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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  October 6, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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right now the latest in the las vegas investigation. this morning chilling new clues in the las vegas investigation as authorities are still trying to determine some kind of motive behind this massacre. >> president trump's ominous warning. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm before the storm. >> that crip typtic message. he's standing there talking about the calm before the storm surrounded by military leaders. it's the venue here that is so important. welcome to "early start." >> forgetenirightening tease. the investigation. he left no manifest coor evidence of his motive, but
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investigators are now discovering disturbing clues. one law enforcement official telling cnn this chilling detail that the shooter tried to buy tracer ammunition at an arizona gun show in recent weeks. >> tracer rounds, like those you see here, they're completely legal. they have a et could go or charge that burns brightly when fired. they could have allowed the funman gunman to target his fire pore accurately. he could not obtain tracer rounds. there are new details about the note left in the gun man's room. clark county sheriff joe lombardo telling the "new york times" it contained numbers. it was not a manifest coor suicide note. >> it now appears the gunman was not just targeting people. a large fuel tank in nearby mccarran international airport was hit by two bullets. officials say there's quote,
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almost zero likelihood the bullet to trigger a fire or explosion in jet fuel which is not highly 234r5flammable. >> in august, someone named stephen paddock reserved a room at chicago's black stone hotel with a view of the city's music festival. that person never checked in. it was not immediately clear whether it was the same man who was in las vegas. >> there's new video of the moments as people jumped into action. we want to warn you this video may be disturbing. >> where's the guy with the double shots? >> he was a through and through in his arm. >> anybody else? >> get in the truck, get in the truck. getby hiepd the pole.
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>> get in the truck. >> not right this second. hang on a second. what's that? this is important. okay? you got a driver for this thing? ? that's me. >> a glimpse of the utter chaos. let's bring in a former secret service eight w service agent. a lot of new stories coming out. still no seps of a motive. what's the most significant new reporting that you've learned in this investigation where we stand? >> well, i mean there's nothing new and significant that's shocking. the let me just say this from monday to today, what we've seen is this evolving picture of the shooter. by the fact that he was trying to look for tracer rounds,
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again, starts going to the level of detail that was taking place in his mind around this attack. tracer rounds assist somebody in a low light situation gaining bet are accuracy towards their target. again, as we see as more and more of these individual fact the come together, they start painting a very dangerous picture of this individual. >> a picture i think of sort of grandy yosty, imagine what the image wos have been like for those people in the crowd if you had seen these bullets coming. we know that he may, someone named stephen paddock reserved a room at the time of the lollapalooza festival. that's pretty scary. >> 100,000 people visited. >> including he rented a condo room. and in front of another las vegas venue, in it front of another music venue. this is very well thought out
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here. >> absolutely. this is a level of detail in pre attack planning that i haven't seen before or studied. but this individual, again, has been very method i cal in the way he thought about this attack, from the different weapons platforms he was outle liesing to the ammunition, the location of the -- different attack points. think about the suite itself. he had two fighting positions within that location. he had what's been reported as an escape plan. he was thinking he was going to leave those battle positions and go to another location. again, there's a -- there is a level of fidelity in his planning that a lot of people, as it evolves is taking people by surprise. >> here's a 64-year-old at the time of the shooting he had
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essentially not a friend on the planet, no digital footprint, so what's the most important thing investigators will be focusing on? >> listen, it's -- this is all about an information grab right now. at face value, what people are saying throughout the week was quiet individual, kept to himself, really nice guy. talk to his -- heard statements from his brother earlier in the week. wasn't a gun guy. that painted one persona. there's a different per sewn that that's out there of this individual who law enforcement needs to get information on. whether it's around different type the of circles, the gambling circle or gun clubs or something else. there is something else that is going to be developed by law enforcement through a very systematic investigative process that will actually start shaping this. again, everyone's searching for
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a motive. i would love to have a motive now to bring closure to the victims, but absent that, this is going to take a little bit of time to develop. >> i think that the shadow of the fbi most wanted father is a big role here too. somebody who the fbi described 50 years ago as psychopath. you just have no idea how that might have affected the upbringing or thinking of him. but there are so many questions it's unbelievable. all right. thank you so much. talk to you in a few minutes. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news. the nobel peace prize has just been awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. the anti-nuke group is a coalition of non governmentals from countries. le we'll have more.
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>> so interesting. the naming of that nobel prize in thissen context. president trump preparing to decertify the iran nuclear deal. this is the president warns of a calm before the storm in front of military. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. back on her feet. house and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you. ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet? ♪ lights, camera ♪ strike a pose your eyes work as hard as you do. but do they need help making more of their own tears? if you have chronic dry eye caused by reduced tear production
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taxes and fees included. and now netflix included. so go ahead. binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. president trump plans to decertify the iran nuclear deal next week. once the president announces the move, congress has 60 days to figure out a way forward. sources tell cnn national security adviser h.r. mcmaster is not solde on thidea. secretary of state is working behind the scenes with congress to head of a possible international crisis as the october 15 certification deadline for the deal draws closer. going live to washington. the it's friday morning. so great to have you here, chris. so much to discuss.
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>> you know what? that's an improvement. let's talk about iran here. what is the president suggesting about iran? it doesn't look as though the key as some would say grownups around him are necessarily on the same page. >> kip of of couple of things. i would encourage you to check out this. brand new issue out about the theory issue today. part of the deal, is that donald trump used the iran issue as a political imperative. we've seen a lot of things the president has acted on subsequent to campaign season as a fulfillment of promises. i think you can to a certain extent put in in a similar bucket. the it's like when it comes to the actual policy details of this, that's where it gets kind of messy. rex tillerson, james mattis,
2:14 am
h.r. mcmaster around him wondering whether this is the best idea. you kick it to oncongress but wt does it do with our standing with the european allies. >> what does it say about america's ability to stand by its agreement it makes with its allies. you look at this deal or paris climate deal. i mean is america worth its worth? that's what the ultimate question is in my view. >> a lot of implications there. we will read that steve hays piece. we've got to ask you about the president's next reality show tease. listen to what he said. >> you guys 0 know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> i file in h under you never can take it literally. what about you? >> i assume he was not referring
2:15 am
to the salad and bread sticks. it's a very strange thing sometimes. i think this president is a noted riffer. i think we have to remember that sometimes. the camera gets put in front of his face and he's just a person who talks. he is 95% of the time if not more speaking off-the-cuff. he has his military advisers around him, obviously a tu mull twus time around the world. rex tillerson going out talking about negotiations with north korea, the president shutting that down. a lotle of things going on. i do think sometimes the president just says things. i'm not sure we can say they're anything about appro po nothing necessarily. >> look. >> this is where he says words matter. >> a week ago, he stared at reporters and said we have the
2:16 am
votes on graham/cassidy and he did not and no one called it a lie. yesterday he said et wants the senate to investigate fake news. do words matter? >> this is is a terrific point that you bring up here. call something from the campaign. i believe one of trump's as v advisers at the time was participating in a tv panel with the former romney adviser, and he mentioned the comment sometimes words matter. >> he was exasperated. this is ridiculous. and he had a big smile in a burst out across his face. i think sometime you have to look at president trump and his team through that prism. i mean he just says things, it is an avalanche of things for which you have to hold him the administration to account. something that's being talked about a lot not to use the president's own terminology but something that's being talked about a lot in the media nowadays.
2:17 am
t so it's an unprecedented thing. >> "the washington post" has a running list of the things the president has said specifically that are false. i think it's more than 1,000. >> 1100. >> the president's calling for an investigation of you, chris, dave, and of me, but what about the veracity coming from the white house? let's talk about harvey weinstein. he's a noted democratic supporter and democrat ex donor in the rnc saying he should -- people -- democrats who receive money from him should give it back. saying this, during three decades worth of swallowisexual, truly stand up for women, returning this dirty money should be a no-brainer. is this going to be a political
2:18 am
fight, do you think? >> it depends on how democrats act. i think it's all a matter of timing. the. >> all right. from the "weekly standard." a big fan of jose altuve of the houston astros who we'll be talking about in the next segment astros drawing first flood in the american league division series, altuve, three home runs. we have the remarkable accomplishments next in the bleacher report. curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point... i do like to save money... catch you on the flip, suckas! geico. because saving fifteen percent
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one day after drawing some
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intense criticism for sexist remarks made to a female reporter panther's quarterback apologizes, sort of. >> coy wire has more on this morning's report. >> good morning. dave, i like the new haircut. i'm jealous. cam newton took to social media late last night to apologize for saying it was funny to hear a female reporter ask about pass rounds. listen. >> after careful thought, i understand that my word choice was extremely degrading and disrespectful for women. the to be honest, that was not my intention, and if you are a person who took offense to what i said, i sun seriincerely apolo you and to the young people who see this, i hope that you learn something from this as well.
2:24 am
don't be like me. be better than me. >> he also went on to say he has two young daughters who he teaches they can grow up to be anything. earlier in the day he lost a sponsorship with dan non yogurt. >> touching moment as pam ta bay hosted new england for thursday night football when the entire stadium shined their cell phone lights in a moment of silence for the brightest city on earth honoring the lives lost in the las vegas shooting. tom brady led his patriots to victory making history along the way. he tied nfl legends bret favre and peyton manning for most season wins by a quarterback. it was a rough night for the team's 19-14 loss. it was thi moment. being consoled by a priest
2:25 am
twitter. broadca broadcaster -- >> good things come in small packages. just ask the houston astros. jose aldue tu vay. he launched three home runs in yesterday's 8-2 playoff win against the red sox. became the 10th player to homer three times in a post season game. babe ruth did it twice. he said he feels the same size as everyone else when he crosses that line. more playoff action later tonight in our sister channel tbs. cuns a cubs get it started with nationals. i don't know if they can repeat but i'm rooting for your chicago cu cubs. >> i don't have time to watch all that basketball. so i just keep asking dave, how are my cubs doing? he's like my personal google.
2:26 am
>> thanks. >> you're the man. thank you. investigators in las vegas are looking at disturbing new details behind sunday's mass shooting. the authorities are attempting to decipher a note left behind by the gunman. we'll have the latest next. ♪ can i kick it?
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this morning chilling new clues in the las vegas investigation. authorities are still trying to determine a motiveby mind the massacre. >> president trump ominous warning. >> maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm before the storm. >> military leaders cryptic message comes from the trump administration preparing to decertify the iran nuclear deal. welcome back to "early start" everybody. i'm dave briggs. extraordinary. >> i'm christine romans, 30 minutes past the hour.
2:31 am
he left no manifesto, no evidence of a motive but investigators are discovering disturbing clues. one law enforcement official telling cnn this chilling detail. the shooter tried to buy tracer ammunition at an arizona gun show in recent weeks. >> tracer rounds, like those you see here, are completely legal, they have a coating or charge that burns brightly when fired and they could have allowed the gunman to target his deadly fire much more accurately. officials say the shooter bout other ammo but could not obtain these rounds. le there's also new details about the note left in the room. the sheriff telling the "new york times" the note contained numbers. >> it now appears the gunman was not just targeting people a as he fired from the mandalay bay. >> a large fuel tank in near by
2:32 am
mccarran international airport. there's zero chance it could cause an explosion. >> there's new information how the shooter was casing his targets. in august, someone named stephen paddock reserved a room in the black stone hotel with a view of the music festival. that person never checked in. it was not immediately clear whether it was the same people who killed 58 and injured hundreds. there's new video of the moments following the attack as good samaritans jumped into action. the we want to warn you, this video may be disturbing. >> where's the guy with the double shots? >> hospital now. has a through and through in his arm. >> anybody else?
2:33 am
>> get in the truck. get in the truck. get behind the pole. >> not right this second. hang on a second. what's that? this is important. okay? you got a driver for thisening? i'm sure. >> terrifying to see. >> let's bring in a former secret service agent. good morning, sir. what do you think is most significant piece of new evidence or new reporting we've learned in the last 24 hours or so? >> well, it's this creep of information. it's the piece by piece building blocks we're putting together to build a profile of this individual. let's just take a step back. this new fact he went out to try to ascertain tracer rounds.
2:34 am
again, now this starts going into he was obviously thinking about firing in low light situations, as was reported earlier. the tracer rounds aid a shooter in low light situations, in better target acquisition. that is a dangerous and disturbing fact, again, now still building into this profile of the shooter. we've come a long way from monday trying to build this together. the more of this information that comes out, the more disturbing it is. >> clearly i'm sure authorities are talking to his girlfriend who's now back in the country. that will be incredibly important to help round this out, because frankly, it's difficult to find any friends of his. his own brother, when they talked to his own brother, he painted a picture of a guy that didn't seem to know very well quite frankly. and he is somebody who paid cash for properties. seemed to like privacy. a prolific gambler, real estate
2:35 am
speculator, a retired accountant who had plenty of money. he doesn't fit a profile that we've seen before. >> no. absolutely. so what investigators are looking at is alternative personalties that he may have. other lifestyles he may have led that aren't directly related to this. so look at his activity around gambling, shooting. again, those things there are a little bit out of the norm from what people have thought of him. so, they're going to start looking at different groups, different threads through an investigative process to actually see who he engaged with activity with other groups. was he living in alternative live style potentially where close friends and family have no idea what he was doing but actively engaged in other types of activity? so this is something we'd love to come up with a motive right
2:36 am
now for closure for all of the victims, but this is going to be obviously a drawn out investigative process to piece together who this individual actually was. >> the fact that he attempted to rent out a condo overlooking the festival that a person named stephen paddock had a room overlooking the lollapalooza, what does it tell you about his intention? was there any particular group he was targeting? >> we've seen, as the investigation moves forward, we're seeing levels of detail in pre-attack planning. whether it was for this specific incident or potential other targets with great specificity. looking at angles, looking at the selection of the hotel room, looking at events. all of this starts painting a picture of very detailed pre-attack surveillance, looking at target acquisition, again,
2:37 am
all of these facts, every time something comes out, it becomes more and more disturbing. >> let's talk about these bump fire stocks. as a former law enforcement and someone who's had to protect people to are a living, what's your personal view here on these stocks and whether they should even be out there? >> listen. the bump fire stocks are legal, first of all. so there's going to be a debate as to whether or not should be greater restrictions. the atf i believe was reported in 2010 allowed them to be out in the market place. it goes to the person's intent. what is your intent to do with any type of firearm. this is a conversation that the country as a whole is going to have to get together on. i believe i just saw some recent information that the nra is looking to start a positive conversation around these types of devices. but i will say, any weapon used
2:38 am
with malicious intent is going to cause harm regardless of the modification. >> yeah. sure is kind of confounding for law enforcement to have a device that makes it that much easier to kill more people. >> absolutely. very difficult. >> certainlydded t the death toll. the nra putting it on the atf. thank you. >> nice to see you. >> ahead, president trump preparing to decertify the iran nuclear deal. says iran has not lived up to the spirit of the deal. this is the president warns of a calm before the storm in front of military leaders. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> all right. 38 minutes past the hour. the many people pay for a sports club and rarely go. here's how one entrepreneur reinvented that traditional gym membership. >> it took us three to four years to get people to go to
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break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. president trump plans to decertify the iran nuclear deal next week. once the president announces the move, congress has 60 days to figure out a way forward. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster is not sold on the idea. secret rex tillerson is workg behind the scenes as the
2:45 am
de line draws closer. let's go to washington bring in chris. good to see you. james mattis, he also said it is not in our national security interest to get out of this deal. what does it mean for our standing with our allies and what does congress do to this if in fact he gets out? >> sure. so this is kind of the fine line of what desert fication actually is. because the legal implications of it. the effectively by doing this you're just puchbtsing the issue to congress to give them a couple of months to potentially act. there are certain sack shns they can re-impose, take certain actions as relates to some non nuclear stuff and you can talk to republicans around capitol hill, and there are a lot of -- very, very messy situation. but to your point, as it relates to our standing, you have to
2:46 am
think about the paris climate accords. where is the united states standing with respect to all this stuff. >> the secretary of state, we're told, is working hard behind the scenes to try to contain all this, but the question is how much support is rex -- is rex tillerson able to do his job if the rest of the world things he and donald trump aren't speaking with one voice? >> it's a difficult issue because we have one example recently of the stuff about rex tillerson talking about getting some diplomatic stuff done withmawith north korea, you have to wonder how much latitude does rex tillerson actually have to do something like this when the president seems pretty avowed that he doesn't want to have nic to do with this. >> there's the all too real realty show. president trump with this ominous warning last night.
2:47 am
>> you guys know what this represents? maybe it's the calm before the storm. >> what's the storm? >> could be the calm before the storm. >> what storm, mr. president? >> you'll find out. >> this is right before dinner. i don't think he meant they were going to have a cary yoeng can i throw-down r. >> the way he repeated it, the calm before the storm. it kind of sounded like a grandfatherly thing telling a scary bed time story around christmastime. i think sometimes have to remember the president just rips on things. you have to remember his style. we've gotten to know it quite well. this is one of the most ubiquitously covered individuals in the history. american politics. as a result of us getting familiarized. it's his very nature.
2:48 am
sometimes i think we have to keep in mind maybe the calm before the storm is a ref he renc to nothing. maybe dinner, who knows? >> my grandfather told me a story about a guy that cried wolf. >> i just miss the time that words mattered. but let's move on to the potential for gun legislation, the nra coming out and at least opening the door for restricting these bump slide stocks but they want to put it on the atf. not on the new legislation. the cover says yeah, pigs fly. referring to the nra opening the door to some type of legislation. if you're a betting man would you say there's any chance of anything happening on guns? >> it depends on how ambitious. let's take the legislative portion here. i certainly still need to get
2:49 am
clarity. on the legislative end you hear republicans talk. john cornyn, senate number two. the number 3. carlos car bell low. other republicans who are standing with him. saying that we need to look into this. regulating these bump stocks. when you have that type of push and hear the nra itself come out and ex plore this type of think i do think it's absolutely possible. the but you wonder when it comes to legislation you have to imagine the democrats are going to be more ambitious than regulating this one thing. >> thanks so much. nice to see you. >> big baseball fan. a lot of games tonight.
2:50 am
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all eyes on the caribbean this morning tracking tropical storm nate, already it's killed 20 people in central america and prompted states of emergency along the east coast. >> let's bring in derek van dam for the very latest. >> good morning. we have the latest 5:00 a.m. advisory from the national hurricane center. kurmts sustained winds from tropical storm nate still at 45 miles per hour. . so no official strengthening although the latest satellite loop showing some organization. now it's got the yucatan peninsula in its eyes, places
2:55 am
like cancun and cozumel will likely see rain and tropical storm force winds. of the after that it's going north. that means the gulf of mexico, across louisiana and alabama, as well as the florida pan handle. could see impacts from at least a tropical storm. the details still need to be ironed out. one thing for sure, the national hurricane center has issued hurricane watches from central louisiana. tropical storm watches across parts of the florida pan handle. le we also have storm surge watches for bull -- in terms of time frame, the next 24 hours, conditions will detee yor rate across the nort eastern yucatan
2:56 am
peninsula. back to you. >> all right. derek, thanks for that. happening today vice president mike pence travels to the u.s. virgin islands. he'll meet with governors and take aerial tours. the puerto rico government announcing 9% of customers have electricity. 54% have running water. slight improvement from last week. also told more than 8,000 people are staying in shelters across the island. le meantime a kpoeszer and 22 of his friends are releasing a new song to raise money. >> a lot of celebrities stepping out to raise money and keep the awareness going here. >> that's great. another celebrity. harvey weinstein planning to sue the "new york times" over what he calls faulty reporting in a story detailing decades of sexual harassment claims. it identifies several of his accusers including actress
2:57 am
ashley judd. he reportedly reached private legal september the with at least 8 women. apologized for his behavior. he's committed to changing his ways, republicans meanwhile calling for democrats to give back political donations from wine stein, which there are many. >> if you're saying he had bad behavior and change his ways, why is he suing? >> he said they didn't give him enough time to respond? interesting. he's acknowledging there was bad behavior. let's get a check on cnn money stream this morning. friday morning. global stocks are mixed. wall street's winning streak endures here, four days in a row. the dow, nasdaq and schltd and p 500 hit record highs. never before have these been as high. the here's a news flash, six days of records for the s and p. that hasn't happened in 20 years. one after the other.
2:58 am
stocks current record run is fuelled by hope for tax reform. even the president celebrating, tweeting about the all time highs, seeming to take credit tore them. tweeting about the low jobless rates, a nice reminder. by the way the president is see the jobs num ber the day before it comes out. it's possible he already knew what that september report was going to say. it is due out at 8:30 eastern time. and we think the hurricanes can cause job losses. spread of expectations, some economists think you'll lose jobs others, gain. who knows what that number will be. netflix is raising its prices for the first time in two years, standard and premium will rise $1 and $2 each. current users will get 30 days notice. is that extra cash will help pay pore knew programming. the company going to spent there
2:59 am
is 6 billion this year alone. >> can elon musk fix the broken power grid. he is suggesting solar as the long-term solution. tesla team has done this for many smaller islands so it can be done for puerto rico, he tweeted. the decision is up to puerto rican officials. they say the island could be a flag ship project. the company has built solar grids for islands before on much smaller scale. >> his latest tweet says it all. i believe i can fly. >> that's it tore in morning. i'm dave briggs. have a great weekend. le "new day" right now. someone by the same name as the shooter rented a hotel room kwrefr looking grant park in august. authorities are analyzing a note the shooter left in the hotel room. every day it becomes more confusing.


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