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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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old, a software engineer. a local shop owner told "the washington post" he was quote, absolutely lovely, he was a sweet heart, warm and friendly. and he was the only new yorker killed in this attack. our great sympathy goes to those families who are mourning tonight. and thank you for joining us. anderson is next. good evening we begin tonight with breaking news. so much of what we were hoping to know in the yesterday's terror attack in lower manhattan we learned details today, federal charges against the driver. there's more than authorities want to know which is why we're again breaking with tradition tonight and showing his photograph just in case anybody have any information about this person. that's the number to call at the bottom of the screen. first, the facts that we know. two reports starting with shimon who joining us now.
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what do you find out about why the suspect chose halloween. >> the authorities believe the reason he chose halloween because he wanted a big impact. he felt in the area along this stretch of the west side highway, along this bike path which really isn't that far from the halloween parade he thought there'd be a lot of people there. he figured he'd do this attack in a great impact in the area where there'd be a lot of people. >> what else was in the complaint? >> a lot of information on this ten plus page complaint. authorities say they have his cell phones, two cell phones and really they have found a lot of information off of his web search. he was searching on his phone, websites. they found 90 videos of isis propaganda, one was a beheading. they found some 30 something images of isis and they also found he was researching pickup trucks and the term halloween. so all of that is basically painting a picture for authorities that this -- he
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wanted a bike impact-type attack. >> earlier the fbi was looking for information about a second individual. what do you know about that now. >> they have located that individual shortly after they put out his photo within about 20 minutes or so. they found him and are questioning him. he's not considered a suspect. i was told there was no imminent threat because of him but they were able to find him and are now questioning. they believe he's an associate so they want to ask him what he knows. that's what i'm being told, what he knows about the suspect. keep in mind the suspect was planning this for about a year. so anyone in that timeline authorities are going to want to talk to. he's not going to be the only one they're looking for and wanting to speak to. >> how did he make a living? >> right, so that's unclear. there's some thought he was odds and ends type jobs or pickup truck driver. authorities are still working through that.
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he didn't appear to really have a great amount of money so that is still under investigation. they are talking -- they've talked to his wife whose koorptding and that's stuff they're trying to figure out. >> all right shimon appreciate the reporting. let's go to the site of the attack. so you're learning jason, more about what the suspect has said. >> reporter: right, we did tell you the suspect did appear in a wheelchair in court earlier this morning, he did not enter in a plea. he faces two counts, including providing material according to an organization, that organization of course about isis. again, did not enter a plea. the u.s. attorney has 30 days to do that. as you heard from my colleague, shimon, really getting more insight now into the stoichld of this particular man. he had already given investigators a great deal of information and apparently not showing any remorse, anderson.
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when he was in his hospital and questioned apparently he said he felt employed good -- good about what he had done and at one point asked if an isis flag could be hung in his hospital room. >> unbelievable. he also did a dry run, is that right? >> reporter: he did. we noted from the complaint at 2:06 that's the time he rent it had truck from home depot. on october 22nd he rented a truck and did some turns to try to practice. we also know at one point he said he wanted to hang the isis flag on his truck which falls in step with some of the material left behind, including a note written in english and air bike which included isis propaganda. >> appreciate the details. i want to bring in the panel. phil, just from what we learned today thou you see this investigation going? >> people are talking about lone wolf versus broad conspiracy.
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this is more confused and i think it's going to get complicated. couple things different than what you'd expect to see in a lone wolf operation. we learned he thought of a truck about two months ago but he was thinking this operation as long as a year ago. he was not isolated from society, has a family, presumably has associates..1, somebody knows something. >> in pass cases people talk about stuff. >> it's not whether they look at something and say i'm going to mow down someone on the highway. whether their motivate changed, talk about politics differently and religion differently. i'm not suggesting that person was involved in the conspiracy but the fact they looked for him so quickly tells me they have questions for him. did you know something about the operation, what was the circle of people who might have told him joining isis was okay, who
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might have radicalized him. this tells me the story, the spy dar web around this individual it's going to be complicated. >> art, how about you? >> when we found out he was never a target against an fbi counter terrorism investigation, he was always on the forgive ral, he was -- peripheral, he was always on the radar. now they're going to go back and look at the individuals between him and the individuals who were target. so this individual they picked up today could be one of the people that he had had contact with. i think because of all his postings and everything he's put out, and the fact he had all these contacts on the phone, there's people who know he was planning to do something here. >> one of the points i want to make, this sounds complicated. there's a term we use in the business called hops. one over the reason there is complicated, you have an individual in the center and a
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circle of associates. one of the associates was picked up today, that's one hop. think about multiplying those hops by people he know on the intern or download a youtube video. in this case you want to move out two hops. individuals he's connected with and the number of people they're connected with. multiply by e-mails, phone accounts, i want to know what amazon orders they had. that tells you one reason why this is so complicated. a lot of stuff to look at. >> paul, whether you look at, and again there is still early days, when you look at what we now know about the individual and the nature of the attack, how does it compare to others? paul, can you hear me? >> well, with this case it's the same tactic that we've seen with other isis -- inspired isis
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encouraged cases where you have a trunk attack. i was really struck by the slarlt with what happened yesterday and an isis manual that was put out in november of last year with some very specific guidance for how to launch these kinds of attacks and how to plan these kind of attacks. a handwritten note that should be thrown out of the instruction, anderson, with specific language about the islamic state will endure. we saw all of those things that appear with this attack showing he would have read this manual. >> art, how common is it that someone would make this dry run? because along that stretch of new york there's in the a lot of places where a truck could get on there. in a lot of cases its difficult
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for a truck to veer off the road the way he did. he must have known the area. >> yeah, it's good if we can get video of that dry run and see what he did, i think that's something they're looking for now. that shows the preplanning this individual was involved in. and we've heard preplanning back a couple months but also back in the complaint. they saw it's possibly been a year he's been planning this. although it was unsophisticated to the degree of what he used, he did do preplanning which indicates that he was looking online, he was looking at what isis was putting out online and he did have some preplanning which means, somebody's got to know something out there. somebody else know something. >> also, phil, it's not surprising i guess but it's still sickening that hee proud of what he's done. he seems happy with what he's done, he wants the flag of isis to be up in his hospital.
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>> and remember, he wrote a note of arabic. he sent a message to people oversees saying i sympathize is i succeeded according to the same word of god you're following. we as americans look at these people as soinsane lunatics. i remember talking to one of the interrogators, we have them now as you now know in cia secret prisons, it's called black sites. one of them looked at the interrogator one day not involved in interrogation sitting around talking, he says you know, if you ever let me out identify got to go back and do my work. he's admitting to the person whose imprisonening him you can't let me out because i'm so committed to the cause. the commitment these people have goes beyond what we think or
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imagine. >> paul, do you expect a support ability? does that surprise you? >> it does surprise me to a degree. there's been so much in the media about him claiming isis and so forth. sometimes when it comes to isis there's no rime or reason. after the chelsea bombing testament laattempt last year, they didn't claim that either but they claimed some attacks where it was absolutely -- they had nothing to do with whatsoever, like the lafg attack, like an attack in manilla, the pill peens. so i think there's a lot of chaos when it comes to isis claiming things at the moment. so, we'll have to wait and see. one possibility is that they may have uploaded some kind of video and we've seen that for example,
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the berlin attack last winter and that's putting together a bigger plead ya production, but yes, somewhat surprising. >> you're talking about paul -- >> yeah he would have uploaded on social media. this guy was on his cell phone downloading all sorts of isis videos. not difficult for individuals like that to find someone online that they can upload a video to in isis territory,ter ya and iraq. we'll have to wait and see whether that was the case. it was the case in several other attacks in europe for instance. >> paul, phil muddy and art thank you. 180-225-5324, select option one if you have any information. you go not have to give your name. president trump's tweet on the killer.
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including one slamming chuck schumer. the president continued to say this about the justice system in america. >> we need quick and strong justice. much quicker and stronger than we have right now. because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stalk. no wonder so much of this stuff takes place. >> later this afternoon his press secretary said in short, he didn't say what you heard him say. jim acosta asked her about it. what more can you tell us? >> contrast what the president did today, injecting politics in the aftermath of the terror attack in new york, contrast that what he did in las vegas. you were out there, you remember in the days after that attack in
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las vegas, the president saying hang on a second, we can't politicize this tragedy or talk about gun control right now. he did the exact opposite today. he seized on the thing of immigration. he also talked about getting away from this diversity lottery system saying it duds not have the proper vetting and screening measures in place when in fact it does. he also blamed that system as you said on the senate majority leader chuck schumer that that was signed into program by former president george bush. >> we just heard the president say the justice system in america is a joke and laughing stalk. sarah sanders trying to clarify the comments or denied them. >> i tried to ask her during the believing why did the president say the u.s. justice system is a joke and laughing stalk. here's how it went down.
5:19 pm
>> why would the president call the u.s. justice system a joke and laughing stalk. >> that's not what he said. >> he said that the system of justice in this -- >> he said the process has calling us a joke and calling us a laughing stalk. look, as i told marjoire he pointed out his frustration on how long this process take. particularly for someone to be a known terrorist that process should move faster. that's particularly the point he's making. >> you heard sarah sanders said people are calling us a joke and laughi laughing stalk. >> that's not what he said. let me just play that because it's on video. >> perfect. >> we need quick justice and we
5:20 pm
need strong justice. much quicker and much stronger than we have right now. because what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stalk and no wonder so much of this stuff takes place. >> i mean sarah huckleby sanders knows what president says she's just pretending he said something else. >> she was pretending he said something else and it's disappointing because we count her her to give us the straight scoop in the briefing room. that's not what happened today. it goes to the credibility of the questions we talk about when sean spicer was the white house press secretary. you can't have the press secretary come into the room as sean spicer did and say it was the largest crowd of crow in the united states. that is the kind of statement that shatters the credibility of a white house press secretary. when you ask sarah sanders as we
5:21 pm
did today, for her to pretend that he said otherwise is not playing straight today. >> especially it's on video. it's one thing to lie about something that wasn't recorded and it's easier i guess, but wen it's actually -- to say you believe what sarah sanders said just imply that everybody doesn't and just an idiot because we heard what we heard. >> i was reaching for my q tips making sure my hearing was okay. joining us is nathan eye san, jonathan turley. ambassadorize san what do you make of what the president said? >> anderson, jonathan and i were watching the stories of these precious individuals who perished at the hands of terror in new york city. it was so striking to see a number of them were foreigners
5:22 pm
who had come to the united states to visit from other places. what the president did today, lying, dishonoring the constitution, disdaining american justice but calling it a joke and a laughing stalk, attacking due process, but saying we need quicker, stronger results as if our american courts were not good enough. he dishonored their memory and the united states, and he served that dishonor sandwiches, dishonor sandwich between two lies where he first smeared a senator falsely for the visa program. and then he says at the end aren anderson, no wonder there's no much of this. come on. the amount of time the courts in the united states take are not what is causing the terror, it was a disgraceful performance and an administration that has been full of them. perhaps a new low.
5:23 pm
>> professor turley, the president also said america needs far greater punishment for terrorist. is it clear to you what that means, the former bomber is on death row. >> i'm not sure what that means exactly. i don't know what the president was referring to, the penalties in terrorism cases are as you've noted extreme. also the idea takes too long, this man will never see a free day for the rest of his life. why these cases can stay in the courts for a long time, these people are in jail. in this case, conviction is hardly going to be difficult. he left quite a trail, seems to be eager to admit his guilt. so i just don't know what the president was thinking of when he wants a faster system. i think the danger of these comments is that we can't bend
5:24 pm
to the threat of people like this. we can't give up orvals. that's how you defeat al-qaeda but remaining true to who you are, and we're defined by due process. it's expensive and it takes time, but it works. the punishment is as you've noted quite heavy. >> ambassador, back to the part where the president was speaking to law enforcement officers and talk about don't be so gentle with them, don't put your hand on the head when you're putting them into the vehicle. law enforcement agencies put out statements and said to their offers, this is not how we deal with suspects, not even who have been convicted but suspect people. it does say it's the kind of thing in a barge. one thing to say it's a joke and laughing staugism it's another thing for the president of the united states to be saying this. >> anderson, it's so true when our nation is attack and lives
5:25 pm
are lost, we look for the president to help us heal and respond to strength. but also to defend the constitution, our founding document and the virtues that make america great not to attack them. and it was very similar to what happened with those prior law enforcement comments. the president said he may consider sending this gentleman to guantanamo. so you have a reputeuation there. by the president's own justice department, my heavens, the attorney general was sitting right across from president trump he should have stood up and walked out. >> professor turley what do you say to those who are watching saying look he should go to guantanamo, put him waway and never think about hip again?
5:26 pm
>> first of all people should think about their thinking and implications. first of all guantanamo has -- in many ways it really undermines our credibility both inside and outside the country. but i think the people also have to consider in the administration what this case would mane in the president changes his course. for an individual like this, would be the worse possible case to test those principals. bad cases could become bad law and they should think very seriously whether they really want a case of a lawful resident about sent to guantanamo bay to be the next case before the supreme court. that's not the case i'd bet on if i were on their side. >> professor, a record of a
5:27 pm
trying terrorist better in the united states than trying them in guantanamo? >> yes, way better because they get tried. people in guantanamo bay were not tried. the idea that they are coddled or they play with the system's simply not true. the conviction rate among terrorism cases is one of the highest of any crimes in the united states. it's rare to have people acquitted in terrorism cases. but what they do get is a fair trial. then, when we impose the punishment we impose it on our terms not theirs. they get a fair trial, the type of thing they deny other people. >> thank you guys appreciate its. coming up learning more about the suspect in the attack. including why he picked halloween and what police found on his phone. and his background in uzbekistan. cable. just like some people like banging their head on a low ceiling.
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again the breaking news, the suspect wounded and arrested in yesterday's truck attack was charged later today in federal court. two terrorist accounts. he was refused bail. isis propaganda video was found on one of his cell phones. a second phone showed searches for halloween in new york city and a truck rental outlet in new jersey. more on the man's background with drew griffin. >> reporter: his relatives are refusing to say much at all. from inside her brooklyn apartment building a person believed to be the suspect's mother-in-law. told cnn off camera, she was in shock, couldn't believer it, eventually slamming the door
5:32 pm
shut. new york police officers came and wen from her building. the main law enforcement focus is the suspect's home if patterson, new jersey. what we know is the suspect grew up in uzbekistan. neighbors there say he lived a peaceful life in this home. the suspect moved to the u.s. in 2010, got married. a plan who knew him here in the u.s. found him different. he said he was a young aggressive man, telling cnn there was monsters inside his mind. he hired the suspect for his trucking business but said he had to fire the terror suspect, vaguely referring to a quality issue. the 29-year-old truck driver has serious violations in several states and even arrested for failing to appear in court. somehow even after that he was able to become an uber driver in
5:33 pm
new jersey. uber say he passed their screening. new york and federal officials tell cnn it appears the radicalization took place online and for the past two weeks the suspect had been planning his isis-inspired attack. >> he appears to have followed from almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out in its social media channels before with instructions to their followers on how to carry out such an attack. >> drew joins us now. did uber do a background on this guy? >> yeah, it's amazing but they did and he did pass the background check. an uber spokesperson says they are horrified but this. that i have gone back through his driving record and found no evidence of safety concerns when it comes to customers he was
5:34 pm
driving for. they are now cooperating of course with federal and local officials. anderson. >> i mean, you'd think they might want to look at their security protocols if this person again had multiple traffic citations and been arrested, gets to drive, i don't get that. >> i think that's going to be a no-brainer and tag alone story. he was driving for uber, he had a very terrible driving record. >> thank you. back now with james clapper. director clapper, in terms of what we've all learned today from the investigation, i'm wondering if there's anything of particular that stands out of interest to you? >> one aspect of this, anderson, that i think is unique to this case is that the perpetrator, the terrorist is still alive.
5:35 pm
and, what i'm hopeful is we'll be able to perhaps do a psychological profile here and learn what makes these people tick. when do they cross over that line. and the difficulty we have here is in identifying people, even if they come from someplace else and then come here and become radicalized. and that is a really daunting challenge for law enforcement and intelligence. so, i'm hopeful in the long run that some good may come of this terrible tragedy by learning something about the psychology of people that get caught up and become radicalized. >> i mean after all this time and all the cases that have been looked at often in the retroe spect, as you said many times the terrorist are dead, is that not already kind of clear? i remember reading peter's book
5:36 pm
which is an analysis of ji haud dysand there isn't one particular path that people take. >> no there isn't and that's quite true. that's certainly something we understand. this is a case and point where you do have a surviving attacker and hopefully we'll learn more about this, because sfiet our understanding of this, actually detecting someone who is in the process radicalizing at the right time, without invading similarlies and privacy is something we haven't figured out yet in this country. that's our challenge here, is not so much people coming in and conducting attacks, but people who are here who become radicalized. so whatever -- item hopeful that we'll learn something about this with this particular case. >> i think it's also hard for people to believe, and isis may find it hard to believe that
5:37 pm
this person and these people in general do not tell other people or do not give indications, you know i think back to the garland attack and i think elton simpson was his name, the person who had committed that attack, he'd been on the fbi radar for years. they run undercover agents following him for long periods of time, but there's only so long you can follow somebody for. if they don't so something at a certain point you have to make an operational decision. >> exactly so. this is another example of that. and the question that i think that this poses is well, just how invasive, how intrusive should intelligence law enforcement be when they have people on the radar, so to speak, but who perhaps haven't met the evident area threshold for continued surveillance or arrest or anything of that sort.
5:38 pm
that is a tough problem for this country. >> director clapper appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. new reports of theresident stewing over the russian investigation. one report that everyone's just fine. the latest on that. how'd that go? he kept spelling my name with an 'i' but it's bryan with a 'y.' yeah, since birth. that drives me crazy. yes. it's on all your email. yes. they should know this? yeah. the guy was my brother-in-law. that's ridiculous. well, i happen to know some people. do they listen? what? they're amazing listeners. nice. guidance from professionals who take their time to get to know you.
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accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president,
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then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. it is just two days since the first charges were filed against the president's former
5:42 pm
campaign manager, another aid. so, the question is is the presidenting a niedsing over these developments or cool as a cucumber. it depends who you're talking to. maggie habermann spoke with someone today about this. she's joining us on the phone. >> anderson, good evening there's no question this has consumed the white house. some aids have concerned it's interrupted the president's briefing time, his time to learn exactly what needs to happen on this voyage he's about to go on, on friday. the question here tonight is if it's a welcome diversion going to asia tip, or is it a welcome distraction while he's there. there's no question this is a high stakes, foreign adventure he's going on.
5:43 pm
even if this was not happening the rising threat of a nuclear, pyongyang would be a challenge for him. the concern from some aids we're talking to is that some of these briefings have been interrupted, some cut short. in fact he spent -- following bit by bit, blow by blow of there russian investigation. so the question here is, is he fully briefed on this. anderson, many aids say they're looking forward to changing the subject and they believe this trip will force him to focus on something. it'll take away his telephone and television watching habits. >> so maggie, you spoke to the president by phone today. what did he tell you and how did he sound? >> well, his voice was very upbeat, he clearly wanted to communicate a message, despite what we've read in some places, he's not quote/unquote fuming or
5:44 pm
railing about this. i think his television viewing habits which we know about and annoy him enormously, they are what they are, i think that was separate and distinct from his mood being governed by them. i think his focused on this. what has been described to me by aids, he will need to blow off steam and move on. there has been a lot of this around this. he had been calmer than some folks anticipated, in part because they knew an indictment with paul manafort was imminent at some point. they didn't know if it will include rick gates. george papadopoulos, the foreign policy hand who pleaded guilty, that one caught some people by surprise. the fact that stan clovis, another former adviser of the president, who is currently up
5:45 pm
for appointment to await senate resignation, that also caught people by surprise. i think that's different than the constant disarray that i have had a lot of push back from. >> maggie, there was a report that the president spent the morning watching the president and the briefings had to be pushed back. thank you get the sense he was talking to you with the expressed purpose of rebutting the reporting, like jeff said, he was seething with anger j. >> i think that's entirely what he expected to do. i think least angered by cnn reports. whether he realizes how people pick his moments or not is a different question. he clearly does not want that narrative to be out there. we know very well he like to take control of the narrative. >> and jeff, in terms of lo
5:46 pm
justicics for this asia trip, all of that is being viewed of trying to keep him focused. >> sure, and again separate of there russia investigation, for a if you president only 9 months in office, this is a challenge for anyone. particularly look where least going, he's going to asia, to five countries. he's going as close as he's ever come to north korea. every word he said will be studied. that is why there is a challenging thing. i've heard a lot of details reporting this story. of course his advisers are trying to keep him comfortable. it's one of the reasons he's stopping in honolulu out to tokyo, he's going to try to get adjusted to the time zones. he's going to be given a food that's familiar to him. it's interesting talking to the aids, they want to make sure he's upbeat and happy. on the earlier trips he's taken
5:47 pm
earlier there year, he's enjoyed being in the company of world leaders. a lot of advisers think this is a welcome opportunity to actually change the subject and be a diversion here. again the question is how much of this will be a distraction for him. of course he'll still get news updates. and there are surprises still to come in this investigation and he's following those. up next more on the russia probe, the kind of thing that might be weighing on the president. new details revealed about paul manafort's life style including plummet l passports, fake names, dozens of bank accounts. fascinating stuff ahead. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork, your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face.
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two days after paul manafort was taken to fbi custody along with his colleague rick gates, we're learning surprising details about manafort's
5:52 pm
lifestyle. multiple passports and a lot of cash. >> reporter: three passports, a fake name and dozens of bank accounts, all revealed in court documents. special counsel robert mueller calling it all a history of deceptive and misleading conduct on the part of donald trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort and former manafort rick gates. they are under house arrest after the judge agreed that they are both flight risks. manafort has three u.s. passports, each under a different number. this, however, is not illegal. the prosecutor says he has submitted ten passport applications in roughly the last ten years. this year, manafort has traveled to mexico, ecuador and china and traveled to tokyo, shanghai, dubai, madrid, havana, grand cayman island, cancun and mpanaa
5:53 pm
city and frequent visitors to cyprus. his assets were between $136 million in may 2016 but in some months, like when he was serving as trump's national campaign chairman in august 2016, manafort said his assets were worth 28 million but then wrote he had 63 million in assets on a different application. meanwhile, gates frequently changed banks and opened and closed bank accounts, prosecutors said. he had 55 accounts with 13 different financial institutions. some accounts were in england and cyprus where he held more than $10 million from 2010 to 2013. >> mr. manafort, when was the last time you spoke to the president? >> reporter: cnn spotted manafort coming home to their condo on tuesday. he can only leave for medical or religious reasons or to meet with his attorney and must check
5:54 pm
in with authorities daily. some wonder whether the trump campaign vetted manafort properly in the first place. >> manafort has a long reputation of working on presidential campaigns but the fact that is he an outlaw to the extent that he has been slow so far, i'm beginning to wonder if he wasn't an agent of russia. >> reporter: manafort's attorneys said that his client is not guilty. >> there is no evidence that mr. man forth or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. >> reporter: there's also new information tonight about the trump campaign meeting in march 2016 where george papadopoulos sat just feet from then candidate donald trump, a source in the room says that trump did not dismiss papadopoulos' idea of arranging a meeting with russian president vladimir putin. an official telling cnn, quote, he did didn't say yes and he didn't say no but then senator jeff sessions shut the idea
5:55 pm
down. while the white house said it was the only meeting that papadopoulos attended -- >> it was a brief meeting that took place quite some time ago. it was the one time that group ever met. >> reporter: cnn was told he attended another campaign policy meeting. trump was not in attendance but sessions was and sat next to papadopoulos. >> how is the president responding to the new details about his meeting with papadopoulos? >> anderson, he's silent so far. of course, it was just yesterday that president trump tweeted about papadopoulos calling him a liar. but now with these latest revelations that president trump was in fact in that march 2016 meeting and he didn't dismiss the proposed meeting with putin, we're not actually hearing directly from the president. instead, anderson, sarah sanders was asked about it today by our jim acosta and sanders said that she does not believe that the president recalls a possible putin meeting even coming up. anderson? >> jessica schneider, thanks. the latest details in the investigation of the worst
5:56 pm
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6:00 pm
authorities found which paints a picture of a radicalized, premeditated killer. they want to know more about the man on the screen. if you know more, call the number at the bottom of the screen. brynn gingras, what was in the complaint? >> reporter: a lot of it coming from the suspect himself, what he's told investigators in the hospital and it's very clear from this complaint that he wanted to inflict mass casualties. he told investigators he wanted to perform this attack last night, on halloween night, because he thought there would be more people on the streets. we also know from him that he wanted to not only drive on the west side highway but continue his rampage along onto the brooklyn bridge hoping to kill more people. >> i also understand that we're finding out this isn't the first time that