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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. we do have breaking news. stunning red flag somehow overlooked and the story out of texas. gunman who murdered 26 peeople inside the church in texas, escaped a mental health facility in 2002. obtained by our cnn affiliate kvia. a police report was written after kelley went missing. officer were told kelley was a danger to him self and others. and quoting this report here, he had already been caught sneaking firearms into hollow man air force base. this report also said this
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individual made gun threats. also say they are having a hard time accessing the gunman's cell phone. >> the phone of the subject turned over to us, we flew that last night to quantico. process of looking at the phone. unfortunateli unfortunately at this point we are unable to get into the phone. so it says the inscriptions of the phones, law enforcement is increasingly not able to get into these phones. >> despite that, we are learning much more about the shooter's violent past. minutes he took to unleash hundreds and hundreds of bullets into the small sanctuary and the ones that allowed him to buy
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guns. air force admits it failed to inform civilian about domestic violence conviction. gunman attacked his first wife and even cracked the skull of his stepson. in 2014 had puny remained from his home because of animal cruelty charge. and pastor of the church who was targeted shared this with the sheriff. >> is there anything that investigators are telling you as far as how this might have been some kind of a revenge issue with his family? >> it's a possibility. they said that he was thinking his mother-in-law was in the church probably and that's who he was targeting. but, i mean, as you know, all the other lives that he took and all the people that he injured, i mean, it's senseless. you know, mother-in-law was not even there that day.
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>> let's go straight to the scene to our national correspondent diana gallagher in surveillancer land springs. diane, let's begin with this information we are getting from the el paso police department, that he suffered from mental disorders, had been caught sneaking firearms into this air force base. what more are we learning? >> reporter: yeah, so, brooke this is something just coming out, documents obtained by our affiliate kvia but hasn't been mentioned before by the air force, by law enforcement. as we have been trying to pull a part what has led up to this shooting here. it's no secret he had violent past. we knew about the assault charges and conviction year in military prison because of assault on ex-wife and stepson. we know about the animal cruelty charges. but this does add another wrinkle to the situation. at this point we were told there were not any known mental
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issues. but mental health issues. but of course it was all still under investigation. so now we are learning in 2012, june of 2012 he escaped from this mental health facility in new mexico and found him at a travel center, a bus stop of sorts trying to leave. now, this again just a couple months after those assault charges were against him with his then wife and stepson. at the time they noted he was facing a court martial in the military and he had levied threats against military superiors. again, none of this is mentioned. but the report did indicate he had been entered into scis. so we are trying to figure out why this wasn't listed in the documentation, when he was trying to get weapons, when the reports say he tried to get firearms. this complicates the story even
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more, brooke, as we are trying to figure out how this mixes with that violent past. and once again why none of this was flagged into the civilian system or fbi database to prevent him from getting those firearms. >> so as we are learning more and more about clearly his violent past l we now have learned from law enforcement there that they can't get into his phone because of encryption issues. >> yeah, this is a story we have heard before, brooke. if you remember from san bernardino, similar situation. in fact the fbi started off by saying, this is something that we dealt with before. we are going to work at this as hard as we can until we get into that phone. wouldn't tell us what kind of phone it was. and fbi agent basically said it's because he didn't want criminals knowing what kind of phone to use. but alluded to the fact this was similar to other high profile cases in which encryption is preventing them from getting into the phone. and we already know brooke social media footprint is giving
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vet ors a better look at his frame of mind at the time. they say that he seemed obsessed with mass shootings recently. obsessed with violence online recently. and also they are not giving a motive, but have reiterated that he had this ongoing dispute with his family. with his in laws. they said it again today, brooke,they said that he couldn't let go this grudge, couldn't let go of his issue with his in laws at the time. sources tell us that he sent a threatening text message to mother-in-law who attended this church but wasn't at the service that he chose to go into the morning of the shooting, brooke. >> 26 people as a result have been murdered, including as young as 17 months. diane gallagher, please stay on this and ask the right questions into his past. let me move off of that and talk about this heros reunion after heartache in sutherland springs.
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this stranger that credit for stopping this mass murder. first time reunited. the man on the right here is steven will ford is the former nra instructor who confronted and shot him twice. the man on the left is the driver will a fort got to chase the gunman. here now the men's stories in their own words. >> my house is down on the corner over there. right past that sign. >> i could hear the shots, pop, pop, pop. >> i saw the shooter coming out about where the cars were parked, and the other gentleman coming from across the street. he had no shoes on or nothing, but he was ready to act. >> all i'm thinking is i have to get there. i've got to stop what's happening. >> both had weapons drawn. and in a matter of half a second there was exchange of gunfire. >> i was standing behind the
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pickup truck for cover. >> this car has a bullet hole in the window. he was shooting at me and one in the house over here. i saw his side and that's what i shot for. i into you that that would be where that tactical gear did not cover. >> the shooter got in his vehicle and took off. >> he shot twice more through the window. >> and the guy had watched this whole thing take place. i ran over. >> opened my door and said he just shot off the church and we have to chase him. >> i said let's go. because that's what you do. you chase the bad guy. >> i was scared like you can't even imagine i was scared. >> we didn't even stop at this intersection just buzzed right on through. >> i crossed dispatch once we crossed the intersection to let them know we were northbound 539 in pursuit of the killer's vehicle. >> he was driving at pa high rate of speed. >> every time i looked down at the speedometer it was at 90 or
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95. >> and we were trying to pass cars or catch up. >> we thought he would come to a stop. but when he slowed down he took out a street sign. >> flipped over the truck. >> he sped up again and lost control of his vehicle, and from there went into the ditch. >> and stopped the truck on the road and i told him get down, get down. >> and telling me to get out, get out. and the shooter never got out. but we barricaded behind my truck until police showed zblup i wasn't going to let him go anywhere. >> he was very much a hero. he acted quicker than he could think as well. >> i knew something had to happen. i love those people there. i love the people that are in there. >> and every time i heard a shot i knew that that probably represented a life. and the man driving the truck was i found out later his name. >> knowing what you know now, would you do the same thing over again? >> i would do it 100 times over,
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sir. >> and the white beard you saw steven will fort white beard says he's been growing it for the santa parade he does every year with the people of the first baptist church. and so many of the people of the church in sutherland springs are facing a sorrow full dilemma how to pay for the burials of many in the small texas town. that is where my next guest is stepping in. he's robert dixon owner of funeral cements and offering to pay for the funerals of the people of this tragedy. thanks so much for joining me. >> thank you. >> the second i heard so many of these good people would have a tough time ard toing this, i knew the good people of texas would jump in in any way they can. how exactly are you all helping? >> brooke, we are a family business. it started basically at the turn
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of the century, 1907, and we have been helping families for over a century. we are in second century of business. and there is just no way that mission park in san antonio and the texans we serve that we are not going to sit identically by and watch this happen. this coward didn't have a clue as to what was going on and to walk into a church and take innocent people from a church, from a church service on sunday, is just incredible to me. again, it's just such a cowardly act. and we'll be here to help these families through the most difficult time of their lives and help them with the services, whether they need caskets or services, whether they need grieve counseling, we are here to help. >> so all of what you just mentioned, you know, services, to flowers, to caskets, i'm sure you are modest, but you are
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offering a lot. >> i am. that's right. because you know what, it means a lot. >> it's my understanding that you have a personal connection to all of this. can you share that with me? >> we have a dear friend of ours involved that was caught up with this. and lost a loved one. and we are helping not only them, but we are going to help every family that we can possibly, as much as we can possibly do. not everything in the world that we can do. however, if someone needs some assistance from us in the form of casket and want to use another facility, i'm going to donate that right now. just if they need services, they can use any one of our facilities and no financial burden to these families. we'll get them through a difficult time. again through not only what we can do but with what so many other people are coming forth with. the last gentleman that you just had on wharks, what a hero.
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fantastic they were there and kept it from being worse. again, this person is nothing more than a coward and pitiful at best. >> your generosity is extraordinary. you and your business. you all are one example. but can you give me other examples of how this community is coming together in this time of need? >> yes, ma'am. i think everybody is coming together in texas. i mean, the out pouring from them, that's the beauty of what we have down here in san antonio. we are mom and pop shops. i have children myself. i'm a late bloomer. i have five year old children. and it's just something that i just want to make sure, all i have left is my reputation and my children and my family and my faith and my freedom. and i'm going to tell you what, we'll do the best we can to help out these families in sutherland
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springs. the amount of issues that they are going to be dealing with afterwards is going to be something that, when all the cameras leave and everybody goes away, they'll need help. and we'll be here with grieve counseling. if they want to come and visit with somebody, we'll have somebody here to try to help them through this, because this is just absolutely horrendous. >> i appreciate you. i know this special community appreciates you too. mr. tips, thank you for your time and generosity. >> thank you, brooke for your time. >> thank you, sir. >> yes, ma'am. >> just in to us here at cnn one of president trump nominee for spot in defense department said it's quote unquote insane that americans can buy guns like the one used in that church shoog shooting of the we have more for you there. also, is president trump flipping the script on north korea after talk of fire and fury and referring to the dictator as rocket man, now taking a noticeable shift in
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we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the news coming out of texas has prompted a strong rebuke for the department of defense. president trump staunch defender of the second amendment but nominee for secretary of defense dr. dean winslow said in talking in front of the committee today it's in sane people can buy this kind of gun used in sunday's
11:20 am
church shooting. so let's go to jim sciutto, and dr. winslow acknowledges the quote i may get in trouble with other members of the committee here by saying this but still it's note worthy the use of the word insane. >> no question. and the department of defense is involved in this because the texas shooter as you know, was a veteran of the air force, discharged for bad conduct, for domestic violence against his wife, fracturing the skull of his son. so this answer came to a question from senator gene shaheen who asked him the nominee if it was acceptable someone discharged under these conditions should be allowed to buy a weapon. that's when he went further, dodged on that question, but went further on the weapon itself. let's have a listen. >> i would also like o and i may
11:21 am
get in trouble, just say how ininsane it is the united states of america can go tout and buy an assault rifle like the ar 15, and that's an issue as much for this committee but elsewhere. >> and to be clear, brooke, i should note that this nom inee doesn't come from no where, but retired air force himself. and other words besides the insane one, is his term of the assault rifle, politically charged phrase, nra and others say that doesn't exist as therefore to categorize this weapon as something distinct from others. whole sliding scale of weapons. but even assault rifle is politically charged. i should also note this senator mccain, when he heard that answer, his response was to say
11:22 am
to dr. winslow that this is out of your area of responsibility and expertise for him to comment on this. >> that's the senator's response. we'll see if the president responds from his perch in seoul on twitter. jim sciutto, thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you, brooke. >> speaking of korea, president trump has dropped his taunts of rocket man in favor of a more optimistic tone. >> we have a nuclear submarine also positioned. we have many things happening that we hope, we hope, in fact, i'll go a step further, we hope to god we never have to use. with that being said, i really believe that it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal that's good for the people of north korea
11:23 am
and the people of the world. i do see certain movement, yes. but let's see what happens. >> in just a couple of hours president trump will deliver a major speech there from south korea laying out how he wants to contain the north korea nuclear threat and pressing other nations to tighten the screws on pyongyang. so with me now is bruce. so welcome back. >> thanks. >> what do you make of the change in tone from the president? >> it certainly is a change in tone, as you point out, from the fire and fury and threatening to destroy north korea. but we've had a number of conflicting signals from senior officials in the administration. some including the president's signaling the u.s. may do a preventive attack.
11:24 am
but also other times the president has said he'd be honored to meet with kim jong-un. willing to meet. that there is potentially you get him away to do away with nuclear weapons. >> as early as this weekend. >> right. so a bit of confusion within the administration about signaling, we debate amongst ourselves. >> all right. so i'm hearing you many. and we talked about this. the mixed messages coming out of the administration on how to handle north korea. do you think, though, perhaps a reason why the tone change is because, listen, the president is out of the washington bubble, he is standing in korea, not too tier bly far from the north. >> right. there was a lot of concerns before the president arrived in korea, whether he would have very bombastic language which could raise tension further.
11:25 am
so certainly our allies will welcome a more measured tone. that it perhaps is signaling a way to have diplomacy. >> but we know he talks to the assembly. he's specifically going to put pressure on china and return us. and ally of north korea in help in confronting him. what does he need to say to bring them into the fold? >> i hope he articulates clearer picture. i think in talking to officials you detect a more nuance strategy than public messaging. so if he articulates that it
11:26 am
would make more sense not only to allies but russia and china. also i think he needs to affirm that the u.s. support for allies we will defend them if north korea does threaten to attack. but also just emphasize that the reason we are where we are is because of north korea's preeted violations of u.n. rest lagss and i relations international community. and if they hold back on pressuring it's only going to encourage pyongyang to go down the path none of those countries want. >> i was in the country talked to a number of americans, business people who choose to live there, ex-pats. and one of the questions i said who worries you more? but their answer was overwhelming. and that is coming up next hour
11:27 am
from piece from seoul. bruce clinger, thank you. more on breaking news the gunman in this church shooting in texas had escaped a mental health facility after he assaulted his ex-wife and stepson. this as we are learning about even more red flags about his violent past. plus extraordinary new details about the links harvey weinstein went to protect himself, including reporting that he had hired a team of elite spies to dig up dirt on his accusers. and also on juournalists as wel. we'll be right back.
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welcome back.
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you're watching cnn. more on breaking news of this texas church massacre. today we are learning this gunman escaped from a mental health facility, this is back in 2012, and of the multiple big questions, one of them is, how is this shooter with criminal military record able to legally buy guns. turns out air force did not report to a national database that would stopped him. now launching full reviews. with me now, retired lieutenant jeffrey also a former military attorney. thank you so much for joining me today. i know you have all the same questions we have, right, the fact that the shooter had no disqualifying information to prevent him from buying a gun, despite the two accounts for domestic violence and violence. and i understand all reviews under way but how was the break down? how was this not reported? >> well, it seems to me that
11:33 am
what is being exposed from the reporting we are seeing now is a consequence pf a lack of what a military commander would call unity of command or unity of effort. there are all sorts of players in the process of how this information gets transmitted from the military to the national criminal information system. and i think one thing that's going to be revealed by this review is that because there is not a very clear indication of who is supposed to do what and when they are supposed to do it, these convictions are falling through the cracks. >> i'm hearing you on a lack of what military commanders call unity of command. but if i may, is it fair to say someone screwed up? someone screwed up? >> well, i mean obviously i think there is no question, and i think the air force has acknowledged this, this was a criminal conviction that should have been reported to the fbi. so, yes, mistake that was made.
11:34 am
but i think the systemic issue is the issue we should be concerned about. we have the jag officers that prepare the trial, we have base police or military police responsible for in putting data into the system. we have intake at the military prison that should provide a redundancy to input that information into the system. then a piece of this that we are not really sure of yet is how these records are translated when they go into the fbi database, and is there some screening meconium sihanism at point that is dropping it off the system? and all of this needs to be looked at. i think you'll quickly see a directive from the secretary of defense indicating exactly how this is to be done and validated in the future. >> and i could add tour list what two senators are proposing democrat and republican in a second. but i don't know if you've paid
11:35 am
attention to the developments. now we have information from the el paso police department this guy suffered from mental disorders, these a direct quote, and officers were advised he was a danger to him self and others as he had, quote, already been sneaking firearms onto holloman air force base. how did this man legally buy a gun is my question? >> well, we know how he legally bought the gun. he legally bought the gun because none of this background information was properly up loaded into the national database. and if the system -- >> all the red flags though. >> what's that? >> all the red flags from his past. properly reported. >> that's right. the red flags should have been included into this database. if he was arrested by the military police authorities, the security police, when he attempted to bring these unlawful weapons or improper weapons on to the base, that should have been included in the
11:36 am
database as well. so the point here is this is obviously a tragedy and it's a terrible tragedy. he should not have been able to buy these weapons. and i am familiar, your producers did tell me about this proposed legislation. >> senator, flake let me tell everyone else, senator flake and senator heinrich plan to introduce legislation closing the loophole that they say the shooter exploited that would require the military to report them for background checks. go ahead, sir. final thought. >> right. the loop hope hole the law refe domestic violence. but in military courts we don't distinguish crimes between misdemeanor or felonies. now, interestingly, the air force justice acknowledges this and indicates it doesn't matter
11:37 am
whether you are convicted by general or special court martial, if it's a conviction for domestic violence that is supposed to be stamped on the record of the conviction in bold letters. what the regulation doesn't indicate, though, is who is supposed to take that and input it into the database. so much of this will have to come from dod and secretary of defense directing the subordinate services to tighten up the process of how we make sure these convictions are properly reported. >> yes, like we said the pentagon is reviewing. we will wait to hear from guidance from the top. lieutenant cornell jeffrey corn, thank you so much. i'm not frustrated a, i'm just frustrated. thank you so much for your time today. >> i think we are all frustrated. >> i know we r thank you. meantime, it is election day in america and president trump obviously he's not on the ballot but rhetoric is all over it. what races will be a big test for his presidency. plus an army of spies, new
11:38 am
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millions across country. and what happens today could signal how the all important midterm elections will play out. you have the two key elections both in virginia. both supported hillary clinton in the race. in the race, and in virginia premt has campaigned for democrat for northam and and is for ed gillespie.
11:43 am
people in the country are not happy with both the republicans and democrats. so let me bring in two ladies and cnn politics editor. and maeve, just to hone in on here, why are boast parties going to crunch all the numbers and so important and think how much this will be indicative of 2018 midterms? >> i think everyone wants to answer tonight is what does the climate, political climate look like for republicans in this tumultuous age of donald trump. everyone is looking ahead to these huge midterm races next year that will determine control of the house and the senate. and in virginia, new jersey has been a little bit of aslee slee race but you have ed gillespie tweeting with president trump
11:44 am
but didn't campaign with him. ed gillespie is trying to run his own race hitting big issues that trump has like on immigration. so we are trying to see whether or not a republican that is appealing to independents, and those undecided voters in northern virginia, whether that kind of republican can prevail. right now it's obviously looking better for the democrat. virginia has been trending democratic in recent years but very good bell weather. and on the side of that equation, we'll be looking tonight if the democrats do not win in virginia, much more pronounced civil war within the democrat party. northam is a candidate who a lot of people have talked about hillary clinton, very moderate. a lot of folks in the bernie sanders wing of the party are not happy with him as candidate. and you are seeing, basically, this war between the two factions in the democrat party bubbling under the surface and
11:45 am
potentially exploding after tonight if he does not win. >> well, when you saw the poll numbers, that's what i want to jump to. you remember your magic 8 ball not so good for both parties. new poll numbers show worst favor ability rating in 25 plus years of polling. and republican party is even lower. why? >> absolutely. i think mave really hit the nail on the head. both parties you are seeing strive on which way it should go. i think it's important to note the time line. holding consistently since september. but a lot of soul searching for the party in the era of trump, not a traditional republican. but democrats we are seeing the civil war starting to simmer among the party left over from 2016. some of the revelations coming to the surface now in donna brazile book. what i saw troubling in the
11:46 am
numbers for democrats some numbers among core con ststitue. those are two groups that democrats need and historically have been able to mobilize. whether they are able to continue to do that we'll tell you about in the important midterms in 2018. >> yeah, if they can get the turnout work tonight. >> totally. stay tuned to cnn. we'll be watching the election turns. thank you so much very much. coming up here, stunning new reports on harvey weinstein and how he tried to suppress stories about sexual misconduct allegations against him. did he hire spies to act as advocates for women who accused him of rate? of rape? we have incredible new details.
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new revelations in the harvey weinstein scandal. the new yorker publishing this latest bomb shell details how in the fall of 2017 disgraced hollywood mogul had explicit reports spies. according to the reports they used to work for the israeli equivalent of cia, and two of those officers used false identities in order to spend time with mcgowan who has accused harvey weinstein of rape. one accuser, i should say one
11:52 am
person even poses as accuser journalists reporting to see how deep these journalists had on him. so we did not stop the publication of these reports. and next my guest megan tu ee broke it wide open. thank you for being here. also with us cnn intelligence bob bare, former cia operative. so you'll be excellent on explaining the capabilities of these agents. but, megan, starting with you, you cowrote your report on this who was contacted by one of these black cube agents, posing as accuser. tell me more about that. >> right. so what we learned yesterday from ron in excellent story there were people that were hired by harvey weinstein to not just dig up dirt on the female accusers, but try to figure out
11:53 am
what journalists were doing, who were working to break the story open. and one of those people who was contacted, my colleague jody n can'ter claiming she was a woman's rights advocate to get her in conversation, which didn't go very far, but was interesting thing to revisit in light of this story. >> bob, bare, who are these elite assad agents, who are they, and what are they capable of? >> they are a nasty bunch. they were mostly doing over the years assassinations, but of course they are doing character assassinations. and they have the full range of skills to collect information on people, whether it's meta data, property records, put physical surveillance on them, and after they make accusations against harvey weinstein, under credit
11:54 am
them and saying this person is not reliable. and once a group like this gets after you, they can make life very difficult and do the same with journalists and going to editor saying this is not responsible. this is a bad group of people. and i didn't think this could get nas ier bmore nasty but it >> it has. and if you read in the piece he talks about rose mcgowan and how she felt she was, her words, gas lit. what more do you know about what happened with her? >> so i think that it's a good point to sort of shift the attention off of the journalists in this case, you know, we are a tough bunch. when we go to work every day, we take on powerful people and investigate those who we suspect of wrongdoing or abuses of
11:55 am
power. we are doing that with the support of our editors, with very powerful attorney, "new york times" attorney behind us. >> the accusers. >> but i think the story, the real takeaway here is what happens when powerful people deploy their resources in efforts to undermine accusers. and basically attack the women who are coming forward with allegations against them. and i think that this story has shed light on this serious problem, which harvey weinstein obviously went to extraordinary lengths, but i think there are a lot of people who have been in positions where they have been accused of sexual misconduct or suspect that's about to come to light and go to great lengths to suppress that and silence the women that don't have the resources that we do to fight back. >> one of the agent s, give som
11:56 am
details, wrote to rose mcgowan in email, this guy posing, hi love how are you feeling? i want to tell you how brave i think you are? xx. this person met with rose on a couple of occasions. a whole trust obviously involved in this. she believed in this false identity. is this -- does this surprise you, bob, the lengths they went to? >> no, brooke, it's typical trade. it's called the false flag. send somebody in with alteror motives, it's just incredible that you are taking a professional intelligence service to cover up rape and harassment. i mean, come on, this guy, it's time he goes to jail. this is just incredible and unacceptable to bring mosad into
11:57 am
ha case like this, to destroy piece women's lives. >> the machine that harvey weinstein enlisted to help him. bob, thank you. m megan, thank you very much. and thank jody over at the times as well. back we are getting a stunning firsthand account on survive or on the church shooting in texas. what she says the gunman yelled when he opened fire. her story is next. to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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here we go. hour two. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. the gunman who murdered 26 people on sunday morning escaped a new mexico mental health facility in 2012 a police report was written after he went missing. was told he was a dge