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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  October 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that you're looking at now. nobody said anything about a cave. hi, there, i'm brook wauld wn. thank you for being with me tonight. you're watching special coverage of the hurricane season which seems to have no end here. hurricane nate is hitting the gulf coast at this very moment with strong winds and heavy rain. first landfall came at the the mouth of the mississippi river. that was about two hours ago. and second landfall along the mississippi coast is expected soon. warnings and watches for storms, tor nadeose and surges are in effect from new orleans east to the florida panhandle.
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and we have reporters on the ground and in position ready to roll tonight. so let's find out exactly where nate is right now, where it's going. tom seder, i'm starting with you. >> it looks like this is 45 miles from bu loeksy. it's been moving at an incredible pace. these hurricanes do not like to move that fast because it keeps them from rapidly developing. so we did not get to category 2 status, thank goodness. it's been very difficult to find a center to the storm. there's been no apparent eye on the satellite imagery. each time they drop to the center, they drop a little drop sound that gives us a reading of
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the winds, pressure readings. on radar it's a little bit harder to see the eye. i'll come back to this image when we have a tornado watch. first, let me show you the issue and give you an idea of where our first landfall was. very hard to see where the center of nate is right now. coming up from the south, just barely clipping. so that was landfall number one. landfall number two is mentioned only hamiles away from bu this is live picture of boushen street, the winds really just barely blowing. just a little bit of a damp road. so they're missing out, which is some very good news. going back to our radar, an isolated tornado threat, we've had sirens going off in the
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area. but now it's a surge that could create a problem here. 3.5 foot surge already being reported. here is biloxi. if we had landfall around the midnight hour, you've got mobile high tide, biloxi is at 12:22. it'll push everything further in the inlets, into the canals. the wave heights are going to start to break down once the system makes landfall. watch this half started to deteriorate. actually they've taken him away from parts of louisiana, which is very good news. they've taken some of the watches away, the tropical storm watch for metro atlanta.
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although power outages i think is going to be an issue if the biggest threat really seems to be that storm surge. so coming up within the next 30 minutes or so with you, brook, we'll break down the threats for storm surge from community to community. because right now we're looking at biloxi to have possibly a 12 foot surge. >> we'll keep our eye on that and talk to you many more times. tom slater, thank you. he is live in mississippi near where that second landfall should be happening. martin, i see you're wet, some of the rain falling. how bad is it right now where you are? >> reporter: not so bad right now, but the winds are picking up. you already heard tom talking about the storm surge. that's their biggest concern
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here in this particular area. biloxi is definitely bracing for that. i don't think you can see it behind us, but you've got the lighthouse, you've got the pier. in between you've got highway 90. it runs right along the waterfront here. there is concern that's going to go under water tonight. that's going to be problematic mainly for the first responders. in fact, most of the smips coast has a curfew. it's not those who are going to be out traveling but those needing to respond to any kind of emergency. most casinos in the biloxi area have been shutdown. anything south of the sea wall, the concern was those megahotels and of course those casinos lure a lot of people in. of course with this storm they just want to be on the safe sound and not have this area filled with all sorts of vaccers and tourists. so they took those precautions.
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right now we've got gusty conditions at time,s, but it's that storm surge everyone will be keeping their eye on. >> live in biloxi with me on the phone is the mayor. thank you for being on the phone with me and understanding from martin and also tom, it's the surge that i would imagine is your biggest concern where you are. >> yes, that is. the winds come in bands. the water is rising a little bit. i think we have a high tide around midnight or 1:00. so the surge, we're anticipating 8 to 11 feet, which is significant. and that's still our big concern. but i think everyone has taken this seriously, and they have battened down the hatches and waiting for the storm. so we're hoping for the best. >> we are all hoping for the best. i think we've just seen a nasty hurricane season.
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and so the notion of just being cautious and being prepared is the best way to go. what -- in terms of first responders and folks like that, are they ready to roll? >> yes, they are. as a matter of fact, i was out on the highway right alongside the beach, the waterfront just a little while ago right before the curfew went out. but, yeah, everyone's paid attention and real hopeful that we'll have just minimal impact, you know, as far as harm to people and property. so we're all saying prayers to help that happen. >> yes, yes. curfew until 9:00 a.m. there in biloxi. you know i think the winds, 85 miles or so per hour, the fact that it does seem to be maybe moving a little bit faster i imagine hopefully that won't
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hover too long where you are. >> as far as the eye moving at that speed, i think that has helped the intensity and it seemed oo me it dropped a little bit. but still 80 plus miles an hour and significant water with it. so we're still very hopeful. >> last quick question, and then i'll let you go. what do you want people in biloxi to know? >> just that we're all in this together. and after the storm we'll, you know, do everything we can both from the federal, the state and of course your local level. so we've been in constant contact with all the mayors across the coastline. and i think we have with katrina back there 12 years ago, i think we've all paid attention. actually making sort of a test run of all the building codes and improvements we've had to minimize damage and those things. so this is coming to a little
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bench mark, and we're hopeful lessons were well-taken, you know, lessons learned. and the result will be great for us during this storm. >> yes, sir. we're thinking about you all. here's hoping it's just a lot of rain. but we'll be keeping a close eye on that. >> well, thank you for thinking about us. >> you got it. appreciate you. thank you. let's head east now to alabama. already almost 7,000 people in that state without power. ed lavandera is there in mobile. ed, how's it looking where you are? >> reporter: well, this the strongest wind we've seen throughout the evening and rain steadily falling down. this is far cry from anything we saw in hurricane harvey and irma and those storms. but nevertheless officials
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careful with the fact this storm is making landfall. especially since everywhere we've been along the gulf coast throughout the day we've seen a very relaxed attitude about what kind of damage and what kind of fear people have of this storm. so many people relaxed, kind of taking all of this in stride throughout the day. obviously thereat makes emergency management officials a little bit more nervous. people start feeling more confident, taking chances, perhaps chances they wouldn't normally take. but obviously urging peeople to stay in door, no reason to be out. as you mentioned 7,000 people already without power. we'll keep a close tab on that and see how that part of the story develops. right now this storm just coming through, just a real strong rain shower and steady rain that has
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fallen here in the course of the last few hours. and many people -- this is kind of in line with what people were expecting. we'll see how these conditions develop here in the hours ahead. but there have been a number of warnings, severe storm warnings, tornado warnings, tornado watches that have popped up. not just along the coastal areas here, brook, we're on the northern edge of mobile bay, but there have been warnings popping up further inland. so those are things people should be paying very close attention to, tornados popping up and these storms popping up in the middle of the night can be a treacherous situation, brook. >> you know the deal having covered both these horrible storms, both the storms, the hurricanes and all these alerts that pop up. thank you very much. we'll come back to our hurricane coverage momentarily. but a hand written note left in the las vegas shooter's hotel
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brook baldwin. we have new information tonight on a single note left in the las vegas shooters hotel room. and we'll show it to you right here. i know it's tough to see. it's under what appears to be a roll of tape next to a pen. police say the only thing written on this piece of paper is numbers. and investigators now think they know what those numbers mean. let's go to stephanie eleem. so what do the numbers mean, stephanie? >> reporter: well, brook, this is the newest development that we have on this, that investigators believe that the numbers were actually calculations. this news first being reported by cbs. what they believe is this was
7:17 pm
calculations rett calculations related to the distance and trajectory from his 32nd floor window to the concert venue. that's what they believe now was on that note. of course, this does not help make it any clearer what his motive was. still unclear about that, why he would do this. and that is very frustrating for investigators at this point. usually within a couple of days we're able to pinpoint why they would do something so heinous. still unclear here. also worth noting, brook, the man who really helped bring this man down and that is the security guard who came up to the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay. he came up because there was an alarm in a room several rooms down from the shooters suite. when he came up, they believe he saw that this man was coming,
7:18 pm
shot through the door, wounding him in the leg. but if it hadn't been for him showing up, it took away his attention from shooting in the venue. they say he never shot back outside because of that compos was able to alert security. brook, without that, just think about how many people may have died in this incident had that not happened. >> that's what we're all thinking when we hear that detail. this random alarm coincidently going off a couple doors down. it's been nearly a week now, stephanie. they've gone through his home, his phone, through his computers. everyone's asking the question why. iton't explain any of it, but do they have any lead to any sort of moat vagds here? >> no, and they're even talking about chasing down some 1,000
7:19 pm
leads and not being a able to figure it out. also the fact his car had 50 pounds of tannerite it, which is an explosive and ammunition rounds as well. they also had reason to believe he had planned to leave his suite after this massacre he was planning. but they didn't give detail as to why they thought that. still unclear why anyone would do this, unclear why this man would do this, and still no footprint. but they believe it must have been hard for someone to plan out something so intricate and not have any help along the way. so they're asking people who may remember anything it suspicious to speak up and say something to authorities. >> stephanie, live in las vegas. i want to hone in on that note in the hotel room and the calculations. so, art, with the calculations
7:20 pm
here scribbled on this notes, the distance and trajectory from that 32nd floor, does that sound to you like someone who truly knew what he was doing here? >> no, exactly, brook. look, i went through training as a counter sniper for the u.s. marshals special operation group. and that was old school style of how to get wind down, elevation, and off wind targets. that's what you did. you kept your notebook off to the side, looked at windage, elevation, distance to your target. you run it all down and figure out what the trectary of your rounds are going to be. that's not unusual. that makes sense to me. and considering he sat back away from the window and found a position that they could not see the flash out of the rifle barrel to me means he knew what he was doing. i keep going back to the fact
7:21 pm
that i would love to see what his library had and also what he was looking up for sniper classes, for sniper books. because this is classic -- this is what you do when you're a trained sniper. >> that's what i was sitting there wonder wrg, though, as you look at this note. you can only learn so much from a youtube video. >> right. >> how do you train to learn these sorts of things, the physics, as you pointed out the weather, how would he learn this the. >> well, he's not making a 1,000 yard shot. he's making a 400 to 500 yard shot. and, you know, i hate to sound cold and calculated, but the reality is that's not a difficult shot to make with the two weapons he had there, the toyota 223 and the .308 caliber sniper rifle he had rigged for that particular situation. and that's not a difficult shot. but you would take down --
7:22 pm
because he was elevated at such a high position, he took those clagzs down. and i hate to say it, but i would do the same thing in that particular situation. i would have worked out those calculations and figure out how to keep as many bullets on target as i could. >> here's my other question. i hear you saying it wasn't a tough shot, but how physically demanding it was. firing at that rate of speed, imagine it gets hot, a smoke detector went off. this is 60-something-year-old man that totally doesn't look like a navy >> right. and i'm sure he had adrenaline pumping through his system. thank goodness for the security guard that came up. >> because the alarm was going off. >> yes, and the alarm was going off. so there was a lot of things going on at that particular time. and the adrenaline pumping
7:23 pm
through his system must have been unbelievable. but i just can't imagine what was going through his head at that point iptime when he was lookalling at those people and firing rounds nonstop. and we heard the rat-a-tat-tat of the way those bullets came out of that machine gun from that bump stock. but it is -- i can't even imagine what was going through his mind. i don't think that anybody that has a sane mind understands what was going through this man's mind at that point in time. >> yes, special place in hell. thanks. we are try tracking the very latest with hurricane nate. be right back. 's time to wake up. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it.
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it is our breaking news this saturday night. a category 1 hurricane making landfall in the american gulf coast. the storm called nate rushed from from louisiana from the gulf of mexico triggering vacation warnings from new orleans all the way to the florida panhandle. right now the storm is packing winds at about 85 miles an hour. rosa flores is live tonight in new orleans. officials there understandably take hurricane threats very, very seriously. but does it look like hopefully new orleans avoided the worst of it? >> reporter: it really looks and sounds like new orleans has dodged the bullet here.
7:29 pm
you can see around me there's very, very light rain. we had a few bands earlier, but nothing major. one of the big concerns of course is still potential storm surge, but that's pretty much it. the hurricane warning was downgraded to a tropical storm warning. the curfew issue bide the mayor was lifted just a few hours after it was listed. so that's the good news, brook. the good news is people are back here on it streets of new orleans. people are back here celebrating. we've seen multiple weddings. i think it's safe to say for now new orleans have dodged a bullet, and i'm really happy to report that. >> i saw your second line wedding video right in front of the cafe there, love it. let's go to tom slater in the cnn weather center. new orleans is all right, but it's important to emphasize this
7:30 pm
whole storm surge issue, talking to the mayor of biloxi, that was his concern. is it more wind, more rain that's the issue? >> that's a great question, because this is not a maria, an irma, or a katrina. but the area is a small core near the center, which will be from biloxi, and then eastward. but, again, the last couple of days, brook, the path of the track was right over new orleans and then we had a bit of an eastern jog. we saw that earlier in the day, but didn't want to say anything just yet because of all the wind has been from the core eastward. dp news there. look at the winds. 85 miles an hour, you take those winds sustained in the storm and then you couple that with its movement at 20 miles an hour. so your wind damage, actually you're looking at maybe over 100, 105 miles an hour winds. so there will be some power outages. but it will be the threat of tornados now, the system getting closer and about the storm surge. we're only about 40 miles from
7:31 pm
biloxi and the coastline. let's look at google earth and the concerns we're going to have. in new orleans you're pretty much safe. my concern is like pon trpgrain. maybe going to be a minor problem. oats not going to be a katrina and the levies are going to hold. everyone here is going to see a pretty good storm surge. as we continue now to the east -- already seeing a 3.5 foot surge. and as we go into mobile bay, they're going to see water pushing into the area. when you see yellow on this map, that is 3 to 6 feet. orange is 6 to 9 and everything
7:32 pm
over 9 is red. this is where we had our first landfa landfall. this was earlier a north wind. but because the system is backing off in that area we're only looking at a 6 to 9 foot. notice the red, that's over 9 feet. so the wall of water will be pushing that. it's not just the first little inlets, but all the canals well inland that waters going to get shoved. and one more stop. here's a look at mobile bay. blue north would 1 to 3 feet and yellow 3 to 6. there's still going to be some concern here, but that is great news and it will not make it to category 2 status. >> i've got storm chaser mike theiss with us. talk to me about storm surge and
7:33 pm
what you're seeing out there right now. >> sarah, like you said it looks like we did dodge a huge bullet with this storm not strengthening to a 2 or higher. but if you look behind me you can see a storm surge coming right into my view. it has only begun. it's come up this high just about in the last 15 or 20 minutes where it started coming over the road here. >> so what are you looking to do as a storm chaser, mike? what are you there to see? >> i and just come here to document the audio and visuals for people. storm surge is going to be an issue. i don't want to down-play this, because it still has that surge pushing out. but if you look behind me it continues to rise.
7:34 pm
>> tom made the point storm surge 9 feet and northward. you know biloxi, i'm sure you chased storms down there before. are people prepared? >> people arepry ired. they bent through hurricane katrina, but they're definitely prepared for this and i think everyone may be breathing a sigh of relief. >> mike theiss in biloxi. let's talk charlottesville. the last time these neo-nazis were there in virginia, riots broke out. tonight, very briefly, they returned. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. it could save your life. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure
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in the mirror everyday. when i look when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am. i think is today going to be the day, that we find a cure? i think how much i can do to help change people's lives. i may not benefit from those breakthroughs, but i'm sure going to... i'm bringing forward a treatment for alzheimer's disease, yes, in my lifetime, i will make sure. welcome back. you're watchen cnn on this saturday night. i'm brook baldwin. a group of white ss prurned to virginia carrying tiki torches. keep in mind, this weekend is a big deal in charlottesville.
7:39 pm
it marks the bicentennial. and of course you remember it was charlottesville where white nationalests rallied in droves. one young woman heather heyer was killed. the mayor has tweeted just a short while ago. another depickable visit by neo-nazi cowards. you're not welcome here. go home. meantime we are looking at our legal options. stay tuned. just beginning with you, reading about this, you know, 20 minutes, much smaller crowd. it seemed like not violent, but still they were back. >> yeah, they were back. they are very commit today the idea of saying that this statue removal is a problem. but they also decry the loss of white rights. i mean typical white nationals
7:40 pm
rant you heard there. but the crowd was much smaller, the response was a little bit different. the mayor said all the right things. this is a bit different from a few weeks ago, but we don't want to diminish how significant it is particularly when they scream we'll be back. when you talk about domestic terrorism, that's always been a thing. and the clan screamed they'd be back. >> we remembered the way president trump responded and responded again, and then he was, you know, extraordinarily criticized. there was his whole on both sides comments. do you hope he weighs in? do you hope his response is different this time? >> yes, i hope he responds and i hope he gives the ideal response. similar to the mayor, this is depickable, there's no place for this ideology in our nation. although it xys, we hate it.
7:41 pm
that's what a white house should say. what trump should say, who knows. he could say i like the tiki torches. who knows. but i like the leadership here. many times trump says things people find offensive and they just brush past it. >> but they couldn't last time. >> then he doubled down on the wrong thing. and just last night donald trump, jr. tries to come back and defend those kmepts again. i think this time around the white house will be much more measured, careful and hopefully give a better response. >> it's a huge weekend in charlottesville, the bicentennial. tons and tons of people were in town. hopefully they were marching across around ground and on ground to call attention to themselves. do you see it as a positive they
7:42 pm
kind of came through with their tiki torches and that was that? >> you, look, the worst-case scenario is much worse than this. we could see violence. the death of heather heyer is still lingering in our minds as it should be. i'm happy they came and left and nobody said nothing about it, the fact there wasn't a big up roar is significant. at the same time, we have to remind ourselves this is a sector of the public. it's important we cover it, important we talk about, and important we know this is an artifact of a much bigger cultural moment in the united states. so i hope we keep talking about it but also we don't give it too much oxygen. hopefully the white house follows that lead. >> we'll see if they do. stay tuned to the twitter page of the president. >> eye glued. >> thank you so much.
7:43 pm
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president trump back in washington this evening after a quick trip to republican fund-raiser in greens borough, north carolina. but before he left the president went on a tweet storm, and shall we call it a talk storm about north korea and obamacare, his chief of staff and his relationship with his secretary of state. so let's go to greensborough and our white house reporter katelyn
7:48 pm
collins who's there. let's go back to this week where earlier the president was talking to reporters referred to this calm before the storm but didn't offer any details. he told a reporter in a follow up you'll find out. have we found out yet? >> reporter: no, we haven't. the president was actually asked directly on the south lawn before he was departing for that fund-raiser what he meant and what storm he was referring to. and his answer today just left reporters guessing with more. listen to what he said. so that calm before the storm wasn't the only vague remark that the president has made this week. he was asked just there at the end about a north korea remark he made on twitter today after he lumented he said that 25 years of bad negotiations with
7:49 pm
north korea and there was only one thing left to do. but he didn't tell anyone what that one thing left to do is, and when he was asked on the south lawn about it, he said you'll see pretty soon. i did ask the press secretary, sarah sanders about that remark, about north korea, asked what that one option left to do is. and she said she had nothing to add to what the president said, but did maintain all options are still on the table with north korea, brooke. >> okay, so the world scratching it head on both of those points. what about he was asked about his relationship with rex tillerson, his secretary of state. what did he say? >> reporter: yeah, so things are at all-time high this week after it was reported tillerson refer today the president as a moron earlier this summer.
7:50 pm
he was asked about their relationship. he said they have a good relationship but did admit they have some disagreements and admits tillerson needs to be tougher in some areas. we know what one of those disagreements is, and that's north korea. the president swiftly got on twitter and said he shouldn't waste his time trying to negotiate with them. but the president for right now is maintaining at least publicly that things are all good between brought up a couple of points. i have amy patterns with me here on saturday night, senior analyst correspondent at the hill and she's coauthored of shatters, inside hk's doomed campaign. thanks for hang out on a saturday night. >> thanks. >> let's begin what i was initially asking caitlin about, the whole calm before the storm comments and the what does that mean. it almost sounds like a whole stay tuned to the next episode.
7:51 pm
>> yeah. i mean, it's very out of the apprentice reality show host saying these things. and i think a lot of people in the room were like, is this fluster? no one knows if it's truth or blust ore if he's really saying something about iran or north korea. >> it was significant because he was flafrpged by military brass, so one would askblum assume. >> that it's military related, so it's like eenie meenie are, is it iran or north korea it's a huge zbleel either way it's a national security risk. recent people that i've spoke to said you can't telegraph what the united states is about to did, it's bad for everyone involved, it's bad for our armed forces. >> even he said you can't telegraph. >> yes, and here we are. so i think it's not playing very well, i think. you know, outside the white house. >> finally under the guessing game, president of the united states have been talking to north korea for 25 years. agreements made in massive amounts of money, paid hasn't
7:52 pm
worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry making fools of u.s. negotiators, sorry, but only one thing wl work. again today he was asked, sir, what's the one thing? he's not saying. >> right. >> if -- if he's saying that, you know, what secretary of state tillerson has done and the talking isn't working is that off the table and are we talking a military option? is there another option? you can't read the president's mind. >> right. >> but i mean we're all left wondering. >> and there's clearly a disagreement because people like rex tillerson wanted to discuss, other people inside the white house want to keep all options on the table and are pushing back lightly at his notion that, no, there is only one option. i think they -- a lot of people want to continue discussions and they kind of want to go in that direction. and you're seeing the disagreements kind of playout, this huge disagreement with tillerson and even with mcmaster
7:53 pm
in iran. >> yes. >> there's a lot of disagreement going on in the white house. >> since we mentioned tillerson and caitlin, there were the reports that he called the president a more on at the pentagon over the summer and much ado this week about their relationship and he's, you know, full throated endorsements from the president on his relationship with secretary tillerson. secretary tillerson is someone widely, widely respected. do you think just given the track record of others, do you think he's safe? >> if i were to guess, i don't think he is. i think this week he was kind of backed into a corner, he was playing to an audience of one, which is why -- this is a guy who doesn't talk to the press and here he was giving a press conference. >> forced to go out and praise the president. >> and then moments later you had president trump go out there and tweet about it. so he clearly was watching, wanted his secretary of state to do just as much. he was waiting for that and now
7:54 pm
you have him sort of saying their relationship is good. it's not that good. it's never fwhan great. he's always felt like he was in the shadows of jared kushner and steve bannon at the time. donald trump, president trump is sending jared kushner out to the middle east instead of rex tillerson. >> right. >> there's always been that tension there from the beginning. >> okay. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. hurricane nate weakening slightly and soon it will make a second landfall along the gulf would coast 369 we're live here on cnn tracking the storm. i'm brooke baldwin, back in a moment. fothere's a seriousy boomers virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it.
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good evening, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me on this special saturday night. you're watching special coverage of the third hurricane to hit the u.s. main fland all of six weeks. fast-moving hurricane nate hitting the gulf coast with strong winds and heavy rainfall. a first landfall came through at the mouth of the mississippi river about three hours ago now. but we are watching here for a second landfall near biloxi. that's expected very, very soon. and let me tell you tonight that there are warnings and watches for storms, tornadoes, and surges all the way from louisiana east ward toward that florida panhandle. and the storm has already started knocking out power in alabama. folks along the gulf coast bracing for a long, nervous night. and we have reporters ready go in all these different locations here. tom sator is ready to go as well. let me just begin with you. my goodness, you had harvey and
8:00 pm
then. >> yes. >> irma and now we're talking nate. what is going on this year? >> we went 12 years without a major hurricane making landfall in the u.s., the longest draut drought in history and we're make up for lost time. but believe it or not, nate is the ninth consecutive named storm to make it to hurricane strengthth. >> crazy. >> that's only happened once before in 1893 but they didn't have satellites back then so how did they know they were all hurricanes. but if we have hurricane force winds in mississippi and alabama, it's only the second time in history that all of the gulf coastal states this year have had hurricane force winds. we've had some hurricane gusts in parts of louisiana, venice is the name of the town there and now we're going to have some hurricane winds as we have landfall in about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. doesn't look impressive. the system's been moving so fast, hurricanes do not like to move this fast because they cannot generate any


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