awakened me, and we watched the coverage literally until we could charter a plane and get back home. we got back home early monday morning. >> we're learning a bit about the shooter in terms of how meticulous he was, how many dozens of rifles he bought, the
12:21 pm
fact that apparently he cased out the life is beautiful music fest in las vegas. what's your reaction to all of that? >> well, i believe that anyone that's that evil will find evil deeds to do. and this fruit cake was no exception. this could have happened anywhere in the world, and my fear, frankly now, is not necessarily about our city because we will recover from this, we stay strong and we stay committed and we do everything we can to help. but this kind of foer thought and things he went through to plan this become kind of a copycat thing i think throughout the world. how can one even for a second think of somebody jumping in a truck and driving down the french riviera and killing people? >> i know.
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>> they are in a mindset to do that there's no way to stop them. >> a special place in hell, a special place in hefl. >> a special place in hell. he's got a seat waiting for him. >> people may not realize this about you, but you, wayne newton, grew up in country music. your first performances were actually at opry shows. are you at all in touch with those circles and hearing any sort of shift in conversation as the conversation has gone there? we were listening at a white house press briefing to gun control. do you think people at all in those circles are changing their minds on guns? >> i wouldn't know about that in terms of the country musicians and performers i have talked to. they were devastated by it, but the country community are really some of the most dedicated americans that we have in our
12:23 pm
country. as far as leading it into a political issue like gun control or any of that kind of thing, we did not discuss that. but the one thing that i know is that any person of the sort that has a mindset to do something like that, if it's a gun, if it's a truck, if it's an airpla airplane, if it's a bomb, they do it. i'm not sure where all that will lead, but i hope it will be positive. >> lastly, sir, you donated $100,000 to the victim's fund. you performed two days after the shootings. it would have been understandable for you to cancel the show, but it's really important to you that the show went on. tell me why. >> i'll tell you why. because if god has given us as performers any talent at all, it is to be used in times like this
12:24 pm
to lift people's spirits, to make them smile again maybe, to make them forget the kind of evil that went on here last sunday. i believe that we as performers have that responsibility. we took a night off, as did a lot of performers in this town, to show our respect. but then i think it was really important that we get back to what we do, and that is to try to bring a modicum of happiness to people's lives, even if it's just for two hours. >> we need it. las vegas needs. it mr. wayne newton, bless you, thank you for raising your voice. >> god bless you. thank you very much, brooke. >> just in to cnn, final report of the use of private planes by the u.s. treasury secretary, what it found about potential wrongdoing, we'll share that with you. this is what we were talking about here, the white house now saying today they are open to
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conversations about a ban on so-called bump stocks for some of these guns. republican congressman tom rooney joins me to talk about where he stands on the issue. stay here. directv has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable for 17 years running. but some people still like cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling. drinking spoiled milk. camping in poison ivy. getting a papercut. and having their arm trapped in a vending machine. but for everyone else, there's directv. for #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable switch to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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the inspector general released findings on the treasury secretary steve mnuchin's air travel on government planes. while they say no laws were broken, the ig did have some issues. so let's figure out what those issues are. cnn government regulation and aviation correspondent rene marsh is here. what did the ig found? >> they say no violation of law
12:30 pm
in the simple request and uses of these aircraft. but steve mnuchin did not get off scot-free. the report shows how he had run up quite a tab for taxpayers for seven flights on government planes. the inspector general's report also dinged him for what is essentially flimsy justification for the use of these government airplanes. the inspector general saying, and i'm quoting, he's concerned about the justification given. the inspector general went on to say in almost all cases a single -- i'm quoting -- single boiler ploit statement was the justification when more rigorous justification should be given. as for a that trip, brooke, to see the solar eclipse, that caught a lot of headlines when he flew to kentucky. it cost taxpayers nearly
12:31 pm
$27,000. the ig did say there is no evidence to show that mnuchin chose that date to specifically coincide with the solar eclipse. all of that said, the ig goes back again to the concern over justification for the use of the government plane. one of the reasons given to use the plane for that trip was that mnuchin said he needed secure communications while he was traveling. however, this ig report says it really wasn't necessary for secure communications for that particular trip. so again, what's really -- what we're really seeing here is the ig getting at this idea of perhaps flimsy justification being given as a way to get use of these military aircraft. last point i do want to make, this ig report says mnuchin's wife did make a reimbursement for her seat on that flight. >> rene, thank you so much. now to this, the nra is breaking
12:32 pm
its silence since the las vegas shooting, weighing in on the controversial device called the bump stock device, like the one in this image here. it's an attachment on the back of the gun, en r enables a semi-automatic weapon to fire almost as rapidly as an automatic weapon. the nra is calling for a review whether or not they are lawful and say bump stocks should, quote, be subject to additional regulations. furthermore, a florida republican is introducing a bill that would ban the sale of bump stocks altogether. keep in mind police found 23 guns in the gunman's hotel room. 12 of them with bump stocks attached. we have highlighted the device in these images of the crime scene so you can see exactly what we're talking about here. with me now, i have republican congressman tom rooney represents florida, served four years in the army j.a.g. corps. welcome. >> thanks for having me back.
12:33 pm
>> i read this morning you said the president needs to take the lead on this issue. moments ago we watched the white house briefing and sarah sanders basically punted. it sounds like the president is not taking the lead as of now. your response to that. >> well, the fact he didn't say no is a good thing or that sarah huckabee didn't say no. they might be weighing what they want to do moving forward. i think the fact that you're seeing so many republicans signing up with carlos kur bellow for miami's bill as well as the nra you just mentioned, saying the atf should review it, i think is going to allow the president to make a decision that i think is really going to show courage and leadership that we haven't seen on this issue in a long time. >> do you support this ban of the bump stock? >> i'm a co-sponsor, yes.
12:34 pm
what i was trying to say in that quote in the article yesterday was that this would give a lot of people that might be wanting the do something like this a lot of cover in their districts, very republican districts like my own, whereas p the president who came out who is very popular in red districts like mine would come out and take the lead and say these bump stocks should be illegal, then it would give them the cover to be able to go ahead and actually do something after one of these mass shootings rather than just business as usual. >> i know you're the co-sponsor, but i think it's important for america to hear you say that out loud. i'm sure you've read and i've read the nra statement. i think there is a little nuance. let me point this out to everyone. the nra says these bump stock devices, yes, should be more regulated but not outright banned. specifically they're calling on the atf to review the devices,
12:35 pm
not congress. >> well, there's two different things that could happen, either the president comes out and say ps i want a bill on my desk that outlaws these things, which would move carlos's bill and get to his desk, then you'd get buy-in from both branches of government. or the president could direct the atf, somehow administratively. i'm not quite sure how they would do that, but somehow administratively say this essentially makes a semi-automatic weapon an automatic weapon and, therefore, it violates the law and, therefore, the rules that govern that should be tweaked so that they're no longer available in the marketplace. i'm not quite sure if he -- he probably can do it both ways. i think to get everybody's buy-in, it might be better to go along the legislative route. >> here is the what-if scenario. you know the nra and the argument of the slippery slope, it's the bump stock today, the
12:36 pm
semi-automatic weapon tomorrow. if the nra ultimately doesn't want the ban and you are at odds as the co-sponsor of this particular piece of legislation, would you, sir, stop accepting the nra's funding? records show that you have received $9,500 from the nra since being elected to congress. >> i didn't know that. thank you for pointing that out. >> you didn't know you received $9,500 from the nra? >> no. i don't categorize or go through who gives me money for certain issues or what have you. but regardless, brooke, this has to do with -- you can always say this is the first step in coming after my guns. i own four guns. i have two shotguns and two handguns. i believe that i have the right -- second amendment right to own those guns. i actually carry one of those guns when i'm not doing this job back home at my district in a concealed way. i'm a concealed weapons holder in florida.
12:37 pm
i carry one around for my own protection. i do not feel that this is the same thing as somebody attaching a device to the end of a sec my automatic rifle to make it automatic and be able to shoot down into a jason aldean concert 400 rounds a minute, i think shooting for over five minutes. >> nine to 11 minutes. >> that's tens of thousands of rounds it's a wonder that he shot 58 people is horrible, but it's almost a miracle he didn't get more with that kind of fire power. that's military-grade fire power. the only reason you would need that kind of capability i believe is to kill a lot of people very fast. and so when somebody tries to equate that to me holding a handgun when i'm driving to the movies or to a mall with my kids for protection, i just don't buy it. i'm not buying it. >> i think to your point, on the military grade firearms -- and this is my last question, congressman rooney, one of the
12:38 pm
most heartbreaking stories out of the shooting, this navy veteran, chris for roybal, gets shot at overseas, he survives, comes home, goes to las vegas with his mother to celebrate his 29th birthday, gets shot and killed by a weapon like the ones in war he would have used by a civilian. i had his former brother-in-law on my show earlier this week, and he's asking people like you why. >> to be honest with you, brooke, i didn't know what a bump stock was a week ago. i don't have an answer for the service member's brother or his family. all i can say is, i'm a member of congress now. this is something that we've all learned a lot about. i don't know if you knew what a bump stock was before last week -- >> i take a little issue with that. i heard speaker ryan say the same thing. it's not -- i'm learning, too, but at the same time you deal in
12:39 pm
gun control legislation. and i feel like you should know a little bit more about that. >> i don't. i've never heard of it. and i own guns. i don't know if it's part of my job to know every part of a weapon they've ever made. when i was in the army i had a 9 millimeter and we qualified with an m-16. we didn't have any capability to make -- i never had a weapon, semi-automatic weapon where i went to a gun store and said what is that on the wall, it makes a semi-automatic weapon automatic-like. i've telling you the truth, i've never heard of it. my answer to what your question is what are we going to do about it now. i think that that's what carlos is trying to do. i think that's what we're all trying to do up here. what i was saying about my quote of the president, he would get a lot of good will bipartisan if he would take the lead on this and get support of people who want to do something.
12:40 pm
>> like you, congressman tom rooney, thank you. >> thanks, brooke. >> coming up next, have you seen this one, nfl quarterback cam newton makes a sexist remark to a female sports reporter. we'll talk about what he said, the backlash and that now includes the loss of a major sponsorship deal.
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carolina panthers star quarterback cam newton making a sexist report to a female beat reporter. >> funchess seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards. does that give you a little bit of an enjoyment to see him -- >> it's funny to hear a female talk about routes. that's funny. >> oh, for the love. the reporter jordan rodriguez tweeted i don't think it's funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it's my job.
12:45 pm
cam newton clarified his comments in a private conversation with her but never actually apologized. dannon yogurt dropped his endorsement deal. the northbound said it does not reflect the thinking of the league. we heard this from panthers head coach ron rivera. >> i think cam made a mistake. i understand he had a conversation where he pretty much said he shouldn't have said what he said. so as far as i'm concerned, what i'd like to do is talk about getting ready for the detroit lions who we play on sunday. >> with me, nancy armor sports columnist for "usa today." nancy, my first thought was, it's 2017, how is this happening? >> yep. that's the reaction of a lot of people. unfortunately, whether you're a woman in sports media, in business, tech, any other male dominated industry, you experience this kind of sexism, maybe not on a day-to-day basis,
12:46 pm
but you know it's there and run into it from time to time. here was yet another example of it. >> is there an apology forthcoming do you think? >> my guess is no. if we haven't heard from cam today and it doesn't sound like we're going to, i don't think there is. frankly i'm not so concerned about an apology as more of an acknowledgment of, i recognize i was wrong and i recognize why i was wrong. >> that's what i'm saying, yes. >> that to me is far more important than somebody just saying sorry. you can say that and not have the words mean anything. >> be disingenuous. >> exactly. i don't know what the conversations have been behind closed doors in carolina. i would hope that's being expressed. not only was it inappropriate to say that to a beat reporter, but they should be conscious of the fact about half of the fan base of the nfl right now is women. studies have shown that women make the majority of the purchasing decisions in their household. >> such a great point. >> this is not a group you want
12:47 pm
to tick off. >> you have been in these postgame pressers. it's my understanding there were 30 or so members of the media in the room. when cam smiled and said what he did, to jourdon there was silence. maybe everybody was so stunned they didn't want to say anything. but i was wondering what about the rest of the reporters not reacting or challenging that? >> i thought about that a lot, too. on the one hand i'm encouraged nobody lauchd along with him. five, ten, 20 years ago, that would have been the case. i would have liked to have seen somebody step up or follow up and chald leng him on it a little bit more. the one thing that was encouraging was seeing the male media members immediately afterward come to -- whether her defense or call cam out for the sexism afterward. one of her colleagues wrote a wonderful column about why this was inappropriate. seeing that reaction afterward was very positive.
12:48 pm
>> i reached out to jourdon personally. i know she was declining all interviews, wanting to focus on her work. i say to her, good for her, keep on doing what you do. nancy armour, thank you. >> thanks for having me on. this is cnn breaking news. >> here we go. let's go with this breaking news. president trump plans to decertify the iran nuclear deal next week. this is what two senior u.s. officials are telling cnn. so i have cnn chief political analyst gloria borger with me now on just the word decertify. let's start there. what does that even mean? >> that means he's not completely scrapping the deal. what it means is that he's throwing it in congress's court right now, and he says i don't like it the way it's written, i don't want to recertify it because every so often it does
12:49 pm
have to be recertified. i believe there was an october 15 deadline. and what he's saying is that you better find a way to make this deal better. so it stops short of scrapping it, and we know, brooke, there are people in this administration, most notably i would say the secretary of defense, who doesn't want to scrap the iran deal. >> who recently said he's disagreeing. >> this doesn't mean it is going to be scrapped. what it means is the ball is in congress's court and he wants congress to come up with something better. by the way, there are lots of republicans who also believe that you don't have to zrap it, you can just make it tougher and make it better. but don't forget, this is the president who said he would scrap the iran deal. >> the politics of this, right? this is an obama-era iran deal. >> yes. the worst
12:50 pm
as with other, you know, whether it's obamacare you could make the list of paris climate accord, of things that the president wants to take of the obama era and rip to shreds, and/or/also say all right i'm going to desert if i it, but that doesn't mean i'm scrapping it, and you congress, you need to figure this one out. >> it's like daca, is what we were talking about during the break. it is a little bit like okay, congress, you don't want to get rid of the dreamers, let's figure out a way to do this, and so what i think he's doing also is not only bowing to congress to a certain degree, and i think that's appropriate, completely appropriate by the way, i think he's also listening to people in his administration who say don't scrap the deal. there are people in his administration who didn't even want to desertify this, but the president clearly felt a need to do that. so as long as you're going to say i don't like the iran deal,
12:51 pm
well he didn't, he didn't go the whole 100% and say well it's done, i'm going to scrap it. so i think he gives congress an opportunity to take another look at it. and to see what needs to be changed. >> i've got jim sciutto who's joining me that president trump plans to desert if i the iran unequivocally leer deal next wee >> i was able to go into a press availability with the iranian president and he was expressing his distaste with all of this. it was interesting, rouhani when asked about the deal, he did leave open the possibility about negotiations on other issues. about talk, he said, he said the talk is always good on other issues and the key other issue from the u.s. perspective is missile tests. this is the thing that in part
12:52 pm
is driving trump's decision here that because this agreement only covered the nuclear program, it does not cover missiles, iran has kept on quite liberally testing missiles and that has made a lot of republicans, the president, and even some democrats angry. didn't close the door there, but did say that this deal is sacred and they expect the u.s. to abide by it, i should say this, brooke, it is not only iran saying that. i spoke to a european diplomat, one of the parties to the agreement. remember, it's not just iran and the u.s., this is iran, the u.s., the permanent five members of the u.n. security council, china, russia, france, the uk, and this diplomat told me the following. all the evidence to date is that sooirn in compliance with the terms of this agreement. this agreement is a hard-fought international deal that is vital to our security and that of our alleys. so this is a u.s. ally disagreeing, contradicting the president and saying this is in fact in our and your national
12:53 pm
security interests, and i should say as i know gloria was noting there that one of the president's closest advisors, defense secretary jim mattis said much the same thing. he said he believes iran is in compliance and two, he believes that this deal is in u.s. security national security interests. so disagreement within among allies, and disagreement within his own administration. >> elise, how do you see it? >> well look, brooke, there's a lot more to just this decertify kags as we've been talking about.decertification as we've talking about. he's been working quietly behind the scenes to try and give president trump a way out. what officials have told me is that this involves kicking it to congress as we've been talking about. and now, avoiding the president having this decertification every nine months. the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, bob corker, is currently rewriting the legislation.
12:54 pm
and so every 90 days president trump wouldn't be necessarily talking about whether the iran deal is good for the united states. it'd be talking about what president trump is doing to combat iran's other destabilizing behavior that jim just mentioned, the ballistic missile test, the human rights, what he's looking to do is compartmentalize the iran deal. even the united states recognizes that iran is making good on it's technical commitments. and what this will do was keep the europeans on board for dealing with some of this other behavior because certainly the europeans, the investment is very important to them. so what it does is it allows president trump to save political face, it keeps the europeans on board, and they can all go after iran and some of that other activity. >> all right, jake tapper, waiting in the wings, he's going to take over for us a second on the lead. the president's plan to decertify the plan next week. thank you for being with me here
12:55 pm
on that. also, a new tropical storm is lurking in the atlantic. we'll tell you when and where it could make land fall along the gulf coast. i'm brooke baldwin, we'll be right back. prudential asked these couples: how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour. with gocentral from godaddy.
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there is a new storm along the gulf coast. the people there would want to keep an eye on. tropical storm nate could pose a threat to alabama, louisiana, mississippi. we can see the flooding it's caused in costa rica. honduras today also. life threatening flash floods and mud slides are possible. the forecast track has nate
1:00 pm
making land fall somewhere along the u.s. gulf coast sunday morning. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you so much for being with me here in new york. we're going to go to jake tapper. the lead starts right now. thanks brooke. we're more music festivals in the las vegas killers cross hairs? the lead starts right now. chilling new details and the las vegas gunman and the other rooms he may have booked and why this may not have been the first giant outdoor event that he wanted to terrorize. and, in the wake of the vegas massacre, a new gun control proposal picking up steam in congress, and it's republicans leading this new effort. plus, deadly ambush. three of america's elite warriors killed in the african in addition of niger. what were u.s. troops doing there and who might be behind this attack? this is cnn