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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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escalating war of words with northern and touting u.s. military might after being accused of being lit the wick of war, he's talking country nuclear power. here he is moments ago along his counterpart judges true dole. >> justin trudeau. >> i want to have absolutely perfectly maintained, which we are in the process of doing, nuclear force. but when they said i want ten times what we have right now, it's totally unnecessary, believe me. because i know what we have right now. >> so i've got cnn global affairs correspondent weighing and barbara star. barbara, let me begin with you. we heard from the president denying this report that there was some meeting over the stumper where he wanted to increase the u.s. nuclear
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arsenal ten fold. you are hearing from the secretary of defense weighing in. what did sent mattis say? >> well, no surprise is agreeing with the president. but let's just say for everybody there was a report from nbc news earlier today. and that's pretty much how the day started at the pentagon. that the president had told military commanders he wanted a ten fold increase in nuclear weapons. that would be significant dra mat lick unprecedented, not too many ways you can describe it. the pentagon's initial reaction was the story was not accurate and they weren't going to address it any more than that. but the president weighing in was very significant because he understand scored some key points that there is a modernization program going on. expansion of ten times may not even be necessary, according to most arms control analysts.
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then we got the defense statement from secretary mattis which is brief, let me read it, recent reports that the president called for increase in the u.s. nuclear arsenal are absolutely false. this kind of erroneous reporting is irresponsible. what you really have here is the secretary of defense saying that in this meeting that was described in the tank here in side the pentagon, that there was no call for a ten fold increase. i think it's important to remember that doesn't mean that the president did not turn to his advisers and say, okay, why do we have exactly as many nuclear weapons as we have. should we have more or less. someone give me some more details or understanding of all this. any president would say that to his advisers. he would constantly quell why we have what we have in the nuclear arsenal. but a very push back that the president did not call for a ten fold increase which would cost billions of dollars and be against current arms control
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treats. brooke? >> also just going on to say he thinks u.s. nuclear arsenal is awesome and wants it to be in tip-top shape. toward the end when we were listening to the president sitting next to the canadian pm, he was asked about his relationship with rex tillerson. here's that part. >> what else? i think i have a little bit different attitude on north korea than other people might have. and i listen to everybody. but ultimately my attitude is the one that matters, isn't it? that's the way it works. that's the way the system is. but i think i might have a somewhat different attitude and different way than other people. i think perhaps i feel stronger and tougher on that subject than other people. but i listen to everybody. and ultimately i'll do what's right for the united states. and, really, what's right for the world.
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>> all right. so that's on secretary of state. but at least you have new reporting on this july meeting over at the pentagon between the president and senior u.s. officials that preceded secretary tillerson's alleged moron comment. and what is that? >> that's right. and, look, nbc has really been in the lead on this story. and the reporters that were involved are very serious reporters who are quoting several sources in the room. so obviously the white house is pushing back. but we do have some reporting about this meeting that day. which as barbara said was, you know, at the pentagon. it was a meeting kind of addressing worldwide threats. worldwide troop levels and operations. and that was following a meeting the other day on afghanistan. and so the president, according to some of the officials there, was really kind of pushing back against his commanders, pushing back against military officials, and his advisers in a way that really kind of shocked a lot of
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people in the room demonstrating a little bit of a lack of nuance, a lack of context, if you will, about some of these things. and that might have been what secretary of state tillerson might have been getting at at the end when he reportedly called the president a moron. i spoke to one senior official that is familiar with the meeting and said, look, it was a rough day. everyone came out of that meeting really shocked at some of the things the president said. they weren't really focused on what the secretary said. bull everybody was kind of just super surprised. and so, you know, this often happens when a president is at a meeting like that pushing back against his commanders, against his military advisers. but i think there is a widespread view that this president lacks demonstration of
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worldwide nuance view of what's going on nin the world. and i think this is what we are seeing. especially rex tillerson having a different point of view. his advisers, these are some of them are historians, military man, have a new nuanced view on the world, and trying to educated this young president in terms of understanding the seriousness of his job as command der in chief. >> young president. elise, thank you. barbara, thank you. i'm going to bring in jeff, reporter for the military times. navy times. retired rear admiral kirby who is analyst. thanks for being with me. but admiral, staying with some of these conversations, and the president sitting next to prime minister trudeau.
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when he said denying that he didn't say he said that. but also wants the arsenal in tip-top shape. what does that mean? >> every president wants it to be in the best shape it can be. even under obama, i worked with them, when they did a complete review of the nuclear weapons and main tans and sustainability, and he found severe gaps in material readiness we needed to fix. and president obama took all those very seriously. every president wants them to be in the best shape. >> isn't that the question? isn't it in tip-top shape? >> i think there is still modernization needs, still the most powerful in the world, confident in that. but for me to tell you it's perfect in every way i think would be disin genus. there are things that need to be done. so he's not wrong to want his force to be as ready as
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possible. >> jeff, i'm coming to you in a second with your piece in just a second. but admiral, staying with us, reading some of the words coming out of the foreign minister today, calling president trump insane, saying that president trump lit the wick of war during his u.n. general assembly speech. and north korea is winning this war of words. what's your reaction to that coming out of pyongyang? >> yeah, i'm not surprised by that kind of rhetoric. this is the kind of propaganda we have seen from them before. but you know what, brooke, i hate to say that, but in a sense they have the point. i felt the same thing about his u.n. speech. i thought it was a sermon, not a speech, and way too bellicose for the setting and moment we are in. now, i think, and i've been told rk , that the president feels he's helping the process by being this bellicose, helping press e
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pressureize it to get them to the table. i don't see it working. i'm skeptical. the threats and bullying is not going to help get the diplomatic process on tractor started. he is under mining the efforts, not just secretary of state, but defense and u.n. ambassador who have been working in a measured way to get some sort of peaceful solution to this. >> let me move on, jeff, thanks for your patience. admiral. i want you to weigh in on this as well. but i read about your reporting on big navy, deter of threats, north korea, also dealing with china and russia, you have the lengthy report in the navy times, sailors on the uss shiloh paint a dire picture, one calling it a floating prison. i kept reading and seeing the word suicide pop up in your reporting. these surveys, hearing from sailors, can you tell me more?
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>> sure. so this summer a young sailor aboard the shiloh, based out in japan, went missing. everybody thought he was overboard. turned out he was hiding on the ship. several sailors reached out to us anonymously, you need to dig deeper on the command aboard the shiloh. so we received the command surveys and every page features the exact comments you are talking about. sailors feeling suicidal, feel ground down by micro managing co, this guy called captain adam. >> co is mannedincomanneding of >> yeah, and some allegations that the ship is meant to shoot down north korea missiles. and several sailor comments in there saying we went out to sea and that equipment wasn't fully
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functional. it's called the ageist weapon son system. so the comments have several disturbing fronts, i guess. >> not just guess. it sounds in kreds bcredibly wo >> first of all, just so you know, these command climate surveys are done every year. in the case of akok and the shiloh, they were so bad that his leadership said you know what we'll do these every six months because we don't think you are run ago tight ship here, or maybe too tight. start doing them every six months. over time they started seeing the ship performing better in exercises and engineering so left him in commands. i think that's an open question here is why if it was so bad over a long period of time that he was allowed to retain his command all the way right up until the end. and i think that's something
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really that maybe leadership should answer for. but i also think it's important, brooke, and again those surveys paint a very dark picture aboard the ship, and hats on for writing the pieces, but we shouldn't extrapolate from one to entire fleet. they have had some problems but made some leadership problems. and shiloh should be wrapped under that. but the command climate we should be careful before we draw any threads between that and what's going on fleet wide. >> certainly. i've been on a ship in the persian gulf, i saw it firsthand, all about leadership. go ahead, jeff. last thought. >> i was just saying tied to what the admiral said, these showed no improvements and navy says they were counseling him. but his boss was fired as a part of all these firings we are seeing in the wake of the destroyers where the 17 sailors
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drowned this summer. and i had people review these surveys and never seen anything like this. and no cages during the dwree surveys during that time frame anything appeared. and several sailors accused him of goosing the numbers and readiness of the ship to make his command look good to his superiors. so i think i kind of differ with the admiral on that point. >> i was presenting the navy's case. >> i wasn't saying that i agree with it. in fact, i did say. >> do you still work for the navy? >> no, i don't. but i do believe that it's an open kwep why he was allowed to stay in command so long. i said that clearly, jeff. i'm not siding one side or the other here. but i'm just telling you what the navy ease ca's case they sa improvement and decided to keep him in command. >> i brought that forward. please keep doing good journalism. our sailors really matter. thank you. it's a pleasure. coming up next here, new
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developments in the harvey weinstein where more and more people with coming together. today the manhattan d.a. decided not to bring charges years ago. also, eminem drawing a line saying you are with me or trump. and boy scouts of america welcoming female scouts into the organization. we are back in a moment. you're watching cnn. she's nationally recognized
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welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin to the breaking news in california. the wildfire that is overwhelming the state. the firestorm is practically historic. up date this hour is that the fast moving flames are now claimed the lives of 21 people in northern california.
12:19 pm
600 people are still missing. and the damage, more than 3,000 homes and buildings now ash. nearly two dozen fires are burning and winds are hurricane strength at times. investigators still have no idea how this started. brian young is national correspondent there in santa rosa one of the areas hardest hit. and you said it, it's like looking at a war zone. >> reporter: yeah, elreally fee like a horror film. imagine walking out of your house and seeing the flames rolling toward your house you get in your car and stuck in traffic. people are been describing to us. you see the utter confusion has cars have been left in the middle of the streechlt they have been melted down to nothing. even the tires have melted off this car that's sitting right here left in the middle of the street, of course. as we move to the middle we
12:20 pm
notice something strange here. it's a boat. it's a boat and car that's been flipped over. how did this happen? it's so hard to explain some of these things. more than 20,000 people had to evacuate. we talked to one man who said his dog actually woke him up. and thank you god for his dog because he didn't think he would make it out alive. then you talk about the death toll. so many people have ideas about the stories where he'd about their neighbors. more than 8,000 people lived in this neighborhood. and no matter where you look, brooke, you can see the utter destruction. as i walk you back around, this stuck out to us. all the trees somehow lasted in this neighborhood. so despite all the manmade destruction, we have a lot. firefighters are still fighting the fires as we speak. >> firefighters absolutely incredible. massive job ahead as we hear of the stories of the flames laepg the 101, laeeaping freeways as they have mere minutes to
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. we are back with these explosive allegations against harvey weinstein. more than two dozen women, including some of hollywood's biggest actresses now speaking out against the media mogul alleging years of sexual
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harassment, abuse, and in the case of three women, rape. this is happening as the weinstein company board, including weinstein's own brother insist they knew nothing about the alleged abuse. but "the new yorker" reports this morning, that some employees now say they witnessed or at least had knowledge of unwanted sexual advances. meantime, manhattan district attorney just held a press conference fending off this criticism for not pursuing a case against weinstein where he admits to groping a woman. here it is. >> go to the bathroom. >> please, i don't want to do something i don't want to do. >> i won't do anything. you'll never see me after this. okay. that's it. if you emmy barrass me in this hotel. >> please, i'm not going to dpo anything. i swear on my children. plessy come in. on fg, i'm a famous guy.
12:27 pm
>> please come in now. if you want to leave. >> why you touch my breast? >> please i'm sorry i'm used to that. >> you are used to that? >> yes, come in. >> now here is the manhattan d.a. vance who said this today. >> i understand folks are outraged by his behavior. i understand there are many other allegations surfaced. but in hour case we really did what i think the law obligates us to do. if we had a case that we felt we could prosecutor, my experts felt they could prosecute, against weinstein, we would have. >> let's begin with michael daily special correspondent for the daily beast. so you wrote this whole piece. nypd was ready to an arrest harvey weinstein after this woman admits groping her. take us back to that time. how did nypd get involved?
12:28 pm
>> she went right from being -- one thing that makes the case stronger, right from being with harvey to a friend who took her to the first precinct which is where this occurred, got the special victims unit. talking to her and saying maybe they might do a control call, which is where they would -- you have the victim call the suspect hoping heed incriminate him. before they can do that he calls her. and she agrees to meet him the next day. and she does. they are watching. they record the conversation with two cell phones, one they gave her. >> let me stop you. i'm not seeing a microphone on you at all and told i can't hear you. so let's see if we can quickly find a microphone as we listen to michael daily. i'm talking about a recording and. >> let's start again. it's live tv. it happens. >> that's my first live tv
12:29 pm
moment. she goes directly to her encounter with harvey weinstein to a friend who takes her to the ninth precinct. the police note she's distract and upset. they take her to the first precinct which is precinct where it happened. and they call and notify special victims unit to come over, everyone knows them, so they come over. and talking to her about making a controlled call, which is kind of standard things where the cops will have the victim call the suspect hoping they can incriminate himself. by this do that, harvey calls her. he thought she was going to take a ticket and go to a show. where are you? then she agrees with meet with him the next day. she goes to meet him. the cops are watching. they arrange to record it with two cell phones, one is theirs and one is hers. that's her recording what's going on there. and one point they say apologizes. and then she excuses herself to go to the bathroom. she goes to the bathroom.
12:30 pm
she's panicking. a female detective says it's okay we'll be watching if you go upstairs we'll be watching. she went upstairs scared. when she got up to the room lost her nerve and backed away. but in that recording, i mean, i talked to someone last night who is about experience sex crime prosecutors in the word and listened to that tape and said i don't know what more you need to establish criminal intent. so they have this case. they have her. she's willing. if you listen to her on that, i don't know how you listen to that and not want to lock this guy up. she is not some gold digger. she's not doing some blackmail thing. she's not scheming. that's a young woman who is legitimately upset. that's a guy who admits. when you say i won't do it again. that means you did it before. that's called a confession. so they have this case. but they had a problem. because in 2011 they had another
12:31 pm
strong case involving dominic, that was a rape case in ha hotel, they completely messed that case up. very embarrassing. and all of a sudden, every text who w with them will tell you, since then that office has been afraid to prosecute celebrities which would explain they didn't go to the d.a.s office in the first place. >> let me bring two voices in listening to us talk. so let's finish this conversation before we get onto harvey weinstein. mark, you hear intent was there on the tape. how was it that he wasn't locked up then? and criticism against the d.a.'s office that kid gloves with celebrities. >> i don't know if it's kid gloves but they know it's high profile. and a misdemeanor basically what they are alleging here. if i were the cops i would have gn to the d.a., their liaison, which they normally would done in a high profile case, let them give them advice. i normally am not shy about
12:32 pm
criticizing prosecutors, but on this case i think they aired on the side of caution. and they didn't have the level of other people coming out and saying it. they can use some of this stuff if they are within the statue of limitations even if some of these accusations are outside of it. they can use some of the others like we saw with cosby and that prosecution. >> irrelevant conduct. >> right. >> one of the things we have to think we have to keep in mind that happens in these case ss that this particular accuser has had a history, and i'm not saying that that sort of ab. she made other allegations. >> she was supposedly at the party. >> discredits her. because this is he said, she said case. there is no physical evidence. so many years later. so it turns on her credibility. >> this is he said, she said. what's that is.
12:33 pm
>> okay. >> i was a subway perv right now, i would be upset. >> that's the story of the criminal justice system. >> it shouldn't be. >> we can say that until the cows come home. >> in this case, that guy should have been locked up. i'm sorry. >> is it he in legal jeopardy now? >> yes. absolutely. he's got -- new york has very expansive statue of limitations. basically in some cases there is none. it's different from california. california has a more expansive statute, but the problem with california pursuing anything there is you can't go backwards. you can't extend the statue which they did on january 1th of this yeand make it expo fact to >> there are reports he got this private plane to take him overseas. >> right. not a good idea. >> not a good idea. >> right. he would be essentially roman
12:34 pm
poe lan ski of sorts. if there is an an arrest warrant, he's wanted, he's a fugitive. that would not be a good idea. what he needs to do is stay put. be in the hands of great lawyers, that can defend them both civilly and criminally. i agree with, ma, he has a lot of issues to deal with. more and more women are going to come forward. there are at least three women saying they were raped, not just assaulted. and one of them have a questionable claim because for five years she had a sexual relationship with him. there is actually one who claims he forced oral copulation. and that she -- i think her claims sound a little more credible. so he's got a lot of legal issues to deal with. and to escape is not going to be a good plan for him. >> okay. sarah and michael and mark, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, we are staying on top of the humanitarian crisis? puerto rico where most of the island is still without power with more than 40% with running
12:35 pm
water and potential for disease is growing. we'll be back to discuss.
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nearly three weeks after hurricane maria hit, puerto rico has announced more people have died from the storm of the the number now is at 45. 110 people are still missing. officials say at least two fatalities from a disease known to come from water. >> we are not out of the woods yet. we are starting to see health issues. two reported deaths, i i'm sorry if i say it wrong in english, lepto spiral osis, it's where people are drinking water with increased rats. >> others who need dialysis or
12:40 pm
insulin in major distress because of this lack of power. they say 89% of the island is still without electricity. the president tweeted, nobody could have done what i've done for puerto rico with so little appreciation, so much work. so with me now, christopher krebs at the homeland department of homeland security, dhs. christopher krebs, a pleasure to have you on. welcome. >> good afternoon, brooke, thanks. >> you know the numbers, but three weeks later 89% in puerto rico without power. 40% no phone service. 43% of the island bank branches still closed. how is this a success story as the president is painting it? >> so, brook, the way it actually characterize the situation in puerto rico has been said time and time again challenging logistical situation. but there is a plan in place both for temporary restoration
12:41 pm
services and longer plan. so you mentioned the communication numbers, that's probably closer to 64% of the island with cell coverage. not a great number. it can get better. but the carriers are surging cap bills like cell on wheels and trucks, in fact over the weekend you may have seen google is using technology to increase that. that's a way to increase some services that will help the puerto ricans get back up and running. longer term, 300 cell towers off line. so you have to rebuild. so, again, short term plan, interim measures, and long-term plan. and in the meantime we are making pros rest, seeing pros rest, progress on the power side. but we can do more hand push more resources down into the island. >> so sounds to me you have your hands on this. but again go back to the president who has been painting more of a rosy picture and the
12:42 pm
fact that he should be appreciated because all the federal government is doing. do you agree with the way he's been painting the picture? >> brooke, i'm here to put it this way, i'm not at the point in my career to grade the president. >> i'm not asking you to grade t i'm just asking if you agree with it. >> we are pushing everything we can down into puerto rico. over 17,000 responders, whether it's military or civilian, over 100 helicopters doing air drops in remote communities, providing water. there is tank thrush, each of the 78 municipalities has dedicated water truck. that's to get water down there. another 72 trucks that are dedica dedicated to the hospitals and other critical services. so again, putting everything we can into it. seeing progress day-to-day. but it's going to take time. it's going to take time. the scale of this disaster, i think we are still coming to truly appreciate how large this
12:43 pm
event was. >> no, and i know you have taken multiple trips to puerto rico. so since you have eye balled this yourself, let me ask you about the distribution areas, places where they can get in line for basic necessities, food, water, toilet paper. so all of our dozens people who have been on the ground in puerto rico reporters in the field say 30 miles from the convention center reporting back saying they are not seeing these distribution centers. my question to you is where are they? >> so my area of focus is infrastructure. i can speak briefly to the distribution. about 11 of the meg ta distribution centers across the center which is fema or government support td. and those mega centers are broken out into the communities. you have to keep in terms of federal emergency response, the federal government is always in support of the state or commonwealth municipality response efforts. so we are there supporting
12:44 pm
governor rossello and the mayors. and our job is to ensure that the mayors in the municipalities get the commodities they need to get out to their residents. >> one of tour reporters who has been down there is it our chief medical correspondent being an m.d. he assessed it back in 2016, he said any death beyond that number would have been preventable. i mean, what about the issues with dialysis? what's your reaction to that? >> so i actually had the opportunity to speak on the phone with dr. gupta last week. so in terms of health care in the hospitals, i think there is about 69 on the island, 36 are back on the grid power, another 29 are on emergency generator power. the army corps of engineers is supporting the power. and what they are doing is
12:45 pm
ensuring every critical health care facility has a generator, has dedicated main tans, and has dedicated fuel distribution. there are over 50 generators been installed in these critical facilities not just heblt but moving into the other facilities like schools. they have 200 plus on hand and another 300 on the way to the island. that's interim measure, stabilize the system, and make sure key services are restored. in addition talking about water, about 75% is where we are in terms of potable water. that's out of the tap. there is a boiled water order across the island. but to fill that other gap of 25% of folks that don't have tap water, there is, again, there is dedicated trucks, tanker trucks and bottled water services. so trying to identify the challenges and fill the gaps in that near term plan while we continue to restore the longer term infrastructure problems.
12:46 pm
>> we all need to keep focused on our fellow americans in puerto rico. thank you for the time today. i appreciate it. >> thank you, brooke. coming up next on cnn provocative free style rap from eminem calling out trump for a lot. asking his fans to take a side between him and the president. while discuss the lyrics discuss s s s s s s s next.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
. we are waiting to see if, at all, president trump would respond to this new war of words, not launched by a
12:49 pm
politician or football player, but a rapper, eminem lashed out against president trump during the bet hip-hop awards last night. free style performance. after he unleashed left his fans with ultimatum, you are either with eminem or president trump. >> any fan of mine who is a supporter of his, i'm drawing in the sand a line, you are either for or against. and if you can't decide who you like more in your split on who you should stand beside, i'll do it for you with this. the rest of america stand up. with me now, grammy award winning smith. nice to have you back on the show. i hope you are well. let's begin, i know you watched the whole thing of the what's the attack line that stood out
12:50 pm
most to you? >> i think eminem put his career, not his career, but put his own finances on the line. when he said look if you are my fan, this is how i want to appeal to my base, and this is the way that >> he spoke about the tragic shooting is in vegas. he spoke about the despairity between weather -- like trump and hyde and hide in mansions. so i think eminem really made a sacrifice here and said, look, either you're going to be on the side that is america and democracy or you're not. and i think that was a very brave thing for an artist to do. in fact, brooke, i would like to see more artists doing that. i mean, if all entertainment is about is money is entertaining and that's all we want to do as
12:51 pm
artists, and i'll put it that way, if all artistry is making money and entertaining, then it really has no value. i'm a part of a delegation that does abolition work against slavery, and i just left a country where when artists speak out, they get held up on charges as enemies of the state, and the beautiful thing about america is that artists can take a stand. i wouldn't only say artists, i would say athletes, too. i mean, eminem has sold over 49 million albums in america, over 100 million around the world. these athletes sell jerseys. they have a constituency. if it's oh okay for trump to appeal to his constituency, eminem has to have the same rest. >> rhyme fest, why do you think -- first of all, back in the day when everyone was rapping on donald trump like gold chains and he exemplified success and aftfluence.
12:52 pm
why is it this freestyle feels different? do you know what i'm saying? >> it feels different -- i'm going to tell you why i believe it feels different. this freestyle is different because it's white people talking to white people about racism. it's white people talking about democracy and right and wrong and art and the influence of art. you know, it's a different conversation when people from chicago say, hey, which i am from the south side of chicago. hey, this is where the violence is and this is why the violence is happening. it's another conversation when, for example, rahm emanuel says, hey, we've got to do something about the violence in chicago. eminem is, number one, he's a rapper, but he's a rock star. number two, he's speaking to trump's base in many ways. >> which is also his fan base.
12:53 pm
trump country, blue collar workers. >> which is also his fanbase. i think this conversation is important for all of us to have. i think eminem is doing his part and i think he's brave and this is something that we have to say, you know, good job. >> i think you hit the nail on the head on why this does feel different. before we go, rhymefest, i have to play this for you. this is from 2004 from mtv. watch. >> of course i'm right. i'm always right. i'm donald trump. i'm always right. and donald trump is telling you right now, slim shady is the winner. he's got brains, he's got guts, and he's got donald trump's vote. >> tweets for everything.
12:54 pm
there is a tape for everything. i'm going to leave it there. i'm going to leave it there. that was a fun one to dig up from 2004. rhymefest, thank you so much. >> i would love to see a rap battle between donald trump and eminem. it would be close. >> well, let's see if the president -- the president watches a lot of tv, rhymefest. >> donald trump's words are worse than eminem's in many ways. >> rhymefest, thank you. coming up here on cnn, i've got a little bit longer. we're going to talk north korea. north korea says president trump has, quote, lit the wick of war. this as we learn that pyongyang hackers may have gotten their hands on u.s. war plans. we're back in a moment. ♪
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during a conference in california today. the head sets ship early next year and will cost about $200. >> now, some people say that vr is isolating and anti-social. i actually think it's the opposite. the reality is, we all have limits to our reality. places we can't go, people we can't see, things we can't do. and opening up more of those experiences to all of us, that's not isolating, that's freeing. look, if you can't think of any way that your reality can be better, then you're not thinking hard enough. >> zuckerberg did have to apologize for one demonstration of facebook's virtual reality technology this week. he tried to show how vr could generate empathy by demonstrating in puerto rico, but use of the 360 video of the flooded island playing behind his cartoon avatar was largely panned as insensitive. there you have it, the latest
1:00 pm
there, straight out of facebook and the ceo mark zuckerberg. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you very much for being with me here in new york. we're going to send it to washington now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. president trump saying today, quote, it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write and people should look into it. well, i have looked into it and you might want to start looking into it, too, mr. president. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. north korea making a direct threat to the u.s., saying an insane president trump, quote, lit the wick of war, and now the world brace for the next tweet. how do powerful accused sexual predators such as harvey weinstein keep getting away with their despicable acts? the author of the possibly culture changing "new yorker" expo