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tv   New Day  CNN  October 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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this is an intentional effort just to undermine and sabotage obamacare. >> a few people benefit, but a lot of people get hurt. >> we're creating something that is freedom. >> the cost-sharing reduction payments around being made. that's the fault of the current administration. >> this squeezing of the insurance market is going to cause them a world of political hurt. >> the president has -- is deep in thought about iran. >> this is the worst deal. we've got nothing. >> i have to question whether the president has read the agreement or understands what's in it. >> he said first responders and members of the military will not stay there forever. >> every day is a survival mode for most people. >> this isn't politics. this is about saving lives. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". we have a lot of breaking news that came downover night.
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president trump said he will immediately stop paying billions in subsidies that help millions of lower income americans pay for coverage. to help a few he is going to hurt lower income voters, many of whom voted for him. it comes hours after the president signed an executive order allowing alternative health plans that skirt the laws requirements. >> and another decision from the white house. in just hours, president trump will announce a new strategy towards iran. the president will not certify that iran is implying with the nuclear deal. he will stop short of pulling out of that agreement leaving congress with the major decision. we have it all covered for you. joe johns is live for us at the white house. give us the latest, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alyson. a tweet from the president before 6:00 a.m. this morning. a very good example of the president of the united states trying to frame the national
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conversation on an issue at the very start of the day. here's the tweet. the democrats obamacare is imploding. massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. dems should call me to fix! but make no mistake, over the last 24 hours, it is the president who has gone a long way toward putting his imprint on government-regulated health insurance, and he has done it without an act of congress. president trump upending the health care market, scrapping critical subsidy payments to insurers that help nearly 6 million lower income americans pay for health care. the payments, which will cost the federal government about $7 billion this year, set to end immediately. without the subsidies, the congressional budget office estimates exchange premiums will rise 20% next year and increase the national deficit by $194 billion over 10 years.
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the move could force many insurers to flee the marketplace entirely. >> we pay hundreds of millions of dollars a month in subsidy that the courts don't even want us to pay. when the payments stop, it stops immediately. >> president trump threatened to end the subsidies for months. lawmakers in both parties have urged the administration to tomorrow the payments in the short-term to stabilize the markets. the white house declaring thursday that the government cannot lawfully make the cost-sharing reduction payments. democratic leadership blasting the decision as a spiteful act of vast, pointless sabotage leveled at working families and the middleclass before insisting that president trump will pay a price for this decision. house speaker paul ryan applauding the move, while republican congresswoman ileana
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ross-rehtinen tweeting. it comes after he allowed people to buy cheaper, more basic plans, something experts say will drive up the cost of premiums for sicker patients. >> this will cost the united states government virtually nothing and people great, great health care. >> reporter: president trump legislating through executive order despite repeatedly attacking his predecessor for doing the same. >> we have a president that signs executive orders because he can't get anything done. >> obama can't even get along with the democrats. >> reporter: the decisions coming ahead of another consequential announcement this afternoon. >> that deal is an embarrassment to the united states. >> reporter: president trump set to announce he will decertify iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement, a move that kicks the issue to congress but stops short of withdrawing from
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the agreement entirely. lawmakers would have 60 days to decide whether to reinstate economic sanctions lifted under the agreement. the trump administration is not expected to push essentially for sanctions to be reimposed because that would, in all likelihood, cause iran to walk away from the deal. >> joe, we will cover all of this. we will start to health care. oh, the hypocrisy, to hear paul ryan, the speaker of the house and these republicans applauding an executive order that subverts an act of congress. what a difference an election makes. cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans is here to break it down for us. the suggestion is that this executive order will make it easier to get cheaper health care and more people will
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benefit. what's the reality? >> well, the reality here iseneding kis enit will cost millions of americans health coverage. who are we talking about? 6 million low income individuals, $30,000 a year earnings. it does not affect premiums but makes a huge difference for these enrollees right here. the subsidy lowers the average deductible to $255 a year. without it, it is $3,600. that's why these americans could see huge increases next year. now, the president has threatened to stop payments for months. it caused many insurers already to hike their rates next year. most insurers hiking their rates by more than 20%. some major players have dropped
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out of the market entirely. but insurers that didn't price in the loss, they can sue or raise rates. that is a new problem for obamacare less than three weeks to go before open enrollment. >> the enrollment period that they are going to cut short with this executive order. >> right. >> why do that? to discourage people for signing up for health care, further likening the chance that the entire system goes down. >> christine, thank you very much. >> all right. let's discuss. we have the pam with us. ron brownstein, reporter and editor at large, chris cillizza, and kaiser health news julie rovener. do you want to start with the political hypocrisy or policy implications. >> it is a series of actions designed explicitly to destabilize the exchange portion of obamacare. medicaid is still out of their
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reach and proved surprisingly difficult. as you point out, as christine pointed out, you add up everything that is being done in terms of reducing the amount of money spent on outreach, in terms of closing the website for maintenance during the open enrollment period, pulling back on the cost-sharing payments, the executive order, which is the beginning of a process that would allow insurers to essentially segment off more healthy people at the cost of raising prices for older people with greater health needs. they all have the same effect. the perverse element of this has been that the biggest losers in this overall direction as in the republican house and senate is health care bills have been older, working age adults. two-thirds of everybody in the country, 35 to 64, is white. most of them have voted republican. most voted for donald trump. this is a dagger aimed directly at their own constituency.
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it showed up in the polls in the decline of working class white voters in his approval. it precipitated some of the harsh, sharp, cultural confrontations which the white house thinks is a way to reel them back on some of these issues. >> explain how this works politically. we understand this was a campaign promise that president trump made that he would dismantle obamacare. but to start with the poorest people who get the subsidies, how does that make sense? >> ironically, it's not really those people who will be affected. the law requires discounts be provided to lower income people. the president has said we're not going to pay you back, insurance companies. so the insurance companies will, in turn, raise rates. the premium subsidies will protect the lower and middle income people. who gets hit? the people who don't get premium subsidies, who earn 400% of poverty, who are in the
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individual market. they are weightier people, primarily republicans. so really this ends up redowneding to the voters. when the president said the government won't pay more, that is certainly not the view of the congressional budget office that the premium subsidies will go up because premiums would go up. they would be likely to sue and likely to win because the federal government, whether or not it officially made this appropriation under the law, owes them the money back. >> what is the political play here? is the president just hoping people won't figure on out they got hurt by the move and he gets to wave a price tag of money saved? >> yes. and no. honestly, chris, some of it is simple. promise made, promise kept. you didn't like obama.
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it has his name on it. we're getting rid of it. to be honest, julie understands the health care system better than 99.99% of america. or that most people will understand it. what they will see is donald trump said he was going to get rid of obamacare. the senate, including republicans, couldn't do it. and donald trump is doing it. obviously that's a massive oversimplification and misses the fact that it will hurt many of the people who voted for him. this will not be the first time people vote against their economic and other interests. it has happened many times before. he may well get the votes of these people anyway. >> chris, i'm going to disagree a little bit. i think health care is a very personal issue. we saw during the aca debate voters paying an unusual amount of attention to the debate. and a significant decline in trump's approval during the course of debate among the two
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groups that would have been mostly affected, blue collar and older whites. undermining a health care system that proved more popular and more sturdy, even with roots among republican governors, will be more problematic than you're suggesting, chris. this is something they get. it it is not as abstract. taxes can seem theoretical to many americans. health care is something they live with. they understand that it affects them, their family, often their parents for people in the older age group. questions about medicaid and its availability to caregivers. i think playing with fire. we are giving ourselves more leverage to make a deal. that's what they said on daca. we will see if they can put conditions on that allow for a deal to be made. >> i'm with ron on the impact of health care. bus it impacts you day in, day
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out, it touches most people in a real way, 2010 election, 2014 election, 100% -- not 100. 95% dictated by health care. no question that's why republicans won. the only thing i would say is i do think donald trump's ability to maintain his base -- no one knows the numbers better than ron. i'm not going to dispute that. but these people have stuck with him through a lot of things i permanently didn't think they would. whether the things he said about women, some of the policies he has laid out. i don't know if this is a breaking point even if it does hit them. i'm not saying it suspect. it may well be. but i'm always skeptical that the trump base will leave trump because does things every once in a while, sometimes more than once in a while and you don't see it, not even his base,
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republican elected officials, running away from it. >> as julie points out, he is billing this, what he is doing, as stopping a bailout to insurance companies. they can get their arms around that. this is not hitting the lowest income. this is stopping the bailout that the insurance companies were getting. but, julie, look, the president hated executive orders, as you may remember when president obama was in office, he railed that. we have a montage of him saying how many times he hated it. now, if you look at both these nine months in office, he has doubled president obama's executive orders. and is this because the gop and congress weren't willing to do these that he had to use his own pen. >> they would like to put the subsidies back and they could potentially you do that. with the executive order
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yesterday, which doesn't actually change anything. it will take months for any of that to happen. and the announcement about the subsidies. he's trying to blow up the individual market. he may well succeed in doing that. you pointed out three weeks away from open enrollment. it is only six weeks long. there's roughly 17 million people who buy their own insurance. insurance companies could just leave. that could hurt everybody. he is trying to create as much chaos as he can in hopes of driving democrats and republicans to the table. very unclear who that might hurt. >> if you're someone who is not low income, who said i'll be able to get a cheaper plan for me, these insurance companies are going to make their money. if they can't make them on low-income people because of what the law says right now regardless of the subsidies, they're going the make it on you. it's going to happen. we will hear about it. we'll report it. gentlemen, julie, thank you very much. so does hypocrisy on on
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executive orders, what alyson was just talking about, does it really matter anymore? we're going to ask a member of the house freedom caucus next.
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the president is up and apparently watching the show and tweeting. his tweet reads obamacare is a broken mess. piece by piece we will now begin the process of giving america the great health care it deserves. one thing is for sure, piece by piece this executive order is furthering the implosion of the individual and other markets. let's discuss the move by the president, its implications and what happens next. we have republican congressman jim jordan of ohio. always a pleasure to have you on the show. thank you for being with us, congressman. >> you bet. good to be here. >> what's your take on what the president did and how he did it. >> he is right, it is a mess. we would be in a better position if we undid this thing.
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it uncertainly didn't get to the senate. let's get that done and put in place a better health care system luke the american people deserve. >> why aren't you saying the president is acting like an emperor and his job is to execute laws that are passed not write his own and congress must hold him into account for doing so. >> not with the csr payments. just like with daca, the president said i'm not going to -- >> one court, the district court. it is on appeal. the parties have held litigation. >> one court? one arbiter. they said it is unconstitutional because it was prone rated. >> justify to be fair, he did the opposite. when he didn't like the ruling, he said i'm not going to follow
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it. you have been so outspoken, i'm not criticizing it, about executive orders. you said the american people have spoken loudly during the midterms. they want a legislative fix to problems. >> right. >> those were your words. >> yeah. >> you said president obama can't be an emperor. he has to execute laws, not write his own. that's exactly what this president is doing. >> that's why we passed out of the house a bill that would have repealed most of obamacare. in underscores why we have to get back to doing it. these csr payments are illegal. the president said he will no longeren tkpaeupblg in making these payments. so let's move forward and do what we should have done a long time ago. let's move forward on that. >> litigation is not complete. you are right. a district court did hold that.
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the appeal is on hold because the parties have held it -- >> it was never proappropriated. >> i get that's your opinion. >> it is the court's opinion. >> one court's opinion. but the appeal is on hold. could wind up in a different or you could be right. i'm asking you something else and you're on not giving me a full throated answer. >> it is a mess and we need to replace the whole thing, repeal the whole thing. >> i understand what you think should be done. i'm getting for it. i'm happy for you to say it as many times as you would like. >> when you look at the polls o. just because a manufactured message about something being bad works doesn't mean it is the truth. the truth is is complicated. but what seems simple is you
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were against executive orders when they go against congressional authority. that's what is happening now, jim jordan. he is taking action that he himself said in the past was wrong for president obama -- >> not with the csr. you could maybe make that argument on the on interstate shopping for insurance. i think there is flexibility enough in the law to allow health is and human services. certainly with csr you can't. this is not appropriated dollars. the president said we're going to stop it. all this underscores is what a mess obamacare is. never forget, and i come back every time we do this. never forget what they told us about this law. everything the democrats told us about this law has turned out to be false. >> that's not true. >> yes, it is. not everything is untrue. >> nine different lies they told
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us. the architect of obamacare who the "new york times" called the architect of this law was caught on videotape saying, yeah, we misled the american people. we pulled one over. the architect told us they lied to us. keep your doctor. president obama told us premiums would decline $2500. you guys fall short a lot. i have a news flash for you. you promise the american people -- >> i didn't promise that on obamacare. >> that wasn't you. your time is now. >> we're trying fix it. >> you said you would make it fixed, you would make it better. you cannot find a reasonable health care analyst who will look at cutting the subsidies, shrinking the enrollment period
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and doing other things that you tried to do in this bill that makes it better in the main for the american families. this seems to be sucking money out of it and using it for something else. but you are doing it on the backs of the most needy. >> you are acting like the csr payments are the reason this is such a mess. that is not the case. >> no. i'm talking about stabilizing health care -- >> you can't stabilize it. it is already falling apart. >> chris, think about your logic. you are saying the folks who passed this law who told us nine different statements that were absolutely false, the architect said, yeah, we misled the american people. and now you're saying president trump is somehow making -- is the cause of the problem. that makes no sense. >> you are arguing imperfection,
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and nobody would argue that the aca is perfect. >> yeah, that's for sure. >> the imperfection will be the enemy of any progress on this. you are not making progress on this. you said we should repeal and replace. >> and we did that in the house. i reintroduced the clean repeal legislation. >> and your own party couldn't agree on it. because they know too many of you know -- >> a portion, you're right. >> and why? >> senators voted against the very legislation they had supported 20 months ago. >> and why. >> and that drives american voters crazy. >> why&why? >> and it should. >> some voters it drives crazy. some of the same voters will be hurt by what you're doing right now. >> no. they're being hurt by obamacare, plain and simple. >> you are messing with obamacare with the 6 million low income americans.
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6 million. >> if you're in the individual market spending 1,000 bucks a month. >> for some people. >> yet they were told those premiums would go down by the people who passed this law. >> u you can fix it. >> we are trying to change it, repeal it, replace it. all of a sudden we're somehow to blame. >> hold a second. you're going to be to blame. the president is subverting a law in a way where it will cause loss. >> he is not subverting a law. he is stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies who have had record numbers the last few months. >> you have to tell the whole truth. >> you do. that's the president's other executive orders. interstate shopping. they will help and begin to bring down costs. that's why he is doing it. >> we vice president seen that kind of cost savings. they price insurance based on
4:29 am
where you are, not where they are. so there is an argument in terms of what the premise is going across state lines. and someone thank god like you, me, younger, healthy, we're okay. we're going to get priced better if we did it on our own, maybe. sometimes that comes back to bite us in the behind. when we have need, it is not covered because it is is only a catastrophic plan. second, you know insurance isn't about you and me. it is about the collective. when you pull out the people like us and those who are younger, i may be giving us too much credit. >> i'm older than you. >> but take the younger and the healthy people out, you change the price scale. when you pull the subsidies out, which you are endorsing, you will hurt the people. >> i'm endorsing keeping our word. i'm endorsing doing what we said
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we would do. that's what the president is doing. that's why the american people are so frustrated. we told them we would repeal and replace and we haven't gotten that down. >> and you are okay with executive orders when you have pounded executive orders in the past. >> when this law was passed they were told nine different false statements, they were lied to by the argument tech jonathan gruber. i will give better insurance, better health care. in real similar terms, let's keep our word. let's do what we said. that's what the president is focused on, the freedom caucus is focused on. >>. >> you are saying sometimes it's okay. >> no. he should do it consistent with the constitution. that is what the court said relative to the csr. >> that litigation is not over.
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you will be judged on the impact of these changes. >> you're right. >> that's what elections are about. jim jordan, thank you for being on new days, as always. >> that's just one big story we're covering today. in just hours, president trump will decertify the iran nuclear deal and announce a new strategy on iran. what does it mean for america's relationship with allies and for america's relationship with iran? joining us now is cnn national security analyst and former director of the cia and nsa, general michael hayden. general, thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> help us understand this. what changes today? when the president comes out this morning and decertifies the iran nuclear deal, what changes? >> well, alyson, there's a little bit less than meets the eye. it doesn't mean it is less important. the president will decertify the deal not because iran is a material breach of the nuclear arrangement. >> in fact, they're not. just to stop you, in fact, they're not in breach. >> no, they're not in fact, i
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was a little nervous is as a career intelligence officer that the president, the white house would pressure the intelligence community to come up with that conclusion. he did not. the iranians are not. it is no longer in the strategic interest of the united states, an aspect of law that was given to him by senator corker when the congress looked at this in the first place. he will say it is is not in the u.s. national interest. he had it within his authority last month on his own to reimpose sanctions on the iranians. he did not do that. he will toss this to congress. but the handshake with even the most hawkish members of congress is we will not impose new sanctions at least for the short-te short-term. so what we have is a broad signaling that we are unhappy with the deal. and frankly, alyson, more
4:33 am
unhappy with all the other things the iranians are doing. that's where we want to folk stphr focus. >> i'll read you a couple headlines. sources familiar with the speech say the president is likely to largely focus on iran's broader, nonnuclear activities and the islamic revolutionary guard corps which he thinks is infiltrated by terrorist. it will be a haar speech. it will be about iran attacking us. where does that hraleave us? what message does send? >> i looked at the speech and i agree with every aspect in terms of what the iranians are doing. it is good to torque up the pressure on the iranians here.
4:34 am
if the president goes out and calls them a terrorist organization in its entirety, we will probably see a sharp iranian response to that step. we will do these things based on certain assumptions. unck you heard tiller son and mattis saying they are comfortable with the stability provided by the deal, no real need to decertify. we can get the iranians and all of these other activities too. >> you are comfortable with what the president is going to do and in decertifying the deal for that? >> i would not make the step of decertifying. i think it is is an unnecessary step for what it is we want to do. i think the president is trying
4:35 am
to split the baby here. if he gets away with it, it's okay. but he could set motion events that we cannot control and it may put the iranian nuclear deal at risk. they are not in breach of that deal. it has put a stopper in the iranian nuclear program. >> what is the allies's response to that? >> i think the europeans sit and watch. they will not line up with regard to decertifying the nuclear deal. they will want to keep us on side. they will not want congress to reimpose sanctions. they will be a bit more willing to cooperate with us to put pressure on the iranians for the nonnuclear things. again, the president is trying to go through a fairly narrow package here to get what he wants. just one additional thought, alyson. he can do this without
4:36 am
decertifying. i think decertifying has been in the list of the paris agreement, obamacare, a whole bunch of other things that the president has done simply to show that he is not barack obama. >> all right. we'll see what happens. general michael hayden, thank you for walking us through it. chris? an odd extension of a political spat it seems. the president is saying fema and the military won't stay in puerto rico forever. yet doctors are feverishly working to save lives. up next, we have a reality check on hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. three weeks after maria. are we seeing what the president calls a success?
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san juan's mayor calls president trump the hater in chief after his tweets yesterday vowing that fema and the military won't be in puerto rico forever, which is of course true. why say that now in the midst of crisis? cnn's ed lavandara is on the ground in san juan taking a look at whether or not there is success or crisis. ed, thank you for being there. what is the reality? >> reporter: the reality is this
4:41 am
is an incredibly, painfully long road to recovery. we went to the southeast corner of the puerto rican island to visit a town where the eye of the storm of hurricane maria came to shore a little more than three weeks ago. and it is a slow recovery process there. dr. umberto guzman is racing against time. he is driven to save the lives of puerto ricans in the aftermath. >> we are looking for the elderly, the more frame. >> reporter: we are in a city that city on the water's edge on the southeast corner of puerto rico. the eye of hurricane maria roared right through here. dr. guzman and this team of volunteer doctors are offering medical care to the hardest hit areas of the island. the doctors have walked through 32 different towns in the last three weeks, check anything on storm victims is like irma
4:42 am
torres and her husband. >> you get emotional about it? >> yeah. they're opening their houses to us. we're able to see the conditions that they're living in. it is is impacting for us. >> reporter: the hurricane ripped part of the roof off their home. they have received little, if any, relief. they're not strong enough to stand in lines for supplies. dr. guzman worries that across puerto rico there could be hundreds of storm victims not strong enough to survive. do you think the death toll as it stands now is an accurate number? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. we have been on the island the last 20 days. >> reporter: mark sawyer is with wings of hope. he helps with logistics and supplies. he said there are dozens of communities that haven't been reached by relief workers. with 110 people still listed as missing, he fears the death toll
4:43 am
will rise significantly. >> every day is survival mode for most people. if you go out in the more remote areas, some of these people have nothing. it is crisis for them. >> reporter: dr. guzman fears for those storm victims who have been cut off from access to medical care. do you worry that the people that might die in the next few days or coming weeks, that those were preventable deaths? if help had gotten here sooner, they would have been able to be saved? >> certainly. we have seen them in the communities, in the hospitals. in my opinion, the death toll that is reported is really low. >> reporter: chris and alyson, i was struck by a conversation we had with one resident of the town we were in. a man found a generator. also found a source of constant good drinking water that was clean to drink as well. he said i'm fine. i can hold out. if fema were to show up at my front door, i would tell them to go to my neighbor's house. he asked about president trump's
4:44 am
tweets yesterday. he went off. he was disgusted and couldn't believe those words were being uttered by the president. >> ed, understood. i think it is important to point out that fema is still in louisiana helping after katrina. that's 12 years ago. so the idea that, okay, time to wrap it up very soon, we're just putting you on notice we will not be able to stay there forever smacks people as outrage. >> it is hard to argue that the president's comments weren't incensensitive and motivate bids own political spat. but nobody is saying that fema isn't working really hard and that the women and women who are first responders aren't doing everything that they can. it is about how much resources, the integration with the puerto rican government. there are a lot of variables. whatever it is is, it ain't getting done. >> meanwhile, another big story we're following, the hafrvey weinstein scandal. police are investigating allegations against weinstein.
4:45 am
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a lot of tough situations and a lot of questionable leadership, but there's also virtue and people stepping up to make our lives better. two off-duty firefighters quickly going from concertgoers to first responders. rushing to save lives during the las vegas massacre. cnn cnn's stephanie elam has more on how these two showed humanity at its best and went beyond the call of duty. >> he stopped singing and ran
4:50 am
off stage and that's where it hit us. >> travis is enjoying the end of the three-day music festival with his wife, haley, when he thinks he hears gunshots. >> it was a nonstop popping sound, gunfire. >> jesse gomez is another off-duty firefighters there with his wife. both firefighters usher their wives to safety. >> i was in huh staysterics. >> there was a lady on the ground, and she was bleeding from the head and face and we picked her up and carried her to the other side, me and a couple strangers. >> as bullets continue to fly the concert venue is chaotic. >> people on the ground and hurt
4:51 am
and people running around, and people d people deceased, and other people laying there with him. >> three shots skipped out three or four feet in front of my feet. >> i might have physically carried six to ten. >> of the several people trafice rescues, the most concerning is a woman shot in the lower back. >> the feeling in her legs were touch and go at times. >> was she by herself? >> at this time, yeah. >> that young woman is riley goal garth. >> i cry, but it's not because i am sad, it's because i am so so proud of her for being that strong. >> some people were heroes and
4:52 am
some people needed a hero, and that's okay. >> two men acting with such humanity in the face of utter depraf tea as 58 lives were lost and hundreds were injured in the october massacre. >> what an incredible story. police in new york and london are investigating sexual assault allegations against movie muhamm movie mogul, harvey weinstein. let's bring in our political analysts. great to have all of you here for this conversation. i want to start with the actress, rose mcgowan. she has come out with the clarion call saying pay attention to what happened. she now says, via twitter, that harvey weinstein raped her in 1997 at the sundance film
4:53 am
festival, and he's calling out and naming names of people who knew. i will read you one of her tweets. she says jeff bezos from amazon, i said it over and over. she is the person leading the charge of just grabbing people by the shoulders and saying we need to talk about this. >> you feel for somebody going through, especially in such a public way. with all of the reporting she seems to have been the only woman that had a settlement that has been reported. >> $100,000 in 1997 for whatever happened at the sundance film festival. >> which really begs -- it gives -- to anybody that would doubt the credibility of this woman who clearly is going through a horrible thing also in public, it is calling, and she
4:54 am
is having an affect in the sense there are petitions online to take weinstein off the academy award circuit, and the real question next is, who knew what when. >> i don't know, kiersten, sometimes it sounds like all of hollywood was silent, and this was an open secret in hollywood, and i don't know if people knew about the rape accusations, although rose mcgowan is saying they did, and everybody turned a blind eye to what he was doing and that seems obvious. >> the question is what did they know? you have people like george clooney saying yes, he was a
4:55 am
dog, saying maybe he cheated on his wife and didn't know that he was sexually assaulting people or raping people, obviously. and then you have people like jane fonda who came out and said she did know hae was doing this and found out about a year ago and regrets not saying something. there's the question why people don't say anything, and she said in that case it was because it didn't happen to her, and she didn't feel it was her story to tell. i think that people are afraid to take on really powerful people. that's often what it comes down to. what power do these people actually have over harvey weinstein. the people that have the power are his board, and the people that knew he had settlements, which was his board. you know, and who should have been dealing with it.
4:56 am
i don't know if you can blame it on somebody that hears about it and isn't involved in it, and i don't know what that person is supposed to do about it. >> you are a lawyer here. it's also legally hard for some of these women to speak out. i assume that rose mcgowan had settlement, and does a crime trump an nda, and then can she speak about this? >> absolutely the prosecutors in new york, london, and any city where a crime has been committed, they can open an investigation and they can pursue charges. i think what is so galling to me, is rose's tweet about what jeff bezos said to her, if true, it's very common.
4:57 am
and that typically shuts that conversation down and doesn't allow that complaint to move forward. women are standing up now saying, as she says in the tweet, my comment, my statement, my allegations should be enough, and sadly it's not and women are labeled as complainers and whiners and dismissed when they make these kind of allegations and we need to key in on the board of directors and the poise of this organization because they don't get to turn a blind eye and say this doesn't involve me, and the law makes it clear an organization has an obligation to create a workplace free of sexual harassment and hostility. if this company did not investigate these complaints then it's engaging in unlawful conduct.
4:58 am
>> so in terms of shutting down, twitter also shut down rose mcgowan's account for sometime yesterday. she went on instagram and said twitter suspended me. there are powerful voices at work, be my voice. they say she shut her down because she published a phone number, which is against the law, not because she was going against weinstein. >> they have not been transparent, and if they said we are shutting you down because of this, and twitter comes to this pitfall with a history that has not been actually fabulous. they allowed their flat form to be used, by isis recruiters, and not quick to monitor the space in those instances, so it does seem inconsistent. >> today there's a
4:59 am
#womanboycotttwitter. there are a million lessons here for powerful men. what are the lessons for the rest of us here? >> i think the lesson is to try and not be complicit. i think all of us to a certain extent can be complicit whether it's male or female. i had to reflect on in the media world, there are men i know of that don't behave that well and i will have conversations with them, actually, and if you have a little influence you need to use it and you can't sit by knowing that people are doing things they shouldn't be doing. i think there are a lot of men that have a lot of power that should not sit by and say, owe, boys will be boys, and really understand that a lot of this behavior -- even if it does not rise to the level of a harvey weinstein, is very humiliating
5:00 am
for women. >> we are out of time, sadly. i do want to very quickly clarify in case we were clear that he was talking about the head of amazon studios, and she was calling out jeff bezos, but the person she told about the rape was jeff bezos. this is not a repeal or replacement. this is an undermining of obamacare. >> it's common sense. it will help to provide lower cost and more competition for people. >> it makes a situation that needs to be fixed much worse. >> it was one of the most incompetently drawn deals i have seen. >> if the u.s. walk away from this deal then who will trust america. >> if the president chooses to not certify it will


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