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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the tempur-pedic veteran's day savings event is here, and now is the time to take advantage of this incredible offer. save up to $500 instantly on select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer today at john berman in new york, and poppy harlow down at the scene of the deadliest terror attack since 9/11. this morning we are getting new details on the suspect. a 29-year-old usbek national
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shot by police after he drove his truck down a bike path on the west side of the city. the man is now talking with police and the fbi at the hospital where he had surgery. in addition to the note he left at the scene, in which he declared his allegiance to isis, he trafficked in materials regarding isis online. there was news from the governor of new york, important news, right here on cnn's "new day" who said this killer was radicalized inside the u.s. >> he is a depraved coward is what he is. he was associated with isis. he was radicalized domestically. he's a depraved coward.
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>> i am poppy harlow down here about a block and a half away from the deadliest terror attack in new york since 9/11. what the governor said there is important. this terrorist was radicalized domestically, and what is most important that we remember this morning, the victims, eight people murdered, 11 people injured. some critically and still in the hospital at this hour. there are many questions and very few answers at this point. we have learned the suspect is talking and being somewhat cooperative with authorities. what will he say that will give them more information as to what drove him to this and how he was radicalized here in the united states at some point in the last seven years. let's get to jean casarez. let's begin with what we know
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and what we don't know at this point? >> reporter: what we know is the primary crime scene behind us, about a block and a half away and it remains closed today. the truck that the suspect rented yesterday, law enforcement says hours before the attack, is still there. why? because it's a crime scene. the fact is the suspect is alive and so the crime scene processing is taking place in the advent of charges and a criminal investigation leading to criminal charges. we are learning more about the hero officer that was patrolling the area, saw this suspect get out of his truck and brandishing what was believed to be two weapons and he shot him in the abdomen. he was an nypd officer there at the scene, just happened to be patrolling and he is the one that did not kill him but shot him seriously, so he had to have emergency surgery last night. finally, poppy, we are learning
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more about the victims. we just learned minutes ago there are actually 13 people injured, and that's not including the suspect. they are at bellevue hospital and new york presbyterian this morning and their injuries range from fair to critical. >> we know of the eight that were murdered. when i saw last night in the pictures, those bikes that so many rent, i thought immediately terrorists. we know that five of these argentine tourists were here to celebrate, jean, their 30-year high school reunion. >> reporter: that's exactly right. we are learning the identities very slowly of these victims, the ones that perished and the ones that did not make it, and five of them were argentinian citizens and they were here together celebrating their 30th high school reunion. we also know one of the victims was a belgian national.
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i think one of the most horrific things that we have learned, of the eight people that perished, six of them were killed on the spot as this man allegedly drove through that very popular bike path. >> thank you for the reporting. we will update you on the victims, those injured, and some in critical condition. let's go to shaw moan -- we are not naming this 29 national, because he's not one that should be getting any of the glory, however he wanted to go down in all of this. we are learning that importantly he is talking, he's talking to the fbi and he's being somewhat cooperative, is that right? >> yeah, that's right poppy. many were careful in
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characterizing his cooperation, and it's best for us to say he's talking to them. they would not go into what he was saying, what he was telling them, but it has been helpful to investigators. we learned a lot overnight, search warrants were conducted at his home in new jersey where investigators spoke to his wife, and i'm told by other sources that he has kids who are also in new jersey. really, for investigators now, it's about figuring out two things, whether or not he's connecting to anybody else here or overseas somewhere. the other issue for investigators is when did he become radicalized, as we have been reporting here this morning, investigators have found isis-related material on social media accounts that are connected to him. those accounts, i am told, are not in his name. investigators, the fbi, the nypd have been able to locate them and they now have them and have been reviewing them and have
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been reviewing the series of notes they left behind which they found outside the truck. all of this is pointing a picture for them. still, the key is, when did he become radicalized. as he said, the governor this morning on "new day" said he was radicalized here. that's an important part for investigators. at least they feel somewhat this did not happen when he was traveling anywhere overseas so perhaps he was self radicalized. investigators also told us they believe he acted alone but can't rule out that anybody else may have been helping him or he may have been talking to somebody else. that's going to require phone work. they did fined a phone at the scene which they will review. also, i don't know if they found computers, but the thing is the social media accounts have played an important role here, and also they have been able to paint a picture.
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>> that's right, a joint press conference, less than two hours away. great reporting as always. thank you very much. let's head to the white house, and joe johns is at the white house. the president is responding this morning, and what are we hearing? >> reporter: the president moving quickly to begin assigning blame for what happened there in new york city, the terrorist attack, and just as quickly getting a response. the president tweeting this morning calling out chuck schumer, the democratic leader for his support of a pre9/11 visa program that was instituted during the clinton administration, and apparently used by the suspect in 2010 to enter the country. the terrorists came into our country through what is called the diversity visa lottery program, a chuck schumer beauty.
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it's important to show this program was set up essentially to allow more people into the country from countries that do not typically produce a lot of immigrants. the president and some key republicans on capitol hill have been trying to get rid of the program. senator schumer responded this morning, i have always believed and continue to believe that immigration is good for america. president trump instead of politicizing and dividing america, which he always seems to do at times of tragedy should be focusing on the real solution, anti-terrorism funding which he proposed to cut in his most recent budget. the president had a tweet last night saying he was ordering the homeland security to step up the vetting, and we asked what the president met by that and we were referred back to the white
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house. >> joe johns at the white house. let us know what else you hear from the president. thank you. i want to give our viewers an update. we have a new victim total. 13 people now, we have now learned, 13 injured and eight people perished. joining me now, let's go through all the details. the experts on this, former nypd detective with me, and karen greensburg is also with us. standing here is surreal for me. >> both of us. >> we lived in an apartment a block and a half from here, and this is how i used to walk to the subway every morning. we hear the governor saying this is a man, a 29-year-old, radicalized domestically. they were able to figure that out very quickly. what could tell them that? >> well, this is a little déjà vu for me because i was here when the north tower came down. this is not a man, this is a
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psychotic -- i don't want to insult animals because he's not even that. and that we heard the term lone wolf, and we want to get away from that term because people are getting radicalized by what they read online, and since 2014 the islamic state talked about attacks just like this. >> we do know from shimon's reporting, we know the governor says radicalized domestically, and we know that he is talking, talking to authorities, and that is different. that's what makes it so different than other terror attacks in the west, is the attacker survived and he is saying something to authorities. could be a treasure trove of information and lead them to other people and the source of
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the radicalization. if you are questioning him this morning in the hospital, what would you be asking? >> yeah, you are making a good point, poppy, which is that the attackers do not normally survive the attacks in the united states. so this is -- he could be a valuable trove of information. there's both specific and general information that we would want from him right now. first is how -- did he collaborate with anybody? did anybody help him? did anybody know about it? is there a larger network of individuals who might be planning similar attacks. they will press him very hard to these things. they are going to want to know, was this inspired or directed in any way, and they are going to have to assess how much he is telling the truth. and then there's the general question, and that's important for law enforcement, and that is if they can figure out how they got radicalized, and that will be a later interview and interrogation, and that's an
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extremely important part of what they will want to find out. >> we also were told he did leave a note next to his car or in his car expressing sympathy and in relation to isis. isis has not claimed responsibility. but that note is helpful to them. and then mayor de blasio was on this morning saying look, some security measures will change. this guy was able to get on the bike path and hop the curb and drive 16 blocks. >> i used to ride this bike path a lot, so it's freaky to know that -- either one of us could have been on the bike path here. how much security do we want to put in place where it becomes cumbersome for us to go about our daily lives? we will have to live in a world where people are out there
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wanting to hurt us. i am shocked an attack like this has not happened sooner. it has been 16 years since we had a fatality in a terrorist attack here in new york. and they do a fantastic job thwarting threats. >> this happened right next to the joint terrorism task force headquarters, and this is one of the most watched parts of manhattan and it still happened. >> i think you have to give the nypd tremendous credit, and the parade took place last night, and that was an incredibly important decision by law enforcement and public officials, the mayor, the governor. it was a very important decision. we have the marathon coming up. new yorkers, because this is the first lethal attack since 9/11, understand the degree to which they have been kept safe. that's an important message
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here. of course they will have to find ways to keep new yorkers safer. there are twin messages here. >> there are, indeed. you saw the resilience. thank you john and karen. you saw the resilience of the great city, right, the halloween parade goes on last night, and the marathon will go on this weekend, and this is new york strong. >> yeah, you will not stop this city by a cowardly attack like this. we will follow all the developments on the terror attack all morning long. what what a -- what happens next for the driver. and then the president dismissing george papadopoulos as a low-level volunteer, but did not dismiss the meeting with vladimir putin when papadopoulos brought it up.
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new developments this morning in the russia investigation. cnn learned then candidate donald trump did not dismiss the idea of a meeting with vladimir
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putin during the campaign. the idea was proposed by papadopoulos, papadopoulos, of course, just pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his meetings he had with russian connections. and our cnn correspondents, they did the reporting on this. manu, first to you. >> this is a march 31st meeting. >> hang on one second. there's a moment of silence down at the new york stock exchange. this in remembrance of the eight people killed in the new york city terror attack.
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again, a moment of silence at the new york stock exchange to remember the eight lives lost, the eight lives taken by a terrorist attack here in new york city yesterday. i want to go back, and the world rallying behind the city. manu, candidate trump in a meeting with papadopoulos, he
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suggested meeting with putin and the president said? >> he didn't rule it out. he did not say yes or no. we do know from court documents that papadopoulos attended this meeting with then-candidate trump, and according to the court documents, he said when papadopoulos introduced himself to the group he stated in substance he had connections that could rarparrange a meetin with candidate trump and putin. candidate trump made remarks but left the idea open, according to the person in the room he talked to. the white house was asked about the meeting earlier this week, sarah huckabee sanders in the aftermath that papadopoulos plead guilty, when sarah huckabee sanders was asked about this, she said the president did not recall specifics from the
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meeting and the white house did not respond to further questions about what we now learned as then candidate trump not refusing to rule out the meeting between putin and himself, something that papadopoulos continued to push through the campaign season, john. >> it's interesting. you would think a major subject like that might be something people at the meeting remembered. jim acosta, to you on that point, then senator jeff sessions and now attorney general jeff sessions was in that meeting and people remember his response? >> that's right. according to the source, sessions dismissed this idea and dismissed papadopoulos as this kid that did not know what he was talking about and should not be suggesting something like this in front of candidate. why is all of this important? this is important because remember a couple days ago, john, white house press secretary sarah sanders was
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dismissing george papadopoulos as a low-level volunteer, and if he is a low-level volunteer why is he sitting in that photograph with candidate trump holding this meeting with the national advisory board. we have talked to a person at that meeting, j.d. gordon, if you are sitting to the left of george papadopoulos, and he tells us in a statement i was surprised to learn this week what george papadopoulos was up to during the campaign. he obviously went to great lengths to go around me and senator sessions. this is obviously surprising a lot of people who were in the room as to what george papadopoulos was up to. the other context in all of this, john, that i think is important. the reason why the then-can b t then-candidate trump, the president now, held the national security board meeting is because he was coming under criticism at that time during that stage of the campaign
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because he said i know a lot about foreign policy and i know a lot about national security because i watch the shows. what we are told by our sources, this board was thrown together in a sense to give then candidate trump cover to show he's talking to other people. when i talked to a source in that meeting and involved in the process this source was saying then candidate trump did not listen to many advisers at all and continued to go on his own gut instincts as to what his national security and foreign policies should be. >> it will be interesting to see if a guilty plea from george papadopoulos refreshes memories from people there. one last point, manu? >> yeah, the president's response to what george papadopoulos proposed notably was left out of the court documents, and this is something the special counsel may want to investigate further. >> gentlemen, thank you so much for your reporting. a very busy morning here.
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we are getting new details about former trump campaign chair paul manafort and rick gates, and both men had complicated and peculiar financial setup pz that there was a phone and e-mail account registered under a fake name, and three u.s. passports, and gates frequently changed banks and opening 55 accounts with 13 financial institutions. both gentlemen expected back in court tomorrow. cnn's justice correspondent, jessica snyder, as the latest on that. >> the court filings revealing that complicated financial and travel web for both men. first to paul manafort, he had three different passports with three different numbers and he submitted ten passports over the last ten years, and travelled the globe in the past ten years
6:27 am
to do yubai, and he went to ecur and china with a phone and e-mail registered with a fake name. gates did change banks and opened and closed accounts, and in all he had 55 accounts with 13 different financial institutions. some of those accounts were in cyprus, prosecutors say, where gates and manafort travelled frequently. all of these questionable transactions is part of why the government successfully argued for house arrest for both men, and they are due back in court on thursday. in the meantime, special counsel mueller's probe is moving forward, and one of the longest serving aides for the president will be interviewed by mueller's team in mid november after she returned from the president's 12-day asia trip. investigators from mueller's
6:28 am
team also ramping up interviews with other white house officials, and those, we learned, could be wrapped up by thanksgiving. mueller's team may be looking at hope hicks, and she was on air force one when that initial misleading statement about donald trump jr.'s meeting came out. a lot still happening with the special counsel's investigation. >> jessica, thank you so much for being with us. we do have fast-moving developments here in new york city as well. one official tells cnn the suspect is talking with investigators. the governor of new york says the suspect radicalized here in the united states. key developments. much more ahead. ones that make it fast and easy to analyze and take action? how about some of the lowest options fees? are you raising your hand?
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welcome back to our special live coverage of the deadliest terror tack since this great city experienced 911 9/11 16 years ago. new yorkers are resilient making their way to work and taking their children to school, and we are focusing on the victims. 13 people remain in the hospital this morning after this horrific attack, less than 24 hours ago. eight people killed. among them five argentinian nationals. we know the asuspected attacker is a 29-year-old is is usbek national. we know he rented this truck and plowed into a school bus filled wl special needs children, and barreled along the bike path
6:34 am
anywheri injuring and killing victims, and we know according to the governor of new york this person was radicalized locally. let's bring in our national security and legal analyst. thank you for being with us. he's talking. right now authorities have what they often do not have after a terror attack, and that's the attacker talking and cooperating somewhat. what are the most important questions to ask him now? >> the first thing law enforcement is going to establish is is this part of a larger plot anything else they need to be concerned about on an immediate basis, and then they will investigate what happened here. we know this individual pledged allegiance to isis. what does that mean? somebody who has been online or somebody who has established connections to a foreign
6:35 am
organization. those are what they will look into right away. >> we know from his social media accounts he was sympathizing with isis, and there was a note that had a connection to isis. he came out of the car with two fake guns and was running around with them yelling "allahu akbar." >> he would have been mirandized at this point, so he has a full scope of constitutional rights so he doesn't need to talk if he doesn't want to, he preserves that right. there's a lot of suspicious indicators at this point. it's hard to know the full range of motive until we have more information about his background, and his current mental state. lots of suspicious right now.
6:36 am
they will have a more full evidence of what happened here and why. >> the fact that the truck was rented hours before the attack happened and he was known to law enforcement but not for everything severe, of course, until yesterday. all of this indicates they did not have many leads on him. are you surprised by that? >> this new form of car attacks has been a real challenge for law enforcement. this is a very, very low barrier to entry. whenever you have both individuals who self radicalized and don't radicalize in ways they will reach out and talk to known terrorists, and instead the only sort of barrier between them and hurting lots and lots of people is the ability to rent a car, that poses a tremendous challenge in preventive policing here because that's the name of
6:37 am
the game, how do we prevent these kinds of things of happening in the future. >> thank you very much. as i throw it back to you, you heard the nypd police commissioner saying we went out after the last truck attack in the west, and so they have been on top of this but still everything not preventible. >> i was talking to an officer last night, and there was a times square incident, they knew there was almost nothing they could do. the president calls george papadopoulos a low-level volunteer, but cnn learned when he suggested the candidate trump meet with vladimir putin, trump didn't say no. new developments on the russian investigation next. kimchi bbq. amazing honky tonk? i can't believe you got us tickets. i did. i didn't pay for anything.
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welcome back. i'm poppy harlow with our special coverage of the terrorist attack in new york city. we do have other news to get to. it appears from your reporting some planning went into this attack. what can you tell us? >> at least preliminary, we are told by sources there are some indications this attack had been planned. officials and investigators have been able to build out a preliminary timeline of the events leading up to the attack, and they believe sometime around 2:00 p.m. yesterday, maybe earlier, there will be some adjustments to this, that he went and rented this pickup
6:43 am
truck and drove over to george washington bridge. he appeared to know where he was able to access the bike path. there are sections of the bike path that are blocked by barricades, and they believe he knew a section of the bike path that he could get onto where there were no barriers. that could be what is partially leading authorities to believe there was planning. as was reported earlier, they have found isis-related material on social media. all of this is starting to paint a picture for officials as they gather more information and build out the timeline and we should hear more around 11:00, hopefully. >> yeah, that joint press conference between the fbi and nypd. this suspect was the father of three kids and lived just over the river. >> we see helicopter pictures of
6:44 am
the house. new details this morning on the russia investigation, basically george papadopoulos. joining me now, julie, the president and his team clearly trying to diminish the importance of george papadopoulos, yet both men attended, papadopoulos proposed a campaign meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin, and donald trump doesn't respond. now, he may not respond because he didn't want to say no or embarrass the kid, but it's the type of thing you would think president trump might remember? >> two things the white house has been saying about george papadopoulos this week is that he was a low-level volunteer, and two, all of his overtures to campaign officials and people in the higher up campaign infrastructure were rebuffed, when he made the offers of
6:45 am
reaching out to vladimir putin when he heard that there was somebody connected with russia who had incriminating e-mails with clinton, he was told, no, no, we are not interested in that. now we are learning he was not rebuffed, and part of his plea agreement did note he was encouraged to pursue a meeting with putin. we do know from what candidate trump was saying at the time and what he continued to say late in the campaign and after he was elected, he was interested in fostering warmer ties with vladimir putin, and he was interested in seeing if they could have an improved relationship, so the idea that george papadopoulos would have brought this up in the campaign, and donald trump would not reject it out of hand is not so far fetched. >> he wrote e-mails read by very senior people, matt, including paul manafort, the campaign chair, who was decidedly not low
6:46 am
level, and we learn he had three current passports and travelled to countries with fake e-mail addresses and phones under a false name. this is not the type of behavior you normally see. it shows in the complicated web this man wove over the years. >> yeah, three passports are unusual. sometimes people have two, especially if they are traveling to the middle east and they want different stamps for different countries, but three passports are unusual. some of his past travels are unusual in establishing fake names. it illustrates, you know, from mueller and, you know, the worry of a flight threat, which is why manafort is restricted to his house right now awaiting his next trial date tomorrow. i mean, i do think there's a lot of curious actions by manafort, especially with the passports. >> this is exactly why we
6:47 am
learned of this, there's arguments because he's a flight risk and his passports. and julie, hope has been around before the beginning of politician donald trump. what is her significance? >> hope is very significant. i would have been surprised if somewhere in this process the special prosecutor did not want to meet with hope hicks, because not only she has been with the campaign and privy to the conversations deciding to run for president, but because the campaign, and now, of course, the white house staff was so tightly contained, they really did not have a lot of people and they were doing it on a shoestring, and hope was present for a lot of meetings and she would have seen a lot of e-mail traffic that would be relevant to what the special counsel is looking at, and she was there at
6:48 am
the white house in the beginning during the process by which the president decided to fire jim comey, and she has kel sruprele what the e-mail traffic looked like there. >> she has a couple weeks to get with her lawyers to know how to respond to the questions she will, no doubt, face. we were supposed to know the details of the tax cut details, and it has been delayed until tomorrow. what does that tell you about the difficulty with the plan? >> it's the high hurdles this plan faces right off the bat. there's a lot of controversy over different tax deductions, what is in there and what is not. the rates at the top end of the spectrum for taxpayers. it does face, you know, hurdles right off the bat, and you are already seeing a delay, which is -- you know, maybe just a bad sign in the short term, which could get fixed in the long
6:49 am
term. it's a sign of how conflicted this tax reform bill is going to be. sort of the pressures especially as we are talking a lot about the russia investigation and topics congress does not want to talk about, and they want to get to tax reform and off the bat they are having trouble doing that. >> thank you for being with us, guys. really appreciate it. less than 24 hours after the terror attack in new york which killed eight people the president is getting political, going after the senate minority leader, chuck schumer, and democrats on immigration policy. much more ahead. you wouldn't do only half
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welcome back. i'm poppy harlow down here in beautiful lower manhattan in the shadow of the freedom tower, reminding us all that this country and this city stands for today, less than 24 hours after the deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. let's talk about that and what happens moving forward in terms
6:53 am
of preventing all of this. with me now is congressman tom suozzi of new york. sir, thank you for being with me. we were just speaking in the commercial break about our memories on 9/11, 16 years ago. as a new yorker, watching what has unfolded, what is your initial reaction? >> you know, i'm so sad for the families that are suffering today. you know, we're all moving on with our lives and trying to move forward, but these families are suffering. so our hearts and prayers go out to them. >> of course, they do. eight people murdered, 13 people in the hospital. some in critical condition this morning. your message, part of what you tweeted out in the wake of this is new york city is full of strength and resolve. be prepared, not scared. and new york city certainly was prepared. i mean, this attack happened in the shadow of the joint terrorism task force headquarters, the nypd headquarters. this is one of the most monitored parts of manhattan. it still happened. what are your thoughts this morning on, of course, the hero
6:54 am
first sporresponders, the nypd, anything you think may need to change going forward to protect civilians? >> i think we need to continue doing what we're doing. we have to be so grateful to all of our law enforcement officials that have stopped so many terrorist attacks over the years, have prevented things from happening, and for responding as well as they did yesterday. be prepared, not scared. that message is something, you know, we've been using for the past 16 years. we have to continue to be diligent. we have to work and share information among all the experts. we have to continue to work with our allies. we have to do all of the things that are necessary to be prepared. but we can't be scared. we can't let the public live in fear. i was so moved this morning, looking at reports about children going to school, right down the block from where this happened. about families going on with their days, to go to work. some people going to church this morning. people just moving on with their lives. that's how we win. when the world looks at us and
6:55 am
sees that this is such a great country and people continue to live their great lives, we win. so that's one of the most important things we need to do. be prepared, not scared. >> i saw a mother walking her young first or second grade daughter to school this morning when we got down here. and just thought of exactly that, going about their day. but how do you explain this to your young children? that is the impossible question for so many parents this morning. let me ask you, the president has said he has ordered homeland security to step up this extreme vetting. we don't actually know what that means, what that will actually become. do you agree with the president? >> you know, this is serious business. this is life and death. and we've let our politics become kind of small and petty and cynical in our country. and to address these very serious problems require people with differing viewpoints to go through deliberative processes, listening to experts, taking
6:56 am
information, and trying to find some common ground. we as americans, all of us, not just the elected officials, all americans really need to lift up this political process of government and treat this as serious as it is. this is -- you know, whether it's health care or terrorism, whatever the issue may be, this is life and death business for people. and we need to lift up this conversation and treat it the serious way that it needs to be treated. and that requires -- >> so let me ask you this. >> -- experts working together. >> let me ask you this, congressman, on that point. the president this morning in one of his messages to the american people on twitter points out what is called the diversity visa lottery. this has been a law in place since 1995. 50,000 people from countries where there are not a lot of immigrants to the united states come into this country this way. he points to chuck schumer, who was a big supporter of that. i should note, it became law under republican presidency. but my question to you is do you believe that there are questions that should be answered this
6:57 am
morning about this program, about the diversity visa lottery? do you have questions about it this morning, if, in fact, that is the way that this 29-year-old uzbek national got into this country, as some reports indicate. >> you know, this is not an issue that's resolved in a tweet or even in my interview with you right now. this is part of comprehensive immigration reform. we had eight senators, years ago, sit down, hammer out a comprehensive immigration reform package, to look at this issue, as well as so many others related to immigration reform, the same stuff we're dealing with daca and d.r.e.a.m.ers and all the border security. this was all hammered out by people with differing viewpoints, who went through a deliberative process. and then, they wouldn't vote on it in the house. so, again, this is a serious issue that requires deliberate thinking, smart people, listening to experts, working together, to try to find common ground to solve these very complex problems. so, we're not going to solve it today. we're not going to solve it with a tweet.
6:58 am
we need to go through what they call regular order in the house of representatives and the united states senate and listen to experts and find common ground to solve these very challenging problems we face. that's what the american people want. they're sick and tired of the finger pointing. they want us to get things done. >> congressman, the american people will be watching as that process unfolds for you and your colleagues there in congress. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. >> poppy, thank you so much for being down in manhattan today. >> of course. we are waiting for an 11:00 a.m. presser eastern time. that's in just over an hour, to begin here, right near where i'm standing. nypd, fbi will give us some more color intoes wh what has happen answer some more questions. we'll bring that to you live. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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