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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 2, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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hospital room because he says he was so proud of what he did the other day. they claim he'd been planning for a year. he's been charged with multiple federal offenses but did not enter a plea for his first court appearance. jake tapper has more on this. i'm brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me, the lead starts now. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. breaking news on the russia investigation, cnn is now learning that president trump's son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner turned over documents in recent weeks to special counsel robert mueller who is investigating possible collusion with the russian government. this comes as investigators have begun asking in witness interviews about kushner's involvement in the firing of fbi director james comey sources tell cnn, which may, may be part of an investigation into obstruction of justice. let's get right to cnn justice
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correspondent's pamela brown and evan perez. tell us what you're learning. >> jared kushner now turned over documents in recent weeks to special counsel robert mueller. investigators now have begun asking questions about kushner's role in the firing of fbi director james comey. sources tell us that mueller's investigators have expressed interest in kushner as part of the probe into russian meddling. that probe includes potential obstruction of justice, and the motivation for comey's firing is the believed to be part of that. it's a sign that the investigators are reaching into the inner circle and extended beyond the 2016 campaign to actions taken at the white house by high level officials. it's not clear how kushner's advice to the president might play a part in all of this. sources close to the white house tell us, jake, that based on their knowledge, kushner is not a target of this investigation. sources tell us that kushner voluntarily turned over those
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documents that he had from the campaign and the transition and these related to any contacts to russia. these are the same documents that kushner had previously given to congressional investigators, jake. >> pamela, this obviously, this is the first time that we are hearing about what they're asking about kushner. we've known that people have been interested in him in the mueller investigation, but now we know like more of an idea of why. >> that's right. so this appears to be the first time we're learning about what investigators are asking witnesses in terms of kushner's role in firing james comey. some sources have told us that kushner was a driver in the decision that he was encouraging the decision, other sources have down played that, just saying that he was merely supportive of the decision, but the president had already made up his mind on may 3rd when james comey testified. investigators have also asked about how a statement came to be issued in the name of donald trump jr. regarding that trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer that kushner attended in june of 2016 at trump tower between trump campaign officials
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and russian figures, including some with links to the kremlin. it was arranged after donald trump jr. was told that the russian government wanted to pass along damaging information about hillary clinton as part of it's pro-trump efforts. now the meeting was also attended by paul manafort who was trump's campaign chairman and investigators have also asked about the circumstances surrounding the departures of certain white house aids. white house official says that mueller's team questions about kushner, they're not as surprised that kushner would be among a list of people who investigators would be asking. we should mention a lawyer for kushner declined to comment. >> let me bring in gloria and brooke, what are your biggest takeaways from this report? >> i think it's important to understand that the obstruction investigation does not -- is not limited just to the president. it is -- it could involve the conspiracy, therefore, anyone around the president influencing his decision, could be part of
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that investigation. gloria. >> and i think going to this question of obstruction, i think we have two major areas that from our reporting, one is the firing of comey, and jared kushner wassed a b ed sed a bed when the president made the decision, again, there are different stories about whether he was involved at all, some people say no, some people say he drove the decision. we don't know the answer to that. and then a false statement that was amended multiple times and jared was on the airplane there. i think it's natural as kushner's lawyers say that he would -- questions would be being asked about this, but these are two areas that we know the special counsel's looking into. >> evan, even before mueller took over, he was looking at
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other roles of jared kushner on the campaign and the trump transition team. >> after the election we heard a lot from jared kushner, he sat for interviews talking about how big a role he played in sort of overseeing the digital operation, which they claim was instrumental in getting the president elected. of course that's drawn a lot of attention because of the fact that the intelligence community found that the russians were doing some funky things to try to influence the way people voted and were perhaps piggybacking on some digital -- whatever digital operation was going on. it's not clear whether anybody was aware of that and certainly we don't know whether mueller's team has found any evidence of any wrong doing here, but it is something, we know, that the fbi has been looking at. and look, i think since then, people close to the white house have sort of down played the role that kushner had. well oh well look, he's the nominal head here. he's in new york, didn't really have any day-to-day operational oversight of it. so we'll see. >> it's interesting, and just to
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remind people in terms of the data-driven part of the trump campaign, cambridge was a big part of that. the ceo reached out to julian assange some time during the summer and asked wikileaks for access to hillary clinton e-mails, although julian assange says he turned them down. the probe is not just about the campaign in 2016 that it's gone far beyond that. it's now about the president and his circle advisors at the white house. how significant is that? >> his closest circle of advisors, this is not only a senior advisor, but his family member. this is the president's son-in-law. you know, it would be natural for investigators to want to ask these questions given kushner's prominent role. really, he's at the an ex us is of so many parts of this investigation. the statement on the plane, the don jr. meeting, data analytics, the firing of james comey, and natural they would want to look at this and as evan said, the white house sources have said he is a witness, he is not a target, that is what they have
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relaid to us just base on the what they have been asked for mueller. but it is significant in terms of how close this comes to the president. >> and also, this crosses the redline that the president intimated. he thinks that mueller should not cross. >> it's also the issue with the security clearance forms, right? i mean, that is now perhaps something that mueller's team wants to look at too. while his attorneys have said, it was their mistakes or he omitted stuff. there's still a question of why, really. >> reporter: -- -- meetings with russian officials. mueller's team when they released papadopoulos's, the claim of papadopoulos and the arrest, that was a central issue there. what was going on at these meetings? that is still the focus of mueller. >> and submitting incorrect forms, you see paul manafort's indictment, it's all -- half of it is about submitting incorrect -- >> it's illegal. >> claire call error. >> that's right.
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>> this is a clerical error -- >> several clerical errors. >> many times. >> it makes sense when we've just listed all of these areas which involve, you know, one mutual threat which is jared kushner. that may be of course because he's been central to this administration and he was central to the campaign. and he is, of course, close to the president being his son-in-law. but the questions remain about just how involved he was with each of these decisions. whether it's about air force one, his attorneys say nothing to do with the statements that came out of that, or whether it was about the comey decision, which his people say he had nothing to do with the firing of comey, they say he's supported it. other people say, he drove it 100%. >> paul manafort and they are under house arrest right now. manafort's attorney argued that he's not a flight risk despite the fact that he has three passports, he's recognizable,
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the judge did not rule on this issue today. but that is a fight going on right now. >> yeah, and we know that his attorneys plan to fight every step of the way. they feel that it's unfair how manafort has been treated. look, the fbi and the department of justice, national security division, we know, we've done stories on this, has been investigating manafort for years. why all of the sudden did bob mueller and special counsel team now decide to bring charges against him when previously they didn't? >> all right. everyone stick around. we have much more on the breaking news. including new scrutiny on jeff sessions also related to the russia investigation. stay with us. ♪ this is a power plant. this is tim barckholtz. that's me! this is something he is researching at exxonmobil: using fuel cells to capture carbon emissions at power plants. this is the potential. reducing co2 emissions by up to 90%...
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a trump-putin meeting. sessions shut down the idea at the time, but sessions did not reveal any of that discussion when under questioning by lawmakers during multiple hearings. this comes as trump nominee to a top department of agriculture posts sam clovis this morning withdraw his nomination amid questions on his role of the russian probe. he was one of the campaign officials revealed to a correspondent with papadopoulos according to to the washington post. our team of cnn reporters is back with me. i want to go to capitol hill and manu raju, what are prosecutors telling you? >> some republicans are raising questions as well. you'll recall over three hearings this year, including his confirmation earlier this year. there were questions about what he knew about any communications, contacts with russian officials, time after time, attorney general sessions said that he didn't know. he didn't recall some key details and sometimes he denied that there were such contacts
1:15 pm
that particularly democrats are raising questions about. in the aftermath of the relations of these court documents being unsealed and showing that george papadopoulos did in fact pose a meeting with vladimir putin and candidate trump in a meeting that sessions was president at and sessions rejected. democrats are saying, wait a minute, how come you didn't undergo that questioning. senator bloomen shall said that even sessions presumably could be one of those unnamed aids that was mentioned in the court documents. >> jeff sessions concealed his meetings with russians and he had an obligation to become more forthcoming about meeting that involved papadopoulos as well, and in fact, one of the points of question is whether papadopoulos in that charging document, where there's a reference to a campaign supervisor was in fact talking to jeff sessions.
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>> reporter: and jake, there are also questions from some republicans as well about sessions' testimony, chuck grassley said that he's going to look into the matter. he said he's still getting briefed about exactly what happened. and senator john connrner told that it's a legitimate question worth exploring, jake. >> all right, on capitol hill. evan perez, the attorney general originally said he didn't remember any meeting with papadopoulos. >> right, he doesn't remember and does not remember exactly the circumstances that this might have come up. and look, i think that's the line you're hearing, not only from the white house sort of saying papa who to paul manafort, i think everybody is saying that they don't remember this 20-year-old kid that might have stood up. and in their view was sort of like making himself bigger than he was. the problem for jeff sessions is that he now has to go back and answer these questions, again, and it is something that if he were a senator by the way, he
1:17 pm
would be really angry if those questions were not answered in front of him. >> gloria, let's talk about the politics of this, jeff sessions has been on thin ice with president trump far long time, starting with his decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. now there is renewed scrutiny over apparently yet another possible time that he was not forthcoming with information. this could imperil him. >> it could. these are largely democrats who were raising this, you know, who are raising this issue and saying that he wasn't forthcoming. i'm sure he'll have to amend his testimony. the question is what will the president jump on to say okay, i've had it, that's enough with jeff sessions? they are still have a very rocky relationship i'm told. the president complains him i'm told from one source an awful lot, whether this would be something that would sort of tip him over, i don't -- i really don't know. there's a school of thought inside the white house that now is not the time to start firing people, including sessions or mueller or anybody else, so we'll just have to see.
1:18 pm
>> people get fired have a lot of time on their hands to talk. one might make that observation. evan, i want to ask you about sam clovis, who was nominated to be the top scientist at the department of agriculture, he withdraw himself this morning. he's been under fire with connections to the russia probe and papadopoulos, tell us. >> the washington post as you mentioned earlier reported that clovis was one of the unidentified officials in that document, in those documents with the fbi and the prosecutors disclosed on monday. being in contact and communication with george papadopoulos. so part of the issue here is that clovis is already under fire for -- he was being nominated for a science position and the department of agriculture, and he has no scientific background. so that was the first sort of strike against him, and so this was something that he probably couldn't survive. we heard in the last couple of days, jake, from sources that he either he was going to have to pull his nomination or someone
1:19 pm
at the white house was going to pull it for him. so looks like he went the easier way. >> how poisonous is this george papadopoulos since he got arrested over the summer? people must be really examining every conversation he had with him since he was under wire. >> exactly. as you know in the government documents, he's called a pro active corporator, and that would lead you to believe that at the very well least he's talking to federal investigators and handing over information, and as you point out, we don't know, perhaps he also was wearing a wire, we don't know and what kind you have interactions he's had with people close to the white house in recent months because he was arrested this past july. so while jeff sessions and other people say they don't recall who he is or any conversations, i bet george papadopoulos recalls a lot of his conversations. >> extends to people, simply because this raises the possibility they might be other cooperators. >> all right. great reporting to everyone. thank you so much. really appreciate it. our coverage of the breaking news about jared kushner and the
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welcome back. continuing with the breaking news coverage, i want to bring in cnn senior legal analyst and prosecutor prea, thanks for joining us as always. white house senior advisor jared kushner, cnn has broken the news this hour that he has handed over documents to mueller's team, also we've learned that mueller's team is asking witnesses about kushner's role in the firing of james comey. what does that say to you about the direction of the mueller investigation? >> i think the clearest thing it says to me that's reasonable and listening is that bob muler is doing his job. and it's telling you one of the things that he thinks is part of his job is to figure whether or not the firing of jim comey provides a predicate for a obstruction of referral to the house of representatives and
1:25 pm
charged independently. and it would only make sense that bob mueller and team would be asking everyone in the orbit of donald trump who might have had a role in the decision to fire james comey to talk to them, ask for documents, e-mails, i would expect that's not only happening with respect to jared kushner. i think it's happening with respect to steve bannon and others. and we know there was some dispute according to steve bannon at least about whether or not jim comey should be fired. >> he said it was the biggest mistake in modern history. a president has the right to fire an fbi director, it's part of his executive privilege. for lack of a better term, why would there be possible obstruction of justice? can't he do it for whatever reason he wants. >> yeah, so this is a point of debate among some people, i think that the better view is, it's absolutely true that the president has the right and authority to take certain action. just like i remember congress has the right to vote a certain way on a bill, and there's
1:26 pm
nothing inherently wrong, at least from a criminal standpoint with firing an fbi director. outside of the context of the current controversy, is if mike flynn or paul manafort, for example, decided that he wanted to pay the president of the united states, pay donald trump a million dollars to fire jim comey, and there was evidence of that, that's a straight up dead bang, slam dunk, winner of a criminal case, even though as you point out, another expert to point out, donald trump has the authority to fire jim comey. if it turned out that was done in exchange for a bribe, that would be a crime. in a parallel way, there's an argument to be made that if the firing of jim comey was done for the purpose of shutting down an investigation of donald trump or his associates and that was the main reason, there's an argument that that's obstruction. >> there's a clear argument that it was a bad decision because mueller's been more aggressive
1:27 pm
than comey would have been. we're told that the justice department months ago before mueller took over thought that there was no charges with manafort. i want to ask you about jeff sessions. under oath denied any contact with russian officials during the campaign. then he amended that and said he did meet with then russian ambassador. sessions said that he doesn't remember george papadopoulos, even though there's a photograph of them sitting next to each other at that march 2016 campaign meeting. i want to play the sound for you from sessions judiciary hearing two weeks ago. >> did anybody in the campaign, did you ever overhear a conversation between you and anybody on the campaign who talked about meeting with the russians? >> you said the clinton campaign -- >> sorry, the trump campaign, i apologize. >> i have not seen anything that would indicate a collusion with russians to impact the campaign. >> it's interesting there because the question from
1:28 pm
senator lindsey graham was, did you ever hear anything about meeting with russians, and he answered more specifically, i haven't seen anything about collusion with russians. >> so, they're look two ships that pass in the night, i work in the senate, with senators asking questions and witnesses answering the questions they want to answer. so to the extent people are asking did he perjure himself or lie on the stand? it's difficult to pin someone down when the question is about meeting when the answer was about something broader. he would have the argument that whether or not there were meetings, he didn't think that there was anything that indicated collusion and so it's a little bit hard to match-up the misleading nature of the response. >> all right. thank you so much. really appreciate it. the future of your money, republicans, they say it'll lift the middle class. senator elizabeth warren weighs in next, stay with us. it's time for the sleep number semi-annual sale on the only bed that adjusts on both
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in the form of a tremendous tax cut. it will be the biggest cut in the history of our country. >> and we're back with the politics lead. president trump today pushing his tax cut and without one major legislative victory under their belts, president trump and republicans might need this gift to come through. house republicans on the fast track to make this happen unveiled their plan today, leaders say they want legislation passed by thanksgiving. that's three weeks from today. if that tax bill does not become law, some republicans are openly fretting that might lose the house to democrats. how much of a fight might they have on their hands, democratic senator elizabeth warren is here to answer that, but first, the plan itself with cnn's phil matingly on capitol hill. >> reporter: for the republican party, a moment, political and policy, urgency. >> this is in america, this is our opportunity to make tax reform a reality, and deliver the most transformational tax cuts in the generation. >> reporter: a wide ranging overhaul of the u.s. tax code, a top remaining republican legislative goal of the year,
1:34 pm
with no shortage, potential roadblocks ahead. >> you've been blunt throughout, this isn't easy, there's a reason it hasn't been done in 31 years. >> reporter: speaker paul ryan making a clear cut guarantee. >> can you guarantee that all middle class taxpayers will see a tax cut? >> that's the entire purpose for this. it gives the average family 4 or $1200 tax cut. absolutely. i think this is a game changer for our economy. >> a 429 page tax overhaul, the product of weeks of intense negotiations, now public and drawing support from the president. >> it's serious, it's serious. >> i really believe we'll have it done before christmas. i consider that to be one of the great christmas presents. >> reporter: it's a bill that dramatically cuts the corporate and small business tax rates, nearly doubles the standard deduction, increases the child tax credit and collapses the number of individual tax brackets from seven to four.
1:35 pm
but it's also rief with potential problem theirs. northeastern republicans already staging a mini revolt over the repeal over the state and local tax deduction for income and powerful interest groups like realtors and home builders vowing for the lack of home buying credit and $500,000 cap on the mortgage interest rate deduction for new home purchases. all as democrats, many of whom pledge to pose the bill before it was even released, attack proposal for favoring corporate cuts for relief for every day americans. >> big, wealthy corporations count far more than kids in this bill. >> reporter: but republicans are holding firm, driven by political imperatives, leaders will hope eventually somehow -- >> we're doing it. >> reporter: allow them to achieve a once in a generation goal. >> we're going to get this done. why? because the american people deserve this. >> reporter: you referenced the speed with which they're moving. they plan on moving this through committee next week.
1:36 pm
the house floor after that. the senate will be moving it concurrently on that week and as you noted, they want this done, at least from each chamber, by thanksgiving, signed into law by christmas. that's speed that you just simply can't imagine for major legislation like this, but why are they moving it this quickly? one senior gop aid put it like this, the longer we leave this out there, it's just going to get whacked, we'll get whacked. they understand. this is complicated. this is rief with potential problems, that's why they're going to try to move as fast as possible, jake. >> phil matingly, thanks so much. joining me now, elizabeth warren of massachusetts, she serves on the banking committee in the senat senate. senator warren, thanks for being here. $1200 for the average family of four. middle income folks will -- that will allow them to pay for gas, pay down debt, renovate their homes, save for retirement. i know you oppose the part of this bill that goes to corporate america, could you support the part that will help middle income americans. >> so, look jake, if they really
1:37 pm
wanted to sit down and write a tax proposal that would help middle income families, i would be all on this. for 20 years now, i've been fighting for help. for median income families, for middle class families, for working families, for paycheck to paycheck families, that's not what this is about. this is a tax proposal that will raises taxes on some people who are middle class, and what it mostly does is the middle class part is to distract attention from the fact that they're planning to give away $2 trillion in tax giveaways to a handful of giant corporations. number one on the list, do you know who's going to make the money out of this? it's projected to be wells fargo. you remember wells fargo, the group -- the bank that cheated it's customers by opening fake accounts for them. the next group that's going to make out big are going to be foreign investors, wealthy foreign investors who are going to walk away with about $700
1:38 pm
billion in tax benefits. and the third big group, multinational corporations. who will be given bonuses in effect for building their factories for putting their jobs everywhere except america. let's face it, this is a tax proposal that is just a payoff to rich donors, to the republican party. what we need is we need something that really works for middle class families and this is this isn't it. >> well republicans argue that it's geared towards the middle class because it maintains maximum 401k contributions, nearly doubles the standard deduction, there's a new family tax credit, it caps the mortgage deduction, half a million dollars, aren't those all things good for middle americans that you could get behind? >> but here's the problem, jake, when they give away $2 trillion to giant corporations, they're going to blow a hole in the debt. and the minute they blow a hole in the debt, the republicans are going to come back to the american people and say gee, so sorry, debt really jumped,
1:39 pm
what's going to happen now is we got to cut medicare and we've got to cut medicaid and we've got to cut this and that, cut infrastructure, look, if the republicans really think that they've got $2 trillion to spend, i got some ideas on how to spend it. how about we really put that money into infrastructure investment that will create good jobs right near america right now. or, how about if we just forgive the outstanding student loan debt and let those young people get out there and start their businesses and keep working? or, how about if we just write a check for $18,000, $17,000 to every family in america that makes less than $200,000? that's what you could do with the $2 trillion that the republicans are shoveling out of the door to giant corporations. this isn't about trying to help the middle class. this is about trying to help the
1:40 pm
big corporate donors to the republican party and then put a pretty face on it. >> do you disagree with the notion that a lot of these corporate tax reduction will not only help big corporations, it will also help smaller corporations and cause economic growth that could help middle class americans in terms of jobs, in terms of wages? >> so let's look at part about jobs and wages. this has been the big republican lie for decades now. they have argued that, hey, if we just cut taxes for those at the top, somehow, it's going to trickle down and benefit everybody else. and the reality is, it just isn't true. when the george w. bush tax cuts went through in the early 2000s, corporations made out great. and what happened to hard-working families, flat wages. when the british cut taxes, cut the corporate tax rate by 11 points, what happened to wages?
1:41 pm
they actually went down. look, this is a point in america when corporations are making record profits. they have cash, they have plenty of money. if they wanted to make investments here in america in jobs here in america, they could do it. the idea that if we just give them a couple of trillion dollars more of taxpayer money that's somehow they're going to make everybody else rich, it is an insult to hard working middle class families. that argument is so wrong. >> i want to ask you one other question, senator, we learned today from former democratic national committee chairwoman donna brazil that the clinton campaign in her view did rig the presidential nominating process by entering into an agreement to control day-to-day operations at the dnc. the clinton campaign controlling the party's staffing, strategy, finances, communications, and that agreement was entered into in august of 2015, a year before she defeated senator bernie
1:42 pm
sanders. this must shock you. >> this is a real problem, but what we've got to do is democrats now, we've got to hold this party accountable. when tom was first -- tom perez was first elected chair of the dnc, the very first conversation i had with him is to say, you have got to put together a democratic party in which everybody can have confidence that the party is working for democrats, rather than democrats are working for the party. and he's being tested now. this is a test for tom perez. and either he's going to succeed by bringing bernie sanders and bernie sanders' representatives into this process and they're going to say it's fair, it works, we all believe it, or he's going to fail. and i very much hope he succeeds. i hope for democrats everywhere, i hope for bernie and for all of bernie supporters he's going to succeed. >> kwkly senator, do you believe
1:43 pm
with the notion that it was rigged? >> yes. >> all right. democratic senator elizabeth warren, thank you so much. appreciate your time. much more on the revelation that the dnc was an arm of the clinton campaign months before she won the nomination. we're going to talk to a former member of bernie sanders' presidential senior campaign staff next. stay with us. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... ...isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,... ...thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has... requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased... ...risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have... ...a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts,... ...or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla...
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1:47 pm
back with the politics lead as we just mentioned, donna brazil is accusing her party of rigging the 2016 primary election in favor of hillary clinton, almost a year before clinton actually defeated bernie sanders to become the democratic nominee. brazil says the clinton campaign
1:48 pm
kept the party afloat with a loan and fund raising dollars but took control of the messaging and strategy and staffing. at a time when bernie sanders was giving clinton a tough primary challenge. we have our panel with us and as luck would have it, simone sanders was the national press secretary for bernie sanders campaign and you just heard elizabeth warren, senator elizabeth warren say that she agrees that the process was rigged. >> look, we have -- both have said far long time that somebody, some fingers were on the scale -- >> they're saying that hilly owned the scale. >> and maybe she did own the scale. we fought a hard fought campaign, what happened and what donna details in the article, it was wrong. and whether the other candidate was bernie sanders or was papa smurf, it should not have went down, and no one should condone this. that is why absolutely we have to hold the party accountable. i do want to say, it's important to say that no one stole the election from us. there were lots of -- look,
1:49 pm
hillary clinton maybe she owned the scale, we still, we fought a hard fought race, but we did make some calculations that caused us to emerge victorious. whether it's helpful and it was helpful, absolutely. >> i want to show you something then candidate trump tweeted, sbernz being treated bad by the democrats. many of his disinfranchised fans are for me. some went to donald trump, but that tweet aged well. it turns out, he was right. >> he was absolutely right. it was funny -- i love donna, but this is sort of like the classic gambling in casa blanka type moment. of course the thumb was on the scale for hillary clinton. everybody in washington knew that the dnc was basically an arm of hillary clinton's primary campaign. bernie sanders and you all did an excellent job of pointing that out throughout the course of the campaign, and i think most of the american people had come to that conclusion long before donna had written this
1:50 pm
out. in the vice chair didn't know what was going on, okay. i think she probably did, either way, i think we have now revealed what we've known all along. >> josh, now the counterargument is that the sanders campaign signed the same agreement that the clinton campaign signed, which is the same one that the obama campaign signed and clinton did fundraise with the dnc and gave them the financial lifeline to stay afloat and sanders didn't raise money for the party. >> true, although, i don't think that exculpates the dnc and debbie wasserman schultz veg put a thumb heavily on the scale that hillary clinton may or may not have owned. not just fundraising, look at the debate schedule. there were hardly any debate at all, saturday night against college football game witness times when people were  guaranteed not to tune in and watch. democratic establishment was four square behind hillary clinton i think in that democratic primary, in part because bernie sanders wasn't even a democrat before that
1:51 pm
race, there were some reason why is they might have been more inclined in that direction. what's that? >> that doesn't make it right. >> and it doesn't. and that's exactly the point. >> to one additional point. i would like to note the agreements were similar, but clearly wasn't the same. the clinton campaign's agreement had all kinds of other things packed on to it about who they could hire, how they -- you have to run a press release. there were other things. and that is not the agreement that our campaign signed, and bernie sanders did not raise money for the democratic party in the way that secretary clinton did because that's not how we raise money. small dollar donations, it was $27.50, but i do not want to continue to relitigate the 2016 primary. democrats need to be united like senator warren just said because we are fighting against tax reform, this crazy tax reform bill, the republicans on the hill are literally trying to take abortion rights away from women before they even know they're pregnant. these are all things to be united on. >> let's talk about tax reform. the bill is being received
1:52 pm
enthusiastically by most republicans it seems, josh, but we do hear people like senator bob corker expressing concern about what it's going to do for the deficits and debt. is it a sure thing do you think? >> i think the sprosz an unimportant piece of this. i think largely successfully amongst the house republicans. >> that's not where the concern is, right. >> we're going to move to the senate. and the senate has been going through this process for the last week and a half to talk to their members about a little different approach. they've been talking both members of the administration. i think they're largely on the same page, but there are differences. and they're going to have to iron that out over the next six weeks. i think they're remarkably on the same page and i think this is as close to a legislative unified front that we've seen from the administration and the republican leaders in congress. as we've seen today. >> is it possible they might lose three votes? three republican votes in the senate? >> sure, absolutely. the most unified is not a high bar to clear in this administration for congress. the other factor here is if you
1:53 pm
look at outside groups, business groups, there are some that are against this bill. i was on my bloomberg terminal today being a bloomberg reporter and the stocks were getting crushed because of the loss of the mortgage interest deduction, property tax deductibility, and that has engendered a lot of opposition among groups who republicans would like to be supportive of this bill and instead have come out and said we're four square against it. >> here's the magic of tax reform. every time you cut some taxes you raise other taxes. somebody's going to lose. right, there is always a winner. there's someone right now who's making billions and billions that's paying 0% tax -- >> but under this tax plan, the republicans are clear winners. the wealthy, and the middle class hurts. in this tax bill what we currently see now, they are cutting things like tax credits for students loans and adoption and adding a 529 for that. like what is going on there? >> what? >> for -- exactly, exactly.
1:54 pm
>> but -- >> 529 for fetuses. unborn babies and they cut tax credits -- >> it sounds like a school savings -- >> people need to read this bill. and you talked about united front. are they going to talk to the democrats? i mean, bipartisan and congress, talk to the other side. since tax reform is hard and you try to get everybody on the page. >> is there a strategy -- there are ten democratic senators from states that trump won who are up for reelection next year, are they going to try to get some of them? >> they should try and the democrats should listen. they're in a tough spot by opposing this site unseen. >> all right, simone, josh, josh, thank you so much. hours away from president trump departing for his first trip to asia. the white house is sending a strong message about the language he might use when it come about north korea, thax next, stay with us. and you always laugh like you're hearing it for the first time. at lincoln financial, we get there are some responsibilities of love
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1:59 pm
and we're back with the world lead a day before president trump leaves on a two week trip to asia. the white house is defending it's aggressive language on north korea in the past, such as the north korea firing furry and kim jong-un is rocket man. general mcmaster does not expect president trump to soften his language while in asia. he rejected the idea that trump's language is what's to blame for inflaming tensions with the rogue regime. >> inflammatory as the north korean regime and what they're doing to threaten, to threaten the world. >> the white house also says the president is considering redesignating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, north korea had been removed from the list by the bush administration in 2008 after agreeing to verification
2:00 pm
measures. be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook @jaketapper. that is it for the lead today. turning you over to wolf blitzer right next door in the situation room, thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, kushner's role, cnn has learned that the president's senior advisor and son-in-law, jared kushner has turned over documents to the russia probe special counsel robert mueller. investigators are asking about kushner's role in the firing of the fbi director james comey. by the numbers, president trump helps house republicans roll out their new tax bill. republicans speaking out strongly against the bill. larger terror