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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 2, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right. good morning. john berman, the breaking news, the leaks are upon us. just in to cnn actual details of the republican tax plan that could affect americans for generations how republicans are still behind closed doors being briefed, but we refuse to wait for them. our intread pid reporters have pride the information loose, phil mattingly on capitol hill we've been waiting to learn the details. what do you know. >> that's right. this is what matters, what determines whether or not things move forward. not a nine-page framework but the details. let me run through a couple right now because they are extremely important. on the corporate side, john, obviously, president trump has made no secret about the fact that 20% is the rate he wants it, at the 35% currently. that will happen.
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it will go down to 20% and be permanent according to sources who have been read out summaries of what's going to be in this bill. house republicans right now still behind closed coodoors in about a 90 minute briefing of the contents of the bill. the individual side that's what's going to matter to every video, we have where the rates are going to be. it's never been secret this plan was going to shrink from seven to four rates. at the top rate they will leave the 39.6% rate for individuals who make more -- or for couples that make more than a million dollars. for individuals that threshold is $500,000. that wasn't always going to be the case but that's a recognition of two things. one, they need money to pay for this plan and two, politically, saying millionaires aren't getting a tax break on the individual side is valuable. start going down the list here. for those who get the tax rate of 35%, that would start at married couples at $260,000 a year, $200,000 a year for individuals. at the 25% rate, that would start at $90,000 for couples,
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$45,000 a year for individuals. also a lower rate of 12% where others would come in on that. i want to talk about key things that people like. we've heard a lot about the state and local tax deduction, northeastern republicans have been concerned about the proposal to repeal that entirely. the property tax element of that tax deduction will remain up to $10,000. so that is a give on house leadership's part. the big question is will that be enough? a lot of republicans from those states have said no. we'll see. that's at least a give on something. the income side of that, though, that will be repealed altogether. there are a lot of elements on this on the corporate side, on expensing for business investment, things that will not last much longer than four or five years. there's a reason and why this was delayed for a day and republicans have been kind of working day and night to try to figure this out. with major cuts like on the corporate side and on the individual side, it costs money. you have to pay for this. how? you get rid of things people like a lot, the home interest
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rate deduction will drop a little bit, things like student loan writeoffs will start to go away as well. these are popular tax breaks. these are the things that people enjoy. this is why tax reform is so hard. these details are extroerdsly important. house republicans behind closed doors being read out those detail right now and just about an hour's time house republican leaders will come out and talk about this tax bill. the first step. make no mistake, they will not let this hang out there. they know how difficult this can be and want to move quickly. the house ways and means consider will consider this bill next week, want it on the floor the week after, the week on the house floor senate republicans want to move their bill through committee. in all, john, they want to pass both in house and in the senate tax reform bills by thanksgiving. now, anybody who has been paying attention over the course of the last ten months things don't move quickly, particularly in the senate. that's the schedule right now. but as i noted there's a reason this was delayed for a day, very difficult a lot of tradeoffs right now and a lot of very popular things that are on the chopping block. we'll see how house republicans
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are able to stay together, maintain at least the political imperative to move forward on this in the days ahead. >> all right. phil, stick around. i'm going to bring in chief business correspondent christine romans but before i talk to christine, i want to get exactly what you said about state income taxes. will those no longer be able to be deducted? >> that's correct. that will be gone. instead they will give a cap -- their give here, wanted to repeal all state and local deductibility altogether, income and property tax, property tax will now be capped at $10,000. that's a give. income tax will be gone, repealed. >> all right. phil, stick around. i have one more question on the political implications here. what jumps out to you? >> what jumps out to me house republicans try to sell this as a middle-class tax cut and see the language and framing in the messaging of that when we hear them at 11:15 that's what they will be focusing on. given us four scenarios, typical families with the kind of tax break they would make. take a look at this, the new tax
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brackets, 39.6, that is -- originally the plan was to get rid of that and 35% would be the top rate. for married couples that make a million, $500,000 for individuals, that's where that tax rate would fit in because they did not want this to look like this was a little bit of middle-class tax reform and a lot of reform for rich people. i've been digging into what the numbers look like for companies. as you know democrats and republicans and companies for years have been trying to simplify and lower the corporate tax rate in the u.s. from 35% to 20% and they do that here. what i don't see and what is not clear yet is repatriating. the money sitting overseas, will they bring that back at 20%, that new tax rate or less, that's going to be key for corporate america. for you, for the average person, this bill is says you're going to be able to do your taxes on a postcard. that would be true simplification and a true tax reform if it happens and that's a political question. for sure. >> to that political point, phil mattingly, to you, do we know if
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the house republicans, the leadership, has the buy-in they need from the republicans in new york, new jersey, and california where these states have high income taxes that will not be deductible which means people who live there will get a tax increase or partial increase on that front and with the property tax cap, which again, may not affect as many people as they want do they have buy-in from republicans from those states? >> they don't. not as of yet. a lot of late night meetings over the course of the last couple weeks and why the house budget, essentially the vehicle for tax reform, you saw a lot of republicans from new york, from new jersey vote against that. they were making it very clear changes need to be made. one change was made when it comes to property tax deduction the cap on that, but you still have a lot of republicans from those states who care about the income piece of it. they want to see more, want a credit perhaps as has been proposed. this is still an open question and not just on the state and local, a lot of other issues here, but it's worth noting this, john, there are 33 republicans from high tax states
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where this really matters. how republican leaders can afford to lose 22 if they want to pass this bill. this is a real issue and one they have to iron out. their final take was, let's put something on the floor, we can change it as we go through when the committee marks it up any type of floor action, things like that, changes can be made but they need the buy-in, john. >> christine romans, to you, home buyers, the various home builders associations have been concerned. what do you see in here that may either delay or fuel their concerns? >> i see something interesting. it preserves the home mortgage interest deduction for existing mortgages and then maintains that mortgage interest deduction for newly purchased homes up to $500,000. i'll be interested to see if the housing industry thinks that that prevents people from moving into bigger homes f that's going to have any kind of effect there. the estate tax, politically this could be interesting because it provides immediate relief from the estate tax by doubling the exemptions that would be like $10 million and repealing it altogether after six years.
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they're very few every year very few family run farms, for example, that actually fall under this. this is relief for some of the richest americans. >> okay. dozens of people affected by that. to be clear. you know, fewer than 100 at times. i understand we heard a round of applause from the ways and means committee. president trump wants to make a big deal out of applause for anything but do you get the sense republicans are pleased with where this is headed? >> that's true. talk about the work that went on behind the scenes here. member to member meetings with leadership, with house ways and means committee chairman brady, while they haven't seen the details and haven't leaked to us the details over the course of the last couple weeks there has been an effort on one primary issue, the overall economic picture of what this bill will present. the idea that whether you care about state and local or home interest rate deduction any of those types of things you can't look at it in isolation. look at it in the bigger picture and talk about cutting the corporate rate 35 to 20, which
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republicans care about, the individual rate downs for most people, when you talk about the pass through rate for small businesses for 25%, that's a huge issue as well, these are the types of things republicans want. on top of all of that and john, you know this as well as anybody, there is a political imperative to do something. republicans came back a couple weeks ago recognizing after health care failures and other legislative failures they have to pass something. this would be a cornerstone domestic achievement and all-in on doing this. the question is can they get the details in the right place to get 218 votes. >> phil and christine, thanks for being with us. let you get back to this to pore over the details. everything is in the details right now. that is what will matter to the politicians on the fence and to you, the american people, how it affects you. a lot of other news in washington right now, the president, perhaps, interfering with the prosecution of the terrorist who killed eight people here in new york city on halloween, saying he wants the death penalty. joe johns at the white house
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from what we've been hearing. joe? >> john, human reaction, angry reaction from the president about a terrorist attack in his hometown, nonetheless the president is still the president, the question, the question is, whether this could affect a jury pool, whether this could affect a defense attorney, a defense attorney who could raise some objections because the president of the united states weighed in. now, the president has also talked about guantanamo bay, cuba, and sending this suspect there where so many combatants from foreign countries have also been sent. let's read the tweets this morning. the president writing, would love to send the nyc terrorists to guantanamo but statistically that process takes much longer than going through the federal system. there's also something appropriate about keeping him in the home of the horrible crime he committed should move fast, death penalty. so what that says to us is the president has sort of evolved from yesterday where he said he would consider sending this
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individual to guantanamo bay. it's clear there would be some constitutional questions, some legal questions, because to our knowledge, no person on american soil has ever been sent to guantanamo. it's just been people from other countries. enemy combatants who don't get their miranda rights read. apparently the president has sort of changed his mind. the question, of course, whether he is tainting the jury pool by expressing his outrage is something we'll have to hear in the weeks and months ahead. john, back to you. >> joe johns at the white house thanks so much. we are getting new details about the investigation itself. alexander has that. alex? >> john, we're learning a lot more about the planning that went into this how much more carnage the attacker wanted to cause. the reason that we're learning so much so quickly because the attacker has waived his miranda rights and speaking with investigators. the planning has been in the works around a year but only two months ago the attacker decided to use a truck to inflict what
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investigators say maximum damage. he likely looked across the pond to europe and saw those horrible attacks that took place in places like berlin, barcelona and london, how many people were killed and decided to use a vehicle as well. we know on october 22nd, two weeks ago, he rented a similar truck from home depot to practice his turns, investigators say. then on halloween, two days ago, drove across the george washington bridge on the west side of manhattan and barreled down the west side down that bike path, careening into pedestrians and to bicyclists. now, right here across the corner, that's where he slammed into a school bus and that's when his rampage came to a stop. he got out of the -- out of his truck with two fake guns and was taken down by a police officer. we do know that the attacker had intended on then going across town over to the brooklyn bridge and killing as many people as possible. instead, he was stopped right here and in that vehicle, authorities found a bag full of knives which could imply that he
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was planning on at some point getting out of the vehicle and going on a stabbing rampage. there were two cell phones that were found, including one that had some 90 videos and some 4,000 photos that were associated with isis. his allegiance to isis in no doubt, john. >> alex for us in lower manhattan, thank you very much. it is a big day also in the russia investigation. two key players being interviewed by the house intelligence committee. what are they revealing? paul manafort and rick gates head back to court today. houston, no problem. today. the astros, world series champions. we'll give you the best highlights and bring you the best celebrations ahead. [birds chirping] one, two, here we go ♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ i'm alive, i'm alive ♪ ♪ this is what it sounds like ♪ ♪ whoa-oh-oh, i'm alive ♪ ♪
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just in to cnn one of the president's nominees could be in trouble because of the russia investigation or the nomination could be in trouble. sam clovis, who was a senior campaign official we know he has been speaking to the special counsel's office. senior washington correspondent joe johns has the story for us. joe? >> john, sam clovis, as a lot of us know, was a very visible member of the trump campaign, on cnn's air a lot and he was also a high-ranking official in the campaign. he is now up for a job nominated as the top scientist at usda, the department of yal culture, but he has a problem, we are told, by a white house person who -- with knowledge of the situation that sam clovis may have to withdraw his nomination or be forced out, and that's because of his apparent
7:19 am
connection to a man named george papadopolous and the russia investigation. papadopolous, as we all know, pleaded guilty to a count of making false statements as a result of an fbi interview with him. apparently clovis is one of the individuals who e-mailed and had other contacts with papadopolous and, among the topics of conversation, was whether staff for the trump campaign ought to travel overseas to meet with russian officials. as you know, the investigation is in to coordination of campaign efforts between the united states -- the campaign in the united states and russia. so, possibility that sam clovis may have to step out of the way. his attorney says at all times clovis strongly, strongly opposed any trips overseas by
7:20 am
the aides for the trump campaign. back to you, john. >> joe johns at the white house, we will be watching that closely. meanwhile, more developments in the russia investigation happening now on capitol hill, testimony from two major players, the house intelligence committee behind closed doors with carter page as we speak, his connections to russia go back years and the committee will hear from a russian who was in that trump tower meeting held by donald trump, jr., where he was promised russian dirt on hillary clinton. jessica snyder has the latest for us. jessica? >> a flurry on capitol hill. right now carter page is talking with congressional investigators. he's a renewed interest right now because he's admitted he exchanged e-mails with george papadopolous and carter page said the topic in those e-mails of russia may have come up, but that nothing major was discussed. of course george papadopolous pleaded guilty for lying to the fbi about his extensive communications with jrussians while working for the campaign.
7:21 am
but before papadopolous's plea, carter page was of interest and told the senate intelligence committee he did have brief interactions with low-level russian officials in 2013, and that he even travel ed to russia at the height of the campaign when working as a foreign policy adviser in july 2016, notably around the same time papadopolous was sending campaign e-mails saying that russian officials wanted to meet with the campaign. now carter page has insisted he did not meet with any russian officials during his trip. of course that will all be fleshed out on capitol hill today. the house intelligence committee also talking today to ike kaveladze. he was the eighth person in the room for that june 2016 meeting at trump tower where don jr. was promised dirt on hillary clinton but says he didn't get it. kaveladze's been investigated before for ties to money laundering. he also worked for the russian oligarch agalarov who arranged the trump tower meeting and worked with donald trump on the
7:22 am
2013 miss universe in moscow. so that's happening on capitol hill. we're also watching federal court where paul manafort and rick gates, they'll be in court this afternoon for their second appearance after pleading not guilty monday and it's interesting, now the ukrainian government is sort of getting involved in this case, ukraine's prime minister said in an interview with canadian broadcasting last night that ukraine is willing to provide any information it has on paul manafort, although they've said that prosecutors haven't asked for anything yet. manafort and gates accused of laundering money they made while working as lobbyists for the pro-russian ukrainian government of viktor yanukovych in 2000. ukraine's prime minister weighing in as we await that court appearance a little later today, the second court appearance for paul manafort and rick gates. a lot happening, john. >> jessica, a lot happening indeed. joining us now republican congressman francis rooney of florida, on the house foreign relations committee. i will ask you about the russia investigation in a bit, but
7:23 am
first i want to ask you about the terrorist situation here in new york city and the investigation into that. do you, sir, think our federal courts are up to trying terror suspects? >> i do. i have confidence in our american system of justice. it's the leading light of the world, based upon the fourth amendment and our constitution. i'm confident that terrorist will get the kind of trial he deserves and hopefully the punishment he deserves. >> different than a joke or laughing stock, which is what the president called it yesterday. the president also has suggested that he wants this terrorist to get the death penalty, which i am sure is a sentiment shared by millions of americans, perhaps. the question is, is it imprudent for the commander in chief to say that out loud? do you have concerns that it might taint a jury pool? >> well, no, i'm sure they can impanel a jury out of 330 million americans to give this guy a fair trial but hopefully
7:24 am
he will get what he deserves. we're all emotional, frustrated, scared and tired of this inspired terrorists wreaking havoc around the world and the president is expressing frustration right now. i am frustrated and sponsored the raise act to get [ inaudible ] out of there. >> well, you mean, the diversity visa lottery is how he came into the united states, correct? how is it -- he got in through that way. we don't know if he would have been able to get into the united states through another means. he was vetted, sir. just explain how it's responsible? >> if the raze act were passed people would be admitted to the united states on the basis of skills and a combination of talent, rather than being detached family or this diversity lottery which absolutely to me makes no sense whatsoever. >> and look, there are democrats and republicans who agree with you, those who are negotiating as part of the gang of eight
7:25 am
were going to do away with the diversity lottery. is the lottery responsible, but i do understand your point, sir. i want to ask you about the russia investigation. "the wall street journal" reports the justice department is considering charges against more than six members of the russian government involved in the hacking of the dnc. have you heard anything about this? >> i haven't heard about indictments but i've heard about the dnc attempt and about the other russian activity that was on cnn and in the newspapers. >> if the justice department, again, this isn't part of the special counsel's investigation, if the justice department pushed for charges against specific russians, that would show the severity of what went on last year, would it not? >> yeah. it would show the severity. maybe that will push for charges against twitter for admitting something they've admitted they suppressed the dnc leak. maybe we need the fairness rule
7:26 am
back. maybe we need the fairness rule back to make sure that things like facebook and twitter are not biased one way or the other. >> well, look, facebook and twitter, they were up on capitol hill yesterday and we listened to the hearings extensively and they were pushed on both sides for their practices. a lot of people think facebook should have done more to step up in the way of some of the ads that went on. do you think they should have done that? >> well, i think that needs some careful thought as to how many -- what kind of due dill against requirements to place on them. you're a journalist. journal ises live to a high standard of making sure they're telling the truth and check their sources. i don't know that exists with facebook or twitter. >> look, i think your concerns are shared by a great many people there. we're learning some of the details right now of the republican tax plan that was just discussed behind closed doors. i assume you were in at least part of that meeting right now. i asue you're supportive of this plan based on what i have read from you in the past.
7:27 am
are there any concerns you have of any of the provisions inside, specificall specifically home builders are concerned about the caps on the property tax deduction and i'm being sent e-mails by our business reporter saying home builder stocks have tumbled since some of the details have started leaking out. >> to accomplish the comprehensive, simplication and reform that is the goal of the president and goal of the congress to -- and to achieve some kind of middle-class tax relief while we reform corporate taxes to stimulate capital formation, everybody is probably going to have to share a little bit of pain. >> congressman francis rooney, thanks so much for being with us. appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me on. the new york terror suspect talking to investigators explaining how and why he picked his targets. that's next. you wouldn't do only half
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nervous, aggressive, that is how one neighbor describes the suspect in the deadly new york terror attack. the comments comes as investigators reveal new details about the suspect including they planned the attack more than a year even rented a similar truck to practice his driving. joining me now to discuss and some of the political reactions cnn law enforcement analyst art rod rick, paul callan and senior director of counter terrorism for the national security council joshua gelder. paul with you in the statements from the president overnight and this morning saying he would like to see the death penalty, i spoke to congressman francis rooney of florida who said we're all emotional and have our opinions and doesn't think it's going to be a problem in court. is it that simple when the president says things like this out loud, can it complicate a
7:33 am
prosecute? >> it could complicate and could prevent the death penalty from being administered. there's an internal procedure in the justice department to determine which cases get death penalty recommendations and which do not. when the president, who is the head of the justice department, weighs in and says i want that guy to get the death penalty, he's disrupted the entire process and a defense attorney will come in later on and say, this is an unfair process that's been denied due process because the president expressed his opinion to the people who work for him. >> saying that he could work against the very thing he's trying to get. >> exactly. >> there is irony there. the other thing the president discussed overnight and this morning is whether or not this man should be considered an enemy combatant sent to guantanamo bay. he backtracked off of that a little bit this morning, but the attorney general jeff sessions of the united states, moments ago, discussed this and said he would like to still keep that in the arsenal. let's listen. >> terrorists should know this,
7:34 am
this administration will use all lawful tools at our disposal, including prosecution and article 3 courts or at guantanamo bay. if anyone has any doubt about it, they can ask the more than 500 criminals whom the department of justice has convicted of terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 and ask the dozens of enemy combatants at guantanamo. >> so at this point this is an academic argument, josh, because this terrorist will not be charged as an enemy combatant and not going to guantanamo bay, but the attorney general seemed to conflate two things there. he still said he wanted to keep guantanamo bay as an option and enemy combatant as an option buts also bragged about the 500 criminals from the doj has convicted. those are two separate things. the convictions of the 500 people that's an argument some people are making for not charging as an enemy combatant. >> that's right. and that seems to be the argument that won out overnight
7:35 am
i suspect because the folks who work on these issues within government, who have the experience asking the question, how do we take a bad actor like this off the battlefield for as long as possible, those folks said to the president, here are the tool and your tool kit that you want is criminal prosecution. you want this in federal court where justice can be served, where a lengthy sentence can be imposed and there's been a ton of success in the pass. >> if you look at the boston bomber, he was sentenced to the death penalty within two years. that's a pretty quick time for a death penalty case. art rod rick, to you, one thing we did learn, which is fascinating and gets to the discussion whether or not he should be charged as an enemy combatant this man waived his rights and started talking from inside the hospital. how important is that or how useful is that in an investigation? >> that's also useful. the public safety exception to the miranda rights where they didn't have to initially read him his miranda rights.
7:36 am
since he waived them it shows the bravado of this individual, he wants to get his story out there and we've seen this, you know, he wants to have the isis flag in his hospital room, he wants -- wanted it on his truck when he was committing this heinous act. so i think that's a key part of it. i mean obviously they're getting a ton of information from him. i think the key part of this investigation -- we're at the beginning here, three days out. initially we -- all we were working off of right now is a complaint. i'm sure there will be an indictment, superceding indictment as we move through this investigation and i think this indictment that's going to come forward in the superceding indictment will have a lot more information in there regarding this crime. >> look, you'ring -- >> go ahead, paul. >> one other thing the president has been concerned about the criminal justice system and being slow and not getting justice quickly. i was looking at the gitmo statistics. you know, there are five people at guantanamo right now who have been there for 16 years and they
7:37 am
were allegedly involved in the 911 attacks of 2001 who still have not gone to trial. the federal court system generally anywhere from one to three years, your trial is completed. if you want swift justice he's in the right place, the federal court system. >> there was a suggestion somehow terrorists see the justice system here as not a deterrent. this guy by all accounts or all of the evidence seems to have wanted to die in this attack anyway. i don't think he was concerned about the legal consequences at all. josh, something interesting that isis has not done in this case, which is claim direct responsibility here. we were talking to julia last hour and said that isis may not want to create too direct of a link to someone who is in custody and might be talking. >> generally isis has been reluctant to claim responsibility when the individual did not die in the attack. of course here that's what occurred. the individual is in custody. i suspect on isis' part there's some uncertainty with that.
7:38 am
they don't know what this person will go on to say, to be like, whether in a sense the individual could tarnish their image as they see that image. there may be that reluctance even in the wake of an attack that was successful which is taking lives which the terrorist group encourages folks to do. >> we saw a picture of the school bus rammed by this truck driver, dramatic video, pretty tragic video, concerning. let's play it now so people can see what we're talking about here. the aftermath of the attack. the truck drove down the west side highway and rammed into this school bus which was carrying special needs kids. you can see the damage it caused right here. and then at the end of the video we'll keep rolling things so you can see, you actually see some of the law enforcement officers coming on to the scene right there, just right there, they're coming on thinking they're seeing an accident, right, and then they react to what they realize is an attack. becomes something much, much
7:39 am
different. >> it was an law enforcement officer you have to be prepared for everything and that's exactly what occurred here. they think they're responding to a mort vehicle accident and in reality they're responding to a terror attack. this officer that stopped this individual is really a hero because he wanted to commit more crimes. i mean there's talk now he wanted to drive on to the brooklyn bridge and continue this crime spree that he was on and that officer did a very heroic thing and took this individual down pretty quickly. >> all right. art, paul, josh, thank you so much for being with us. up on capitol hill, moments ago, the republican meeting where they're all learning the details of the tax plan just broke up. lawmakers have been filing out of that meeting. they will start talking. we will start hearing from them, supporters and maybe some republicans with concerns. that reaction from capitol hill, next.
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hill as republicans react to the unveiling of the new tax plan, of particular note, changes to deductions for state income taxes, property taxes and your mortgage payments. cnn's sunlen serfaty on capitol hill. new yorkers, new jersey, california, a lot of states in this country very concerned about that. you've been talking to some representatives and what are you hearing? >> well, the devil here is in the details, john, and that's what we're hearing from members who are putting their eyes for the first time today on this massive tax bill. they are being briefed by members of the house ways committee for the first time today and as you see behind me a lot of activity because members are leaving that briefing, giving us their first reactions on what they think. from the leadership we just saw speaker ryan leave and from kevin mccarthy, really trying to sell the momentum here, saying this is positive, going over well and certainly from the outside of that briefing room we could hear applause at numerous times throughout that briefing. but in talking to individual
7:45 am
members leaving the briefing today, many still have reservations, they have concerns, they say look, we haven't really been able to read this bill. it was largely crafted behind closed doors. we want to go over every detail before we can sign off on that. we heard from as you noted, many members from new york, new jersey, those high tax states who still have concerns on one of the most contentious issues that has always been there, the state and local income tax issue. i talked to congressman dan donovan from new york and he said he's not sure if the deal that was struck to keep those property taxes in place but repeal the state and local income tax, he's not sure if it will be enough to win his support. here's had he said moments ago. >> you know, i'm always concerned about the s.a.l.t. deduction or elimination of the s.a.l.t. deduction, but, you know, we'll calculate to see if the amt elimination is beneficial to the folks that i represent. whether or not -- because i live in new york city, our tax --
7:46 am
property tax is lower than in other parts of the state, whether that's enough, i just don't know yet because we don't have the detail. >> reporter: and what we're hearing from a lot of members essentially is that we're going to wait and see and read every detail here. one member calling it an opening salvo. the reality is, that this is an incredibly steep climb. now this opens it up to a larger process where potentially more tweaks could be made when they mark up next week and it is, john, as you know, an incredibly ambitious timeline that the leadership has set. they want this marked up next week on the house floor, the following week, and then potentially move over to the senate. a lot of back and forth and goal to have this on the president's desk by the end of the year, but certainly a lot of concern here. a lot of members saying we still have to read the bill to figure out if we support it. john? >> you can see the wheels turning in congressman dan donovan's mind. he's doing a calculation. just to put it simply if you can
7:47 am
no longer deduct your state income taxes or property tax deduction is capped and interest mortgage deduction is capped that could make up for a potential tax cut depending on where you live. for some of his constituents it's possible, we don't know yet, it's possible they could see a tax increase, in fact, rather than a tax cut. that's what congressman donovan has to look into right now. sunlen, 22 vote, right, that is what republicans can lose here. there are more than 30 from some of these high tax states they're watching? >> that's right. and that shows you how narrow their path is for this. they can't afford it lose many of the members and the congressmen and women we've been talking about from new york and new jersey are a powerful group and they want to be pushed to make changes. they wanted to make sure that they would be looking out for the constituents. as you said, it was really
7:48 am
reflected in dan donovan's concern the jury is still out, i have to look out for my state and we expect to hear that from the days ahead. >> some home builder stocks were down the minute the announcement came out. one interest group we're watching carefully. other stocks i'm sure went up. sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. in moments phil mattingly will talk to the house speaker paul ryan and he will talk about this tax plan, what is in the details and he will push the speaker to explain how much this will cost or how much it will benefit people in different states around the country. we'll bring that to you live when the interview happens. all right. houston, we have a championship. an emotional night for the astros and one player whose postgame proposal really put an exclamation point on the entire win. when did you see the sign? when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at
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series champions which means that andy scholes just had the happiest moment of his life. he's here with the "bleacher report." hey, andy. >> hey, john. wouldn't call it the happiest but my happiest sports moment of my life. i literally cried when the astros got the final out to win the world series. this "bleacher report" brought to you by the new 2018 ford f-150. it's an incredible moment for houston sports fans. we've been bagts for a world series championship for 55 years and george springer once again the hero. he homered in the second inning to give the astros a 5-0 lead. the first player ever to hit a home run in four straight world series games. he was your mvp of this series. and the astros pitching staff coming through with a great performance. charlie morton avoiding getting hit by a bat, pitched the final
7:54 am
four innings to close out the game as the at stros win what was an awesome world series taking game seven 5-1. i was in the clubhouse for the celebration afterwards and all of the players could not be happier to bring a title to the city of houston after what it went through with hurricane harvey. . >> are you kidding me? it's what you dream about as a kid. we're so fired up. we did it for the city of houston. so proud to call houston home. it's unbelievable. >> we wanted to pick up our city going through all of this tragedy and trying to pick a city up. to bring a championship was goal from day one. if we can do it after a tragedy even better. >> times weren't east and they were impossible for a lot of people and we got to be a small part of just people being able to get away from it and to enjoy some moments is special. >> this means the world. it's incredible. i'm lost for words. >> now really cool moment right after the win, astros star short stop carlos correa surprising
7:55 am
everyone proposing to his girlfriend. >> you make me the happiest man in the world, will you marry me? will you marry me? >> oh, my god. >> i'm pretty sure of the decision i made and i was planning if we were world series champions we were going to do it right there. i don't think that's a stage you can create. it has to happen. we were able to win and perfect timing for me to get engaged. >> incredible night for the city of houston and the entire astros franchise, yeah. >> sweet planning. planning on winning a world series getting engaged. hard to top. thank you very much. we're getting new details now about the republican tax plan at a big interview with the house speaker coming up.
7:56 am
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and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it. hello, i'm ana ka cabrera. on capitol hill, a landmark moment for republicans and a major test for a party struggling to come together. house gop leaders about to unveil what they hope will be the party's signature achievement of the trump era. a bold tax reform plan. lawmakers themselves have a lot at stake here. gop squabbles delayed yesterday's planned rollout and some republicans fear if this goes south like the failed obamacare repeal, it could


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