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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 8, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and here we go. on brooke baldwin. thank you so much for being with me. you're watching cnn. exactly one year after president trump pulled off the biggest political upset in modern u.s. history, he is facing another election day wake up call. only this one didn't go his way. democrats swept local and state races across the country with
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wins for minority and lbgt candidates and most surprising house of delegates could go democrat for first time in nearly 20 years. official results on those raises that could make that different. biggest were in virginia and new jersey phil murphy defeated his opponent which struggled to distance herself from her unpopular boss chris christie. and in virginia democrat ralph northam won after close race against ed gillespie. in the end it was far from close. and the president in asia went to twitter to distance himself from the losing candidate. writing this, quote, ed gillespie worked hard, but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, he wrote, republicans won four out of four house seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we
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will continue to win even bigger than before. however, at least republican congressman believes voters were responding to the president. >> i think that last night was a referendum. i don't think anyway you can look at it in a different way. >> let's start with dana bash, our chief political correspondent. and my question to you what should republicans see in this democratic sweep? or are these victories today being overstated? >> no, i don't think they are being overstated in that, you know, certainly the spin coming from people close to the white house, and others trying to put sort of a rosy look on this these are two blue states, true. and this is the way it should have gone. okay. maybe that's the case. but first of all, the margin of the win that the democratic now governor elect had was huge.
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if you go down ballot the fact that legislative seats in the house legislature, so many of them turned it could be 50/legislature. then look at a place like maine, brooke, where something on the ballot about medicaid expansion and the vast majority of people there said that they want to keep medicaid expansion. so across the board it was a repudiation in and of itself of the ideals that you are seeing from the republican white house. i'll say, though, brooke, that it is an open question still, a, how much this can translate into 2018. and, b, whether or not republicans can do the things that i'm hearing and i'm sure you're hearing them say all day today that they need to do, which is get some accomplishments on the board. put some wins on the board. don't lack like they are the
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sort of keystone cops who have suddenly have control of congress and have very little to show for it in terms of legislative accomplishments. >> right. so all of those points. but let's go back to i read the president's tweet. and he, you know, maybe pushed ed gillespie a side. what was interesting is the use of the word me, dana, he said ed gillespie didn't embrace me. he didn't say us. he didn't say we the republican party. but me. what did you make of that? >> technically the president is right. the president didn't go and campaign with him. you didn't hear ed gillespie talk about donald trump per se. having said that, there is no question in the last few weeks this was a test, and you heard it from steve bannon and other people, kind of in the trump camp, saying that this is a test of trumpism without trump. because ed gillespie really turned on the culture war,
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frankly, focusing hard on sanctuary cities even though there aren't any vogirginia, th whole gang issue. and at the end of the day it didn't work for him. who knows if that's related to trump or not. but the bottom line is that, yes, he might not have been campaigning with trump, but he certainly tried to use the trump playbook with regard to getting social conservatives and even white working class voters out and didn't work. >> didn't work for him. dana, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> one person who has no doubts about what the election night signified. the head of the national committee. >> you have sent a message across the globe to south korea, donald trump you don't stand for our values. are the america that donald trump comes back to in a few days is far different than the
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america he left. >> tom perez, dnc chairman is with me now after a huge huge night for you all. so, tom, welcome, and congrats. >> great to be with you again. >> so congratulations. but the but is this, hours before the big win this poll came out your party with the lowest favor ability rating in 25 years, tom. are you concerned that last night, this is what i was talking to dana about, are you concerned tonight was less about enthusiasm about democrats and more about a referendum on trump? >> oh, i thisnk we had great candidates up and down the ticket and referendum on donald trump. i think it was both. you mentioned the house of delegates races. the last time democrats won as many seats as they won last night was the late 19th century. that was remarkable. the virginians and folks in new jersey and elsewhere were
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looking for healers. ralph northam is a healer. he's going to have folks back. they wanted folks who were going to focus on the issues that matter most. health care was number one issue in exit polling in virginia. hand something like 75% of the people who listed as number one voted for ralph northam. because they are afraid that donald trump and the republican congress are going to takeaway their health care that's a bad idea. >> i got you both great democ t democrats. he said not so far. >> repeat itself. if you take a look at midterm elections dating back all the way to the 80s, this is typical cycle. the question is whether we produce a result and reverse the trend next year. >> are you worried about next year? >> no, i like a good fight. >> so he says he's not worried. hang on.
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on top of that, we know the state of new jersey leans blue. obama won '08. hillary clinton in 2016. is the victory lap, tom, is it a tad too confident at this point in time? >> listen, first of all, we have more work to do. but let's also be clear, you know, virginia is a purple state. look at the polling in the run up to this election. i mean mark warner, ask mark warner if virginia is cobalt blue state. he won by less than a percent. >> i don't think anyone is saying it's cobalt but it's been turning. >> yeah, it's a purple state. so you have to compete. that's why the republicans spent so much money there. because they thought they could win. and this is it a particularly important election cycle because ralph northam will be in control of redistricting. so this is coming to an end. same thing in new jersey. so i think it's not just virginia and new jersey, but you look at washington state, we had
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a huge election there, and a state senate district, now the democrats control all the branches of government. they have the governorship, a great governor, now they have the house and senate. you look at mayors races across the state, hasn't gone democratic in so long. and down in georgia two special elections in the state legislature. democrats won them both. and as a result, there is no longer a super majority for the republicans. and they were trying to ram through all these constitutional reforms. >> i hear your list. and you have reason to be proud as head of the dnc. but let me ask you about something you said you said earlier winners in new jersey and virginia they won because they were quote sane. tom, i have to ask suggesting -- >> absolutely.
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>> hang on. are you suggesting that republicans are not? >> no, we were talking about -- that quote was in the context about talking about president trump. people want a president who is level headed. they want a president who don't go on a twitter tirade and call the leader of north korea names. the leader of north korea is dangerous man. >> so are you suggesting president trump is not sane? >> what i'm suggesting is that president trump routinely engages in conduct unbecoming the president of the united states. he's the most divisive president in american history. and what people are telling us, the voters of virginia, new jersey and elsewhere is i'm fed up with the division. i want somebody who i can be proud of. i want somebody who my kids can be proud of. i want someone who is going to be looking out for me. and they are not seeing that in this president. that's why you saw a pretty overwhelming repudiation. now we have more work to do. and you mentioned that poll. i know that we have to earn the
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trust of voters. not simply something you are given. doing that by leading with our values day in and day out. talking about how health care should be a right for all and not a privilege for a few. talking about how we are going to continue to fight for good jobs that pay a decent wage. right to form a union. making sure that women continue to have a right to make their own reproductive health decisions and not someone else do it. these are the issues people care about. we need comprehensive immigration reform. all these things we are fighting for. and regret bly, the republicans are currently debating a tax bill that is basically a massive giveaway for very, very wealthy people. and voters are watching. >> they are watching and we will see what happened last year and a lot of wins of your party will keep those republicans get behind the president and sign this or not. we'll see. thank you so much. thank you, good luck, sir. >> have a nice day.
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>> thank you. coming up next here speaking of the president, president trump making high stakes visit to beijing. and another side issue 3 basketball players have been arrested in china for shoplifting. we'll ask since president trump is there will he intervene. also breaking news today actor kevin spacey now under criminal investigation for alleged sexual assault, a mother going public today. what she says kevin spacey did to her son last year in nantucket. and it was a speech viewed millions of times. >> if you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out. ir irks. remember that? that was after slurs written on the door of a black cadet.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. trump telling the north not to under estimate the power of the united states saying, quote, do not try us. >> i also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the
11:18 am
north korean dictatorship. the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer, they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. it is an hell that no person deserves. >> it was a tough talk from president trump but he stopped short of articulating a new strategy for dealing with north korea. he did take the opportunity to mention his election victory and plug one of his golf courses. >> the woman's u.s. open was held this year at trump national golf club in bedminster, new
11:19 am
jersey. and the top four golfers, 1, 2, 3, 4, the top 4 were from korea. congratulations. >> with me now, on substance, fareed, how did he do in the speech? >> it was a good speech. i think what president trump did was something frankly not enough president's have recently done. >> which is what? >> which is to speak frankly about the culture of the north korean regime. this is probably the most evil regime in the world today in the sense of the cruelty it inflicts on its people. i think he took a page out of ronald reagan book when reagan called the soviet union an evil empower and people said oh, dear that's destabilizing. it's never that when you tell the truth. now, does it produce a new strategy? no, it doesn't produce a new
11:20 am
strategy. but does it do something in speaking truth to power? absolutely. i think the more american presidents can do that, the better. >> okay. we moved onto china. in fact, president has received an honor not granted to any u.s. president since the founding of the peoples republic of china. a dinner inside the forbidden city. but reminder he spent past few years slamming china. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. that's what they are doing. they are taking our money, our base, our manufacturing. what they have done to us is the greatest single theft in the history of the world. the greatest abuser in the history of this country, rampant theft, of intellectual property. a currency manipulator. they break the rules in every way imaginable. i have many friends in china, they agree with me 100%. we have lost all of their
11:21 am
respect. they think we are run by a bunch of i h of idiots. >> so with all of that, why did president xi allow him in the forbidden city, do you think? >> first i'm glad you put that compile ag compiling together. chinese took it very much in the stride. they didn't say, look, we don't mind, he's a business man, opening thing, striking a deal. we are willing to cut deals. we are willing to cut deals on trade. willing to do whatever it takes. so they didn't seem as phased as i thought they would be by the rhetoric. >> okay. >> they do think that trump is -- this is a highly personistic regime, and i now mean the united states. they look at it as kingdom ald. king donald. so they want to play him. what's interesting wherever i go
11:22 am
around the world, i've not seen this before, the focus is entirely on the personality of the president. they try to figure out how do you get to president trump, how do you woo him, seduce him. because he doesn't have a strong policy in one way or another. if he falls in love with you, that's going to be great. if he falls out of love with you, it's going to be bad. so they are all trying to impress him personally. i think the forbidden city is that. trump likes pomp and circumstance. he likes to be flattered. they said it's going to be a state visit plus, meaning they will go beyond, because trump loves to hear that. >> we'll see if histone changes on toen as we watch the rest flt trip closely. fareed thank you very much. coming up next here breaking news as republicans are trying to pass the first offer haul of tax code in 31 years.
11:23 am
cbo congressional budget office just released score. it is now looking good fort republican party. plus, we can all pretty much agree jury duty, not at the top of anyone's list, but if you walked in and saw president's obama, can you imagine? that happened today. we'll show you a not so typical day at a chicago courthouse. be sensational! lash sensational full fan effect mascara from maybelline new york. our unique fanning brush reveals layers of lashes for the sensational full-fan effect. lash sensational mascara. make it happen ♪maybelline new york
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now even though the president is getting most of the headlines, it was truly historic last night full of firsts. check this out. in virginia first transgender
11:28 am
danica roem beat the guy behind the bathroom bill. also in the house kathy tran becoming the first asian american women to be elected. and both first latina state lawmakers elected. in minnesota first color. in south carolina the city of georgetown first black mayor. in seattle general jie der kin first lesbian mayor. also in seattle first openly gay school member. in charlotte first african american women to be elected there. in georgia, two cities elected their first african-american mayors city of village ville
11:29 am
electing first black mayor. and in california, palm springs to be exact first openly transgender candidate. and santa barbara, its first latina mayor. in montana, will met collins who came to the u.s. 23 years ago from liberia will become the first black mayor in states history. in manchester first mayor for the largest city. in first trans person to hold office. and lancaster first latina city council member. so, finally, in new jersey sheila oliver becoming the first african-american elected lieutenant governor. first in the state's history, sic sikh, and did you notice a theme. women winning in 2017. >> breaking news today on the republicans proposed tax bill
11:30 am
now. congressional office for cbo, independent score who estimates what new legislation would cost just said that the current plan would add a 1$1.7 whopping trillion to the deficit. this coming in as donald trump trying to do democrats to possible tax cuts for wealthy americans. on the phone call from seoul south korea told senate dems that he had spoken to his own accountant about the tax plan, and that as a wealthy person, and i'm quoting the president now, saying that the president would be a big loser. so, with me now to break all this down, rick newman, columnist for yahoo finance. president said he would be the big loser if the tax plan comes to fruition. just fast track this for me. >> he may have to fire his accountant. of course we don't know what his tax plan looks like.
11:31 am
only glimpse is leak from 2005 plan, but he wants to eliminate alternative tax plan, that cost him $31 million in 2005. so if you eliminated that his tax would have gone from 31 million to 7 million total. so for that one would save him several million dallas. >> so you say fire the accountants. number two, i was reading "the washington post" says the bill as stands right now would broadly cut taxes but say wealthy and corporations would really be the ones to stand to benefit. so my question to you then who ends up paying more? who is on the shorter end of the deal? >> remember, the thing adds 1.7 trillion to the debt. so it is net loss of federal revenue. meant to give everyone tax cuts in the bracket. and people who would lose with peculiar demographics, possible families who have a lot of kids
11:32 am
who fall in certain tax brackets might pay more because the personal exemption which allows them to reduce taxable income for each child, that personal exemption would go away. so fewer mechanisms for lowering their taxable income. depends where you fall in terms of tax breaks, some would end up worse off by losing state and local jurisdiction, depends where you live and what your income and tax bracket is. when you put it all together the tax independent group is saying about 7% of people would pay higher tax first year this went into effect and that could go up to as 25% up to ten years from now. >> this is the house version of the bill as it stands at the moment without any changes. we'll see where it. we know paul ryan wants to get this through. as he said today. rick newman thanks for swinging by. >> sure. coming up on cnn powerful speech to a room full of cadets
11:33 am
after racial slurs were found written on the wall on the academy. today a stunning revelation about who actually wrote the message. alright, off you go. casual fridays at buckingham palace? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money nathan saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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if you can't treat someone with dignity and respect, then you need to get out. >> a stunning update today on a story we covered in late september. it was a speech heard all around the world viewed more than a million times on social media. lieutenant general jay received high praise for telling a room full of cadets racial slurs will not be tolerated. they were responding to racial n word at the prep school. and i talked to him the day after his speech was really praised all around. and this is what he told me then about that teachable moment. >> so i need to do address the
11:38 am
topic head on, but it's also about teaching them about addressing that. so i wanted to be unambiguous how we'll treat this topic, but everything that we do here is about developing these air men. so i wanted to take an opportunity to also give them a leadership lesson. >> after a month long investigation, officials at the school now say it was all a hoax. perpetrated by one of the black students. cnn pentagon reporter ryan brown is with me. more on this. and i mean this was so huge, ryan. we talked to the general. you had former vice president biden and senator mccain reacting at the time. what happened? who do this according to the air force? >> well, the air force conducting investigation found out one of the supposed victims of these racist messages was in fact the perpetrator. and the air force academy issuing a statement following the investigation at the academy prep school saying that this
11:39 am
individual admitted guilt and the investigation found that he was in fact the culprit. and so, again, as you said, launched a strong worded response from the academy lieutenant general, and a lot of buzz, in fact encouraged those witnessing his speech to take out their cell phones, to fill many it, disseminate wider. now the investigation concluding it was actually one of the supposed victims who was responsible for these messages. >> the general, you know, in talking to him, he was so sincere with us in his resolve really with everyone in that room, right, to promote a culture of respect at the air force academy. how is he responding to the news? >> well, the general says he stands by his comments. those words were written. issued a statement to cnn earlier today saying that, you know, regardless of the circumstances, that those words were written and they needed to be addressed. and so he said, you know, you can never over emphasize the
11:40 am
need of a culture of dignity and respect. and so, again, very strong words backing up what he said. and so he stands by his message. and thinks it's a powerful message that should be understood by all air men both at the academy and wider. >> well, he's right. the speech still stands. the words ring true. it's just unfortunate to learn who really all the way around who wrote it. ryan brown, thank you, at the pentagon for us. moments from now vice president will be meeting in texas to talk with the survivors. we'll talk to a mega church pastor calling on churches to increase security. also ahead breaking news house of cards star kevin spacey now under criminal investigation for alleged session you'sexual assault. a mother telling what kevin spacey did to her son last year
11:41 am
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the pain staking process of identifying all of the victims from sunday's shooting at first baptist church is now complete and the survivors who remain in the hospital are all now at home. cnn has also learned the first church service since the deadly attack will take place this coming weekend at a community center next door to first baptist church. and the head pastor, frank pomeroy, says that he will preach. he and his wife lost their
11:46 am
14-year-old daughter in sunday's morning rampage. meantime, a texas mega pastor is calling for churches to have a security plan in place. he is jack ram who leads dallas church wants congregation to step up security. tweeted this after the shooting, pastor here it is important here that every church, no matter how large or small have a security procedure. we are living in dangerous days. even the fbi admits the time has come to rethink security methods in preparation. >> if you are in a school, college, movies, we should all be thinking about what should we do if a crisis breaks out right here. but we have to think very hard about this and make sure we are prepared, just like schools do fire drills, we used to kill a lot of children back in fires in early 1900s, we have to take active shooters seriously and prevent and prepare for that.
11:47 am
>> pastor jack graham joins me now. pastor, welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> these are dangerous days. pastor, what is your solution to better protect worshipers in church? >> well, since 911, really, most churches, many churches i should say have been ramping up security. everything changed when that happens of the once we have shootings, this puts us at the forefront. and i shid say first and foremost, our prayers are with the people there. >> of course. >> at the church. i've spoken with the pastor. he's a strong guy. and he's committed to encouraging and blessing and comforting his congregation to the degree he's going to preach, as you noted this coming sunday. so the church will rise up. so we are praying, praying for god's peace and comfort and
11:48 am
strength, for the people. and then when we pray, then we are called to move and to serve. and this is a way that churches and church leaders should serve our people. one of the responsibilities i have as a pastor, as a shepherd of the church is to protect the people. and that includes spiritually, of course, but it also includes the physical protection. so we need to be doing everything we can right now to protect our people. and that includes visible police officers, volunteers, and keeping our eyes open. because we do live in dangerous days. >> police, volunteers, security, you know, that's one piece of it. but there has been this whole conversation since sunday, and a lot of folks out there, pastor jack, saying, you know what there should be people take up arms bring more guns into churches. are you of that belief? >> i don't think the call is to bring more guns into churches. i think the call is for churches
11:49 am
to be truly prepared. and to have a discussion. we as a congregation, we actually are going to work with other baptists here in texas to host a seminar on december 5th to just give some best practices as to how to protect people when they are in our worship services or church activities. and so the call really is to get people aware, alert, and churches to have this discussion right now. because we are certain that these kinds of things will happen again. and we are praying that they don't, but we need to be ready if and when it happens. >> yes, sir. you know, you also play a special role. you serve as evangelical adviser to the president. and i want to ask it was hours after last week easter or attack in new york where the president called for this immediate overhaul in the immigration. but after texas and las vegas, las vegas, 58 people were killed
11:50 am
and he dismisses any notion of legislation. and basically says, sorry, nothing can be done. pastor, how do you square that? >> well, that is a political conversation, truly. and i know it's a discussion we are having as a nation, as a country. i know the president, the vice president is there today in sutherland springs and we are grateful for him. i know president cares deeply about the safety of the american people. i know that we are all preparing for wisdom as to how to handle this in these days. so those discussions will happen. >> if i may -- >> but i'm not a politician. i'm a pastor. >> i understand. but you are a leader in a really important community. and i guess my last question to you is how do things get better if we can't have this open discussion? >> i believe we are having the open conversation. and that conversation is happening every where. it's happening in households. i had it at lunch today with
11:51 am
friends. so people are talking about this. we will get to a resolution of this issue. but right now, to me, the focus should be on the people of sutherland. and as we pray for them, as we help them, and serve them, help them to rebuild. then let's talk about how best to protect our people going forward. >> pastor jack graham, thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> at any time the political future of a sitting u.s. senator said to be decided by new jersey jersey next bob menendez core rupp sh corruption trial on day three. cancer challenges us.
11:52 am
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right at this very moment the political future is in the hands of the jury. democrat accused of helping a doaneor in exchange for bribes. justice department says menendez accepted more than $600,000 in contributions, rides on jets from a florida doctor. in return they say he abused power of the office to help the dr. rhee sol dr. rhee some business disputes. pleaded not guilty. so with me is criminal defense attorney. let's begin with the number one head line out of the day where you have one juror who was asked this question what is the senator. >> what is senator, brooke? >> everyone is are you serious. but there can be more to it. >> it does sound like a silly
11:57 am
question, but it may be astute here is why. one of the key elements of the prosecution is going to need to get a conviction under the federal bribery statute is he acted as senator. now, complicating the legal landscape quite a bit for p prosecutors in 2016 governor bob mcdonald. they stated it was enough that he made calls to friends or set up dinners or even arranged for meetings. it had to go a little further. so prosecutors have really been honing in on this issue specifically in the trial because the legal landscape is really up in the air right now in terms of how to get a conviction under this statute. so going the extra mile to add the extra element. so i think the jury could be actually quite astute in this question. >> okay. the judge declined, though, to answer the question. telling jurors they should rely
11:58 am
on their individual and collective memories to determine how to define senator. >> that's right. >> what does that mean? >> specifically the question that the juror was asking about, referring to the closing argument by criminal defense attorney abby lowell who is defending him. he alluded to the fact that this issue in his closing statement. we all know that closing statements, opening arguments by prosecutors and defense attorneys, that is not evidence. that is not allowed back in the jury room for them to deliberate. they could get read back of testimony, perhaps. they could see exhibits but can't get read back. those are arguments attorneys are making for the purpose of the trial. so the judge was add mmonishinge jurors in this to use your memory. >> they watch and wait as do we, carolyn. >> only time will tell. >> thank you. on a bit of a lighter note, but court related here, when
11:59 am
citizen obama reports for jury duty, this is no ordinary day at the courthouse, former president shaking hand after hand and greeting potential jurors. check this out. >> hello. >> stay seated. >> that's okay. >> hi mr. president. good to meet you. >> thanks everybody for serving on the jury, or at least being willing to. good to see you. how are you all doing? >> shock of all shocks, he didn't get picked. what? the former leader of the free world was dismissed a short while ago. apparently his qualifications, that old harvard law degree plus 8 years as command der in chief didn't quite make the cut. all right. we continue on watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with med to.
12:00 pm
exactly one year after president trump pulled off the biggest political upset in modern u.s. history, he is now facing the first reality check of the administration. and it's a big blue one. democrats swept local and state races across the country with historic wins for specifically minority and lgbt candidates. maybe most surprising virginia house of delegates could go. official results are still out. democrats biggest victories winning those gubernatorial races both in virginia and new jersey. in new jersey democrat phil murphy defeated republican opponent kim who had struggled to distance herself from unpopular boss, chris christie. in virginia, another solid victory by democrat ralph northam after polls predicted a state race against the republican there ed gillespie, the