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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 24, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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all right. here we go. i'm brooke baldwin. good to be back. thank you for being here with me on this tuesday and watching cnn. to capitol hill where president trump is pitching his tax cut plan. this looked like russian flags and someone was tossing it to the president as he was walking with mitch mcconnell and as
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president trump tries to stave republican senators, he's coming out swinging against one senator in particular, bob corker. the two should be having lunch together right now with other fellow republican senators but if you've missed this back and forth, let me fill you in. president trump tweeted, "bob corker, who helped president o give us the bad iran deal is now fighting tax cuts." he goes on to say, "corker dropped out on the race in tennessee when i refused to endorse him and now only negative on what i'm doing." this is exactly the kind of misinformation that senator corker has been slamming the president for all morning, which sparked the president's ire on twitter. after the tweet, senator corker issued an especially sharp counterattack to our senior
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congressional correspondent manu raju. here you go. >> you couldn't get his endorsement. is that accurate? >> no, it's not accurate. you know, nothing that he said in his tweets today were true and he knows it. people around him know it. i would hope the staff over there would figure out ways controlling him when they know everything he said today was absolutely untrue. >> do you regret supporting him in the election? >> let's just put it this way. i would not do that again. >> reporter: you wouldn't support him again? >> no way. i think he's proven himself unable to rise to the occasion and i think many of us, me included, have tried to intervene. i've had private dinner. i've been with him on multiple occasions to try to create some type of aspirational approach,
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if you will, to the way that he conducts himself but i don't think that that is possible and he's obviously not going to rise to the occasion as president. >> reporter: do you think he's a role model to children in the united states? >> no. >> reporter: you don't? >> no. absolutely not. i think that -- you know, the things that are happening right now that are harpful to our nation, whether it's the breaking down of we're going to be doing some hearings on some of the things that he purposefully is breaking down relationships we have around the world that have been useful to our nation. but i think at the end of the day, when his term is over, i think the basing of our nation, the constant nontruth telling, just the name calling, the things like -- i think the basement of our nation will be what he'll be remembered most for and that's regretful. and it affects young people and
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we had young people who, for the first time, are watching a president stating, you know, absolute nontruths, nonstop personalizing things in the way that he does and it's very sad for our nation. >> that stunning interview conducted by our own manu raju up on the hill. i understand, manu, even a senator showed up with popcorn for this luncheon. i don't know if they were planning on eating the popcorn and anticipating some sort of fight breaking out, but here's the picture. tell me more. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this session will probably be overall largely positive. we've already heard applause from coming inside the room multiple times. typically when the president does go behind closed doors,
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it's generally a positive affair. there is, however, a pushback from time to time. there were concerns that the president was undermining dean heller and senators made it very clear that the president should not engage in any attacks against senator dean heller. and there probably would be some pushback here and there in this session, particularly in light of this pretty rather dramatic fight for senator corker who, when i asked senator corker if he was going to attend, he said, of course he plans on attending that lunch. so it remains to be seen exactly what set of that exchange still in the room, actually waiting outside the room in case the president does come and talk to the press. we're hearing possible that he may have made a decision at the last second here.
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and we'll see if the president responds to this pretty dramatic criticism from senator corker. a number of reporters, including myself, shouted out questions to the president on his way into the lunch and would not respond and we'll see if he does after ward but clearly this is overshadowing this lunch, even though a lot of republican senators agree with senator corker, they recognize the distraction from the larger agenda to get through a major tax reform proposal this year, brooke. >> we're looking at pictures. they are trying to get a glimpse of the senators. we'll check back in with you, manu, and take that live. but let's get back to the president's twitter attack on senator corker.
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i want you to listen to exactly what senator bob corker said. >> you said he's an untruthful president. >> reporter: no question? >> no question. we grew up in our family not using the "l" word but they are provable untruths. provable. so on the iran deal, everybody knows the role they play there and they are working with me trlly right now on tax reform and i made the deal with toomey and allowed that to go forward and i want to make sure it's done properly but four times the encouragement the endorsement. i don't know. it's amazing. i think world leaders are very aware that much of what he says is untrue, certainly people here
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are because these things are prove blee untrue. i mean, they're just factually incorrect and people know the difference. i don't know why he lowers himself to such a low, low standard and to bases our country in the way that he does. i don't like responding. you know, you can let him go unanswered and we don't do tweets like that. we've responded twice to untruths and it's unfortunate that we're in this place. >> reporter: is the president of the united states a liar? >> the president has great difficulty with the truth on many issues. >> so here with me for a presidential reality check, jeremy diamond. we deal in truths around here. so please, sir, give me the
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truth. can you fact-check the president's tweets for me? >> reporter: that's right. you heard that the president has great difficultly with the truth and one of the points on which he lashed out with senator corker this morning was his claim that senator corker supported the iran deal. this is what the president tweeted this morning. corker helped president o. give us the bad iran deal. that's not the first time the president has made this claim. he said earlier corker was largely responded for the horrendous iran deal. the fact of the matter is that is simply not true. corker was one of the most vocal critics of this deal as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. he said ", the deal leaves the united states vulnerable and more able to work its will in the middle east."
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that is exactly what senator corker as chairman of the foreign relations committee worked to do once that deal was sent to congress, senator corker joined with 50 -- was one of 54 republicans, four democrats joining with them to try and push a resolution forward that would have rejected the iran deal outright. that was senator corker's bill but it fell two votes shy of the filibuster. that was not the beginning of corker's opposition to the iran deal and worked before that to actually strengthen crossing' oversight over this deal. this was the iran nuclear review act which i think we can pull up on the screen. this was the overwhelming vote in the senate and the house.
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98-1 in the senate and 400-25 in the house. without this bill, they would have been able to skirt congressional oversight. that's what the obama administration wanted to do initially. president obama initially opposed that bill and subsequently he did sign it, given that overwhelming support for it. so how do we rate the president's claims? brooke, they are simply false. >> false. just so we are all on the same page, jeremy diamond, thank you very much. in washington, d.c., let's take you back out to capitol hill. live pictures as we watch and wait to see potentially the president. remember, manu said game time decision, will he or won't he address the members of the media. he's supposed to talk tax reform at the backdrop of this whole thing, you know, this war of words between the tennessee senator bob corker and the president himself. also breaking news today, an investigation into the ambush in niger. a major, major development this
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hashtag omeletgoals new pam spray pump. back with breaking news here, live pictures capitol hill, we're waiting to see president trump, republican senators emerging from this lunch that started just a little over an hour ago. it's supposed to be talking tax reform but in case you're just tuning in, let me just fill you in on this whole back and forth between tennessee senator bob corker and what he told cnn today, and he said i didn't grow up in the house where we used the "l" word but basically called the president a liar,
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isn't competent, doesn't care to be competent, isn't a role model to american children. let's begin there with my panel. i have gloria borger, our cnn chief political analyst and sir michael singleton and scott jennings. gloria, to you, first, i was talking to manu who is outside those doors of capitol hill. he said despite everything, they've heard some rounds of applause from behind those closed doors. do you read anything into that? >> yeah. what i read into that is these are senate republicans who want to get something done and they theed to have the president on board to do that and they want to get their tax cuts through and so they have to sort of show a united face if they're going to do that and kind of gloss over the other issues that he has with lots of republicans in the senate, many of whom he has actually criticized personally.
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>> right. >> and so that's not something i would expect them to be talking about in there. >> okay. let's not gloss over. let me stay with you. i'm curious, we've seen a lot of senator corker today. he did all of the rounds on the morning show. i think i caught him doing multiple gaggles today up on capitol hill. what do you think his motivation might be in coming out so much ahead of this all important lunch? >> well, look. he got insulted this morning. he came out, i believe we were all after him to talk, the week after his first round with the president he kind of calmed down after that but as he has said, he knows what he is saying when he says rex tillerson and mattis and kelly were standing between the country in chaos, he knew exactly what he was saying when he said that and he was liberated by not having to run for re-election but he's
11:19 am
chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and he needs to talk about why he feels this way. he did that, he talked about his concern about tax reform adding to the deficit. >> forgive me, gloria. it's 2:18 p.m. there's the president. there he went. jut as we're all watching, perhaps we'll see some of those senators walk up to the microphone. go ahead. >> i think once the president started tweeting and throwing a twitter tantrum this morning, tweeting, what, five times in a row about corker, he decided he had to respond. and as he said to manu, you know, i don't normally like to do this but these are untruths, as he called it, and they are so easily provable to be false. you know, you need to respond to
11:20 am
it. so i think he felt like he had to do it. i think a lot of republicans would rather he just not have done that because it creates a problem for them but he did and there you go. >> well, paul ryan has weighed in. let me play this for you. he weighed in on this back and forth between the president and senator corker. he said this lunch is a good thing. >> i'm glad the president is coming to lunch because i have long believed it's best to settle these things in person and i hope they can get a chance to do that. i know bob well. he's going to vote for tennessee tennessees, for america, for tax reform. all of this stuff you see on twitter, forget about it. >> what the president tweets, we all do and should pay attention to. what do you make of what the house speaker said just there and of senator corker's words
11:21 am
today? >> i think speaker ryan understands and has placed things in perspective. we should stop the feuding because the republican party has given us a mandate to accomplish something. it's almost 11 months into the president's term and we haven't accomplished anything yet. i do think there are benefits as far as increasing the child tax credit for tax reform, decreasing corporate tax rate which will allow corporations to bring those dollars back into the u.s. and reinvest them. so there's some benefits that we can focus on. as it pertains to senator corker, he's retiring in 14 months. he has the freedom to probably speak more freely. senators talk about these things oftentimes in private and when you look at the republican party by and large, i think the president is doing quite fine. his approval rating is nearly 80%. >> i'm sorry. the president's approval rating
11:22 am
is at 80%? >> with registered republican voters. let me clarify that. let me clarify that, brooke. so when you think about that, if you're a republican senator and you're considering whether or not you're going to speak out about the speaker of your party, you're going to look at those numbers. republicans control 32 state legislators, 32 state governors. those republican voters who will be voting come midterm. senators are not going to put themselves in a position that could backfire them if they're up for re-election and that could help the republicans, by and large. >> scott, what do you want to hear from the president? we got the wave from the president and won't be hearing from him on camera. they are talking tax reform, which is so important for republicans getting this done. what do you want to hear? >> a couple of things. number one, i want to hear the votes, that we have at least 50 republican senators who are going to vote to keep the promise of reforming our tax
11:23 am
code, simplifying the code and lowering the rate. number two, i want to hear that they have a unified strategy. one thing that is troubling is when you have a piecemeal situation when individual senators are saying, well, i don't want this, i don't want that, we're going to cut this, cut that. they need an upfront unified strategy. what does the president want to see in the bill, out of the bill. let's move from there. i don't think we can move the gold post out of this. moving the gold post during the negotiation is going to make it harder. of course, they were optimistic about obamacare repeal. we can't count or chickens before they hatch but these need to hatch for the political prosperity for the republican party. >> gloria, just how unprecedented is it to hear from a sitting senator open hly questioning his vote for the president and even the party
11:24 am
itself? >> well, he's questioning not only that but the questioning the president's competency and whether or not the president may be dangerous in terms of foreign policy and whether or not the president may be stable. i mean, this goes beyond questioning whether you disagree with somebody or whether he hasn't represented the party well enough or whether he tweets too much. >> whether he can turn it around at all. >> exactly. this goes the core of who donald trump is and what his presidency is about. and it's beyond anything that i've covered, even watergate. you know, there were questions
11:25 am
of criminality during watergate but this question of any kind of competency and real stability is something that might have been whispered but really isn't said out loud the way bob corker said it. >> over and over and over again. >> yeah. yeah. >> let me ask you all to stand by. did someone want to jump in? michael? real quickly. go ahead. >> hang on a second. here we go. senate majority leader. >> well, good afternoon, everyone. as you know, we had the president at lunch today and he went overall of the items that the administration has been working on, much of which i agree with him, the administration hasn't gotten nearly enough credit for but i would highlight several things that i think will be front and center going down the end of
11:26 am
this session. obviously, tax reform, we're hopeful the house will tomorrow pass a budget that will begin the process of tax reform and we'll be confirming a number of judges beginning with district judges and the president talked about his upcoming announcement on opioids. we have a national epidemic of historic proportions and the administration is correctly seizing on this issue and it's something that is important and we need to get a handle on this as west we can and the president will be talking about that later in the week. >> well, as the leader mentioned, one of the big points the president wanted to cover today is what we could do to
11:27 am
help ordinary americans, middle income families improve their economic standing and that's really what the focus of tax reform is about. a lot of middle income families have had a tough time during the past few years and if you're trying to save for your kids' college education or put aside some money for retirement or save for a rainy day, it's gotten harder and harder for average american families to be able to do that. so that's why we're focused on tax reform. we're on tax reform because it's unacceptable that half of the families in this family say they are living paycheck to paycheck and that a third of the families in this country are literally one job away from financial ruin. so what the tax plan that we're putting forward does is lower rates on middle income families, doubles the standard deduction and removes a number of americans having tax liability
11:28 am
by doubling the standard deduction and expands the child tax credit and makes it easier for families to afford the cost of raising children in this country. we think that's a path forward that will pave a brighter future for middle income families in this future and we hope democrats will work with us to pass that type of tax reform because it's good for american families, good for our middle class and for jobs and wages. those types of things that democrats say they support, if they do, they ought to join hands with us and help us get this tax bill across the finish line. >> well, i'm very happy that the president joined us today for lunch. i thought it was a very productive meeting focused on the things that we've been elected to do, which is to help lower the taxes of the american people. the president was very strong and very focused on that, on giving people a raise by cutting
11:29 am
their tax. this is going to be the first time in a generation that that has occurred. we've taken the first step in the senate by passing a budget. that has been done. we need a tax statement in this system that is fair, simpler and let's people keep more of their hard-earned money. that's what the focus was today. you lower the taxes to make it easier for businesses to hire people, to put more people to work and to raise wages. additionally, the president talked about the issue of confirmation of so many of his nominees. we're in a position where it seems that the democrats have been so obstructive to president trump and getting people in place to do the jobs of the american people that at this point, president obama had twice as many people confirmed as president trump has at this time. we're going to continue to break the obstruction that we're seeing from the democrat party.
11:30 am
>> part of the president's remarks today focused on the regulatory reforms that have been made already and they've been significant. things like the power structure that would have raised utility bills, the so-called clean power rule, the waters of the u.s. that would require the epa to be involved and so much of the economy and these were huge overreaches and a step back from that and on taxes the president said in his two principle observations what our members are saying on the floor and in all of their comments, this is about tax cuts for working individuals and hardworking families and at the other end of the spectrum, it's about creating opportunities for our country to be more competitive so that the jobs people have are better than the jobs available now. not very complicated if we stay with those two principles, we'll see this economy grow and we'll see families and individuals who work hard for a living benefit from it and that's clearly where
11:31 am
the president is and where the republicans in the senate are. >> over 1.7 million jobs have been created in this job since last november. that's what the president talked about. we witnessed great enthusiasm for a tax relief to american families to help make sure that people are able to keep more dollars in their own pockets. 25% of the people in this country don't have emergency access to $100. economists have talked about the tax reform, the work that we're doing, would give $4,000 to the middle class family in this country. this weekend, for the first time in 25 years, we witnessed a shutout of the denver broncos. 31 years ago, in 1986, top gun was the number one movie at the box office. mitch mcconnell was rocking out
11:32 am
to "walk like an egyptian." and we're still dealing with that 1986 tax code. we can do better and grow this economy and put more money in american's pockets. >> this morning senator corker said that the president had trouble with the truth. >> look, i don't have any observation about that. we're here to try to accomplish things for the american people. we're all on the same page on the issues that i've mentioned and, of course, front and center is comprehensive tax reform, as my colleagues have described. trying to get the country going again and growing again and that's what we're going to work on. >> did you and the president talk about it, was there some concern there about what happened and someone getting in
11:33 am
here improperly or abusing a credential. >> you guys were hollering so loud that i didn't even notice. we didn't comment on it. we just walked into my office. >> did the president say anything more about it? >> no. >> how do you unite your party when top republicans and the president continue to have these feuds? >> if there's anything all republicans think are important to the country and to our party, it's comprehensive tax reform. the issue itself brings about great up tea among our members. and so we're concentrating on the agenda for the american people. >> [ inaudible ] at what point do you have an obligation of the leader of this party to weigh in on these very serious criticisms
11:34 am
of the president? >> what i have an obligation to do is to try to achieve the greatest cohesion i can among 52 republicans, to try to achieve for the american people the agenda that we set out to achieve. and tax reform is what we are about. if there's anything that unifies republicans, it's tax reform. we've been looking for the opportunity to do this literally for years. we now have a president who will sign it, who believes in what we're trying to do and we're going to concentrate on what our agenda is and not any of these other distractions that you all may be interested in. >> but what is driving the news today? the president's feud with senator corker, the feud with you, with mccain, heller? >> i don't know how many times i have to say the whole thing. there's a lot of noise out there. we have a first commitment in this country. everybody gets to express
11:35 am
themselves. what we're concentrating on is the agenda that the american people need. i think there's great cohesion among all persuasions to achieve this goal before the end of the year. thanks a lot. >> the bengals reference i was not expecting, talking tax reform. gloria, back out to you. the reporters were asking for the majority leader to comment on this back and forth between the president and feuding with corker today and mitch mcconnell before, heller, et cetera. he would not go there. it was all about cohesion, unified front, tax reform. >> right. as expected. they are not going to engage on that because it doesn't help them. he doesn't want to engage in these fights even when it
11:36 am
concerns him. he's been where corker is and the men you saw standing there don't want to talk about the elephant in the room. >> uh-huh. >> they want to talk about their agenda and that is the reason they're not talking about donald trump in any other way, because he can help them. and when you look at someone like senator barrasso, steve bannon has said maybe we'll get somebody to primary him in his re-election. he wants to be on the president's side in all of this. and i think, you know, mcconnell speaks the truth when he says that there's nothing that unites republicans like taxes because unlike repeal and replace, they have ideas about what they would like to do when it comes to reforming the tax code. so they want to get on with their business and kind of sweep the rest of it under the rug. >> so scott, you talked about how you wanted to see this
11:37 am
united front among republicans coming out of the meeting and i think you got what you wanted. were you at all disapaintpointe that the president didn't hang around and address this issue with fellow republicans? >> i'm not disappointed. the republicans showed a united front. senator mcconnell has gotten the budget passed which, of course, unlocked recon siciliation. now we're moving forward on what is going to be in the tax reform package. i heard unified republicans there. as gloria mentioned, they do have extremely specific ideas on how to unify the tax code and lower rates. that's a huge win to run a political campaign for the 2018 midterm. >> yes. scott, thank you. sir michael, gloria, good to see
11:38 am
all of you. we've got to talk about niger. a major investigation into the ambush there that killed the four americans. why they were there in the first place and who specifically they were chasing. we'll take you live to the pentagon for that, coming up. for your heart... yg or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. by senator corker as untruths and corker was being behi kind. the president has totally divorced what the president says
11:39 am
and what the plan does are total open sits. he says this is not a plan for the truth, blatantly untrue. it repeals the estate tax, which benefits the 11,000 wealthiest estates in the country. each one has to be more than $5 million. it lowers the top rate. untruth number two. allowing hedge fund donors and big law firms to take advantage. three, it provides a pass-through so very wealthy people can pay a lower rate than average americans. so it's totally untruth, shall we say, that this is not a plan for the rich, which the president has stated. then he says, at the heart of our plan is a tax cut for every day working americans. untruth number two. just wrong.
11:40 am
tax policy center, a third of middle class families would pay more and very few get much of a break. when they talk about getting state and local deduct ta built, limiting 401(k)s and limiting the mortgage deduction, those are all aimed at making the middle class may more so the rich can get a bigger tax break. that's not what america needs or wants and that's not what is in plans put together by our republican leadership in the house and senate. that's an untruth. and then the president claims this will not increase the deficit. absurd. no one believes that this will lower the deficit and "the
11:41 am
washington post" fact-checker called this claim a fantasy. no one believes it. so it's untruth after untruth after untruth as bob corker put it when he talks about the republican tax plan. untruth one, it's aimed at helping the middle class. untruth two, it's not a plan for the rich. untruth three, it lowers the deficit. this plan is a disaster for america. it's no wonder our republican colleagues want to rush it through in the dark of night because the more it's exposed to sunlight, the more rotten it smells and the american people will know that. senator cardin? >> thank you, senator schumer. the more we're learning about the tax proposal that the republicans -- >> so i just wanted to be able to hear the democratic response about the tax plan, tax restructuring. in a nutshell, they are not
11:42 am
fans. let's go over the specifics of president trump's tax plan. it reduces the amount of taxes and number of tax brackets so instead of seven there are three with middle income taxers taxed 25%. while everyone will pay less in taxes, the wealthiest, those making more than $730,000 a year would do much better than the rest, keeping $130,000 more of their ners would see about $60 more a year after taxes. middle, $660 and the top 20%, those earning $150,000 or more, would have about $8500 more in their pockets. also, standardized deductions would be doubled so individuals would not be taxed on the first $12,000 they make.
11:43 am
married couples, the first $24,000 would be tax-free. those are some of the details of this republican tax plan. back to this breaking news we've been teasing this niger story. a major development in the investigation of the attack in niger. why these americans were there in the first place and new details on the target. specifically, who they were there chasing. we'll take you live to the pentagon coming up.
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just in here, one of the president's long-time attorneys appearing before the house intelligence committee in being described as a, quote, contentious hearing. let's go to manu raju, our senior congressional correspondent on capitol hill.
11:48 am
contentious? what happened? >> reporter: his name appeared in that 35-page dossier that the british agent christopher steele wrote about the russian officials and campaign officials and during the time of the campaign he turned over e-mails and talking about that project and tried to get support for that. behind closed doors today, he was asked about all of that. i'm told that he dismissed a lot of those questioning that the proposal in particular was just a proposal for the trump power project. he really criticized this dossier for saying that he had traveled to prague to meet with the russians saying that never actually happened either. but on top of that, a number of
11:49 am
questions, both cohen and his attorney said we are not pertinent to the investigation. they would not answer some questions from the democrats which led to a contentious hearing, according to sources in the room. now, on top of that, we're now learning that michael cohen in fact came in today under a subpoena today. the committee did issue a subpoena pen na to and it was initially scheduled for tomorrow. so cohen has denied, brooke, that he was involved in any collusion whatsoever. he said there's nothing there and wants to clear his name but one of the most high-profile witnesses to come before this investigation, someone who is very close to the president. >> manu, thank you.
11:50 am
on capitol hill. let's get to niger and more on our breaking news. this is a major development in this deadly niger attack. two military officials are saying that the army team was in niger specifically collecting intelligence on a terror leader when they were ambushed. so let's go to the pentagon and our reporter there, ryan brown, tell me more about the reasoning and this leader. >> brooke, we're learning a bit about what this team was doing. they are part of an advise and assist commission. they were accompanying about 30 nigerian troops. they were helping advise these troops and one of the reports was that they were given an additional mission to try and gather some additional intelligence about a potential high-value target working with extremist groups in niger. that's one thing we're learning. we're also learning that this team was relatively new to niger. they had actually only been in
11:51 am
the country for a matter of weeks, we're being told by several officials. and also that despite the fact that u.s. military officials have said publicly that this unit, this task force had performed this mission many, many times, these actual 12 u.s. soldiers on the ground had only been there for a matter of weeks raising questions about how familiar they were with the terrain and some of the surrounding villages that they were engaging in. >> ryan, thank you. i've got car ren wikaren with m national security analyst michael weiss, author. michael, to you, first. the reasoning now why they were in the region, to find, to seek out this terror leader? >> no. he's a mysterious guy although he has ties both to al qaeda and
11:52 am
isis which used to be one in the same but split apart in 2013. this is a problem we've seen in africa. these groups are very interchangeable. jihadi john, remember him, before he joined isis he was on mi-6's radar and joined al shabab. so you have one player operating under multiple banners or they move. in this case, it seems that they were out to do just reconnaissance. they were not trying to capture or kill this guy. >> just get intel on this guy? >> and they may have gotten an order that he was in the area and it turned out they got into a combat situation. we don't know all of the details. it's very murky. also, i would be very, very surprised if within the village that these communities were embedded in that there were not
11:53 am
sympathizers. >> i was wondering if the locals would have helped any of the bad guys in niger. >> uh-huh. >> karen, there are multiple questions without answers so far we know sergeant la david johnson's body was found 48 hours later nearly a mile away from the central scene of that ambush. that's according to several cnn sources. when we heard from the chairman of the joint chiefs yesterday, he said he couldn't confirm that. but why would his body be so far away? >>. >> these are some of the questions that people are looking for answers to. it's important to note and interesting to note that the u.s. troops had just rotated in and one considered for a post in trump's national security team for africa has actually said before that niger is a very difficult post for americans, particularly because we don't always have the best relations
11:54 am
and intelligence gathering capabilities within the nigerian local population. so i would be very curious to see if this will lead to a different strategy or approach when it comes to how we rotate in our soldiers and how we're communicating with the local nigerian population and how the capabilities are being done and also the french. you know, the french have been there for a long time. we were there and i'm wondering if this is going to lead to any strategic changes. >> karen, let me ask you what i asked michael, which is, what do you make of the fact that the cnn reporting, that this team was in there trying to gather intel on this terror recruiter? >> uh-huh. so, you know, obviously this is a reminder that particularly
11:55 am
mali and chad, there are groups where some claim to have relationships with the islamic state and others are traffickers and it's an extremely difficult terrain to operate in and it's a region where the threats are becoming more and more complex and are morphing. due to trump's condolence calls with sergeant johnson's widow that we're hearing about this but this has been a threat for a long time. >> karen, michael, thank you so much. coming up, the white house briefing is set to begin shortly here. live pictures inside of that
11:56 am
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here we go, top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. a major development in the republican civil war. we can now report that arizona senator jeff flake says he will not seek