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tv   New Day  CNN  October 11, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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hollywood's most high profile stars are coming forward saying weinstein harassed them early in their careers. paltrow says this way of treating women ends now. >> three women now accuse weinstein of rape. he is wife is leaving them. cnn learns he's checking into rehab. some ask why it took days for the obamas and clintons to denounce weinstein. there are allegations whether he could face criminal charges. we have it all covered for you. brynn has the latest development. so much has happened in 24 hours. >> it really has. multiple sources with the nypd tell me there are no open investigations into harvey weinstein right now. no new allegations have been made to police at least here in new york. over two dozen women, though, have come forward with strikingly similar and disturbing accounts of their interactions with weinstein over the course of decades. the board of the weinstein
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company insisting they had no knowledge of co-founder hafrb where weinstein, calling the claims "an utter surprise." this despite widespread rumors that weinstein's alleged abuse was the worst kept secret in hollywood. seth mcfarlane. >> congratulations. you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein. >> some of the host prominent actresses have come forward. gwyneth paltrow telling the "new york times" when she was 22 a meeting ended with him placing his hands on her and suggesting they head to the bedroom for massages. i was petrified, she said. ashley judd alleges two decades ago weinstein had her sent to his hotel room, greeted her in a
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bathrobe, asking if she could give him a massage or watch him shower. and angelina said he made unwanted advances on her. >> he went to the bathroom, came back out in robe and asked me to give him a massage. i said no, i didn't feel comfortable. he said everybody does it. >> two other women recounting similar stories on cnn last night. >> he said at least if you won't give me a massage, then can i see your breasts? >> he told me he would give me a three picture deal. he could get my movie made. and, you know, i don't doubt that he could. but he said, you know, you have to watch me -- but you have to stay and watch me masturbate. >> "the new yorker" publishing disturbing audio from a 2015 police sting involving model amber batalana gutierrez. >> please come in.
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i'm a famous guy. >> i'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. >> please come in in one women. >> why yesterday you touch my breasts in. >> oh, please, i'm sorry, just come in i'm used to that. >> you're used to that? >> yes, i am. >> while the recording is horrifying to listen to, what emerged from the audio was in sufficient to prove a crime under new york law. weinstein's reps declined to comment but said in a statement tuesday, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. he is a long-time supporter of hillary clinton and a major donor to the democratic party, raising more than $1 million for democrats since the '90s. after days of silence, clinton condemned weinstein tuesday saying, "the behavior stkraoeupbd by women coming forward cannot be tolerated." and the obamas saying any man
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who demeans and tkpwe grades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable regardless of health wael or st wealth or status. >> brynn, thank you very much. let's discuss. we have cnn contributor michelle turner, cnn political commentator margaret hoover and hadas gold. it's great to have all of you here. i wish it was for a different reason. but this is an important conversation. timing. timing is a big part of this story. they knew. people knew. give us some context for that. what was known, what is new? >> there are different levels of what was known. we heard gwyneth paltrow's story, what he did to her. she said i told my then boyfriend, brad pitt, who confronted him at a movie premiere and said keep your hands off her. don't do it again. so that stuff was known.
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so there are people who did know what was going on. for the greater hollywood population, did they know the extent of this? did they know what he was doing preying on women? i don't think that was known. after ashley judd did the "vanity fair" interview a little while ago, she didn't name who the media mogul was. she did talk about what happened. there did start to be conversations, is she talking about harvey weinstein, we think she's starting to talk about harvey weinstein. there were some murmurs. you said this last hour, alyson, and i just have to reiterate. when you have angelina jolie, ashley judd, mirra sore sraoepb know, rosana arquette saying this happened, that is massive. you don't get any bigger than that. >> that was jaw dropping. the headlines, they came forward
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and talked about this unpleasant chapter in all of their lives, it felt like the tide is turning. you know, i think that the brad pitt moment is instructive. when brad pitt confronted him, harvey weinstein and said don't ever saying anything again. knock it off. he silenced her effectively. >> and then he continued to cast her and she continued to sort of be in this very difficult, complicated business relationship with someone who was continuing to help her career, who she was also trying to avoid for her own security and safety. >> and how many of us have had that? therein lies the power dynamic that so many women have. you rely on him for your paycheck and career. what are you to do? >> make no mistake, in hollywood, weinstein company, their films, what they do, they
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have the golden tufouch. if you're in a film that they buy more promote, chances are you're going somewhere in awards season. for actors and actresses, that's where they want to be. the weinstein company was the destination for people. >> which makes it incredibly fraught. first of all, we all know it is incredibly hard to come out and say something. meryl streep's voice was the canary in the gold mine. >> we just lived through a campaign. look, i know people are going crazy about this suggestion. i don't care. it's just the truth. these allegations came out about the president of the united states now during the campaign. he had that ugly tape on "access hollywood". people dismissed it immediately. we were shocked at how little impact that tape had. i'm not saying he's harvey weinstein. i'm saying the cultural discussion about why women don't want to come forward, why nothing changes, why men abuse a
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power dynamic on a rogue basis, why wouldn't it be when it was just ignored in the national election. >> it is is important for republicans and democrats, to the extent this has been politicized, why hillary clinton and obamas haven't come out, someone at fox news and watched that story unravel, i talked about it here on air, it is shocking to me how differently the left and the right have handled major sex scandals. when bill o'reilly and roger ailes were revealed to be predatory, be i can point to two people in the conservative universe who said this is bad behavior and it is not conservative. one was peggy newman. one was david of the national review. nothing from anything else. on the left, you have movie star after politician, senators disavowing bad behavior.
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a really stark contrast between now the political left and the political right handle this situation. >> that's a really interesting point. hadas, sorry to ignore you. we have been engaged in this lively conversation. from where you sit, you're in the capitol, what is notable about everything that has happened. >> how much this has shaken the democratic party especially those close with harvey weinstein. there are all of these pictures of him smiling and schmoozing with all of these political cultures, with the trumps. i think they keep coming up, we see the tide is turning, as michelle was saying, people are starting to speak out. what it is is taking is this group mentality that they can do it. i spoke with one of the accusers dawn dunning. she said she is surprised it took this long to come out. her incident happened in 2004.
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she was 24 years old, a waitress trying to break through in the movies. he appeared to her in a bathrobe and told her she had to engage in sexual activity with him in order to get anywhere in the business. she's not in the movies. she's doing costume designing. what it took in all of this and what we are seeing with roger ailes last year, it takes a powerful woman, someone who can stand out, someone who has deep pockets and can do something about it. >> what happened with roger ailes is in some ways harder because she had a lawsuit. she didn't just have an allegation or claim. she had her card in a lawsuit. that's what cracked it open. all women continue to owe gretchen carlson a debt of gratitude. >> this is what we are struggling with. how will things change? when gwyneth paltrow says, and it changes now. we're speaking out and this will not happen again. that's great. i hope that's true. but what are we supposed to --
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lessons are we supposed to learn moving forward? >> what we saw in this situation where there was money used to silence women. there were at least eight settlements where women took money to be silent. >> there becomes a separate question of, well, you have legal responsibility about what you can sign away and pay away. you also have just an ethical consideration that i think often gets ignored. it is a big part of the answer to your question, how do you change these things. what did his company put out? any allegations are unkweuf kael de unequivocally denied by mr. weinstein. people who worked there had to know. this is culture note just criminality. it's culture. again, men have to do the heavy
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lifting because it's our power dynamic, our abuse structure. but we just had an election where these ugly allegations came out and women voted for the man. >> it wasn't just the tape. there were allegations then against donald trump. assistants to executives. people who had to arrange the meetings. >> gwyneth paltrow laid it out in her story. she said she received, you know, information about meetings she had that came from her agency. so she thought i'm supposed to meet him here at this hotel? i guess it's okay. so when you have those things, what are you supposed to do? >> well, that's one lesson we can take from this. no business meeting should be happening in a hotel suite.
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as a general rule, we can start with that. that was what he did. part of his m.o. he would encounter in a bathrobe. in the light of day, they are mind blowing. when you are going to meet the most powerful man in your industry, you is accept this is how he does things. >> i would also like to point out in the story and as we saw in other places where this has happened, there was a weak human resources department. there wasn't this environment where people felt comfortable to come forward and talk about this. they spoke how the london and new york bureau had weak human resources. so women would band together. in any company of any size, and especially of a stature of a movie company, there has to be steps in place where if something happens to you, there's somebody you can go to.
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what recourse do you have if you don't have money or if you speak up, it could ruin a lot of their careers. the other option was to stay quiet, get a lump sum payment and not rock the boat in any way. >> women should look at is forced arbitration. many of these contracts force women into arbitration. they don't have the ability to have a lawsuit. >> but why does that exist? >> because harvey weinstein wants to be able to pay people off. >> a corporate entity, board structure allows it to be part of their operating perspective. in some cases litigation is very expensive and you want to find ways around it. that's true. but there are sensible limitations. you can't put the pressure on women to come forward when in a position to be victimize said in the first place. it's all on them. you have to come forward. it's ridiculous. the fact that you have this structure in a contract, yeah, you and i can-can arbitrate things. not everything.
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not when it's whether or not i did something like that to you. it's culture. >> when a woman does, i believe you, i stand with you. i hear you. keep talking about it. >> you can do that and vet for the truth. you can do both. >> thank you very much for the conversation. great to talk to all of you. we want to get to breaking news right now. the death toll is up to 17 in the raging wildfires in northern california. more evacuations ordered as a dozen wildfires are reducing neighborhoods, as you can see, to ashes. this qaa can qaa's wine countries. and how fast this fire spread. this was shot by a sonoma county sheriffs deputy as the flames took over the roads. ryan young is live in santa rosa, california. what is the situation there this morning, ryan? >> reporter: alyson, just scary video to see how fast that fire was moving. to stand here you get a chance to see the utter devastation
4:16 am
left behind. at one point some of the fire was moving as fast as hurricane force winds above 50 miles per hour. we're standing in front of a home. well, what's left of a home. this entire neighborhood is now gone. two houses down you can see where the chimney still stands. that's the only way we can figure out the dividing marks. we were looking. the only thing we can make out is the fact that there is that sewing machine standing right there. the other devastation, 17 people have lost their lives to this fire. and another 183 people are missing. to tell you about the 183 people that are missing, they're not all presumed dead. there are some major communication issues here. they believe some people they have not been able to get to. that's what they will work on to see if they can find them. obviously still active. zero percent containment. >> very frightening.
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this fire is checking every box of risk to those who are in its way and those trying to stop it. ryan, be safe. take care of the team. we'll check back with you soon. president trump is challenging his secretary of state to an iq contest. is this a joke? that's what the white house says. but what about the stability of the people that we keep hearing are the wall between us and kay next. can make anyone slow downt and pull up a seat to the table. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor. let's get the lady of the house back on her feet. and help her feel more strength and energy in just two weeks. yaaay! the complete balanced nutrition of ensure with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. always be you.
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the white house once again in defense mode this time about a joke challenging the secretary of state to an iq test. a source tells cnn that the president wasn't joking when he made a reference to who had a better iq, him or secretary of state tillerson. cnn's joe johns live at the white house with more. we don't really care about the joke, joe. we karas to the window and stability of these people all
4:22 am
important around the president. >> reporter: that's right, chris. good morning. some of the president's allies on capitol hill who have grown weary of the chaos and the back fighting, the insults coming out of the white house, are now calling for all the combatants can cut it out. meanwhile, the president, in controversy now, the white house in what is essentially a mode of trying to fix a huge problem, is looking at the situation where the president called for a challenge of the iq of the secretary of state as simply a joke made by the president. >> he wasn't questioning the secretary on of state's intelligence. he made a joke. maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders downplaying the president's
4:23 am
latest jab at his embattled secretary of state, insisting the president was kidding when he boasted about having a higher iq than tillerson during an interview with "forbes" magazine. but it is not the first time mr. trump has used such a line. >> some of the pundits, the guys, believe me, we're much smarter than them. my iq is higher than him. i want to match my iq with some of those guys, with all of them! >> reporter: the president was not joking but spouted off because he's angry it was made public that tillerson reportedly called the president a moron. president trump insisting he has confidence in tillerson and dismissing suggestions he tried to undermine him. >> i don't believe in under cutting people. >> reporter: this as he continues to belittle the prominent chairman of the senate foreign relations committee calling the tennessee republican little bob corker after he publicly criticized the president.
4:24 am
>> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind. you know, when he's talking about the big policy issues. we could be headed toward world war iii. >> the white house flatly rejecting his assessments. >> senator corker is not entitled to his own facts. >> reporter: and refusing to say if he should design. >> that is for the people of continue tomorrow to decide. >> reporter: lindsey graham said he discussed the escalating feud with the president while golfing monday and is asking for an end to the war of words. >> i don't think it's particularly helpful. most people don't care what two politicians think of each other. so hopefully we can move on. >> reporter: today he welcomes prime minister trudeau to the white house.
4:25 am
>> i'm not sure you should ever start was made to sound like a
4:26 am
fool. chris, what does this mean for the secretary of state? >> well, not all of us can be best-selling authors. what does it mean? it means that donald trump continues to focus on things that are pointless. literally pointless as it relates to getting anything done domestically or dealing with the number of issues we have around the world. they say he was joke. i'm going to go out to o a limb and say he was not joking when he talked about iq. he talks about iq all the time. i've literally spent 30 minutes going on his twitter feed and found 20 plus mentions going back to 2013. how he has a much higher iq than george w. bush, jeb bush, barack obama. he has one of the highest iqs. rick perry has a low iq. it's all there. we know donald trump is not that
4:27 am
keen on joking about how start he is. this is something he takes very seriously. it is is something he prizes. forget iq, the number of times he says i'm really smart. i went to haar ton. that's the best business school. i know more. i have a really big brain. these are real things he says all the time on the campaign trail and as president. it's not the kind of thing he would joke about. what we know about him, he is not someone who takes slights well. >> that's the bigger point. we don't really care whether or not it was a joke. it's about the stability of the people that corker says are the wall between us and chaos. yesterday we heard senator ron johnson, a serious republican player, say i'm okay with this because we have mattis. we have kelly. we have tillerson. so we're okay. that's the concern here. what is the stability around the president. >> that's the closest thing to comfort that republican members
4:28 am
of congress can draw upon. because what they know and what they say in private is what bob corker finally said in public the other day. the administration is functioning like an adult day care, trying to dissuade the president from his most impulsive ideas. they keep bubbling up. we had the president of the united states challenging his secretary of state to an iq contest. he is serious. chris did a great job compiling some of the answers. let the entire cabinet do it. let's really dig phi this process. then maybe we can get some answers. >> to john's point, i feel like there is a tweet for every occasion. but donald trump at the inauguration lunch on january 19th, the day before, said my cabinet has the highest iq of any cabinet.
4:29 am
>> i like it. put your money where your mouth is. let's all take an iq test while we're at it. is chief of staff kelly also on the chopping block? we don't know what tillerson's future is. president trump keeps, you know, it's not the praise but talking a lot about how secure his job is and how much he likes john kelly. that is always worrisome. it said any idea was totally made up by the dishonest media. he is doing a fantastic job, all caps, for the usa. maybe he's not going anywhere. there were reports of serious tensions and problems. >> yeah. they always call the presidency the toughest job in the world. i think the toughest job in the world is being president trump's chief of staff. he is walking a thankless job. if the president is trying to
4:30 am
gaslight him on twitter, it is indicative of his underlying character. because referring to stories that haven't been fully fleshed out. to take a page from the republican members of congress playbook, they are better off having kelly manage the white house. if you go down the sick la tpapbt, that is even worse. >> he tweeted this morning that stock market is on fire. we should report about that more. the ends says we need tax cuts. there is an ongoing debate online about this. if the stock market is so robust, if the economy is so robust, economically you do not need tax cuts. that's why you have the fed chair saying they may have to raise interest rates because this economy has heated up. the bigger window is the working class people that voted for donald trump and the promise he would deliver better wages, they
4:31 am
may be looking at disappointment. you're talking about people like me. that's who you're going to help with tax cuts, people who invest that make that kind of money. he's not talking about payroll, targeted cuts to the middleclass. how big a deal is it if he fails to deliver. >> we're not talking about the corporate tax rate. the reason is he was elected to bring change. over everything else, the most important question is who is a change agent. he was chosen by overwhelmingly beating hillary 60 plus points on that measure. you have to bring actual change, not rhetorical change. legislatively, there's not much there. and i think that will hurt him. one other point. if tax cuts don't go through, i think you made the point about tax cuts. it is tied to the stock market. if tax cuts or tax reform don't
4:32 am
go through, every economic analyst says the stock market, which is booming right now on the promise of them. >> right. >> might start to shrink if it doesn't happen. but either way he has to bring a record of accomplishment that he has actually changed real things. >> the core point about pop limp is the gap between wall street and main street. that's why he won ohio, michigan. if he doesn't target recovery to those communities as he is not doing with the proposal, that is utter hypocrisy and it will deepen in equality. >> thank you very much. so media mogul, movie mogul harvey weinstein facing explosive allegations of sexual misconduct. up next, the journalist whose story hemmed open the flood gates.
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hollywood mogul harvey
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weinstein, new yorker magazine obtained audio again weinstein and a young model during a police sting. >> please, i don't want to do something i don't want to do. >> listen. i'm not going to do anything. you'll never see me again after this. okay. that's it. if you embarrass me in this hotel. >> i'm not embarrassing you. i don't feel comfortable. >> honey, don't have a fight with me in the hall way. please, i'm not going to do anything. i swear on my children. on everything. i'm a famous guy. >> i feel very uncomfortable right now. >> please come in now for one minute. >> why yesterday you touch my breasts. >> oh, please, i'm sorry. i'm just used to that. >> you're used to that? >> yess, i am. >> journalist lauren savon told the "washington post" weinstein tried to kiss her. when she rebuffed his advances,
4:38 am
he blocked her from leaving, telling her to stand there and be quiet while he masturbated. thank you for being here. it is is always wonderful to see you. you and i worked together at fox news channel and have been friends for a million years. i'm so proud of you for coming forward to tell your story, though i know it is is so horrible to relive all of this. why did you decide to come forward? >> i told this story to many, many people. anyone who brought up his name. anyone who said they had any dealings with him, i told them. i never went public because when you go public, there are a lot of things that can happen. your name is forever linked to this incident.
4:39 am
i was a local tv news anchor at the time. i did not want my name to be linked to something like this. however, when that times article came out, when the brave actresses tried to bring suit against him, ma made me feel good. i wasn't the only one. people are coming forward now. i probably wouldn't have come out publicly until he released that absurd apology. >> what was it? what was it about what harvey weinstein himself said that so motivated you to come forward? >> he called them liars. he said the allegations were patently false against him. i knew otherwise. i knew what kind of guy he was. i knew this wasn't a matter of throwing around some salty language in the workplace or maybe making a comment about someone's dress or skirt. i know this guy went way further
4:40 am
because of my experience. there was no remorse. hey, i'm going to get therapy and figure out how to talk to women properly because i'm a dinosa dinosaur. that made light of what he did to these women. i knew there were more women. i knew because of the casual manner in which took place between us that he had done that kind of thing before. >> so even when you were there trapped downstairs in that basement with him, you never thought, oh, this is just me. you thought, oh, this must be the tip of the iceberg. >> not at that moment. i was stunned and shocked. when i started putting all the pieces together, he knew exactly where to go, there wouldn't be be any people around. he knew where to corner me, where it would be difficult for me to move past him. people said couldn't you have kicked and screamed. yes, i think if my life was
4:41 am
threatened, i probably could have gotten away from him. i'm 5'1". he's 6'2". he's much, much larger than me. he was blocking the only exit out. you know, at that time i was 28 years old. i had never been in a situation like this before. i didn't know how it ended. i didn't know what to do. so i wanted to extra indicate myself as quickly as possible. once i saw he was finished whatever he needed to do, i said, is that it? can i go now, and i ran. >> when you hear that audio of the model who had taped him saying that, does that all ring familiar to you? was he using some of that same negotiating. >> he wasn't as persistent with me. i think i really made it clear when he initially went in to kiss me that this was, you know, unexpected. i'm sorry. i'm in a long-term relationship. i had no idea that's where this conversation was going. part of me felt guilty because i thought maybe i had given him
4:42 am
that impression somehow earlier in the evening. maybe i glittered. maybe i laughed too much. but with that model you hear the relentlessness. she's uncomfortable. he said i really want to go. i don't want to follow you. i don't want to go in there. he does not take no for an answer. he doesn't. he kind of had me physically trapped. it would have been more difficult for me to get away from him. could i have done it? perhaps. but luckily, he didn't touch me at all. i just had to witness an awful act. >> so since, lauren, you came forward, a lot has happened. his wife is reportedly leaving him. he is reportedly checking into rehab. scores of other high-profile, the most high-profile women in hollywood. mirra sorvina, ashley judd, angelina jolie, gwyneth paltrow. what do you make of everything
4:43 am
happening? and you were part of opening the flood gates. >> i would like to think so. in order for me to come out, others had to come on out first. keep in mind, i was terrified when it first happened. i didn't want anyone to know about this publicly. i just wanted to go along living my life, hopefully never see him again. he wielded so much power. i'm not even an actress in hollywood. i thought one phone call and i could have lost my job, prevented from being somewhere else if he wanted to do that. it gives an understanding how hard it is for women, for victims of this type of behavior to come out publicly and talk about it. they are powerful in their own rite. a lot come from powerful families. even they weren't protected from a man like harvey weinstein. >> look, you and i have been here before. this is to me so familiar with
4:44 am
the roger ailes scandal and how people whispered about things and then once gretchen went public, the flood gates opened and how quickly the fall was to watch for harvey weinstein and roger ailes. obviously on bill cosby is another name that comes up. when one woman came forward, so many others followed. it ended up there were dozens of people who had been victimized by him. do you feel that we are at some sort of inflection point in the culture in terms of coming forward about things like this? >> i hope so. i hope so. i hope there is a tipping point. i hope women feel more comfortable coming forward. i have to tell you, you know, 99% of the response i have gotten has just been wildly supportive, thank you, because of you i can talk about this now. and they share their own stories. every woman has a story like this. it runs the spectrum. maybe it is not as aggressive or
4:45 am
explicit, but there is always -- everyone has a story of a man no power who exploits the power, who makes them feel uncomfortable. people say go to h.r. there was no h.r. to go to. the "new york times" will do an ex expose because one local news reporter had an incident. he never physically touched me. what could i have done? i'm not sure. and i still think many women feel what do we do? what is the right response to have when something like this happens to you? >> i don't know. i don't know. i wish that it were easy. you just spelled it out
4:46 am
perfectly why it is is so confusing or so confounding what to do after something like this happens. i do know this, talking about it helps and bringing sunlight and daylight into this conversation really helps. lauren, thank you for sharing your story, as uncomfortable as it is. thanks for everything. it is is wonderful to see you, lauren, even in these circumstances. >> thank you, alyson. >> we'll talk again. >> critical mass leading to culture change. that's our best hope. headlines for you. the killer behind the las vegas massacre fired special incendiary bullets at a fuel tank at nearby mccarron international airport. it had been thought that was trying to explode. this now comes as mgm resorts, which owns the mandalay bay hotel,
4:47 am
for the first time in 30 years, u.s. men's soccer team fail to qualify for the world cup. the americans needed just a tie last night against trinidad & tobago, the world's 99th ranked team and they would have
4:48 am
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sourced tell cnn there was issued subpoenaed even though nunez stepped away after his handling of classified information was questioned. let's welcome ken starr. >> good to be with you. >> you did not have to deal with the typical sidebar political dynamic, but what do you make of the fact that nunez who was supposed to be stepping away stepped back in and he seems to be involving himself in the
4:53 am
investigation that is parallel to that being done by mueller, the special counsel? >> i think we are getting conflicting reports, so that's one of the classics that remains to be seen. i have great respect to the number two person on the republican side from the great state of texas and apparently he signed off on all of this. there's squabbling going on. the senate is continuing to make very good progress in what i just called truth seeking, and let's find out the facts and assess the facts. it would be far better if you had a solid front bipartisan, let's just get the facts and proceed in a sensible way. it seems to be happening on the senate side with the intelligence committee and the judiciary committee. >> what is your sense of how mueller is conducting his investigation? >> aggressively and
4:54 am
professionally, and we are not seeing, quote, leaks, out of the investigation, as far as we know. what we know about mueller, he's a person of integrity and he's a just give me the facts and i will assess the facts. we saw in light of the approach to paul manafort, and the search with his home with the fbi, that's a very serious matter and very aggressive move on his part. everything that i have seen is he's moving aggressively and professionally. >> by aggressively, do you mean that you think that indictments could come from the fruit of this investigation? >> well, i have speculated, and it's only speculation because we don't know the facts that leaving the paul manafort and the general flynn situation aside that what we are continuing to learn about russian interference is there may very well be serious consideration of indictments of
4:55 am
russian nationals. we have done that before. what we see is an intensification of an effort by nondemocratic states, and ought kratic states like russia, and china has done this in the past, and we need to use every tool we can and american law enforcement and the rule of law to do the best we can to put a stop to this and bring these people to the bar of justice. if we can't extradite them, we can nonetheless still make it unpleasant for them. the point is not to be sabre rattling, but to say what in fact happened with the massive ad buy as well as other forms of interference, and let's address this. >> the president says the ad buys were meaningless and it's an excuse for why hillary clinton lost. what do you say? >> there's a counter narrative. i am very pleased to see that
4:56 am
the president's lawyers -- i know them and they are terrific, washington, d.c., experienced lawyers and they are saying we are cooperating, and thus far they are speaking for the president of the united states, they are cooperating and i heard no indication that there's a lack of cooperation from the white house. that's smart. there's a right thing to do. mu >> some have said they have not gotten the cooperation, and certain records were not forthcoming. you think there's a different standard of cooperation with the special councils as political committees? >> i am not aware of that count counter narrative, but what we are seeing overall is a sense that the white house is cooperating with these investigations. whatever is being said on the
4:57 am
rhetorical front, actions speak louder than words and thus far, i think, and i am on the outside, let's get this investigation moving forward and cooperate and so forth. i think that's the message that the lawyers are giving to the world. i think that's very encouraging. >> do you think the president's finances are inbounds? do you think that's something mueller will look at? >> it's hard to see that they are, to be honest. there may have to be some check in light of the purpose of this, and it's with respect to russian collusion as opposed to something that has nothing to do with the election process itself. remember this all began with our concern, and it's a deep concern, it's a compelling concern, with the integrity of
4:58 am
the elections. >> as you know, where you start is not where you wind up. always good to get your take on this. thank you for being with us. >> you are very welcome. thank you. there's a lot of news to get to. let's get after it. >> harvey weinstein stands accused of rape and assault. >> it feels like our culture is starting to take this more seriously. >> the obama kwrauz and clintons embraced him. i think it's a dark mark on their record. >> he made a joke and nothing more than that. >> i laughed when he said it. he did not laugh. >> he needs to act like a president instead of undercutting his own secretary of state. >> it's still 0% contained.
4:59 am
>> we tried to go directly to a couple of different places and got outrun by the fire. good morning, everybody. welcome to your "new day." it's wednesday, october 11th. 8:00 in the east. more than two dozen women against disgraced movie mogul, harvey weinstein. high-profile actresses have come forward and said how he harassed them. it took days for hillary clinton and the obamas to call out weinstein, and it's part of the story. there are mounting allegations raising questions about who in hollywood knew about this kind
5:00 am
of behavior, and if so why did it take so long to become public. we have all the angles covered. >> yeah, i mean, the allegations seem to be mounting by the hour. it grows. more people are really trying to separate themselves from weinstein. his name has been dropped from the credits of shows he has produced like "project runway," and the board he co-founded may change its name by the end of this week. >> the board saying they had no knowledge of the explosive allegations, calling the claims an utter surprise, this despite wide-spread rumors that his sexual abuse is the worst kept secret in hollywood. >>


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