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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  October 13, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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ads. >> i've even seen these mocked up fake amber alerts, that people send out fake amber alerts. people is mocking and making. >> "early start" continues right now with the latest moves from the trump administration. breaking overnight, president trump working to dismantle parts of obamacare. and yet another move to walk back obama administration policies. president trump will announce a new strategy towards iran. the deadliest week of wildfires in california history. the death toll is rising and 400 people are still missing. i'm just captivated by this "l.a. times" story about a couple who survived the fire in their neighbor's pool. six hours in the dark,
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everything burned around them. great story. it shows you the context of this disaster. good morning. welcome to "early start." >> it's friday, october 13th. breaking overflight, a stunning move by the trump administration that could come as soon as today. the white house announcing president trump plans to cut off the cost-sharing subsidies that help lower income americans buy health insurance on the obamacare marketplaces, eliminating direct payments to insurance companies has the potential to increase costs for some obamacare customers. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer releasing this scathing joint statement. it is a spiteful act of vast point sabotage leveled to working families and the middle class and every corner of america. now millions of hard working american families will suffer just because the president wants them to. >> the move is the latest effort by the white house to dismantle
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parts of obamacare. yesterday president trump signed an executive order expanding the health association health plans. and also making short-term health policies making attractive. critics say both changes will create a loophole health insurance market with lower premiums and skimpier coverage. that would severely undermine the affordable care act. joining us this morning, "washington post" political reporter, eugene scott. >> good morning. >> the president said let it implode. there's letting it implode and making it implode. that seems to be what the white house wants to do, find ways to undue the philosophy and spirit of obamacare which is if you get everybody in there, sick and healthy, it's better for everyone. the "wall street journal" saying the republicans are trying to defuse the obamacare ticking bomb without blowing themselves up.
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it's interesting to me, at what point do they have to own it? because the president says millions of people will have good, good healthcare. >> i've seen critics say now. they have to own it now, if congress who backs up the president's decision, this now becomes trump care. you've seen people on both sides of the aisle criticize it. lamar alexander says he does not want the payments to the insurers to end immediately because it could hurt people with pre-existing conditions, seniors, women, a lot of these constituents that many of these lawmakers are counting on to vote for them in 2018. the democrats, like tim kaine, have a huge problem with it and called it sabotage. >> three weeks of open enrollment. >> insurers are expecting $7 billion this year alone. >> they're on solid legal footing. sarah sanders sae er ers said t
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of insurance companies through unlawful payments is another example of how the previous administration traegabused taxp dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system. >> the judges ruling is being appe appealed. >> looks like paul ryan said they will consider dropping the lawsuit depending on what congress does to the president's decision. >> could this make healthcare great? could this improve healthcare in the country? >> what the president and congress have to prove to people is this won't hurt seniors and people with pre-existing conditions, and it won't hurt millenni millennials. one of the top concerns of millennials from this administration is healthcare across the board. people assume they are healthy and benefit, but millennials have health issues as well. >> if you don't get sick, you're
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fine. that's the whole point of obamacare. you don't know, if you're a healthy millennial you're one car accident away from having a problem. the short-term plans is interesting. right now you can get the skinny short-term plan, three months. they want to make it nine months. if you're between jobs. the "journal" points out that's great for somebody between jobs. then you siphon off the healthy young people into the short-term plans, then that makes it more costly for everybody else in the obamacare exchanges. >> we have seen rand paul say if you make the changes, the small business owner can enter into a plan that benefits them in a way that doesn't hurt them as if the current options are not working for these groups of people. as you said, people -- employment situations, health situations, family structures change overnight. this is -- these plans, the critics say, don't factor in those kinds of changes.
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>> politically it's interesting to see the republicans do through executive order what they were critical of obama doing. john kelly, the chief of staff, extraordinary press conference yesterday at the podium hammering the media to your face. they almost said we appreciate it, at least how you're going about it. he also made it clear he's not here to control president trump. >> right. >> i was not sent in to -- brought in to control him. you should not measure my effectiveness as a chief of staff by what you think i should be doing, but simply the fact is i can guarantee to you that he is now presented with options, well thought out options. those options are discussed in detail with his team. then he comes up with the right decisio decision. >> so there is no controlling the wild erratic tweeting of the president of the united states.
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how should we view success? >> i took from that that he said it's his job to make sure the president has the best information possible, the best options, the best conversations to make the best decisions. we have to determine, looking at these decisions that the president has made going forward, that john kelly provided him with what he needs to make the best decision? so at this point, when we see the president make a poor decision or a harmful decision, even with information like healthcare, we can look at john kelly and say did you give him what you said you were there to give him so he could help benefit the american people? >> all right. so much to talk about. we'll talk about decertifying the iran deal with you in the next half hour. it's one of the deadliest fires in california history. state officials say 3 1 people have been killed in four northern california counties. 400 reported missing. searches are being conducted for people in the burned areas. ten of those killed
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identified yesterday ranging in age from 57 to 95. this satellite image just published by nasa gives you sense of the huge extent of these fires. high clouds obscuring parts of the burn area. you can easily see the long trails of smoke that run from the north to the south near the coast. just devastating fires out there. president trump will announce a new strategy towards iran. he is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal. could the move set the stage for another nuclear crisis? was for langoustine ravioli. a langoustine is a tiny kind of lobster. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos!
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xarelto® can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you've had spinal anesthesia, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures and before starting xarelto® about any conditions, such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. president trump is expected to decertify the iran deal today despite the assessment that tehran is in compliance. the president's plan will put the burden on congress to find a way forward and it's raising concerns about a potential back thrash cou lash that could set stage for another nuclear crisis.
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>> let's go to christian amanpour. good morning. the president said it's time for the entire world to join us that iran's government ends its pursuit of death and destruction. what's the sense? this is a bad deal but one the united states should stay in? >> you know, this is something that under the trump administration and even in the campaign everybody has been looking at and fretting about because there are not just the united states but russia, china, the european powers, it's an enshrined u.n. document now and of course iran it took a long time, according to the american officials who bargained for many months, more than a year for this, and trustruck the toughes deal they could, to deal with the issue that they considered the most dangerous issue emanating from iran that was a potential nuclear weapons issue. this deal is not perfect in that it does not deal with all the other issues that america is
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concerned about. and the rest of the world is concerned about. whether it's interference in syria, whether it is interference in the region whether it is the accusations of supporting terrorism, all the other things that the rest of the world does not like about iran, they couldn't get a whole basket deal to put everything in. nobody was ready for that to happen. but the united states believes strongly that the most serious threat to world peace was a potential iran nuclear weapons program. and therefore that is what this deal is about. and that is what it has enshrined, that's not possible for iran under this deal. you can imagine all the international community is reacting very, very strongly. they have been trying to lobby the united states not to refuse to recertify, which apparently president trump plans to do, though it's not stated in the points that the white house has put out just now. >> sounds like the president doesn't like this deal, but he
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goes one step shy of killing u.s. participation in it, trying to send the message that i don't like this deal, but we're sort of in there, he says he's leaving it to congress to figure it out. >> here's the thing, he doesn't like the deal and for whatever reason he made a big deal of it on the campaign trail, as if his base gave a damn about the deal or not. with colorful language about how this is the worst deal the united states is suffering, he's having to pony up to that kind of campaign language. now, this deal, as i have said, envisions under the deal at least a decade and longer of many of the provisions that categorically stop iran from any kind of nuclear weapons program. it has been certified by the iaea, the u.n. nuclear agency as working. i spoke to some really hawkish people about this. for example, israel has never liked the deal.
2:16 am
prime minister benjamin netanyahu has never liked the deal and his former defense chief, ehud barak was hawkish on iran but told me yesterday it was a done deal and it would be bad for israel and bad for america to pull out of the deal. this is what he said about it. >> yeah. the deal, we believe, is a bad deal. i was hawkish on iran during my service with government. it is a bad deal but it's a done deal. to decertify it now, it is basically throwing it to congress, congress will pull out of it. the real story is that the iranians will be empowered by it, because others will not pull out. the iranians will keep harvesting the benefits of this deal while the decertification will legitimize the intentions
2:17 am
in the future to break out at will and explain it to the american behavior. >> he went on to say that this at this time would be negative in terms of trying to contain the north korea program, which is a nuclear weapons program, has icbms and is a major nuclear threat. many people are talking about that. certainly we had word from the russian foreign ministry that they expect everybody a signatory to this deal, a u.n. security council resolution to abide by it. we know president trump has been speaking to prime minister may, president macron in london and paris. they want this deal. they insist they'll keep to the deal. the real question now is, is congress going to pick up this decision by president trump and decide actually to get out of the deal by reimposing sanctions? if congress does that, we're in
2:18 am
a whole new territory and many believe an insecure territory that will not be in the u.s. national security interests. >> yeah. >> not sure congress could declare today friday at this point. how they will get this done remains a mystery. >> remember, it's several month. congress has a few months to decide. it's important situation that has been put in congress' lap right now. >> christian amanpour in london for us, great to see you. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. to baseball, for the third straight year the cubs head to the nlcs, but it took a wild hard-stopping win over washington to get there. we'll have more in the bleacher report next. al and i still can't post out here. woah! look out, coming through. hey thomas. howdy there joy. see joy's got the new iphone with verizon unlimited. you bet i do. best phone, best network. america's largest, most reliable 4g lte network. she can post out here like she does in the city.
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the cubs one step closer to defending that world series title. >> there's more in the bleacher report. my family is so tired this morning. >> you say you're apologizing to teachers, huh? somebody a little cranky today? >> staying up late. >> game five winner take all. cubs/nationals. this game stretched well past midnight but worth staying up for. it was like a heavyweight title fight. the cubs facing a 4-1 definite. addison russell would sting like a bee. ripping this ball into the corner in the fifth inning. a two-run double. that put the cubs up. but they would have to hold on for dear life. 9-8 in the bottom of the ninth.
2:24 am
wade davis has his first ever seven-out save. cubs win, break out the champagne. the third straight trip to the nl championships. the washington streak of not getting to a championship continues. game one of cubs/dodgers is tomorrow night. a strong match-up for thursday night football. eagles/panthers, both 4-1. no sophomore slump for quarterback carson wentz for the eagles. he had three touchdown passes. this is a guy who won five national titles in north dakota state, now he has philly fans could we maybe make it or take the sup boerer bowl? eagles win it, 28-23.
2:25 am
best moment of the night, after the game. check out malcolm jenkins dancing to the atomic dog. those are some moves to get you moving for friday. get your weekend started early. >> other nfl news, ezequiel elliott wi elliott's six-game suspension is back on. yesterday a federal appeals court granted the nfl's request to drop the injunction. the sus ppension was given aftea year-long investigation into domestic violence against his girlfriend. trending on, an anonymous user who defended commissioner roger goodell on twitter turns out to be none other than his wife. the "wall street journal" discovered it was jane skinner goodell putting journalists in their place if they posted
2:26 am
negative or false tweets about her husband. she said it was a silly thing do and done out of frustration and love. she said i have always passionately defended the hard working guy i love and always will. i just may not use twitter to do so in the future that account is no longer active. >> it's great. i think you can understand the desire to defend your husband. >> it would be hard to have a spouse in a high profile position like that, hear criticism like that. >> ask gisele and others. >> i have never said i feel bad for gisele. i don't feel bad for gisele for any reason whatsoever. thanks. ahead two of the most consequential decisions of the president trump presidency, dismantling obamacare and decertifying the iran deal. one step closer today. >> this is the worst deal. we got nothing. we got nothing.
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breaking overnight, president trump aggressively moving to dismantle a key part of obamacare, while the democrats call it sabotage. yet another move to walk back obama administration policies. president trump will announce a new strategy towards iran. he is expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal. deadliest week of wildfires in california's history. the death toll is rising and still 400 people are missing. if there's any good news, the kinds should quiet down a bit today. welcome back. >> fwrakbreaking overnight this by the trump administration that could come as soon as today. the white house announced that president trump plans to cut off the cost sharing subsidies that helps low income americans buy health insurance on the marketplaces, eliminating direct payments to insurance companies
2:32 am
has the potential to drastically increase cost force some obamacare customers. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released this statement, it's a spiteful act of vast pointless sabotage leveled at working families and the middle class in every corner of america. now millions of hard working american families will suffer just because president trump wants them to. >> yesterday president trump signed an executive order aimed at expanding so-called association health plans. and making short-term health policies more attractive. critics say both changes will create a loophole health insurance market with lower premiums and skimpier coverage that would severely undermine the affordable care act. joining us to discuss this is eugene scott. good to see you. >> good morning. >> here's what the "wall street journal" editorial board says
2:33 am
about about this. republicans are still trying to defuse the obama care bomb without blowing themselves up and on thursday the gop cut the first wire. president trump signed an executive order that could begin to revive private insurance markets. did they cut the wire or speed up the clock? >> these changes are so drastic to what obamacare is fundamentally, it will be a different program as a whole. this is something that some republicans like. you have rand paul from kentucky, a huge critic of obama care, saying this new plan will give opportunities to working class americans, small business owners to figure out how insurance could work best for them. but there's so many other critics who are saying that's the opposite of what this could do. it could cause significant harm for people with pre-existing conditions, for people with disabilities, seniors, women and low income americans. >> that's the core of it. the core is obamacare with all of its flaws, and there are
2:34 am
many, obamacare is about getting everybody into the same system so that the healthy help offset the sick and you can never be denied coverage or pay sky high premiums or out of pocket costs for an illness or pre-existing condition. these three provisions that i see here, they don't have those obamacare protections. >> as a result of that, some people are concerned that people who are healthy will opt out of this option that the president has put forward. people like millenniumamillenni people who don't have pre-existing conditions and pay into the system -- >> they'll want the short-term plans, especially people in between jobs, don't have a job, they will want the short-term plan, instead of three months for a skimpy plan, you can get up to nine months. the obama administration didn't want those because you will siphon off the healthy people. >> because life changes so much, you don't know how long you will
2:35 am
need a short-term plan or if it needs to be extended or if you get sick, change your job, move, have a family situation that happens to most americans regularly. that affects what they can do if they don't have an insurance plan that will be stable regardless of life changes. >> two completely opposite approaches to healthcare, one similar way of legislating, that's through executive ordering. the obama administration took a ton of heat for doing so. here's how president trump is not just doing the same thing but is far outpacing his predecessor in terms of executive order signed. how do they push back against that criticism that they're doing exactly the thing that they knocked obama for? >> there was not a lot of specification on the campaign trail regarding the president's concerns with executive orders. many conservative lawmakers pushed back on executive orders arguing some were unconstitutional. >> like daca. >> i think they will try to say
2:36 am
executive orders used sometimes are appropriate. rand paul, one of the main critics of obama's executive order is saying this is different. the american people will probably be focused on is the possibility they might not get the healthcare they want. >> on this specific one, these are unauthorized and they say illegal payments. >> that's legal battle going on there. >> three weeks to open enrollment so it will get interesting. let's talk about general kelly. he took to the podium yesterday, kind of a breath of fresh air yesterday with his boston accent. >> straight shooter.. he was asked about the criticism that the president received for saying fema can't be in president bupuerto rico forever. this is what general kelly said. >> this country, our country
2:37 am
will stand with those american citizens in puerto rico until the job is done. but the tweet about fema and dod, military, is accurate. they won't be there forever. and the whole point is to start to work yourself out of a job and transition to a rebuilding process. >> what did you make of his performance yesterday? >> i think it was insightful in terms of terms of helping us understand what he is to do. so many reports say he's been there to bring order to a white house that's quite disruptive, chaotic. he said he's not there to control the president. he's there to provide the president with the best information possible to make the best decisions possible. regarding that situation related to puerto rico and let us not forget the u.s. virgin islands as well, no one expects the u.s. government to be there forever. but they don't expect to be talking about leaving immediately or so soon when so many people still have no power, no water, lack the basic
2:38 am
resources they need that didn't seem to be a bit concerned with providing in texas and florida. >> many have pointed out we're still in new orleans. fema is still taking care of things 12 years later. it takes years to rebuild these situations. it was an odd, vaeiled threat. >> nice to see you. it is one of the deadliest fires in california state history. 31 people have been killed in four northern california counties. 400 are missing. searches are being conducted for people in burn areas. >> ten of those killed were identified yesterday ranging in age from 57 to 95 years old. the satellite image just published by nasa gives tyou a look at the extent of the fires. you can see the long trails of smoke that run from north to south near the coast.
2:39 am
the stories of people having to quickly leave their homes, so frightening. the story in the "l.a. times" about a couple who -- it happened so quickly for them. they had to jump in their neighbor's pool. >> wait it out. >> six hours. the choices were freeze to death in 55 degree water or burn to death. >> can you imagine having to choose between those two things? >> they made it. president trump will announce a new strategy towards iran. he's expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal. but could the move set the stage for yet another nuclear crisis? un-stop right there! i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer. with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. ah, it's so fresh. and it's going to last from wash to...
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president trump expected to decertify the iran nuclear deal today despite the international community's assessment that tehran is in compliance. the plan will put the burden on congress to figure out a way forward and is raising concerns
2:44 am
about a potential backlash that could set the stage for another nuclear crisis. >> let's bring in christian amanpour live this morning in london. i can only imagine the international community wringing its hands over the prospect of the united states, you know, undermining this hard-fought deal. >> it was hard fought. it's going to be interesting to see how the president verbally describes what he will do about this part of the new iran strategy. the white house has just published and just made public the new iran strategy that apparently they have been talking about for many months now. it does include a harsh crackdown on the revolutionary guards and an attempt to try to put in one basket all the outstanding issues about iran that bothers the world. then you have a section at the end about the jcpoa, the iran nuclear deal. we're not sure what he will say about it and what formula he
2:45 am
will use. will he refuse to recertify? will he decertify? is he putting it to congress? here's the thing, it was very difficult to get. a long time in coming and it was about the one thing that the whole world, including the united states, believed was the most serious threat from iran, it's the potential and desire in the future to have a nuclear weapons program. i spoke to jake sullivan who was the obama administration's state department official along with bill burns who started the secret talks with iran before the formal negotiations took place. this is what he told me. >> this was an incredibly tall mountain to climb it wasn't just the years of negotiations, it was the years that led up to it. building a global campaign of economic pressure that brought iran to the table, marshaling the international community through the permanent five members of the security council, plus the european union in germany to come to the table
2:46 am
together and those long days, weeks and years of negotiating with iranians to produce an outcome that doesn't give us everything we would like, but it gives us everything we need to put iran's nuclear program in a box and to avert the threat of a fuguelar armed iran. >> so you can imagine the officials who were involved in this, whether in the united states or around the world, europe, russia, china, iran, they are looking at this, making comments and saying particularly that this is the last time that you want to actually ditch something that makes the whole nuclear danger more secure when facing a real and clear and present danger from a country like north korea which has nuclear weapons and icbms and is perfecting that technology. so, we've heard from the russian foreign minister who says after a conversation with secretary tillerson, that russia will abide by the deal still and calling on the u.s. to continue
2:47 am
to abide by it because it's a u.n. security council resolution. wheel see what internal u.s. politics means, whether the congress, the republican-controlled congress will decide that it wants to have that weight on its shoulders to reimpose new sanctions and potentially fully unravel the deal. it appears for the moment the trump administration would like to thread the needle, so that he himself, the president, doesn't have to say those words that he finds so objectionable about certifying the deal. perhaps letting him not do that and hoping and trying to persuade congress not to impose sanctions that would unravel the deal. >> in the context of what's going on with the healthcare battle, it hardly inspires confidence that congress has the wherewithal to figure this out. you mentioned clearly the international community's opinion on staying in this. is there a consensus this is a bad deal, albeit one we ought to stay in? >> there's not a consensus it's a bad deal. there's a consensus it's not a full deal.
2:48 am
i spoke to ehud barak, the former defense and prime minister of israel, a hawk all his life, who said, yeah, of course for us it's a bad deal. we would want everything in the deal, missiles, terrorism, everything about iran that bothers the international community they would like in a neat basket to tie up. that's the perfect scenario. but all those who spent the years and months negotiating know that neither in no scenario was that going to be possible. it's important to remind people and go back to the bush administration. this attempt to pressure iran economically and then have secret talks started under the bush administration, continued in the obama administration and produced this deal. remember especially that when military hawks in the united states say, we'll deal with this militarily, you know, let's hope that day doesn't come. even under the bush
2:49 am
administration they decided that this was not a viable option. they couldn't really deal with it militarily. and israel threatened it couldn't do it alone. president bushersuaded israel that this is not something the americans were going to do to help israel. i heard even in the israeli government that they're saying, okay, mr. trump, say what you have to say but don't ditch this deal. >> all right. to your point decertification is not in the white house talking points. >> christian amanpour, thank you very much for stopping by. the president's frequent visits to mar-a-lago are costing taxpayers. we can tell you how much next. would you consider considering a wedding invitation online? the founder of paperless post wanted people to have that option. here's how the company is using technology to bring people together face-to-face. >> i was actually organizing a birthday party for myself, it came time to send an invitation, i realize i didn't have the
2:50 am
budget to send a paper invitation but i didn't have an option to send a digital invitation that reflected the care that went into the event. there was a space in the market for an invitation platform that combines sort of the beauty of paper correspondance with the efficiency of web technology. i called my sister and pitched her the idea. she suspended disbelief and decided to explore the idea with me more. i felt at the time, as a 21-year-old, that anybody could start a tech company and i had no idea how difficult it would be. the story of building a startup is just a string of challenges and disappointments, and uphill battles, peppered with some big successes if you're lucky. when i think about some of the hardest times that we faced, what it would be like working with someone other than my sister, you could imagine everything falling apart. ah, dinner.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread,
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share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. turns out the interior department flies a special flag whenever secretary ryan zinke is in the building. a security staffer goes to the roof and hoists a secretarial flag when he enters the washington headquarters. when he leaves, the flag comes down. it's apparently a military tradition resurrected by zinke.
2:56 am
a spokesperson defends the practice saying it's a major sign of transparency. the house of representatives approving a 36$36.5 billion disaster it's a package to help victims struckaling to recover from a string of devastating hurricanes and wildfires across the country. the president appearing to put a deadline on how long federal agencies would help puerto rico saying we cannot keep fema, the military and first responders who have been amazing under the most difficult circumstances in pr, puerto rico, forever. that tweet not sitting well with the mayor of san juan who shot back saying your comments about puerto rico are unbecoming of a commander in chief, they seem to come from a hater in chief. and another tweet says the u.s. citizens in puerto rico are requesting the support that any of our fellow citizens would
2:57 am
receive across the nation. the trump administration is celebrating the lease of a family held for five years held by the taliban. they were kidnapped in 2012 while traveling in afghanistan. she was pregnant when they were taken. the couple had two more children while in captivity. u.s. intelligence agencies had been tracking the hostages and shared information with the pakistani military when the family was moved into pakistan's tribal area. officials say they were freed by pakistani security forces in a rescue operation that included a shootout. the family, however, still in pakistan. a senior u.s. official tells cnn that the husband refused to board a u.s. plane because he was concerned about-facing law enforcement here. stay tuned for that interesting situation. let's check on cnn money this morning. global stocks mostly higher after wall street fell. however u.s. stocks are still near record highs.
2:58 am
blame bank shares for the drop. they fell after earnings from citi group and jp morgan. both banks beat wall street's expectations, but set aside more money for credit card related losses raising concerns about consumer credit. don't feel too bad, banks are expected to report record profits. jp morgan alone earned 6$6.7 billion just last quarter. the secret service paid mar-a-lago tens of thousand of dollars over a few months, that's according to documents obtained by cnn. the total, 63,7$63,700 taxpayer hotel costs this is from the president's frequent visits to the winter white house. while the secret service routinely pays private businesses, government ethics hawks worry trump personally profits from the visits. the trump administration and the white house did not respond to request force comment. russian-linked meddling in 2016 did not end with facebook and twitter, it extend youtube
2:59 am
and even pokemon go. one russian-linked campaign used those exploits. they posed as part of black lives matter. the accounts are currently suspended, but the youtube channel and website are still active. that will do it for "early start." n "new day" starts right now. have i just keep hearing repeal, replace, repeal, replace. well, we're starting that process. >> this is not a repeal or a replacement. this is undermining of obamac e obamacare. >> it is common sense. it will help to provide lower costsis and more competition for people. >> it frankly max a situation that needs to be fixed mh


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