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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 8, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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trump pulled off the biggest political upset in modern u.s. history, he is now facing the first reality check of the administration. and it's a big blue one. democrats swept local and state races across the country with historic wins for specifically minority and lgbt candidates. maybe most surprising virginia house of delegates could go. official results are still out. democrats biggest victories winning those gubernatorial races both in virginia and new jersey. in new jersey democrat phil murphy defeated republican opponent kim who had struggled to distance herself from unpopular boss, chris christie. in virginia, another solid victory by democrat ralph northam after polls predicted a state race against the republican there ed gillespie, the president in his trip in
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asia, distanced himself from the losing candidate. this is what president trump tweeted, quote, ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats. and with the economy doing record numbers we will continue to win even bigger than before. so, let's talk to two republicans. i have david jolly with me, former florida congressman and stewart lost to ed gillespie also former chairman in his state and now running to unseat senator tim cane. so, gentleman, welcome. >> welcome. thanks for having me on. >> all right. david jolly first up to you, you are no fan of president trump. but you have this message. i read your tweet. you have a message to angry republicans today on what last night was all about. what's that? >> listen, democrats won last night for one singular reason and that's because donald trump
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is in the white house and the standard of republican politics. there is no question. these were purple jurisdictions, republican platform that has been created and pushed by donald trump for a year was soundly rejected. and no other way to look at it. the math is the math. the president of the united states is at 36%. he's not at 63%. and as a result of his poor approval republicans don't know how to handle the trump head wins. >> cory, do you want to respond? >> well, this would have been a referendum on trump but for the fact trump wasn't on the ballot and the president was correct. that ed gillespie the head of the ticket did not want the president down there campaigning with him. wouldn't even be seen on stage with the president. and in fact when the president sent out a tweet in support of ed gillespie, ed gillespie wouldn't even retweet it. so he treated the president like he had typhoid. this was not a referendum on trump. in fact it was a referendum what happens when an established
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republican wins and loses by big margins. >> but cory looking at it nationwide, and go ahead and jump in also, david, but how is it not ha referendum on the president? you've seen the results on so many of those raises and we are not just talking virginia. >> well, take a look at the person who ran for lieutenant governor in virginia, joel vo gel, she embraced the president, she was campaigning with me, and seen by the biggest trump supporter in the state, all campaigning together, embraced the president and she out performed ed gillespie who was running for governor, out performed him by 55,000 votes. so there you had a candidate who embraced the president, she got 55,000 more votes in virginia than the head of the ticket who avoided the president. >> david? >> look, i think you can find these one off races and certainly cory knows virginia politics better than i do. but you can look at main voters embracing medicaid expansion, you can look at new jersey,
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virginia, look at municipal race in florida where mayoral race was decided on this same issue. donald trump is historically unpopular. math is math. cory you don't campaign with somebody who is polling at 36%. you sum mimply don't. and i have lost races as well. consider what happened in your primary with ed gillespie. it wasn't enough to win a gop primary like in purple state like virginia. so i don't understand if you embrace a guy with 36% with incredibly high negatives somehow that gets you to victory in purple state. >> david, you are right you don't understand virginia. in my republican primary i was out fund raised 5 to 1,and came within one point of knocking off ed gillespie. a lot of those supporters stayed home yesterday because we ran an establishment republican candidate who had no message, who was weak, who was saying the
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same stuff that republicans have been saying for 35 years, doesn't work anymore. you must embrace president trump, the new populous republican party, that is the way forward. that's the way to win. >> hock. so ultimately -- hang on. cory i want to stay with you on the ed gillespie note. we read the president's tweet. all the way from asia, where he maybe predictably disked ed gillespie in this tweet. but what was interesting to me, cory, was that the use of the word me. right. he said, trump said ed gillespie didn't embrace me. he didn't say us. he didn't say we the republican party. but me. >> well, the president is the figure head of the new populous republican party that is working out and reaching out to working class americans. something establishment republicans never did. that's why the president won in states like michigan, ohio, wisconsin, pennsylvania. that's what we have to do as republicans get outside of our shell, talk directly to the people, and address working
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class issues. that's why he won. that's why i nearly upset ed gillespie. >> hold on. just going with your line of thought. if the president is the figure head in the me in the tweet, how is it this was not a referendum on the president, this election last night? how does he not get any of the blame? >> because the guy who lost last night, ed gillespie, did not embrace the president. he wouldn't even respond to the president's request to go and help him. he was never seen on stage with the president. he wouldn't even mention his name. he wouldn't retreat the support that he was getting from the president. and everybody knew that. all the president's supporters saw that. the republican base saw that he was distancing himself from trump. they were upset by that. bewildered by that and offended by that and so they stayed home. >> so if i can jump in here, brooke. because this is even a bigger question for the republican party. and cory i'll give you everything you just said i disagree with you. but perhaps ed gillespie don't
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embrace donald trump because they think he's wrong for the country because he's embraced this form of white nationalism because he has a tax policy does not benefit the working class. because he has a great volatility on the world stage because he has a health care that reduces access to health care. perhaps ed gillespie did it not for the politics but for the principle of it. so going right now with the republican party is where we went four, six years ago with very dangerous senate candidates where we saw chris o'donnell that frankly tried to embrace this momentum on the right that could never create a governing majority. >> are you sure you are a republican? >> you know what, i'm an honest republican, cory. >> all right. >> quickly, last couple thoughts. >> if you are that honest you ought to join the democratic party. because your view of this race is completely at odds with what happened on the ground. people wanted a candidate who was going to fight for conservative values. somebody going to fight for the
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president's agenda. ed gillespie distanced himself from it to his detriment that's why he got pounded. >> ong. these are two republicans. we see how different you two are a part on last night. david jolly and cory stewart. thank you both so much for both your perspectives. the significance much these results certainly not lost on the house speaker paul ryan especially when it comes to the future of republicans pressing issue overhauling the nation's tax system. >> it doesn't change my reading of the current one, it just emphasizes it. which is we have a promise to keep and we have to get on with keeping our promise. and one of the chief promises we made when we ran for office, all of us, is that we would do tax reform and tax cuts for families, for people. and so we have to get on with doing this. if anything, this puts more pressure on making sure we follow-through. >> well, that pressure is escalating this afternoon because congressional budget office, cbo just came back with cost estimate for this republican bill. we are learning that the current
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plan would add $1.7 trillion to the deficit. cnn congressional cophil is her with me. >> a couple of issues whether it comes to math how biggest issue of all how do you get 216 republicans to vote for it. that's the ultimate answer they want. you talk about the cbo score, and here's why it's important. because of the senate to pass this with just 51 republicans, and they have majority of 52 over there, they need to hit a basically a top line number of $1.5 trillion when it comes to their deficit target. they are over that right now. that's very problematic as this process moves along. i've talked to the chairman of the ways and means committee, they feel they'll be able to get back down to that target but hard trade office. revenue, how do you pay for
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these things that you are trying to cut? the corporate rate? the individual rate? other math issue this is one we need to keep an eye on, who does this actually decrease taxes for? republicans have made ha lot of bold promises who will get the relief here. this sa questiis a question i h chairman brady. >> on average across the board there is a tax cut. but also in the same analysis 2019 individuals making between $100,000, 1 # 11% would see a tax increase. are you comfortable with that? >> i'm confident we are going to have tax relief at every income tax level for every americans. >> but that isn't every meerng. an understanding people will see their taxes go up in some areas. >> i'll tell you this, i think every american will be better off. here's why. that measures the wages and
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taxes on it. what we are trying to focus on is paychecks. >> so congressman brady being careful with words. senior members last week when released the bill everyone is getting tax relief. that's not what brady is saying. he knows because the bill. the selling point that they have right now is broadly this will help people and economically major benefits. whether or not that works will determine whether this bill passes or fails. >> phil, thanks so much up on the hill for us. coming up next after months of tough talks in china all eyes on president trump and forbid ten city. the high stakes diplomacy, potential side issues, though l three basketball players from ucla they've been arrested accused of shoplifting. will president trump need to intervene in china. >> and breaking news this afternoon kevin spacey now under criminal investigation for alleged sexual assault.
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a mother going publicization what she says kevin spacey did to her son last year in nantucket. and moments from now vice president will be meeting in sutherland to meet with the survivors and victims families from sunday's church massacre. stay here. the morning walk was so peaceful.
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you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me here. let's go straight to the president of the united states issuing a blunt warning to north korean dictator kim jong-un telling the north not to under estimates the power of the u.s., saying, quote, don't try us. >> i also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the north korean dictatorship. the weapons you are acquiring
12:17 pm
are not making you safer. they are putting your regime in grave danger. every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. it is an hell that no person deserves. >> it was tough talk from president trump, but he stopped short of articulating a new strategy for dealing with north korea. the president, did, however, take the opportunity to mention his election victory and plugged one of his golf courses. but let's start on substance, former ambassador to china and washington state governor. mr. ambassador, thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you, very much, brooke. >> so what was your response to president trump's speech? was it tough enough? >> well, i think he was stating the obvious. and given all the other
12:18 pm
statements and even harsher language that he's used and saber rattling speeches he's given it was somewhat more tempered. but stating the obvious that north korea cannot continue this path of developing a nuclear weapon and weapon capable of delivering those to the heartland of america. so it was something he had to say. >> we know that, speaking of north korea, he's moved onto china, where we know that that will come up, right. but he has received this honor in the meantime not granted to any u.s. president, any foreign leader since the founding of the people's republic of china. offered this dinner inside the forbidden city. why do you think president xi did this? >> president xi is coming ovary cent coronation of his own.
12:19 pm
more power and statue than any other chinese leader since chairman mao. and really feeling the height of his popularity and power, not just within china but also globally. china is making incredible inroads all around the world with economic aid, humanitarian assistance, really developing a lot of friends throughout the world. and coming into the influence of the chinese government. so he's in a very high position, a very powerful position right now, and he wants to have a special relationship with the united states on par with the united states. so he's rolling out the red carpet, incredible red carpet treatment for president trump. >> to woo him. all while this is happening, mr. ambassador, you have these three ucla basketball players who have been in china. they are in big, big trouble for
12:20 pm
allegedly shoplifting sunglasses out of this louis vuitton hotel in china. they are not allowed to leave until this plays out, who knows if this takes days, weeks, months. do you think there is a possibility president trump steps in? he's there. does he intervene in some way? >> well, it's not necessarily that the president personally intervene chblt i know the state department is working on it. and many other people that are part of the president's delegation are very concerned about it. along with the embassy. and i think they'll try to use this opportunity in which the chinese are showering the administration with all this goodwill and banquets and picking operas and everything else, use this as an opportunity for china to show how gracious it is and how willing they can be in terms of accommodating the united states and hope this will be resolved quickly favorably to the basketball players because
12:21 pm
they do not want to be part of the legal system, harsh treatment under chinese law and it would be best if, given the president's visit, as a gesture of goodwill the chinese release these basketball players and allow them to return immediately to the united states. >> when we come back, we'll end where we began with this speech in seoul. and president trump taking a moment during this entire speech, right, where he's talking tough on north korea, toward the end he takes a moment to talk about korean golfers and all the while plugging his own golf course. here he was. >> the women's u.s. open was held this year at trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. and the top four golfers, 1, 2, 3, 4, the top four were from korea. congratulations. >> we should point out you can
12:22 pm
hear the applause, right. it played well in the room, ambassador. but, again, plugging bedminster, standing there, speaking to the national assembly in seoul raises all kinds of questions. just about ethical boundaries. you know, what do you make of that? >> well, that's president trump. he's breaking all kind of rules of protocol and propriety and decorum, and that's unfortunate. golf is very, very popular in south korea. and obviously the women's golfers from south korea have dominated the lpga tour, incredible golfers. and so i think the members of the parliament or assembly were responding to the fact that the president was come pplimenting great female golfers from south korea. but it wasn't necessary to promote his own golf course, and in some ways it lessens the
12:23 pm
stature of the president of the united states of america. >> i couldn't believe how many golf courses in south korea, even close to the dmz. basque thank y ambassador, appreciate your time. >> you're welcome. coming up kevin spacey someone coming forward to detail what the actor did to her son. >> kevin spacey brought him drink after drink after drink. and when my son was drunk, kevin spacey made his move.
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breaking news now in cnn new
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allegations against oscar winning actor kevin spacey. a boston mother, former tv anchor stepped forward today to publicly accuse kevin spacey of sexually assaulting her then 18-year-old son. >> in july 2016, actor kevin spacey sexually assaulted my son. it happened late night inside the club car restaurant and baron nantucket island. the victim, my son, was a star struck straight 18-year-old young man. kevin spacey bought him drink after drink after drink. and when my son was drunk, kevin spacey made his move. he stuck his hand inside my son's pants and grabbed his
12:29 pm
genitals. this was completely unexpected and my son shifted his body to remove his hand was not successful. my son panic. he froze. he was intoxicated. and kevin spacey was insisting that he come with him to a private after hours party to drink even more. fortunately kevin spacey left briefly to use the bathroom. and when he was out of sight, a concerned woman quickly came to my shaken son's side and asked if he was okay. obviously, she had seen something, and she knew that he was not. she told him to run. and he did. nothing could have prepared my son for how that sexual assault would make him feel as a man.
12:30 pm
it harmed him. and it cannot be undone. to kevin spacey i want to say this. shame on you for what you did to my son. >> that is incredibly powerful. our cnn entertainment reporter has broken the story wide open. so it's one thing you are getting all these phone calls. reading all these accusations. to hear it from a mother and have that message for kevin spacey, shame on you, and that there is a potential witness because she said this concerned woman who came over to her son. >> i think you said hearing the mother's emotion and see her cry, it hits home and makes it more real. at the end of the day she does say there was a woman at the bar that saw something happen between her son and kevin spacey
12:31 pm
and they have publicly asked this woman to please come forward. because they don't know her name. they don't know who she is. she not only wants to thank her, but also assuming because the nantucket police department is looking into this now because it took place in nantucket and also spoke to the district attorney's office as well, not an investigation but looking into it, that they could use her as a witness. had is very important that hopefully this woman is watching and remembers and comes forward because her testimony would be vital. >> 30 seconds. still nothing from kevin spacey. these are just allegations at this point. anything from kevin spacey? >> i've made repeated calls and attempts and can't reach his attorney. they don't respond. last i heard kevin spacey was in rehab getting treatment. he didn't respond either last week even from house of cards. with very similar story to this story we are hearing today.
12:32 pm
>> keep on it. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> now to this, and an unusual request, president trump urging his cia director to meet with a known conspiracy theorist who was convinced dnc was inside job and not russian interference. deals in that meeting.
12:33 pm
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a rather unusual request involving president trump and the cia director mike pompeo. multiple sources say he met with him at the behest of the president. met poomike pompeo to meet withe nsa conspiracy theory about the hacked emails last year calling them inside job and saying that it's not a result of a cyber hack by russian hackers. so with me now former analyst john nixon.
12:37 pm
welcome. >> good afternoon. >> so ben told cnn mike pompeo started the meeting by saying, quote, the president told me i should talk to you. how unprecedented is it for the president to push this meeting with a conspiracy theorist? >> it's quite unprecedented. and also really shameful, i think. one thing for the director of central intelligence to look into russian interference during the election, but another thing to be wasting time and resources talking with people who are not only the opponents of the administration, or trying to discredit the opponents of the administration, but also talking to people who are trying to discredit the findings of your own intelligence community. the director of central intelligence has got to it be somebody who will give the president his best information and unvarnished truth. it shouldn't be in-house think
12:38 pm
tank to give the president what he wants to her and justify what the president says. >> let's be clear. because on the findings and where mike pompeo stands in response to this. they say, quote, stands by the january 2017 intelligence community assessment. what does this tell you? >> that's damage control. because director pompano has also made slips of the tongue what he believes is involved in the election and russian involvement. so i think that that is just office of public affairs getting out in front and trying to sort of control the damage that pompano has done. he really -- my take on this is that this is very damaging to the morale of the workforce. >> which workforce? >> cia.
12:39 pm
yeah, because if you have a director who is basically going to -- and let's face it, director pompeo has also made the center for counter intelligence management, he has them reporting directly to him. and that's got to send a chill down the spine of everybody dealing with this issue. because he is now going to be the filter for all the information that's going to go to the president. because he wants to see everything. and if he's going to be doing something where he says -- or ignores the things that president doesn't like but passes on the things that president wants to see, he's not serving the president well and he's not serving the intelligence community well. >> on not serving the president well, you know there are people saying out there listen he may or may not agree with the denier with whom he is tasked to meet. but at the end of the day this is the president of the united states asking him to meet with this guy. did he have the option of saying, with all due respect, mr. president, no? >> i can understand that, you
12:40 pm
know, the director normally wants to do what the president asks them to do. but the thing is we are getting into sort of issues of domestic politics. and i think that the director of cia might have been wise to have said, no, mr. president, i don't want to meet with this person. this is similar to what happened with the nixon era, where he went to the cia director, i want you to tell the fbi they should stop looking into water gate. and he said no mr. president i'm not going to do that. >> john nixon. thank you. >> thank you. >> we have some breaking news. north korea now responding to the president's big speech. last night from seoul. warning the dictator kim jong-un do not test the u.s. the north calling the president a, quote, lunatic, old man. stand by for more.
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even though president trump is getting most of the he headlines, truly historic night across america. first asian american to be elected and she joins me now. so how incredibly exciting for you. congratulations. delegate elect. >> yeah, thank you so much. thanks for having me. >> i understand you decided to run for office shortly after president trump won a year ago. and soon after you gave birth to your fourth child.
12:46 pm
what specifically inspired you? >> you know, i was pregnant and due on inauguration day. and so after the election i wanted to give my daughter a name that reflected our values. it was important to my husband and me given the direction the country was taken so we named her elice, inspired by ellis island, at the turn of the certainty, and passed through ellis island and search for opportunity in america. and vin kim is inspired by liberty bell. so made the decision to run when she was a month old. and i had given a very aspirational name to this baby and realized i couldn't sit on the sidelines. i need to stand up and moment is now to fight fort values and fight for my kids futures. >> i've seen pictures of you. at some .4 kids in toe, door to
12:47 pm
door, knocking on doors there in virginia. i mean, the list of women specifically who won last night across the board. what do you think that was about, kathy? >> i really think it's about making sure that our voices are heard. that we have a seat at the table when we are making laws that affect our families and our communities on everything, from education, to women's rights, and equal pay for equal work, and health care access. these are issues that effect woman directly but also issues that effect men and our families and communities. and i think it's important we are part of that decision making process bringing our experiences to bear. >> hours before your big win, i have to share this poll with you, with our viewers, democratic party lowest favor ability rating in 25 years. how concerned are you last night
12:48 pm
was less about enthusiasm about democrats on the ballot and more about a referendum on trump? >> you know, what i think happened last night was a clear rejection of hate and of racism, of violence. and we saw how the republicans were running their campaign in the governor's race and i think it was a clear rejection of that. but at the same time, it was a, you know, affirmation that at the heart of our democracy, our core values are about hope and opportunity and inclusiveness for all. and it was also a clear support for a very strong progress agenda that's really going to make sure that working families and that people who are striving to do better can do better. and i really think that's what the election results in virginia and across this country was about. >> delegate elect kathy tran. best of luck to you. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. i can tell you right now the
12:49 pm
vice president mike pence is on the ground in texas. joined by his wife, karen, and the attorney general jeff sessions while in sutherland springs also be briefed by local enforcement and attend a prayer service. alex our cnn national correspondent is there live in sutherland springs. so we are learning, alex, that that pastor who lost his daughter on sunday will be preaching next door this coming weekend. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. isn't that great? just a week after this horrific massacre took place in which 25 people and unborn child were killed, we are learning that there will be a church service by the first baptist church pastor, frank pomeroy. now, it can't take place at the church, still a crime scene. and we know from the pastor wife sherry pomeroy that church might not every serve as a church again. that is to be determined.
12:50 pm
but what we do know there will be a church service on sunday nearby community center right next door, being organized by fellow pastors. we know the pastor frank pomeroy will be there. he will be speaking. now, he and his wife were a way when this so as i said, we don't really know what this church will do going forward in terms of a structure, but what's clear is this community is coming together. they're trying to heal. they're trying to say that we will not be deterred in our faith by this attack. >> alex marquardt, thank you so much. we've been seeing presidents o'vice president mike pence and his wife. he'll be meeting with folks in the hospital and on to where you are in sutherland springs. back to our breaking news. north korea, the president is in asia. he spoke last night at the national assembly in seoul.
12:51 pm
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systems for flying taxies. the company wants to call it uber air, but it won't be coming to a city near you any time soon. a demonstration is planned for 2020 in los angeles. let's get to north korea now. north koreans are now responding to president trump's speech from seoul last evening against them. let me just read for you exactly what north korea is saying. quote, the u.s. must oust the lunatic old man, this is how they refer to president trump, from power and withdraw the hostile policy, rather, towards the dprk. at once in order to get rid of the abyss of doom. this is from this news article push established by the state-run news agency kcna. let's start there. ryan brown is at the pentagon and cnn global affairs correspondent elise labbot and gary locke are both on the phone with me.
12:57 pm
first to you, ryan. lunatic old man. >> well, some very bellicose rhetoric coming out of this communist party-controlled newspaper, state-run news agency. not that untypical for north korea to use very strong rhetoric, strong language when talking about the united states, but this coming just, you know, right after -- the day after trump left south korea, where he gave a speech kind of reemphasizing the u.s. commitment to the defense of south korea, to the military alliance between the u.s. and south korea. trump was just in japan where he similarly talked about the threat of the north korea nuclear missile program, expressing solidarity with japan and trump currently in beijing talking with china where north korea is expected to be a big topic of conversation, trying to get china's cooperation in leveraging economic pressure against north korea to get them to curb there their nuclear and missile activities.
12:58 pm
>> elise, to you on the phone, i mean, listen, this kind of rhetoric -- this is old news, the bellicosity from north korea, and, frankly, some of it from washington that we've witnessed the last couple of months. add to that the fact we know the north koreans know that president trump tried to go to the dmz and had to bail because of bad weather. the white house had to be expecting this kind of rhetoric from the north koreans. >> well, they absolutely did, brooke. and, listen, as ryan said, this rhetoric is typical, but it is pretty clear that this is very personal between these two leaders. president trump and kim jong-un have really gotten in each other's head and the rhetoric has become very personal against each other. i think the north koreans are, you know, kind of hunkering down. they don't know what to do, really, with this president trump. they're not sure if he means what he says and they're hearing conflicting messages. they're hearing from secretary of state rex tillerson that the u.s. wants to talk, the u.s.
12:59 pm
wants to have a back channel and president trump is all fire and fury and it's all a waste of time. i think they don't know what to do. clearly they want to continue on their missile and nuclear programs, finish what they started and then be able to negotiate from a position of strength. even though this tough talk from president trump, this administration wants to talk. so, i mean, the rhetoric is going to continue to fly. i think we just need to look for whether there will be an opening for talks down the road. we have to see what comes out of this trip. i mean, will the north koreans launch some kind of missile? what kind of missile will it be? i think people are going to be looking for north korea's behavior over the next few days while the president is in the region to decide where this is going next, brooke. >> elise labbot, thank you so much. and ryan brown, again, the news just coming in from the north koreans reacting to this asia swing. president trump having been in south korea for the last couple of days.
1:00 pm
calling president trump a lunatic old man and talking about getting rid of the abyss of doom. just in from us swinging back, as elise said. does seem very personal now between the north korean dictator and the president of the united states. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. so you're really telling me that was only one year ago? "the lead" starts right now. exactly one year after donald trump's historic election, trumpism was trounced at the voting booth as the brand-new polls you have not yet seen are about to hit right now on "the lead." showing a new wave of negative public reactions to this president. and warning signs. he beat his ex-wife, abused his former stepson, then a toddler, punched a dog, escaped a mental health facility and still was able to legally purchase a semiautomatic rifle. so why were the blaring alarm