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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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football. the passion for the national past times still runs deep. this week of cnn heroes, we share the love of the game. meet, rockwell. >> when you have a child who's dealing with a life-threatening illness, their treatment protocol maybe two or three years and their tanks start to go dry. >> you are a big ou fan? >> i am. >> it provides the opportunity for our family getting out as a family and being there together. days like this, they really motivate the kids to continue their fight. > > >> to see more of blake's story go to you are in the cnn newsroom,
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i am ana cabrera. thank you for being with us. a dire urgent order for thousands of people in northern california to get away from their home and get to safety. massive fire, 17 of them are burning right now in sonoma and napa and nearly 3,000 homes are already gone. 36 people are dead, killed by these unpredicted fires. sheriff deputies days and nights have been going to house to house urging people to evacuate immediately. >> this is just a sense of what they are going through.
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more than 200 people who live in the growing fire danger zone are still unaccounted for. there is nothing to be optimistic about in the forecast right now. firefighters can really use some cooler temperatures and rain. it is hot and windy. none of the major wild fires are anywhere under control right now. in all, there are 17 separate fires burning. the human toll is awful. at least 36 people. people are dead, more than 200,000 acres are destroyed. emergency officials have expanded the highest level of emergency alert. the red flag warning to cover an area of about 20 million people live. that's the entire bay area and including san francisco. lets get out to sonoma county, california, right now. miguel is there. these fires have been so deadly and destructive already. what are officials saying about getting them under control. >> they are making progress about that. three of those fires are coming
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where we are right now. the eastern end of town and the sonoma valley, this is where the latest number of fires prop up over night and the winds changed and putting it into neighborhoods so they have evacuations in the area but i can tell you they have been working this fire as hard as i have ever seen firefighters work fire. from the ground with not only thousands of firefighters. we have seen crew after crew coming in here and also tons of heavy machinery to cut through the forest and from the air. the air from this thing have been absolutely paspectacular. from the dc 10 to the smaller tankers that's been dumping as well. i have never seen so many helicopters and planes at the same time working in smaller areas. to the south, you can see how far this fires go down. it is all smoke all the way down there. the good news if there is good
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news here is the weather is beginning to turn. the winds have gotten some what lighter and the temperatures while it is hot is not getting as hot as we are concerned about. if those winds can die down and get a hold of this fire here, a bit like the fire last standed. everything is added to keep it from spreading. >> we talked about thousands of people who are under the new evacuation order, where are they going? >> well, they have many shelters set up around the area and they are friends in the area so they can go there. it looks like this one if they can get this taken care of. we have about four hours left of the red flag warning. those high winds and low humidity and high temperatures. things should calm down allowing firefighters where we have been building the lineup there to keep fires contained. it sounds like a lot of homes
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where people are not going tome to. miguel, thank you for staying on top of this for us. >> there are 10,000 firefighters trying to control the wild fires. every one of them needs one thing, cooperation from mother nature, allyson chinchar has the update on weather. >> the wild fires containment of 40% from friday. the concern is that maybe reverse just as quickly. we had red flag warnings in effect not just for northern california but also southern california. upwards of 60 meriles per hour. the winds are expected to die back down as we go through the evening hours and especially over night tonight. however, that wind is there and still is going to be enough to fan those flames out and spreading the fire and also taking the smoke and ash with
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it. air quality is still expected to be incredibly unhealthy and not just in san francisco but further north in to the wine country and sonoma and napa valley. one thing is a concern for firefighters is the fact that treasu temperatures are going to increase. some of these locations are looking at 10 or 15 degrees above average. they get over heated very quickly. now one thing that a lot of people have had questions about is what about all tl rain we had this winter? we had so much rain in the winter. this is a map of april 2017 of all the rain they got. but, while that's a great thing, it fills the lake as and jere reservoirs. the vegetation dries out summer months and become fuels for a lot of those fires that we have right now. unfortunately, ana, what it
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means is you have new vegetation help fuelling the fires now than you would have had in the past few years when we had severe drought. >> all right, allison, thank you for the update. firefighters on the front line of this battle. california's deadly fires are both physically and emotionally drained and with no end insight getting the fires in control. additional firefighters are arriving from other states. cnn looks at the emotional disaster taken on in california. >> reporter: firefighters, these men are from the fire department, some using a rock as a pillow and getting a brief retreat from fighting from the dead deadly blaze. here they get much needed rest after spending 16 hours on the front line of napa valley.
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there are similar scenes across northern california as firefighters tried to stop one of the worst wild fires in california's history. this fire house in santa rosa burnt to the ground on sunday night. for the people who work here, there was no time to grieve. they were on the front line elsewhere battling the fire. with their fire station gone and no time to head home, they share meals on a front lawn of a family. a kid in the picture lives here and the niece and nephew is with one of the firefighters. what's more disturbing is what they found in remanence of burnt homes are the remains of victims of the blaze. >> some of these remains are much easier to identify and some of them are nearly ashes and bones. they go on working end less hours. we slept off and on and engines
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and pick ups and hose beds and etcetera and more long hours maybe ahead. >> cnn atlanta. they are working to save lives. 14-year-old shepard is among the youngest victim of the fire storm. he died in the drive way while trying to evacuate. his 17-year-old sister lost both of her legs. ramos and mindy is joining me right now. mindy, i am so sorry for your loss and what you must be feeling right now. what are the prognosis for your family? >> they are going to make a recovery but tast loit is goinga long road. we are hoping early next week
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that jonah regain his speech. we have not been able to communicate with any of them. we don't believe they know that kyle has passed. >> i cannot imagine having to share that news with them. walk me through of what you learned as far as what happened. >> they fled their house in a timely manner, they were alerted by a neighbor that the fire is coming. they got in their cars and headed down the drive way. the fires moved up the mountains quickly. their car caught on fire so they had to flee on foot. they were terribly panicked and disoriented. john went downhill and sarah and kai went uphill. we have no idea why they were separated at that point. they were separated when kyle was found, he was about 30 feet down the drive way where my sister were found, all three of
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them were le kaocated by a neig. they contacted us at 1:00 a.m. and when they were found at 5:00 a.m., there is a lot of questions for us. >> when they were found, were there emergency responders able to quickly move them out of there and get them to the hospital? >> yes. so john was found first because he had gone downhill. the first responders were able to get to him. we are not sure at what time they found him and their neighbors found cressa and sarah on the drive way about a hundred yards down from their house. that was around the 5:00 hour. he called 911 and stayed with them and comforted sarah and john, excuse me, syrarah and cressa. they are pretty severe burns, right? >> yeah, they were severely
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burnt 60% of their bodies. both are covered in burns. they were lucid when they were found. she knew that cressa was in a stage of shock and they asked for water and the neighbors stayed there and comforted them and tell first responders to come. >> that sounds so scary. when did you find out that kai did not make it? >> that's when we discovered that john had been admitted. my parents went down and waited for information on john, while they were waiting, sarah and cressa were brought in and one of cressa's friend, a neighbor came in with them and she unfortunately had to give my mom the news that kai had parierish. >> what do you want people to know about kai?
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kai was a really wise soul. he seemed -- he had this deep sense of compassion. he was very shy and he had a sweet smile. he loved baseball, he was a big giants fan. he played in the local bay ruth league. he was a great wrestler. he was a warrior and a strong boy and brave and he was end lessly compassionate. >> i love looking at pictures of him. you see his light spirit and his athleticism in his baseball uniform. >> yeah. >> i cannot imagine how overwhelming this must be. what is the plan and how do you move forward? >> it is day by day and recovery from burns is a roller coaster. we are just here doing everything that we can for the
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shepards, long-term they'll come back home. they did lose their garage but the home is spared. it will be retrofitted to accommodate wheelchair of whatever that needs to be done. we are going to rebuild them and hold them up. >> we hope we can help in some way. how do people help, what's the best thing for people to do for you? >> so we do have a fundraiser that's holding up hope for the shepards and we have a local bank account for people to donate in person, the shepard's family fund. it is just amaze to us out poweri pouring support that we have received. we are grateful of those little note of we are thinking of you and if you need dinner or
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contact. not only our kmucommunity at th point worldwide, people are stepping up to holdup the shepard family. >> mindy ramos, we are so sorry for your loss. >> thank you for joining us, we'll continue to pray for your family. >> thank you very much. >> the powerful in hollywood are voting right now. will they kick weinstein out of the picture or will the disgrace survive for his outser? you will find out, you are live in the cnn newsroom. y inol. i need to shave my a1c i'm always on call. an insulin that fits my schedule is key. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, swtiting, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar.
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fothere's a seriousy boomers virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it. because it can hide in your body for years without symptoms, and it's not tested for in routine blood work. the cdc recommends all baby boomers get tested. if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us it's time to get tested. ask your healthcare provider for the simple blood test. it's the only way to know for sure. big breaking news of harvey weinstein. brian got this breaking news. what did it say, brian? >> reporter: the group that puts on the oscars every year. there is a 54 person board of
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governors that met this morning in los angeles and they voted almost unanimously, perhaps unanimously to expel harvey weinstein from the academy. hollywood as a whole making a statement and sending a message that weinstein is not welcome back and not welcome to be apart of the film community. >> there is 54 people are voting on this that are on the board. these are famed actors like steven spielberg or tom hanks and also a lot of folks that you don't know the faces. you can see goldberg and tom hanks. according to the academy, it was over the two-thirds vote that was needed in order to make this decision. the statement says it was well in access of requiring two-thirds of majority. this was an overwhelming decision by the board. >> which is so interesting when
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you consider the history of the academy not taking action among other cases when we have bill cosby who was not kicked out and rowland and mel gibson who's all controversial. >> rowland polanski, he admitted raping a 19-year-old girl and he went on winning. he's someone that's a disgrace and left the country, he remains in the academy and bill kelb bis another example. we don't know any case of a member of the academy that's being expelled for their conduct. in terms of behavior that happens completely unrelated to the organization, we don't know if the members will be expelled. >> personal misconduct. >> i want to read the full
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statement now. the academy motion pictures arts and science boards met today to discuss of harvey weinstein. we do so not simply separating ourself from someone who does not merit from the respect of colleagues. the era of willful ignorance and sexual behavior in our industry is over. it is a troubled problem that has no place in our society. all academy members will be expected to exemplify. >> in essence, there was a period of willful ignorance and shameful of complicity that a
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lot of folks looked the other way or helped weinstein preying on young women in the industry. we heard a couple of directors and film executives, nothing to the extent that involves weinstein. amazon did had him on a leave of absence because of allegations against him. the entertain industry whether in hollywood or amazon's case seattle. entertainment industries are paying close attention and trying to be on the right side of history. this kind of behavior was something that was, you cannot say it was accepted but it was something that was ongoing in hollywood. >> you keep on hearing about this being a sort of hidden secret. >> right. >> so many people have heard secondhand and we everyone heard president trump saying he's known weinstein for a long time and he's not surprised of the
1:24 pm
allegations. >> that's right but yet he did not come out and condemn him. >> there is a lot of people have heard various rumors of weinstein inside the year. people knew about his temper and who knew he was cheating on his wife. bob weinstein is trying to run this company they used to run together. he knew his brother was a cheater but did not know anything that was happening that was not con sensensual. >> weinstein has admitted to other improper behavior. that's why we are seeing this board a decision today. we have never seen a board decision like this and we have never seen them come together and dispel a member for this kind of misconduct. it is a sign of roger ailes last
1:25 pm
year and bill o'reilly losing a show on fox and another sign of shame, a cultural shift in the united states. >> he loses his position as a member of this group. what about his oscars? >> that's interesting you brought it up. the board tried to take away for the oscar he won for "shakespeare in love." i am not sure if it is possible to take it away. that's not happening. he will keep his oscars and credit for that movie. he won't be able to attend the academy awards or win awards in the future. it is definitely a symbolic move in some way but it is a striking statement from the leaders o f the hollywood world whether an actor like tom hanks or rory kennedy, all the people ton board together decided that he
1:26 pm
does not belong. now they're going to meet on monday because they want to see what happens to the academy today. one by one, we are seeing all of these hollywood organizations trying to break up ties. >> we are seeing new investigations in new york and london and we talked to all that's representing and contacted by a number of harvey weinstein accusers. she had called a meeting with the weinstein company. what do you know of the future of the weinstein's. >> there may or may not be a future of the weinstein. >> this is responsible for shows like "project runway," shows that you see all over television and netflix. the company is trying to figure out if they can survive. they may get sold off in pieces or shut down. that's a question in hollywood. >> harvey weinstein is fired from the company.
1:27 pm
most of all, there is a sense of shame and guilt that this is going on and in some cases, they may have known something, the staff may have known something but did not have the whole picture. trying to help them gaining, what's the word, you know? >> justice. >> and now we see the hollywood community really trying to distance themselves from weinstein. >> the message has been sent and no more. >> brian stelter, thank you for that breaking news right here in the cnn newsroom. >> president trump is ignoring his advisers and taking steps to dissolve a nuclear deal in iran. he will join us live in the cnn newsroom. stay with us. - [narrator] at customink, you can create custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events.
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welcome back, you are in the cnn newsroom. vice president joe biden writes president trump's decision today to desert fie the nuclear deal. john kerry says the president's decision is reckless and in favor of ego and ideology.
1:33 pm
evidence shows the deal is preventing the country from having a nuclear weapon, even the president's stop national security advisers have said as much. >> listen. >> i believe the agreement has delayed the capability of iran. they are in technical compliance of the nuclear arrangement. >> you believe it is in the national security interest of the president remaining in th j the -- that's a yes or no question. >> yes, senator, i do. >> joining us is a hostage, in fact, for 444 days during the iran hostage in 1999,
1:34 pm
ambassador, tust fhank you for on our show, we have videos of you taken during the hostage crisis. iran seized power in 1979 during the hostage crisis and continue to sponsor terrorisms around the world. do you agree with the president's decision? >> no, i don't. i am not a great fan o f the islamic republic as you may have imagine. the decision is a mistake. what it does is it puts us back where we were 35 years. we and the iranians, what did we do? we did not talk to each other, we traded threats and insults. we did that for 35 years and we beat our chests and we did not accomplish anything. >> i wonder what you see as the consequences of this decision? >> well, it does a couple of
1:35 pm
things. one thing it does is it reverses roles and now the united states is in the role of ravers and the iranian are in a powerful position of being the party of sweet reasons. listen to what president rahami says and they point out, we are not the ones that's swinging insults and threats to the other side. that puts us in a weak diplomatic situation. >> i want to read you something of what former vice president joe biden wrote. why would the rest of the world join us in pushing for diplomatic solution we might not hold. >> what's your answer to that question? i agree with the vice president. it seems to me that our own
1:36 pm
president has cut his own throat, diplomatically. if he cannot and will not keep to deals, reached by his predecessors, who is going to trust him. he presents himself as the world's greatest negotiator and he seems unable to admit that a deal reached by anybody else could be valid or could have benefits. so he is making and i think is making a lame attempt to validate his claim of being a world's greatest deal maker. >> do you think it was a personal issue and it is not about what was radioi's right f country. >> it seems though, the problem is he speaks for the world and the country, or at least he
1:37 pm
should. >> it reminds me and i share in foreign service for 35 years and i served in a lot of third world countries. this reminds me some of the dictators who as soon as they took power, they obliterate everything their predecessors have done just on a personal win. so they changed names of streets and toppled statues in order to show that nobody is better than i am and nobody is smarter than i am. >> there are seven countries involved in this deal. the u.s. cannot end the deal. france is one of that country. i want you to listen to what emanuel macron said about in september about this deal. >> north korea is a very good illustration of -- we stop everything with north korea. we stopped everyone in the ring
1:38 pm
and any disputes with them. so my position for iran of what president trump wants to say, look at the situation in iran. i don't want to replicate the situation with iran. >> so macron is worried not having this deal isolate iran could turn it into the next north korea. do you share those concerns? >> he's not going to isolate iran. what he's going to do is isolate the united states. he has and actually he can follow one or two paths. he can follow the path of lincoln during the civil war told his advisers, gentlemen, one war at a time or he can follow the path of mossolini. the more enemies, the more
1:39 pm
honor. unfortunately, that's the way of the direction he's going. ambassador john limbert. thank you for joining us. >> jake tapper will join us on "state of the union" tomorrow. a family held captive is finally free. a canadian man with his american wife there and three children born in captivity are now safely home telling the world what happened to them. he says the captors authorized the killings of one of their children. details coming up in the cnn newsroom. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car
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joshua boyle along with his
1:44 pm
wife, all of who are save arriving last night. the captive murdered one of his children and raped his wife. >> cnn just spoke with boyle herself and what did he say? >> given what he's been through, he told me quite clearly and bluntly that i am doing much better than i am doing. his children seem to be okay and seem to be enjoying what's real home. there is been horrendous things done to this family. >> josh boyle's family aloluded to me, especially his wife. i want you to take a look at joshua boyle after he arrivedd n canada. >> the evil of the network
1:45 pm
kidnapped my pregnant wife, equipped of the stupidity and evil and authorizing the murder of my infant daughter. >> when he says the murder of my in infant daughter. we don't know the exact details, perhaps it may have been a forced abortion and it was terrible for the family do go through all of that. it has been sate by coleman that ch children saw her in captivity be defiled by her captors and horrific stuff and ana, i was on the phone with him and the sound of a normal family trying to be a normal family. he march valveled at the fact t hour by hour, they seem to be doing better.
1:46 pm
the kids were interested in flush toilets. they were living in a hole. everything they see around them now is extraordinary to them and they're trying to take it all in. >> so glad they are free and so glad they have the chance for a new beginning. paula newton, thank you for the sto story for their report. we learned investigators questioned former white house's chief of staff, reince priebus, what they want to know, next, you are live in the cnn newsroom. this is a different breed of natural nutrition. purina one, true instinct. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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a development in the russia
1:51 pm
investigation. robert mueller have begun to question those closest to president trump. reince priebus was quote "happy" in answering all questions. as we previously reported, mueller is investigating both dismissals. another former white house officials grabbing headlines as well. steve bannon about to fire up conservative activists at the value voter site today. bannon resumed his role now of breitbart news responded to the headlines of his war against the republican establishment saying this. >> this is not my war. this is our war. [ applause ]
1:52 pm
and y'all did not start it, the establishment started. >> lets bring in cnn brian nobels. he named names as he called out the republican establishment today. >> how important bannon is to donald trump. this is one of his closest adviser during his short stay at the white house. he does have quite a bit of influences with trump and many of his close associates. at this voter summit today, bannon took direct aim at mitch mcconnell and quoting sha shakespeare in how he hopes mcconnell to be taken down. >> i have been getting calls, the only question is and this is just an analogy or metaphor.
1:53 pm
they're looking to bind out who's going to be brutos to your julius caesar. [ applause ] >> yeah, mitch, the donors are not happy. they all left here, we cut your oxygen off, mitch, okay? >> money is not courageous but money is smart, okay? >> right now money is sitting there saying hey, i see these folks, they are worked up and they are mad for a reason. >> and if you remember your high school english class, brutos killed julius caesar. bannon left that part of the story out. that was evidence that we saw today as donald trump was out on the golf course and his partner on the golf course was lyndsey graham. the south carolina senator who has taken the opportunity to disagree with the president and
1:54 pm
going after him. at the same time, he's still finding ways to work with him. mitch mcconnell is also trying to do the same. that relationship is a bit more difficult to pull off when you have someone like steve bannon openly attacking someone like mitch mcconnell. >> brian nobel at the white house, thank you, we'll be back in a moem. moment. i realized i did not have the budget but i did not have an option to send a digital invitation that reflected of all the care that went in the event. there was an invitation platform that combined the beauty of paper krcorresponding. i called my sister and she decided to explore the idea with me. i felt at the time at 21-year-old that anybody can start a tech company and i had
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you are live in the cnn newsroom, i am monica cabrera,
2:00 pm
live in the newsroom. harvey weinstein have been expelled of the academy of motion pictures of arts and sciences. people that awards the oscars. four women accused him of raping him and dozens more of sexually assaults. weinstein denied the allegations. he believes all encounters were consensu consensual. tom hanks and goldberg and they say quote, "we do not celebrate ourselves from one who does not merit or respect of his colleagues but also send the message that the era of willful ignorant and sexual predatory behavior and workplace harassment in our industry is over." what's at issue is a diply troubled problems that has no place for our society. conduct that all


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