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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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begin with important breaking news. deadly wildfires sweeping parts of california. 11 people have died and officials fear that number will rise. more than 100 people across california reported missing according to a sonoma county official. 17 active wildfires burning right now, and hundreds of homes have been destroyed. it's one of the worst fire storms in the state's history. let's go to miguel marcus in santa rosa. a neighborhood is unrecognizable. you are wearing a protective mask and we are seeing flames behind you. what can you tell us? >> reporter: winds changed directions and the smoke is blowing back on us. this is what is left of a hilton
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sonoma wine country resort. it's completely leveled. many areas of santa rosa california are the same. 11 dead and the sheriff's office believes that could go up because many people are missing. thousands of people left their homes with only minutes to spare because the fire was moving so fast. two hospitals were evacuated. 1500 structures in sonoma alone destroyed. one neighborhood, coffee park. the before pictures, a quaint and lovely little neighborhood, the after, just a firestorm completely leveling that neighborhood. 120,000 acres burning across california right now. in anaheim, hundreds of miles from where we are, another fire
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kicked up there. several houses destroyed. several thousand more in danger of being destroyed there. the only good news, if there is any good news in any of this is that the weather is starting to cooperate. the winds are dying down and the temperature is going down and humidity is going up. that may allow firefighters to get on top of this and get the upper hand and start fighting the fire head on. right now the fire is so widespread and so much damage out there, they are going to go back to places they have been fighting before just to keep them from flaring back up. >> thank you for your reporting. keep us updated. to politics, where a bitter back and forth between president trump and a top republican senator doesn't look like it will be over anytime soon. the president is not finished
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with bob corker. a different showdown could be on tap as tillerson meeting with president trump. let's go to the white house. the president, this morning, taking to twitter to make his feelings known about bob corker again. >> it's the latest volley in the back and forthwith senator bob corker of tennessee, and it goes all the way back to the violence in charlottesville, virginia, after the president responded to the violence there involving a white nationalists and neo-nazis, all the way through last weekend where there was a back and forth between the president and senator corker, and now this today, this tweet this morning reads, failing "new
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york times" set little bob corker up by recording his conversation to be made to look with a fool, and that's what i am dealing with. and the little bob corker reminiscent of what he said about marco rubio. we have been told the president is not through with corker. in some ways that's an attempt by the administration and the president's allies to show strength and an imphreusid threat not to mess with the president. and every indication this morning that the back and forth with the president and bob
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corker is going to continue. meanwhile, the president is expected to sit down and have lunch with his secretary of state, rex tillerson. as far as we know it will be the first time these two men have met since reports surfaced that tillerson referred to the president as a moron. the president actually responded in some degree to that situation in an interview with forbes online, and that was just published today. in the interview and the article written connected with it, the president both suggested the claim that tillerson called him a moron was not true but attacked tillerson just in case it was true, and the quote is i think it's fake news but if he did that, i guess we will have to compare iq tests, and i can tell you who is going to win.
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also in that article, the president was asked about his comment that tillerson was wasting his time on north korea, and he said in his view he was not undermining tillerson. back to you. >> a lot going on at the white house. it's just past 9:00 a.m. joining me now three people with extraordinary high iqs, new to cnn, lauren fox, a congressional reporter. let's start with you. a new tweet just moments ago from the president, and i don't know if it's l aoeufiddle bob c and talk about the strategy here. he needs corker because he needs him for a lot of reasons to approve appointments for key diplomatic posts and on tax reform. what is he thinking? >> what is happening is the
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president is frustrated with bob corker because he read comments from corker criticizing the president. there's no strategy in trying to make sure that his confirmation is sails smoothly through the senate. one of the things we have to be watching for here is that bob corker is not going to stop either. he's not going to seek re-election, and he's not afraid. >> steve bannon seems very much involved in the white house, and he is weighing and in and saying, look, no way corker should have gone there and he should resign. >> mcconnell and corker and the entire click establishment globalist click on capitol hill have to go. if bob corker has any honor or decency, he should resign
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immediately. >> i don't think that will happen? >> he said he will use this time left in washington to say what he wants to say. it's not a personal attack from bob corker. he's saying the staff is saving us from chaos. he is legitimately worried trump is unstable and dangerous and might get us into war with north korea or something like that, and corker is talking about a more substantive issue. >> i get that, but this is the same bob corker, the president was saying wild things campaigning, and bob corker stood next to him and campaigned with him and now it's a totally different tune. >> yeah, bob corker is speaking truth to power now but it's easier where he now announced he's not running for re-election. i agree with perry, he's not saying this as an insult.
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and because trump is so focused on his poll numbers and approval and perception in the press, he's taking it as a personal attack. >> listen to this. >> we have these conversations all the time. and we srpl to do better, and i think more of my colleagues should speak up. they say more things privately they don't say publicly. >> when you look at the polling and this is what a white house official pointed out to cnn and some of the sources we have, the president's numbers in polling are higher than congressional numbers in polling, so the white house feels secure in this and it puts republicans in congress in a more uneasy situation, being vocal about the feelings if they share them, right? >> yeah, and if congress cannot get anything done, then 2020 might be a referendum on
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congress. >> 2018. >> why don't we just go ahead and have primaries against them? i think we will continue to see this moving forward. i don't think this is going to stop. >> not if steve bannon has anything to do with it. what about the lunch today, perfe perry, to be a fly on the wall with the president and secretary mattis. he said to congress it's a better idea for u.s. security to stay in this, and the president wants out and the secretary of state tillerson, after the moron comment. >> my understanding is trump already knew tillerson did not like him and called him names before and it just came out publicly last week. tillerson, mattis, mcmaster, and general kelly don't see foreign policy the same way the president does. the core question is how long
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can the president have a national security team that disagrees with him on national issues? the staff is trying to push him back, and the senators are saying the staff is saving us from chaos. president trump reads the news. >> david, you know, this matters for the american people and for the world because secretary tillerson is the top american diplomat that needs to be taken seriously by every other dip raw matt world leader on the issues of iran and north korea. when the president is saying in tweets not long ago, save your energy, you know, rex tillerson, we could deal with north korea, and also then questioning his own iq in this new interview with "forbes." what does that do for tillerson? >> it makes it difficult to do his job. world leaders and diplomats will tell you is one thing the
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secretary of state is to have among world leaders he speaks for the president. >> he doesn't have that view. >> yeah, world leaders are able to take what he says with a grain of salt and continue to wonder i wonder what president trump really thinks or what the united states policy really is, not what secretary tillerson just told me. >> we know the president is open to making deals with democrats, and he spoke to chuck schumer, and that's something some would not like, and i am confused at the strategy. then the president tweets this morning, the problem with agreeing to a policy on immigration, the democrats don't care about the safety of the usa. those are the presidents words. and then in the "forbes" interview, he said i am very able to make deals with democrats if he has to. is he if he says they don't care
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about the security of the country? >> he allegedly made a deal back then and the white house said he didn't make a deal and did not agree on daca, and now moving forward he talked to other republicans and saying we can't agree to what chuck schumer would want here, and now the president is stuck in the middle. what is clear to me this is a president is not clear about what policy he wants. members of capitol hill are asking send us a list of your demands, and now the question is going to be whether or not democrats are going to be able to move some of the demands more to the middle, more to what they were trying to negotiate before. >> in all fairness, i had a democratic congress on yesterday and none of them gave me a clear answer on where democrats will give on this immigration and the daca deal they want. it's incumbent on democrats, too, to say this is where we
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will move. >> i do think in this case the president said there was some kind of deal -- or the democrats said early on, and this list on sunday on daca and the immigration requests is what should happen on the negotiation, and i assume the democrats will privately say here's what we can take and not take. and i think ultimately they may agree that if the deal is here. >> is this the dealmaker with the president -- >> he's using a deal making tactic. he's making it easy for democrats to essentially reject his offer or remain noncommittal. democrats would have to come and answer the question, but when he throws out the laundry list, they can say it's a nonstarter. >> it would be nice if they did
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agree. a stunning timeline change. what we are learning about the las vegas massacre. the killer's first victim, that security guard shot six minutes before he unleashed those bullets on the crowd. why? answers to that ahead. and the president launches new attacks on the nfl for kneeling. one person we have not heard from, former presidential candidate and secretary of state, hillary clinton, who gained a lot in fund-raising from weinstein. will she condemn his actions, ahead.
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we are hearing stunning new details about the horrific las vegas massacre. police now revealing a major shift in the shooting timeline. investigators say the gunman shot and injured a security guard a full six minutes before he turned his weapon on thousands of concertgoers at the
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music festival 32 floors below. police previously said the security guard approached his room as the shooting was underway. do we know why the shift, and really the significance of it as they pursue this investigation? >> hey, poppy. clark county sheriff says it's a minute change to the timeline. it's about 15 minutes roughly, and that 15 minutes makes a difference. the original theory is the security guard arrived on the 32nd floor and was shot by the suspect after he already fired down at the crowd for about ten minutes, and that his presence there seemed to distract him from firing down. well, that is no longer the case. it's still true that cam pos was
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responding to a open door, and he was shot six minutes before the shooting down at the concert venue started. so why did the suspect stop firing? that is now still an open question, poppy. >> police also are now more and more confident, scott, there was an escape plan. they thought perhaps there was and there was a lot of ammunition, guns in his car, but why are they so sure now there was an escape plan? >> we will likely never know for sure, poppy, but the sheriff said yesterday that this idea of an escape plan is still very much possible for a couple reasons. first, we know the suspect tried to fire at large fuel tanks at the mccarron airport here in las vegas that is adjacent to the concert venue, and he had protective wear in his room, and
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his car was filled with explosives and ammunition, so the idea is the suspect may believe he could create so much chaos down at the ground that maybe police would not pay much attention to the hotel itself and he could go downstairs and leave. that's a theory we will never know for sure. >> thank you for the story on the srbg uvictims and survivors. thank you. ahead, back to politics. the president needs republicans to pass his agenda, so why does he keep attacking them? we will talk about the strategy next. with active naturals® oat. locks in moisture to improve skin wellness in just one day. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®
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welcome back. we are moments away from the opening bell on wall street and wall street is excited about president trump's plans to cut tax rates. christine romans is here before the bell. >> how trump's tax plan could back fire on wall street. let's look at the bull market. you can see what is happening in stocks. a big rally as the economy recovered and jobs has started to come back, and the white housing market started to comeback. look at the last part of the rally. much of that is on a pro business sentiment. the promise of corporate tax cuts and corporate tax reform and that's what the trump bump has been. but the question is if you have tax cuts and not tax reform and it adds to the deficit and not paid for for the tunes of
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trillions over ten and 20 years, what does that do for interest rates? it jacks up the interest rates? and suddenly you have a reckoning on wall street. that story is starting to get attention. we are talking about unfunded tax cuts instead of still tax reform. the tax debate is still ongoing, and you have had such a big rally and such high hopes for corporate tax cuts to really juice corporate praufets even more that there's a lot riding on this. a look at the stock market today and it looks like things could pop. 63 record highs for the dow since the president was elected, and this morning things are looking higher because we are headed into corporate earning season, and you will see prof
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profits. >> christine romans, thank you so much. we will watch the opening bell in a minute and a half. meantime the president's tax plans, one of the agenda points he wants desperately to get passed. as long as the number of republican attacks grows, we will look at that. he does need bob corker for things like tax reform and getting that through, for getting comprehensive tax reform through, and he needs key diplomatic posts appointed, and et cetera. he just finished attacking him again, and the president said he's not done with corker, and clearly he is not because he called him a fool on twitter
6:30 am
this morning. what is the strategy? does it make sense to you? >> not really, and that's the president's style. he took on ten republicans already, including the speaker, mcconnell, and john mccain, and collins and mccould yjeff flake. i tend to think that it probably doesn't translate yet into losing things important to the republican agenda such as the tax bill, which is critical in a republican agenda. it certainly makes it more difficult for him to get things through the senate that are marginal, in which there's a reason -- >> you saw mccain, collins, go against him on health care and flake went with him. they also fundamentally don't agree with the health care proposal that was put forward. i just wonder why you think it won't harm him on some of the
6:31 am
big issues like tax reform? >> well, health care was different. health care, there was a real schism in our party over it and that included expanded entitlements, and with tax reform, there's a belief by almost every republican tax reform is needed, and you need to create jobs here rather than ship jobs overseas and we need a new tax law, and there's an interest there, and we are in survival politics where basically if the congress doesn't pass something soon that is substantive, and tax reform is the best vehicle and the only show in town now, they will all be in trouble. all republicans will inbound trouble in the next election. i think the survival politics overwhelms the tit for tat that is going on for president and some senators. >> seurvival politics, that's catchy, and i follow your drift
6:32 am
there. aren't they already in danger with what steve bannon is doing now? >> there has not been a majority that believe in a circular fire squad, and rather than pushing out our issues we want to internalize our differences, and unfortunately mr. bannon seems to be taking that course and it's not constructive. you have talented people in our party in the senate, and senators are independent by nature, that's how the senate is structured. basically taking them on because you dislike them over one or two isra issue s is a big mistake for the party. in state by state issues, i don't think it's necessarily true. you have a chance of losing some of the seats if you create an
6:33 am
internal fight. we lost two very important races when i was in the senate, one in maryland and one in nevada over this type of circular firing squad approach, and we should have won both of those seats. >> you are talking about 2010? >> it was delaware and nevada. this is not constructive to maintaining the majority -- the republican majority in my opinion. >> your name has been floated, and i am sure you have seen the headlines as a replacement for tom price, and any interests in the job? would you take the job if the president asked? >> i can't imagine who floated my name to be honest with you, and my know my wife didn't do it because she doesn't want to go back to washington. i am not interested in pursuing that ton the should there be an opportunity, which i seriously doubt there would be. >> is that a flat out no if he
6:34 am
asked you to do it? >> i am a great believer in public service, and when the president asked you to do something you have to seriously consider it, and he's not going to ask me. >> despite taking your grandkids to washington to visit, you have been spending most of your time in new hampshire. >> it's a great place for people to visit now. >> yes, a beautiful place in the fall. thank you so much. >> yeah. the president takes aim at the nfl, and this morning the angle is their tax breaks. what does he mean? we will dive into that ahead.
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welcome back. this morning president trump taking aim at the nfl over protests during the national anthem. he tweets this. the president also has taken on jaw mill hill who was suspended after he attacked the president on twitter as well. and the president is praising jones, stand for the national anthem or be benched. there's a lot to get through this morning. this is the water cooler discussion in offices and homes across america. nice to have you both. christine, so really great reporter, chris mortenson with espn had a conversation with jerry jones, and he said stand
6:40 am
for the anthem or be benched. jones emphasized nfl game ops manuel and then said you know who reminded me of the game ops policy? donald trump. >> what is fascinate something because what jerry jones is saying if a player kneels during the national anthem he's not going to play in the game. what if the entire offensive line decides to take a knee? will he have them all replaced? you have potential chaos. the cowboys have not had that many players protesting, and two weeks ago was know, jerry jones himself was taking a knee. he knelt before the anthem. that was seen as a sign of protest, it was a negative towards trump.
6:41 am
>> it's a total 180 now. >> exactly. >> yeah, this is a free country and he can do and say what he wants, but to implement it, it will be interesting. >> the ops manuel for the nfl was not available, and dead spin and other outlets does say that players should stand and it says here is how you should conduct yourself, and as a private entity in america does a corporation have the right legally to bench a player or fire a player by expressing their personal beliefs by kneeling during the anthem. >> to be clear, it's a private entity and it certainly can, if you want to suspend somebody for kneeling or not standing or whatever you want, you can do it. the fact is the constitution while it may not protect the players inasmuch as it's a
6:42 am
private player, it doesn't make what the nfl is doing or jerry jones, proper or right. let's talk about the law, the great thing we call the constitution and the greater thing in it called the first amendment. what good is it to have a first amendment or constitution if you are punishing people for practicing the values the constitution stands for? it's fascinating to me. we say people die for the liberties and fought for the country, but if you practice the liberty we will suspend you, you will fire those sob's? i don't understand it. you are going to suspend her for exercising her right to free speech, so if you say something your employer appreciates and supports, that's great, have your show, but if you say something that runs afoul, we
6:43 am
can't have that, you are suspended. >> hill called the president a few weeks ago a white supremacist on twitter. the white house called it a fireable offense. espn did not fire her and she apologized for that, and now here's what she tweeted. jerry jones created a problem for his black players, if you don't kneel somebody will see them as sellouts. christine, she said she was not advocating a boycott but did get a two-week suspension from espn. what do you make of it? >> i know her well and i am a very big fan and a important voice in the culture and sports and i think it's a shame she will not be heard the next two weeks. what we don't know is what espn told her about the first situation with the tweet a couple weeks ago. my advice would be for any of
6:44 am
us, myself included, i rarely tweet, is to use the forum that she has to make these same statements. she has a wonderful tv show on espn and has been a columnist for years, and write a column and essay, and put it all in not 140 characters, but take five minutes to discuss it on air or in a story or an essay, and that would be a perfect place for her and not the bizarre and weird world of twitter. >> an apt description, i think. joey, final thought? >> you can aspoupbd and be poetic on your show but if you put it into 140 characters it's somehow unacceptable? and then we have hill who is held to a different standard that the president of the united
6:45 am
states, and hill tweeting about it is somehow improper? isn't it censorship to sell people what they can't say or do? and if she agreed with jerry jones, everybody should stand, would she have been suspended for that? if we are going to have a discussion about the constitution, why are we punishing people who practice what we value and hold in such high regard? you can burn the flag, but if you say something that your employer may not like, then you are suspended and worse, you are fired, and final thought, you have the president of the united states going after tax breaks now? i thought legislation was designed to further societal interests, and not punish them if they disagree with you. you need to allow people to express who they are. i think people who watch espn that hill is speaking for
6:46 am
herself and not her employer. i find it hard to have this conversation. >> we glad you are here. if you are trying to understand the tax issue. go to a great story there. and then slamming weinstein over his sexual harassment. who is not calling him out after a long public appearance last week? hillary clinton. he raised a lot of money for her. so why is she not saying anything? 6 feel that tingle of a cold sore coming on?
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what is an answer and how can you measure the value of one? today trusted answers from trusted sources are rare and precious commodities. they're out there but finding them on your own has never been harder. it's why at thomson reuters we provide you with the intelligence, technology, and human expertise you need to find trusted answers. the answer company. thomson reuters. this morning, the list of hollywood stars condemning harvey weinstein is growing.
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judy denver, kate winslet, glenn close, george clooney following meryl streep who did the same yesterday. weinstein has been fired, several board members out of the company as well, actress rose mcgowan taking to twitter with a message for the remaining board members, her message, you knew, you funded, you are guilty, resign. "the new york times" reports mcgowan reached a settlement with weinstein 20 years before the accusations of sexual harassment some of which he said i acted inappropriately were made public. joining me live to talk about this senior media correspondent brian stelter host of "reliable sources" and margaret hoover, worked in the bush white house, thank you for being here. so many questions, brian, let's get to the nuts and bolts, a board meeting among the remaining weinstein board members today. you've got rose mcgowan essentially saying you're complicit, right, how did you not know, you say you didn't know about the settlements or all of this over 20 years.
6:52 am
where does this go for hollywood? >> well, for one thing, the company's future is in doubt. the weinstein company. it's probably going to change its name. it's lost half its board members. the co-founder harvey weinstein fired on sunday. and weinstein has not said a word publicly since then. >> right. >> normally he would erupt right away but he has stayed quiet and telling his friends is that his brother bob is responsible for this. bob betrayed me, leaked to the "new york times," he stuck the knife in my back. that's the theory that harvey is telling his friends. why does that matter? it matters because it doesn't sound like he's taking responsibility. it doesn't sound like he's looking inward saying, i need to account for these decades of incidents, this disgusting behaviors many of which he admitted to. he denies some of the allegations but admits to some of it. he's been quiet. we'll see what he says next. more stories to come, more allegations from more women, expected from the new yorker and from our outlets.
6:53 am
>> right. >> this sexual harassment scandal is about harvey weinstein and who else knew about it. >> margaret, talk about the politics of this, because he raised a ton of money for big name democrats. he was a bundler for hillary clinton in 2016 in her campaign, over $1.4 million raised for her, a little over $600,000 for president obama in 2012. listen to michele obama when he was at the white house here is what she said in 2013. >> i want to start by thanking harvey weinstein for organizing this amazing day. [ applause ] harvey. this is possible because of harvey. he is a wonderful human being, a good friend, and just a powerhouse. >> this is before any of this
6:54 am
was made public. >> of course. >> but margaret, hillary clinton, you know, did a 90 minute q&a this week and wasn't asked about it but didn't offer it up or talk about it or say anything about it. does she need to, any democrats who took money need to? >> look, it's important for everyone -- look, this is beyond politics, right. republicans, democrats, this behavior should be condemned widely condemned but especially individuals who accepted money from him, who say they are friends with him, and also pretend to be leaders for female equality and for young women. it does beg for comment. hillary clinton yesterday was tweeting about children's books. so, you know, she could tweet. she doesn't have to make a speech and nobody has to make a big deal out of it, but it does call for leadership and a condemning of the behavior. look, we on the right, you know, roger ailes, bill o'reilly, these are names on the right that the political spectrum of the right that also behaved incredibly badly, accused
6:55 am
power -- abused power, put women in terrible positions for many, many years and conservatives were quite slow to distance themselves or condemn that behavior. i have been heartened that many democrats have said they're giving back their money immediately. >> yeah. >> but you do need to see like a hillary clinton and a barack obama and especially michele obama, who said that the verbiage and words that donald trump used over the course of the campaign made her sick to her stomach, it begs for a response or some kind of thing. >> it's not just women, it's not just hillary clinton. >> it's men. >> also barack obama and donald trump. it's the men. >> totally. >> the men are responsible as well. >> if you read lena dunham's op-ed today, the silence of men, those voices too. brian and margaret. stick around, doing double duty. a lot of political headlines ahead for you. thank you very much. read brian's reporting on this for that. ahead the breaking news on the horrific wildfires in
6:56 am
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xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit or go to top of the hour, breaking news this morning, i'm poppy harlow in washington. wildfires out of control across california. death toll now stands at 11 and one official says more than 100 people are reported missing. some 17 wildfires are burning right now across the state and the ones up in the north, the wine country are among the worst in california history. just look at these before and after photos. this fire station in santa rosa scorched beyond recognition, just the frame there, just the structure. hundreds of homes destroyed,


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