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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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know because there hasn't been a lot of investigations. there have been reported people having addictions to this to withdraw side effects. that's why you'd study something like this to figure out what the right dosage is. >> sanjay thank you. anderson's next. good evening, thanks for joining us. plenty happening tonight including the latest on how far the hillary clinton went to get dirt on trump. and how far the trump campaign went to get dirt on her. there's not much evidence that special counsel mueller agrees. we begin with a contact on the data offer used by the trump campaign andwiky leeks. >> we learned that a data if you
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remember working for the trump campaign reached out to wikileaks founder asking him about hillary clinton's missing e-mails. julian acknowledged on twitter that that did in fact happened, he says he rejected the request. the head of this firm were relaying he had e-mailed junlia but no one was on that campaign train. not hillary clinton's e-mails which we don't know of a third party were ever obtained, so this new establishment that crosses a link between the campaign trail and wikileaks. this happened while donald trump was on the campaign talking about hillary clinton's missing
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30,000 e-mails as recalled. >> has the trump campaign responded? >> they have responded, michael blaster with the campaign, trying to distance the campaign saying quote, once president trump secured the nomination in 2016, one of the most important decisions we made was to partner with the republican national committee on data analytics. we also made the closure to rely on the voter data national reporter to help elect donald trump. the victory are always. >> i understand cnn's recovered a few thing to help refute that statement? >> it's clear there's more of a ryder cup than what is conveyed in that statement. we learned just after trump won the nomination his campaign started a series of payments to came bridge an lit ka in july all the way through mid-december that totalled $95,000.
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the president's son-in-law who had one of data operations and now a senior adviser, said to forbes magazine back in fof, just after the president won the election we kept both data operations going simultaneously and a lot shared between them. and doing that we could scale to a pretty good operation. it appears he's given credit to cambridge with their success. >> i want to bring in phil muddy, josh green and betsy. betsy, as we've said you broke the story this morning. you point out in your piece this would be the closest known connection between the president and julian. >> that's correct. there's no indicators he was speaking on behalf of the campaign or in any capacity that was official. however, alexander mix was and
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is the ceo of came bridge an lit ka which paid out $4 million for the work it did on the campaign. when jared reached out to him he was -- clinton e-mails. of course those e-mails have not been released or distributed. the over churs he made were unsuccessful. as somebody who was at the top for somebody who worked for the campaign that's directly. >> you heard what they said about relying on the rnc there in their statement, is that true? >> no it's almost laughably false. we were invited down a month before the campaign, my colleague and i, in order to show off what they were doing. the idea at the time, it was
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trump in his twitter feed and they wanted to show off they had different sources opposing. they had a team of cambridge scientists embedded in the trump headquarters in san diego worth doing sophisticated modeling work to help to inform where the campaign was going to send donald trump. the weeks right before the elections when trump started vising states like michigan and wisconsin, he was there because the cambridge models told him that's where you can pick up votes. >> so in that statement today they're saying we only relying on the rnc and if i suggestion is false. you're saying that's false? >> i'm saying that's wrong. they had a cambridge tool called the battleground optimizing path victory. they would send trump to those states based on what the model told us. >> phil, put this into the big
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picture for me overall in the investigation. if you're robert mueller would you care about this? >> oh yeah. the first question is whether anybody in the trump company participated in conversations with russians or people connected with russians who acquired the data. that's why the conversation between donald trump jr. last summer, and a lawyer offering information about hillary clinton is significant. then you have a second question, that's where this issue comes into play today. if you acquired data or participated in effort to acquire data, how do you get that out. do you participate in a conversation with wikileaks about getting that out. one more point, when you're investigating there are data and interviews. i want to know every time anybody from the trump campaign spook or e-mail or texted with an lit ka, what the context of the e-mails or found calls or was there any disconnect. for example the disconnect that
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donald trump jr. had. when we learned from the e-mail string it wasn't about adoption it was opposition research on hillary clinton. this is a gold mine. >> i remember giving a speak when the president says i love wikileaks. his own ceo has a different view of it. >> yeah. he once changed it too. i believe it was last july where he said that wikileaksive a non-state hostile intelligent service doing the bidding for adversary like russia. so basically saying wikileaks was a propaganda of the russians. that's how it was being used during campaign. the intelligence community made a link between wikileaks and the russians during the campaign. >> betsy, can you explain why would someone from this company
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reach out to julian asang. was the offer if you have them give us the e-mails we'll help distribute them? wikileaks don't have a problem distributing stuff. >> i can't give you the direct communication but one thing we know without any doubt is that those 33,000 missing e-mails were something of a great white whale for the republican party in the lead up to election day. republican operatives specifically looking for those e-mails. president trump brought them up in one press conference, which he later claimed this was a joke. trump said he hoped if russian had those e-mails that they would release them. so the current president then candidate, personally sanctioned efforts to dry to obtain those 33,000 missing e-mails. it's not surprising that someone leading a company that was deeply invested in trump becoming president would be willing to go to ends that now
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seems extraordinary. >> i want to play one thing then candidate trump said on the trail. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> josh, you wrote the book on steve bannon, is he connected with this at all? >> that's the other big connection sitting here in plain sight. bannon was the ceo of the trump campaign i believe at the time this message was sent. he had already been a state holder. so there were all sorts of connections between cambridge and the trump campaign. >> so there may be -- it's possible more e-mail that is mueller would have access to? >> i'm not aware of e-mails and i haven't done the reporting that show the e-mails from nix to asang. asaung was almost like a mascot
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of trump campaign. i was abetted during the second debate in the trump headquarters. there was a poster that sate, quote i miss reading your e-mails hilary. he was somebody about cheered on by the trump campaign. >> betsy, do you agree that this would be an interest to mueller's team? >> i think that's a very same assumption to make. this could speak to the attempt behind efforts that folks on trump's inner circle made. additionally, the mandate that bob mueller has for the investigation that he's conducting is to look at any coordination or links between people who are associated with the trump campaign and the russian government. clearly alexander nix was associated with the trump campaign so he's part of that mandate. the broader question goes to the
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work that julian was doing. how he got his information and on tanned and published the hack e-mails that he ended up putting on wikileaks. that's an open question, not just to folks following the trump russia saga but someone whose interested in the functions in the contemporary world. >> thank everybody. just ahead on what trump calls this fake dossier. we have information whether hilary's campaign told the truth about it. the president's claim examining his party despite what you've heard all this week, month or year is uniting a love fest. with advil, you'll ask what twisted ankle? what muscle strain?
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snauk. [ inaudible question ] . >> that's okay look, they have to do their thing. we have great unity. when you look at what happened at the meeting, we had virtually every senator including john mccain. we had a great conversation, john mccain and myself about the military. i call it a love fest, maybe it was a love fest. >> the president did in fact get standing ovations from the senators at the lunch. however you also heard the president cite those ovation as a party united behind him. he blames the press for reporting otherwise. keeping him honest, keep in mind this isn't about what we're saying this is about what other republicans are saying. >> privately, a number of my colleagues have expressed concern about the directions of our politics and the behavior of the president. i think in the coming months you'll have more people stand up. i think the accumulative length
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of all of this, there comes a tipping point where we realize we can't continue to normalize there kind of behavior. so, i do they we'll have more people stand up in the coming months. >> and of course senator cork's ongoing critiques. senator flake and mccain. john kasich splitting with the president on healthcare. clearly they are putting on a public show of unity. you can say these people don't represent public party, president trump and that is true. in 9 months with the republicans running both and house and the sflooet a good point of unity may be all the legislation that has been passed and sign, except there hasn't been any, perhaps soon but not yet. so many republicans on the hill and in the west wing leek about it. the president blames the media
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or other thing as well. >> well, i think the press makes me more uncivil than i am. people don't understand, i went to an ivy league college, i was a nice student, i did very well. i'm a very intelligent person. the fact is i think -- i really believe -- i think the press creates a different image of donald trump than the real person. >> what's interesting about that claim is we probably hear more from this president than any other president in american history. we hear from him on television and twitter constantly. in those tweets we not only hear from the president we see who he really is, words and all. here to talk about it ana navarro and ed martin, two republicans. ana whether you hear the president say there was a love fest and standing ovation, is there a party unit? >> look,-on what the standing
5:19 pm
ovation was for, he may have said god loves america and got a standing ovation. of course there's not unity. anybody realizes the republican party is going through a very hard time. there are factions, great division, we're seeing it play out on the senate floor, in our living rooms, in our families, amongst our friends, amongst elected officials and amongst regular citizens who are republican voters and feeling this question of, is this still my party, can there still be my party? it's a very difficult question. i think some are, like the jeff flakes and bob corkers of this world just say i cannot stomach doing what i have to do in order to be reelected in this party, in order to get through a primary. some others like john mccain, and i subscribe to his pool of thinking, will fight to the death to defend tradition fall
5:20 pm
republican values. the irony of all this is that the republican parties, its soul, tone and face has been changed by a man who until a few years ago was a democrat. >> are people uniting behind the president? seems like this is now the republican party of president trump. >> yeah, this is a conversation about the outlieiers. these guys, flake and corker, down the stretch the civil war on the republican party was the primary. and trump won and won on issues and united the parties. when the party united the evangelical christians voted for trump. so the republican party -- by the way, we should do a series on flake -- instead of staying for fighting, he admitted he voted for hillary, he gave up on the party, doesn't believer in the party's positions so he's
5:21 pm
not a republican, and he quit because he said you can't run and hold the possessions i've held. >> his voting record is conservative, i mean -- >> no his voting rights were -- >> you got glowing scores on his voting from the american conservative union, from heritage foundation. until 9 months when donald trump took office those were the gold standard -- >> well they're not anymore. >> that's not the republican party. >> no. obviously people held those positions lost miserably in the primaries. the fight was over, trade integration and the tone of taking -- it's trump and bannon's party. >> but bannon's never been elected to anything. there are still a lot of republicans on capitol hill who i imagine you'd say from the old
5:22 pm
school. >> yeah, and they're adjusting. they're either coming along and doing standing ovations on things trump has said or they're going to quit because they can't win the election. >> one of the big differences is that as much as disgusting a human being as i find him i would hope to have able to have a republican party that's got a huge enough tent so he could be in one corner so people like flake and corker and ana navarro has been under the other tent. >> flake quit. trump didn't ask corker to quit. >> if i was looking at this as a donald trump supporter, i think this is a short-term victory for trump. also, let's remember he won the electoral college, yes, but he won many of those states by a
5:23 pm
very narrow margin. if you are kicking out of the party and making the republican party so many republican who is came home to vote for donald trump even throe they did not like him, now feel unwelcome and leave how are you -- >> ana what you're missing is that the movement is growing the republican party. the tea party started in '09 and its added democrats and working class folks who are saying i want a guy whose on our side. i don't want a global guy whose for the free trade deal. we're going to get fearless conservatives who are going to take flake's spot. >> well you piegt very well get because arizona increasingly is a purple state is a democrat -- >> no chance. >> you want to say jerry -- >> i'd like to see him in jail. >> well he got pardonened so --
5:24 pm
>> which he shun have. that's another issue. i wasn't good at math, and the way you win is by adding not subtracting. >> that's add a senator who voted for trump not hillary, that's a better addition. let's take somebody whose on board with the current republican parties that put american workers before the international guys. and flake said today he couldn't win, because he's not republican anymore. and that's okay -- >> well, i don't think he said he wasn't republican anymore. >> he said the party's position, that's the party. >> what he said he basically could not win -- >> so all these people are not republicans anymore? >> no. >> what are they. >> these are people that are pro closure. they can vote and be apart of our party. flake said, i hope we get back to a party that gives amnesty to
5:25 pm
illegals and have trade deals, that's not the republican party. it's growing in the country -- >> no it's not. take a lack at donald trump's number, i know you don't want to bereave the poll, he has got a base that does not budge but he also does not come out -- >> we got to take a break. we have a new statement just in from the spokesman for the first president president concerns of actresses allegations that he touched her inappropriately during a photo op, the state reads if 1993 mr. bush has been confined to a wheel claire so his arm falls on the lower waist during pictures. on occasion he has patted women's rears. some see it as incident some view it as inappropriate. to flynn who has offended president bush apologizes most sincere. trump weighs in on the great
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design for the border wall. next.
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more breaking news tonight,
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the president weighed in on the design prototypes for the wall of mc. right now there are eight wall prototypes for show and tell. >> you think of a wall as a wall, but honestly you do need some see-through ability. because you don't know -- pure concrete which is a wall, then you can't see whose on the other side. you have a wall that's this thick and can't see whose on the other side. >> cnn's marquel visiting the wall. he brings us this news. >> reporter: president trump says he wanted a big fat beautiful wall. these are his 30 by 30 foot options. >> one of these could stretch 2 to 30 miles across the border. it's a potential that one or eight of them or a mix gets
5:31 pm
selected. >> reporter: they sit like giant tombstones along the u.s. border. the president has consistently said a wall will be built. >> he say 2,000 mile a border call, you say we'll put it up when we need to? >> there's a testimonial out there for chief of former security which is general kelly, in which he said you won't see a wall from sea to shiny sea. we'll put the wall where it makes sense. >> reporter: the cost for just these test walls, $20 million, building any one of them can cost the entire 2,000 mile border could cost more than $20 billion. >> beyond there, whether the $20 billion to build the entire wall comes that's for another day? >> right now our focus is to
5:32 pm
complete the process of construction of prototypes. >> reporter: so the prototypes for the president's big beautiful wall they're done. but it will take another month for the scement to dry and the walls to be tested. you will test these walls to their maximum? >> correct. >> reporter: on the mexican side builders of the prototype met with disbelief. >> reporter: when you see these what do it mean to you? >> for our country we [inaudible]. >> reporter: will a 30-foot wall, 20,000 miles long stop drugs coming into the u.s.? >> drugs enter through the u.s. through different ways.
5:33 pm
port of entry. >> reporter: and tunnels lots of it. if we could take a picture of the the ground underneath what would it look like? >> a lot of tunnels. probably at this moment somebody's building a tunnel. >> reporter: at least some of those walls come with tunnel deterent rens too. big beautiful wall love and below ground. >> how much with a wall like the president's asking for help stop illegal crossing? rorp it's not entirely clear, and border protection saying look, we're not going to build this the entire way. people will say if there are wholes in that -- holes in that wall migrants will find they're way around. illegal crossings have been coming down since 2009 where there are illegal crossings this year. that number have been coming down for several years, anderson.
5:34 pm
>> marquez appreciate it. when we come back president trump speaks about revelation that the clinton company forms research on the clinton dossier, we'll play you what he said next. then there are moments it becomes clear, ♪ together always was, and always will be, a better way. ♪
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today president trump weighed in on the clinton campaign that led to the research of dos year connections between trump and russians. that research has been known between an anti-republican report. here's what he said when he left the warehouse. >> well, i think it's unfair what they did with this fake s dossier it's made up. and hillary clinton's always denied it the democrats denied it. and now only because it's going to come out in a court case they said yes, i did it. it's a disgrace and sad on politics in this country.
5:39 pm
>> there are large portions of this story that has been corroborated by the u.s. intelligence committee right? >> that's right. that was reported back in february. meetings and conversations between russias and u.s. known intelligence did take place. a demonstration of that as an example remember, the president's chief considered it substantial enough to elect president trump in january. more recently, cnn reported earlier this month that in fact the intelligence community and law enforcement considered it substantial enough again that they did not include it in the public assessment of the russian interference election released in january because they didn't want to led on what exactly they rob rated and allow they had corroborated it. we should mention robert mueller
5:40 pm
has interviewed the author of the dossier who put it together. >> what more are you learning about the clinton campaign with this dossier? >> cnn was told today part of connect of the clinton campaign and the d flrks c retained the intelligence firm and entered quote, into an engagement of research services that began on april 16 and concluded before early november. cnn's reportedly that the effort researching trump -- by the republican foes of the president, and democrats now paying the research for him later on after trump became the resumtive nominee. i should note that christopher steal did not begin working on the dossier until the democrats began funding that research. the dossier itself -- and the
5:41 pm
research was being compiled and paid for by republicans originally. >> jim sciutto appreciate that. it was tweeted, quote when i tried to report this story clinton source pushed back saying you and your sources are wrong. so did the clinton campaign lie here? >> i don't know about lying, they pushed back in a vigorous way that i find to be misleading. kirk was the client that -- possessed the dossier before the election, he was involved to sort of packing it to get media coverage. he responded you or your sources were wrong. clearly, the sources were right and perkins was the client on behalf of the clinton campaign. what they say in their defense what we now think of of the dossier was not in that form at
5:42 pm
the time. so they were responding to a question about the dossier as oppose to the contents of their search. >> seems to be splitting hairs there. whether it was the dossier or saying it was a bunch of memos not yet collected into the dossier, do we know how widely those memos are where those memos -- the law enforcement is the middle man, they were the ones who hired future gps, they were the ones doing the memos. what happened to the memos? >> that's one of the bigamistries here. the hillary clinton campaign i've talked to all say they had no knowledge of this. in fact, i just reported this evening that hillary clinton herself told associates that she had no knowledge of it, when the dossier was ultimately published by buzz feed. she expressed some
5:43 pm
disappointment that the dossier did not get out before the election. well, we now know her own campaign or at least its representatives at this law enforcement could have had a hand in pushing this out and may have not done so as aggressively as she would have liked. >> is this just what a lot of fla nats are saying, is this just a lot of opposite research? >> i think that's right. but it also begs the question of why would they go to great lengths to distance themselves from it. and even now, you have none of the folks who are willing to take responsibility and say they were aware of it. it does sort of stretch to think no one at the dnc or the clinton campaign would have been aware of this. there were people signing off on all the expenditures that a large campaign or a committee
5:44 pm
makes. if they're spending all this money, totaled about $12 million you'd think they want to know precisely what they're getting for that money especially if this resolves in explosive research for their opponent. >> and for a person to say this is hillary clinton concluding with russians, that's based on the idea that christopher steel was being fed false information and was passing that on or that chris -- how can he make that claim? >> i'm not sure i want to do that buzz it is sort of a specious claim. but perhaps the idea was that he was paying sources, we heard that this is a possibility in the way that these types of opposition research arrangements work, if you're trying to collect intelligence from inside a foreign country, you might pay sources who might give you that information, particularly with christopher steel who wa barred
5:45 pm
from entering russia, after his service in that country as an mi-6 agent for the uk. there might be payments that will go to russians but i think that's a far cry to say that's collusion between the hillary clinton and russia. up next, paul spread a conspiracy theory about the white nationalist. we' we gave him an invitation to come on the program and give an explanations, his office declined. his statements in a moment. ut te on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you-
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see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. an update about a congressman who's spreading a conspiracy theory, an incredibly insulting to the memory of heather heyer who was killed in
5:50 pm
charlottesville this past summer. the congressman in question is two-term congressman paul go sar. he claimed the white narms rally was some sort of left wing plot. he talked about this on camera to elle reeve. he's what he said to her. >> let's look at the person that actually started the rally. it's come to our tennessee that this is a person from occupy wall street that was an obama sympathizer. be careful when you start taking these people to and look at the background. georgesaurus, i think he was jewish and turned in his own people to the nazis. you have to be careful where we go with those. >> do you think gorgesaur ross funded the neo-nazis? >> interesting to find out.
5:51 pm
>> they started by asking what he said to -- if what he said to her made any sense. >> no, of course, not. some of the people involved in that rally have track records going back five or ten years. they're nonprofits available online. you look see who's funding them. they believe what they say. i presented that to them and i said i talked to these people. they don't sound like leftists and he just smirked at me. >> the idea that the way the congressman is saying, like, we're learning this or we're finding this out, as if it's the full weight of his office or the u.s. congress when, in fact, it seems like he's getting just getting stuff from aeglex jones. >> he claims to have sources throughout the government but george didn't fund these people and it's not true. >> a spokeswoman for his
5:52 pm
foundation fired back at the accusation made by the congressman saying he was 14 during the war and didn't collaborate with the nazis and didn't confiscate anybody's property. he says he witnessed the confiscation but no evidence he took part in it. as to who organized the rally, it would be be a mr. kessler. according to vice news, he posted a youtube video railing against what he calls white genocide. since congressman go sar made the comments, he gave him an open invitation to appear. we sent randi kaye to find the congressman. she did and joins us now with the details. you tracked him down today. what he said he say? >> after hearing this morning on capitol hill, we tracked him down. i asked about jeff flake leaving congress congress and he was more than happy to answer that
5:53 pm
question. when i started to press hill on the controversial comments about charlottesville, the conversation got pretty heated. watch this. >> you said the charlottesville march was carried out by the left. >> i need to go back. i do not say that. >> what proof do you have if any? >> stay tuned. check out my website later. >> you said it's possible the billionaire was behind this whole thing? >> like i said, go back and take a look. >> we've taken a look at your comments. >> my proof will be coming. >> it's all been debunked. >> it's not been debunked. so stay tuned. >> the conspiracy theory you put out there has been debunked. >> look at cnn's talked about with what's going on with the clinton administration right now with the dossier.
5:54 pm
hardly an aspect in regards to debunked. you're not real news, you're fake news. >> sir, everything you said has been debunked, why are you continuing to put this out there? >> check out my website. you'll be surprised. >> fake news. >> is there anything there in his website? >> we've been checking it every hour since i met with him, nothing all day until just over an hour ago, this post which i guess he considered proof. in that post there's an interview, a link to an interview on 60 minutes and he says he never took property from the jews, that he only witnessed property being taken. and in that same posting we saw just about an hour a there's a link to a radio show. in that link it's a far-right arizona radio host who also
5:55 pm
pushes out a lot of these alt-right conspiracy theories. in that segment this host says george did fund groups who then bussed people into charlottesville, including black lives matter people. between the interview and this radio link tlr, there's no proo that the congressman promised here on capitol hill this morning would be tonight. >> george was 14-year-old when the nazis invaded hungary. his father got him documents as many jews did. he went to live with a christian man who was a collaborationist who did confiscate jewish
5:56 pm
people's properties. and he witnessed that says but did not confiscate anybody's property. >> absolutely. that he said moment changed his life when he realized what was happening. it had nothing to do with him. he had no roll. up next a breaking news on the trump campaign, how a firm reached out to wikileaks founder julian assange, and thousand campaign is responding to all this when we continue. what kind of sorcery is that? it's not the magic-wand kind. it's the rfid-collar-and- internet of things-kind we created with chitale dairy. so every cow can let farmers know how she feels and what she needs to be healthier- (phone vibrates) all with a simple text. tah-dah. magic can't make digital transformation happen. but we can. that's the power of vmware, part of dell technologies.
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breaking news tops the hour on a day the president tried to make the russian dossier about the clinton campaign. we have new reporting on what may have been his campaign's effort to get dirt on her. pamela brown has the latest. what's the situation? >> we've learned the head of came breakage an lit darks data firm working for the trump campaign reached out to julian assange during the campaign asking about hillary clinton's missing e-mails. assange noonld this on twitter confirming that he