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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 9, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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here we go breaking news at the top of the hour on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. any minute now senate republicans are going to overhaul the tax system. now getting some of the details coming out of what could be in that bill. we'll get you capitol hill and get into those details in just a moment. but all of this is happening while pressure on the republican party could not be higher. republicans see their majority rule at stake after seeing major election losses in state and local races this week. exit polls indicate not passing
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a health care bill had an impact. so now republicans are putting all their effort into passing major tax legislation before the mird terms to prove the party controls can make good on major campaign promises. this as they are detailing house plans, house republicans finalizing theirs. here was house speaker paul ryan. >> we are doing this the right way. regular order way. takes time but trust me we are going to get this over the finish line. we'll get this over the finish line because we need to get this done for american families. we need to get this done for people helped by simpler, fairer taxes. and today we are taking one big step closer to fulfilling that goal. >> let's go straight to capitol hill to cnn national politics reporter mj lee. we have some of the details coming out of the senate side. talk to me through some of these details, including the fact that they are still discussing repealing the individual
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mandate. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. brooke, there is a lot of agreement among republicans on capitol hill that they need to do something on tax reform. they are desperate to get some bill passed hopefully before the end of the year. but the big challenge is going to be how do lawmakers actually reconcile the different proposals emerged from the house versus senate. now as you know senate republicans have been huddling. earlier today. and now just coming out of this closed door meeting where they had a discussion how they want to proceed here in the senate on tax reform. now, a couple of details that we want to highlight. differences that we have seen so far between the house version and senate version. for example, in the house version there are four tax brackets. in the senate version there are five to seven. the repealing of the estate tax over time, that was proposed in the house bill, that's a little different in the senate version in that they are proposing a partial repeal of the estate tax. then the big contentious point
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over what's to be done about salt. the state and local deductions over on the house there is a partial repeal that is being proposed. on the senate side it is a full repeal that is being talked about. but as you said, brooke, a lot of things are still up in the air. none of these details that we are seeing are finalized, of course, because these discussions are still taking place. one big point that you noted, the question of whether to include the individual mandate repeal in obamacare, whether that's growing to be included. we have spoken to senators coming out of this meeting and they say that is not for certain. of course, that is so important because that will give lawmakers the additional revenue that they are looking for as they try to bring down the cost of whatever tax bill that they propose. annie vebt and eventually want to vote on. new two political considerations weighing heavily on lawmakers right now, first is simply they
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want to get something done. and you can't stress this enough. feeling the pressure from president trump. he wants to end the first year with a big win. they are hearing from him on that constantly. and the second of course is what we saw earlier this week in the election. republicans were not happy that they saw such losses in states like virginia, new jersey, and democrats are making it clear that if they, republicans, continue to pursue this kind of a tax proposal, they are going to see more losses in 2018. >> just quickly on the individual mandate note. because we all read these emails what's going on on capitol hill. on that point yes they have revenue that. yes, health care has worked out so well for us, let's add it to our extremely complicated low must pass legislation, scar chasm. >> you remember how this issue
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came up a little white ago when president trump brought this issue up, even though lawmakers, colleagues on capitol hill were not necessarily discussing this issue as a serious idea, as a serious proposal to be included in the tax discussion. now, when the word comes from the president, republican lawmakers feel they have to take him seriously. but i can guarantee you there has been a lot of grumbling, a lot of complaining among republicans on capitol hill. this is too last minute. complicates what has been a very complicated process. and the idea of including this might make things too difficult for lawmakers to come to consensus on a totally unrelated topic. they want to focus on tax rerecall to. they are not so eager to bring in the issue of health care which frankly has not worked out so well for them so far this year. >> to the point they want this all done. remember, self-imposed deadline christmas. mj lee. thank you very much.
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we should be getting more detail from the senate side in the next hour, so we'll bring that to you. so let's take a deeper look in the tax plans house and senate. i have with me political analyst mark preston and actor economist ben stein, also the author of the capitalist code, it can save your life. so, gentleman, welcome. here we go. mark preston just first to you on some of the top lines coming out of the senate tax reform proposal. how do you see it? >> well, there are a couple things we have seen so far. one, it's very complicated what we are talking about now could very well change by 6:00 this evening. but a couple of things we are seeing that's coming out of the senate tax bill is, one, that it would keep deductions for the adoption, and medical expenses. it would allow for seven income brackets. and it would repeal all of the state and local taxes, including property taxes. that is a big issue for folks who live in states such as new
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york, new jersey, california. and when you look at the politics, you are talking about republican house members who are in dangered in 2018 that will feel an incredible amount of pressure to not allow the salt taxes to be wiped out because constituents in these states in particular really rely on them. >> ben stein, to you, sir, we have heard from the white house budget director, nick mulvaney who said the president would reject tax proposal that raise sz taxes for middle class. can the republicans sell this for a plan? >> i don't think they can sell it as solid plan for anything. the whole premise of this is faulty. i want to emphasize i am republican and voted for trump. but i want to emphasize also that the premise is that if you cut taxes you'll bring in more revenue and bring insomuch more revenue that you will offset and overwhelm the tax laws from the cut in tax rates. that obviously is not going to happen. if that were going to happen, they wouldn't need to cut out these state and local tax
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deductions. they wouldn't need to have a slow repeal instead of rapid repeal of the estate tax. the whole premise of this is that if you cut taxes, everything is just going to grow like a giant mushroom after arraign storm. that's just not going to happen. it's never happened in the past. it's not going to happen now. i think the idea of cutting the corporate tax rate was always a good idea because that is income that's going to stockholders. and that's income should be taxed directly to stockholders otherwise incredibly complicated. and i don't understand why they need to cut the individual mandate. i've never understood why that was such a terrible problem. and i still don't understand it. >> mish-mash. that a technical tax term. >> yes, for ha tax plan internally inconsistent and internally inconsistent with the
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republicans basic premise. republicans are supposed to be the party responsible budget policy. supposed to be the policy of balancing the budget. we have gone so far away from that it's in sane. and i hope and pray that we can some day work our way back to it. >> okay. you mention the corporate tax cut. and so gary cohen the white house national economic counsel director was on cnbc this morning with this message to big business and corporations. here he was. >> we create wage inflation which means the workers get paid more, workers have more disposable income, the workers spend more. and we see the whole trickle down through the economy. and that's good for the economy. >> he says good for the economy, mark preston, but when you look at this cnn poll where you have the majority of this country not in favor of the plan, as it stands right now, and you've just heard ben stein opine on how he feels about it, how do they sell this?
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>> that's a very good point. and i think what ben was saying right there is very, very important. let's look at a couple things. the politics of how they are going to sell this. they are trying to push this through right now and it is november. now looks like they have two months left before the end of the year to try to get this through. fact of the matter is congress doesn't look at every single day of the year. also looking at republican party right now that is very much divided. it's a party that has centrist members and conservative members. people who represent states that are conservative such as mississippi or states where ben is california which happens to be more moderate. selling this plan as over all tax cut for middle class is going to be very difficult. and howard shultz today admittedly a very big democrat, someone who might run for president, they talk about tax reform. this isn't tax reform. this is tax cut for the wealthy
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many and we know they will cease upon that and turn it into ads. and if you think out there in tv land that the ads that you saw during the health care were overwhelming, wait until you see these ads over the tax cut bill. because everybody has an interest in it. >> ben stein, just last word from you, as a proud republican, obviously you want to see this be accomplished. when you look at what's in the win column for this administration so far in the first year versus not, they need this. >> i think we need a very straightforward plan. we have a tremendously large flum and tremendously rich people in this country. they have to have their taxed raised, not lowered, raised. and we have to have a tax cut for the middle class. itsds really really simple. the rich should pay more tax in this country. they are called rich for a reason. >> ben stein, mark preston, thank you both so much. we'll get more details from the senate side of their version of the tax plan.
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i'll hear from them in a little white. coming up on cnn president trump who once truly trashed chooiina trade practices now says he doesn't blame them for taking advantage of the u.s. is this the art of the deal playing out in action in this part of the country? and will it make any difference on issues of trade and pressuring china with regard to north korea? we'll take you live there next. also troubling details about the texas church massacre. the gunman telling a former colleague why he used to buy animals off craig's list. and moments from now the air force is expected to hold a news conference. we will learn more perhaps on the break down in his background. what should be done now with the church? will it, should it be torn down? i'm brooke baldwin. and you are watching cnn.
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president trump in china with radical about face on china practices. standing next to president xi. president trump praised him for taking advantage of the united states. >> i don't blame china. after all, who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country for the benefit of its citizens? i give china great credit. >> china great credit. certainly a far cry from the language antoine we heard from candidate trump who accused china of being an enemy responsible for, quote, killing and raping the u.s. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. and that's what they are doing.
11:18 am
it's the greatest theft in the history of the world. >> with me now, white house reporter caitlyn collins who is in beijing following the president. so caitlyn as we saw from the speech in seoul, again there in china a much softer tone from president trump. what else was in his message? >> reporter: yeah, brooke, we are starting to see this over all pattern from the president where he's using very different language now that he's over here in asia during this 12, 13 day trip, excuse me. first we saw that with the speech in seoul. much different language about north korea. then again here in beijing where he did not stick with that constant criticism that he had during the campaign where he said that china was, quote, raping the united states, and promising to label them a currency manipulator. once he became president, instead he lavished a lot of
11:19 am
praise on chinese, especially president xi giving him credit. sorry, very windy in beijing. >> welcome to live television. you are fine, caitlyn. >> reporter: saying they were doing what's in the best interests for china at that time. but what we are seeing here is very startling change in rhetoric from the president. we didn't quite see that from president xi. instead he spoke in measured and scripted tones when speaking about the president and this trade imbalance saying that he's only hopeful this is a new starting point for the united states and for china here, brooke. >> okay. caitlyn collins, total pro through the windstorm in beijing. thank you so much. we'll stay on this. david is with me now editor emeritus for the world policy journal. nice to you again. >> nice to see you, brooke. >> when you look at everything china did, allowed him in the
11:20 am
forbidden city for the dinner. we have seen the marching on his behalf. the eight cannon salute. let me quote him. this is technique to try to suck you in, classic china, more pomp and circumstance, the less there is time to talk. is there truth to that? >> some truth to that. but a lot of things for them to talk about, no doubt about that. not only just china, and i think we'll get to that in a moment, russia as well. and china and russia have a very close condominium. they are very tight with each other. it's good that actually they are all talking nicely. making nice to everybody. i don't think we ever really expected much to come from this china trip except atmospheric. but they can really be important in ha case like this. and these are good atmospheric i have to say. >> it's atmospheric on the chinese side but perhaps also on the side of the u.s. the fact that he's showing pictures of his granddaughter
11:21 am
speaking in mandarin. on one level cute. but on the other might it be president trump with a play. >> oh, sure, it is. and they signed 19 agreements while they are there. billions of dollars. >> 20,050 billion on. >> $250 billion. >> some of which. >> don't have teeth. >> first of all, not hard contracts. they are agreements. so might not necessarily hold up in ha court of law. also, a lot of these are things in the works for a while and decided to bring them out and parade them. so 19 different agreements. but perhaps not quite that much will translate into hard business and real employment back home in the united states. >> do we know how much hard business, how much tough talk perhaps on north korea that they engaged in. >> they've gone i think chinese as far as they are prepared to go right now. and there is some indication, and people i've talked with who have been traveling through north korea have been telling me, it is beginning to bite some of these sanctions. beginning to see that it is
11:22 am
beginning to bite. so it may take awhile. i've often said sanctions are not an immediate switch that you can throw. it can take awhile for sanctions to bite. certainly when we were dealing with south africa back in 70s and 80s, they took years but they did. so we can see change. the chinese do not want to shut the switch of oil that would conceivably bring down the whole regime. >> i have to go. because we need to talk russia and this potential meeting with premt and put nine. good to see you. we do have that news coming up. also ahead coming up michael flynn senior and junior both und under scrutiny by the special council robert mueller. now we are hearing about why the father is concerned about his son's legal fate. that is next. it's the sleep number semi-annual sale on the
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see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to after the recent indictments of two former trump campaign officials, a lot of people have been asking where in the world is national security adviser michael flynn? well, today indication he may be talking. sources tell cnn that flynn is expressing concern about the potential legal exposure of his son, michael flynn junior. flynn senior has been under federal investigation before robert mueller became special council, and flynn junior has played a key role in family's consulting firm. while the father here flynn senior has been absent from public view and social media, his son frequently weighs in on this russia investigation. just four days ago, this is a
11:28 am
tweet from mike flynn junior. quote, the disappointment on your faces when i don't go to jail will be worth all your harassment. let's go to our cnn crime and justice reporter on this. do we know what legal questions bob mueller is focusing on regarding flynn senior and where the son may fit in here? >> reporter: yeah, brooke, so we have some insight into it based on witnesses who we have talked to who have been interviewed by this special counsel investigators and they say to us, the investigators are asking questions about the former adviser mike flynn. his top aid was chief of staff at the time. so asking questions about the son's role in the businesses and some of the work that they were doing overseas and making money off of that. income they were getting from their work overseas. as well as some interest in
11:29 am
flynn, mike flynn's efforts lobbying efforts on behalf of turkey. those are just some of the things that we have been told the special counsel has been asking questions about. >> okay. sh thank you for that on this investigation on the flynn family. we'll continue on. and we'll be right back. here we.
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here's breaking news from capitol hill where lawmakers are reacting to this explosive new report out of the "washington post" regarding alabama nominee for u.s. senate roy. so at least five senators including the majority leader have said said he should step a side if these allegations are true. "the washington post" reports that moore has been accused of initiating a sexual encounter
11:34 am
with a then 14-year-old girl when he was 32 years of age. and when cnn reached out to this controversy former state chief court justice, he said, in part, quote, judge roy moore has endured the most out lan dish attacks in the modern political arena. but this story in "washington post" alleging sexual in propriety takes the case. they know their candidate is in a death spiral and this is their last ditch hail mary. goes on, winning with a double digit lead, so no surprise with over four weeks remaining with national implications with this race, that the democratic party and the country's most liberal news paper would come up with a fabrication of this kind. the garbage is the very definition of fake news and intentional defamation. "the washington post" standing by their story. >> jason carol is with us now,
11:35 am
cnn national correspondent with more that's coming out of this "washington post" piece. because it's not just the then 14-year-old with these allegations, there were other girls. >> right. and when you look at how much "the washington post" went into this particular article, they interviewed more than 30 people. some of those were reluctant to come forward. they had to seek them out as opposed to these people coming forward. it's incredibly damaging. and already seeing reaction coming from the hill from some folks asking and saying if these allegations are true that this man should withdraw. but let's go over some of the allegations. cnn has not been able to verify the allegations. but we want to go into what "washington post" is alleging here. what they are saying some party between 1979 and 81 there are four girls who say at the time when moore was 32 years old, he had some sort of relations with them. the yong es being 14 in 1979 she
11:36 am
says she had two encounters according to the "washington post" where moore kissed and hugged her. and another incident where he put his hands, put her hands on his genitals. that's when she was 14 years old, that's what she's saying now as adult. another another alleged incident in 1979, another young girl, teenager, she was 18, said she was working at a mall, at a jewelry store, and, again, moore who at the time was in his early 30s, approached her, had some sort of relationship that was kissing and hugging. another young girl says in 1981 again according to t"the washington post" when she was 17, then and now in alabama was 16 years old age of consent, but this woman said when she was 17 year old teenager met him when he was speaking at her high school. he was assistants da, she was a
11:37 am
student in the civics class. and according to "the washington post" he made advances to her at that point. and then again in 1979 another young woman who says when she was 16 years old she says that she was working at one point in the mall as a santa helper and he made advances at that point too. again, he denies all of this. saying that this is fake news. this is a part of the democratic party trying to discredit him. said called it garbage, very definition of fake news. but these are very troubling allegations. and already starting to hear reaction coming in from the hill. >> i think you made a great point off the top that "the washington post" put this forth. sent a reporter to alabama to tell the story of this race. these now women did not come forward. they had heard this reporter had heard of some allegations of impropriety years ago and had to really talk some of these women
11:38 am
into sharing their story. >> absolutely. really had to get them on board. and again to point out just didn't speak to just these four women at this point but spoke to, according to the article, that this account is based on interviews with more than 30 people who knew more during that period of time in the late 70s and in the early 80s. >> stay with me. let me bring two more voices in, political director and mark preston here. so david, first to you, we are one month away from this runoff election in alabama. and i'm just wondering, again, these are allegations. >> that's right. >> but how damaging might this be for roy moore? >> well, let's look at how damaging the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, the senator in charge of the national republican senatorial campaign committee, corny gardener things it is, because it didn't take two hours for this story to be posted that they already issued a statement, if true, he must step a side.
11:39 am
so clearly the allegations are serious enough that republicans are instantly not even waiting to determine whether or not these allegations are true. they are just saying if true we have to dump him. brooke, we are now looking into the process by which if indeed roy moore either by himself said he's dropping out or the party withdrew his nomination, there is no way to remove his name from the alabama ballot. so what would happen then if he was a dropped out candidate ks his name would still appear on the ballot, but the state canvassers would not count any votes registered to him. so any replacement candidate would have to be a write incan date. when you are talking about two seat majority in united states senate for republicans. >> this matters. >> ton of head winds, each seat matters. so this will be a hugely consequential story if these allegations are true and roy moore bows out of the race.
11:40 am
>> what other news are you getting? >> they are wasting no time saying if this is true, he must step a side. some of the words coming out of senators mouth, this is very serious, concerning whorrific from one senator, and mitch mcconnell both saying if these allegations are true he must step a side in this race. we also heard just moment it is ago from senator jeff flake. here's what he had to say. >> does he need to step down? >> if there is any shed of truth to these stories he ought to step down now. >> would he be fit to serve if this is true? >> no. no. if there is any shed of truth he ought to step a side immediately. >> it has just come to light and read about it and it's very
11:41 am
disturbing. and i'll have to more to say when i learn more. >> should he step down? >> sail have more to say when i learn more facts. >> on the hill responding. it will be interesting what he does next. no word yet whether he would run as a write incan date. of course in this special election race. i have to tell you brooke, he was on the hill meeting with republican establishment up here, in a caucus meeting with all of the republican senators, gave a speech about a week ago, said i think i can win this race. trying to win over some reluctant senators who really had not embraced him. the fact that even before these allegations was such a controversy figure. of course this makes him more so. so certainly keeping distance. i have to stay when i was coming up here to get on air, i heard one republican mutter under his breathe in the elevator this is not what we need right now. >> no. let's remind everyone, mark
11:42 am
preston, this was steve bannon guy. this was not the one that president trump and mitch mcconnell had supported. this is bannon wing candidate. and so i'm just wondering, in an already fractured republican party, how this issue could further divide republicans? >> well, there is no doubt that it is going to further divide republicans no matter what the outcome is. if the story of course is deemed to be true, then in fact there will be a little bit of less of a fissure between those who supported roy moore and those who did not. the story does not prove to be true though, this could be a very big problem within the republican party. reason why is that you are going to have the steve bannon types and those who support roy moore and trying to make change in washington, they are going to look at washington and going to look at mitch mcconnell and say you jumped to a conclusion. you waited no time to give this man his time to refute it. now, of course we'll see if this plays out in the next couple of
11:43 am
hours. if not the next couple of days. but i do think there is a bigger story to look at right now. if you are a republican, you saw what happened in this election. you are looking at this as a piece of cancer that is growing. and if you can cut the cancer right now, and get it out, and wait a few years for it to come back, then that is a success. when i say that, if you look at the numbers in the united states senate right now, republicans control the chamber 52 to 48. next year heading into 2018, democrats unbelievable disadvantage heading into that election. republicans are expected to probably gain some seats. perhaps they were looking for some more. there are ten democratic senators right now, brooke, that are in states that donald trump wants. so when i use the cancer analogy what i'm saying is if you are able to get rid of this now, if a democrat were to win in alabama, it wouldn't be devastating because eventually that seat is going to go back republican. >> no, the numbers matter.
11:44 am
as david pointed out off the top. it matters. and it's a matter of do they do something now, do they wait. again, these are just allegations, if you are just tuning in, roy moore who is up for the senate seat in alabama has been accused, this is all according to "the washington post" accused of initiating sexual encounters with multiple at the time young girls, one as young as 14 years old of age, back in the 80s, he and his campaign vehemently denying these allegations. "washington post" standing by the story. getting reaction from capitol hill. much mover on the breaking news. quick break. we'll be right back. if you have medicare
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another axe has fallen for actor kevin spacey in a bold unprecedented move. producers of what would have been his next film have dropped the actor and replaced him with someone else. >> what's your name? mr. getty. >> how much would you pay to release your grandson if not $17 million? >> nothing. >> spacey was the star as the bill air j paul getty movie in the can, shot, set for release next month. but with more sectional gauges against kevin spacey tri star pictures dumped him for actor christopher plummer. they will reshoot and reedit all of kevin spacey scenes. this is tri star in a statement here saying, there are over 800
11:50 am
other actors, writers, artists, crafts people, and crew who worked tire easily and ethically on this film, some for years. it would be a gross in justice to punish all of them for the wrongdoing of one supporting actor in the film. and most americans think the harassment stories about kevin spacey and harvey weinstein will lead to positive change. 74% feel the attention will lead to greater understanding what constitutes sexual harassment and a salt. and 22% say it will reduce what they face. so with that, cnn entertainment reporter who has broken this kevin spacey from the beginning wide open. the fact that this whole movie was shot, set to release in a month, and. >> six weeks from now. >> and reshooting all of those scenes with kevin spacey. >> i've never heard of a situation like this before. usually a case where a star passes away and still make sure they have included them. in this case they are cutting
11:51 am
kevin spacey completely out. keep in mind he's a supporting actor in the movie don't have to reshoot all the scenes. but big names. we have michelle williams. mark wahlberg. this could be one of the biggest manufacture ease we have in ha ward season as getting into that right now. but again they have a lot to do. and sony doing this, getting kevin spacey out of the picture with just six weeks to go, reshooting, going to cost a lot of money, all the trailer, everything is out there, have to get rid of there and put new ones out there. but this is a major move. meanwhile, i tried to speak to his camp again, and no word on previous allegations of assault or harassment either. >> so this is the christopher plummer now. >> so christopher plummer is now going to take on his role and she will reshoot all this. they have a big weight on their shoulders to get this done in six weeks. but i spoke to ridiculously scott team and sony pictures and they believe they can get this done in six weeks. but this is an unprecedented
11:52 am
move. and what does it say? it says we are not going to stand for this type of behavior. no criminal charges against kevin spacey right now. there is police investigation going on in nantucket due to the press conference we said yesterday with the mother who said her son was allegedly sexually assaulted in 2016. but we have to keep in mind a move like this sets the tone for other film studios in hollywood to keep them accountable. >> do we know where kevin spacey is? >> last we heard he was in rehab. but cnn has repeatedly reached out to his team for comment and haven't heard anything back. so we are still waiting. >> okay. cloe, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> as more reports of sexual harassment come to light, there was no better time to talk about how to solve this massive problem. join my colleague for a live cnn town hall tonight 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. we'll be right back. .
11:53 am
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11:58 am
that's the key piece of this. so let's go to manu ragu who is working this keith schiller breaking news. so these women were offered according to him, and rejected them, and then, what, trump thought it was a joke? >> essentially. what keith schiller has said to the house intelligence committee this week in testimony this week this offer was made by a russian, around a lunchtime meeting. and schiller initially testified that he took it as a joke. that they were to send five women to then private citizen trump's hotel room that evening. now the day carried on and i'm told by sources that schiller testified that he went to then candidate private sit citizen trump's hotel room and said to mr. trump that this offer had been made. and at that point mr. trump laughed it off. and schiller told the committee
11:59 am
that he waited outside of trump's hotel room for several minutes, which is protocol as body guard, and then walked away and couldn't account for what happened the rest of the kninig. now the reason this came up, brooke, the so-called trump russia dossier that was compiled by the british agent christopher ze steele that had allegations when he traveled to moscow for mist universe pageant that he was involved with. and some of the salacious allegations have now been verified even though allegations have been corroborated by the intelligence committee. now he was asked about the dossier in the private testimony, schiller was, and also asked about the daily caller report from january that cited the dossier and suggested that schiller rejected this offer. now, he said that he did reject
12:00 pm
this offer. but in that daily caller report it said that the person who made the offer was eman who was a russian pop star and and worked with trump to bring the pageant to moscow. we are told that they were not offered for the women to be sent to then private citizen trump hotel room in 2013 but the russian who did make that offer was in the group with the alagarif. now schiller could not recall the identity of the person who did make this offer. but this offer was made schiller took it as a joke. but it fills in one piece of this puzzle that people are looking at as they try to understand what's real and what's not real as this dossier that's g