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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 6, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you're watching cnn's special live coverage of this church rampage that left 26 people dead including a 17-month-old baby. >> i'm john berman in sutherland spring, texas. ten of the 20 wounded in this small town now in critical condition and authorities just revealed they have viewed video from inside the church behind me as the violence erupted. those are just some of the new details on what happened as worshippers gathered here at the first baptist church for sunday service. the gunman opened fire even before he entered the building and before it was all over he either killed or wounded nearly half -- nearly half of those inside. we have video of a previous service from inside the building which shows you, i think, the camaraderie of those inside there, how everyone gathered together, how people would come here for togetherness and to worship god as a community. everyone here in town knows
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somebody who was inside that church. it is such a moment of suffering here. i -- earlier, i had a chance to speak with one of the heroes here in town, one of the two men who chased down the killer who caught ultimately the man who perpetrated this awful crime. his name is jhonny langendorff. i believe we have that sound. >> right when i pulled up i saw the shooter coming out about where the cars were parked and the other gentlemen coming from across the street and both had weapons drawn and in a matter of half a second there was an exchange of gun fire. it lasted just a few seconds and the shooter got in his vehicle and took off and the gentleman with the rifle came across the street, opened my door and said he just shot up the church and we have to chase him and i said
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let's go. >> reporter: you tell me you said let's go. what was running through your head? >> nothing. get him. >> reporter: why? >> because that's what you do. you chase the bad guy. >> reporter: what was going through your head as this was going on? >> not a lot. i like to drive, and so if i can get away with driving fast, well, you know -- and i had to catch the guy. i had to mach sure he was caught, and at one point the gentleman riding with me said you may have to use your truck to get him off the road and there was no hesitation. it was do -- do everything necessary to make sure that this guy is stopped. >> reporter: how do you feel this morning? >> i'm thankful. i'm very grateful. i hope that everyone affected is able to rest a little better knowing that this guy -- he'll never breathe again, and it
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doesn't serve it justice completely, but he won't hurt anyone else ever, and i was thankful that once that it was all said and done that i got to hold her in my arms again and that i got to go home with her. >> that was johnie langendorff who drove and ultimately led to the death of the man who perpetrated this crime behind me. we are learning new details about the killer. his contact with this church, his in-laws, they attended this church though they were not inside at the time. we heard from local officials just a short time ago. >> one thing everybody wants to know is why did this happen? it's a senseless crime, but we can tell you that there was a domestic situation going on within this family. the suspect's mother-in-law attended this church. we know that he had made threatening -- texts from him
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and we can't go into details about that domestic situation that is continuing to be vetted and early investigated, but we want to get that out there that this was not racially motivated. it wasn't over religious beliefs. there was a domestic situation going on within the family and the in-laws. >> reporter: as i said, new developments just coming in now in this investigation in sutherland springs. diane gallagher here in front of the church as well with the very latest. diane? >> reporter: and another question they're asking right now, john, is how did he get his hands on those three weapons? atf spoke a little bit earlier today and they said they're still trying to go through some of the paperwork dealing with his discharge from the air force. the air force tells cnn that he received what is called a bad conduct discharge after being court-martialed on two counts of assault, one on a spouse and one on a child. he served 12 months' confinement
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and was also busted down in rank to an e-1. many wondering how then he was able to legally obtain these weapons? atf did confirm that kelley purchased all three of them including the ruger ar-556 that he used to carry out that attack here at the church behind me as well as the two handguns they found on him after finding his body in the car there. now the question again, they ask is how did he pass the background checks? he purchased that ar-556 back in april of 2016 at academy sport and outdoor store in san antonio, texas. we are told he used a colorado address when he did that and he also didn't click the box that said that he had any sort of disqualifying past. any history that would disqualify him from getting a weapon. they did disqualifying information and however governor abbott in texas says that kelley
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applied for and was denied a license to carry in texas. so there are still a lot of questions about how he got his hands on all three of the weapons and atf said he did purchase. they want to get more information from the military and find out where the disconnect was here and again, how he was able to have all three of those weapons. >> diane gallagher, thanks so much. clearly, several opportunities here. several points where authorities maybe should have had alarm bells go off. diane gallagher, our thanks to you, and brooke as i toss it to you in new york. i have seen several different groups of people outside this church here praying, small groups here and there holding hands and looking for some kind of answer, some kind of peace amidst all of this horror. brooke? >> hearing all of the stories have also just, you know, folks from this town jumping in to try to help. let me tell one piece of that story, john berman and we'll come back to you there in texas in just a moment.
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we still haven't heard from the other man who shot the gunman and helped chase him down, but his cousin, ken leonard is joining me on his behalf. ken is a friend of the pastor who was killed in that shooting and ken, thank you so much for being with me and my heart goes out to obviously your family and this community that is reeling. so thank you so much for taking a moment with me today. >> thank you for having me. >> so, let's start with your cousin who i know is like a brother to you, and it's my understanding that he -- you know, he had heard there had been an attack at the church early, early on. can you tell me how he knew so quickly? >> when i talked to him he said that he heard gun fire, and he's -- he knows about guns and he knows what a gun sounds like and his daughter had actually gone to go see what was going on in her car and she came back and told her father that there was a
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man in black that was shooting people at the church. so stephen went into his safe, grabbed his ar which is ar-15, the same style of weapon that the shooter was using and grabbed a handful of ammo and a magazine and was running barefooted toward the shooting. he said he was loading the magazine as fast as he could and he didn't know how many rounds he was putting in the magazine. when he got there the guy had come outside and it seemed to him that he was reloading outside and he saw that the guy was wearing body armor and there was a velcro strap from the back to the front, and he knew from that that the man had front and back body armor and that the vulnerable spot was going to be in the side, and so that's where he shot him the first time. >> that's where he got him.
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>> that's where he got him the first time. the man dropped the weapon when he was shot and went and forced his way into an suv that a guy just happened to be nearby and he pushed him into the passenger side and as he did that stephen shot him again in the neck and then he forced his way into the car, turned around and returned fire and shot two rounds through the back of the suv, and that's when stephen shot him a third time in the neck again. >> oh, my goodness. >> he then went to the guy named johnnie that you interviewed and said that guy just shot up the church, and he said i saw everything, let's go. stephen got in the vehicle with limb and they took off, and chased him at a high rate of speed and eventually the guy went through an intersection into a field and came to a stop.
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stephen went up and made sure he got the passenger first to get on the ground because at that point he wasn't sure whether he was part of it or if he was innocent, but -- >> sure. >> -- he made sure he wasn't a threat and made sure he was safe at the same time and then went around to the driver's side and yelled at the driver to get out of the car and when he went up to the car he saw that the man was already dead. >> my goodness, ken. i'm just taking in what you said and just going back to the fact that he hears the shots, goes back into his house and grabs his gun and there are many people in this world who would have stayed right there in the comfort of their own home. i mean, has he played this all back in his head and was there ever a moment where he thought, gosh, maybe i shouldn't run toward the shots? >> well, stephen is the best
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shot that i know, and the best way i could describe him is he's the atticus finch of wilson county, and he -- without armor and barefooted ran into the fire and put his own -- his own life at risk, took return fire and fired accurately three times. that's an amazing accomplishment especially for a man that wasn't ever in the military. >> how is he doing today? have you talked to him? >> well, he's shook up. i mean, as you can imagine. he -- he took a man's life and he feels the pressure of that. he also feels the pressure that he wishes he had acted sooner and, of course, brian holcomb and his family are all friends of ours. >> bless you. >> he grew up right around the corner from me and we're friends with his wife and his family and
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we go back to childhood and it's just -- it's just an amazing thing that he had the presence of mind to save lives and stop it right there. >> the holcomb family. that's the family that so many people in this country have been reading about today, ken. the woman who was pregnant and her three children just some of the victims -- i was just even looking at numbers, ken. this is a town of i think it's 1,000 people and so basically 4% of this town was murdered on a sunday morning in church. >> i know. i know. it's unfathomable. we have a country that's got to find our faith in god again because it is -- it is really going crazy. brian, the last time i saw him he was working in his canvas shop. he's one of the happiest people i know, one of the most
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friendliest people i know and he was listening to gospel sermons on the stereo working in his shop. he's a deep man of faith, and if the situation had been reversed, he would have done exactly the same thing stephen did. >> bless him and bless you and thank you so much just for taking the time and like i said, just our deepest condolences going out to the sutherland springs, texas, community and such a horrible, horrible moment. thank you so much, ken. i really appreciate you. >> sure. keep everyone in your prayers. thank you. >> we will. thank you. >> ahead here on this breaking news out of texas. my next guest was a member of first baptist church for 50 years. she is one of the 600 people who call sutherland springs home. we'll talk to her live about this and also on the eve of president trump's visit to south korea, officials from north korea tell cnn they are watching this trip very, very closely and will respond if president trump does anything, quote, crazy.
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that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? al right. john berman in sutherland springs, texas, and we do have breaking news. we just learned that one of the deceased inside the church behind me was the grandmother-in-law of the killer. her name lula white. she is among the 26 people killed. authorities told us earlier that the killer had sent a threatening text message to his mother-in-law. she was not inside the church at the time of the shooting, but the grandmother-in-law was.
11:20 am
lula white among those killed. also among those killed 14-year-old bella pomeroy. she was the daughter of the pastor and the pastor's wife. they also were not at church during the shooting, but their daughter bella was, and earlier today we heard from the pastor talking about the horror, but also how much he loved his daughter. listen. >> we have -- we've had a long night with our children and grand babies that we have left. she's going to share this with you. >> frank and i want to say thank you to all of the outpouring of love for our family, from family friends and complete strangers. news media have been bombarding us with requests to share and comment and appear to celebrate annabelle's life. however, as much tragedy as that entails for our family, we don't want to overshadow the other
11:21 am
lives lost yesterday. we lost more than belle yesterday and one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that belle was surrounded yesterday by her church family that she loved fiercely and vice versa. our church was not comprised of members or parishioners. we were a very close family. we ate together. we laughed together. we cried together, and we worshipped together. now most of our church family is gone. our building is probably beyond repair, and a few of us that are left behind lost tragically yesterday. as senseless as this tragedy was, our sweet belle would not have been able to deal with losing so much family yesterday. please don't forget sutherland springs.
11:22 am
>> reporter: remarkable strength. the mother of bella pomeroy, just 14 years old, who was killed in this church behind me. also standing strong this afternoon is bula wilson. she's lived in this town for 63 years. which, by the way, i don't understand how that could be since you are so young, but thank you so much for joining us. you knew people inside this church? >> i did. i did. we moved here in '54 on a wednesday and on sunday we started coming to this church. we were there for 46 and 50 years and we had to start some new churches and we come back, and we're here, and i can't what was the year or two, and we retained the friendship and the love for these people. >> reporter: talk to me about the people that this community
11:23 am
lost. lula white, for instance, we just found out that she was among those killed. >> she was a dear friend. she was a dear friend, but this community is like a big family. all of our lives are intertwined with one another and we're all at the same level. we all hurt and many of these people that have been here for years would devote so many friendships and god will see us through. >> reporter: you're going to need that love. >> we're going to need them. >> if you see one of us, hug us. we are a hugged people. we greet each other with hug. >> reporter: you said it's one big family. generations of this family were lost here. >> yes. >> reporter: yesterday. >> that's hard to comprehend. it's hard to even -- i'm still numb. i can't believe it happened
11:24 am
here. >> reporter: we have grandmothers like lula white and we also have kids as young as 18 months old. >> that is what's so heartbreaking, the little children and -- but you know what? god is still very strong and he's still in control. >> do you ask yourself when something like this can happen and you never have to lock your door and everyone greets each other with hugs and do you ever ask how something like this could happen? >> oh, yes. we asked because we didn't know the whole situation and we said who would pick this church? we're out here. we don't bother anybody and for him to come here and do this, and now we find out that he did have a connection with this church and that is so sad, but you know, the young man, even that's sad that he felt that he had to do that. that's so sad. >> reporter: it is so sad.
11:25 am
>> one of the things we want to do is is not talk about him. >> that's right. >> reporter: we want to think about the people who were part of this church. the people who we cannot hear from anymore, and that we can only hear about through you. so tell me about some of the people that we lost. >> oh, just wonderful christians. very outgoing, helping other people -- some of these people that i'm just now finding out. >> i told you about lula white. >> lu, and i just found out about somebody else that moved here. >> and they were workers in the church. they were -- these are not people who come and sit in services and go home. they work. they work through the week. they have the program -- pomeroy has a number of programs going and these people were workers. it's going to be such a void in the church because these people held positions of teachers,
11:26 am
workers and it's just so sad, and i just want to ask people pray for us. pray for us to have the strength. if you see one of us, hug us or hug a pat on the shoulder. it means so much. just knowing people care and they're grieving with us. >> beullah, we care. we are so honored to meet you and this town, this community is going to need you going forward and look to you for strength. the strength that you're giving everyone. >> we don't give up. >> reporter: beullah, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: brooke, it is as tou astounding, the grandmother, lula white, and i'm standing here with beullah and she says you mean lu? everyone knows everyone else here and there have been generations of this town and
11:27 am
church community that are gone. >> pray for us, she says. pray for us and if you see one of us hug us. go hug her, john berman for me, please. thank you so much and we'll see you in just a second here. we have more breaking news out of texas and we will talk north korea. they say they're watching president trump's trip to south korea very, very closely as the president warns that the time for strategic patience with kim jong-un is over this as the north koreans say they are ready to respond if president trump does, quote, anything crazy. also ahead, senator rand paul attacked at his own home in kentucky. his injuries, severe, broken ribs and a bruised lung. what we know about the man who attacked him coming up. you might take something for your heart... or joints.
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we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke bolduan. north korea says it is watching donald trump very closely as the president of the united states begins his tour offis asia that will take him and the first lady. while the trip is being billed as a chance to strengthen ties with asian allies it is also being viewed as a vehicle for president trump to deliver a stark message about u.s. military capability to an audience of one in pyongyang. >> we will not stand for that, the era of strategic patience is over. some people said that my rhetoric is very strong, but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25
11:33 am
years? look where we are right now. >> with me now, david sanger, cnn political and national security analyst. so, david sanger, i know you know this part of the world very well, and so let's just get right to this interview over the weekend with the president where he said he would be willing to sit down with the north korean dictator. he was asked about it and let me tell you exactly what president trump said. he said he would certainly be open to doing that. he said i would sit with anybody i feel. i don't think it's strength or weakness. i don't think it's a bad thing. would that be in the u.s.' best interests? >> it would depend on how well it was set up. the president had varying views on this. in an interview last year he told me pretty much the same thing. at other points, he has said that negotiating with kim jong-un is useless and he chastised the secretary of state for suggesting, in fact, that there should be negotiations. i think the answer to the
11:34 am
question, though, is you wouldn't want to put any president especially one who has not dealt with the north koreans before in this situation unless you had a pretty good idea of where that negotiation was going to come out. so, for example, there is a proposal round which neither the u.s. nor north korea has signed on to to have what they called a freeze for freeze. they had the nuclear testing and we freeze our exercises in the pacific. it's got some real down sides including enshrining north korea's current capability which is pretty fearsome, but you'd want to know exactly where they were going to end up. >> i was just on the "uss ronald reagan" two weeks ago and we know they're watching that very, very carefully. let me ask you about putin. president trump is expected to try to get his help in confronting north korea, a
11:35 am
friend to russia. this has been unsuccessful in the past. what does the president need to say to get putin to get on that side? >> brooke, putin's role in all of this has been pretty fascinating because until now the russians have pretty much been sideline players on north korea. the assumption has been that it's china that's got all of the influence, but at this point the chinese and north koreans are not getting along very well and we have seen putin suggest that he would open up some oil trade with north korea and he would open up new internet connections because right now north korea is run all through china. that would suggest that the russians see a moment of american and perhaps chinese weakness here and think that they could become north korea's new friend. maybe it is only to cause us a
11:36 am
little bit more trouble in the region. so i think the president's first message is going to have to be tread very carefully on this because if russia is found to be aiding north korea it would be another point of contention between the u.s.-russia, something that the president, of course, has not been talking very much about. >> i hope we can talk many more times through this big asia trip, david sanger. thank you so much as always. love having your voice on the show. >> thank you. let's get you back to texas to the breaking news there. sutherland springs, police say the man who killed 26 people sent threatening text messages to his mother-in-law who attended that church. we'll talk to pastors, both of whom were in services at the time of the shooting. stand by.
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today the pastor of the first baptist church behind me broke down as he spoke about the horror that his family and the entire community is dealing with right now. we've had a long night with the children and grandbabies we have left. the pastor's 14-year-old daughter annabelle among those killed. the pastor said he was leaning on his faith now more than ever. >> what you don't understand you lean into the lord and i would submit this to everyone. my family is here and you guys there, whatever life brings to you, lean on the lord rather than your own understanding. i don't understand, but i know my god does. >> reporter: joining me now the pastor of two neighboring churches pastor lee rios of emerge ministry and pastor paul buford. pastor paul, thanks so much for being with us. i understand both of you were in services when the shooting here happened and pastor paul, you were telling me that you had first responders inside your
11:42 am
church. >> yes. >> who didn't walk. >> they immediately left to go deal with the situation and see what it was that they could do. so -- just took off out of the church service. we calmly did that as the church to say you need to go, go. and the rest of us, the best thick that we can do is to stay put. stay out of the way and stay safe. >> pastor lee, i was talking to you both in commercial beforehand, and i asked you did you know anyone inside here? did you lose any friends and the answer is yes, of course. >> absolutely. we're a tight community. we all minister together. we've all had youth gatherings together so that church came to this church and we've come together a lot and we've seen kids grow. i mean, we come and get our tacos here. it's a tight community. >> now part of your family in this community is gone. >> yes, sir. >> how do you deal with that? you rely on the source. the source is the lord.
11:43 am
it's jesus christ, and that's the message that we are wanting to get out is the love that's being poured out in the midst of this tragedy, there is so much love coming from all over, and the response, the first responders, the ems, you guys, everybody showing so much love. that's the message. that's how we change the world is by sharing his love. >> you told me you've never seen so much love. >> no, i have not. i have not. sorry, in the midst of that and the pain, in the midst of the pain there's beauty in it because you can tell there's people who don't know, but they're feeling the pain of those that lost. >> this community hurts. this community absolutely hurts and pastor paul, one of the things i've seen the videos from the past weeks from the services here, you know, happiness is the lord in last week's sermon. they don't lock their doors at this church. they open their doors. they want people to come in which makes it that much more painful when someone comes in
11:44 am
for such evil reasons. >> exactly. the thing we need to look at and we need to understand is evil didn't win anything yesterday. >> no. >> evil lost whatever it was that it was looking for. now surely, we have pain and we have sorrow and we have people that we've lost friends and family members, but we stand on our faith knowing that what the word of god says to be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. >> amen. >> in heaven. so we know in an instant they were in the arms of their savior and they were in the presence of him so that's what we have to stand on and that's the only way to get through this. you can't get through it with our own spiritual strength. you have to get through it with your spiritual strength that you have in the higher power that god the creator is in charge. >> we heard from the pomeroys who lost their daughter. >> yes. >> reporter: they're concerned they've lost their church. they don't know if the building can be salvaged and they don't know if the congregation can be
11:45 am
brought back together. >> it's funny that you would ask. i had a vision of that. being that that church is such a central point of this community. anybody can see it when they drive by. i envision that in the future we will see it brighter and bigger. you will see children and families coming and remembering and rejoicing in the times they had with those loved ones that were lost. >> what are you going to preach this sunday? >> what am i going to preach this sunday? jesus, what -- >> that wasn't a trick question. >> it's a standard answer generally, but what i'm going to deliver and what i'm going to be there to say is just exactly what i said a little while ago. evil didn't triumph in any of this. the big question is why does a good god allow bad things to happen. >> come on. >> and the thing is we believe we're made in the image of god is one of the greatest attributes that god has that he's given us is choice and we're supposed to be here learning how to make good choices and people make bad
11:46 am
choices and evil has its way sometimes in what's going on, but look around. we have 360 million people in the united states that didn't do something like this yesterday that were in churches probably with their family, working, helping other people, and that's the thing that we want to focus on is that that's the good of this country, and i promise you there will be -- we'll have evil here, but the bible says that we overcome evil with good, and i believe firmly that we have way more good people in this world than we have bad people. >> reporter: you guys, you gentlemen, pastor paul and pastor lee, you're part of the good and i know this community is depending on you and you will deliver. >> can i share one thing? >> do i have a message and i do want to say this. this has nothing to do with politics. this has nothing to do with gun control. this has to do with humanity and heart. this has to do with love. it's how we respond. if we respond and make it this or that, then we've given a
11:47 am
foothold. we have to respond out of love. we have to respond out of love even forgiving the person that did this because they have a loss as well. it's about forgiveness. >> pastor lee rios. pastor paul, thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. brooke? >> pastors and john berman, thank you so much there in texas. we'll come back to you. we've got other news, though on this monday afternoon including this russian lawyer who was at that trump tower meeting with don junior, donald trump jr. shedding some light into what exactly happened and what don junior said he could do if his father were to be elected. also ahead, five fractured ribs and a lung injury. u.s. senator rand paul now dealing with much more serious injuries than first thought after he was attacked at his own home back in kentucky. what we know and about the what we know and about the senator's ties to his attacker. but on theide, i feel chronic, widespread most people.
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than we could ever go alone. sofi. get there sooner. new revelations today about what was discussed in that now-infamous campaign meeting at trump tower two summers ago in an interview with bloomberg news, the russian attorney that met with donald trump jr. says he asked for dirt on hillary clinton and asked to re-examine an obama-era law against russia if his father were to be elected. we have dana bash joining us now. this is the first time that this russian attorney has actually come out and revealed these details about what was discussed at this trump tower meeting. what is she saying exactly? >> well, until now what we knew mostly was from the e-mails which were pretty explicit in terms of how this meeting was
11:53 am
set up and by explicit, i mean that it was set up based on the notion of the trump officials, don junior in particular getting dirt on hillary clinton. now according to this russian lawyer what she said in a two and a half-hour interview with bloomberg was that what she was -- was -- trying to deliver was information about taxes that a major clinton donor had evaded and potentially how that benefited politically the clinton campaign and the democrats, but the question is what was the evidence and apparently, she didn't have it. let me show you a couple of key quotes from this interview. >> first of all, on the notion of what don junior and the trump campaign if he became president could do -- let's read that one first because this is based on what i was just talking about. she said that he asked -- he,
11:54 am
don junior, this morny, the ziffs, got from rush a do you have any financial documents showing that this money went to clinton's campaign? the answer that she gave was no and according to the lawyer the meeting kind of ended then which kind of matches up with what we've heard from don junior in that it was a small meeting, but there's something else here and that is what the lawyer said that she wanted and what the trump people said ended up being the majority of the meeting was about what is called the magnitsky act which are sanctions put on russians and it has to do with the way an american was treated in russia, but at the end of the day this is a major, major issue and something that wrangles everything from vladimir putin on down. so as part of the conversation she asked if donald trump became president this is something they could do away with, do away with
11:55 am
these sanctions and what he said a skordi according to the russian lawyer. looking ahead if we come to power we can look at this issue and decide what to do about it. it doesn't look like a flat quid pro quo. it looks like he could have been saying, okay, let's see what we can do, but i think that the fact that we learned these two new things according to her is not only interesting to us, but makes what she has to potentially tell more interesting to the special counsel who she said she'd be happy to talk to and senate and house investigators who have been in touch with her trying to get her to answer questions and she said she wants to do it in public. maybe after this we will see a public hearing from her which would be extraordinary and put yourself in bob mueller's shoes all right. who do i listen to? what do i value more? this woman or don junior? we will talk to a lawyer about that next hour, dana bash, you outlined it perfectly. thank you very much. coming up here, we will take you
11:56 am
back to texas to the mass shooting at the sutherland springs church. one of them, we talked to his cousin, was barefoot, heard the shots himself grabbed his own gun and ran toward the church. also we have new information in this investigation. cnn confirming that the suspect's grandmother-in-law was at the service and was killed yesterday morning. chilling details about what the suspect was wearing and who police say he texted before the attack. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. today's senior living communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice.
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