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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> a man rescuing others from the brink while in a battle for his own life. stephanie elam, cnn, houston. >> officer ramon, thank you so much for all that you do. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> is president trump draining the swamp or muddying the waters? look over there! the trump administration trying to divert attention away from the mueller investigation by pinning the russia problem on hillary and bill clinton. cnn on the ground in niger speaking to one of the first people on the scene after the terrorists ambushed u.s. soldiers saying the troops were outnumbered and outgunned. >> actress rose mcgowan saying her silence is over. but why are so many politicians
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staying quiet? good afternoon, welcome to "the lead." i'm going to begin with our politics lead ramping up its efforts to turn the spotlight away from questions about itself and investigations into possible collusion with russia or possible obstruction of justice and the firing of fbi director james comey and to instead highlight matters pertaining to the previous president and the woman whom mr. trump defeated for the presidency, hillary clinton. president trump today tweeting, it is now commonly agreed after many months of costly looking that there was no collusion between russia and trump. was collusion with hc, a couple of points there, that of course is not commonly agreed. it's still being investigated. second, the investigation is not just about russia and trump. it's also about the trump team, people like paul manafort and carter page and on and on. the white house has made it very clear they want all of you to
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look elsewhere. >> there's still no evidence of collusion between the president and anyone. if any collusion took place, it would be between the dnc and the clintons. >> sara sanders there, the white house press secretary referring to roilawyers to the clinton campaign hiring an opposition research firm to look into then candidate trump, an effort that resulted in the famous dossier. the white house isn't stopping there. president trump just took the unusual step of pushing the justice department to lift a gag order on an undercover fbi informant. the lawyer for that informant says that he wants to tell congress about a bribery case involving russians trying to gain influence in the american uranium industry during the obama administration and efforts to seek favor with bill and hillary clinton. it's an unusual move, perhaps even rife with conflicts of interest for any president to instruct the justice department to take any action having to do with a case that involves the
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president's political opponents, not to say there are not legitimate questions so lawmakers might have about this issue and fair to say, however, as a political matter, the trump administration and allies would much rather talk about anything having to do with the clintons than they would about special counsel robert mueller's investigation into their own team's conduct. and the more extreme voices on the president's favorite channel have been talking quite a bit about this controversy saying things like this. >> if this had happened in the 1950s, there would be people up on trees and charges, right now. the rosenbergs, okay, this is equivalent to what the rosenbergs did and those people got the chair. think about it. giving away nuclear capability to our enemies, thooz what we're talking about. >> it's not what we're talking about here on planet earth but whether the president was influenced by the fever swamps or congressional republicans expressing reasonable from you
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tragss they could not conduct their oversight. sara murray is at the white house for us. how much of the action is in the name of transparency which frankly is not exactly one of president trump's lone stars and him trying to muddy the water so the people get confused about the charges. >> the white house is insisting this is all in the name of transparency and conducting a full and complete investigation but the question still lingers about whether president trump might be more inclined to talk about this and have all of us talk about this. we're not talking about another investigation into russia. >> president trump weighing in on a justice department investigation. >> i think the uranium sale to russia and the way it was done so under handed with tremendous amount of money being passed, i think that's watergate modern age. >> and raising questions about his interventionist approach to judicial matters.
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trump made it clear he wanted a gag order lifted so a key undercover informant in an fbi investigation could speak to congress. the probe was looking into russian efforts to gain influence in the uranium industry in the u.s. under the obama administration. trump's allies are coming to his defense, insisting the president was well within his rights. >> it is not unusual for a president to weigh in. he believes as many others do frankly, that the fbi informant should be free to say what he knows but this was made -- let me know, the judiciary chairman, chuck grassley made his request to the justice department last week. >> grassley, the chairman sent a letter to the justice department last week asking the agency to lift the nondisclosure agreement that was preventing the informant from speaking to congress. but trump's comments on the you'uranium issue request wheth he's looking for transparency or looking to draw attention from other russia related matters
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like investigations into potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia in 2016. >> they made up the whole russia hoax. now it's turning out that the hoax turned around and you look what's happened with russia and you look at the uranium deal and fake dossier, all turned around. >> trump's remarks in spite of the fact that even his top national security officials agree, russia tried to interfere in the u.s. election. today trump once again denounced the russia probes tweeting, it is now commonly agreed after many months of costly looking that there was no collusion between russia and trump. was collusion with hc, there is no common consensus whether collusion occurred. the uranium issue is merely the president's latest foray into judicial matters and called on jeff sessions to crack down on
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leaks. >> i want the attorney general to be much tougher on the leaks from intelligence agencies which are leaking like. >> reporter: the president's most scrutinized act, fibing fbi director james comey, well within the president's authority but came with political backlash, including the naming of the special counsel leading russia probe. >> steve bannon called it the biggest mistake in modern history. a former u.s. attorney and cnn senior legal analyst. how significant is it for president trump to tell the justice department to lift the gag order on this witness? >> jake, good to be here. it's pretty significant. this is a president who we have seen time and time again flouts all norms with respect to maintaining a arm's length distance and spoke to jim comey about dropping the case against michael flynn and jeff sessions about holding back on the case
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in arizona, joe arpaio and same long litany of cases where the president thinks that he has an ability and right and is wise to interfere and meddle with what the department of justice is doing. >> is it an item violation of justice department rules? >> it may be. but more importantly, it -- it causes problems because the justice department is supposed to conduct criminal enforcement investigations and they are handling of other aspects of an investigation, including the handling of a confidential informant with tremendous new tralty. and everyone i think appreciates that the president when it comes to hillary rodham clinton is by no means neutral. it causes people not to have faith, even if it was otherwise a right decision for this to be lifted, it causes people to question whether or not the president influenced the decision, you can't have in this country if you want to have faith in how the laws are executed and enforced, president is calling out by name specific actions and specific directions
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in a criminal investigation. >> and of course as a question of a slippery slope, there's something of a showdown, people in capitol hill want to talk to two fbi witnesses and witnesses to the firing of james comey and bob mueller who's heading the russia investigation there, special counselor, he has blocked that what if president trump were to say i want them to testify. is there a risk of him doing this all the time. >> absolutely, there's a concern that the president is doing this in ways we don't know, we know he spoke to jim comey, used to place phone calls to me. if he didn't have any come pungs about calling up people in the justice department supposed to be making decisions on level and merits not because the president is telling them to do so, then you have to call into question those ultimate decisions. ultimately this is bad for the president because even if it was something that should be done otherwise, people are not going to have confidence in the outcome because a lot of people
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will think it was influngsed by the president's action. it's note good for the public or department but also happens not to be good for the president himself. >> let's talk about the actual deal back in 2015 the times reported donations from those who had ties to uranium one, this russian company trying to get a majority interest in it and donations not disclosed by the clinton foundation. also, bill clinton had been paid $500,000 to speak at a moscow conference in june. this is before the deal was approved. the group that paid him has ties to the kremlin, there's no evidence that there was any influence but there's a lot that looks fishy here, you don't you think? >> any time you have decisions that are made and done in a neutral arm's renth way and money was involved and sent to somebody with a association with a decision, that never looks
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good. whether or not there's evidence that the decision was made because of the flow of money is something entirely different. i don't know enough about the transaction. i know a lot of people are taking a look at it. my understanding is there are a lot of different agencies who ultimately had a role in the committee to decide whether the sale should go through and one of those agencies was the state department but no one person could make the ultimate decision to go forward. as we see in american politics all the time and one of the reasons people are frustrated by how decisions are made and politics is conducted, there's a flow of money. we shouldn't ask to conclusions. >> we'll talk much more when we come back with our panel. we'll be right back. ♪
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we're back with our politics and we have lots to talk about with our panel. david, kellyanne conway said
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they wanted the gag order lifted to talk to congress about the uranium deal and what do you think? >> you also heard him say he didn't know it was against doj rules and it should be looked into. any time there's huge amounts of money exchanged in a close proximity to giant decisions made by somebody and somebody's family that should be -- it should be looked into. in order to get at that information, you have to do what the president said. >> bill, this is obviously an area where there's probably something to look into in terms of both what happened -- the facts are that the board that authorized the sale of this, it's a nine agency board, hillary clinton said she didn't personally make the decision, wouldn't be on her level. it would be assistant secretary and there's no evidence we've seen. what do you make of this? >> the sale went through i guess and exists -- the situation
1:17 pm
exists to this day. >> why are we talking about it? >> i have no knowledge -- no opinion whether it's been good or bad for u.s. national security and so forth. we're talking about they did have this clinton foundation kind of unusual which employed clinton -- i guess clinton family members were associated with while she was secretary of state. and the president was getting paid -- president clinton was getting paid money to give speeches and they assured the ethics people they would have a real arm's length and wall between it and wall seems to have been somewhat porous. i think it was a big mistake. a lot of us said it was at the time and paying some price for that now. the deal itself was in any way corrupt? honestly, i don't know. >> this witness has to do with not the actual deal but the subsidiary of the russian company that -- the subsidiary of uranium one and it was a trucking company that transported the uranium and there were charges and there
1:18 pm
were plea deals and people went to jail. why do you think the president keeps talking about those? >> i think it's pretty obvious. it's a desperate attempt to distract from the actual investigation that's ongoing about russia's interinvestigation of the 2016 election. there's no question as bill said bill clinton could have handled donations and speeches and all of that better. that's been well established. it was a huge issue in the 2016 campaign. this was a nine member board. assistant secretary level, that sounds right to me but are we suggesting there are people also in the treasury department and department of justice all across the government in ka hoots with russia? that seems a little tough for that case to be made. >> let's turn to tax reform. we learn the economy grew at 3% in the third quarter, republicans making a big push to get tax reform done. take a look at the president talking to lou dobbs this week. >> you know, we've done so well, pretty much record setting,
1:19 pm
certainly record setting for nine months in so many different ways, nine months of a presidency. you look at the market, how well it's doing. >> if the economy is doing so well, what is the need for these tax cuts which this is a factual matter will add a lot billions, trillions to the deficit? >> so jake, let's not say as a factual matter it's going to add trillions to the deficit. cbo says maybe a little bit otherwise. i think this tax cut may be baked into the economy. the economy, these companies and market, wall street, on a run. maybe looking forward to this tax cut coming. i think there is a sense of urgency to free up money for american workers and american companies to bring money back home and invest in their company. there's a great need the tax burden is too great on american working class folks and companies want to try to get parity with the rest of the world. >> you've heard a lot about deficits when you were in the obama white house. we're not really hearing those concerns expressed today. >> we're not from a lot of same
1:20 pm
people that expressed concern, even lindsey graham was on a cnn town hall talking about how we needed to make medicaid cuts in order to avoid huge adds to the deficit, here he is supporting adds to the deficit. that's contradictory, the larger issues are not just the deficits but very unpopular provisions in there that may pass, we'll see but then they'll have to run on that. that is not necessarily a win-win for all republicans. >> we've got to take a quick break and everybody will talk about this and this national conversation about sexual harass. . we're hearing crickets from top leaders from both parties. why so quiet. that's next. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.
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>> i have been silenced for 20
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years. i have been slut shamed. i've been harassed. i have been maligned and you know what, i'm just like you. because what happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in this society and that cannot stand and it will not stand. >> that was actress rose mcgowan speaking publicly since claiming harvey weinstein raped her. my panel is back with me. jen, it seems like we're saying not just winestein but o'reilly and also recent revelations about other people, mark halperin, we're seeing something of a sea change. do you agree? >> i do. president obama used to say sun light is the best disinfect tant and i think that's applicable here. there's obviously a spectrum
1:26 pm
that people are experiencing from physical attacks to just sexual harassment which is also significant to simply bullying, a lot of times these individuals seem to be all of these characteristics or some on that range. there's more to come in politics, no doubt, on capitol hill, in the media, other places, i have no doubt about and i'm hopeful people speak out. >> when the weinstein news broke, david, president trump said he wasn't surprised because he met harvey weinstein but when it came to bill o'reilly he was forceful saying bill o'reilly hadn't done anything wrong and we certain learned he paid a woman a $32 million settlement something the new york times k5u called a coercive relationship. not sure what that is. why the expression of not being surprised by harvey weinstein? >> i can't speak to that. i was on this network when the
1:27 pm
president said that and i said i disagreed and said what he did was reprehencible and any form as jen points out and i don't agree with the president's comments on that or bill o'reilly or weinstein anybody done in that regard. >> bill, it does seem like this is a conversation going on in over water coolers and kitchens all across america. and yet, a lot of politicians, especially male politicians are being pretty quiet. i'm not -- you would think this would be an issue a lot of politicians and we are seeing some women on capitol hill say things and state capitals too, a lot of guys seeming unusually silent. >> maybe that's a good thing. politicians always contribute to the national debate or make it partisan and find someone who contributed to the other party and take a shot at him or
1:28 pm
something. maybe it's honestly better to let people come forward and tell the truth. i don't think the rest of us should get in the middle of individual accusations where we don't know the facts. there will be some false akations in the middle of the true revelations so maybe it's better for the politicians to stay out of something for once. >> president obama sun light is the best disinfektant, typical of the obama administration, having gone to harvard -- knew it was justice -- >> jen footnoted that. >> i did. thanks forgiving me the opportunity. >> he probably believed it. so i do want to change the subject to the white house said today that nothing had to do with the whitefish energy contract, only two people at the time, got a $300 million contract to restore power in puerto rico. it's based in secretary zinke's
1:29 pm
hometown. i want to read this part of the contract that cnn obtained. it says puerto rico electric power authority cannot audit or review the cost and profit elements and prohibits quote any claim against contractor related to delay completion of work. i mean -- >> let's just get that out there, this is one that kind of sticks a little bit. you read who that contract was let by puerto rican -- >> electric power authority. >> nothing to do with the federal government talking to
1:30 pm
the power authority in puerto rico before the storm, after the storm asking if they needed folks up -- lots of other companies deployed -- >> what about other side of the.
1:31 pm
how are they going to curry favor with the administration. >> everyone stick around, we have breaking news on the deadly ambush in niger. how american soldiers got separated and end up without a vehicle. that story is next. investment management services from td ameritrade.
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or go online to enroll. sfx: mnemonic he's brought us to the obstructed justice at the fbi. and in direct violation of the constitution, he's taken money from foreign governments and threatened to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer and, like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet, today, people in congress and his own administration know this president is a clear and present danger
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who is mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. >> welcome back to the lead. in our worldly, we have new information about the deadly attack in niger that left four american service members dead and information about how the men tried to fight for their lives, military officials say while the soldiers were under attack the teams split in two, some on foot. joining me now is national security correspondent jim sciutto and arwa damon. what can you tell us about what happened once the men split up? >> we're learning how confusing
1:36 pm
a come bat situation this was. one of the vehicles was disabled in the initial ambush so one group continues on foot. and in an attempt it appears at a counter attack to outflank the attackers, they were unfortunately later overwhemed in the midst of that adding to the confusion, one of those teams lost communications with the other group, the group with those that would end p having four americans killed in action. and yet in the midst of that, these american fighters managed to kill some 20 isis affiliated fighters in this attack. it helps -- may help explain another thing, in the initial after reports of this attack, the white house was first told there were four missing american soldiers later the military updated that to one missing as they found the three killed in action but a confusing fire fight.
1:37 pm
teams split up. one continuing on foot, attempting a counter attack but overwhelmed in that ambush. >> arwa, you spoke a soldier one of the first on the scene after the ambush. what did he see? >> reporter: well, when he arrived there, he was describing to us how the americans and nigeriens who survived and fended off this impressive assault were standing back to back in defensive positions and stribing where the bodies were found and saying that he noticed that some of the growth the vegetation had -- was still smolderi smoldering. when they spoke to villagers afterwards, they described this was lit by the attackers who lit portion of the landscape on fire to create a smokescreen that allowed them to escape. he was also saying in his conversation with people on ground in nigeriens who were
1:38 pm
wounded this attack was carried out by assailants in eight vehicles and then dozens of them riding motorcycles, truly chilling circumstances. when you look at the landscape out there too, it's not as if there are a lot of places that the unit that came under fire could take cover in or even try to fortify themselves behind. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in democratic congressman of california, house armed services committee. thanks so much for joining me congressman. your colleagues on the house armed services committee expressed concerns about isis gaining ground in niger. what role if any should the u.s. play there? >> i think the public has a lot of questions. in my town hall, most folks didn't even know we have troops in niger. and the question is what is our strategic interest. why is aqim a threat to the united states? the president by annually submits a report to congress and
1:39 pm
currently we have combat troops in 17 countries, 13 countries where they are in harm's way, this needs to be debated who the role should be and should we be there and whether we have adequate support. >> why are u.s. troops in niger? >> the argument is that we're assisting nigerian government in helping go after aqim. the question we need to ask, why is it always the united states, couldn't the french do that. do we have an objective of when we get out? why is this not being debated in congress. the president submitted the report that almost 800 troops were there back in june but we've had no discussion in congress and don't know if these troops are adequately -- have adequate safeguards. if there is such a situation like an ambush, do we have air cover? do we have proper communication? so i think the big question and big wake-up call for us, we have
1:40 pm
got combat troops in 17 countries around the world. we have troops in harm's way in 13 countries around the world. the interventionism may not be in the national interest and should be debated in congress. >> do you think the house should conduct an investigation into what happened during this ambush? >> absolutely. i was pleased i think the military leaders were very transparent. i think they are going to conduct a full investigation but i think the house also needs to conduct an investigation and i think we have to understand that the problem isn't with our military. the problem is with the decisions of the american people and our elected officials. they are just following our orders or president's orders but they are stretched then. they are in 17 different countries. they often don't have sufficient equipment or sufficient cover and what we really need to be asking is should we be there?
1:41 pm
should we be in 13 countries with harm's way? there needs to be an investigation into this incident but i hope next time the president submits his annual report biannual report in december and we look at all of the countries in the world where we have troops that the congress will have a debate and that the media will have a debate to inform americans of where our troops are overseas. >> we should point out for fairness sake, a lot were sent to the countries in the previous administration under president o ba obama or one before that with president bush. i want to play a clip from last night. >> kept in the dark. and your report on the ground from niger is in many ways much more detailed than we received this morning. >> were kept in the dark he said. are you getting -- is house armed services committee getting the information you need from the pentagon on this issue? >> i think the military leaders are making a good faith effort that they are my sense was they
1:42 pm
were very forthcoming and want to conduct a thorough investigation and rely on facts and not just speculate. of course, cnn is extraordinary in reporting and i'm sure that that's adding to the information we have. but my concern is not with the transparency of the military leaders or with their commitment to an investigation. my concern is why are there members of congress and senators who don't know that we have troops in niger? i mean, this is because the report that details where we have troops, what their missions are, which are submitted to congress and biannual basis gets no attention. it gets little media attention and gets little congressional debate. really that's our first job as members of congress to be debating these issues of war and peace. i hope niger will be a wake-up call for all of us to do our duty and see really what the mission is overseas and what our military needs and where we should be involved. >> congressman scott taylor, republican of virginia, said a
1:43 pm
few days on this program that these men and women put themselves in harm's way all over the world but members of congress, these are his words, not mine, don't even have the stones to debate it. his words, not mine. thank you for having the stones and being here today. >> thank you for your coverage on this. >> are the new sanctions against north korea working? cnn visits a textile factory to find out. we'll go live inside north korea next. stay with us. how do you chase what you love
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james mattis offered words of comfort to the people of south korea as he stood along
1:48 pm
the demilitarized zone. he assured the united states was committed to a diplomatic solution to the ongoing threat of a nuclear exchange with north decree yaxt it's a contradiction to the fear many democrats have of president trump preemptively launching an attack. how are people perceiving mattis' comments? >> i was in a meeting with north korean officials when the news line started to come in and i showed them on my phone what he was saying. he didn't say anything that enraged the north koreans more than they already are. he said they are obsessed with weapons, they heard that before. he talked about a diplomatic path which they are aware -- but the u.s. path is a nuclear free korean peninsula, they think they are so close to having this intercontinental ballistic missile from perfecting that technology.
1:49 pm
denuclearization is an absolute nonstarter for any sort of talks and you end up in the same place, where president trump is beating the war drum and as he prepares to visit asia in over a week. there are questions what he's going to do and say. is he going to go to the demilitarized zone and say something inflammatory there that could really escalate the situation even further than it already is. north koreans will be watching and listening to his every word when he's here in the region meeting with allies in japan and south korea and traveling to china and heading down to the philippines. of course, there are also watching developments in washington with that new bill introduced mostly by democrats, a couple of republicans that would try to stop the president from launching an unauthorized preemptive strike without the approval of congress, still a long way to go for that. the north koreans do feel they have to be prepared for the u.s. to attack. >> will, you had exclusive access to a textile factory in north korea. how is the north korean economy
1:50 pm
being impacted by the u.s. and u.n. sanctions? >> there's no doubt that losing textile exports cuts $700 million in revenue every year and it's added to a long list of other band exports like iron and coal. seafood. and the north koreans are trying to put on the best face and say that this is only a minor inconvenience but the fact is these factories, they rely on income from exports and now that has completely slashed and certainly the case at the factory we visited where they say they are going to keep up production as much as they can but don't have hard currency right now. fascinating to see the u.s. propaganda that surrounds workers, pictures ever president trump being essentially murdered by north korean slogans that look like lightning bolts into his face and workers told me they have a burning hatred for trump and united states and said something that really troubled me. i'm sitting across a living room from a worker holding her young
1:51 pm
son and they have a 14-month-old daughter and clearly love their children very much but they told me they would rather see their entire family die in a nuclear war than to have your children grow up in a world without north korea. >> all right will ripley thanks so much. the president will head to asia, it's unclear if he's going to visit the demilling triized zone. i've been there, one of the spookiest places on the planet. do you think he should go? >> it depends on security. if it's going to inflame the situation, perhaps not. i know the president's trips overseas have been wildly successful, according to every media outlet, even jen would say the presidents trips so far have been successful. a game time decision and made then, what's important is to shou our allies that we stand behind them, we're firmly behind our allies there and remain the
1:52 pm
super power and largest power in the asia pacific. >> bill, what do you think president trump needs to accomplish on the trip? >> he needs not to be seduced by president xi of china which he seems to have been already by mar-a-lago. he came in as a big anti-china trade guy and in fact the chinese-made token concessions on north korea and touting those as great victories in terms of the economy. he never says a word about chinese human rights or democracy or anything. >> or there being a currency manipulator. >> that seems to have gone away. what happened to that? and tweets congratulating president xi on his extraordinary elevation by the communist party congress? it's one thing to be polite and economic but now congratulating them and xi is a tough question. the key is, stick with allies and don't get seduced by the president of china.
1:53 pm
>> what more to you think can be done to encourage president xi to do more to stop north korea's nuclear proliferation if anything? >> the chinese don't do big earth shattering surprising trips hardly ever. it's all planned, they know what they are going to say and read from talking pointsz. i'm sure trump wants more than that. what it has not changed and will make it harder for him, the chinese have different objectives as relates to north korea. they don't want the same thing united states wants. trump keeps pretending they do. while mattis said we want a diplomatic approach, trump has not indicated that. it needs to come from president trump if there's going to be a real diplomatic process here. we saw that with iran with obama and there's a short window. the importance of this trip is trump indicating to chinese that he wants a diplomatic path forward here and wants their help in making that happen. >> abe in japan going in the direction that we've earthed the japanese to go, taking more responsibility, becoming a full
1:54 pm
partner overcoming world war ii defense limitations, there trump could do good to help abe. >> they have a good relationship. >> couple quick points. there is an internal election in china. i'm not privy to behind the scenes secrets of what's happening in the chinese parliamentary system to put president xi there and whether or not the president should push harder or not harder, we need to chinese to crack down and be stronger with sanctions against north koreans and to jen's point, we've had diplomacy for years and years, we've had talks. that resulted in nothing. you get back to the table, the folks in north korea will do what they've done the past 20 years, nothing. >> thank you so much jen and david and bill. coming up next, well that's convenient and a tap creepy, not home for a package, amazon will open your door for the delivery guy. that's next.
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welcome back, amazon will soon be able to make deliveries inside your home. that is making some people very nervous. the program is called amazon key. it rerz you to buy a smart lock and web cam when a package arrives, amazon will remotely unlock your door and record the whole thing on the camera. it could make life potentially a lot easier but some folks have different concerns, one tweet in response, amazon key is a new service that allows strangers to enter your home and hide in your closet and kill you in your sleep free with prime. someone else wruz, i'm excited to watch the 2030 netflix drama about the amazon key murders. all of the drivers go through background checks before they hit the road. the surface launches in 37 cities next month. i will not be signing up. be sure to ntune in this sunday morning, angus king and chris christie it starts 9:00 eastern sundays only on cnn.
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that's it for "the lead." i'll turn it over a little early to wolf blitzer. i'm jake tapper. >> breaking news, changing the subject. the white house and allies step up efforts to discredit the russian meddle and possible collusion by trump associates. it claims hillary clinton is the one who did the colluding. is he trying to change the subject? president trump presses the justice department to lift a gag order on fbi informant to testify in republican led proebz of russian iuranium purchases during the obama administration. did the president act improperly. >> yeah, they are lying. amid a firestorm of sexual harassment