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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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humanity, people in a split second showing the contend of who they are. just amazing stories, erin. >> just amazing stories we had seen. people we were talking to -- we were talking to jonathan smith yesterday, he said i'm no a hero i just did what needed to be done. thank you so much. "ac 360" is next. breaking news out of las vegas, john berman here in for anderson. new word on what the gunman first took aim at even before he began firing on 22,000 people at the music festival below. cnn's brian tomas has that and more. brian, the shooters target may have not been the first target at the concert. what are you hear g from your sources? >> reporter: a short time ago, investigators believed the gunman fired first on a aviation fuel tank before he fired on the
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concert venue. one aviation fuel tank was hit, that fuel tank is along the airport's western perimeter. from our calculation it's about 766 yards away from the gunman's position at the mandalay bay hotel. he fired first, they believe hefired first at that fuel tank before he fired at the concert venue, that fooul tank we believe is 766 yards away from his position. the spokesman's for the airport tell us two rifle rounds did hit the fuel tank and one over the rounds went inside the tank but did not cause any explosion. the spokesman reiterating that gun shots do not ignite jet fuel, so it did not cause an explosion. that was a 43,000 barrel tank, john, this shooter took aim at before he fired on the concert
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venue. a source telling us about a note found in the room, it contains only numbers, not letters or words. they're analyzing that tonight, only numbers on that note no letters or word according to our source. >> we now know about the timeline lieding up to the shooting, what do you know about that? >> reporter: is undersheriff of clarke county saying tonight they believe the gunman made several trips to and from his room with weapons and ammunition in the days leading up to the shooting. that speaks to the nature of the attack and the planning involved. they say he did make several trips to and from, of course we've been reporting he brought the materials up in different suitcases. so again, adding to the information we're getting on his level of planning, his attention to detail, wanting to sneak some of that material up to his room. the guns and ammunition, we know
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they found 23 guns inside the room, multiple clips of ammunition. we now know from the undersheriff of clarke county he made several trips to and from the suite with the guns and ammunition before the shooting. >> interesting. brian todd thank you. the fact that with everything else authorities have uncovered they have yet to uncover a motivate. cnn's alex joins us with that. did officials say anything more about this motivate in the press conference today or lack thereof? >> reporter: total lack thereof, john. the same undersheriff that brian was speaking to spoke with other reporters that are saying now five days after the massacre still no idea on what the motivate was. they have been digging on every aspect of his live from birth to death and they have been coming up empty. one thing they did confirm,
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there was no one else in the room with the shooter, that he acted alone that night. that's not to say that at some point along the line he didn't have some sort of help. the police have said given the amount of ammunitions, weapons and explosives, the preparation the shooter had, at some point it's possible the shooter did indeed have help. the shooter did try to buy what are known as tracer rounds, that was at a phoenix gun show a few weeks ago. tracers would have allowed the shooter to aim better. tracers illuminate as soon as their fired. as you're shooting in the dark as the shooter was, you could see what you're shooting at. he was not able to buy any tracer rounds. we're also confirming the shooter was a fan of cruises. he took many cruises overseas to europe and to the middle east. among those he took his
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girlfriend along on nine of them. it may have been he enjoyed cruises because they have casinos. >> what says the explosives in the car wharks did we learn about that? >> reporter: we know he had a lot of it. 50 pounds of explosives called tannerite, it's a combined explosive, they've been combined to create 50 pound, which is quite easy to set off. you can fire a round into tannerite and it blows up. he had 1600 rounds ammunition along side that tannerite in his car here at the mandalay bay. was he planning on blowing up that car, using it as a escape plan or carrying out an attack or another attack i should say? the undersheriff today said that all he knows it was part of what he told the shooter's intent. >> that undersheriff also had more about the security guard at the mandalay bay who was the
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first one to come across the shooter. this man sound like he saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: he did. the undersheriff wanted to make sure we knew his name, jose campos. while the shooting was taking place, he wen up to the 32nd floor which is where the shooter was. this is by chance, the mandalay bay have a system that if a door is left ajar an alarm goes off. there was a door left ajar and he went up to check it out, there he was shot by the shooter. he had a camera in the hallway, he saw campos coming in. he fired some 200 rounds into the hallway. one of which struck campos in the leg. he was able to retreat, call the dispatcher who called the police, they were able to pinpoint the location of the shooter. he was able to save many many lives. >> one of the heroes in the many many heroes savoring lives.
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thanks alex. so many important questions remains. here to talk about it james, phil mud and mattery ellen. phil, we've been talking all week, you've indicated investigators are let tell -- telling us much -- asking the public for tips, do you still think they're in a good place in this investigation? >> depends on how you define good place. look at where we'd be, this is a substantial amount of time, this five days in an investigation with these am of resources. they've interviewed most of the people who they want to interview, they might even be starting secondary interviews going back to people. if you're looking at the data they're acquiring, everything from the subject's google
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searches to his telephone records. all that has been sifted through and that time line have to come together. i suspect the girlfriend is cooperating, she's adding color to that two dimensional time line. the air gap here, john, is do they have ideas, avenuings, are interested in pursuing motivation, i'm sure they do. are they confident to reveal motivations to the press, no way. >> the fact they're putting up billboards, can you read something to that, can you read they're not getting enough on their own and still feel like they need more? >> john i ran an upstate new york office, we had fugitives and information we need to get to the public we won clear channels billboards. what is so baffle b about this case kind of to phil's point. folks that i've talked to, law enforcement connected to the case have said to me, there's no
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better description of this subject than an i anything may. every day it seems like we learn more things and less becomes clear. the method dog, the planning he did the mil stair-style tactics they're becoming more and more clear and the motivate seems to be seeking more and more into the distance. >> so mary, the fact that motivate is so hard to pinpoint right now, does that still you tell about the killer? >> it does. in part it's keeping with his incredible secrecy which he lived his life. as i watch and follow this, this was really a tremendously amazing grand finale for him. now the question is this, was there something that triggered him out of anger or disgust or frustration with the hotel or las vegas itself or was this an act he had been planning for many years, especially in his
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thinking. and then there was something that occurred that made him decide, now's the time to do this. and i am wondering if that's going to be the i know result of all this. >> 30 guns in the last year, maybe the year out is the right time. mary ellen, the numbers, there's no pad left with just numbers, no suicide note. what do you make of that? >> i think the numbers are in keeping with who he is as an accounting and numbers person. it could have been something relative to gambling, numbers relevant to pick up this gun three times, do this three times. it could have been that kind of remind to himself. he's a numbers' man and operates on numbers. i think it's just in keeping with what he did probably every day. and his girlfriend will be able to corroborate that or come up with a different explanations when they ask her. did le keep messages and pad or paper and did le write down
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numbers, and what were those numbers. they'll feed to be a corroboration to make sense out of that. >> the fuel tank was the first thing shot ate before the crowd, if in fact it was aiming for the fuel tank there, e erroneously thinking he could blow it up, what does that tell you about it? >> first of all, the tracer rounds he attempted to purchase and wasn't able to do so, they have a device on the i know of it and they come in four to one ratio. it was very difficult to see the multiple flashes from the window on the 32nd floor because he appeared to be indifferent back inside. the tracer round would have detected his accuracy and helped law enforcement determine where he was. could he have been firing them at the tank because he thought he could have struck the tank
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and exploded them, yes. but this is what everybody says is a smart man. we know rifle rounds is not going to ignite jet fuel. so. >> there are security cameras every where and police say they have footage they're going through right now. what will they be looking for here beyond the shooter's move? >> i want a people game here, there is still a people' game. anybody he sad next to, sat next to at the slot machine or anybody he saw in the hallway. the question is, i want to see every single face that said a single word and i want to find him. when you think about that billboard question we had earlier, if there's someone who passed it in the hallway and seen that billboard, every conversation count especially if your a couple days from the act, john.
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>> mary ellen, what about key witnesses here, in particular the girlfriend, what can you tell about her and from what we heard based from her lawyer? >> there's a little bit of conflict. for example if her statement she saw nothing, heard nothing, was aware of nothing, but then she started -- she supposely made a statement about him having sleeping problems and wake t up in the middle of the night. then there's an interview done with his hairstylist who commented supposedly he was thinking about sending her back to the philippines two months prior and she was in the same room when the statement was made. that was a conflict of what she knew, saw and heard, which again suggests to me, she's been with him, been on a cruise ship with him nine time, she spent sometime with him and knew where he went.
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she is aware of more and she may not know what she doesn't know so they need to keep talking to her. >> thank you so much everyone. this has been such a long and terrible week in las vegas. and so many other places have lost neighbors, friends, parents, children. anderson presents a tribute through the eyes of people who knew them best. this is called "las vegas lost" premieres tonight here at 9:00 on cnn. later we're talk to one of the hurricane casers in a plane in the storm himself about what he's seeing and what it means for everyone in nate's path. "grandma! grandpa!"
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you could see some of the frustration authorities must have written on the face of las vegas, police jurn sheriff, kevin mcmahill as he took questions this afternoon. a lack of evidence for items to fit into the picture, such as the explosives, 50 pounds of the compound tannerite. >> sorry to tell you i don't know what he was going to do with all that tannerite, wish i did. we continue to try to find that information out. >> no answers but no shortage of theories. cnn's tom with more. >> reporter: whack 50 pound of exploding target compound do,
5:19 pm
just watch. that's how much authorities say they found in the shooter's car. youtube is filled with people setting off other large amounts. exploding targets were developed so marksman can see when they hit them at great distances. the company make them was sold by tannerite. combine with small amounts and set off with high-velocity bullets. tannerite is aechb used as a generic term for exploding targets. companies say it's not sure if the vegas shooter actually had tannerite products or some other brand. the officials say the only proper use is as a shot's indicator. it's not designed to destroy property. still, the easy availability and
5:20 pm
potential for his use triggered this bulletin for years ago. the fbi has identified multiple incidents where criminal and extremist has explored the possibility of buying the mixture obtain from exploding targets to commit criminal and terrorist acts. if the las vegas gunman had plac placed some of that material down the street and aimed at it with the scope rifle -- >> it could have been detonated from those rifles from the 32nd floo. one, to creating chaos among the crowd and secondly, the result of the explosion, widespread she rap nell raining on the crowd. >> reporter: the indications are profound, considering how often these materials are used for unintended purposes, accidentally endanger and
5:21 pm
injuring people. a warrior from the woman taking this video said she was 150 feet away from less than three pounds of explosive target material, not tannerite but a similar product inside a refrigerator. >> oh [ bleep ]. hey call 911. >> oh my god. >> reporter: a fragment from the blast nearly ripped off her right hand. so how much power was packed into this gunman's car? if he set off all 50 punished of this stuff which investigators say they found he could have easily slung shrapnel the length of a football field in all zreks. likely today we'd be talking about more dead and wounded. >> one more note on the las vegas shooting. early in the program we talked about the shooter's girlfriend, mary lou danley, later tonight her attorney released a statement saying she continues to cooperate fully and will not
5:22 pm
be making public statements in the future. up next, nate takes aim at new orleans. we'll get the latest forecast and talk to another hurricane hunter, part of the team that flies planes right into the storm. that's when we continue. seems a? na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online, but "they" are buying them to protect their secrets?!?! hi bill. if that is your real name. it's william actually. hmph! affordable, fast fedex ground.
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after so much damage, so much heart ache, so many lives lost or changed forever, yet another dangerous storm heading our way. this time it's new orleans getting ready and mobile policewoman. this storm is named nate.
5:25 pm
we have information on when it may be and how bad it could hit. allison joins us with the latest. >> we just got the latest up date at the top of the hour. the winds have increased, up to 65 miles per hour. now gusting up to 750 miles per hour. this storm is going to the yucatan channel as we speak and from there push out to the gulf. we have hurricane watches and warnings as well as tropical storm watches and warnings. the latest is not only is new orleans at the city of that hurricane warning but cities like atlanta -- birmingham and new orleans. areas like mobile, biloxi and new orleans likely to get storm surge at 5 to 8 feet. surrounding areas on both sides, 4 to 6 feet from there. the question becomes that tied in with the amount of rain.
5:26 pm
widespread you're talking 2 to 5 inches but there will be some areas in the outer bands where you get the down pours. they could end up saying 8 to 10 inches of rain. the track of this storm takes it up through the gulf and eventually making land fall to the east of new orleans. >> how does this path compare to some of the other storms we've been seeing? >> that's a great question. both florida and texas have been hit from this storm. this is going to be a bit different. for starters you have a huge high pressure system sitting over florida, that's going to block it from going too east into the peninsula area. in theory if it kept going if the same direction. it will likely encounter texas. you have this jessica stream, this area you can see there that's coinciding with a cold front. it's causing severe weather across the plains. that is not only going to steer
5:27 pm
nate away from areas of texas, but also going to have to do with the long-term track of where nate goes. for example, take a look at this. after it makes landfall, it continues up to the north and east impacted a dozen more states including cities like atlantic, new york, washington, d.c., as well as boston. >> before you mentioned the wind speed, are they still forecasting this will hit the gulf coast as a category one or could it be stronger? >> so, the national hurricane center's official forecast says category 1 but there are models stating it could be liar like category 2. the warm water is there, the fuel is available, the question is does it have enough time to intensify more than just a category 1 before it makes landfall. >> really they occupational have one day to get ready at this point on the gulf coast.
5:28 pm
allison thanks so much. enc is the flight director from the hurricane hunter. i spoke to him by phone as he flew around the storm. ian you've been in the air tracking tropical storm nate, what have you been able to observe? drs we've been dropping these instruments all throughout the gulf of mexico and these are like weather balloons. they're going to paint the nice picture of what the steering fluid is and what the environment out in front of me is. that information's going to get into the hurricane and global models and whe're going to try o get the information from the weather center to predict where nate is going and how strong. everybody in the gulf coast, new orleans, mississippi coast, mobile all the way to pensacola you need to be on alert.
5:29 pm
>> yeah, they're waiting to hear from you. this is your second flight into the storm, how has it evolve since your last flight? >> yesterday evening it was kind of how we would describe as sloppy, the thunderstorms weren't very well organized. they were centered -- that weren't really centered around the core. tonight, as we were flying around the tropical storm, it was starting to really get its act together. the thunderstorms consolidated around the center and the winds are starting to respond to that. i think they're up to 50 miles per hour. >> you say it's starting to respond to that really getting its act together. but the measures you've been taking duds it look like it's strengthening? >> yes, it has been strengthening over the last few hours. the treasure's -- pressure's been dropping. it's a matter of time to see how strong it's going to be and that's really why we're out here
5:30 pm
to help the national hurricane center figure out the answers to these questions. how strong and what the the impact going to be when it arrives. >>ian sears thanks so much and thank for being with us. just ahead, exclusive new cnn reporting, what we all been ledding to is about the president's anger is led toward the plan who called him a moron. it could have more to say about the chief of staff, john kelly, and his relationship with the boss. except when it comes to your retirement plan. but at fidelity, we're making retirement planning clearer. and it all starts with getting your fidelity retirement score. in 60 seconds, you'll know where you stand. and together, we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. ♪ time to think of your future
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imagine what we can do for you. the president chief of staff is struggling to control the white house chaos after secretary of state rex tillerson reportedly called the president a moron. are john kelly's days number and is he running in the same reality of his press seder, reince priebus that there's no controlling donald trump. gloria has been working the source as she joins us now. so gloria, new information about what happened this morning between the president and chief of staff, general kelly. >> yeah, it wasn't pretty or easy. the president was so furious at the rex tillerson situation, john kelly found himself having
5:34 pm
to navigate between two men who are fed up with each other. sources sell cnn that kelly suggested to the president, we were told it was in a nuanced way, that if tillerson left, kelly's own ability to do his job properly would be at risk. this is generating new information in washington about how long kelly's going to last. >> what do you think it says about general kelly standing in the west wing? >> i think clearly general kelly has had problems in his relationship with this president, john. i think that they are sometimes at odds with each other. just the other day, the president, you know, criticized the military in front of -- in front of general kelly. i'm sure general kelly didn't like that. and things were going to be smooth when kelly took over. everybody thought that kelly was going to impose, kind of this
5:35 pm
military-style of order in the white house. what he did, was he closed the president's, you know open door. limited calls from all of his friends outside. there are people in the white house who don't like that and some say the president doesn't like that. in truth, kelly is running into the same reality that reince priebus faced is that nobody can control donald trump. >> true. essentially the deck has been stacked against him from the beginning because of the the way the president operates. >> well, think of all the things that have been happened sense kelly took over. he said both sides are to be blamed in shacharlottesville. he tweeted about mitch mcconnell. somebody said it's a tough job and you're not going to change this president. i think kelly is finding that in every way that he can,
5:36 pm
particularly since trump still finds ways to talk to the people that kelly wants him not to talk to anymore. some of those people say look, kelly has brought some discipline to chaos, and there is that point of view, but everybo everybody also knows one opinion matters on this, and that's donald trump. on any given day, donald trump can have an opinion about what he thinks of general kelly and i think he knows it. but sara sanders was asked today at the white house whether the president had confidence in his staff at the warehouse. she said yes, but after asking that question after three months that said a lot. >> gloria thank you. perspective now from general mart. general martin i want to start with you because you know how
5:37 pm
general kelly operates. would it surprise you that the secretary of state and the general was pushing to some kind of breaking point? >> don't know john, but i can tell you john kelly is in this for per perfection. he's in this for his country. he'll continue to lead up as best he can. i'm sure it's frustrating at times. i can imagine the contest he's experiencesing between the personalities, e zbgos and processes that donald trump has brought to office that kelly is not use to under other administrations. >> there was this idea that if anyone can bring discipline and order to the white house it was general kelly. procedurals on the president's reading material he seems to be effect i have. so you can fix that but not things like open fights against the president and secretary of state, what does that say about
5:38 pm
his ability to do the job as chief of staff? >> it says that it maybe no one can be an effective chief of staff with a president who's temperaturement seems so ill suited for the job. donald trump has been known as a massive narrow cyst, but what we're loeearning over time is wt an kpoef temper he has and how he cluhews out people. general kelly, upon going back to his office told me, in 35 years of military service i have never ever been treated like that and i will not stand for it. i think there is a limit to his patients. what's interest, people don't quite know what the reality is, that secretary of state tillerson and secretary defense mattis and general kelly and perhaps mcmaster and maybe even
5:39 pm
the chair of the joint chief of staff, they seem to have some sort of informal agreement about how to hold things together. the senator said this week that mattis and tillerson and kelly are what stands between us and chaos. so, this is serious, that men are such heavy weights, and we ought to give credit to the president for bringing in heavy weights but he has to learn how to live with them if this is going to have any symptom ambulance of order. >> it is interesting that the secretary of state called the president a moron, that at least the president has heard that and willing to keep him on. i think there's a lot of bosses wol not be willing to keep on for a day, let alone week or months someone who called him a moron. so there is that. general i was to ask you about
5:40 pm
something dplgloria mentioned. the president this week seemed to criticize the military. he told the leaders and admirals they want battle plans as a faster pace than he's getting. is it possible to hear that anything other than than admonishmentment? >> the way it was delivered i think is more so important than the message. when i worked on the staff in 2001 i heard secretary bush say the first thing but it was behind closed doors. it's not something you say in front of a camera. you know, i'm judging the president not from the president's standpoint, i'll let david do that, but from a leadership and professionalism and a commandership standpoint. and leaders build trust and confidence within their teams. when you're talking about criticizing in public that erodes trust.
5:41 pm
i've fought with many of them who are in the room with the president, those guys have seen the storm, they have seen the calm and they also know what professional behavior looks like. sometimes when you're admonished like that in public it can do nothing but harm not only your month morale, but the soldiers and marines underneath you say, wow, my boss is getting his ass chewed by the president of the united states, it's not a good thing. it might be good for a television personality, it's not good for a commander and chief. >> general hartley, david guerrero began thanks so much. along those lines what does our political panel think about the chief, talking about calm before the storm surrounded by military leaders and refusing to elaborate or clarify. to borrow a phrase from the president, you'll find out next.
5:42 pm
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all right, it is known in this great profession called television as the t's we do it before a commercial break in order to hint without giving it away. what happens when the president, and it should be noted former t.v. reality star donald trump, employ the t's. it has an intention to be anything but harmless. especially when the president does it around military commanders. >> -- the calm before the storm. >> what storm mr. president? >> we have the worldest greatest military people in this room. i will tell you that. >> what storm mr. president? >> you'll find out -- >> as of yet we haven't found
5:46 pm
out that is. at today's white house press briefing, jim acosta asked if the president would be signaling his -- something he admired about richard nixon. >> there's a theory in washington, and forgive me if you've been asked about it before, that the president subscribed to this madman theory, he makes a lot of unsettling unputing off the wall comments. he like to throw people off. that's the point of making statements like calm before the storm. what is your sense of that? is that anything to that? >> i think the president addressed this himself. he doesn't want to play out his game plan for our enemies. if you're asking if the president trying to do that, absolutely. >> so, was it that or something else? nothing else? or maybe the president was simply doing what he's done
5:47 pm
almost from day one, namely whatever it takes to get people to stay tuned. >> healthcare and -- >> we'll see what happens. >> mr. president what will you do -- >> we'll have to see. >> mr. president are you considering military action in north korea? >> we'll see what happens. i'm not like the other administration that say we'll go into mosul in four months. we'll see what happens. i think you're going to fine interesting items coming to the fore front end over the next few weeks. i'm disappointed with the attorney general but we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens with mr. bennett. there was a big problem in cuba so we'll be announcing that fairly soon. we'll see what happens. >> mr. president do you plan to stay in the iran knee nuclear deal? >> we'll see --
5:48 pm
>> sorry? >> we'll see what happens or will we. what is the president up to this time. scott jennings, michael jones. scott, is there a storm, do you think the president is referring to the metaphor call storm coming? >> i think he has to make the world, people of north korea think there is a storm coming. that's the issue we have on the world stage right now where we're looking at the country trying to develop nuclear weapons and aim them at us. he has to maintain an idea that we're serious about a military option over there. if that's what issue is i understand what he's trying to do. orlando, none of us sitting up here have no idea what he means by this. sometimes i think he's filling a vacuum of silence in this room. we don't know, we can sit here and speculate. if we're talking about north korea i think the united states has to amen a concept of the way
5:49 pm
it orptsz. >> i think it's ridiculous. the fact of the military is obvious to everyone in north korea, south korea and seven billion people on planet earth. we have the biggest military in the world, the idea people may forget that, if the president doesn't say bizarre stuff for no reason, that's no excuse. you are playing with people's lives mr. president. if the president of the united states says to our adversaries with or voluntarily a plan, this may be the calm before the storm, we have assets out there who are going to be dealing with the consequences of that if he create a heightened sense of alarm with our enemies for no reason. i don't understand why we can't say that was a nutty thing to say. if he's got something to come it's nutty to signal it if he does it's reckless to put it out
5:50 pm
there. >> but the president has sent information that there is -- his chief of the white house gave an interview. we can't let them believe there may not be a serious option and that's somebody the president listens to. >> on this note scott, you're assuming the president was talking i think what that assumes is a level of stra jeejry as one of the previous presidents put it that may or may not be there. i think the reel that you showed of the clips is pretty telling. this is a tick and it's also very reminiscent of the tweet that the president offered up about the sort of wondering whether, moussing about whether or not there were tapes during the conversations between him and former fbi director comey. in that instance he sort of puts it out there. you get the sense that it was just sort of like something he
5:51 pm
said, but then he refuses to back down. he likes to drag it out. and remember, it wasn't for weeks. there was a press conference. he was asked about it. well, you'll see. you're going to be disappointed in the answer. it was weeks literally before we sort of got something of an answer on that and i think that's going to be the same thing here. >> this is a president who just says stuff, fills the silence in a room, but he says stuff, doesn't necessarily mean anything, then likes the reaction it gets. look, this is a guy who wrote on twitter coif he faye and then afterwards because he saw the frenzy that was created stoked it more and pretended -- >> it's really challenging to washington, to all of us who have sort of grown up taking all of these words seriously and with great weight and it's con founding to journalism. you saw how -- >> the press secretaries who are dealing with the thing didn't know what to do with it. sean spicer -- >> it's certainly hard for us professionals here, you know, in the bubble. it's hard on our military.
5:52 pm
i mean, that's the thing that i don't want to lose track of. if all he was doing was saying cofaye faye and we don't know how to cover it or spell it, that's the least of our problems. we've got adversaries out there now who have to assume the worst and then they start behaving in ways that are not helpful to our soldiers, air force and marines. >> this isn't a joke. we talk about the tease as if it's a reality show, but this isn't a reality show, scott. this is life and it's the lives of a million u.s. service members on the line right now. and the president at times seems to be saying, you know, well, tune in to see in our next episode if i deploy or troops in korea. >> we've never seen a president communicate this way, but we're going to be talking about this for the next however long he's in office because this is how he communicates. and i don't necessarily think he sees it as putting lives in
5:53 pm
danger. i think he seize it as way toy communicate to the world his intentions may or may not be, what they may or may not be. >> are you okay with that? >> well, you know, i worked in a white house. the president i worked for didn't communicate that way, and we made out just fine with it not doing it that way. so, you know, you played a montage where he says we'll see. well, oftentimes we see nothing happens. that's what we hope for north korea that we get a diplomatic solution. >> without saying whether or not you prefer or like the fact that this president does that, scott. >> well, put me down in favor of boring as mitch mcconnell would say. i sort of prefer boring. but then again, this president is not going to stop communicating the way he does. >> and michael, you're there in the white house. you often see the cleanup that takes place after it, you know, sarah sanders will come up and say no, no, no, he meant exactly what he said and you're just left to shake your head which was -- >> and what this -- the press
5:54 pm
operation in this white house has gotten very good at in the eight months that we've been in office is not giving an answer because they don't really know or they don't want to up stage the president or if they know that if they say one thing he might come back and say something else. and it's not just the press that's left guessing. it's also world leaders. i guess that's part of the point, right. know around the world at all levels who is interact wg this president are having to try to figure out a new way of decoding what exactly is it he meant. >> i think we all do hope is that those military leaders who were in the room with him meeting that they know. one way other the other they're not left guessing because if they are there's a real problem here. thanks for being here. i really appreciate it. coming up, remembering the loss in has rag. anderson as a special report at the top of the hour honoring the 58 lives that were cut short skpchlt up next we'll get an update at the scene of a memorial in las vegas.
5:55 pm
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5:58 pm
in just a few minutes at the top of the hour we honor the 58 people whose lives were cut short in the las vegas tragedy. this will air uninterrupted no kmernls and anderson will talk about each victim, who we know about their lives. it's one small way to remember the huge and senseless loss. another way is the memorial that is growing near the scene. gary tuck man is there. he joins us now. gary, i understand people from all over the world are leaving momentos there. >> that's right, john, las vegas is one of the top international zes nations of the world. you have a combination of people throughout the planet and people from las vegas who are gathering here, a center for mourning right now. this is literally a median strip on las vegas boulevard, very busy. cars coming on both sides.
5:59 pm
to my left is the mandalay bay hotel. to my right is the concert site. and this is the memorial that's been put into place. when you look at peoples faces you see the grief, tears. you see thousands of balloons, flowers, candle says, posters, pictures. for example, here, this is corey gal vinl. it says rest in peace stacy. you will always be in our hearts. 50-year-old mother of two. this is very interesting. many people are leaving these biebls. these are the gideon biebls that you get in your hotel room and many people have left them here in commemoration. you come down here, children are leaving momentos. god bless las vegas and the people who died from colorado. god mess las vegas. and right here you see a wreath. it says cypress police remember the fallen heroes. cypress is a police department in orange county, california. you know, it's kind of dangerous out here with the cars whizzing buys so they will have to be
6:00 pm
moved eventually, but it's beautiful display forth the families who died and the people who loved them so much. >> gary tuck man, thanks so much. and thank you all for watching this edition of 360. the special report las vegas lost, remembering the victims starts now. here is anderson. forth the next uninterrupted hour there will be no breaking news about the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history, nothing about the weapons he used, the target he chose, the tactics he employed or the moeks he may have had. we're setting that aside deliberately to bring you stories that too often get lost in the moment to moment coverage, stories of the fallen, not the killer. now, as you know, we don't name the killers on this broadcastment we don't show you their pictures. we don't believe history should remember the name of those who took the lives of others. we hope history remembers the names of all those who lost their lives. so for the next full hour, with no breaks in between, we'll