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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the president will be willing to give an interview to the prosecutors a as well. standby. there's a more we're following. that's it for me. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. thank you very much for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. out front tonight the breaking news, the new york city terror attack blocks from the world trade center. at least eight people are dead in lower manhattan, a dozen injured. it was a horrific scene, a tangle of bikes and metal in the aftermath of the assault as a man drove a truck about 20 blocks down a busy bike path plowing into anybody who was there. the home depot rental truck slammed into a school bus. just as a nearby school was letting out. four sources say the witness was
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witnessing allaha akbar. all of this happening at 3:00 p.m. eastern standard time. >> a male driving a home depot. pickup truck entered the bicycle path and began driving southbound striking a numb of pedestrians and bicyclists along the route. the truck collided with a school bus injuring two adults and two children. after the collision, the driver of the truck, a 29-year-old male, exited the vehicle brandishing two handguns. the uniformed police officer cob fronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. >> that man is in the hospital right now in surgery. we're learning more about him at this hour. he is expected to survive. they are going to learn about him. police know who he is and he is from oouz beck stand. britain is at the scene. what more are you learning about
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what happened there? >> reporter: the scene is described as horror. they said between the mangled bikes that you mentioned, between the people they heard screaming and they witnessed being injured and then other bodies laying there on the bike path on the west side of new york city, that's the only word they could use to describe what this was. you mention ed the facts there. 3:00 this afternoon, we're told by authorities that a man driving a rental home depot truck entered from the west side highway over a barrier on to the bike path and drove 15 or so blocks south in the wrong direction mowing over people who were riding their bikes or running on that popular bike path before colliding with the school bus. in the end, eight people were killed, six people dead here on
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the scene. two others died at the hospital. 11 others injured on that school bus. as you heard from the news conference, two people injured -- four people injured. when that person finally got out of the car, i heard from witnesses. they weren't even sure if this was a halloween trick because he was holding what looked like two guns. we know authorities did recover a bb gun and also a paintball gun here at the scene. i can also tell you i talked to a high school senior, as you mentioned. school was just letting out where this all ended. students were being let out of class. she said she heard the gunshots, those of the police officer shooting at the suspect. she ran back into her high school and took cover. she said she was in lockdown of her high school for about three hours or so and was taking pictures all the while showing those mangled bicycles and showing tarps over people that were killed. but again, just a horrific
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unfolding chain of events here in new york city this afternoon. >> thank you very much. truly horrific. one eyewitness talking about just the horror of the scene and the tire tracks that he could see on the bodies of those who were killed. let's go to a crime and justice reporter. i know you have been talking to your sources. you have new information about this person. what do you know? >> that's right. our producer and i have been talking to some officials. i have been talking to law enforcement officials who are saying that they have identified the suspect. he's 29 years old, oofrom uzbekistan. the issue now is try ing ing to figure out exactly where he lives. i have been told he has an address in tampa, florida, that police are investigate iing. but there's also some connection to new jersey that officials are saying they are still trying to
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sort out. it's not clear if. that's where maybe he rented the pickup truck from the home depot, whether it was a home depot in new jersey or maybe staying with someone in new jersey. that's unclear to me. i received two different information. there's some connection. i'm ols told that authorities believe he came to the u.s. in 2010. >> there are so many questions. you're working on getting answers to all of these. was he overstayed a visa, so many questions that you're working on getting the answers to. i know you had a chance to talk about law enforcement in what we're seeing in these videos. an official tells you that this appears to be what we're loork looking at here the suspect. >> that's exactly right. this is at the end of the incident where he crashed his
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pickup truck into a bus and stopped. this is where police encountered him and at some point shot him. i'm told he was shot now in the abdomen. there's an exit wound. he was rushed into surgery. interestingly enough, they were able to speak to him. they were with him as he was being brought into the hospital and the operating room. they were trying to talk to him. it's unclear what they have learned in those conversations. >> as you break this news, you're going to be back with us through the hour. i want go to go john williams, who is on the scene 30 seconds after the gunshot started. you get to the scene e and the gunshots just start. what did you see? >> what happened was i was walking down the bike path walking north and right away these two women with a group of maybe ten children are sprinting
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towards me. i don't think much of it. as they pass me, i hear one of the young girls saying something about he has a gun, he has a gun. so immediately i turn around. that's just what he would do. but maybe 30 seconds to a minute after that, i hear a couple gunshots. really fast, back to back. so i immediately turn around and want to see what happened. the first thing that stands out to me is is the first got there and the whole everything, just the smell of gun powder really stuck out in my mind. but then i saw one man who was laying face first on the ground. i believe he was the suspect. he appeared to be in pain after he was shot in the abdomen. there was another man next to him who police were putting him in handcuffs. he was on his knees. he had his hands behind his head. everything seemed fine. i'm not sure who that man was. this was all about 20 feet away
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from the home depot pickup truck. >> which at that point is mangled. >> the entire front of it is completely push ed in. there's smoke coming out of it. >> when you saw the two men, one of which you think was the suspect. were they saying anything? any look on their face? anything you can describe? >> not much that i could hear. the man that was on the ground appeared to be in pain. the other man, hen wasn't resisting or trying to run at that point or anything like that. the really interesting thing that happened, in my opinion, is during all of this, one of the police officers claimed that there was another suspect who happened to run into the park. at that point, five to ten officers all ran into the park looking for this person. then at that time also, the rest of the police officers were on scene gathered everyone up and made us go across the street to keep everyone safe. >> they were at that point just really trying to figure out what was happening. >> they were just trying to
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figure out what was going on. everything got blocked off. from every direction, the roads were blocked off. police were coming from every angle. >> john, thank you very much. i appreciate you telling us what you saw. and i want to go with that straight to our panel, who are going to be with me throughout the hour. bob baer and art roderick. thanks very much to all of you. let me start here with what we know and don't know. we foe that he's an uzbekistan national. he came to the country in 2010. we have no idea whether he was here legally or stayed here with a visa. we know nothing. he yelled allahu alaskbar as het out of the vehicle.
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>> it says that's what we in the public don't know. at this particular point, the fbi and joint terrorism task force does know a lot of these questions that you just asked. now the jttf, they are just not innen manhattan or in new york. there's over 100 of them around the country. i can tell you right now, there's communication being put out to all those different terrorism task forces not only describe whag occurred here, but also if there's any leads in their particular area that need to be followed up on. that's the key part of how we now communicate with these incidents in the united states. >> we don't know. you just heard john who was there saying that at the moment, the suspect appeared to be on the ground after he was shot and police were running across the street to a park thinking someone else might have been there. at the moment we understand this to likely be a single operator. but there are a lot of questions about this person. . lone wolf, motivation, that's
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all we have right now. >> we don't know two significant details relevant for this investigation. the first is are there co-conspirators. he may have been acting alone today, but did someone help him rent the truck. did this require planning? from the looks of it, it didn't require much planning. it's very possible he acted solely alone and rented the truck and did this alone. the second question, the big one, what were his ties to any radicalization process either ob line or travel. that's being investigated right now. we know and paul will speak to this in greater detail that isis is not taken credit for this, but they are these isis networks that are celebrating what happened. there was a halloween statement, a statement about attacks on halloween by a french-aligned isis group. so that's basically where the investigation will lead both what happened and the
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international ties. >> bob, let me show the video of the law enforcement. they believe this to be the suspect. it's hard to tell whether he's wearing a jacket and pants or a jump suit, but he's running. this is after he gets out of that rented home depot truck. did e he plan to survive and get away? does it look that way to you? >> i don't think he did. i think he knew there would be police all over. he got the fake guns out so he would be shot. it looks like he wanted martyr status. i think he planned to die, take as many people with him. as juliette was saying, this is probably a lone wolf attack. it doesn't take much. get on the internet and look for your permission to take a car like in ber pllin or paris and t a car and use a soft target like any urban area in the united
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states and you have a major attack. there's not much the fbi can do about it because there's no islamic state to get in touch with to get this aprued or coordinated. it just comes out of the blue. it's a horrible, horrible tragedy. i think we're going to find out it was nobody's fault. nobody could have stopped this. >>st that the thing. it just depends whether rlaw enforcement had any individual who this individual was. the tsarnaev brothers, there was information. they had been on lists and signs that were missed. this case we don't know any of that. but we know he's been in the country since 2010. so somewhere around seven years. and we don't know, again, whether he overstayed a visa or whether he was here fully legally. we don't know this information. we know he was from uzbekistan. >> one of the things they will be investigating is travel pack and forth to uzbekistan. there has been a significant
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problem with jihadism in uzbekistan. there are two jihadi groups. one of them is affiliated with isis. they are up to 1500 that have traveled to iraq to join jihadi groups over there. and there's a lot of jihadi propaganda in uzbekistan that is out there. just a few months ago in stockholm, there was another truck attack in which an uzbekistan national inspired by isis was involve d. that was in april of this year in stockholm. so they will be looking at potential foreign travel, potential international connections. they will also be looking at whether this individual might have been in touch with an isis operative overseas, encrypted apps. it's very difficult for authorities to see that because it's encrypted. >> on this note of the suspect. we had shown another picture,
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and i want to show it again. this is a still photo of him on the street. you saw him running a minute ago. it's hard to exactly say, but it looks like when you see this up close as it zooms in, that he has a very heavy beard. >> erin, i'd like to give something illuminating about that, but at this stage, we should probably follow sort of the content of who he might have been in contact with and what that might have meant b in terms of planning for this. the beard, obviously, might be interpreted one way in terms of has ties to religious groups, but it is just too hard to tell at this stage. i know people want answers early. it's the hardes thing for analysts to edadmit we just don know at this stage. but it's obviously a piece of the picture right now. and as bob said, the fact that these were fake guns, this was a
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man who suicide by cop in some way. he did not expect to live, would be my quick impression. >> all of you are going to stay with me. the fact that he did live is hugely csignificant. so many horrible attacks we have seen, there isn't someone to question. in this case, there is. he is expected to survive. our breaking news coverage continues. security is tight. officials pledging not to let up in the aftermath of the latest attack. there's a major parade and event beginning momentarily right here in new york city. and president trump responding to the attack calling the suspect sick and deranged using the tragedy to call out isis and breaking news on the russia investigation this hour. a top official set to be interviewed by robert mueller's team. hey, man. oh! nice man cave!
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whstuff happens. old shut down cold symptoms fast with maximum strength alka seltzer plus liquid gels. welcome back to "out front." we are following the terror attack in new york city. a truck driver slammed into bicyclists in a bike lane. the attack coming just hours before new york city's major halloween parade. officials including governor cuomo are vowing a major boost in security. >> we will be vigilant, more
4:21 pm
police everywhere, you'll see them in the airports, you'll see them in the tunnels. we're not going to let them win. and if we change our lives, we contort ourselves to them, then they win and we lose. >> jason, this is the sort of thing that many people had said would be a horrific attack and could happen. it does not happen for years and years. what's new york city doing to secure this major parade where you have thousands and thousands of people on the streets to secure it after the terror attack? >> reporter: thousands of people, you're correct. the staging area not that far from where we are right now at 6th avenue and canal, just about 15 blocks. that's also in downtown manhattan, for folks who aren't familiar with that. you heard the governor and city
4:22 pm
and state officials encouraging people to go along with their lives and be vigilant and what the nypd will do is increase the police presence there. they didn't give numbers, but what they did do is give a sort of list of what folk who is are coming out to the parade might expect. that included several things. not only more officers on the streets, but heavy weapons teams are going to be lining the parade route, especially along 6th avenue. also something that's blocker vehicles. these are heavy vehicles that will be stationed along streets meeting into and out of 6th avenue. that way vehicles that aren't supposed to be on that street won't be able to get there. sand trucks will be there as well. you'll have an increased presence of heavily armed officers. some of those blocker trucks, sand trucks along the parade route. that parade just getting underway in just around 7:00 tonight.
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expected to end around 11:00. you heard the governor there. same thing we heard before that's been echoed so many times in the past asking folks to be vigilant. but also asking new yorkers as they have been asked so many times in the past to go. on with their lives. that's what they are attempting to do tonight. they are doing it under a heavy police presence. >> jason, thank you. and president trump speaking out on this attack moments ago in a series of tweets saying in new york city, looks like another attack by a sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. not in the usa. they also said we must not allow isis to enter our country after feeding them in the middle east and elsewhere. enough. and then my thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the new york city terrorist attack. god and your country are with you. let's go to athena jones at the white house tonight. what more are we hearing from the white house about this tragedy right now?
4:24 pm
>> that last tweet from the president coming just a few minutes before the hour. just a few minutes ago, the white house putting out a statement from the president reiterating some of those tweets saying our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the terrorist attacks. the presidenten wept on to say my administration will provide its full support to the new york city police department, including through a joint investigation with the federal b bureau of investigation. the statement goes on to thank the first responders and we know the president was brief. ed on this incident some time ago by chief of staff john kelly. he's going to get continual updates as the situation develops. we should mention that the first lady was in new york today for meetings. she put out a tweet saying my heartbreaks for nyc today. thoughts and prayers as we monitor the situation. she was just one of several members of the trump family to tweet about this incident, including his daughter and son.
4:25 pm
this is something the white house will be closely watching. >> thank you. my panel is is back with me. let's just start here. we have just confirmed the breaking news that the suspect rented that truck at a home depot in new jersey today. so what does that tell you? obviously, he had only had it for a period of time. he was in new jersey and he rented it there. you can see the condition it was in after his rampage there on the video. >> i think we always ask what the motive is here. right now, here hearing the motive is a terror attack. but what triggered him to do that today? we're starting to get ready to enter into the heavy holiday season. there's going to be it gatherings of people in a lot of locations. why did he pick today? because today is halloween and he knew a lot of people were going to be out there?
4:26 pm
luckily he didn't do this later. it was 3:30 in the afternoon. although there's a lot of people around, they wouldn't have been around much more people later tonight. but this is going to be taking a apart this case completely and putting this individual's life together for at least the last five years since he's been in the united states. this is going to take some time, but i'm sure they have already peeled back this onion far enough and can at least figure out what's the real motive behind this and what caused him to do this today. >> and that is the big question. what caused him to do it today. and also where he chose to do it. it wasn't just that it was new york city. it is just a couple blocks away from ground zero. the scene of 9/11. we know he has links to florida. but the location here could be
4:27 pm
significant as well. >> that's right. remember before. 9/11, the world trade center had been attacked in the 1990s. he's alive. we don't know what condition he's in. and so he sort of forms the center of a series of investigations that are going to be domestic. we have already mentioned new york, florida and new jersey. and then international ties to uzbekistan or anyone else. i should say uzbekistan, this is the challenge that bob was talking about. i don't think bob means to sound fatalistic. the challenge is you have these guys radicalizing and we have multiple soft targets because we love living in cities like new york city. that's the benefit as well. so one of the challenges with the way we talk about terrorism now is uzbekistan is not on the travel ban list. because the radicalization process isn't tied to a country.
4:28 pm
it's tied to a mentality about how men are thinking about the world. until e we understand that, we are going to focus our counterterrorism efforts on countries, rather than a radicalization process, which is never going to get the risk down to zero. the benefit. of living in new york city is sort of the flow. people are out and about. >> what does this mean in terms of this is the sort of thing that has happened elsewhere? there's a long list of places where people have done vehicular attacks. whether you're talking about france or germany. this has happened in new york city. >> erin, i think we talked about this last week with the fall of raqqah. you have a lot of people sympathizing with the islamic state. whether they are in direct touch or not. they are going to look at this as a great defeat for sunni islam. they don't recognize our
4:29 pm
government as a legitimate government. and they are radicalized. all they need to do is find a weapon. the easiest ep weapons to find like box cutters and airliners on 9/11. and now it's trucks. they can get the same number of casualties as they can instead of using acetone and peroxide bombs. they are learning. they are learning to stay off the internet. communicating with the islamic state or other groups. paul is right. we'll find out there is connections between this man and other group. s as they look into it, but they are not obvious connections, which makes it so difficult to get. what do you do about somebody. you can watch truck rental, but they are going to start stealing trucks. we are just vulnerable in a large city. >> we don't know anything about
4:30 pm
when juliette raised the point that uzbekistan wouldn't be covered by the travel ban. this guy has been in the country for seven years. we don't know his travel in and out. that will possibly end up being significant. but the reality of it is that it's already here. >> that's right. in march there was a dhs assessment of people getting involved in violence extremism in the united states. they found the majority of people actually were radicalized after arrive iing in if the uni states in terms of foreign-born people. there's a problem in the united states. people have access to this jihadi propaganda over the internet and social media. there are isis cyber coaches in iraq and elsewhere. also libya reaching out to americans all the time trying to encourage them to launch terrorist attacks. so we're going to have to wait and see where this individual
4:31 pm
was radicalized, whether they had any overseas connections. they will be looking at all those foreign travel patterns after they did the same thing with the boston bombings, where there was travel back and forth to the region. so all of that now being investigated. >> and obviously, the similarity to boston with the survivor. you have the attacker here who has survived. we understand out of surgery. so they have someone to question, someone is going to be punished, according to to the full extent of the law for this. >> the public safety exception to the miranda will apply to make sure there's no threat to new york. every reason to believe the police commissioner that there isn't. and then the sort of more familiar legal proceedings will occur. and in that process, the investigation will be ongoing in
4:32 pm
terms of co-conspirators. that's the open question and it really has to do with the van. that will be determined relatively quickly. did someone help him or use the driver's license. once you determine it's just him, you're really only looking at a potential radicalization process with others abroad. >> one of the thing when is you look at the images here, we mentioned there was a school bus. and they survived. eight others were killed by this terrorist. but there was a school bus that was hit. you see the bikes, the mangled bikes. this is someone that plowed down a bike path. this is a city. it happens to be the biggest city in the united states, but any city is full of pedestrians and bikes and strollers and people going about their lives. and that is what is now at risk
4:33 pm
because what we know about this guy, which is nothing leading into this, the question is how can you stop it? >> you can't. you can't put up barriers. new york city does they will move it to cleveland, ohio. then to los angeles and these people are very mobile. they have money. they are dedicated. and the car is everywhere. it's omnipresent and lethal and probably the way it looks to me is that school bus when e he hit the school bus stopped this attack. he could have kept ongoing and it could have been a lot worse than eight people. this is a horrible, hideous problem we have here and as long as these problems in the middle east continue, we're going to be facing this danger and i predict there will be more attacks like this. >> let me raise something that some people may not want to hear, but i'm going to say it any way. that is this was a horrific
4:34 pm
attack. he had two guns. a bb gun and paintball gun. even either of those had been a real gun, a lot more people could have been killed. >> i think that's a good add on to bob's point. that bus stopped him from continuing driving that vehicle and killing more people. there's no doubt this was a suicide attack. it was going to be suicide by cop. any time you commit a crime and pull out a fake handgun, you're only looking for one thing. a law enforcement officer to shoot you. that's what occurred here. because this individual is alive, this is the best piece of evidence we have as to what's going on in this individual's head and wast going on in his life and where he traveled to. i think we're lucky he didn't get gunned down. it's horrible that he killed as many people that he did. he probably could have kill ed lot more if it wasn't for hitting the school bus. he's the best piece of evidence
4:35 pm
we have in it this whole crime right now. >> what comes next for the trump administration? this is a crucial moment. the president is is saying not in the united states. he's going to stop them in the middle east and elsewhere before they come to the united states. this is a crucial moment for him. >> it is. it has two pieces. one is operational, which is going to go oun whoever the president is. it's the lead fbi investigation, resources of the department of homeland security to agent locals. all that stuff that goes regardless of politics. then a political side. so what the president has said so far is sort of calling it terrorism or talking about isis. so there will be a political consequence. as we have seen the trump administration is more prone to make politics out of this kind of terrorism than they would say with las vegas where many more people died. ien can't predict how this will turn out, but it will be a moment where donald trump will likely talk about islamic
4:36 pm
terrorism and those abroad. just to remind people again, this idea of a travel ban, he's already here. that's one. and number two, he's not on the right country list. we have to prepare ourselves, but the idea we can stop it through politics is just not going to happen. >> thank you all very much. next, the witnesses. this was a very busy area. there were a lot of people there. they are telling us what they saw as the attack unfolded. >> he's in the bike lane. clearly in the bike lane. i see when i go down i see two gentlemen laying in the bike lane. >> we'll take you through the attack as the suspect moved from one block to the next terrorizing people block after block. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it.
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we have new details coming in about the attack in lower manhattan. eight people were killed, a a dozen more injured after a speeding truck plowed into a bike path for 20 blocks. the driver trying to plow people over. bicyclists, runners, all on that path. one witness describing what he saw moments after the attack. >> i looked out and i see a truck going down towards chambers street. i'm saying what's going on. i go down more and he's in the bike lane. clearly in the bike lane. when i go down, i see two gentlemen laying in the bike lane with tire marks across their body.
4:41 pm
you can tell they are not here no more. >> the truck then eventually collided with a school bus, which could have saved lives because the school bus blocked it. the people on the inside were injured but are alive. witnesses say the suspect got out of the vehicle then after striking the school bus yelling allahu akbar. they rented that truck in new jersey. the suspect was shot by an officer. he's now out of surgery. he's expected to survive. we have more breaking news on the suspect and i want to get to all of that. i want to go to the ground now. brin is out front. what more are you learn iing abt the suspect? >> we have learned that he is a 29-year-old originally from o z uzbekist uzbekistan. he came to the u.s. in 2010. most recently living in tampa, florida. some of that information coming from the fact that he had a florida i.d. on him when he was arrested at the scene. really not far from where we're
4:42 pm
standing right now. authorities were able to apprehend him after shooting him. witnesses describe the gunshots, he was sho the in the abdomen and taken to a nearby hospital. he's gone out of surgery, but a lot of information still coming in at a news conference not long ago. governor cuomo talked about the nature of the terrorist attacks and how there are requests for these lone wolf attacks and said at this point, preliminary information shows this was not part of a larger plot, but we're only about four hours into this investigation. we'll certainly be learning more. >> thank you very much. i want to go back to breaking a lot of thoo th news. i know you're learning more about this truck rental. what else are investigatoring telling you? >> investigators believe that it was some time today that he rented a truck and may have been a short time before the attack. >> the way the vehicle was traveling south on the west side
4:43 pm
highway suggests and i'm told that's what authorities believe he was coming from new jersey en route down the west side highway when he then launched the attack. hopping over this curve and on to the bike path. so they are basically now investigators are build iing a time line and they know where he came from. they know some of his movement. they know he has a residence in florida and tampa and now the question is what is the connection to new jersey. how did he get to new jersey where he rented this home depot pickup truck from. the question is the location. they are still trying to figure out was this a spur of the moment type thing. was he driving down the west side highway and saw an opening and decided to launch this attack. that's still also part of the investigation. and also most importantly probably is they want to make sure that no one else is
4:44 pm
involved and make sure he's not working with anyone else. that's an ongoing process for the fbi right now. >> an interesting point you raise. they don't know to what extent this was premeditated or spur of the moment. they simply do not know. on this issue of truck rentals, this is something that has happened this other places. we have seen it in germany, france and elsewhere. we have not seen it here. and the deputy commissioner for counter terror was asked about the truck rental. what he had to say moments ago at this press conference is very important. let me play it. >> we did extensive outreach to the truck rental business. we visited over 148 truck rental locations in this area. the obvious ones and talked about suspicious indicators, ways to come forward. so the industry has had a high level of awareness on this matter from the nypd. >> high level of awareness, but nothing can stop someone who
4:45 pm
comes in innocuously and rents this vehicle. we don't know if there's anything that could have stood out. >> this is a great point that you're raising and i'm happy you played that sound there. funny enough or maybe coincidental, i was talking to a law enforcement official about that. they are perplexed. the nypd has spent a lot of time working with the local community, local businesses, hotels, truck companies, hardware stores, going to them quite often saying if. you see anything suspicious, let us know. they have a special program dedicated to that so that the owners, the workers of these hardware stores can call them directly very quickly. there's a number they call. they answer. they respond to almost every possible threat, anything suspicious, they respond. it's one of the best programs that the nypd has. i know they have shared this program with other law
4:46 pm
enforcement. >> we don't know at this point if they got a call or didn't get a call. we don't know, right? >> it doesn't sound like they got a call that this person was under the radar. usually what happens if the truck company is suspicious, they will usually delay maybe renting something or selling someone something or may just flatly deny it. they would call the nypd intelligence division and they would respond and investigate. >> thank you very much. and next, we're going to break down exactly what happened so you can see the location, see exactly how this attack happened block by block and the breaking news on the russia investigation. one of trump's top lieutenants about to be interviewed. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver
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breaking news, you're
4:50 pm
looking at pictures of one world trade center, this fire lit tonight in red, white and blue in honor of treatment and democracy which was attacked today after a person was killed on a bike path in new york city. this is essentially the corner of houston street and the west side highway. the bike path is over here. as you can see, completely unguarded, there aren't barricades or anything like that. the whole point is its accessible for people to come to. the route then that this attacker, the 29-year-old man starts here and drove down about 20 blocks. 20 blocks is about one mile. he drove and was able to do so unapprehended. the bike path itself, the highway along side it, no bar areas and a few trees.
4:51 pm
this is where the bike path is. this is an old picture but obviously on a day like today, a beautiful fall day was packed with people and this is where it ended and this is how it ended as you can see. that home depot truck completely smashed in the front. that was the vehicle the terrorist used to attack and kill innocent people who are just out on a bike path on a beautiful halloween day. my panel back with me. that juliette is what is so striking. the whole point is about a -- about a place like this is about accessibility and people coming out and leaving their lives and that's what they were doing. i guess we can only hope that some of them had absolutely no idea what hit them. >> yeah, it's the hardest thing to accept in the open environment like ours you're never going to get the vulnerability and zero. we're going to have to adapt to
4:52 pm
that. we worry about terror richl. it's also the last piece which is maintaining who we are as citizens, people who live in new york city who like to 'go bike riding. you're never going to get it to zero. it's so hard to admit to ourselves, because of the fear factor of terrorism. but, on the other hand we have been successful in stopping major attacks and that the kind of attacks we are facing look like this. it is not a success but it is certainly something that was part of our counter terrorism strategy over the last 15 years. >> and we don't know the motivate here, everyone is jumping to the assumption of active terror. we don't know yet. we don't know whether he rented the truck he came in plan to do this at this location or suddenly he decided in moment of
4:53 pm
opportunity to drive across. we simply don't know. >> we don't know. the first story's always wrong and there are going to be new details that come out. the fact he has the guns, jumped out. rented a truck, he's from out beck stan. all of these things started to add up and right now it looks like islamic terrorism. maybe the islamic state. >> thank you all very much. in our breaking news coverage we continue with the breaking news on the terror attack and the russian probe. one of the president's lieutenant about to take the question from bob mueller's team. by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you,
4:54 pm
i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
4:55 pm
. and we have breaking news significant. a development here in the story the new york terror attack. shimon we now know the name of who this person is. >> reporter: we're now reporting the suspect's name. his name is say few low ha zero bull vick. we're told he has a florida address. we're also being told law enforcement is interested in
4:56 pm
some areas, perhaps areas of new jersey. we know he rent it had truck today in new jersey and so i'm being told the fbi has now odded new jersey and i'm also told by the nypd law enforcement officials that east new jersey is of interest to them at this point. they have had his name for quite sometime and lab in tampa where he's from interviewing families and friends. the main point for this is to make sure that no one here was helping him and that is where investigators are. they have their suspect, the question is was he working with anyone. >> and stay with me, if you will, shimon. obviously important as you're saying, this attack happened at 3:00. they've already been on the ground in tampa interviewing family and friends. if you can stay with me. bob bear is with me. bob, your reaction first to
4:57 pm
this. first of all the name, and the fact that that i have been on the ground. this happened at 3:00, it's not yet 8:00. they've been on the ground in tampa interviewing family and friends. >> well, they can get to the family right away. you have to keep in mind, erin the uzbek in this country is one of the most hostile communities in the world. i used to work there in the '90s. it's a nightmare for the intelligent service and it's going to be a nightmare for the law enforcement to get to the bottom of this in the uzbek community. very difficult, intelligent nuts to crack. >> unfortunately that you are just starting down that path. john, you obviously were there on 9/11. this is the sort of thing that
4:58 pm
every since and more recent years with isis using vehicles have been a great fear. tonight this is the first time someone has actually done it. >> and that's a remarkable testament to the law enforcement community. the multiple threats and plots that have been stopped but this guy got true with a car, which is one of the most difficult thing to defend against, targeting incident civilians biking and driving at 3:00 in the afternoon on halloween. it's a bloody scene, it's hundreds of yards away from the world trade center. the city is strong, the mayor was correct about calling this terror early on. >> shimon just reported that the suspect has come out of surgery.
4:59 pm
so they are now questioning him. how does that go from here? it's still in the hospital, where does that go from here? >> these guys over time are breakable. he'll start giving up contacts, spiritual leaders, people that agree with him on various things, whether it's tampa, new jersey or the rest of it. this will lead to arrest, we be break down. there's no central authority and you can't bring these cells down all at one go. that's the problem. >> and does it, bob, bring others out of the shadows? >> it will. what scares law enforcement right now are copy cats. as we've been talking about, all major urban areas are vulnerable and impossible to protect.
5:00 pm
it's impossible to get into the mind of these people from the fbi just watching from a distance, in the mosque and all over the internet. they are all other these people but it's tough, it's a tough one. >> tonight as we said we now know the identity of the 29 years of the uzbek national who created this terrific terror attack in new york city. our break average continues with anderson 360. good evening. we're here with the coverage in new york city. the nation's deadliest terror attack and sadly lower manhattan was