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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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isolated. >> i think he should have more faith than he should have with how easy it was going to be to get started and i hope he gets enough support to be able to governor and help. >> reporter: one thing everyone agrees on the message for washington. >> get it together boys. it's not preschool. >> reporter: athee that jones, cnn, nashville, tennessee. >> thank you for joining us have a great weekend. anderson's next. good evening we begin with breaking news in the russian investigation. let's get right to it. jim schuitto with all the details. what have you learned about the this interview? >> reince priebus, trump's inner circle to be interviewed so far. we also know the chief of staff
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of security counsel, chief kellogg has been interviewed as well. reince priebus's lawyer says this was a voluntarily interview. he was happy to cooperate. members of trump white house staff, michael flynn, his time in the warehouse, we know they're also interested in trump's decision to fire james comey. we also know the special council is interested if talking with people who are with the president on air force one when they were craft lg that initial explanations for that trump meeting in june of 2016. all these are related to potential charges whether it be obstruction of justice, cooperation between members of trump's inner circle on russia. but it shows the seriousness in which the special counsel is taking those questions when he does these interview. >> bringing in our panel, maggy
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haeb ha habermann and jeff too man. maggy, how do you think the house is concern about this? drs i think the warehouse is aware and have been for sometime that reince priebus was going to be a crucial person for bob mueller to speak with. he was present observes during the transition. he was present wen key things were decided about the firing of michael flynn. he was present when james comey was fire department. i think by a stroke of a good foreign fortune of his own not present with air force one when donald trump jr. had -- he offers a key window into a bunch of different issues that bob mueller is looking at. he's certainly to top official to be spoken to but he will not
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be the last official spoken to. i think the white house is anxious about the mueller investigation. i think trump has done with priebus what he has done with several officials who have left the white house which is reach out to him and sort of offer warm words because the president has a long history of trying to keep people in his good graces. >> jeff and to maggy's point, priebus wen on the road with the president with an unusual chief of staff in those early months. what kind of stuff would the inversion want to know from him? >> i think he's a potential witness on everything related to obstruction of justice in the firing of james comey, which is the central event in the obstruction of justice investigation. obstruction of justice is what's known as the pacific intent crime. the issue is what's in the head of the person who is potentially charged with the obstruction of justice, what did they intend to
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do. we know that the president fired james comey, why did he fire james comey. did he do it to try to stop the investigation? reince priebus was talking to the president all the time, the white house chief of staff is physically there, especially this chief of staff. so any conversations we had with the president about why james comey was fired and how that will be explained to the public was a false statement put on. all of that is going to be central to what mueller's going to be asking. >> the former chief of the staff president has been interviewed by the former chief of investigation, the president of the united states its still have some affect on that working in the west wing. >> one immediate affect they're all lawyered up from top to bottom. we have information about other people that we know mueller wants to interview in the warehouse in his first group of interviews. including sean spicer. the spiring spokesperson.
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the communication director hill picks. and don mcbegan who is the white house counsel. that's the first group of people close to the president in the white house that mueller want to talk to about these topics that i've brought up and maggy brought up. if fires of james comey, the air force one meeting. these are all crucial. >> jim, tell us how what kind of an impact you see this having on the white house now? >> it discuss get the attention of everyone whose there. i think again exceptional by this time, i think of a piano player you have in the right hand this type of muk where there's three new consistent ls and three new explosions. we got healthcare and daca this week. and meanwhile there is this steady base beat on what mr. mueller's going with liz investigation.
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every day we have notice of a sign of how dramatic it's going to be. people in the warehouse and us in politics are trying to balance the frenzy of what's going minute by minute with the increase patience of this investigation. >> maggy, purpose was -- would there be concern from anybody within the administration about how loyal priebus might be to the president? >> i think there's concern with the administration about how loyal anyone is to the president. the president is a harsh and sometimes punishing boss. reince priebus was often on the receiving end, so was sean spicer. i think those were two people they would have to be concerned about, it doesn't mean either of them would do something that would threaten the president. look, the president has always demanded a lot of loyalty and has not shown it in turn from people he demand it from. i think it's too soon to say we don't know what priebus said to
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mueller. we don't know what the investigator asked or what he's going to be asked to be spoken to again. i do think there needs to be a concern about the president in general. he's got a lot of aids facing -- go in and don't tell the truth and be seen as loyal or go in and tell the truth and be seen as disloyal. again, does not mean there's criminality here. people are going to have to take their own lives into account. >> maggie, one thing that all these lawyers are going to tell their clients is you better tell the truth. >> i'm aware. >> because -- >> that's not lost on me jeffrey i'm just saying. >> i know but these are not statements under oath. the fbi interviews are not under oath, but it is a federal crime, title 18 united states code,
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section 1,001 to make a false statement to the fbi agent. so, these people who have no exposure on their own, their only exposure if s if they make a false statement. >> they true in the investigations as well, you've got people whose gone and spoke in the house, lying to congress is a crime even if they're not under oath. >> jerry, can you draw a conclusion will be where mueller is in his investigation now that priebus has now been interviewed? >> i defer to jeff on that. this isn't the first time a white house chief of staff has been on the outside. way back to adams, bob holden and others. you assume the chief of staff would do everything he could to protect the president at that time, there wasn't a question of their divided loyalties, now as all the other panelist have
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said. priebus needs to watch out for his own exposure and you don't feel he's a real lifer with donald trump. >> yeah. >> just in terms of time, if there's a silver lining for trump and the white house, the -- most of what interviews involve are showing the witness documents, showing them e-mails, showing them things they can't lie about. and this means the mueller team has assembled enough documents that they feel like they can do a meaningful interview with reince priebus. doesn't mean they won't interview him again or get more documents but it does sergeant it might be the beginning of the end. >> has the president said anything about that attack to
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date? >> short answer is no. not via twitter or official statement from the president of the white house. it was nine days ago, october 4th when this attack took place, four american soldiers were killed. on october 7th when the body of one of those victims, sergeant la david johnson came home the president was golfing that day. i asked senior member of the warehouse team a couple days ago lot president comment on this and why he hasn't commented on the loss of those soldiers and-of-an answer yes. >> all right. thank you all. appreciate it. some signature achievements the last president, healthcare -- how much is about policy and how much may be personal? later with the president tweeting hot and cold about puerto rico, closer look at the reality some people are facing
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obliterating his predecessors. today president trump struck a body blow to obamacare. over the last 9 months the president's tried to reverse a long list of president obama's actions. on immigration. daca, keeping president obama's clean power plant. if you want to know what president trump is against is looking at what president obama is for. who may be surprising is how much of this is personal. what also stands out in both actions today is how each one shifts responsibility and accountability away from the white house on to congress and on healthcare how little healthcare was given for the consequences of undoing some obamacare without a replacement for it. >> one by one it's going to come down and we're going to have
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great healthcare in our country. we're going to have great healthcare in our country. we're taking a little different route we had hoped because getting congress, they forget what they're pledges were. so we're going a little different route. but in the end it's going to be effective and maybe it will even be better. >> that was the president today after announcing late last night he was ending cost share sup cities and reimburse insurers for -- nearly 6 million people benefit from them. the president put the fate in the heads of congress. so, congress could have done something to guarantee these payments at any time. lot president's action spur them to do something now? >> it's certainly on the table. it's not just because democrats made clear they don't plan on leaving congress this year without something done and the president's going to need their help on unpassed times in the last ten weeks.
5:17 pm
it's always been republicans. congress could have always solved this problem, the u.s. court says congress was supposed to solve these problems. it was up to congress, but secret here that wasn't so secret is republican lawmakers, particularly as they were pursuing the repeal and replace efforts, wanted the administration to keep paying them. they understand how important they were to the market. now that repeal and replace had failed they didn't make any type of concerns raised about them being paid. the problem remains, can republicans pass something, anderson. there are deep divisions inside the party while there have been republicans working on legislation trying to address this issue for months. this is part of obamacare, we pledge not to fix obamacare we pledge to repeal obamacare. physical leaders can figure out how to bridge that divide, as of now they have no answers.
5:18 pm
>> and republican leaders, the legislature are packed with must-passed items. are they frustrated this has opinion put on their plates? >> the short answer is yes. here's the kind of broader issue here, when this news came out last night, republican leaders hadn't been told, sources tell me. nobody called from the white house, nobody told them this was coming. this was a packed legislative schedule and this rolls a hand grenade into what goes on. i had one aid tell me, this complicatings our life. it's important to know how the president views this, it is a bargaining chip, period. that is how he's already viewed it, that's why he had them being paid out on that month-to-month basis and that's why he's decided to pull the plug now.
5:19 pm
he's made life more complicated for run leaders, anderson. >> thank. not only the president -- undoing a different piece of obamacare which is 49th. candidate trump you'll remember rallied against him before and during campaign. he's resorting against action -- here to talk about it is former democratic judge jennifer, and -- is it critical for the president to use more action when he was so critical of obama for doing it? >> the answer is i would say yes. if you're going to criticize somebody for using executive orders and you use them yourself you should suffer the questionings of your statements. i think both president trump and obama are frustrated congress didn't act. >> you support the ideas behind
5:20 pm
this executive order? >> i do. no, i think what the president did with respect to suspending the obamacare cost and reduction payments was the right thing to do. the district court was very clear, if they'd appealed it up it could have been con if you remembered by upper courts, there's no authority the president had to spend this money and they were held off as long as they think they could with the credible face of pursuing litigation. congress yew feed to fix this, you want the money you need to fix it. what i think president trump realized is that the democrats are not interested up until this point in fixing it. why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free. they were given the payments and didn't have to give up anythink. >> governor grant i saw you
5:21 pm
tweet earlier, donald trump killing medicaid for 6 million folks. isn't the -- >> well, dismantling with obamacare and replacing it with something. they haven't been able to replace it. what effect of these two executive orders he's issued in the past couple of days has been is to put real people with real preexisting conditions or health concerns, they're interests are completely subsumed by his rabbit desire to mismantle what ever obama has touched. to me he's participated in active measures to vandalize the healthcare of the american people. if it's supposed to go back to congress, fine. we've got republican and democrats willing to work together on fixing whatever he's
5:22 pm
done. there was just a poll issued by the caser foundation. even republicans do not want him to dismantle the affordable care act taywan him to fix it. >> senator? >> well we're going to see a test coming up in the past two weeks. it's going to avgt people with silver plans. a shriller of the market gets these -- >> of the middle class. >> it depends on what kind of plan you have. the bottom line is, that we're going so see when the senate are serious about actually trying to do something. if their answer is give us the money but we're not willing to make any changes to make middle class --
5:23 pm
>> that's not what democrats have said. >> that is what they said. they're going to make -- who don't get subsidies for the federal government. you're talking about small business people, people who work for small businesses, middle income americans who seen their rates go up double in the last couple of years. you're talking about huge increases and nothing's being done, and nats are resistance making -- >> you're not listening. i don't know what's in your ears but you have not been listening to comma democrats having said. that i have been saying fix, amend it. >> what do they propose. >> there has been a bipartisan proposal, you know senator alexander -- >> i've looked that proposal in detail. >> democrats had a whole list on fix its including allowing the government to negotiate for the reduction in the cost of
5:24 pm
prescription drugs, including making sure there are krar carrots and sticks get -- what the president has done has gone in the exact opposite direction. there so-called freedom you described that was tried in a half of discussen states in the '90s and all of those plans failed miserably. they were jurn capitalized and also used to try to put these scam sub prime insurance policies on the marked. after this you're going to see attorney general across the country, brain lawsuits, why can't we get a fix. and rick you cannot say democrats don't want to fix it. >> oh in fact i can say it because i've looked at the allegation and murry prosuppose sall. >> i'm telling you they want to fix it. >> all i'm telling you is what
5:25 pm
the facts are. the prosuppose salls beanie put forward by the democrats has been almost zero fund. you've mentioned more than money being pumped to the system so bring more people in. the people who don't get the subsidies actually are going to have lower cost. nothing has been done because that requires a change in the infrastructure of obamacare. two folks working very hard on trying to put together a republican proposal along with others if the house and senate. i think they're going to be introducing a plan next week that has common sense reforms in there. things like we're going to have prices -- >> four times. >> those are the kinds of common sense things they're going to put forward to lower rates and we'll see whether democrats come to the table. >> we got to leave it here. >> have the democrats come in and let them do it.
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the president's toughest republican credit tick takes a new swing at the policies. speaking to "the washington post" the -- choosing between war and north korea or iran with nuclear weapons. the problem senator bob corker told "the post" that the president, in his own words neutered his secretary of state.
5:30 pm
the tweets, yes, you raised tension in the region it's very irresponsible, but it's the first part, the castration of literal son i'm most exercised about. senator bob corkers's statement took -- at the end of day. >> today i am announcing our strategy ks along with several major steps we are taking to confront the iranian regime's he or she still actions and to ensure iran never, and i mean never acquires a nuclear weapon. >> what he did was restablizing the cream pulling out and allowing congress to make new negotiations with iran. keep in mind, as top members of his national security team on record strielking a different note. >> iran is not a material breach of the agreement.
5:31 pm
i believe the agreement today has delayed as a result of a nuclear capability by iran. >> my deal on the nuclear agreement their in technical compliance with the arrangement. >> -- >> yes, senator i do. >> secretary of defense, state, and the joint chief of chairman, says iran is in compliance. while it's true t nuclear deal wouldn't drawn up to distress any of that. joining us is fa reek and mike duran. fareed, first of all from bob corker himself saying you cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state, are you as concerned about that as the senator? >> well, i think it's very clear
5:32 pm
now that we essentially have no diplomacy going on in the united states. the way which the president has treated his secretary of state is the most dramatic example of it. i remember james baker, george p. bush sisterenior's secretary state telling me is the most quality you need in secretary of state is that he has the trust and confidence of the president. when you go around the world and you're trying to make deals and do dip plea say, the only thing anyone around the world are wondering, do you speak for the president. do you have the trust and confidence, are you speaking for the entire government of the united states. it's absolutely clear that rex tillerson was not. in that circumstance he's sort of a dead man walking whether
5:33 pm
he's in his job owner because there's no trust. it's start of odd to imagine how this man could go around the world trying to negotiate, who is going to make a deal with him? who is going to live him an assurance when they know his own president don't agree. >> mike, i want to turn back to the iran deal announcement, i know you're no fan of the deal. does it give you concern? >> yes, and no, i don't think the president made this decision to decertify on the basis of technical compliance with the deal. i think the administration would say they're not in the breach the iranian's carried out. the problem is the deal has strengthened iran around the region and we don't have a
5:34 pm
strategy for dealing with the totality of the deal iran represents. >> president trump talked about the numbers of issues they have with iran. do any of those thing have anything to do with his deal? >> anderson, imagine if vladimir putin had announced the day after the iraq war, that because the united states was destabilizing the middle east he was going to pull out of all the armed control agreements the united states has signed with russia. it's not only completely illogical, it would be the bending of any kind of internarnt order or framework. if iran would do what the united states just did there would be chaos in the world. lots of countries are doing thing we disagree, but international agreements are signed for a seskt person.
5:35 pm
as long as you are maintaining that piece of -- you know that part of the puzzle it has to be upheld. the president himself said in his spaech that iran was in technical compliance with the deal. he himself said they are not violating the letter of the deal, because in effect -- by saying they're violating the spirit of the deal. everyone has their own interpretation of what spirit of a deal is. but if every country in the world decide they're going to start linking issues like this, and abrogating deals and abrogating promises they made, you would have no international order. this is something that goes forward beyond the iran deal. this is something that questions whether or not the united states is going to keep its word. >> mike. what do you make of fareed's statement? >> well first of all, president obama played the deal against the wishes of american people.
5:36 pm
it couldn't even zsh it was never even signed by anyone. the iranians insist this is not any kind of binding agreement themselves. let's not turn there there's into a pillar of internal order. second let's talk -- >> might be ke, if i may majori american didn't vote for donald trump. but we follow the rules we have. the rules are the president can make a deal like this. if you want to talk about whether the majority of the country was behind it well the majority of the america wasn't behind donald trump. >> donald trump won the white house by the electoral system. what trump has done here as offered congress and our allies the ability to come together on
5:37 pm
a traj ji to take care of the totality of the iranian threat. that's an opportunity, that's not a problem. >> is it an opportunity, fareed? >> look, what he's done is essentially create incoherence. on the one hand he attacks the policy and then hbsz i'm going to stay in it. i'm going to bunt this the congress and force them to clean up. it's an abrogation of responsibility, it is entirely a responsible act. if the president wants to walk away from the deal, i agree with puke he has the right to do so. i'm just saying it's a terrible idea. he won't even do that. it's an act of strange coward dis. >> no. >> on the one hand he's saying the deal is the worse in the world, and on the other hand
5:38 pm
he's saying i'm going to stay in it while congress decide what to do. >> give lim credit on flexibility and for open lg up with the europeans and congress. >> there are no negotiations with the europeans, the urines said they will not renegotiate the deal. >> he will not go out and abrogate the deal. he's taken a position between those that are saying walk and those that are saying fix the deal. i want to hear what you they we could do to make this deal better and what we can do about iranian in the reelk. complaining about donald trump wouldn't solve that problem. >> isolating the iranians and -- won't help. >> turning our back on the allies in the middle east. israelis, turks and others is not what isolated the united
5:39 pm
states. >> we'll going to have to leave it there. when we come back the president plays to his base at a gathering of social services. today he complains no one use it is word "christmas" anymore. that next. 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico. goin' up the country. later, gary' i have a motorcycle! wonderful. ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. steve chooses to walk over the26.2 miles,9 days... that's a marathon. and he does it with dr. scholl's.
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president trump became the first sitting president to address the summit. >> we're getting near that beautiful christmas season that people don't talk about anymore. they don't use the worth christmas because it's not politically correct. ethical yo to a department store andtail say happy new years and other thing. they don't say guess what -- we're saying merry christmas again. >> got a standing ovation for that. joining me now is charley psychs. and scott jennings. charley the themes that the president hit on today, stopping what we call a tax and ju day owe christian values, whether or not you believe the president is doing that, are these the topics
5:44 pm
that's going to help him creep the support of his base? >> obviously it has. the christian right rallied around donald trump seems to be the strongest support for him, despite his congress and character. i think he does understand what he needs to say on those particular issues. so yes. >> and scott, when the president when he spoke at the val view summit back in 2015, he got boo'd for making fun of marco rubio. today he got a standing ovation. is the perception of him being seen or is it because he's the president and that's what they're standing for? >> i think the poll tilks are comparative. back in 2015 he was being compared to pop tick other -- now he's being compared to the alternative which is a hillary
5:45 pm
clinton president and the voter attend dees far prefer what trump is doing than what hillary clinton would be doing. >> to an extent evangelical leaders have rallied around president trump and continue to. >> yeah, it is stunning and it continues to be remarkable. the bindery choice is not between hillary clinton but it's between donald trump and i don't know what good character. here's a guy that asked donald trump a while ago have you asked god for forgiveness and he han been able to say that. one of the thing that has changed is this attitude. i'm old enough to believe when christians believe character mattered and it was relative to their personal persona. now in the era of donald trump,
5:46 pm
evangelic evangelic evangelical christian according to the polls are least likely to think that that matters. this thing is between what would jesus do and what is donald trump doing. i would submit they're not the same thing. >> scott, to charley's point, in the past -- during the election you had a lot of evangelical leaders come forward and say look, we're not electing a pastor and chief, i feel like if past decades they could not have been saying that. there was talk of the moral majority, people wanted certain at buttes in your relationship. does it surprise you scott, to which evangelical leaders speak up and rally around the president? >> no, it doesn't surprise me because he's largely doing the thing they want him to do. yes, i agree with charley his personal conduct at the time is
5:47 pm
not what you'd niend if christian leaders. they didn't elect him to the the christian leaders they elected him to be the president. i think & last eight year they think if country went to the left and they don't recognize the country anymore. and trump has flaws they don't like but trying to drag the culture back to the right which is something they want. >> charley, is it hypocritical to you to some degree? >> yes, it is stunning hypocritical. leaving aside the policy issues and tax reform, healthcare and everything, i do think that the real damage donald trump is doing is to the culture. including the fact he may not 'pastor and chief put he is a role model and the challenge of raising children in the era of trump. we tell our kids, don't be a
5:48 pm
bully. here we have donald trump whether we like it or not is a role model and chief and he's leaving out the opposite of all the thing we teach our kids to be and to do. the argument that we support donald trump because he's pulling the culture back to the right. this is the damage, the culture is meaner, damaged, cruder and coarser because of donald trump. i wish the christian leaders would stand and make a distoish between the policies lie atlantic and what donald trump is doing in this society. >> thank you guys so much. coming up next a reality check on puerto rico. trump claims they're doing a good job even though 91% of the island is still in the dark. more ahead. a premium juice company. a coconut water company. we've got drinks for long days. for birthdays.
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. president trump keeps shifting his message on hurricane ravaged puerto rico.
5:53 pm
this afternoon he returned to the blame game, but also pledged his support when he talked to jim acosta. >> we've done a great job in puerto rico. puerto rico has to get the infrastructure going. we're helping them with their infrastructure, but most important in puerto rico is their electric plants are essentially gone. they were kbgone before the hurricane. they owed $9 billion, but we have to help them. but i love the people of puerto rico and we're going to help them. >> help is needed three weeks after the hurricane, 91% of the island is dark to want. another 36% has no access to clean water. here's ed lavandera. >> along a winding road high in the mountains south of san juan, this stream of water is a lifeline, a pit stop in the daily routine for thousands of people. beverly and her husband pull up
5:54 pm
turned makeshift water spouts, pipes dipped into the stream overhead to divert the water into massive tanks. >> every day is a struggle. he wakes up at 4:00 in the morning and he comes here. he fills up and he takes it to our neighbors. >> the water isn't safe to drink, but people use it to take showers, wash clothes and cleaning. and for some like adrian santiago who have lost their jobs since the storm, delivering this water to residents is a way of making extra money. santiago delivers the water to nelson vasquez who lives several miles away. he keeps to barrels in his garage to power the basic necessa necessities. >> our great grandmothers used
5:55 pm
to carry cans of water on their hip from the lake to wash clothes. >> the roadway was washed away. people are having to figure out ways to get in and out. this is one of those makeshift ways, a path so that people can walk in and out of their own neighborhood. on the other side of the road collapse is where we found elizabeth diaz carrying for her newborn baby boy. diaz gave birth two days before hurricane maria struck. when she left the hospital, she walked out into the ruins left by the storm. he only focus now is caring for her baby who was born prematurely. [ speaking spanish ] >> her house when where we he normally lives is unlivable because of the damage. she's been living here, no place to take a newborn baby. here in the mountains of puerto
5:56 pm
rico, residents say they're settling into the reality that a normal day isn't even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel yet. one man put it this way. we're prepared for a dark christmas. there will be no holiday lights decorating the island this year. >> reporter: anderson, the sense i got today in some of the places we visited is people are really settling into this new routine, anything that is far from normal. people getting their hands on generators, creating some sort of system keep them going for the next six months. when you ask them what is a typical day like, they give you the rundown of all of the things that probably drive most of us crazy after sometime of all the things we have to do. it's really taking over everybody's day-to-day life. >> ed lavandera, appreciate you being there. up next, we'll tell you
5:57 pm
about the breaking news in the russia probe and one of the president's closest advisers. get 4 unlimited lines for just $40 bucks each. taxes and fees included. and now netflix included. so go ahead. binge on us. another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network.
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6:00 pm
it was a very big night before the breaking news. president trump taking two more shots at president obama's