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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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depending on the splash he made during the shooting, would it enable the first responders to be directing their attention in other locations which would enable mr. paddock to leave the hotel. >> quickly, what do you make of that theory? >> i think it's a possibility. but i think he probably also knew the probability of him getting away was about zero. >> okay. art. thank you, very much. >> thanks. now this. all right. we continue on top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. any moment now president trump will welcome the champions pittsburgh penguins to the white house. comes across the war with athletes including nfl players that have taken a knee during the anthem.
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also the president is downplaying the spat with secretary of state rex tillerson. the two met for lunch and said he called him a moron this summer. so this interview with forbes magazine boasted he's smarter and challenged him to an i.q. test. asking if he's under cutting the secretary of state. here's what he said. >> did you under cut the secretary of state with the i.q. comment? >> no. i didn't under cut anybody. i don't believe in under cutting people. thank you very much everybody. >> do you still have confidence in secretary tillerson? >> yes. >> let's go to caitlyn, she's our white house reporter in the white house, anticipating the big hockey team. but before we see the penguins here, what can you tell me about this lunch today between the president and his secretary of state? >> yeah, a lot of facetime for these two men where the tension is at an all-time high between them ks brooke. during the press briefing we heard from press secretary sarah
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huckabee sanders who said the president was joking when he said he wanted to compare i.q. with secretary of state. interview published this morning, that comes after the reports last week that tillerson called him a moron over the summer. now in this interview the pre was asked if he had undermined his secretary of state. and as we just heard, he said, no, he does not under cut people. but when asked about that he said he with like to compare i.q. scores with him. but now that's just a joke. but we have seen these two men in very public disagreement over the last few days. after rex tillerson told some reporters that he had a line of communication to north korea, the president swiftly gt on twitter and said rex should stop wasting his time trying to negotiate with north korea. when he said rex he was referring to rex tillerson. so we have seen this really public display of tension between these two men even though the white house is maintaining that he has confidence in his secretary of state. we did hear from the president
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the other day. he said he believes they have a good relationship but that he disagrees with him on some things and wishes he could be a little tougher, brooke. >> all right. so that's secretary of state. let's go to sort of one feud to the next, being senator bob corker. and part of the back story is senator corker tweet over the weekend calling the house white house an adult daycare center. saying he should resign. sarah huckabee sanders was asked about this in the daily briefing and she said no it's up to the good people of tennessee to decide whether he should no longer be in office. >> yeah, and we are at the nickname part of this feud between the president and bob corker. we have seen this in the past. the president has nicknamed people that he's simply not disagreeing with. and today he gave corker on twitter calling him little bob corker. but we have seen this play out. he is not the only counter puncher in town. after he went after corker and
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said he begged fr his endorsement, corker said it's like an adult daycare center. now sarah huckabee sanders asked if he should resign. she said that's up to corker and people of tennessee. but when asked about the president's and bob corker's differing accounts whether he asked foreign doorsment, sarah huckabee sanders said the president was telling the truth. that's something that's widely disputed by corker's office. because he maintained begged for his endorsement, and when the president did not grant it, decided to not run for election and decided to retire. now bob corker told that's not true. that he told him to run for re-election. and corker offered to endorse him if he did run. and even floated the idea of attending a rally in tennessee to support corker. so we see these very two different accounts coming out of the white house and capitol
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hill. and it's not likely that this battle will end. a white house official told us that the president is not finished with corker just yet, brooke. >> we'll see how that develops. we'll see you shortly as well as pittsburgh penguins, hang tight. let's talk about football. addressing this kneeling of national anthem. just got a statement from the nfl commissioner goodell sent this to executives this afternoon. let me just read part of that for you here. this is from roger goodell. current dispute over the national anthem is threatening to erode the union fifying powe our game. we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. then a short while ago the white house said this.
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>> i think we would certainly support the nfl coming out and asking players to stand just as the president has done. we support the national anthem. the flag. and the men and women who fought to defend it. and our position hasn't changed on that front. we are glad to see the nfl taking positive steps in that direction. >> the commissioner goes on to say that the league will develop a plan that will include an in season platform to adjust social justice issues. and as we just saw the white house responded moments ago. christine, cnn sports analyst for usaa today. nice to see you. i went through the bullet points of goodell statement. what's your reaction to this? >> of course, brooke, when we hear the commissioner talk about the players should stand, that's been the language all along. that's what it stays, the code for national anthem has always
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said, the players should stand. so now the question is will they force them to stand? boy oh, boy, that's a slippery slope. i can only imagine. i think we can all imagine the push back from the players union, from players themselves, from any number of legal venues. i could see lawsuits. you can see almost anything. imagine it, and it could probably become true. and if we put this in perspective, two and a half weeks ago if we had this conversation, we wouldn't have, because no one cared, it was over, it was done, colin kaepernick was out of the league, wasn't talking about that, all he was doing was giving 1 million to charity. very few were kneeling and this story was dead. then trump with his comments in huntsville brought it all back to the surface. now for the league to be getting involved, it's all because of donald trump inserting himself
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and driving a wedge between teammates and fans and their teams, between roll models, and the little kids that look up to them. between teammates, as i said. it's really unfortunate because none of this had to happen. it all stems from that speech in huntsville. >> well, 24 hours ago we were talking about jerry jones, dallas cowboys owner despite the fact he took a knee, he's saying to his team, guys, you have to stand, and if you don't stand i'm going to bench you. so going by what now the white house is saying, what if they still these players, still take a knee? i mean, what, would they suspend them? what if they are star players? >> this is chaos. and this is asking for chaos. that's what it is. and i don't cover the white house. i'm not a political journalist. >> not trying to get you out of your league. >> but i'm happy to stay in this big lane now that's sports and culture and natural football league and donald trump. but chaos, if you are creating
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chaos, i'll...i'll let it go from there. so the cowboys, so jerry jones who himself was kneeling two weeks ago now is saying he's not going to play anybody who kneels. so let's put that in the mix of completely bizarre behavior. jones says you can kneel beforehand, is anybody going to be keeping an ion they are kneeling now, strike up the anthem, if they don't stand within a second, two seconds, are they not going to ply? >> but what's getting lost in this is the reason they took a knee to begin with. didn't have to do with the flag or disrespecting men and women in uniform. it had to do with kaepernick and others feeling police brutality and african americans in this country. >> social justice. >> social justice. >> injustice. and the concerns he has. i'm one of the people that stand for the anthem and get tears in
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my eyes when i hear it. but i person bally believe full in the right to stand for the anthem. that's my personal belief. but the idea we'll start legislating this. oh, my goodness, nfl that's a slippery slope as i said earlier. and i don't know for example the cowboys, let's say that entire offensive line decides to take, then you aren't going to play your entire line? because according to jerry jones the player will not play that minute they don't stand. sore if locking arms or what if they are sitting? or what if one stays in the locker room? this is a mess. and i think anyone would be better off letting it play out and accept it and understand it and know the history books are going to be looking at this and probably judging it in a very interesting way, say 50 years from now the way we look at mohammed ali or billy jean king or jackie robinson and that's the mistake they'll make if they
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go into this further. >> you said it perfectly. thank you my friend very much. >> we go from football to hockey. the stanley cup champs, pittsburgh penguins will be in the white house packed house. wheel wae'll wait for the president. stand by. we'll be back in a minute. the opioid my doctor prescribed for my chronic back pain backed me up... big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor. she said: one, movantik was specifically designed for opioid-induced constipation... oic. number two? my movantik savings card can save me big time over the other things i tried.
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because it has two rechargeable batteries. that means you can always be charging, even while you're cleaning. with duo clean, multiflex, and powerful suction so you can go, and go, and go again. welcome to hassle-free runtime with shark. welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. hillary clinton giving into to pressure con deemidemning a man gave to her campaign. here's the statement. i was shocked and a palled by the revelations about harvey weinstein. the behavior of women coming forward cannot be tolerated.
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gwyneth paltrow and gaeangelina jolie, the list continues to grow. the two mega names surfacing claiming they also were harassed by weinstein. not even 48 hours after weinstein was fired from his own company, we are now hearing new bomb shell allegations of rape and more sex abuse. several women coming forward with their allegations to the new york times and also the new yorker, this new yorker piece, he said he spent ten months investigating speaking with three women who claimed he forced them into oral or vaginal sex. you are about to hear a recording secretly captured during an nypd sting operations. the women's voice you are about to hear, a model, and in it you will actually hear harvey weinstein voice and how he admitted to groping her.
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>> i'm telling you right now. >> why do we have to do it here? >> i'm going to take a shower. you sit there and have a drink. >> i don't drink. >> have a glass of water. >> can i sit on the bar? >> no you must come here. >> no i don't want to. >> you are embarrassing me. >> i'm sorry, yesterday was kind of an aggressive for me. i need to know i won't be touched. >> i won't do a thing. please, i swear i won't, just sit with me, don't em with me in the hotel. i'm here all the time. sit with me. please sit there. please. one minute that's all i ask while i go to the bathroom. >> come here, listen to me. >> i want to go downstairs. >> i'm not going to do anything. you'll never see me again after this. that's it. if you emmy in this hotel. >> i'm not embarrassing. it's just i don't feel comfortable. >> please, i'm not going to do anything, i swear on my children, please, on everything,
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i'm a famous guy. >> i'm feeling comfortable. >> yesterday you touch my breast. >> please, i'm sorry, i'm used to that is correct i. >> you are used to that? i'm not used to that. >> please come in. sit here for a minute. please. >> no, i don't want to. >> if you do this now you will embarrass me. never call me again. okay. sorry. i promise you. >> i know but yesterday was too much for me. >> i'll never do another thing to you. five minutes. don't ruin your friend ship with me for five minutes. >> i know, but it's kind of like too much for me. i can't. >> please, you are making a big scene here. >> but i want to leave. >> okay. fine. >> brian stelter, cnn media correspondent. that was just a piece of this
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new yorker article that ron inwrote. talk to me there were several women that detailed their disturbing allegations. >> and first ton that taon thats from 2016, sting operation, handed over the evidence to them. da said we would have prosecuted this if we could have. it was horrific but not enough to prosecute a crime. that will be debated by lawyers going forward. because a lot of folks hear that tape and say it's pretty obvious he's saying, he's admitting to groping this woman. at one pont he said i'm used to that. i won't do it again. you hear harvey weinstein in his own words saying it on the tape. now, harvey weinstein also stands accused of three rapes and other assaults and harassment. that's according to the new yorker story. naming many of the women who are making these allegations. i can show you, brooke,harvey weinstein allegations. he denies there was never any
12:20 pm
nonconsensual sex. he says he believes all of these relationships were consensual. he also said he further confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation against any of the women in these cases. that's one of the sub texts here, brooke, if women rejected him, they were afraid they would lose their jobs and lose out on acting opportunities. so in this statement it goes on to say that mr. weinstein believes all the relationships were consensual. he has gun counseling and listened to the entertainment community and is pursuing a better path. brooke,i'm struck by this last line. he says mr. weinstein is hoping if he makes enough progress, heel be given a second chance. he means a second chance by hollywood. a second chance from the entertainment world. but, brock, these allegations, these stories, they make you sick to your stomach. at one point he mentions his children. he says i swear on the lives of my children that i'm not going to grope you or do anything inappropriate. this is not the sound of an amateur. the person you hear on that
12:21 pm
tape, he sounds like a predator. >> i've got to pull away from this. we'll come back. i have two amazing women waiting in the wings to talk about harvey weinstein. but now president trump. >> by the way, everybody wanted to be here today. and i know why. well, thank you all very much for being here. and before we get started, i went to s want to say a few words to the people of california. great state. especially with those in napa. napa has been hit so hard. and sonoma. as they deal with the tragic loss of life and property to devastating wildfires. i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know that the federal government will stand with the people of california. and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. and i just want to pay my
12:22 pm
warmest respects. they are going through a lot. we also continue to pray for those grieving and wounded after the mass shooting attack in las vegas. and we stand in solidarity with those suffers in the aftermath of hurricanes harvey, irma, and maria. thank you very much. we have to never forget. to the many members of congress who join us here today, we have many, many fans out here, folks, you know that, right. a lot of fans. not all from pennsylvania, too, if you can believe it. they are a lot of fans. members of my administration and distinguished guests please join me in welcoming to the white house the two-time defending stanley cup champions, the pittsburgh penguins.
12:23 pm
[ cheers and applause ] not only are the penguins the first team in the national hockey league literally in nearly 20 years to be repeat champions, you also captured the cup in three out of the last nine seasons. that's pretty amazing. because i know the competition is tough. is it tough? pretty tough, right? not for you guys it's not so tough. over the last couple of months, the new england patriots and chicago cubs and ncaa champions clemson tigers football have all visited the white house to celebrate their great victories. it's been an honor to have them all here. now i went to proudly welcome
12:24 pm
the pittsburgh penguins owners. first of all a friend of mine for a long time. he's a great, great negotiator. ron, how about negotiating some of our horrible trade deals that they've made? here's what i want, i want to get him. oh, i would love to have ron berkle. and it's great to have you. and i mean that if you want to get involved in negotiating nafta, i like it, because we are renegotiating nafta, ron. of course he may not like that because maybe least on the other side. that's what's happening because it's so hard to do the trade deals. you are not on the other side of nafta, are you, ron? >> i am not. >> and one of the all time grates, by the wgrate greats, by the way, great go golfer, too, super marix, he
12:25 pm
hits it a long way. and to general manager, mike sullivan, i know you have a big, it's an early season match up tomorrow night against the rival washington d.c. capitals. are they tough, washington t capitals? are they tough? so i want to thank you for coming today. but for us this is really a truly great group of world champions. that's what they are, they are world champions. we have to start with somebody that i've been watching for a long time, because i saw him when he was just about as young as you can get going into the nhl, sidney crosby. where is sydney? [ cheers and applause ]
12:26 pm
>> this guy, man, can you play. sidney, do you know how to win? look at him, he's shy. do you know how to win or what? great job you've been. 44 goals last season. 89 points in all. and once again the recipient of the cons smyth trophy. and you built an incredible legacy in pittsburgh. congratulations, keep it going. fantastic. before it's all said and done, you might, frankly, you know they are telling me this, has he out done you yet, mario? i don't know. you might even out do him. he has to be close. well, mario is mario. and sidney congratulations. sidney is not the only star that
12:27 pm
shined. where is jenny? looks like he's a basketball player. big guy. strong, tough. served as other half of the two-headed monster. they call it the two-headed monster that scored a combined total of 77 goals. way to go, fellows. that's fantastic. phil kessel? where is phil? come on, come on, get over here, phil. these guys don't want to be politicians. they shouldn't be. don't be a politician. [ cheers and applause ] phil led the team in assists, although i hear his sister amanda may be the best hockey player in the family.
12:28 pm
is that possible? you know what, i doubt it. but i hear she's really good. matt murry spirited 32 wins as goal tender and first in history to win the championship game in each of his first two years. where is matt? [ cheers and applause ] i assume you have very good reflexes, right? have you had good reflexes from day one? yeah, you better have, right? way to go, matt. we expect big things again this year out of matt, as he will be taking on a greater row with the pipes. connor sheery and jake console. where are they?
12:29 pm
come on. oh, what a group. and justin, justin shultz also had big years as some of the upcoming stars of this team. has a team that's tremendous future, that's what i'm hearing. despite being sidelined to injury, chris used his experience to help younger players. where is chris? where is chris? well, you look pretty young. what do you mean younger players. do they get younger than you? you look young. very handsome group of people. in fact, i don't like, actually, standing in front of them. first thing you know, we always like unattractive teams, right. and devised strategies that spurred the penn's onto a really incredible victory.
12:30 pm
i'm pleased to report that the tanger is healthy and back on the ice this season where he belongs. it's going to be a great season for you [ cheers and applause ] yet many of the players might agree that the biggest mvps was your incredible loyal fans. [ cheers and applause ] the pens faithful packed the arenas for every single game, cheering pittsburgh boys of winter all the way. great, great fans. great state. great place. in fact, every one of the penguins home gaimes for the pat straight years has been to very much ron's happiness sold out. right, ron? so while you are dominating the
12:31 pm
ice, the heart of the organization and commitment to pittsburgh shines just as brightly off the ice. the pittsburgh foundation serves young people, over a million dollars in grants were awarded to local charities last season. the and you'll food drive distributes thousands and thousands of food, and tens of thousands of dollars to local community food banks. since 2010 the pittsburgh foundation has also worked with the university of pittsburgh medical center sports medicine to combat concussions in young athletes. just last week, the pens pledged two donations of $25,000 each toward relief efforts in puerto rico in support of the victims and the first responders of the terrible attack in las vegas. they have worked so hard. the police, the first
12:32 pm
responders, for everything, whether it was in texas, or in florida or louisiana or puerto rico or the u.s. virgin islands, or that horrible, horrible situation caused by a very demented, sick person in las vegas, the police, every one of them, first responders, they have been incredible. they have been absolutely incredible. so we should give them a hand. okay. [ cheers and applause ] just as much as your five stanley cup wins, your generosity has shown the true character of this incredible organization. you are true, true champions. and incredible patriots. now with hockey season again under way, i know you are ready to make yet another run at the cup. the nhl has not seen a three pete in a generation, but i know
12:33 pm
you are ready for the challenge. i'm going to be watching so closely. because you think you'll be back next year? i think so, right. [ cheers and applause ] i have a feeling. i've been watching them. i go to those ranger games, and you do a lot of bad damage to our ranger games, don't you? boy, oh, boy you do damage, but that's the way you want to do it. it's called winning, right, sidney? it's called winning. i know the capitaling wis will looking for pay back tomorrow night. so i'll let you get back to practice. i want to again congratulate incredible franchise on so many, many victories. you have the values and discipline and hard work to every young american watching today. we encourage you to always strive to be your best, to do
12:34 pm
your best, and to give your all. we wish all the best of luck this season. you are going to have a great season. coach is telling me your team is going to be better than ever. so let's go pens! thank you all. good bless you. and god bless the united states of america of the fantastic. thank you very much. congratulations! >> it's always fun for any president to get a championship team on over to the white house. this is pittsburgh penguins, championship, your canadian, help me out, stanley cup, thank you rachel, forgive me, i'm from the south where we have a hockey team later in life. forgive me. stanley cup, pittsburgh penguins, so graciouses congrat.
12:35 pm
sarah huckabee sanders stand by the latest statement from the roger goodell saying we want our players to stand for the flag. there you have it the president with the penguins. we want to continue our conversation we had before this event on the breaking news on harvey weinstein, both gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie among the high profile names speaking about their own personal encounters with harvey weinstein. these new developments ahead. also the political part of this story today, hillary clinton who accepted thousands of dollars in political donations from harvey weinstein, she is now breaking her silence with a statement. we'll have that for you coming up next. when a fire is going on, you're not thinking clearly, so they called the fire department for us. i could hear crackling in the
12:36 pm
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in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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let's get back now to the bomb shell accusations against mega producer harvey weinstein. the new york times detailing a dozen allegations of assault. i want to read to you one
12:40 pm
excerpt from one of her accusers. she said she was this aspiring ac rest and student when she was raped by harvey weinstein. this is her segment from the new yorker teams. when evans arrived the building was full of people. she was lead to an exercise equipment where she met with harvey weinstein alone. aven evans said she found him frightening. even his presence was intimidating. in the meeting he recalled he was simultaneously flattering me and demeaning me and making me feel bad about myself. weinstein told her that she would be great in project runway, the show which weinstein helped produce but only if she lost weight. he also told her about two scripts, a horror movie and teen love story and said one of his associates would discuss it. quote, at that point is when he
12:41 pm
assaulted me. he forced me to perform oral sex on him. as she objected he took it down onto her papts and pulled her head down to t i said over and over i don't want to do this. stop. don't she said. i tried to get away but maybe i didn't try hard enough. i didn't want to kick him or fight him. in the end she said he's a big guy and over powered me. at a certain point he said i sort of gave up. that is the most horrible part of it. that's why he's been able to do this for so long to so many, many women. people give up and then they feel like it's their fault. rachel is with me the founder of the list. amanda carpenter cnn correspondent, ladies, let's talk about this. rachel just beginning with you. i mean, her account, multiple accounts sounds like textbook sexual harassment.
12:42 pm
>> it does. it's been happening for three decades so he's been perfecting what works for him. it is shocking but not surprising. because we have seen this playbook play out most recently, well not actually not most recently, but most notably a year ago with the president of the united states and multiple accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> acquisitions. >> by many women. but we also saw this with roger alis, asse systemic predatory behavior. this is something that is endemic to our culture. because women are, you know, the default position is men are to be believed and recommewomen ar. and men have power and exert that power over women in these circumstances. >> but to think it's been going on allegedly for three decades,
12:43 pm
where someone like angelina jolie, according to this piece, she said she was a saulssaulted tried warning other people. she hasn't gone public until now. >> because there is strength in numbers here. and the numbers only came out to a critical mass this time. i mean, every media organization is trying to get on the record saying that they've been trying really hard to get harvey weinstein in that gosh darn he lawyered up and never quite got there. so you see, it's money, power, influence, and it's this, again, this culture of complicity in sort of enabling this behavior to go on from a powerful person. >> that's a huge piece of it. we'll come back to that. i understand you've spoken directly to one of these accusers. who is she and what's her story? >> her name is dawn dunning and one of the last women in the new york times piece that quotes
12:44 pm
gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie. like in the other one, she was a young woman, and waitressing, and when she met him. she told them he invited hadder her to a meeting in a hotel and he told her she needs to engage in sexual behavior otherwise she wouldn't be able to make it in this business. i emailed her and she is surprised it's taken this long for it all to come out. when i knew him it was clear by the way he acted this was a regular occurrence. had is a lot of things people need to pay attention to. these are horrendous, but what's more horrendous is the number of people who knew about this and in positions to do something about it, executives at his company, that only now they are coming out and talking about it. what were they doing for decades just hiding this? >> assistants, producers, when you read the stories, people who
12:45 pm
led these young women to xyz hotel rooms where he was alone. it makes you wonder who knew what. >> exactly. and i think that is the biggest thing here is the responsibility at a personal level, corporate level. because these people clearly knew. and in a lot of these stories it is including also other female producers who were aware of that warning them. and it really is, as we were talking about earlier, power of the numbers, them coming forward. we saw them with gresh chtchen carlson talking about this. >> we'll talk about the voices coming forward in hollywood and the silence. and also there has been some silence no longer from hillary clinton. amanda, just for you in the political sphere, hillary clinton announced a statement she is appalled and shocked she had received thousands of dollars from harvey weinstein
12:46 pm
for her campaign, but still nothing so far from the obamas? what do you make of this? the political silence on this? >> i think it's pathetic, number one. but i think we also have to look at why all this information is coming to light now. i seriously wonder if hillary clinton were present and harvey weinstein were the uber connected powerful donor with access to the highest most powerful people in the world, if this would have come out now? because again and again when these cases of sexual abusers who enjoy a lot of power, these dominos don't start tumbling down until they start to lose that power. we saw that with roger ailes. all this information came out after he left fox news. we found out about all the settlements. harvey weinstein paid out eight settlements over many years, people knew this, and now they are coming out he needs therapy.
12:47 pm
so i think the key to uncovering a lot of this information is getting these guys to feel like they are losing power and influence, and that's when we find out all the information. >> i'm not entirely sure i would agree with that. roger ailes was certainly very powerful at the time that she's stunning revelations came down. and then further revelations of settlements came out subsequently. but i find it so strange that people keep on trying to name hillary clinton as though she's culpable. >> hillary clinton is not president right now because she enabled sexual abuse, let's be clear on that. >> ben aftfleck is just coming out now saying. i don't think it's fair. >> hillary clinton has a track record of being slow. during the clinton administration she covered up for her husband. calling it a crazy.
12:48 pm
>> we are talking about harvey weinstein. >> recovered from the access hollywood tapes, had she not done that he would not have had the card to play against her. look at the campaign. >> i don't know what to say about this. i think this is a red herring and getting weiaway from this. i think it's fairly clear that that analog would be donald trump. >> no, the analog is not being able to call. >> this conversation is taking us away of talking about these accusers, alleged victims in the harvey weinstein story. if i may, let's stay on this. and i want to move on. if you all have not seen what fashion designer donna karen had said initially upon hearing the news with her friend harvey weinstein, she said, and what are we throwing out to our children today how to perform and dance. she continued you look at everything all over the world today and how women are
12:49 pm
dressing, and what they are asking just by presenting themselves the way they do. what are they asking for, she says, trouble. i need to point out that she walked it back slightly by saying i have spent my life championing women, end quote, and my statements were taken out of context and do not represent how i feel about the current situation concerning harvey weinstein. but, rachel, her original statement as a woman is a bit concerning. >> listen, if she walked it back, great. the point is even for a moment, putting the onus on women and girls is ridiculous. this should it be on ailes and others we shall not name to not physically sexually harass and intimidate women. and also it's on us to realize that this is a systemic issue.
12:50 pm
and to believe women. it's on us to believe women and to take the pressure off women to be perfect. and maybe we can try putting that pressure elsewhere. i don't know. on men? >> well, we'll leave it there. a . next here, ivanka trump weighs in on her father's policy on d.r.e.a.m.ers after weeks of silence. this as the first lady melania trump steps out on her own to draw attention to the opioid crisis in west virginia. the ah, dinner.
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despite the silence during the president's controversial decision to end daca or really let congress decide, the policy that protects hundreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers, assistant to the president and first daughter, ivanka trump, is making her opinion. speaking at fortune's most powerful women summit, saying it needs a long-term congressional fix. >> i personally am of the opinion and the president has stated this, that we have to figure out a good solution that protects these innocent people, many of whom were brought to the country as children, but, you know, there has to be a long-term fix, and it cannot be bandaged over at a presidential level through another executive order that can be rescinded by a subsequent administration. >> with me now, emily jane fox, senior reporter with "vanity fair." so, emily, hearing her obviously she was asked about daca so she
12:56 pm
weighed in on that, but this is -- this is a woman who has really tried to stay above the partisan fray. we're also learning today that she wants to wade into helping her father out on tax reform. something that she's not an expert in. what's her goal here? what -- is her role movinrphing? >> i think her role is staying closer to what she moved to washington to do. she is an advocate for the issues she wanted to be an advocate for when she moved there in january. the problem is when the administration first took over in january, as one white house official recently described to me, it was the wild wild west in the west wing. there was no structure in place. there was no boss there telling everyone what they should do. ivanka and jared kushner felt they should be at every meeting sort of to protect the president. they were not able to focus on the issues they wanted to focus on. there was really no structure in
12:57 pm
place. now john kelly is in at chief of staff. some people within the west wing said they've been exiled a little bit from those roles. some people categorize it more they are able to focus on the jobs they were there to do. that's why you see her talking about tax reform or a child care tax credit. that's why you see her in detroit a couple of weeks ago talking about s.t.e.m. education. these are things she wanted to do initially that align more with her personal brand, but she has been so off track because of the craziness in the west wing. >> i've also got kate bennett standing by, who was in virginia, which is where the first lady was today addressing the opioid crisis. and i think specifically with little babies. tell me what she was doing. >> yeah, we just got back, brooke. she was at a place called lily's place. specializes in helping babies born with opioid addiction. clearly this is something the first lady is very passionate about. she said so today. she said, how can i help? how can i use my potion and my
12:58 pm
profile to help shed some light on this. this is an issue, the opioid crisis not a lot of people discuss. lily's place focuses on infants and babies and helping families. kellyanne conway was there as well. one of the graduates of the program was there with her baby. it was a quick trip, but, again, the first lady's second solo trip on her own. certainly branching out and setting her place with the childrens issues, which is going to be her platform. >> do you think, emily, we'll see more of the first lady out and about? >> she has the highest approval rating of all of them i think, so this is a good time for her to get out there. these are things she seems to care about. it's good optics for the administration at the very least. >> let's going go back to something, i was talking to kate about this 24 hours ago. about ivana trump, donald trump's first wife. she has this book out. so she made news in an interview essentially saying, you know, i have the phone number, i have a direct line into my ex-husband and i'm the first lady.
12:59 pm
and surprisingly, i think to a lot of people, melania trump vis-a-vis the spokeswoman jumped in with a statement, sort of slapping her down. >> it was a phenomenal moment in american first lady history. i don't think we've ever -- >> first ladiness. >> i don't think we've ever had a third wife in the white house before. so to have a first wife on a book tour about the husband and her first children, and then a third wife as the first lady there to respond is a really remarkable moment in history. but the first -- the actual first lady was out there today doing her first lady duties. so it was an interesting way to respond again by being there in west virginia and sticking to her platform. >> okay. emily jane fox, from "vanity fair," cnn contributor. nice to see you. kate bennett fresh off the main from west virginia. thank you so much for all things melania trump. i'm brooke baldwin. jake tapper is going to pick it up in just a moment with all
1:00 pm
things, including the latest from the white house, the fires in california and beyond. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me. we'll go to washington now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. more a-list celebrities telling their horrific hollywood horror stories. "the lead" starts right now. a new shocking report in "the new yorker" claims that the once big-time hollywood producer harvey weinstein used his power and position to sexual assault and rape women. as hillary clinton five days later issues a statement about her big-time supporter. after challenging the secretary of state to an iq test, president trump meets with his top diplomat. did rex tillerson bring his number 2 pencil? and was his possible replacement spotted at the white house today? plus, red alert. thousands trying to outrun some of the worst wildfires in the history of the state of