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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 31, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we begin this hour of breaking news. all we're hearing about the worst terror attack since nichbl. eight people killed along the bike path along the shadow of the world trade center sight. a suspect wounded, in custody today. claiming allegiance to isis. a city celebrating halloween tonight, shaken but far from broken. the world trade center lit in red, white, and blue. the empire state building also red, white, and blue, strength to new yorkers after a very rough day. >> 3:05 p.m. a rented home depot truck barrels down a bike path. >> i see a whiept pickup trute
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>> along a popular area in the city, the truck manages to get 20 blockers striking people on the path along the way. >> i see two gentlemen laying right there on the bike line with tire marks across their body. you could tell they're not here. >> the truck crashes into a school bus. >> at chamber street the truck collided with the school bus injuring two adults and two children. >> the driver exits the vehicle brandishing what appears to be two the buns. >> he looked frustrated, panicked, confused. >> this video shows the gunman on foot, a uniform police officer engaging, shooting the driver in the vehicle in the abdomen, wounding him. he's taken to a local hospital a. paintball the bun and a pellet gun are recovered at the scene. >> this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> all told, eight are dead, 11 more injured. >> we know that this action was
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intended to break our spirit. but we also know new yorkers are strong, new yorkers are resilient and our spirit will never be moved by an act of violence, an act meant to intimidate us. >> the note discovered at the scene, jim sciutto has more and joins us now. jim, brings us to date about this note. >> law enforcement source telling my colleague shimon prokupecz that the suspect left a note either in the truck or around the truck claiming in english he was carrying out this attack in the name of isis. that by itself means it's an isis attack. you have cases where individuals like this are radicalized and isis encouraged its supports online to carry out attacks, and
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when they do make some sort of statement of allegiance, doesn't mean it was planned by isis, but he was inspired in some way, elijah online. that is often them.o. with an attack like this. we saw this in san bernardino. we saw this no orlando with the pulse nightclub shooter. it does show how isis is expiring these kinds of attacks around the world. you and i have talked about this a lot, it is often called on its supporters to use whatever they can to carry out deadly attacks in the west, including specifically vehicles, which is as we saw here tonight, we saw in barcelona weeks ago, we saw in nice, france, last year. a vehicle is a deadly weapon. >> the suspect is out of surgery. has law enforcement actually been able to talk to him? >> we know that law enforcement was able to speak to him before going into surgery.
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we don't know afterwards. we don't know what they gleaned from that conversation. but they will certainly be making an effort to do so going forward. some of the details, his name is sayfullo saipov, an uzbek national who came to the u.s. in 2019. lives in new jersey where he rented this truck. i was told there was no specific intelligence about an track targeting this area at this time in this way, but often with attacks like this, particularly lone wolf attacks, there is no warning intelligence in advance of the attack. >> jim sciutto, thank you for the update. the fbi wants your help and they have set up a tip line. the number is 180022 a 0321, select option 1.
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you do not have to give your name. the number is 18002250321. also cnn investigative reporter for international affairs, michael weiss, philip mudd and assistant secretary for homeland security. just now, the fact they have found this note, how that may shift the investigation or widen the investigation in some ways. >> absolutely gives them something to work with, just like all the human intelligence gained by talking to people at the scene. one of the things important to stress in this month, october 1st we had the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. we close out the month with the worst attack since 9/11. i'm glad we put up the 800 number there for tips. for events like this, here are the things you are to do, run
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first. if you can't run away, hide. if you can't hide, fight. and lastly, tell. i talked to a couple people in the crowd and they were showing me pictures of the subject. and i asked them, have you given this o to the police, and they said, yes. that's what people need to do. >> that run, hide, fight, is an important thing to keep in mind. the fight aspect is a in your thing that law enforcement is encouraging people to do given what they've learned. >> the paradigm has shifted. we've seen people don't understand you have to help yourself first. first responders may be minutes away. and those minutes may save your life. >> phil, you were talking about how they go about it assuming there are other people involved and disprove that over the course of time. >> anderson, one of the hardest things is proving the negative, especially now that we have a note that suggests affiliation
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with isis. how can i guarantee you his claims -- they never had a phone number that he talked to an isis member. reconstructing that timeline over time to tell you in a month or two months, i guarantee that note was just a claim of affiliation with isis, but there was never any communication. that is really tough. >> how likely is it atlas martyrdom video like we saw with the charlie hebdo attacks? >> i was just going to say that. if he did make contact with isis, they will have instructed him not to just leave a note. they want a martyrdom video and reading out a confession as to why he's going to do what he's going to do. this is for maximum propaganda
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value. the thing to wait for is isis to put up videos. it's strange because they claimed credit recently for an attack that had nothing to do with isis, las vegas. on this they're waiting a while. does their waiting mean they're in production mode trying to prepare some grand announcement that proves essentially this guy was a willing executioner. >> what are the challenges they face? >> the suspect is alive and that will be a lot of information if he's willing to speak about who he is. they also know where he lives and they're clearly searching for potential coconspiracytors. that's their main focus, did anyone help him, in particular with the rental of the van. the second piece is the
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international side. we tend to talk about the radicalized by isis and waiting to see what they have to say. we have to think of isis as an ecosystem now, there are people closer to the center being directed by them and others who are on the periphery. isis is selling hate and these people are buying it. so we don't know how long that trajectory, where isis fits in and where the relationship is with this attack. that will take a lot longer. and it will involve the usually investigations involving the cia, foreign intelligence agencies, and foreign travel. >> how likely is it that somebody in this person's life has information? knows what their motivation was, what their thinking was, or that they were planning something? >> the most important is the treasure-trove of information we have in the hospital bed right
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now. the fact she a showed up getting out of the vehicle with a pellet gun and a paintball was that he planned on being killed by cop. neither one of them could hurt anybody. helmet he wanted to be killed. he's going to survive his wounds. those interviews are the most critical piece of this investigation. >> in the past have you found people in people's lives know? >> there's a difference though between whether they were persuaded he was going to do something, and what is more subtle, did they see changes in behavior? did he talk about what the u.s. was doing overseas, the u.s. political process, did he change his habits in terms of how he dressed, how often he mdid he
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practice religion? >> i can't think of a single case of a terror attack, thwarted or successful that it wasn't later discovered this person who carried it out was indeed well throne to people around him, family members, his community. the most infamous case is the so-called underpants bomber who tried to blow up an airliner. his father dropped a dime on his own kid. i would not be surprised if this guy's relatives or even people back in uzbekistan warned somebody. >> do you agree with that? >> absolutely. someone almost always knows. we saw in las vegas and the boston marathon case, the wife or girlfriend is if there is one. that's where the investigation will lead. just picking up on michael ice point alleges, the foreign travel is going to be key.
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he's been here a long time. and it may be he was here a long time with no signs of anything going on. how long was that radicalization process, the challenge today is the process can be very short, someone can have been here a long time, something goes wrong in their life and they turn to terrorism as something that make their misery seem more symbolic. that's what we just don't know about his history. i'm curious about foreign travel and who he was with here. >> julia, thank you. i want to thank everyone on the panel tonight. the president's reaction to the attack here in new york. we're at the white house tonight. what has the president said? >> the president's been sending three tweets over the course of several hours, the first one saying looks like another attack by a very sick and deranged
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person. law enforcement is following this closely, not in the usa. he followed that tweet about an hour later with this one saying, we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in the middle east and elsewhere. enough. just before at 7:00 p.m. he put out a third tweet saying my thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the new york city terrorist attack. god and your country are with you. so three tweets coming from the president, the white house also releasing a statement conveying some of the same emotions there. we don't expect to see him on camera or to hear from him necessarily again today. the white house a few hours ago pointing out what they call a photo lid which means they don't expect to see the president but talks to doesn't mean he might send another tweet, anderson.
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>> given the president mentioned isis in his tweet, presumably he was briefed about the note from the attacker pledging allegiance to isis? he wasn't saying isis directly in religious to this attacker, do we know about any briefing? >> we don't know specifically about the information the president has been provided. we do know as of several hours ago we heard from a white house press secretary who said the president had been briefed by john kelly and would be updated as the situation develops. as you know, the president has been known to make these declarative statements about terrorist attacks sometimes long before official statements coming from law enforcement authorities. it's unclear exactly what information the president was provided at the time he made that tweet about isis. as you mentioned he doesn't specifically mention this attack
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and we're only recently learning about these notes so it's not clear whether he was making a guess or if he had actual facts he'd been briefed with. anderson? >> athena jones. an confines describes what he saw and what he did as today's attack unfolded. that's ahead. t trading. >>yeah, 5 years already. 5 years, hmm. you ever call your broker for help? >>once, when volatility spiked... and? >>by the time they got me an answer, it was too late. td ameritrade's elite service team can handle your toughest questions right away- with volatility, it's all about your risk distribution. good to know. >>thanks, mike. we got your back kate. >>does he do that all the time? oh yeah, sometimes he pops out of the couch. help from real traders. only with td ameritrade.
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eyewitnesses. he gave a remarkable account. i want to play a portion of that now of our conversation. >> when did you realize something was going terribly wrong? >> i was walking to the subway on chambers street. i was approaching the intersection which has the bike path right next to it. i was maybe about 100 feet away from the intersection there. and i saw a car coming down, or the truck coming down the bike path. really, really fast. it was mowing things down. i didn't even realize at the time when it really was. >> you saw it hitting bike riders? >> i saw it hitting, but my brain didn't compute that it was actually people. i still these horrible noises. >> not something you would expect to see happening. >> no. there was an undercover car chasing it. so i thought it was someone trying to get away from the cops, whatever they did just trying to run away. but on the bike path, it was really strange. then the bus came from the other
6:20 pm
side. >> school bus? >> yes. and he hit, and he started going up here and was coming straight at me, so i started running back to where i came from. >> the vehicle started going --? >> the vehicle started coming up like that. so i started running this way. there were kids all around me because school with you just letting out at the time. so i started running and pushing h them this way, get out, get out. >> joining me is randi kaye. there were so many people out here who witnessed this? >> absolutely. by the time we got down here there were many police officers and some of the eyewitnesses were around. we spoke to a 17-year-old, elizabeth, and she was setting up. it was the laster period of the day. all of a sudden she heard this horrible noise, so she ran to the window and she saw what happened.
6:21 pm
she took some pictures. we talked to her about those pictures and about what she saw. he's what she told us. >> what did you see? >> i was in a window sitting on the pool deck right across from two body bags, three destroyed. i saw teams all arriving on the scene. >> what did those bicycles look like to you? >> completely destroyed. one was completely bent in half. another one the front wheel was twisted off. >> what did it looked like had happened? >> it looked like they were on the bikes and the truck must have been moving at a fast speed. they didn't know the truck was coming because of how damaged it was. a helmet flew off, so that means that they were totally disoriented which makes sense. >> you saw a helmet on the ground. ? >> yeah. >> where were the body bags. one body which was more twisted
6:22 pm
was next to the bike that was bent in half. and another body was next to the bike whose front wheel was twisted off. and there was a loan bike, and there was no body next to it. >> i asked her how she felt about this happening so close to home. she's 17-year-olds. she says he watches the news. she's seen this happen in other companies, these truck attacks. she never thought it would happen so close to home. she was thankful to be alive. >> so many young people around here. >> i talked to this woman. they closed that school to make sure the kids were safe. this woman didn't know what happened. she heard there was a shooting and raced down from her office. she had two seven-year-old twins so she was worried about them. they were going home to go trick or treating. people here, life demos on. they're going to watch the world series tonight or going to a halloween parade. here in the shadow of the freedom tower.
6:23 pm
it was incredible to see. >> thanks. we are learning more about where the suspect was living prior to all this. jim sciutto has a lot more on that. he joins us now. what do we know about his time in new jersey? >> that's right, anderson. we reported earlier that he did have residency in florida, but we also learned he listed in new jersey, specifically patterson, new jersey, more recently. we spoke to some neighbors who knew he was there on and off for a period of time. patterson is a town that has a large immigrant population from muslim majority countries. going back to the 9/11 investigation, there were some stops in patterson, new jersey, here and there. there was some connections there. so you had a some history in places tied to groups like this in the past. patterson, through the years, have been an immigrant community. my father is from patterson.
6:24 pm
more recently you had a large muslim population with occasional ties to groups like this. for a period of time he lived in patterson. >> appreciate that. we'll be right back with a former cia and nsa director, general michael aheaden to talk about the larger security questions in play. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure
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because the fbi wants information from anyone who might know him, we are showing a picture tonight of the suspect. jim sciutto is back now. what have you learned? >> this photo we obtained from october 2016 from the state of missouri, st. charles, missouri. the suspect was arrested then in 2016, this by a warrant on the missouri state highway patrol, not clear if this was a traffic-related incident, but he was arrested on a warrant by the highway patrol from october 2016. this was what happens after an attack like this. you have law enforcement reaching out for any previous contacts with the suspect so that they know where he was before, did he have any previous run-ins with the law. he wasn't on any terror watch list, although that's still an area they're looking into.
6:29 pm
but we are seeing that he had previous run-ins with the law. and we are learning that he lived in more than one place. he had a florida residency, but he lived part time in patterson new jersey. this is what's happening. law enforcement is spreading their net widely, seeing who else in law enforcement might have had a run i know with him before. crucially now that we have him claiming to have carried out this attack for isis, whether he had any contact prior to this with known international terrorist organizations. that passwo >> jim, appreciate that. former cia as well as nsa director, general michael hayden. general, appreciate you being with us. when you see an attack like this, in terms of the joint
6:30 pm
terrorism task force, what exactly will they be looking at right now? >> some things that jim just suggested, they are looking for the connective tissue. they're going to go back and reconstruct this man's life to see what has happened to him, what got him to this place, who around him may have known about this, who around him may have aided and abetted this. we may find this is just an isolated young man, saddened, but we may also find other things we have to take action on in order to prevent a recurrence of this kinds of events. it's basically reconstruction. >> would the fbi joint terrorism
6:31 pm
task force be working with the cia at this point? >> of course they would. and the national agencies would now be trying to discover anything they might have on this man and his connections with the broader globalist jihadist movement. but, frankly, anderson, my instincts are if we're going to get information on this man, it's going to come from local authorities, from law enforcement, and from the people around him in his community rather than the national intelligence services of the united states. >> it's got to be extremely significant that the attacker has been taken alive and doesn't have to be mirandized right away. >> that's a very important thing that you pointed out. this is going to give us a rare opportunity to take someone who, frankly, i think wanted to commit suicide by policeman who
6:32 pm
did not die and will be subject to interrogation. as you pointed out on the show, we don't have to mirandize him as long as we have a reasonable threat still existing. so we may actually learn an awful lot, maybe not about isis, but about how radicalization takes place for six or seven years. >> as isis is being defeated on the battlefield in iraq, in syria, does it have an impact or do you think it will have an impact on these kind of attacks in the future in europe and the united states? >> it does, but keep in mind we are seeing the destruction of the physical caliphate. we are not yet seeing the destruction of isis, the movement, or isis, the idea. and the physical destruction i think, anderson, cuts two ways.
6:33 pm
number one, it's less than inspirational movement for folks who might want to attach themselves to something bigger than thelgmselves, but you get e desperation from others who want to lash out because they see the defeat of something they may have believed in. so we see a modest increase in our threat because of the physical destruction, but we may also see a reduction in the caliphate's ability to organize complex attacks against europe or america. >> president trump tweeted a few minutes ago. i just ordered homeland security to accestep up or vetting progr. what are your thoughts on that? >> look, it's a natural reaction. i think it may have more political content, anderson, than strategic content. remember when i said earlier, we're going to learn about this
6:34 pm
guy and warnings of future people like this, far more likely to come from local communities, and in this case it means local islamic communities. so we need to be careful with regard to our national policies that we don't alienate these very communities on whom we're going to have to depend for the key intelligence we need. >> michael hayden, appreciate your time. thank you very much as always. today's attacks was the deadliest terror attack in new york city since september 11th, unfortunately it was not the first one since they haven't other recent terror attacks in the city. huh! we gotta go. come on. ♪ "grandma! grandpa!" ♪
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the new york city subway system. two men were arrested and extra indicted to the u.s. all pledged allegiance to isis. >> we are the number one terrorist target in the country and potentially the world.
6:40 pm
>> a bangladesh, man built a thousand pound bomb to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. he hoped to strike at the heart of the american economy. in 2010, times square again, a failed plot by pakistani fighter. shazad came close, bystanders tipped off when smoke started pouring from his suv. >> firefighters, emergency service officers, and the bomb squad responded and the bomb squad confirmed that the suspicious vehicle did indeed cane an explosive device. >> 2009 saw two plots, one led by zazi to attack the new york city system by suicide bomb. the other plotted by three americans and one haitian
6:41 pm
immigrant, all muslim, targeting synagogues and u.s. military aircraft flying out of new york state. their motive, deaths of muslim in afghanistan during the u.s.-led war there. the massive fuel tanks in lines at new york's jfk airport were targeted in 2007. the plot involved four men, one a jfk cargo handler and one a former member of the apartment in geeian nah. >> it would have been a significant loss of property, certainly, and likely a significant loss of life. >> a 2004 sting operation netted a 21-year-old pakistani man for threatening to blow up a subway station days before the democratic national convention.
6:42 pm
with me in national security analyst peter bergen. there have been a number of close calls since 9/11. plots foiled, attackers caught, none of those attacks have been like this attack today, however. >> a number of attacks in that piece for informant driven. lucky they they didn't pan out. but it shows from a terrorist perspective, they're like school shooters, they learn from other inciden incidents. we've seen 15 of these attacks in the west since 2014. they killed 142 people including the eight people who were killed today in manhattan. unfortunately this is the tactic of choice now, it requires no training, it repairs also you're not buying weapons or buying chemicals for bomb making or going overseas for training, e
6:43 pm
kinds of things that would bring the attention to law enforcement. the new york city police department does a pretty good job of walling off key event to vehicle traffic but you can't protect against everything. certainly when these big events come up, that's something law enforcement needs to consider. >> paul, there was the attack in chelsea last year where a bomb was detonated but no one killed. >> the attempted attack, the bombing in chelsea we both covered that last year, anderson. that was a very close call. there could have been dozens killed in that attack had they not placed the device inside a heavy duty metal dumpster.
6:44 pm
there was high explosive in that case. but now we've seen a terrorist attack get through. about a year ago, isis put out an issue of their magazine calling for exactly these kind of vehicle attacks, even in the macy's day parade in new york. there's a striking similarity between what we saw in manhattan this afternoon and the advice given in that magazine right down to an isis claim of affiliation written on paper. one of the things the investigators are going to be looking at is whether this individual had accessed that particular issue of the isis magazine. i think there's a high degree of likelihood that he did. >> peter, according to a senior law enforcement official, this
6:45 pm
attacker left a note in the vehicle or around the vehicle, claiming he did it in the name much isis. we don't know if this was isis-inspired or directed by isis. >> there's several levels. going back to the discussion with general aheaden, the fact that isis is unable to train large numbers of westerners in syrian attack, you're not going to see something like the paris attack li attack. we're seeing two kinds of attacks, one is enabled. we will certainly investigate to see if that happened here. whether there was some kind of direction by a virtual isis recruiter somewhere in the middle east or perhaps in europe who directed this guy to do this attack, or was he inspired like omar mateen in florida without contacts with isis. those are the questions investigators will be looking at surely.
6:46 pm
>> paul, we know this attacker is an you see beck national who came to the u.s. in 2010. are any of those jihadist groups in the u.s.? >> they will be looking at travel patterns where he went back there. the two major groups in buk uzbekistan. there are a lot of you see becks that have traveled to syria and iraq to join groups like isis, to join you see beck brigades affiliated the isis and al qaeda. and there's a lot of jihadist propaganda. there was an attack in stockholm
6:47 pm
this year which killed a number people in the swedish capital. there is a pattern of you see becks getting involved in these attacks. there was one in 2007 against a u.s. air force base, the ram stein base in germany that linked back to you sthem. >> in terms of vehicle attacks like this, it's very difficult, obviously, to prevent these sorts of things. >> unless we plan to turn ourselves into some sort of prison system where anywhere where there's large crowds and vehicles able to access them that we're going to cut them off. we're not going to do that. it can't happen in new york city or any crowded western city. the way to stop these attacks is the fbi has done a study of
6:48 pm
dozens of attacks in the united states, overwhelmingly the people who know the most information are peers and families. in the orlando attack the wife certainly knew something about the possible attack and still been charged as such by the fbi. in the san bernardino attack, somebody provided weapons, a friend knew there was a jihadist terrorist attack potentially. peers and family members need to come forward. it's difficult because they're going to be concerned about people facing long sentences, but that's the way you find the kind of person that's carrying out these attacks. >> peter bergen, and paul crook shan. we'll have more when we come back in just a moment. curse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico
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we've been hearing from eyewitnesses throughout the evening. so many people nearby including cabrera, we spoke just before airtime. when did you realize something was happening? >> i was sitting out front of the basketball court.
6:53 pm
i heard several gunshots, i want to say about six go off. and i knew something was wrong. at first i saw kids running away laughing, so i thought maybe it was a joke, halloween. but something inside me knew it was more than just that. i heard a gunshot before, so me and my cousin started walking over to see what was going on. and there's what i guess you would call an overpass from the west side highway, and we walked up there and i could see a totaled pick up truck, another man laying on the ground with ems trying to help him. >> reporter: was he one of the bikalists? >> i don't know what he was. he was in the opposite lane of the bicycle lane. i saw two people laying down covered with sheets and their bicycles next to them. what appeared their bicycles run
6:54 pm
over. you could see they weren't right. >> i know you took the video obviously smashed in the front. did you see the person get out of the vehicle or the person who had been driving? >> no, by the time i got there i would say it was pretty much the aftermath because everything was done by the time i got there. the police responded. it took me maybe two or three minutes to walk over there. the police were already on-the-scene. >> you're a criminal justice student. you're going to the college down here to study that. but to actually see this up close, what is it like? >> it's different. i've never seen something of this magnitude happen. i mean i've heard of shootings, but i've never actually seen one. and to see one and to see how our firefighters, ems, nypd responded, it was so quick. i was half a block away and there were fire trucks, ambulance, cop cars already there on the scene. it took meal three minutes to
6:55 pm
walk down there, i would say two or three minutes. >> does it make you frightened? >> no because i know i live in new york city where unfortunately this happens. maybe not here in this section, but it happens here in new york. i've been here my whole life, 23 years. >> life goes on. >> life goes on. i don't know the people who were killed or injured. i hope the people who are injured do well, but it's unfortunate. and it happens in new york way too often. >> well, thank you very much for talking with us. appreciate it. well, just a few blocks from here the village halloween parade is a tradition that happens every year. it goes on as planned. tonight it went on. we'll take you there next. th. get 4 unlimited lines for just $40 bucks each. taxes and fees included.
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6:59 pm
here which is really a lot of folks coming down to celebrate. you already heard from the mayor, from the city officials talking about the heavy police presence. we've seen that all the way along the parade route. a number of police out here, heavily armed some of them. we've seen a number of entrances leading to the parade route blocked off. and we also talked to folks why they decided to come out here. you had some reservations coming out here tonight, yes? >> i definitely thought about it. i really thought did i want to risk it, but after thinking it through i was like why should i stay home? i love halloween. i might as well come down and have a good time. >> reporter: you heard the mayor and police commissioner saying not to let the terrorists win, to come out and go about your lives. is that the thought you had as well? >> absolutely. at the end of the day there's going to be increased presence here, there were police here and
7:00 pm
they're going to make sure we're safe. >> why wouldn't you come out here? >> right. >> reporter: this is sort of an awkward question, but were there any reservations just knowing so many folks lost their lives and still coming out to celebrate? >> it's somewhat fearful, but if you change your life, the bad guys win. you have to go out and live the way you're going to live. enjoy what the city has to offer all the time. >> reporter: we want to point out both the mayor and governor walked part of the parade out here tonight, anderson. again, heavy police presence. but a lot of folks doing exactly what they were advised to do, come out and go on with their lives. >> that's about all the time weave tonight. time to hand things over to don lemon and "cnn tonight." this is cnn breaking news. here's breaking news as we look at these live pictures. a deadly truck attack in new york city.