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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 10, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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happening now, breaking news. battling blazes. fire crews are fighting more than a dozen major wildfires burning out of control in california. tonight the death tol and damage are growing. thousands of evacuees are stay 'ing shelters, many of them with no home to return to. president trump launches a new volley in his war of words with bob corker dubbing him little bob on twitter. but the white house says the congress will bring the agenda
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not the president's battle -- the president is suggesting he would win if they compared iq tests. and stolen war plans? north korean hackers allegedly stole classified military documents with details of u.s. and south korean war plans including a plot to take out kim jong-un. what does kim's regime plan to do with the stolen secrets? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in the situation room. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we're following breaking news. the wildfire disaster sweeping across parts of california tonight. 15 people are now confirmed dead with more missing. and officials say the flames
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have destroyed 2,000 homes and a hundred buildings. thore than 19,000 acres have been charred many of them in california's wine country. also the white house is insisting president trump was joking when he proposed an iq challenge with secretary of state rex tillerson with mr. trump's saying he would win. tillerson had lunch at the white house today, and the president said he had confidence in him. the white house also says republican senator bob corker is entitled to his own opinion but not his own facts. the president responded to corker's coined public review, his demeanor and actions by dubbing corker little bob on twitter. corker stands 5'7". it's the latest barb between the extraordinary feud. we're covering much more this
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hour. and our correspondents and specialists are also standing by. but let's begin at the white house where president trump had lunch with the secretary of state just hours after the president's boast of having a higher iq than rex tillerson. and all of that went public. our senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny is joining us with the very latest. jeff, the relationship between the president and the secretary of state clearly still strained. >> reporter: good evening, wolf. strained is a polite way of putting this. the president still trying to have the last word here at the white house. now, that's only one feud going on here. he's also still etclating that fight with the republican chairman of the senate relations committee. president trump and secretary of state rex tillerson breaking
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bread today at the white house, a week after their feud broke out in the open. brushing aside his side suggestions he tried to under mine him. >> i didn't under cut anybody. i don't believe in under cutting people. >> reporter: the president, his top diplomat and defense secretary james mattis sat for lunch. the face-to-face meeting didn't answer one of the biggest questions in washington, how long will tillerson hang on as secretary of state. in a forbs magazine cover story out today the president had this to say about the durogatory remark. i think it's fake news, but if he did that, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests. i think i'd win. >> he wasn't questioning the secretary of state. he made a joke. maybe you guys should get a
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sense of humor and try it some time. >> reporter: it's not the only fight the president is picking with his fellow republicans. he escalated with senator bob corker. writing on twitter the failing new york times set little bob corker up by recording his conversation, was made to sound and fool and that's what i'm dealing with. now corker joining the republicans now branded by trump. the president was literally belittling the 5'7" over his interview with "the new york times" where he bluntly suggested the president was unfit for office. >> we could be heading towards world war iii with the kind of comments he's making. >> reporter: meeting in the office today with former secretary of state henry kissinger, the president addressed criticism the u.s. is
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heading towards a world war. >> if you look over the last 25 years through numerous administrations we were on a path to a very big problem, a problem like this world has never seen. we're on the right path right now believe me. >> reporter: the fight comes as the president is trying to jump start his stalled legislative agenda. >> people want to see tax cuts, major reductions in their taxes. and they want to see tax reform, and that's what we're doing. >> reporter: the rising tension in the west wing is weighing on many officials who worry that it will make the tax plan difficult to pass. >> how do you think this helps the president's agenda, tax first and foremost. >> i think we would all be a lot better off if the senate would stop taking vacations and start saying here until we start
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getting some things accomplished. the president's here and he's committed to working with them to do that. >> reporter: former chief strategist here at the white house, steve bannon suggested he had he should resign, saying if he had any honor or decency, he should resign. senator corker, of course not planning on resigning. wolf, the reason this all matters, senator corker heads the senate relations committee. that is the committee that would confirm or hear a new secretary of state should there be one here. so that ties into secretary tillerson's fight with this. one of the reasons why a lot of officials here are anxious that one of these gentleman, in fact all three of these gentleman would get back to work.
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wolf. >> he said the president is treating his administration like a reality show, could put the country, quote, on a path to world war iii. let's go to our correspondent phil mattingly on capitol hill. what else are you hearing up on capitol hill? >> wolf, it's not going to shock you when i tell you senators are rushing to camera to weigh innen on this. if you talk to them in candid language they will acknowledge much of what senator corker said many senators agree with. they were unsettled by the north korea tweets. they are certainly uncomfortable with the political allies of the president threatening the seats they currently retain. and there's a lot of question on the legislative of things of what they perceive to be the lack of focus on the white house's side. every single aid you speak with
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makes clear there isn't going to be a rush of other senators that come out. in fact, what they would like to happen is this all go away. one aide told me, it's hard sometimes because of the administration, but this is the hand we've been dealt. this fight back and forth is simply not helpful to that cause, wolf. >> how does the loomic legislative battle over the president's proposed tax cuts factor into all of this? >> look, it's the big open question right now. but the senator has already raised concerns about the tax plan. he's made very clear he is a deficit hawk. he doesn't want the tax proposal to add a lot to the deficit here. so he's already kind of on the edge as they start this process in earnest. the real concern and we saw it in health care where administration officials got crosswise with certain
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officials, and anyone up here would acknowledge that did not help the process. when it comes down to it when push comes to shove, and in the senate the republicans have a very small majority, the senate should be counted onto help close the deal. the lack of trust doesn't help and lack of focus doesn't help. that's why anybody you talk to from leadership on down wishes this would go away, wishes they could move on. >> phil mattingly, thank you. let's get more on this. congressman, what impact do president trump's feuds with senator corker, secretary of state tillerson have in your opinion on america standing on the global stage? >> thank you, wolf, for that question. it has weakened america. look, we are in dangerous times. we're facing issues from north korea to wildfires to disaster in puerto rico.
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and we need the president to focus and act like a president instead of engaging in name-calling and under cutting his own secretary of state. he has not made it very hard for rex tillerson to do his job worldwide because world leaders can no longer trust secretary tillerson because they don't know who he's speaking for. >> so you think he should resign in. >> i think he needs to have a very long conversation with president trump and say the president needs to support his efforts with north korea or yes i think he should resign. right now on an issue as important as north korea if you ask the simple question does the u.s. support diplomacy with north korea, no one can give you an answer. >> well, the president has said it's a waste of time. they have nuclear bombs on war heads, intercont interceptal ballistic missiles.
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the president repeatedly points this out, has failed. that's why he says tillerson's efforts to discuss these issues with north korea is a waste of time. >> so diplomacy has not been try would the current leader of north korea. in addition, i served in active duty in the air force. i'm not opposed to war. but i am opposed to war as the first option. we need to exhaust every other option first including diplomacy before we even think about war. in the case of naek, estimates are 2 million people could die, 7.1 million people injured. it would be catastrophic if we used military force. >> diplomacy was tried repe repeatedly with kim jong-un. he's moving forth and issuing all sorts of warnings. at least until now diplomacy has
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failed, but what you're saying is what, give it another chance the. >> yes, because we have now leveled the most severe economic sanctions both with the u.s. and u.n. and we need to give that some time to work, and then we hopefully bring north korea to the negotiating table. but we also need to look at the military option. there are no good military options. in addition to nuclear weapons, north korea has up to 5,000 tons of weapons. they could attack guam and japan patch before the president takes us down this dark and bloody path to war, he needs to exhaust every option possible. >> let's get to a sensitive issue, the 700,000 or 800,000 so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers here in the united states. did the democratic leadership, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, over play their hand with the president who now says he wants
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legislation to stay, but also other issues with building a wall between mexico. >> he needs votes. he needs democrats. and there's going to be a series of votes where he's going to need democrats. so i don't think chuck schumer and nancy pelosi over played their hand. i supported the clean d.r.e.a.m. act. >> do you support senator feinstein's decision to run for election? >> absolutely. she's a great senator from california. she is a very important position given her senuraty, and yep o hope she wins by a very large margin. >> what do you tell your progressive more liberal leaning democrats out there concerned about her position and also concerned about her age, she's 84 years old? they would like somebody more
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progressive, more forcible in proposing the president's agenda to step forward. what do you say to them? >> i have worked with senator feinstein. she is one of the sharpest people in the u.s. senate. i have no concern about her ability to do her job. and she's going to continue to do a great job as a senator. >> harvey weinstein, he's been a major donor for democrats. in fact he was a bundler for hillary clinton's campaign. first of all, should all the democrats who receive money from him either return that money or donate it to charity? >> that would be up to the individual and elected office holders. let me say if the allegations against mr. weinstein are true, then he needs to go to prison. he's alleged to have committed
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tape. that is massive violation of not just women's dignity but federal law and state law. he needs to go to prison if that's what happened, and his conduct is completely unacceptable. >> it took five days for hillary clinton to respond. she issued a statement today condemning him. we still haven't heard from president obama. should he stay silent on this. >> i think it's really up to individual members what they want to do. but the conduct described at "the new york times" of what mr. weinstein did is unacceptable whether in the public sector or private sector. >> did you ever receive political contributions from him? >> i did not. >> okay, ted lou, thank you so much for joining us. police are revealing new information about the las vegas gunman's effort to setoff a huge explosion before his shooting
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tank. brian, police now say the killer was using special bullets. >> that's right, wolf, disturbing information tonight on the ammunition used by the shooter. we have from two law enforcement sources that the gunman stephen paddock fired special insindiary bullets at a fuel tank. sources say they believe that was an attempt to cause an explosion. they say those type of rounds intended to ignite what they hit, were found inside paddock's room at the mandalay resort and also on the western ground of the international airport. paddock fired on those fuel tanks first before he fired on the crowd, i have been told. airport officials say two rifle rounds struck one of those tanks and one penetrated it. but it's unclear if the one that penetrated the tank was of the incendiary variety. and we have to be clear, there was no explosion. last week air officials
3:23 pm
down-played the potential noting that jet fuel can withstand brief exposure to flame. they retrieved tracer rounds from paddock's room. these law enforcement sources say there's no evidence that tracer rounds were actually used during the attack. wolf, those make a big difference when you're firing at night. >> and you're also learning new information about the protective equipment that this killer had with him. >> that's right, according to sources investigators also found survival gear in paddock's room including a bulletproof vest and breathing apparatus. the sheriff had personally said he had personal protection in his room. sheriff lom bardo did not say what that gear was.
3:24 pm
we're getting from sources he had a bulletproof vest and breathing apparatus. they may suggest he planned to exit and try and get out of there somehow. but every law enforcement official tells us there's no way he could have gotten out. the deadly wildfires in california now burning out of control. at least 15 people have been killed, 2,000 buildings destroyed. take a look at these pictures out of santa rosa. even a fire station was reduced to rubble as winds topping 50 miles an hour fueled the interno. the scale of this disaster is growing by the hour. >> reporter: and wolf, we learned that authorities are still in the process of actually trying to evaluate people. that means the fire is still advancing on people's homes. we also learned there are still a lot of people reported missing, 183.
3:25 pm
now, that does not mean those people are feared dead, there just could be a problem with the communication. meantime, i want to step out of frame here. you can see the coffey park near santa rosa is just completely leveled. there is not a house still standing. we know is 20,000 people have been evacuated, went to a shelter today. and it is totally packed. and the need is great. they need clothes for instance. the winds have died down to some extent. but this fire here in santa rosa still 0% contained. >> thank you very much, dan si-mind in santa rosa. just ahead hillary clinton breaks her silence against harassment and assault allegations on harvey weinstein. plus an isis ambush leaves four u.s. soldiers dead. was one of them taken alive by the terrorists? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can
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3:31 pm
is a good idea? >> i don't think anybody in the white house would have advised the president this is strategic course of action. he has been an advisor, really important advise door the president in terms of explaining foreign policy, national security issues that he has needed to get up to speed on. but this isn't a strategy by the president. and i think that's the important distinction here. it's actually just an impulse. it's always personal when it comes to donald trump and people he feels have wronged him or publicly insulted him or attacked him. so when he sends out these tweets and continues to send out these tweets, it isn't donald trump saying this is going to help me strategically but donald trump being impulsive, rash, angry. and that's what we're seeing here. >> can president trump afford to lose corker's vote when it comes to the big up coming issue, tax reform. >> they need his vote and also
3:32 pm
need his leadership. he's a senior member of the republican caucus in the senate. seen as someone who can whip votes. the president loses his leadership, it'll be that much harder to pass any legislation. >> phil mud, the president also rekindling this controversy with secretary of state rex tillerson after reports that tillerson over the summer privately referred to the president as a moron. in an interview published today the president said this, i think it's fake news, but if he did that, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests, and i can tell you when is is going to win. your reaction? >> twitter feed for the situation room. who wins the president or the secretary of state? i think i know the answer to that. let's step back. in guv rns you need allies. he's alienated the cab bt, that is obviously his secretary of state. last the joint chiefs, he
3:33 pm
embarrasses them in public by saying i need plans faster, he fired his fbi director, embarrassed the head of justice department. he's alienated the congress including republican allies. this guy is turning out not to be a presidential success but a failure. your responsibility is not tattoo represent your party our yourself. the guy is not is not succeedsing, and he can't figure out a way to look in the mirror and accept it. >> jeffrey toobin, this is not the first time the president has bragged about his supposedly high iq. listen to this. >> so i tweeted that rick perry should have to have an iq test
3:34 pm
before getting on the debate stage. sit back, and i'll match my iq. i want to match my iq with those guys, all of them. >> he says if you're president, you'll make -- >> let's do an iq test. >> and i keep hearing about global warming. he doesn't understand, let's do iq tests. these so-called egg heads. and by the way, i guarantee you my iq is much higher than there's, all right? i guarantee you i have a vocab larry better than all of them. governor perry, very nice guy. he made nasty statements about me, and then i challenged his iq, and i challenged his glasses. what the hell are you wearing glasses for? i said the glasses aren't working. i'll tell you what, we have by far the highest iq of any -- i guarantee my iq is much higher than any of these people.
3:35 pm
my uncle was one of the great professors at mit. believe me, it's good genes. >> jeffrey, what complains the president's seemingly obsession with a high iq? >> i mean the -- you know what we really need, wolf, we need a time capsule. and put it in there just so future generations will really believe this guy was president of the united states. because i don't think people are going to believe it, that, you know, these iq insults in my experience, they sort of fade-out around junior high school. and now we have a president of the united states who is not only challenging political opponents but remember tillerson's his secretary of state. i mean that's like a guy who's supposed to work for him who is presumably intelligent. i just -- you know we -- the question is when, like, when do
3:36 pm
we stop being out raged by this kind of craziness? and i guess i haven't reached the stage yet, but you just wonder when we're getting near to it. >> he often talks about his iq and someone else's lower iq. >> there is a story we do not speak about in washington, d.c., and that is transition from saying this man is crazy like a fox in terms of how he manipulated the american population to view him as brilliant during the campaign to now looking at him and saying he's got a psychological problem. he's got a problem with narcissism, everything is about hill. and he's got a problem at looking at everybody else and saying i have to prove every time i'm the smartest guy in the room. one look at washington, everyone is smart. you have to look and say does someone have a better idea? his answer, no.
3:37 pm
>> he likes to say he went to the finest school, went to university of pennsylvania. he said to "the new york times," corker made him sound leak a fool. so he's got that theme there going all the time. >> right, that's his spin on events. that's a very standard interview, technique to record your subject, get that information on the record. corker was clear on being on the record. >> and the president recorded it, too. >> both sides are going to record what they're going to say. that it was recorded was a red herring. i also think it's a tell that president trump is fixated on this mechric. first of all, we don't know what his iq is, but it's not focusing on his potential for the job. >> if i can just adone point, there has never been proof that a higher iq means you're better
3:38 pm
at any job than anyone else. it's a very narrow controversial measure of a certain person's intelligence. but the idea gnat a higher iq means you're going to be better as president or any job is simply not true. >> a lot of people are pointing out that "the new york times" set corker up by -- as we know it wasn't setup by "the new york times." both sides said you know what, it's on important interview. let's record it to make sure the words are reported in "the new york times." but people are saying the president let's that stand it's true his allegation is cletrue, which is not. >> and we've seen this before. that's kplaeexactly what he's d
3:39 pm
trying to make excuses for what bob corker said when corker wanted it to be public and that looks worse for the president. >> and also facts matter. the fact he said we have the highest taxes in the world, we don't. i mean maybe our taxes should go down, maybe they should go up. but wii don't have the highest taxes n world. and it just seems like part of our job should be just to correct things that are just factually wrong. >> that's very, very important. stay with us. there's more. hillary clinton now says she's shocked and appalled by alleged assaults of harassment by harvey weinstein. some are saying her words are too little, too late. and new details about the isis ambush that left four american soldiers dead, one of them possibly captured alive by the terrorists. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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there is breaking news in the russia investigation. the former trump foreign policy advisor, carter page, is telling cnn's manu raju up on capitol hill he's going to plead the fifth to the vast array of documents the senate intelligence committee has requested from him. however, page also says he wants to testify before the panel. let's get back to our specialists and analysts. and it's a fascinating development potentially legally,
3:45 pm
jeffrey toobin. what do you make of it? >> well, i think carter page is being wisely advised by a lawyer. he is obviously in the sights of the mueller investigation. and when you're in the sights, you take the fifth. now, his idea you can somehow take the fifth with regard to documents but without regard to testimony, i don't think that's going to stand up. the real question is whether the senate and house intelligence committees are going to start to issue subpoenas and start to think about the question of immunity. that might bring them into conflict with mueller. but, you know, the witnesses are really calling the shots here because if they take the fifth at the moment there's nothing that can be done about it. >> and there's other developments we're following including a very disturbing development with south korea. there's a south korean leader who now claims north korean hackers stole joint plans.
3:46 pm
potentially how much damage does that do if these north korean hackers with infiltrate and that that sensitive information? >> this is hugy significant. but you've got to put it into context for a moment. 17 years ago, 16 years ago we're talking about warfare moving in on a conventional fashion. cyber warfare where you're stealing the plans of your adversary and presumably saying what are their vulnerabilities, what are the plans for construction of things for things like ships and planes, and then i'm just starting to understand when breadth of what an adversary to do to a mind. it was messing around with american culture on issues like race. stealing plans, stealing ways
3:47 pm
you can design an american aircraft, stealing plans on how to manipulate the american mind, that's the future. >> and also plans to take out kim jong-un, the north korean leader. >> the second question is this is the tip of the iceberg, the third is how do they exploit it? is there something they can do with what they've just stolen? >> he was briefed by his national security team. the statement says the briefing and discussion focused on a range of options to respond to any form of north korean aggression or if necessary prevent north korea from threatening to united states or its allies from nuclear weapons. very interesting the president also had lunch today not only with secretary of defense mattis but secretary of state tillerson. no mention of tillerson in this statement from the white house.
3:48 pm
>> i think right now what's clear is tillerson is not being favorably by the president. on one hand you may have security issues you need to discuss with him, may have some things to pass up behind the scenes. but he's not mentioned as one of the brains. >> i think the central question right now, wolf, with tillerson it was relationship with the president is how does this affect the diplomatic option with north korea? because this is something tillerson has pushed for. that has been his focus as secretary of state. does this move the president towards perhaps a more militaristic option? is he listening more closely to his national security advisers who might be advising him specifically on that? there could be some real consequences if he is not in a position where he is listening and interacting with his secretary of state. >> the harvey weinstein, it is an awful -- what we're learning
3:49 pm
from the "the new york times," the that you recollecter magazine, this prominent donor of the democratic party, causes, all of a sudden we're learning awful things about things he did towards women. hillary clinton five days into all of this, jeffrey toobin, she finally condemned harvey weinstein in this brief statement. should she have spoken out more assertively and earlier? >> i think i would quarrel with your characterization of all of a sudden. this was widely known, harvey weinstein's inappropriate behavior with women. seth mcfarllen made a private joke about it at the oscars about harvey weinstein hitting on actresses. i think the real question for the clintons -- i mean who cares if the clintons give a statement
3:50 pm
now. the real question is why were they so close to him during the campaign? i think this is a real blot on both the obama and clinton families, that they were so blind to this, willfully blind >> let me read it to our viewers. we just got a statement from the obamas. i'll read it to our viewers right now. michelle and i have been disgusted by the recent reports of harvey weinstein. any man who demeans and degrades women in some fashion needs to be held accountable regardless of wealth or status. we should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories and we need to build a culture by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect to make behavior less prevalent in the future. signed by president obama and mrs. obama. strong statement. their daughter interned for the weinstein company last summer
3:51 pm
before she started harvard. >> you have to imagine there's a personal outrage with the obamas here because this wasn't just an abstract question for. their daughter was indeed working for this company where you had this sort of toxic culture in place. but i was just going to add in response to whatry was saying a few moments ago that on the flip side of this equation, you have president trump who not only made apologies for roger ailes after he was found to have committed some of these same sorts of transgressions at fox news, but after he resigned in disgrace, he joined essentially the campaign as an informal adviser and continued to advise trump after that. this is a problem across the board. >> roger ailes, how about donald trump himself? >> absolutely. >> ten women have accused him of sexual harassment. he admitted to sexual assault. so i mean, you know, let's keep in perspective who we're talking about. >> exactly. we have to keep in perspective that we had to wait a few days
3:52 pm
for these statements but still very strong statements. >> more news we're following. this is significant. other important news. four u.s. trooped killed by isis in africa. we're now learning new details of the ambush. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. our recent online sales success seems a little... strange?nk na. ever since we switched to fedex ground business has been great. they're affordable and fast... maybe "too affordable and fast." what if... "people" aren't buying these books online,
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tonight, we're learning new details of an isis attack that kills four american soldiers in west africa. let's go to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, who is working the story for us. the u.s. troops clearly were ambushed. >> they were ambushed, wolf, and several days later, still no word from the president of the united states. four u.s. soldiers killed in an isis ambush in the west african nation of niger, coming home to their families. half the 12-man team led by green berets killed or wounded in the attack. >> we assess risk before after action. the military has a very rigorous risk assessment process in place, but it's only an assessment. >> intelligence showed it was unlikely they would run into enemy forces, officials tell
3:58 pm
cnn. >> had we anticipated this sort of attack, we would have absolutely diverted more resources to it. to reduce the risk. and that is something we're looking at right now. >> they were meeting with locals and advising nigerian forces, but suddenly, they were ambushed by more than 50 isis-affiliated fighters. the american troops' pickup trucks were shattered by gunfire. they had only rifles to fight back. the isis attackers had rocket propelled grenades and machine guns. but sergeant ludavid johnson, 25, of florida, was separated from the others. he was found dead nearly 48 hours after the firefight. the pentagon's africa command does not know for sure if this american soldier was wounded and alive on the battlefield, and if he was even for a brief time in isis hands.
3:59 pm
>> africon is reviewing closely the security procedures. >> the army chief of staff openly acknowledging a full investigation is under way. >> they're evaluating the mission, enemy terrain, time, all of that to come up with the appropriate risk mitigation factors. >> a u.s. special operations team quickly organized a high-risk rescue mission, ready to move in. president trump was briefed. military officials are now looking into reports that a locater beacon emitted a signal from the area indicating that someone might still be alive on the ground. they are not sure if that signal was really accurate. >> these are some of our most sensitive operations. the tactics, techniques, and procedures are something that we protect very closely because this is very delicate operation in order to bring back a service member who somehow has been separated from his unit. >> there were no u.s. armed aircraft nearby.
4:00 pm
aircraft did arrive on scene, but there was no authorization from niger to allow air strikes on its territory. the u.s., the french, and nigerians all working together to see if they can locate the perpetrators. wolf. >> thank you very much. disturbing report. that's it for me. thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next, breaking news. the death toll growing in the california wildfires. tonight, entire livelihoods reduced to ashes. >> plus, the president challenging his secretary of state to an iq faceoff, insulting senator corker, calling hill little with a "d." and president and mrs. obama are breaking their silence on harvey weinstein five days after the allegations came to light as we have new and disturbing audio of weinstein harassing someone. you're going to hear it. itnn


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