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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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iq are losers. >> jennie moss, cnn, new york. >> jennie, all right. thank you so much for joining us. you can watch any time anywhere on cnn go. "ac 360" starts with anderson now. we begin tonight with breaking news on the wildfire in the wine country. the fast moving flames were consuming the equivalent of a football field every three seconds. cnn's ryan young is on the fire. he joins us now. what have you been seeing around you on the ground? >> reporter: anderson, it's just amazing. whether you watch that video you get sort of an idea of what it was like. when you stand here it blows your mind. this was an entire neighborhood. in fact we're standing right in front of a home. this garage is just what's left. we saw a file cabinet back
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there. it's the only thing we can make of the home. it's weird, the only thing that survived in the neighborhood are the trees. you look at this car, it's stuck in the middle of the road. the tires have disintegrated at this point. we were looking at the damage walking through, the idea of 15 people died. 183 people still missing. we've been told by officials they don't believe all 183 people are dead. there have been some miscommunication people around this area because the fires were so intense they hit a tower. this scene sort of repeats itself over and over again as we have been driving through the area. this looks like someone dropped a bomb in certain areas, anderson, as it's been so powerful. as we look back at this direction, even as we're talking right now, there is smouldering still going on. the firefighters told us this is
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an active fire they're still fighting right now. >> as i understand it the police are saying the area you are still not safe right? >> reporter: absolutely. as we walk back in this direction, anderson, you'll notice people are kind of popping up everywhere. one other thing the police officers told us not only is this an active fire situation, they are so stretched thin they want us to know they're dealing with looters as well. as we came into this area they wanted us to know that we were on our own should anything happen because of that fact they are trying to case people out of here at the same time keep people safe. this is one of those situations when you stand here and realize how much has destroyed, you get the idea why everybody's so thin. >> did you say there's zero percent containment at this point? >> reporter: that's what we were told. some of these firefighters are going on their 16/17th-hour shift. the winds have died down, this
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is given a chance for firefighters to get ahold of that. as we were coming in we saw the lights and sirens pushing to the front lines. again twerp told active situation. be careful. >> ryan thank you very much. the president doing what we reported last night. taking another shot at senator bob corker. chairman corker spoke out against the president on sunday talking with the "new york times," raising his concerns about the president's temperament, his judgment and possibilities unintentionally setting the stage for world war iii. he also said this, i don't know why the president tweets out everything that are un true. is it to prove the senator's point about the tweets, the president said something in the tweet that was false and attacked the senator based on his height. the president tweeted, the failing at "new york times" said little bob corker up by
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recording his conversation, was made to sound a fool and that's what i'm dealing with. it's hard to believe how recording the senator make him say something he didn't want to say. keep in mind the president's tweet is not true in any fact. the only set up involving the times and the senator agreeing in advance to record the conversation. here he is talking about it with the "times" john mortar. >> i know they record it and i hope you are too. >> i am. >> so when the president tweeted this morning he was tweeting a falsehood. senator corker is certainly entitled to his own opinion but he's not entitled to his own facts. >> well, that goes for the president too. by the way, senator corker told the "times" most of his colleagues agree with the assessment of trump. however -- we invited each and every republican senator on the
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program tonight, none of them said yes. invitation stands. jonathan martin joining us. as you heard spoke with senator corker, he's also the cnn political director. jonathan, do you have any idea what the president was talking about wen he said senator corker was set up by the "times?" >> i can't spraexplain that. the senator not only knew he was being taped, he asked to be taped by me. and the reason he did that is because he wanted to make a point, he wanted to make news here. he very purposefully said what he said because he recognizes that this president respond to intervention via the media more than he does private conversations.
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and that's why senator corker spoke to forcefully and did so on the record with me in our taped phone call conversation. >> and david, yet again you have the president of the united states mocking somebody for his height. we saw him on the campaign mocking someone for a disability, going off john mccain. >> also in the campaign, marco got the little marco as well. these nicknames he sees as a branding exercise, hoping to gau gain advantage. i don't know what it does to accomplish his goals. what i think makes this scenario different as a back and forth or name calling, or corker's tweets versus trump's tweets, this notion that corker wanted to speak and not just for himself. but clearly in talking to jonathan, wanted to try to speak for the whole conference. if you read the transcript, told jonathan if you go and ask these
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other fwies, the senator they're not going to come and say these same words. he was trying to provide the conscious of the senate in his mind of his republican colleagues knowing he was liberated to do so by not running away in the way many of his colleagues are not. >> jonathan, it's easy given the news cycle or the actions by the president time and time again to just kind of play this off, this is yet another twitter war, another fight like ivan that trump and melania trump yesterday. whether you sit down and think about it, i'm wondering when you have this conversation with corker if it hit you in that moment, just how stunning it is what senator corker is saying about the president of the united states. risking world war iii about himself lie requesting not telling the truth repeatedly. corker knew for a fact every day the people in the white house tried to retain the president
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from his own recourses, it's extraordinary. >> when i was on the phone with the senator i was taking notes and taking his conversation. i was really struck by what he had said, especially the world war iii remark. this is not some freshman member of the congress whose got up here and got the acts to grind and looking for attention. this is a possession, post in congress that has been held by a number of influential people in american history. when i was listening to that conversation i kind of knew what i was hearing would stand for post-tert. the charges he was making were very much premeditated he knew what he was doing. he did want to speak on behalf of his colleagues who are restrained by political reality. at least for now about what they can and cannot say. even beyond the world war iii, anderson, him sort of blowing
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the whistle of what a lot of folks in washington say, but no one wants to put on record, while he is the president of the united states, president trump in a lot of ways is controlled or minded by a codery of retired generals and senior officials who basically have to protect him from himself, and in effect regard the country and the world from the elected president of the united states. nose are his words, that's what he's saying. that's an extraordinary charge to make. it's putting on the record kind of a 10-month long conversation that's been taking place in washington about who actually is running the country. >> and david, no senators would come on tonight to discuss it. >> nor has anyone come out publicly to echo the sentiments at all of what was said. you noted, you get praise for corker as an upstanding guy. nobody has said let me associate myself with my colleague's
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remarks. this notion of somebody that corker said in private because why it's so damning. one senator now gives the conversations voice in public, but you're not beginning to find his colleagues running to sort of, let me add my voice to that. they don't want to do that, although i'll tell you there are several republicans that i've spoken with in the last couple of days that are quite glad this conversations in the open now in the sense of sounding the alarm about the notion corker said last week which is people separating the country from chaos, this notion regarding the president. coming up next, the president challenging his secretary of state to compare iq's. the white house press secretary calls it a joke. we got new reporting on when it was a trump. later, all the accusers coming forward in the stories of
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of state to be -- >> again he wouldn't questioning the secretary of state's intelligence he made a joke. maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. >> put aside for a second how many times this president and staff have tried to use, he's joking excuse to get out of hot water. he told jim acosta, no it was no joke. he spouted off about the iq test because he was mad. the whole iq insult is one of the president's favorite go to's. >> i went to an ivy league school, i foe i have an iq better than all of them. i guarantee you my iq is much higher than theirs. governor perry nice guy, he made nasty statements about me. then i challenged his irk q. i keep hearing about global warming oh he doesn't understand. oh i don't understand.
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let's do iq test. i guarantee my iq is much higher than any of the people. i want to match my iq with those guys with all of them. >> he was joking right. randal lain and michael san antonio. randal when the president said this was he joking? >> i listened to the tape before i came out to get the nuance. i laughed when he said it, he did not laugh. it's a judgment call that president trump knows. when i first asked him about tillerson he paused and thought about the answer. he gave a vague answer about his background and at the end of the day he's in charge. difference of opinion. i asked him about the moron comment. he immediately went into, i think it's fake news, but maybe we have to take an iq test. then he paused, i laughed. he said i would win it.
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so i don't know. he doesn't laugh very much, just because he didn't laugh doesn't mean it's not a joke but that's what happened. >> it is interesting michael with the am of times he talks about going to an ivy league school, he's smart with a high iq. >> well, don't forget the hand size, this is a guy that wants to measure everything. he thinks somehow it all can be measured and everyone one accept the results and he is proven to be the biggest brightest -- >> every rich or smart person i know don't talk about how rich and how smart they are. >> we've been doing the forbes 400 for years. in 1982 donald trump was on it. in 1982 trump said he's worth millions of dollars. we've said this for many years, the person who cares most about
5:18 pm
what we say about his net worth is donald trump. >> this does keep us from talking about his charge that president obama wiretapped trump tower. we don't talk about the fact he said millions of illegal immigrants voted in the election when they didn't. there is this haze of distraction he's throwing up. i think randal got at the real man. this is definitely who donald trump is, bragging, exaggerating, off on tangents but certain he's right about everything. >> one thing corker was saying about him the whole notion there's this madman theory. he's playing the madman and tillerson -- that's not true. he's just reacting in the moment. i'm not sure he's consciously thinking, oh i will -- i will challenge the iq of my secretary of state and that will create a diversion -- >> i actually asked him whether or not zsh because when he
5:19 pm
undercut of north korea because that's more serious than iq was he basically neutering his chief diplomat. he said no no no i was training him. thus, what donald trump has done and said as much in our interview at different times, he's the decider, at the end of the day he strengthen himself. >> i want to read part of randal's piece. he writes quote, rather than an opportunity to turn to ideology and policy he views government as he does business as an endless string of deals to be lost at both the negotiating table and in opinion. >> this is a fellow who thinks that america's interests are the same as his interests. whatever he says is the policy must certainly be right. in the long-term, the united
5:20 pm
states needs to deal with technology issues, energy issues. we see in the front page of the "new york times" today china is leaping ahead of us in the production of electric cars. these are profound issues but we have the person focused on the next moment not next week. >> i asked him several times to try to -- the idea that continuity, what's great about america is administrations change but policy again it evolves. you honor the deals of the previous administration, the previous administration honors the deal. it doesn't mean you don't tweak them. he doesn't believe that and he said that. you can see it on obamacare where he's like, you know -- he says he's acting -- until we have something else to try to make obamacare care. he says what ever happens is
5:21 pm
obama's fault, quote it will never be our fault it's only obama's fault. so there's no sense in trying. this administration is a new deal for donald trump, he gets to redice everything. >> fascinating interview. thank you guys. coming up next harvey weinstein in an audio of him pressuring a woman. his we'll watch his reaction when we continue. according to feng shui, the bed should face north east. on it. you're trying everything to get pregnant. new one-a-day couples pack gives you both nutritional support you may need. for her to prepare for a healthy baby and for him to support healthy sperm. be in it together. we are the tv doctors of america,
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president obama breaking his silence, a movie mogul harvey weinstein is accused of sexual assault and harassment. obama said michelle and i have been disgraced by the whole status. you should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful story and we all need to build a future including empowering our girls and teaching our boys respect. hillary clinton also released a statement today, quote, i was shocked and appalled by the revelation of harry weinstein. behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. meanwhile the list of weinstein accusers is growing and includes more big hollywood names. the new yorker magazine has audio of the accuser. new developments.
5:26 pm
>> he allegedly prayed on some of the biggest actored in hollywood. ashley just says he asked if he could give him massage and watch her shower. actress angry no jolie told the "times" weinstein made unwanted advances towards her in a hotel back in the 1990s. weinstein sexually harassed her two decades ago casing her around the hotel room. many of the women, aspiring actresses hoping to get their big break. just today the new yorker released audio of weinstein trying to quince a model named amber gutierrez to come to his hotel room in manhattan the day
5:27 pm
after he allegedly forcibly groped her. the disturbing conversation caught on tape during a sting operation by the nypd in march of 2015. >> what do we have to do here? >> nothing i'm going to take a shower you can drink. >> i don't drink. >> no just sit with me don't embarrass me in the hotel i'm here all the time. >> i'm very uncomfortable. >> when you want to leave -- >> you touch my breast. >> no please i'm sorry just come on in. >> in another incident detailed to a new yorker, lucille evans says she was assaulted by weinstein back in 2004 when she was still in college. it happened during a meeting arranged by one of weinstein's assistant which is how many of these meetings came to be. after she told him about two -- he told her about two scripts he
5:28 pm
forced her to have oral sex with him. >> that's where he cornered me in this deal and leaned in and tried to kiss me. that's when he blocked the entrance or exit for me and said, well then, just stand there and be quiet. he immediately exposed himself and, you know, began pleasuring himself. >> in response to the "new york times" investigation, harvey weinstein issued a statement saying i appreciate the way i behaved with colleagues in the past has caused a lot of pain and i sincerely apologize for it. he promised he was working with therapist and would deal with this issue head on. a spokesperson for him also telling the new yorker, any alleges of nonconsensual section are denied by mr. weinstein adding mr. weinstein has
5:29 pm
confirmed there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances. the spokesperson is saying weinstein is hoping for a second chance. a second chance, weinstein has already been fired from the weinstein companies, a blow to one over the biggest names in hollywood. a man some women say subjected them to what they call turn-down duty. according to the "new york times" that meant preparing weinstein for sleep. with him appearing at times naked in front of them. or preparing to bate and temporary massages. >> congratulation you wife women no longer have to -- you women no longer have to pretend to be attracted to weinstein. >> what once was a joke turned out to be the truth. >> joining husband kirsten pal lard and jeff.
5:30 pm
jeff some serious allegations including three women who say that he raped them. is he going to face charges? >> he may well. the real question is why hasn't he faced them before, because given the kol yum -- volume and the fact that the district attorney had one chance to prosecute him, didn't do it but apparently just left a serial rapist to rome manhattan for years. the first account, the first story in ferrell's story in the new yorker is of a clear sexual assault in manhattan in -- i think it's 2004. there is no statute of limitations on sexual assault -- >> in new york state. >> in new york state. where is law enforcement on this? i think they have been asleep at the switch. >> it is interesting how someone like this in insulated. if it's an open secret in
5:31 pm
hollywood oh that he did this. is it because of his power in hollywood, it's stunning? >> well i think the power is the main thing. when i was reading the new yorker article it was striking me over and over how -- that you had women who were basically, you know terrified. very similar climate in the sense if you went up against harvey weinstein they would possibly ruin you, plant bad things about you in the media. that was always a fear for the women at fox, that that would happen. the hr department was police sit. if you went to complain to them it will went straight to harvey. it was the same on fox news. it was a institutional set up. it was trirch by the fact this person had so much power that nobody wanted to take them on. >> and used it. in that statement was such a lie in so many rptsz.
5:32 pm
when my ra talked about how he career suffered. patricia arquette says her career sufferd is when she turned him down. >> i find it hard to imagine people in his company did not know. if they're having all these settlements, they're having people coming to hr complaining, making allegations that the board of directors didn't know. >> by the way, it was part of disney for some of this period. where was disney in this? it was the institutional failures are so gray. i don't think we can give the clintons and the obamas a pass here. as that joke illustrates, a lot of people knew or had very strong suspicions that this was a very bad guy. notwithstanding that, you know, the obamas and the clintons embraced him, did fundraisers with lim, paid tribute to him. i think it's a dark mark on
5:33 pm
their record. >> i think you said patricia, it was anna arquette just for the record. >> oh okay. >> do you think there shows some sort of turning point, what's happening at fox and here, that hopefully it's some sort of turning point, do you think it actually is? >> it definitely feels like our culture is starting to take this seriously. i do they that there are little mini harvey weinsteins all over the place. he's an extreme case. i don't think most people are acting that way, even powerful people. i do think that thing like this happen and people look the other way. look at how slow the hollywood men were to come out and condemn this, people who knew what was going on. and frankly how slow i think hillary clinton and barack obama came out. it's been five days. >> the timing of their regret means less to me than the fact that they associated with him in the first place.
5:34 pm
as we talk about progress in society with roger wells, bill cosby, harvey weinstein. we can't forget, one guy got elected president of the united states. it can't be that all the country take it seriously because 65 million people voted for that guy. >> donald trump is the president so clearly people are willing to look the other way. >> we'll talk more about this in the next hour. thank you very much. coming up a cnn investigation you'll only see here. the environmental detection agency the chief pays the mine -- he does this after a meeting with a mining executive. report on how that meeting happened. next. when you think of saving money,
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you don't often expect the environmental protection agency to be in action many believe will hurt the environment. today e pa chief scott pruitt signed a rule to began drawing from the power plant. that move grabbed a lot of attention, there's something else mr. pruitt's done that's slipped under the radar. the decisions to make the protection of a pristine area in alaska. pruitt made a decision after meeting with a mining executive. we have exclusive new details
5:39 pm
how on that meeting took place and what's at stake. >> the meeting at e pa headquarters was brief and to the point. by the time it ended a mining company hoping to decision for -- and got what it wanted. monday, may 1st got what it want. it asked scott prosecuted to withdraw restrictions on alaska's police toll bay, they were put there by the obama administration to stop that company from building a massive mine. pruitt agreed. little more than an hour after pruitt met with the mining ceo, e pa staffers were shocked to receive this e-mail obtained exclusively by cnn. which says, wev directed by the administrate to withdraw the restrictions. the proposed protection of that
5:40 pm
pristine area was being removed. pruitt opened the door to what could become the largest open pit mines in the world. according to multiple sources he made that decision without a briefing from any of e pa's scientists or experts. >> absolutely i met with mr. pruitt. >> for tom collier it was a huge win and it comes with no apologies. >> and do you think it was not wrong that mr. pruitt did not look at what the work had been done? >> not a science decision it's a process decision. the optics on this are right. >> this looks like a head of a gold mine went to a new administrator and got him to reverse what an entire department had worked on for years. >> then put your glasses back on because you're not seeing the right optics. >> reporter: the obama e pa
5:41 pm
detection dealed in 0hundreds o report is so rare it only happened like this one other time. it was put on bristol bay alaska to stop pebble mining. the mining sued the e pa saying it wasn't treated fairly. in the same day pruitt met with the mining company he agreed to settle that lawsuit as well. to understand the significance of pruitt's decision that day, you must first understand why the protection was placed on bristol bay in the first place. bristol bay is home to one of the worldest largest and pristine salmon more than half the world's high chi salmon come from here. this place is one of the -- supporting 50 million wild
5:42 pm
salmon. part of life and indigenous cultures that stretch back 4,000 years. in 2011, pebble partnership owner filed a mind building assessment with the u.s. securities and exchange commission. the mine would create a footprint bigger than the island of manhattan and nearly as deep as the grand canyon according to the e pa. alarm bells went off, local tribes and fisheries asked the e pa to study the impacts a mine that big could have. after a three-year study the e pa posted a report showing a pollution from the mine could result if a fish loss habitat. and it could destroy hundreds of mines and streams and in addition 4900 acres above e pa. all those looses would ir ver l
5:43 pm
irreversible. no one knows how many jobs will be lost if the fish vanished. >> it's a bad place to put this kind of thing. protecting it works, patching it together afterwards doesn't work. >> reporter: one of the scientist who was used in that study is thomas quinn. he has studied the area for 30 years. >> this is the jewel in the crown of america's fishery resources in salmon. if you don't think this is worth saving, what is? and if you don't think there's danger in this, you haven't looked at it carefully. >> reporter: according to several e pa insiders of briefing being prepared for scott pruitt wasn't finished when pruitt made his decision. the scientist never got the chance to brief the administrate. unbenoens to many at the e pa lobbyiest temporary mine had
5:44 pm
already been lobbying to overturn their work. lobbying trump's administration team before trump was sworn in. it sounds like you have a friend in the administrator. after a half hour without looking at the science he said yeah we're going to remove this -- >> so the premise of your question oerchds me? >> because? >> because-of-a present at e pa. what i got is somebody whose following the damn law for the first time. okay, that's not friend. and the issue was not a scientific issue, the issue was a due process issue. >> reporter: former e pa director disputes that. everything about bristol bay and the clean water protection was based on science she said. zek kads of science research. years of study. it is kwlie she officially approved the protection. like many at the e pa is stunned it all could be so easily undone
5:45 pm
at the bidding of a mining company. >> there wasn't about e pa taking an active step on its own, it was about using a tool to provide certainty to those alaskan native villages and all those people that rely on that resource for their jobs and the economy that we were being protective of that ecological resource. >> it by our reporting took one hour to overturn everything you did. >> yeah. i spent a whole lot more time on it than that. it is a very big decision and one that deserved really thoughtful discussion between the staff. >> scott pruitt declined cnn's request for an interview. in a statement a e pa person tells cnn, the meeting with the mining company was an opportunity for administrative
5:46 pm
pruitt to let pebble limited partnership know they are being granted to fair opportunity to apply to build the mine. and as, scott pruitt did not prejudge the outcome of the process or make a decision by the final decision. the statement goes on to say, e pa's rev will be based on the whole record, all the science and proposal from the company. >> but he made that decision, right, after a half hour meeting with the head of a guy who wants to mine gold which many scientist believe will destroy a salmon ground in the whole world. what am i missing? >> what you're missing is if their right we won't get a permit. >> reporter: pebbles last week posted this document saying the mine will be much smaller, have less impact and that its policy is to work in a save environmental responsible manner. >> you know that mining is a
5:47 pm
dirty business no matter how you get around it. >> i don't buy that for a second. >> are you telling me you're going to be able to put a clean mine up there that isn't going to have an affect on anybody's habitat? >> exactly. >> reporter: if they get the verdict and a mine gets build -- >> i find a horrifying takes the world in a place you value best, most beautiful, productive special place you can conceive, and think of the most devastating thing you could do to that place. you'd be his or her tied just as i am. >> drew joins us. what's the reaction been to all of this? >> quite frankly anderson, it has been outrage. tomorrow and thursday the e pa's going to hold public hearings in alaska on this change of plans. we heard from several groups planning to protest the united tribes of bristol bay. they represent several indigenous tribes up there.
5:48 pm
they're going to flood the meeting. it seems like this is a done deal again with almost no discussion. the mining e pa told us he's going to plan to have a pebbles in place for a mine this december. breaking news out of las vegas, now details on what the inversion found in the hotel room. a retirement score in just 60 seconds. and we'll help you make decisions for your plan... to keep you on track. it's your retirement. know where you stand. twhstuff happens. old
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5:53 pm
very large fuel tank. that is new information coming out, also trace amounts found inside of that hotel room. those help a shooter aim and hit their target especially at night and lastly bullet proof vests and some kind of breathing apparatus were also found inside the room. that is coming out as the sheriff has now given a new timeline as to just how this all unfolded. initially investigators said mandalay bay security guard was shot after surprising the gunman who had already begun shooting into the crowd of concert goers below. >> it was very heroic security guard who was shot during the search for that suspect. >> reporter: but the las vegas sheriff says it turns out the search had not yet begun. he revealed a new timeline saying the security guard was actually shot at 9:59 p.m., before the shooter turned his gun on the crowds at 10:05. that's a full six minutes from
5:54 pm
the time jesus was shot and injured and the time the gunman began his murderous rampage. >> he was injured prior to the mass volley of shooting. >> reporter: the sheriff wouldn't say how he thought that may have effected the shooter but former u.s. marshal and cnn law enforcement analyst says the guards presence may have sped up the shooter's plan. >> i still think the security guard going up there basically interrupted the shooter from whatever he was doing at that point in time and caused him to move his time schedule ahead. >> reporter: authorities say the guard went up to the 32ened floor after being alerted about an alarm due to an open door. compost heard the sounds of drilling when he got there. he was spotted by the shooter who had rigged cameras to show the hallway and the shooter released a barrage of bullets wounding him in the leg. compost immediately notified the
5:55 pm
hotel dispatch but the police officers did not know he was shot until they saw him. >> they weren't aware of him being shot until they met him in the hallway after exiting the valley advocator. >> reporter: it's still unclear while that vital information didn't make it to law enforcement right away. what is clear is that las vegas police didn't make it to the 32nd floor until 10:17, a full 18 minutes after the shooter fired at security guard compost who pointed out the room to police. now, authorities say they have also learned there was someone else with compost as bullets were being fired at him. >> there was a maintenance worker that presented himself on the 32nd floor and mr. compost prevented him from receiving any injuries. >> reporter: at 11:20 p.m., one hour and two minutes later, police say they blew open the door of the shooter's hotel suite. >> breach, breach, breach. >> reporter: they found the shooter dead. he apparently killed himself.
5:56 pm
>> is there any change in law enforcement stance that the shooter acted alone? >> reporter: it's a good question, because so many things have changed but the answer to that is no. the sheriff very explicitly said, we now have evidence of this shooter in las vegas 200 times and not one of those times was he accompanied by anyone. they still believe he acted alone. anderson? >> when we come back, wildfires ravaging california where 15 people are dead, many more injured plus the feud between bob corker and president trump heats up today with the taunting nick named laden tweet from the commander in chief. all that next.
5:57 pm
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we begin the hour with the president's ongoing feud with the top republican senator also with his secretary of state, his iq challenge to him the white house reaction and late
6:00 pm
reporting that reveals the central white house claim on that that it's a joke to be false. cnn's jim acosta joins us now. what are you learning about that? >> reporter: well, of course as you were saying earlier today sarah sanders the white house press secretary she was pressed on this comment from the president that was reported in forbes that he challenged essentially the secretary of state rex tillerson to an iq test that they should compare their iq test. this is of course after tillerson called the president a moron. she said it was all a joke, that the president's comment about taking the iq test was a joke and the white house press should have a sense of humor. i did talk to a source this evening anderson who is close to the white house that says, no, the president was not joking when he made that comment and this was the quote that was giving to me from the source. they knew he was missed that people found out tillerson called him a moron and he spouted off about the iq test because he was mad. this white house knows it was not a joke and speaking o