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tv   New Day  CNN  October 18, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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your vice is. mine is hamburgers. >> you could customize your vice. beers. >> blood mary. now we're going down the wrong path. "new day" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow. we're having cupcakes and beers right now. he said, well, i guess he knew what he signed up for, but i guess it still hurts. >> he has shown in ability to empathize. >> relaying a private conversation is just an absolute disgrace. >> how low will we set the standard for this president? >> you can ask general kelly did he get a call from obama. >> the use of robert kelly is just terrible. >> the president is intentionally trying to blow up heating insurance markets. >> i commend senators alexander and murray. the congress must find a
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solution. >> none on of that matters if the president doesn't end this temper tantrum. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyson camerota. ed president's empathy is in sharp focus. he told a pregnant widow that he knew what he signed up for but i guess it still hurt. the source, a congresswoman who overheard the call to the widow of sergeant la david johnson. this as questions grow about that which resulted in the largest loss of life in president trump's tenure. instead of talking about write they died, the president even dragging his own chief of
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staff's slain son, a marine, into the political spotlight as he levels these false accusations against former president obama. >> meanwhile, president trump continuing his feud with another war hero, senator john mccain hours after the arizona senator condemned what you called spurious nationalism. the president warned he will fight back against mccain. and senator mccain said he has faced bigger challenges than mr. trump's threats. the senate will begin debating next year's budget, laying the groundwork for tax reform. and the president appears to back a new bipartisan deal to preserve the health subsidies he vowed to kill can. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house for us. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. calls to the families of fallen u.s. mill personnemilitary pers.
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>> basically he said, well, i guess he knew what he signed up for, but i guess it still hurts. >> reporter: democratic congresswoman frederica wilson recounting a conversation she said she overheard between president trump and the fallen widow of u.s. army sergeant la david johnson. >> everybody knows when you go to war you might not come back alive. but you don't remind a grieving widow of that. so in accepts active. so insensitive. e should not have said that. >> reporter: he was killed two weeks ago in niger. the plane receiving a water cannon salute as it arrived near the gate. his widow hugging her husband's flag-draped casket along with her 6-year-old daughter in this
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heartbreaking video. congresswoman wilson said president trump called minutes before while the family was on their way to the airport. >> i was livid. i asked them to give me the phone because i wanted to speak with him, and i was going to curse him out. >> reporter: when asked for comment by cnn, the white house did not deny the comment saying only, the president's conversations with the families of american heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private." this conversation coming hours after the president used the death of the son of his chief on of staff john kelly, a marine, to bolster his false claim that his predecessor did not call the families of fallen members of the armed sources. >> i think i've called every family of service members who died. but you can ask general kelly did he get a call from obama.
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>> reporter: he asked for his name not to be mentioned. according to multiple reports, can kelly's son killed just days prior. the white house declined to make general kelly available for comment and he did not appear with the president at two key events tuesday. records show kelly and his wife were invited by the obama mas to a white house breakfast for gold star families in 2011 but it's unclear if they attended. >> people have to be careful. at some point i fight back. i'm being very nice. i'm being very, very nice. but at some point i fight back, and it won't be nice.
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>> reporter: senator muck complain mccain clearing for a vote. the oval office is his only scheduled appearance so far today. chris, back to you. >> joe, thank you. the president's respect for fallen troops is certainly relevant. so the underlying mystery of why these special operators and these other troops were killed. the defense department is launching an investigation into the deadly ambush on this mission in niger as questions grow about what went wrong two weeks ago. cnn's barbara starr is live with more. quick question, is this investigation just being launched now, or do your sources say they have been looking into this? >> reporter: well, they certainly is have been looking into it. the military always looks at these instances when something happens and tries to figure out all the details. but here in this case they are literally putting together a timeline hour by hour as to what
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happened. and there's some key things that they are looking at. look, it starts with why was the green beret led team in there? they were to train and advise local forces. this is an area along this border with mali in west africa where insurgents are very active. it is well-known. but that gives you to what intelligence did they have when they went into this area? they had been there before. they had not encountered any kind of combat. this time they did. did the proper intelligence? did they know what they were face something tkhraoerl they did not, because they walked into an isis ambush. what did they know going in, what didn't they know? did they have the proper equipment. when the firefight broke out, the ambush break out, sergeant la david johnson, his body was
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not recovered for 48 hours. the military says they never leave somebody behind. in this case it was 48 hours. it was local forces that found his dead body two days after the firefight. so a key question here for his family, for the fallen, for everyone will be what happened when the helicopters lifted off with the dead and wounded. how did sergeant la david johnson get left behind? >> that does demand answers. barbara, thank you very much for the update from the pentagon. we want to bring in cnn analyst political gregory and errol lewis. when it comes to the sacrifices of the military, this is not the first time what he said has been questioned or seems off. let's listen to this. >> he's not a war hero. >> five and a half years --
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>> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured, i hate to tell you. >> who wrote that? did hillary's writers write that? >> i worked very hard. i created thousands of jobs -- tens of thousands of jobs. built great structures. i've had tremendous success. >> those are sacrifices in. >> oh, sure, i think they're sacrifices. >> we had a massive field of people. i get up this morning and i turn on one of the networks and they show app empty field. i said, wait a minute. i made a speech. i looked out. the field was -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. >> that one just reminds you, errol, at the cia in front of the wall of fall agents who had
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given their life for the country. and he was talking about his crowd size. what are we to make of this? >> the key point this president is fixated on is himself. it's hard to ask him to be part of a conversation, an extended conversation which is what john mccain initiated about some larger meaning to his presidency and to where this country is supposed to go. when he talks about the post war world that we are supposed to lead, that the obligations of leadership that the american leadership is supposed to undertake that there are sacrifices involved, this is a completely foreign language to president trump. he has absolutely no idea how to process that. it is not something that he has lived or showed that he cared about or something that he campaign about. so he ends up back in the jarring situations where people who have a different sense of what patriotism means, what leadership means, what the obligations to this country mean are trying to talk with somebody
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who doesn't understand any of it you and doesn't care. >> do you think it hurts him with the base? >> the base will follow him no matter what. it literally doesn't matter what he says. he revels in that. he has demonstrated that. people you can look at their demographics and you think he would be offended by what he does that violates norms or decency that the conduct usually accounts for. >> i don't know why people are shocked about him going after mccain. i know a decorated war hero going through cancer, all things would checks boxes in your head don't go after him right now. everyone on this screen right now has been personally attacked by the president of the united states when he doesn't like something you say or do. usually someone as handsome as you gets a break just on looks
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alone. this is who he is. this is what he does. that is not a subjective statement. it is is demonstrable. what is different this time for you? >> to me, it again comes back to the dignity of the office. if you are a family member of someone who has served our armed forces and died in combat, died in any capacity serving the country, it means something if the president of the united states reaches out to your family because of what that means, because of what the presidency means. and so it seems donald trump has done that in as many cases as he can. he said he has done it in the case of everyone who has fallen for their family members. that is very is important. where he has strayed is by lying about whether previous presidents have done that, politicizing all of this, by wrapping himself in the armor of the military to make a political
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point. you're right, not understanding that someone like john mccain, who has sacrificed in the way that he has for the country. the man can't even lift his arms above his shoulders because they were broken so many times in captivity. you show deference to that person as a human being. someone who shared the same office that abraham lincoln once held, you try to uphold the dignity of the office. the way the president has talked about it, politicized it is beneath the dignity of the office of the presidency. that's the bottom line. >> this comment that the congresswoman frederica wilson, who was in the car as the pregnant widow of sergeant johnson received the call from the president. my guess is it was on speaker phone so she could hear what the president said. well, i guess he knew what he signed up for but i guess it still hurt. to me the i guess it still hurt part is the most stunning even more so than the first part of the sentence. you know, according to the
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congresswoman, who we will be having on, the widow was saddened. >> i would think so. at the very moment where she is going to see the coffin with her chiropractor at her side, it's hard to imagine a more devastating scene. it is unfortunate in this case that the president's words were heard in that way, interpreted that way. there apparently is a witness to this who is angered and willing to speak out about this. the white house, we know that the white house spokesperson hid behind the notion that the president's words to the families of the fall especially are private. well, that certainly wasn't true with captain khan's family. it was international news. he went back to it again and again and again. >> the gold star family, of course. he engaged in a battle with them as a candidate. >> aing tad tttacked the mother family. went back to it again and again. no, i don't think he gets a pass
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on this. you wish you could isolate them and push that aside. again, this is the president's doing. no one purbtd him on this. he is the one who had to boast about how much better he was than obama when it comes to consoling tkpraoefg families. he won't be able to walk away from it. here we are again. the khan family plan all over again. >> just for context, it's not just another demonstration of how he takes no prisoners. go after whoever goes after you. this starts with the largest loss of military life in his tenure. he ignores it. he knew about it. he ignored it. he was talking about tons of different stuff over these 12 things. a lot of it was petty, meaningless, manufactured stuff. he had plenty of opportunity. he didn't do it. when confronted he lied and said other presidents are worse. then when he needed to reinforce
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his double down moment he brings in the slain son of his chief of staff and puts the general in the most impossible position he has put him in to date. the combination effect of that, do you think that might make the scrutiny of how president trump deals with the office more this time? >> well, it might.ardent suppor president trump might look at this irrationally as they have others. but i think there's no question. what the president is doing here is just wrong. there is no way to look at it differently. and even, you know, the comments that the congresswoman reports between the president and this widow, it is is uncomfortable for me because i wonder if that's exactly how he said it or what was said, if that was her interpretation and it upset the wife. obviously she's going to be upset under any circumstances. i don't know. it feels uncomfortable.
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i want to ask more questions, is that exactly how it was heard. regardless, how he handled this whole thing is up dignified. especially when it revolves around your predecessors. you want to treat your predecessors with some tkefrps. this is a delicate matter how you contact family members. nobody has experience in doing this. all of a sudden you're president of the united states. you are responsible for making decisions that could lead to the death of those in the armed forces. nobody has any experience for that. you handle it as best you can. you get staff support on this in terms of what the protocol is. it's never going to be easy. don't judge how it's done. again, if we had a window into who the president is and how self-centered and insecure he is. but we have to say on top of that, how do we rate him as commander in chief, as a chief executive? what is this impulsivity say about how he will handle situations that require snap judgment that really matter in
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terms of what's going to happen to the country. >> look, in terms of the protocol, i was asking a lot about this yesterday. i think we got a little bit of an answer. i want to insert it into the conversation quickly. the white house said they the did not have the full information on the deaths of these soldiers until monday of this week. that was after the white house military office verified it. so that's what they are saying, they were waiting for the white house military office to verify before the president spoke. he knew obviously about the deaths but he was waiting for that bit of protocol. now, obviously the point is that he off tweets without things being verified and without the full information. but in this case it was different. gentlemen, thank you very much. ahead on "new day" we will speak to congresswoman frederica wilson. so there are a growing number of key republicans who want the congressional investigations and potential collusion between 9 trump campaign to wrap up is and soon.
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this as former white house press secretary sean spicer becomes the third trump official to be interviewed by special counsel who is looking into the russia probe. manu raju live on capitol hill with the new cnn reporting. >> reporter: good morning, chris. there is growing tension on the capitol hill committees investigating russian meddling and possible collusion of the trump campaign. they are saying this, wrap it up within the next two months. one top republican of the senate intelligence committee jim rish said they shouldn't be chasing weak leads. other republicans said democrats are trying to keep this hanging into the election season. but democrats like adam schiff say there is plenty left to investigate and plenty more witnesses to talk to. he said republican have is rushed witnesses into the committee before they received relevant documents. we're told one example is jared kushner, who met with the committee this summer before the trump campaign turned over key
3:19 am
records. one big business that lawmakers want to interview is donald trump jr. senator chuck grassley has faced growing pressure from democrats to hold a public hearing. yesterday he signaled to me that his previous comments that he couldn't avoid a public hearing still stood. >> do you think it is is unavoidable to bring donald trump jr. to a public hearing? >> i answer thad question for you last week. >> reporter: i wonder if anything has changed? >> no, nothing has changed. >> reporter: they are frustrated there is no hearing or other steps in the investigation about what to do about russia collusion. and this is really a sign of the challenge for lawmakers as they try for bipartisan consensus. a hearing will be held later this morning with attorney general jeff sessions. expect that to be rather
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gives skin the moisture it needs and keeps it there longer with lock-in moisture technology skin is petal smooth after all, a cleanser's just a cleanser unless it's olay. congress making a little bit of progress seemingly inching closer to giving president trump a much needed legislative win. senator john mccain backing a
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senate budget resolution so they can begin debating. right now currently in this environment anything is a big deal. if the budget passes it would be part of this new framework for tax cuts. let's discuss this with errol lewis and gregory. the idea, david, of any progress at all, them giving an open to go open the floor for this debate, what does that mean in terms of the prospects for progress? >> well, it means they're able to on move forward on framework, as you said, for them to start talking about this bigger -- the bigger effort of tax reform and tax cuts. the president's team has been busy selling the framework for what tax cuts would look like. and whether he will get any democratic support for those tax cuts. this is the major reason under any kind of at least public reconciliation with mitch mcconnell. this becomes a huge deal. even if they don't get
3:25 am
comprehensive tax reform, some kind of tax cut is something the president knowsis a deliverable in terms of his party going forward next year. >> senator john mccain seems the person who could push this into the "win" category. senator john mccain has the maverick reputation. and he never sort of -- >> it's kind of interesting. if you think about it, it increases the hrefrplg that john mccain will have down the road by approving the resolution, by going along with this, somewhere down the vote there will be a 50 vote majority required to win the thing. john mccain will stand in the well of the senate and be able to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on this entire tax plan. it is a very interesting ma tphaouf. >> so let's talk about what this actually might mean.
3:26 am
>> it was verified. >> of course they knew. that's a spin statement. we are seeing the same thing on health care and taxes. they saw it is a middleclass tax cut. he puts out punch points on his deal. his punch points. none of them are meaningfully giving vantage to the middleclass over anybody else. same thing on health care. not only will they repeal and replace but it will be better. once again we see even if this new bill to bring back the cost sharing revenue, it just returns it to where it was and give more control to the state.
3:27 am
so how much chance of actual progress is on the table? >> the tax debate is always full of argument, argument that can only be proved over time about you will see broader economic growth because of a change in the tax structure. they want to simplify it. they are trying to make as many arguments as possible that are not borne out about the facts. health care, it is interesting because the president invited democrats into a deal, although already in this conversation, by cut these subsidies to the insurance companies to try to shore up the markets then you have this deal on capitol hill. the president is talking about how there's votes for a new health care plan. there are not those votes. and, you know, the difficulty is that the president is talking about sticking it to the insurance companies. but to get any kind of comprehensive plan, they have to
3:28 am
be taken care. . you get more people covered. you get them to cover pre-existing conditions. they are doing it because you sweetened the deal by getting younger, healthier people to buy insurance. that's the problem with obamacare. they will have to figure out a more comprehensive plan. the good news about this deal, a, it's a sign of real bipartisanship. both sides got something they wanted. it seems to achieve the idea of stabilizing the insurance markets for some period of time. because everything they have been doing and executive orders taking out the subsidies just forces the insurance companies to spike up rates. the hope now is they stabilize somewhat while they continue to negotiate something bigger if they ever get to a place where they can agree on that. >> back to the tax line for a second. it increases the deficit $2 billion over two years. the budget hawks in the
3:29 am
congress -- >> his own party. >> what are they supposed to do with that? rand paul said he can't get on board. they are torpedoing the budget. the rest of the budget is fine and i'll vote yes. but he will not vote yes on what he sees. >> they are going through the same process that they attempt odd health care reform. and i think it's the same fatal flaw. they are trying to do it in a compressed way to do it very quickly on issues with funneled memory divisions. the motion they were going to get this done in 90 days. let's have this done before the end of the year. simply not going to happen. the last comprehensive tax reform under the reagan administration in his second term. it took years to get the consensus together. that's when they were acting in a bipartisan manner.
3:30 am
to have this between the defense hawks, those who want to spend more, those who want to spend less, those concerned about the deficit. they want to juice up the economy right now. until they can resolve those, is and the white house is almost useless on this. it's not their fight. they need to stabilize the political market and the insurance markets. certainly when it comes to tax reform they want to get some kind of decision, some process to reach a decision. simply forcing, doing it on twitter. if they have a 50-vote threshold they need, it doesn't look g. you wouldn't bet on them coming to any resolution on something they need coming into the 2018 election. >> thank you very much for all the analysis. coming up at 8:00, we will speak with republican susan collins about these two battles ahead. and please join cnn tonight
3:31 am
for a debate between two senate heavyweights. bernie sanders and ted cruz will take on the republican tax plan. 9:00 p.m. eastern. who makes the better case? all right. four weeks ago today, hurricane maria devastated puerto rico. a majority of the island is still without power today. millions of people are still desperate for food and water. we have a live report for you next. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine, so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early gum disease, bad breath and kill up to 99.9% of germs. listerine® bring out the bold™
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a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to do you believe it's been a month since hurricane maria yet the situation on the island is still the same as it was in the immediate aftermath. millions of americans in puerto rico are still without basic essentials. aguay luz.
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what are you seeing there? >> reporter: good morning, kr . chris. we made it high into the mountains of puerto rico where some of the need is the greatest. as local legend has it, this town was the first city in puerto rico to get electrical light more than 100 years ago. now people wonder if this might be one of the last places to get the lights turned back on. to understand what they're struggling with, the mayor tells us to jump into the police humvee for a ride. we drive deep through the mountain valley. he said things are improving slowly. it's like the hurricane just struck here yesterday. the city sits high in the mountains of central puerto rico. it is is home to about 27,000 people. the nightmare and the logistical
3:37 am
nightmare that hurricane maria left behind is 6th where. it took three weeks just to clear some of the major roads. there is no electricity anywhere in the city. the mayor says it has taken weeks for state and federal officials to understand how desperate the situation is here. he's asked federal authorities for industrial generators. they haven't come. he struggled to get helicopters to evacuate three people who needed kidney dialysis and oxygen. they, along with one other person, died. he says that evacuation helicopters didn't arrive in to save their lives and they ended up dying. local crews deliver meals and water to 1,500 families, but that's still not enough. he is not convinced all the relief supplies are reaching the residents here. the mayor says he's worried and he's heard that there is food and water that has been sent for this town of villalba.
3:38 am
major help has only started to arrive in the last two days. he is getting some logistic cal help from the military. is it too slow? yes is, he said it's too slow because the line between life and death is very thin here. you know, it's a patchwork effort there in that city to try to keep things together. the mayor says they have a hydraulic system that could power part of the city's electrical grid. but a water pipe was ruptured in the storm. they haven't been able to replace that. there is one last ditch effort to get them electricity here in the next two weeks. the mayor said the realistic effort is the lights will be dark in that town for at least six months, far beyond the goal that the governor here in puerto
3:39 am
rico has of getting this island 95% powered by mid-december. alisyn? >> ed, your reporting reminds us of something so important, that people are dying while waiting. now to another natural disaster. people are getting first looks of the charred remains of their homes after the wildfires in california. will they get help from the weather today? what do you think, derrick? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. they will have to be patient for 24 more hours. that's when the rain sets in. by the way, this weather is brought to you by tempurpedic. sleep is power. as we head into the overnight hours and into the day on thursday, that's when real change starts to move in, helping the firefighters bringing rain, cooler
3:40 am
temperatures and higher relative humidity. not much rain. hey, we will take what we can get. temperatures on the east coast looking very pleasant. chris? >> thank you very much. appreciate the weather report. president trump often acting as a champion of the military, as he should. the new question is whether or not he is politicizing the deaths of four american soldiers for his own gain, or at least in his own defense. we're going to ask a former air force general next. when only the best will do... one of a kind tempur-pedic delivers. only tempur material precisely conforms to your weight, shape and temperature. it provides up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you won't toss and turn. and tempur-pedic is the best at minimizing motion transfer from your partner, so you won't be disturbed during the night. you'll wake up, feeling like a champion. only the best carry tempur-pedic. find an exclusive retailer
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said he knew what he signed up for. it made the widow begin to cry. let's speak with retired general michael hayden. context matters. i didn't hear this conversation. you didn't hear it. we don't know. the president off talks in glowing terms about the military. at the same time there seems to be a fundamental question whether or not he knows how to do the job. what is your take? >> well, it is a very difficult job, chris. for those who want to criticize the president who haven't yet had to do that, i would say be a little bit kind. now, i have had to do that. there are very few good things you can say to a grieving family. and i'm afraid what the president said is not in the list of good things to say. it betrays i think some
3:46 am
inexperience. it may be tray a little bit of the man who has difficulty expressing empathy which we have seen in other circumstances as well. >> what do you make of his decision to defend what he did here by saying other presidents didn't always do the right thing essentially? which is largely untrue, right? >> yeah. actually, i'm more offended by that than i was the president having difficulty finding the right words in a very difficult circumstance. here for his own political defense he tried to throw his predecessors under the bus. and frankly, his two predecessors, presidents obama and president bush, as far as the armed forces are concerned with regard to preserving the dignity of the office in its relationship to the armed forces particularly in its relationship to the fallen, both get very,
3:47 am
very good marks. so in this case president trump just didn't know what he was talking about. >> what about bringing in john kelly's slain son? we don't know whether the general offered that up or said this is what you should tell people. he wasn't with the president yesterday and won't comment on it. >> i never met the general's son. i do know john. we used on to go to church together. i was with him the week his son died. this is something he wanted to keep personal and private. they wanted to grieve privately. john has been very careful about that. again, what does it reflect, a lack of empathy, a lack of experience on the part of the president. but that should never have happened. >> so the deeper concern here, general, is why does this matter? some supporters will say this is all blown out of proportion and this is all fake news or whatever they want to call it. other say it is style. who cares what he said in front
3:48 am
of the cia wall. he wants to talk about crowd size. he got elected baugh people like who he is. what's your concern? >> well, you mentioned the visit is to the cia the day after the inauguration, which has to rank probably as the worst presidential visit anywhere in terms of doing what it was the president wanted to do. >> hold on a second, general. if you want to qualify it that way, let's play it. >> we had a massive field of people. you saw that. packed. i get up this morning, i turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. i said, wait a minute, i made a speech. the field was -- it looked like a million, million and a half people. >> it's a good dramatic read. you have to give him that. what bothered you about that in terms of the timing and the place? >> he was stapping in the
3:49 am
concourse of our original headquarters building against the wall of the fallen, the stars that you saw behind the president. >> yeah. >> he actually began his talk by looking over his shoulder and beginning to speak about the fallen at cia. and he almost interrupted himself to go on to talk about crowd size and how many times he's been on "time" magazine. and actually, chris, the purpose of the visit was to reset his relationship with the intelligence community, which was in a very bad place after several tweets that had taken place in the week before. now, you fast forward to these circumstances, the president seems to tweet about everything. and -- >> not the niger ambush. >> he's very comfortable wrapping himself in the flag and in the armed forces. so a very legitimate question after 12 days is how come you didn't tweet about these fallen young men? that is the question. that is far more the question
3:50 am
than the president perhaps trying and failing to be empathetic where the family of this particular soldier. >> one of them goes to the permanent. the other on goes to his sense of the professional and the duty of the skwrofpblt his ability to empathize is going to be a limitation of his person. his ability to step up and do the job the right way. the white house says he didn't go out with the names and talk about it until we had everything fully confirmed. we knew what happened in niger. we knew about the ambush. he was talking about plenty of things on twitter. he could have talked about this and cleared protocol, don't you think? >> look, it would have required not a casual mention of course, just a mention that we have suffered losses in niger. we grieve with the families of the fallen heroes. to prevent these kind of incidents in the future. i can do that in 140. >> i think you did. i think you just did, general. and it bears notice, this is the largest loss of military life on
3:51 am
his watch. thank god it was only four and not the whole contingent that walked into that ambush. he was expected to say something. he didn't. general hayden, thank you very much for your perspective on this. >> thank you. now to sports. a painful start to the nba season for the boston celtics. we have the latest for you on gordan hayward's gruesome injury. bleacher report next. today, smart planning is helping the new new york rise higher than ever. as the world leader in unmanned aerial systems, we're attracting the world's best talent to central new york. and turning the airport into a first-class transportation hub.
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big night for hoops fans and nba opening night. what a horrible injury we saw to boston's newest star. coy wire has more in the bleacher report. you were a pro bowl player. even the amateur athlete, when you see what happened to that guy, you want to watch but you don't want to watch. you just hope somehow he comes back. >> if you're easily made queasy by injury, don't watch this. brought to you by the ford f-150. broken leg, dislocated ankle as
3:55 am
well. several players calling this one of the worst injuries is they have seen including teammate kyrie irving. watch lebron james walking over, consoling and encouraging hayward as he is there on the stretcher. hayward is expected to have surgery today.
3:56 am
>> i've never seen anything like that before. we just hope he comes back. sometimes the most horrific injuries, they wind up still healing. that's a faint hope right now. he's a great player, and they need him. meanwhile, new questions about president trump's empathy and his response to military families after a lawmakers hears his call to a widow of a fallen officer.
3:57 am
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my ci can worry about it,ine. or do something about it. garlique® helps maintain healthy cholesterol naturally. and it's odor free. and pharmacist recommended. garlique.® he said, well, i guess he knew what he was getting into. >> i'm sick is and tired of trying to figure out where the bottom is for donald trump. >> at times like this, words matter. compassion matters. >> people are trying to turn it politically and i don't think that's right. >> he doesn't have the


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