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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room". i hope all of you have an accident wonderful weekend. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> next, military dictatorshidi? chief of staff says john kelly shouldn't be questioned and one of the bodies of the u.s. soldiers killed in niger, how did he end up so far away? plus, trump's quick to talk about fake news, but what about his fake art? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a military dictatorshi dictatorship. today, when pressed about false statements made by chief of staff general john kelly about congresswoman wilson, white house press secretary sarah sanders said it's inappropriate to question a four star general. >> if you want to get into a debate with a four star marine
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general, i think that's highly inappropriate. >> it is appropriate to question the general. it was when we questioned him last night and it still is tonight. questioning is fair. but kelly's own boss, the man he's trying to defend in this whole controversy over a call to the family of a soldier killed in the niger ambush? president trump has no problem insulting, let alone questioning four star generals. just last year, he tweeted about one of them, general john allen. failed badly in his fight against isis. his record equals all caps, bad. and about another. quote, also last year, i was never a fan of colin powell after his weak understanding of weapons of mass destruction in iraq equalled disaster. we can do much better. all right, so there's that hypocrisy, but now, let's get to what general kelly said that's untrue. kelly attacked congresswoman wilson for talking about trump's call with a gold star family. to further discredit her, he
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brought up an event from two years ago to dedicate an fbi building to agents killed in the line of duty. here's his version of what happened. >> the congresswoman stood up. and in a long tradition of empty barrels making a most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in get iting the funding for that building. even for someone that is that empty a barrel. we were stunned. >> kelly was wrong on multiple specifics. in the two minutes he went on about this story, he even got the name of one of the fallen agents wrong despite his outrage on their behalf. we have the tape and we'll show you. there's also the reality that again, kelly is calling out a congressman for doing what his own boss did. here is donald trump last year when asked if he had made sacrifices for his country.
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>> people in the military, i was very responsible along with a group of people for getting the vietnam memorial built in downtown manhattan, which people to this day, thank me for. >> so kelly is okay with trump brag iging about funding a memorial, but attacks a congresswoman incorrectly for doing the same thing? and the white house is outraged about congresswoman willin. it's coming 16 days after four american soldiers were killed in an ambush in niger. so while the president's chief of staff is busy attacking a congresswoman, the administration is stilling questions about what happened. here's sarah sanders answering four questions about that today. >> there is a full review that takes place. wee going to wait until that review is complete. again, i'm not going to get into any of the details. i'm not going get into the details until that is finalized.
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jeff, how can the white house say it's inappropriate, highly inappropriate in fact to question the chief of staff of the president of the united states? >> that is something she said from the podium there and of course, generals for years have been b asked questions here at the white house, at pentagon. john kelly is the white house chief of staff. that's a political job, but look, the white house has been trying to move on beyond this. they have been trying to sort of get beyond this issue of their own making that has gone on for the entire week. overwhelming everything, but one of the reasons they can't turn the page on this, the president himself. take a look at how he weighed in after the swren tries to end this yesterday on twitter of course. this is what he said about the member of congress from florida. he said the fake news is going crazy with the whacky congresswoman wilson, who is secretly on a very personal call and gave a total lie on content. so again, referring to a member
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of congress as whacky. again for raising all this, but as we end this extraordinary week here at at the white house, there's so many questions about the substance of that attack in niger. those questions we're not answering today. the president in the oval office asked if he authorized the mission, he did not say. >> thank you very much. so the feud between the white house and congresswoman wilson is escalating because of the white house. the white house is doubling down on general kelly's empty barrel comment. even saying tonight that wilson made additional comments that weren't caught on tape. those so far they have yet to provide an example. meanwhile, wilson is responding. accusing the white house of being full of quote white supremacists. it's ugly on all sides, but what matters is the facts of what was accused. did it happen? there's a tape and jessica schneider is "outfront." >> the white house today standing by erroneous claims made by general john kelly
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during a rare press briefing thursday. >> the congresswoman stood up and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there in all of that and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building. >> kelly criticizing congresswoman wilson for this speech in 2015 at the dedication of a brand-new fbi field office in miami. he said she was grand standing at a solemn event naming the new building for two fbi agents killed in a fire fight with bank robbers. >> she took care of her constituents because she got the money. she just called up president obama and on that phone call, he gave the money, the $20 million to build a building and we were stunned. stuped that she had done it. even p for someone that is that empty a barrel. >> but kelly got crucial facts wrong in his very public and biting critique. congresswoman wilson never talk
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ed about funding. instead, she touted her role ensuring the building was named for fallen agents and pushing the bill through congress in short order. >> the fbi wants to name this gorgeous edifice at the same time in four weeks. everyone said that's impossible. and i said, excuse my french, oh, hell no. we're going to get this done. >> wilson and nearly ten minutes of remark, didn't focus only on her chooifmentes as kelly implied, but u honored the fallen agents. >> it speaks to the respect that our congress has for the federal bureau of investigation. the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day. >> and made sure they were acknowledged and applauded. >> so that we can applaud you. we are proud of you. proud of your courage. thank you. >> despite the video of the
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speech, the white house is digging in, defenlding kelly's comments. >> general kelly said stuped that representative wilson made comments at a build iing dedication honoring slain fbi agents about her own actions in congress including lobbying former president obama on legislation. as general kelly pointed out, if you're able to make a sacred act like honoring american heroes all about yourself, you're an empty barrel. if you don't understand that, as we say in the south, all hat, no cattle. >> general kelly also got two other details wrong. saying the fbi agents were killed in a fire fight with drug traffickers when they were actually bank robbers and called one by the last name saying duke instead of dove. regardless, sarah saunders said getting into a debate over what the chief said was quote, highly inappropriate because he is a retired four star marine general.
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>> thank you very much. now, john avalon, april ryan, and cedrick layton. colonel layton, i'll start with you. what does this mean for general kelly's credibility? >> really hurts it. i didn't quet the memo that said sarah huckabee sanders is now the press secretary foreredering wan or putin. this is a really bad thing. you have to work with the facts. the facts are the key thing here and anybody who has been in the military and especially has worked in operations like general kelly has knows that we rely on facts and we have to respect fact, no matter whether they are facts we like or we don't. this becomes a key issue for him and i think it's very porpt for him to set the record straight even though this particular aspect of it was not necessarily of his own doing. >> so april, i think it's
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important what the koernl just said. i want to play more of the exchange between the cbs reporter today and sarah sanders. he was pointing out that not only did wilson talk about funding when it came to the building, but that the funding was secured before she was even in congress, so she really didn't have anything to do with it. here's part of that. >> wrong yesterday in talking about getting the money. >> if you want to go after general kelly, that's up to you. but i think if you want to get into a debate with a four star marine general, i think that's something highly inappropriate. >> april, it was a stunning moment. i used the words military dictatorsh dictatorship. it was a stunning thing to say. >> it is stunning. it's stunning on the part where sarah says if you want to go after the general, if you want to get into a debate with him. it's not getting into a debate or it's not going after him. it's just a search for answers to what he stated that may have
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been a misspeak. and you know, the issue is it's inappropriate to ask him questions or question him about it. he was just in the briefing room thursday, yesterday, taking questions from those, he picked who he wanted to take questions from. from those who knew gold star families. so that is, that point is moot. so sarah got that wrong, but let me say this. the white house press corp. is the first line of questioning in an american president and those who were in that building. say general kelly, yes, he is a four star general, but say he was on the military, on the battlefield and had top secret information he couldn't share. that's one thing to say he will not take questions, but when you were in the people aes house, the taxpayers' house and working for an american president-elected president-ele ed by the people, it's unfortunate that the crede bability of the chief of staff is in question.
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people want to see proof of what he said. >> there's the facts that were wrong, whether he remembered it wrong. whatever it may be. the facts were wrong. there's also the hi hypocrisy. but to act as if you're taking the high road, what someone else is so horrific when you're own boess is doing it left and righ is problematic. the president spoke today to the fox business network. here's the president responded. here's the quote. he is a very elegant man. like a word he took from tom barrick. you're a fathour-star marine. general mattis, general dunford. he was so offended because he was in the room when i made the call. he was so offended that somebody would be listening in. offend eed someone would be listening in on the call. kelly himself was listening in on behest of the president, but
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he's offended about the other side. >> look, the hypocrisy runs deep. congresswoman is a close family friend. >> this young man, since very early in his life. his father, his family, to be clear. >> and the family was listening to it on the speakerphone. so yes, the president may not have known the congresswoman was in earshot, but that's really irrelevant. best case scenario, we've got people missing each other. obviously, the president's intention wasn't bad, but the family felt disrespected. because he didn't use the soldier's name. because he referred to his, the widow as your guy as opposed to your husband. totally they missed each other, but over and over again when kelly gets brought out, he's a man of enormous moral authority because of his service and sacrifice. in the process, kelly understood cuts his own moral authority that comes from being someone above politics. above partisanship and it
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diminishes the whole debate that we've had thee days on this when we should be honoring the s soldiers. we should be getting the facts of what happened on the ground. when he says no one respects women anymore. gold star families. again, you're setting yourself up for a whole series of hypocrisy when it comes to this president as a candidate or in office. >> april, sarah sanders just sent an e-mail to snz. she says quote, of course everyone is watching, but after witnessing general kelly's somber account, we should agree that imputing his crede bability on how best to honor fallen heroes is not appropriate. april. >> i'm glad sarah is watch inin and sahr are, you are absolutely right. he has, he's a four-star general, but he came into that briefing room. you gave the podium to the general that thursday, sarah. and the general took questions. from those he pointed out who
4:15 pm
were gold star, new gold star family members. this is not myth. this is not conjecture. he said things that may not or were in question and we just want to find out the true answers to it. there is a credibility issue with the president. now, there's a possible issue with the chief of staff. in order to clean it up, let him take questions, sarah. that's all we're asking. we're not trying to debateful we're not trying to impugn him. we're not trying to hurt him. we just want the facts to what happened. he is a four-star general as you said. >> they're trying to conflate, is questions, his personal expeernlgs. those two things are not the same thipg and they cannot be allowed to conflate that in the minds of the public. >> that is what they're trying to do. there's universal respect for
4:16 pm
general kelly's sacrifice and his service. and the loss of his son. but to say in any instance from the white house podium that it's inappropriate to question a four-star general who now is serving in a civilian capacity as chief of staff, that's the job of the press. of the american people in a civilian-led military and there's no person and no fact that's off limits. >> and colonel, there's the issue here also of the hypocrisy given some of the president's actions and the very things that general kelly is outraged about. i mentioned a couple. one was that the whole issue here was that he went on for two minutes about how stun and offended he was that this congresswoman who he dubbed an empty barrel would brag about her role in obtaining funding. forget the fact she didn't do it. t not the point i'm making. the point i'm making is he found that to be deeply offensive. what that does that make this? >> well, you know -- >> the poll.
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i'm like the most popular person with the vets. i built the vietnam memorial in downtown manhattan, okay b, and the vets like me a lot. one of f the reasons i was very much involved in building the vietnam memorial in new york as you know, you probably remember and to this day, everybody, people are always thank me for that. >> colonel, i mean -- that would be incredibly offensive to general kelly. it would seem. >> you would think so. the whole idea here is that people should be accurate about what they're doing. whether they did something that you know, benefits charity or you know, the bets in this case of president trump. that's great and that's if you really did that, that's fantastic. but the issue here is you have to be truthful and the key victim in this i think is the truth. we have to make sure you know when the military, we're taught to be operationally accurate. as an intelligence officer, i
4:18 pm
was always taught to make sure everything i said was is 100% correct to the best of my ability. this idea that facts don't matter is something that is corrosive. not only to our institutions, but to our very democracy itself and that is something that really has to change. because we cannot function on half truths, on lies or hypocrisy. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your time. next, the breaking news that we have in the investigation into the niger ambush which truly is at the heart of this. we now know the body of one of the soldiers, sergeant johnson, was found a mile away. how did that happen? plus, the cia director warning americans to be b ready for north korea's quote final step and after president obama and bush slammed president trump, the white house seems to be the only ones not getting their hit. >> our understanding is that
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if you need help lowering your a1c and blood sugar, activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. the wod body of one of the american soldiers killed in niger was found a mile away from the ambush. sergeant johnson's body was
4:23 pm
recovered nearly 48 hours after his team was ambushed by 50 isis figers in what ended up in the greatest combat loss so far in president trump's presidency. three other u.s. soldiers were killed and there are still many unanswered questions about what went so wrong. barbara starr is "outfront" at the pentagon. >> sergeant johnson was found nearly a mile away from the central scene of the ambush according to four administration officials familiar with the early assessment. they all caution this is early picture and the investigation continues. the pentagon is still looking at the exact circumstances of how he became separated from his unit. the entire team led by green berets has been interviewed, officials say, about when they lost saw johnson.
4:24 pm
the u.s. team stopped in a town on the border so those they were working with could pick up supplies, including food and water. and then they met with village elders. they believe the ambush may have begun when the u.s. soldiers were back in their vehicle, possibly even driving. as those killed are laid to rest, defense secretary james mattis on capitol hill briefed senator john mccain one day after mccain, chairman of the armed services committee, threatened subpoenas if the pentagon doesn't start telling congress what it knows. >> i felt it had definitely not getting sufficient amount of information and we are clearing a lot of that up now. >> mattis refusing to publicly comment why the fbi is now involved in gathering intelligence on the suspected isis militant that ambushed the u.s. forces. >> the fbi would have jurisdiction to investigate and bring back the perpetrators to the u.s. if it can be done. >> the pressure is mounting for a public explanation. what did happen to sergeant
4:25 pm
johnson? >> he was abandoned for two days. for 48 hours. why? why didn't they pick up him and put him their shoulders like they did the other fallen comrades? and put him on a helicopter and take him to safety. he could have still been alive. >> but mat titis is fiercely adamant that troops on the ground did everything they could. >> having seen some of the news reports, the u.s. military does not leave its troops behind and i would just ask you not question the actions of the troops who were caught in the fire fight and question whether or not they did everything they could in order to bring everyone out at once. >> and taking pains to point out all troops face risks. pushing back hard. >> from the moment of contact, no one is left behind. either u.s., our partner in nigerian or french forces were
4:26 pm
on the ground. >> in the first 48 hours when johnson was still missing, cnn was one of the news organizations that did not report a soldier was missing. the pentagon asked us to do that and we agreed because nobody would interfere with an active operation if it was even possible a soldier was still live out there. >> barbara, thank you and now, sean turpe eturner, he served i marine corps for 21 years. also here, retired major general, spider marx. general marx, let me start with you. the breaking news as we were starting to learn that sergeant johnson was found a mile away from the others. what does this say? >> well, what we do know, what we do know, when the ambush occurred is the environment went from permissive to contested in a blink of an eye. so an ambush is nothing but
4:27 pm
complete chaos. lots of noise. lots of blood. lots of injuries taking place and so, those men in that fight were fighting for each other and fighting to try to get out of the kill zone as we say. and i can only presume that sergeant johnson, who was the designated driver of one of the vehicles if we're not mistaken, might have been trying to evade what was taking place and to get out of that kill zone and maybe folks that were in the vehicle were knocked out, fell out, we don't know. it wouldn't be unusual in my estimation based ed everything that's taking place in that environment that he could be a mile away from where the kill zone was. >> and we don't know what happened to him when he got a mile away, what happened from there. in terms of if he got that far and he was driving, we don't know what happened. skent subsequently, obviously, he did not survive. the fbi is now involved. do you have any sense as to why?
4:28 pm
>> well, easterin, it's not unu for the fbi to join military investigators in a investigation like this. the fbi has a number of resources that readily available that can be leveraged. it's also the case that you know, the military investigators have to look at absolutely every b possible scenario that unfolded here and that includes the possibility that the intelligence that these, this that unit had access to was not bad intelligence and that the possibility that perhaps these attackers in the days or weeks prior to their military movement may have some additional information that could have led to this attack. the fbi has those investigator resources. this is not unusual. >> and general marx, look, 16 days have passed here. we really know almost nothing. and after that much time, we're still learning some very basic things that end up being false. yesterday, officials told barbara starr that the french
4:29 pm
who came to rescue the american soldiers after 30 minutes were not allowed to drop any ordnance, so when they're figer planes flew over, they couldn't drop anything because the rules of engagement with niger. today, several officials tell barbara starr that's not the case. they were allowed. they didn't because they didn't want to risk injurying friendly troops. this is a crucial detail. how could there be confusion as to whether someone is allowed to drop bombs in a foreign country where american troops are? >> there are several things at play here. it's all incredibly important to lay out. we need to peel this back. i tell you, it goes back to the nature of the operation. these soldiers were armed for a permissive environment. they had done this 29 times in advance. every time you go out on a patrol, there is a reset of intelligence and what the purpose and objective is and on this 30th patrol, i can garren f guarantee you, they did that and
4:30 pm
they had 29 in advance. so i'm sure there was an understanding this was not going to be something, this was not going to turn into a gunfight. it never had before, but you've got to every time. i'm suggesting it probably happened, but because of the experience, they did not start to peel away probably as much as they should have the intelligence would reveal you've got a challenge. now, having a coalition partner, at least a partner to the french dropping ordnance from a fast mover, that's a very complicated operation and in fact, when you had the united states air force and united states ground forces both army and marine, you have very technical skill sets within those organizations to ensure you don't hit your friendlies. so i can see where there would be hesitation in that as well. so those rules of engagement certainly with going to be reviewed. should have started immediately upon this tragic incident occurred. >> thank you both so very much. next, the white house in full denial today saying criticism from ex-presidents about white supremacy, bigotry and bullying
4:31 pm
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4:35 pm
that we have seen so many times before. that date back centuries. it's the 21st century. not the 19th century. come on. >> our understanding is that those comments were not directed towards the president. and in fact, when these two individuals both past presidents have criticizeded the president, they've done so by name and very rarely do it without being pretty direct as both tend to be so we'll take them at their word that these actions and comments weren't directed toward it is president. >> this as the nation's five former presidents plan to together tomorrow. the current president as of now is not anticipated to be there. we'll see. "outfront" now, former republican congressman, jake kingston. also senior adviser to the campaign. simone sanders, also a communications sullivan
4:36 pm
assistant fconsul assistant. sarah sanders says those comments weren't about president trump with straight face. do you agree? >> well, i somewhat agree, but i would say that president bush had his brother defeated by donald trump. he's a good family member. he has a right to say some things and certainly president obama does as president trump is dismantling all of obama's policy, which i think is a good thing and many americans do as well, but i think they have the right to get up there and say things. but for either one of them to p pretend like there was peace and harmony in the land while they were president is ridiculous. all those bush lied signs that were out there for years. the pink ladies who roamed the halls of congress, then the tea party all over the pal in washington, d.c. and again in the halls of congress when president obama was president. there was not peace and love and harmony. we're a very tough nation. we demand a lot of our leaders and leaders can polarize us or
4:37 pm
we can be polarized by ourselves and blame it on the leaders. for them to look back with these rose colored glasses saying oh, it was love throughout the fruited plain when i was president, i think that's a little farfetched. >> i don't think anyone was looking back with rose colored glasses, if you will, erin. the future of the republic is currently being threatened by the administration of donald trump. i'm no fan of george w. bush. thought his handling of katrina was poor. but i never thought the republic was being threatened by him being in the white house. i wasn't concerned about him having the nuclear codes. bigotry was not brought to the mainstream with his presidency. so that is the difference here in what the former presidents were talking about. >> so congressman kingston, there was a little bit more of what both of them said a lot more. here's another thing that president bush said yesterday that has been interpreted as a
4:38 pm
criticism of president trump. here's president bush. >> we've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty. bullying and prejudice in our public life sets a national tone. provides permission for cruelty and bigotry. and compromises the moral education of children. >> he talk eed about casual cruelty and what that means in terms of educating our children. of course, we all remember this moment when trump mocked a disabled reporter during a campaign. here he is. >> you got do see this guy, i don't know what i said. i don't remember. he's going, i don't remember. >> okay, and just another random example when he attacked the morning television host, mika brzezinski in a series of tweets where he claimed she was bleeding badly from a facelift. we can see that here. she was bleeding badly from a facelift. that is casual cruelty.
4:39 pm
would you not acknowledge, congressman? >> well, i think americans knew donald trump and they flknew wh they elected. hooets a guy from the streets of queens if you will. my dad -- >> don't put this on queens. do not put that on queens. don't blame queens. >> well, you know what, my dad was from brooklyn. >> congressman, are you saying yes, he's casually cruel, but we knew what we were getting? is that your argument? >> he's a tough guy and if you insult him or push him, he's going to push back. i think the american people knew that, but i think they also wantedwan wanted him to push back on washington, d.c. >> i know what you're trying to do. i respect it, but let me just say, do you really think the it's okay to push back by making fun of someone being confined to a wheelchair? >> absolutely not, but for bush to suddenly forget all the vicious claims against him. bush lied, bush lied, bush lied,
4:40 pm
on the floor of the house sh . on the streets of new york city and yes, queens. people were saying bush lied and for him -- >> i know i think p president bush readily remembers folks calls him a liar. con y kanye west saying he didn't care about black people. what the difference here is that donald trump has not exhibited the day corm that is worthy of the office of president. that's what the former president was getting at and just because this is who he is does mott mno it okay. i have said from the beginning it's not okay. he needs to rise to the level of the occasion. >> but let me say this. as much i respect your views and you're right to have that rue about president trump. i can say that. on the conservative side, many people thought the same thing about barack obama, that he was indeed endangering the republic.
4:41 pm
>> did barack obama mock a gold star family? did barack obama personally attack people? did barack obama, please, barack obama is leaps and bounds smarter and more, just better, just better than donald trump and to compare him, compare him and donald trump's conduct to president obama's is just disappointing. >> all right. i will hit pause there. thank you both. >> thanks a lot. next, we're going to talk about the cia director's dire warning coming on north korea tonight and cnn with rare access.d capital of raqqa has fallen. it is a ghost town, but we have a reporter there and close by, hundreds of isis fighters are still lurking. wait until you see this report. might be missing to stasomething... ♪
4:42 pm
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and now, a developing story. cia director warning north korea must be stopped from reaching its quote final step in being able to strike the united states with a missile. a nuclear missile. this is one of north korea's top diplomats warns north korea's nuclear weapons program is nongauchable and the u.s. has no choice but to accept that. brian todd is "outfront." >> kim jong-un appears to be so
4:46 pm
confident in north korea's nuclear weapons program that one of his diplomats is declaring he's never giving those weapons up. >> they're nongauchable. >> the rhetoric comes just a few hours after the president's national security adviser said this about his boss' position. >> east not going to accept this regime. threatening the united states with a nuclear weapon. he won't accept it. >> he says despite the war of word, conflict is not inevitable. >> if north korea's major issue is security concerns, and the major issue is the so-called hostile policy towards north korea, we're prepared to talk about security concerns, but we are not walking away from
4:47 pm
insisting that they eventually will have to give up their nuclear weapons! but the u.s. is now concerneded about another weapon in kim's arsenal. cyber warfare. >> they have a robust capability. it is cheap. >> he is believed to have an army of more than 6,000 hackers. most from north korea's top intelligence agency. they are believed to have cyber heisted $81 million from the central bank of bangladesh last year. analysts say most of the money they steal pays for kim's weapons programs. the concern now is that north korea could expand its list of targets from money to american missiles. >> if there's missile defenses or command and control or military operations that are vulnerable, they will be able to get in and they will look to disrupt them, cause confusion, turn things off. >> but america is counterattacking in cyber space. current and former u.s. military officials have said the u.s. has a program that disrupt north korean missiles with cyber attacks. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thanks, brian and now, gordon
4:48 pm
chang, also the author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world, gordon. north korea's -- is nonnegotiable. the u.s. most coexist with it. h.r. mcmast er says the ice wil never accept that, but they already are a nuclear power, right? maybe not to strike the united states, but they're a nuclear power, so what, how does this end in this u.s.' favor? >> well, this could end in our favor if president trump's campaign, which is especially embodied by his execive order cuts off the flow of money to north korea. because if he doesn't have money, he's not going to be able to build nuke, missiles or engage in gift politics, like giving gifts like mercedes and rol rolexes to officials. he needed to do this over a course of the year and that is going to take a lot of
4:49 pm
discipline on the part of the administration and right now, the administration's actually staff upd to enforce the sanctions on the books. >> which is a crucial point. a question though gordon is this. when you hear the former cia director, john brennan, he has been consistent in describing kim jong-un in conversations i've shad, this week, as someon he believes is a logical actor. my question for you, if you truly do remove everything that he has, right, his rolexes and his cars and everything, if he has nothing to lose, does that then mean he might act? >> well, you know, he certainly might act because the founder of the regime, said if you lose, you might as well destroy the world and kim jong-un's father said the same thing. when we're constricting the flow of money to north korea and when it looks dire, that's the time for us to have the discussions. not only with north korea, but also with china and russia.
4:50 pm
and that's when diplomacy can actually disarm the north koreans peacefully. i know they say they'll never give up their newboukes but tha obl because they believe the incentive structure in the future is as it's today. we can change that to our advantage. >> does getting out of iran deal hurt all of this if they don't keep their deal? why would north korea make a deal with the united states on its nuclear program? >> if kim jong-un had no choice but to give up his weapons, he certainly would. how much coercion can you apply. we have the ability to do that. >> thank you very much, gordon, as always. and now, a look the isis crisis began. u.s. air forces have declared
4:51 pm
the total deliberation of the self-declared isis capital in raqqah in syria is now being handed over. the threat of isis is still very real and right there. tonight, we take you deep inside rack kwa where isis fighters made their last stand. nick payton walsh is out front. >> we are the people? hardly sold here by the victims swimming around isis old hq, the stadium. it's extraordinary to stand where isis, weeks and months ago planning to attack. it was under ground where this place mattered most, torture, imprisonment of foreigners, even
4:52 pm
their own. >> here in the grafitti here, some of it explains to prisoners. one says if you're reading this there's four main rains why you're here, you did the crime and caught red handed. using twitter and had the locations switched on mobile phone. be patient, be patient, be patient. the enemy of is muslim, satan will do every when i sayering while you stare at the wall or the floor. further down still, the hazard that still remains. a city beset by tunnels that run deep. the main fight may be over by the blame that isis's sick idea lit flickers worldwide online. the global fight here for its volunteers though, is over. >> how was it? >> sad now that we're not fighting anymore. >> you enjoyed it?
4:53 pm
>> yeah like -- yeah. >> reporter: john is on his way back to sleepy colorado. >> how close to isis did you get if. >> seven meters, you can see them running in the street. >> is this a thrill for you? >> it's better tan doing nothing sitting in the desert. i'm 34. i was doing customer service fixing commuters and stuff. so i don't know what -- >> probably not that. >> reporter: the only building not e vis rated is a hospital where isis held human shields. this is the only isis fighter we saw, the bodies cleaned up fast. in the dust of this refugee camp where many have fled misery are these new sparkling tents, home to 200 isis fighters and their families who surrendered after a negotiated deal. we weren't allowed to talk to them. they once lived on and fear.
4:54 pm
fear drove them to surrender and a future uncertain that haunts their nights. the foreign isis did escape in somebody's custody and of course the big outstanding question, where is isis's leader. in hiding, on the run, unclear. he's the run remaining symbol isis has, now they lost the territory and can inspire attacks on the west, erin. >> all right thanks, nick. isis as we know acted in places as far as knee jeer. up front next, jeanie moss out front.
4:55 pm
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4:58 pm
stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. ? president trump's world, many things are fake when it comes to the news. >> forget about. >> fake news. >> we're talking about fake art. is that really a -- in the president's trump tower apartment? visual in the background as melania did an interview. >> what annoys him, what does he get mad about? >> stupidity. >> back when trinity was writing his book -- >> i asked him about the painting, donald said there's an original. i said no it's not donald.
4:59 pm
and he said that's an original. i said donald it's not, i grew up in chicago. that's called two sisters in a terrorist and it's hanging up on a wall in chicago. >> the art institute confirms it's been there since it was donated in 1963. the institution told the chicago tribune, we're satisfied ours is real, now the president's being referenced is called a fake. next thing you know the painting was popping up all over. hey, i have one too, got mine at the gift shop in the art institute of chicago. before the election, two sisters on atterrace -- the master huckster can never admit he was
5:00 pm
swindled. >> he believes his own lies. >> remember the bogus madrigal seine on the walls of trump's golf clubs. someone tweeted about the painting, was it hanging next to his calls madrigal seine cover? it is now, someone's been framed. >> "ac 360's" next. good evening, john ber patten here for anderson. the white house, president, chief of staff john kelly all have been lashing out at a congresswoman who was there when the president called a grieving widow of la davis johnson. the president spoke about it all again tonight with fox news. >> he was so offended, because he was in the room when i made the cal