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tv   New Day  CNN  November 2, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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transparency -- there's a willingness to click on and willingness to share these ads. le they're going to allow them. >> fascinating to see how they're going to be able to police that. until now just a platform. not been the censor. >> thanks for joining us. >> president trump calling for the death penalty for the new york terror suspect. will that harm the case? "new day" starts right now. >> contrast what he did in vegas. the president said hang on a second. >> we can't politicize the tragedy. he did the exact opposite today. >> a quick, strong justice. what we have right now is a joke. >> i don't know what the president was referring to. the penalty in terrorism cases are extreme. >> the president needs to stop tweeting and start leading.
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>> the suspect was planning this about a year. he chose halloween because he wanted a big impact. >> this was the actions of a depraved coward. >> he did pre-planning, which means somebody has to know something. >> it is is beyond what is easy for us to imagine. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome the our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day", november 2nd. 6:00 in new york. alisyn is off. poppy harlow with me now. she was at the scene yesterday. >> right after you. >> president trump declares that the new york terror suspect should be executed. this comes after he called the american judicial system a joke and laughing stock. clearly pushing his hard line immigration and national security agenda. but he ignores a fundamental
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constitutional degree, due process of law. and he may have comp indicated this case. we'll tell you why. the president's brash response stands in such stark contrast to the refusal to address the bigger issues after las vegas. when that gunman opened fire on thousands of concertgoers. and, remember, we still don't know why. stunning new details this morning about the deadly attack here in new york city. but federal prosecutors say the suspect, the a taerbg, was inspired by isis, planned this attack a juror ago, conducted a trial run last week. authorities revealed that he planned to continue the killing spree to drive over the brooklyn bridge and was stopped by the heroic 28-year-old police officer who apprehended him. all of this as the cloud of russia is consuming the president and the white house. the president is nicks ated on the news coverage of his russia investigation. aides are trying to re foshift
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focus to the asia trip. the president insisting he is not under investigation. the facts we'll ferret out. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. the president reacting with outrage to the attacks in new york. also focusing on punishment and attacking the legal system. the justice quickly turning this into a debate with democrats over immigration. the question when the president thinks it's appropriate to bring in politics following a national tragedy and when he doesn't. overnight president trump tweeting that the suspect in the new york city terror attack should get the death penalty. and the president saying he would label him an enemy
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combatant. >> send him to gitmo. i would certainly consider that, yes. >> reporter: he continues to politicize tuesday's tragedy to advance his immigration policies. >> we want to immediately work with congress on the diversity lottery program on terminating it, getting rid of it. >> reporter: the president calling for the visa is sa lottery program end. and demanding that congress get tougher on immigrants coming from the u.s., shifting the company away from a family-based system toward a merit-based one. ? we have to get much less politically correct. we're so politically correct that we're afraid to do anything. >> reporter: the president blaming new york's democratic senator chuck schumer for implementing the program and endangering the company. schumer helped craft the bill signed into law by president
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george h.w. bush in 1990. but he was also part of a bipartisan group, known as the gang of eight, that pushed to end the program. >> the president ought to stop tweeting and start leading. it is is less than a day after it occurred and he can't refrain from his nasty, divisive habits. he ought to lead. >> reporter: president trump also venting his frustration at u.s. courts insisting they are too slow and too lenient. >> we have to come up with punishment that is far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now. what we have right now is a joke and it's a laughing stock. >> reporter: press secretary sarah sanders characterizing the president's remarks when asked is by reporters. >> he said that the system of justice -- >> he said the process. he said the process has people calling us a joke and calling us a laughing stock. >> reporter: the president's
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comments and tweets after the new york attack starkly different from his response to the mass shooting in las vegas that left 58 dead and injuring hundreds more. the president then dismissing the idea of discussing gun control as inappropriate. it took 24 hours for the president to reach out to new york's leaders after the attack. but the governor making clear the president's tweets are a distraction. >> the president's tweets i think were not helpful. i don't think they're factual. i think they tended to point fingers and politicize the situation. >> reporter: today is expected to be a big day at the white house as the president unveils his pick for chairman of the federal reserve. also, the white house will be watching capitol hill very closely as house republicans unveil the tax plan. chris, back to you. >> joe, appreciate it. people sleeping on that fed
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chair choice a little bit and maybe shouldn't. maybe the biggest move the president has made with respect to the economy thus far. we'll discuss it. however, this morning there are more details coming out in this terror investigation including possible clues about motive. according to the criminal complaint, this murderer planned more carnage on the brooklyn bridge. alex is live in lower manhattan with the details. it is impressive how quickly investigators compiled the case. but this guy's talking. obviously that's a big advantage. what do we know? >> reporter: it is impressive how quick and it is impressive in a dark way how little remorse he is showing. er learning more about the planning that went into this, how darkly prem-tate tatmeditat. he waived his miranda rights and is speaking to investigators. this is one year in the making. halloween was chosen because so many people would be out and
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about. he told investigators that he feels good about what he's done. the man accused of carrying out a mile-long killing spree on a new york city bike path officially charged on federal terrorism charges, including providing support to isis. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out. >> reporter: authorities revealing chilling new details about how 29-year-old sigh became radicalized in the u.s. he began plotting the attack one year ago. >> saipov allegedly admitted that he was inspired by the isis videos he watched. >> reporter: the criminal complaint said he was inspire by al baghdadi. finding dozens of videos and thousands of images of the terror groupon his cell phone, which was recovered at the attack site. authorities say saipov waived his miranda rights and said he
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chose halloween because more people would be on the street and wanted to inflict maximum damage against civilians. from his hospital bed, saipov confessed that he was proud of what he did, even asking them to hang an isis flag in his room. investigators say saipov rented a similar truck just last week to make a practice run. >> the first time i saw him was three weeks ago. he rented the same model truck. >> reporter: an acquaintance in ohio described him as a nervous man, even aggressive but saw no signs of aggression. he repeated a truck at a home depot in new jersey just an hour before. police license plate he readers captured it crossing the george washington bridge. roughly 20 minutes later, he jumped a curb onto the bike path, mowing down pedestrians
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and cyclists for nearly a mile. he planned to continue down to the brooklyn bridge but was stopped unexpectedly when he crashed into this school bus. officer ryan nash, who shot him as he tried to flee the scene, telling reporters he's no hero. >> although i feel like we were just doing our job like thousands of officers do every day, i understand the importance of yesterday's events and the role we played. >> reporter: this as we're learning more about the eight people killed. five men from argentina celebrating their 30th high school reunion. this video showing the groupon a bike ride just before the attack. another tourist also killed. 31-year-old visiting from belgium. she leaves behind two young sons. and a 23-year-old new york native and 32-year-old darren brake from nearby new milford, new jersey.
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>> he had everything going for him. everything in the world you can imagine. >> reporter: now investigators are of course reaching out to anyone who may have known the attacker who can-can answer many of these questions. we know investigators have spoken with the wife. we don't know what she's told them. the fbi was also looking for someone who was an associate of the tacker. they put out a picture and poster of them but quickly said they have found that individual, a young man, and they are questioning him. the u. s. attorneys' office has 30 days to indict the attacker, at which point he will have to enter a plea. we're told in the complaint that the tacker thought about hanging isis flags in the front and back of the truck but decided not to as to not to draw more attention to himself. chris. >> wish he had, alex, right? probably would have changed the
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fate of a lot of people. a lot to discuss here. we have a new wrinkle in the prosecution. cnn counterterrorism expert phil mudd is here, errol louis and gregory is here as well. david, there's no question that this man will likely be eligible for the death penalty. i think he checks the first two categories of the '94 federal death penalty act. it being homicide and t. what does it mean here of concern? >> well, it means a couple of things. primarily for a prosecution, it tends to taint the case that the prosecutors would bring and any defense lawyer would stand up and talk about a president being presidential to the process of a trial. that's why presidents stay out of making comments like this because they don't want to
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prejudice a case. this is what a lot of presidents do, reflecting the fear and the anger of the country they're governing. but he has a special obligation to recognize that he is the head of the government and to try to stand up for all the protections that america provides in a criminal justice system. to have a president of the united states refer to our justice system as a joke and laughing stock says a lot more about him than it does the justice system. even though it's true there are limits in fighting terrorism. this guy was read his miranda rights. he waived them and is providing all kind of information to fbi agents. that is part of how it works. that is how we have gleaned as much information as we have. >> the justice system seals to be working as well as it possibly could 48 hours after this attack. he's talking.
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they have this 10-page complaint with so many details from him. the president is indicating, let's listen to the president indicating it's not working. here's what he said. >> should bump stocks be banned? >> we'll be looking into that. >> i'm going to ask congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program. diversery and diversity lottery. diversity lottery. it sounds nice. it's not nice. it's not good. >> mr. president, do you want the assailant from new york sent to gitmo? >> i would certainly consider that now. send him to gitmo. >> two things you heard there. his refusal to deal with gun control questions after the las vegas shooting and his jumping into the political immigration hours after this attack. ask and then you heard him say i
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would consider saying him to gitmo, saying the u.s. justice system doesn't work. >> it doesn't work unless you consider a fact. let's bookend what we see from the justice system in the united states and gitmo. let's assume that americans, whether you're republican, democratic, independent, have a couple characteristics they might look tpobg. how many people are prosecuted, how fast they are prosecuted, what sentences they get. if you look at prosecutions from terrorists in the united states, including bin laden's inner circle, i'm not aware of any prosecution that was ever disrupted by a threat here to answer people who say we can't do it here because it's too dangerous. if you look at the success rate on those, extremely high. and the charges lead to years and years in prison if not the death penalty. the prosecutor last night is saying these are life charges and in some cases death penalty charges. it takes forever.
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it doesn't happen. you're talking about fewer than 20 prosecutions in guantanamo. it is as expensive as all get out. if i'm looking at the president i'm saying that's red meat for followers. can you interject a fact and tell americans if you want to be a hard ass on terrorism, send them to federal court. >> just as a kpaeupbt of comparison, if you put the pwauboston bombers up, here's w happened. two years and he got his sentence. look at ksm. there's your answer right there. what's going on here? is this the president playing to the passion of the moment? be harsh. yeah, he's got to die. send him to gitmo. forget that he is on american soil. i don't think we have of seen anybody caught on on american soil sent to gitmo. those are in the way, in
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conveniences to his feeding of feeling. >> this is the demagogue's trick of being the angriest guy in the world. ex kraeuclamation points and al this tweeting. there are hundreds of prosecutions that we have seen is already in general you have a 93% conviction rate in any federal prosecution system. and the rate is even higher when talking about the terrorism cases. >> you think what he is talking about is he is upset about the investigation on him. that's why it is a joke and a laughingstock. >> i'm not so sure. who cares about these courts. let's just kill them. in this case if the police had, in fact, been tough and cruel and killed this guy on the spot, there is a whole lot of information that wouldn't have
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gotten. what works in the system are the checks and balances and restraints that everyone, including the president, must submit to. >> this is a legal permanent resident. so there are protections that are afforded to those types of immigration cases, immigration status in the united states. if you go back to the first world trade center bombing trial, we learned so much about al qaeda, how osama bin laden was operating at that point. we have had others in the immediate post 9/11 era. padilla who wanted to put out a dirty bomb, and others, including the -- who would have been i think one of the 20th hijacker in 9/11 who was in federal trial, masawi. there is information to be gleaned f. you're the leader of the country, what's effective at this point? how do we learn more about why
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this happened, who this was, and how it could happen again. and that's what the president is not talking about because he's angry how he got to this point and what we're going to do with this particular person instead of trying to bring washington to a bigger place about what we do now. >> you wonder if it's an impediment. >> every federal prosecutor said what he said -- >> not only to a jury pool but you have 600 convictions in terrorism in federal courts since 2001. gitmo, you brought this up. you have eight. >> a handful. >> eight convictions, three of them appealed. those are just the numbers. up next, the cloud of the russia investigation appears to be consuming the president right now. his own chief of staff said he is distracted by it. the president said not the case. our panel weighs in next. well, like most of you, i just bought a house.
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downplay reports of a white house in chaos after one of his foreman aides lied about his contact russia. the president said, i'm not under investigation, as you know. it has nothing to do with us. a lot there that's not factual. the president also claiming he's not angry at anybody, pushing back against "washington post" describing him as fuming. our reporting that he was seething over the mueller indictments this week. gregory, phil mudd, errol louis. phil, he has a way of just spilling it out. it was so counter to all of our reporting. what did you make of it? >> i thought it was specifically to counter all of this reporting. a number of people noted he's fuming, seething, watching cable television, screaming, losing his temper. other aides saying the walls are
3:23 am
closing in and on and on and on. this was his way of trying to project some calm and confidence, trying to regain the narrative. not very plausibly i might add. this is somebody who has sort is of made his brand, the danger, the rage, the ability to project strength and strike back. it is is very uncharacteristic for him. it is laced with inaccuracies saying this has nothing to do with me. sir, your campaign manager was just hit with a federal indictment mostly based on documents. he is either going to plead guilty or go to prison most likely. it does have something to do with it. >> phil, i don't know why. people have tip-toed around this a bit in the past. how could you make a good case that the president is not under investigation? they're looking at how comey got this. we know it from the document production f. you're looking at how he got dismiss you are investigating how he got dismissed. who tkus missed him? the president. he must be under investigation.
3:24 am
the idea of being a is subject of the investigation that they think he's the main guy, that is a different consideration. certainly he is under investigation. >> he's got to be ticked off. let's move fast forward. let me explain why he is ticked off. look at the documents and the indictments on two types of people. the periphery, low end of the campaign. second, the campaign manager for money laundering. high end person, low end person. the president knows that. we know muler and his team are going to interview people close to the president, including communications director who has been with him forever. they're going in with the interviewees knowing if they say anything the feds could pwraouf wrong. he is going to slap a fine for lying to a federal investigator.
3:25 am
>> we know man port is back in court today. more numbs headlines. the president will land in japan and go golfing with shinzo abe. he feels like his ability to negotiate with abe is hampered by this russia investigation. how do you see it? >> well, it may be because there's a cloud over his investigation, much of which he himself brought in by firing the fbi director. we have a president who talks tough in the face of a terror attack but has been mute on the question of attack on america's election system perpetrated by the russians. those inconsistencies are there. the investigation continues. we don't have to prejudge where it may go. where it is now is concerning enough. but if you're the president, he ought to be focused on really
3:26 am
big ticket issue. he has a new fed chief he is like throeu tphofly to nominate. the stock market is performing well. he has a major tax reform piece of legislation that is facing troubles but should occupy his attention. to say nothing of his trip, which is so important. it is such a catastrophic conflict with north korea. so there is a lot to be focused on. he should and can i think do a lot of good on these other areas if he can compartmentalize just a little bit. >> but look, errol, the president's strength to this point has been the first line, harnessing the anger, giving the emotional response that meets with the expectations ofs base. his problem has consistently been the second line, right? so we see that playing out here again. shoe kill this guy. this is what should happen. but when you look at las vegas,
3:27 am
and he didn't do that. the rope is so obvious. one play to political advantage of anger, which is we're angry at the immigrants, this certain population. it brought up a lot of things that his base is not as angry about. that's why here we are now bookended here this month. started in las vegas. now we end up with the terror attack in new york. we know nothing about what happened there and why he did it. the guy is talking. the bump stock, now is not the time to it. he didn't even express condolences. he went of the visa program right out of the box. >> it's the first level of analysis. the other thing that goes on here again a demagogue is often
3:28 am
you projecting themselves as a strong leader. donald trump certainly does that. he's reflecting i think some of the ambivalence and inconsisteninconsisten inconsistencies of his base. they have anti-sentiment wherever it goes. on the other hand, we have something like what happens in las vegas. this is homegrown. there's no note. there's no politics behind it. it might take them into the realm of putting gun controls in place like the bump stock and they don't know what to do with it. donald trump is going where his base is is leading him. a much better approach would be to step forward, be consistent, do something as basic. it shows the humanity of talking to the families who lost loved ones here in new york. >> it is is also interesting that when you talk about the issue of guns versus terrorism, those who support gun rights say
3:29 am
don't make these kinds of changes. don't be rash about this. these steps won't work. we can show that. when it comes to tightening immigration, they ignore arguments about whether it will work or not. whether it's relevant or not. they will do anything we can to cut it off. >> it is all emotional, right? lock down the borders. we have no borders. of course it's not true. it feels good. it feels as if you do it, it emotionally seems is like it will be satisfying. i never even thought of it that way. they never make the same type of logical. very interesting politics playing out, gentlemen. thank you. just a moment of pause. let it sink in, let people marinate on it. that gregory, he's good looking and smart. you have to give them a moment to do that. >> houston, your fans, going back to j. is r. richard, you finally got world series champions. their first of.
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finally some history to report that is positive. it took seven games. what a series. the houston astros had their first world series champs. 55-year history, first championship. andy scholes, lifelong astros fan hasn't slept. wow, what a blessing for you to get to cover your team and history. >> dream come true, chris. i literally became a sports reporter for a moment like this and it happened. i literally started crying when the astros won. as a lifelong astros fan, it was the best night ever. this bleacher report presented by the new 2018 ford f-150.
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a homer in the second gave a 5-0 lead for the is stros. springer named mvp of the series. corea surprising everyone after the game proposing to his girlfriend after the interview. she of course said yes. i was in the clubhouse for the celebration. all the players could not be happier to bring a title to the city, especially after what it went through with hurricane harvey. >> are you kidding me? it's what you dream about as a kid. we did it for the city of houston. so proud to call houston home. >> to pick up a championship. if we can do it after a tragedy, even better. >> times weren't easy. the fact that we got to be like a small part of getting away
3:35 am
from it and enjoy some is moments is special. >> it means the world. it is incredible. i'm at a loss for words. >> and, guys, this world series championship is extra special. "sports illustrated" predicted it in 2014. they had it on the cover of their magazine. what do you know, three years later it actually came true. >> there you go. on the best year after what they went through with harvey, houston needs this. >> a great sense of perspective to the players. congrats to your team. it you could be all about them. could be completely selfish. they said, no, no, no. let's remember these people. they are playing with the money for money in texas. everybody said it isn't happening but it is. a beautiful way to keep that in our mind. >> congrats, my friend.
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president trump blaming democrats and the visa lottery for allowing the terrorists in the new york attack into this country. we are going to look at the facts first next. is so, dathe family up to the lake for the weekend. but without the white knuckles this time. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage. it's brainiac smart. not only does it watch your f-150's blind spots, it's got your trailer covered too. one less thing to spoil the weekend. no, it can't make the fish bite but maybe they'll work on that. this is the new 2018 ford f-150 it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar.
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. all right. look, a lot of hot and passionate feelings right now when it comes to terror and what
3:40 am
happened in new york city. believe me, they are justified. but you have to lead with the facts. president trump came down hard on the diversity visa program. this isn't about discussing the visa program or not. it is is just about the facts about them. he blamed the democrats. he called it a chuck schumer beauty. he talked about a merit-based system instead. then his press secretary went even further. listen to this. >> everybody wants to be here. to give that away randomly, to have no the vetting system, no way to determine who comes, why they're here and if they want to contribute to society is a problem. >> once again we see something that is plain on its face. sanders is just an echo of the erroneo erroneous. both trump and sanders are demonstrably wrong here. it is not true that the diversity visa program has no he vetting. the vetting is the same as any other immigration program. in fact, because of its work experience and job training
3:41 am
requirements, it is arguably more stringent. she just said something that is not true. next is the political blame. chuck schumer, is he at fault? fair point. he did introduce this in 1990. he didn't make it happen. he was a congressman from brooklyn. there were 31 co-sponsors of the over onall bill. it passed overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis. it was signed into law by a republican president, george h.w. bush. those are just the facts. now, an additional fact brought up by senator jeff flake, schumer offered to sacrifice the program as part of the gang of eight. the compromise bill, something that jeff flake was happy to remind everybody about. it never passed. it was stopped cold and allowed to expire by speaker of the
3:42 am
house boehner. so the real fact problem with the president's argument is what this is supposedly all about. if you didn't have this, you wouldn't have had this guy here. all of the evidence shows that the new york city attacker was radicalized after arriving here. that's what he says. in a recent report we see this. "most foreign-born u.s.-based violent extremists likely radicalized several years after their entry to the united states. what does that mean? that means it's not about what they bring with them as they come in. it's what happened to them here that we have to think about. a march 2017 from president trump's own department of homeland security overseen by then secretary-general john kelly. that's what he came up with. that it happens here. that's the problem. that's what we need to address. it wasn't about the diversity visa program. the vetting is stringent by law.
3:43 am
so it is untrue and unproductive. let's dig deeper now. we have chief strategy officer for the broadcasting board of governors and author of "digital world war" islamists, extremists and the fight for cyber supreme see haroon ulla. let's do this a little bit more she kraticily. you're soft, you guys. you let this in under the diversity visa program. diversity is a dirty word these days. you're spreading around entry to this country willy-nilly. now you have brought this man to us here. is there a basis to that? >> you're exactly right, we have to define the problems. the problem here is last week we saw pictures of the end were is
3:44 am
near. everyone saying isis is finished. in raqqa, we saw the pictures. in reality, it was very premature. isis in a lot of ways is winning. a lot of my research shows they're winning on the battle field they care most about. that's the information battle field. >> the social media, the deep and dark web, bitcoin. what we have here is a content war. we have a content war. if you look at saipov, whether foreign fighters orphan boys, you look at the content they're consuming which changes their attitudes and behavior. that is the real crux. the idea of how do you mobilize the counter narratives, the thousands of young malalas around the world. >> all i heard is keep the people out. i don't care whether it is is
3:45 am
digitally, somebody telling them by mouth. don't let them in the country. we'll be safer. it was easy to the united states and now you have brought death to us because you left anybody in. >> this is a red herring. we have national security to worry about and instead we're talking about visas. we need to be talking about how the access content online that inspired him to conduct an attack and how he was able to operationalize that attack without detection. those are the real issues we need to focus on, not his visa category. >> follow to you. bad guy is always a bad guy. came from a bad place. he was a sleeper. first chance he got and he killed us. kick them out. this doesn't happen. borders, merit based f. you're not an engineer or high-tech guy that we need, stay out. what's wrong with that?
3:46 am
>> this is a distraction. we need to focus on the fact that the internet is a battle field. this is evident from the fact that the russians launched a massive misinformation campaign. and extremists are getting around the fact that they have less physical access to recruits by spread be content online where there are no borders. we are losing the battle. the internet is getting bigger every second which gives extremists more room to grow. >> haroon, when you say isis is winning, people in america will not like you. they don't want to hear that. we're kicking their butts all over the battle field. that's what the germs tell us. when you say that, it makes us feel weak. the real battle is really here at home, right? this guy came with one set of expectations and then became a monster. how are we doing on that report that general kelly put out, that
3:47 am
the radicalization is is happening here. why is it happening here? >> i'll tell you what we know is it's not young people that are joining groups or doing things in the name of isis. the other thing we know from the facts, it is like samantha said, there is this information back room. that is the war. chris, oftentimes we talk about what's going on in the middle east. if i asked is folks who is the number one person on twitter in the middle east, we might guess king abdullah, an actor . it is a religious cleric. extremist cleric. by the way, he is probably the single biggest reason why young people like saipov downloading material like his do these acts. >> you're playing into something it, haroon that i want you to address before we go away. i don't want to miss the largest
3:48 am
idea of purpose. you are making, not intentionally, i'm sure, you are making a constructive case for why xenophobia is on the rise. this muslim guy has 19 million followers. more proof that is no faith of peace. islam is out to get us, and you just proved it with those numbers. what's the response? >> well, my argument is opposite that. that to me is a counter insurgency approach to immigration. and that's failed us. billions of dollars we have spent on isis, billions of dollars, american lives, many other lives lost. we need i think a public health approach. if you think of isis like -- not every brown person is a potential extremist. we have muslim american heroes. we want to make this country safe. we have to think it more akin to an std or herpes. it is spread through intimate
3:49 am
contact. narrower the audience, the bigger the impact. not every person is a potential problem. that is a fallacy. think about hot spots. i'm advocating for a much more smarter approach, working with community leaders, with law enforcement. at the end of the day, you know, that is a needle in the haystack. >> he threw me with the std thing. i'm going to be honest with you. you kind of scrambled my mind. >> it's true. thank you. it is an effective analogy one that i will not forget at 6:49 in the morning. thank you all very much. ahead for us, facebook, google and twitter top lawyers grilled by congress over russia social media meddling and a threat from one senator is to the tech giants, you fix this or we will, next.
3:50 am
accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger
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tech giants from facebook, twitter, google are publicly acknowledging their role in the
3:53 am
russia investigation. they are promising to do better after facebook released 30 of 3,000 russian-bought ads. let's discuss with senior media correspondent brian selter. i want more answers. overall, we got 30 of the 3,000 ads yesterday. what's your takeaway from the hearings? >> there's still a lot of distrust between silicon valley and the government. solutions are very difficult. we're a year after election day and yet we still don't fully have a picture of what went wrong, of how these social networks were used to spread propaganda. this is ongoing today. it will happen in the midterms and the next presidential election. we still don't know what went wrong last year. that's a sense of the problem.
3:54 am
>> this is one that stood out to me. one of these ads from the russian troll farms. satan. if clinton wins. jesus. not if i can help it. both sides of the nfl and kneeling during the national anthem argument. the ceos didn't come to the hill. just the lawyers. >> just the top lawyers. partly because seeing mark zuckerberg or sheryl sandberg on the stand would have given us even more attention. the companies didn't want that. >> those are the decisionmakers. >> i still think sit. until zuckerberg and other ceos address this more directly, it will continue to be a challenge for the companies. there is increasing public distrust of these companies which we all rely on. i don't know what life would be on without facebook, google and twitter. >> you would sleep a lot more. >> i would probably sleep better. it's unimaginable.
3:55 am
these companies changed our lives forever. yet there is an increasing sense that we can't trust what we are seeing. all of these bots are influencing our conversations. we have to go back to first principles, not being able to believe everything that you see, seeking verification and define confirmation of what you're seeing. some of this is on the user responsibilities. >> senator feinstein brought it to them yesterday. listen to this. >> i don't think you get it. you have a huge problem on your hands. you bear this responsibility. you've created these platforms. now they are had he being misused. and you have to be the ones to do something about it. or we will. >> you fix it or we will. mark zucker book, ceo of facebook, says we are spending so much to fix this that it's
3:56 am
biting boo our profiinto our pr that's okay. >> there was a bipartisan sense there was a problem here. that is a small piece of the problem. the bigger issue is not the ads, yes, there were 3,000 ads. but from the ads we are seeing millions of people exposed to actual fake news stories. >> and that's the point that apple ceo tim cook brings up. he is a huge voice in tech and corporate america. his point is. >> i think he got it spot on in a new interview. he said the ads are 1% of the problem. the bigger problem is social networks exploit people's divisions and tendencies to go off in their corners. that's based on what al tkpwoe reugoing rhyt
3:57 am
rhythmically shows up in your news feed. there are reasons why facebook should make it show up with a fact check. companies are making changes around the edges, but it's not enough. and i think there is a growing awareness that it is not just going to be legislative. it is is not just going to be corporate. this is a problem all of us together have to address. >> i don't know that a lot more regulation fixes it entirely. thank you, brian. >> thanks. and the disadvantage of the way our system is set up to allow inclusion. we make the error on the side of inclusion. we'll see. so president trump is calling for the new york terror suspect to be executed. that is not exactly an unpopular position. buff what does it mean legally for prosecutors? we're going to discuss the political and legalism indications next. s than before. like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy.
3:58 am
see how we're fighting to outsmart cancer at
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4:00 am
we also have to come up with punishment far greater than the animals are getting right now. >> all president trump does is take horrible advantage. >> the fact that we have a lottery system. >> what she was saying is not true. >> he's going to continue to use immigration as a divisive issue to scare people. >> he found 90 videos of isis propaganda. >> he wanted to continue his rampage onto the brooklyn bridge. >> he's sending a message not only to americans but to people overseas.


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