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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 9, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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governor because of their sizable puerto rican communities. about 60% of the island is still without electricity. nearly two months after the deadly and destructive storm. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me here today in new york. a lot of breaking news on a thursday. jake tapper's going to take it from here. the lead starts now. this is cnn breaking news. welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper. it's one of those afternoons where the breaking news never stops. we have news about schiller telling congressional investigators about russians trying to send women to then private citizen trump's hotel room in 2013 an offer he says he rejected. shocking new report about one of the nation's most critically acclaimed comedians. breaking news in the politics lead right now. four women that the republican nominee for the alabama u.s. senate seat, judge roy moore
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pursued intimate and inappropriate relationships when he was in his 30s and a prosecutor and they were underage, anywhere from 14-18. one woman named lee portman says more initiated sexual contact, though not intercourse with her when she was just 14 years old. at the time, moore was a 32-year-old district attorney. statement to the washington post, moore called the allegations completely false, the bomb shell report comes less than five weeks before their december 12th special election. to fill the u.s. senate seat once held by jeff sessions. these claims are obviously rocking capitol hill. republican with their narrow four seat majority and unsure political terrain for the 2018 midterms do not want to lose that one safe senate seat to looking into the allegations ourselves, cnn is covering this from multiple angles. we're going to start with one of the reporters who broke this story. we are joined now, beth, the most serious allegation is from
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lee corkman who's now 53, she's the one who said moore pursued a sexual relationship with her. how did she say they met? >> she says they met when she was 14, she was at the courthouse with her mother for a child custody hearing. and they were sitting on a bench outside the courtroom. and roy moore came up and introduced himself and offered to her mother to look after her while the mom went into the courtroom for the hearing. the mom said thank you very much for looking after my little girl. and left them alone. during that time, he got her phone number, and they chatted. he called. a few days later, he picked her up around the corner from her house. took her to his house, which is in a very woodsy, rural area about 30 minutes away. took her into the house, at least twice that occurred. and gave her alcohol. and on one of the occasions, you know, undressed her, undressed himself, and, you know, touched
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her over her bra and underwear, and guided her to touch him over his underwear. >> so obviously this is a very heat the election season and a very heated political world, and the charges that these women are coming forward is part of a political hit job, pushed by democrats. that's what roy moore is alleging. how do you respond to that? >> we didn't have any contact with the democratic party while we were reporting the story. and this story did not fall into our laps or our inbox. washington post reporter was in alabama doing some reporting on roy moore's supporters when these rumors were emerging that he had relationships with teenage girls. two of us spent weeks in alabama pursuing these leads that we got, and as we say in the story, none of the women were eager to go public.
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they were all off the record when we first spoke to them. and it took multiple interviews before they agreed to speak publicly because in the end they felt like they needed to do it. but they did not seek out this attention. >> so why did they say they are telling their stories now? you got them, all four of them, to go on the record. why come forward now? >> i think there are a couple reasons. i mean one, they see he's running for such a high office, u.s. senate. they also feel that it's hypocritical of him to be, you know, saying things like homosexuality should be illegal when in their experience, he was, you know, looking for teenagers to date at the mall. when he was in his 30s. so they say saw a side of roy moore that the voters don't know. the side that roy moore has presented to them is, you know, the ten commandments judge.
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he got in trouble for installing a monument on the supreme court. his very strict views on outlawing homosexuality. he recently talked about how transgenders shouldn't serve in the military. so it was sort of the humiliation of all of that as to why they felt like they needed to speak up. >> do any of these women want to take legal action and is that even possible? >> honestly, that never came up in any of the conversations, and really only would be applicable in the case of lee who was 14 when she had the sexual encounter with him. you know, the statute of limitations both on the criminal and civil side has long run out on that, so i don't believe any kind of action would be possible, but i don't -- none of women talked about that with us. >> all right beth of the washington post, thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it.
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i want to bring in jason carol. judge moore's campaign is responding to the story in the washington post, what are they saying? >> and moore himself responding as well in the statement released by the campaign. moore saying in a statement, calling the allegations, jake, a desperate political attack. in this two-page statement that we got from the campaign, there's a lot more in there in terms of their reaction to all of this. saying in part, the washington post has already endorsed the judges opponent and for months they have engaged in a systematic campaign to distort the truth about the judge's record and career and derailed his campaign. if any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now. this garbage is the very definition of fake news. and intentional defamation. as you know, jake, moore is man who was known for not holding his tongue, being very outspoken, when i reached out i asked if there was any chance that he might be coming forward to speak to the cameras to defend themselves in front of
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the cameras and we've yet to hear back from the campaign on that. >> all right. the most shocking charges, jason, are obviously those of lee corkman who says when she was 14 years old, then district attorney roy moore initiated sexual contact with her at age 14. though not sexual intercourse she says. we've reached out to the corkman family. what do they have to say? >> well, just within the past hour, i got off the phone with her stepfather, and he basically said a few things. he didn't want to go far beyond what was already said in the washington post, but he did want to point out, he said the following, lee is a very strong woman. he said that women are oftentimes stronger than men, and he said this is an example of that. he said this family stands by what is reported in the washington post, and then, jake, i asked him if he felt, if the family had felt, if lee felt there was fallout because of these allegations that they're making and her stepfather says, the family is not concerned
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about any fallout at this time. jake. >> all right jason carol, thank you so much. i want to go right now, straight to capitol hill, cnn congressional correspondent is there to find out how roy moore's would-be colleagues in the senate responding to this, what are they saying? >> reporter: no surprise here, jake, republican senators in the halls peppered with questions on this today say that they are deeply horrified and deeply disturbed by these allegations, and many of them calling for roy moore to drop out if these allegations hold up. and the senate's top republican, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell coming out with a statement today saying if the allegations are true, he must step aside. others like senator john mccain though going one step further, mccain is in essence not waiting for proof here, he's called the allegations deeply disqualifying and says moore should immediately step aside. here's more reaction from the halls of congress today. >> if they're true, he should step aside.
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>> if there is any shred of truth to these stories, he ought to step aside, and now. >> reporter: would he be fit to serve in the senate if this was true? >> no, no. >> it's very, very disturbing. i'll have more to say about it i'm sure after i learn more. >> allegations, if true, to me, means he needs to step aside. i think our folks are looking into the what the laws allow for in terms of alabama when it comes to placing candidates on the ballot, but, you know, there are a lot of things that have to happen before that. >> reporter: so that's certainly significant right there what the senator's number two is saying, essentially, they are already starting to look into what the law allows. now jake, just in the last moment, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell was at a photo op which was intended to be on tax reform, what republicans had actually wanted to talk about up here on capitol hill today and it led to a very awkward moment when he was just peppered with questions of
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course on where roy moore, here's that moment. certainly mcconnell will likely face many more awkward moments about this as this story continues to play out. but going into what senator thune -- going back to what senator thune was talking about, how they are looking at the process of where to go from here, what the laws in alabama allow, and now cnn's team has been looking into this, according to to the alabama secretary of state's office, they say it's up to either roy moore or the alabama republican party, either one of them can withdraw his name from the nomination. now, if that happens, whether it's moore himself or the ask republican party of alabama, there's no process in place to replace his name on the ballot with another candidate. which susceptibly means that roy moore's name is going to stay on the ballot. overseas ballots are already out.
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absentee ballots are already out. his name, if he withdraws, and he votes for him would not be certified, so people who want to vote for him are not going to see that come into fruition, if he withdraws. it's all boils down to say if republicans want a republican to win this race, they are going to have to win it on a write-in vote, jake. >> all right. thank you so much. we have lots to talk about regarding the allegations against judge roy moore and the alabama senate race with my panel when we come back. we'll take a quick break. with netflix included. t-mobie that's huge. that's right. t-mobile's got your netflix subscription covered... ...when you get a family plan with two or more lines. really? that's incredible. so go ahead and watch however you want. you're messing with me, right? all at no extra charge. this is awesome! another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. mic drop.
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1:16 pm
younger. let's bring the political panel to discuss this. david chalon, there's a lot of people on capitol hill, a lot of republicans saying if the charges are true, then he needs to step aside. with the one exception being john mccain who says the charges ape loan with disqualifying and he should step aside. here's the thing, judge moore says the charges are not true. four women on the record say that the charges are true. so where does that leave these republicans? i mean, it's not as if roy moore's going to admit it. >> right. and where it leaves these republicans, remember, roy moore was not their candidate. these guys have no affinity to roy moore that mitch mcconnell's of the world or the national republican campaign committee, they were kind of stuck with him after the voters upended with their preferred candidate. so politically, where this leaves them, it took them two hours to come out with your caveat if you're saying, if true, but i don't imagine that this is going to be a sustainable position for them. because every day, if roy moore remains in this race, every single one of those senators on
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capitol hill will continue to be asked about why their candidate that they're supporting is under these charges and there's no supporting them for the race in alabama. john mccain is probably the leading edge of the curve of where his colleagues are going to go on this. the question is is that going to matter? because this could be, although perhaps -- this could be like the access hollywood tape all over for roy moore in the sense that he comes from the bannon wing of the party, he has put out a statement says he's not going anywhere. and he may stick to his guns and say, as was said, this is going to be up to the alabama state party to figure out a way to withdraw this allegations. >> speaking of the alabama state party. i want to read this to you. this is from the alabama state audit auditor, he's a backer of judge moore and he told a local reporter, even if you accept the report as being true, it's much to do about very little. i mean, that's saying if it's true, that he had a sexual,
1:18 pm
although not sexual intercourse, it's much to do about very little. that is the alabama state auditor. >> about very little girls, really, should be the end of that sentence. and i think it might be tempting to compare this to the access hollywood tapes, but these were underaged -- this was an underaged girl that he fed alcohol to before he tried to initiate sexual contact. look, this is a guy who has made his entire career out of judging the values and morals of other people. i don't think that he can keep going and republican senators can believe in him when he is not just uncon shenable, but hypocritical. this is against everything he himself has been campaigning on. and i don't see how it's sustained. those young women are going to be on tv, they're not so young anymore, they're going to be on tv, credible, they're going to be out there and people are not going to let this guy forget it. >> what would you advice if you were advising a republican senator right now, what would
1:19 pm
you advise him or her to say? >> well, i think the first thing if you believe these allegations are false to categorically say that up front. and i think that was one of the problems with the response which is that it seemed to be a qualification, it seemed to be an attack on the liberal media. it seemed to be using phrases like fake news -- >> judge moore is -- >> correct. >> i'm saying some of the other republicans. >> the other republicans, like i don't think this is one of those issues that requires a lot of in depth analysis. i think this is obviously a very huge problem. and i think judging by the severity of the response, from these members, i would disagree that they are offering pro forma sort of responses here. the fact that they move so quickly to condemn the charges and the allegations and say that he should definitively step aside and in just a few hours, i think is actually a sign of just how big of a problem they think this is. >> but they kept say fwk true, and i guess my question is, if you don't think the charges are true now or if you don't have enough evidence now after this
1:20 pm
exhaustedly detailed washington report, you're never going to. he's saying it's not true and four women and their relatives are saying that it is true. >> i think it is different in the sense that most members of congress -- especially in the senate where things much more. they are willing to let a process play out. they don't seem to be doing that here. they made emphatic statements right off the bat. and i think that is an indication that this is very different from, from just being allegations. >> look, this becomes a real test i think of whether this is a cultural shift or whether there isn't. these members of congress and donald trump himself was very quick to denounce harvey weinstein. how quickly is donald trump going to denounce roy moore? and i think that, donald trump was elected president, if he had had a board of directors, he would have been fired and he would have had to leave. you know, there's nobody really to fire roy moore, but other members of the senate or the alabama republican party. and if they do not take the steps that we have seen in the private sector, if they do not take steps to protect women and
1:21 pm
say this is unacceptable, then i think that this will haunt the party for a long time to come. >> let's look at the character of judge roy moore. this is somebody who has been removed from the alabam supreme court twice. he does what he thinks is right regardless of what the u.s. supreme court says is right, regardless of what modern society says is right. i find it very hard to believe, david challion that he's going to step aside. >> i'm with you, jake, he just seems to be totally impurves you to societal norms or that kind of pressure, public pressure, even from his own party. i mean, remember, this woman who -- she's now an older woman, but happened when she was 14 years old. she comes out and says i voted for president trump, she's a republican. she doesn't have a political motivation to attack. she's speaking her truth because he's in this high profile contest at the moment. he doesn't -- so his own party, public at large, the media, any kind of shaming. roy moore seems impervious to
1:22 pm
that. i think passed his prologue, he's likely to say in this and defy all odds. defeated in the primary, she has talked to him and this is somehow she got reelected about running a write-in campaign, do you think that that might work to try to get luther strange to run as a write-in candidate. >> it's possible. i'm not as familiar with some of the write-in laws in alabama, but i think what that would do is sort of address what what hillary was talking about. we could potentially have a crisis again for the identity of the party. and somebody could -- somebody like luther strange could run just to give people an option so that they have somebody else to vote for if mr. moore is name is still on the ballot. >> all right. everyone stick around, lots more to talk about including more breaking news believe it or not. this time on the russia investigation. that's next after this quick break. stay with us.
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one of those days. we have more breaking news. then businessman donald trump laughed off a russian offer to send five women to his moscow hotel room in 2013. that's according to to the president's former body guard talking to congressional investigators this week. cnn's senior congressional correspondent manu raju joins with us more. this comes up with the dossier. some proven true, false, debunked about the russians trying to have information claiming they had information about mr. trump. >> and when keith shore who was president trump's long time confidant testified before the house intelligence committee, he said that he rejected this russian offer to send five women to then private citizen trump's hotel room to moscow for the miss universe pageant. this according to multiple sources from both parties
1:28 pm
telling both me and our colleague jeremy herd. now schiller, who is trump's former body guard and personal aid, he took the offer as a joke, according to two of the sources. on the way to trump's hotel room that night, schiller told the billionaire businessman about the offer, and that's when trump laughed it off. this is according to schiller's testimony to the house committee. now, after several minutes outside of trump's door, which schiller was doing -- standing behind, normal practice as trump's security chief, he left and he did not know what happened after that. now, members did raise that jake because the salacious allegations laid out in that dossier compiled by former british agent christopher steele. some of the allegations in the dossier have been verified, but those salacious accusations about trump's activities in moscow have not been verified and lawmakers wanted to know if in fact the russians had dirt about trump as they were meddling in the u.s. elections. now schiller said he had no knowledge of that. now during this week's closed door hearing, house lawmakers walked through a daily caller
1:29 pm
article from january which raised some of the allegations about trump's trip from the dossier and discussed another story involving schiller's role in rejecting an offer of sending prostitutes to trump's room. now schiller we are told denied one allegation in the story that the women came from the son of russian billionaire who's close to putin and worked with trump to bring the miss universe pageant to moscow. schiller testified someone who was in a group with the aguilar's raised the matter during the lunchtime meeting, an attorney with aguilar said he had no knowledge of this, jake, the white house also declined to comment and the schiller's attorney criticized the leaks coming out of the committee. >> what else did schiller have to say to the committee? >> didn't have a whole lot to say, jake, lawmakers questioned him for hours about trump russian connections about advisors meeting with russians and claimed he didn't know a whole lot because he's in charge of the security of the candidate, not policy, plus he was asked about the firing about the fbi director james comey
1:30 pm
given it was him, keith shiler who delivered that letter to the fbi about the firing, but jake he said he was not involved in the deliberations leaving the committee little to go on. >> thanks so much. we're going to talk more about the breaking news on russia, plus the shocking new allegations against yet another hollywood star. that's ahead, stay with us. work keeps me busy. so i've asked chase sapphire reserve cardmembers to find my next vacation. rome, show me something. i'm having breakfast at the pantheon. what an amazing view... of your finger. ♪ ♪ look at this view. your finger! isn't that incredible. your finger! and check this one out! oh it's so amazing! move your finger! three times points on travel and restaurants on every continent. sapphire reserve, from chase. make more of what's yours.
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jamie, you seriously think you look like him? uh, i'm pretty good with comparisons. like how progressive helps people save money by comparing rates, even if we're not the lowest. even if we're not the lowest. whoa! wow. i mean, the outfit helps, but pretty great. look at us. we're back on a very, very busy news day with our panel and our politic's lead. kevin madden, so we have keith schiller, the president's former top security guy testifying that when he and then private citizen trump were in moscow in 2013, somebody from a group of russians said something about sending women up to then private citizen trump's hotel room. schiller said no, and then he later told that trump laughed it off. what do you make of this? >> i think the main thing is that how wide-ranging this exploration by the house
1:35 pm
committee is into the allegations in the actual stealed dossier. i know that we have heard that they're looking at it and that elements of it have been discussed, but now that they're actually asking and questioning witnesses directly about it is actually interesting. and the other thing is it gets closer and closer to trump himself. i think the other part of this is is that this is at least a potential confirmation that there was an actual concerted effort to compromise trump back as far back as 2013. now i think the fact that he was under oath, i understand, and said that there was a strict denial on this, should i think still worked well for the white house or concert with what the white house has said previously, but it's just certainly very news worthy. >> and we know just from covering the story that russians in general do this with business people and journalists and others, it's not that in 2013 they thought he was going to be president some day with successful people so that they
1:36 pm
can blackmail them or use them to provide them with information. >> compromise. >> compromised. >> hearing throughout this whole story. so i do think, i agree that it's more interesting insight into just how aggressive the russians are in trying to develop potentially compromising material against an american. you know, it does occur to me that while the president has called those salacious and so far totally uncorroborated portions of the dossier that we haven't reported the details on here, garbage, keith schiller backing up that argument and saying it's absolutely not true. as if it didn't fly out of nowhere, there's some semblance of why something like that ended up in the stealed dossier. >> rumors. >> why would there be rumors about that if indeed this rumor happened. he admitted that didn't happen. you could understand how rumors might end up in the dossier. >> i think it's possible that much to the chagrin of many
1:37 pm
democrats, a lot of the most salacious parts of the dossier may never be proven or may be entirely debunked. >> and they may be, maybe he didn't have sex with prostitutes, maybe there was no, you know -- >> underline a little stronger than that. there's no evidence whatsoever that he did. >> i don't think that's the most interesting piece of this. remember during the debates when donald trump bragged about how well he knew putin because afterall he brought the pageant to moscow. he understood how to deal with it, and over the last six or eight months, i have no relationship, i have never met the guy, there's nothing there. what these conversations at least show is that there have been ongoing relationships if we haven't seen directly with putin, but at least people very close to him for a long period of time prior to this. and so it's -- it does lead mueller to start to look at those relationships over the course of the last year to see
1:38 pm
how they might have been extended during this presidential campaign. >> so christopher steele who is the former british intelligence agency, agent who compiled this dossier hired by fusion gps, paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign as we know now or at least lawyers for them. his lawyer, or christopher steele rather would not testify before the committee. would not testify before the senate intelligence committee but has spoken to the mueller investigators and the reason for that, it has been reported, is steele doesn't want anything to leak. because if he testified before the house or the senate, it will leak. and you hear you have keith schiller's attorneys protesting that what he testified is leaking and kevin madden, not that i don't like a good leak, i do, i'm a journalist, i always like information, more information is good, but you can see why they would be frustrated. >> it is. it's very problematic. and i think the white house continues to use that as the foundation for a lot of their criticism of some of these
1:39 pm
investigations that they are leaked and they seem like strategic leakings intentionally designed to embarrass the president and there's a degree of partnership involved in some of this. and i think that is something they're going to continue to point to when you see reports like this come out that are not favorable. >> well -- first of all there's no indication that these leaks are from democrats versus republicans. many republicans have been back channelling information because they actually are afraid to push the president on this publicly, but, you know, some of them are quite horrified by all of this. >> and this is, as david pointed out, this is fairly exonerating. it shows the president not doing anything wrong at all. >> i do think though that this is an ongoing problem. this is why these investigations in congress are -- going to be more stalled. why i think any real results are going to end up happening out of the mueller investigation. >> and they've been pretty solid on not leaking. i mean, there haven't been many
1:40 pm
leaks -- >> the mueller team must have been pretty strong. >> okay. thanks one and all, appreciate it. coming up next, the latest celebrity accused of sexual harassment. we're going to discuss it with our panel again next, stay with us.
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and we have some breaking news in our pop culture lead today. explosive any allegations against comedian louis c. kay. five women saying that the comedian behaved inappropriately with them. they're masturbating in front of them or asking if he could. the women described the allegations. the publy cysts would not answer questions about the reports.
1:45 pm
tonight's premier of his latest film, i love you daddy was cancelled in anticipation of this bomb shell report. we have also learned that ridley scott is going to edit kevin spacey completely out of his new movie "all the money in the world" which premiers in four weeks. this comes against the allegations against kevin spacey. they're reshooting all of his scenes with a new actor. spacey says he is seeking treatment following the initial allegation from actor anthony rapp who said the actor came on to him when he was 14 years old. i want to bring in my panel to discuss this. we're going to start with louis c. kay. to be candid, the whispers about this behavior by louis ck has been written about and it's not a complete surprise, what's the surprise is people coming forward in these numbers in the "new york times" writing about it. but this has been out there in the public to a degree for quite some time. >> i think you could say the exact same thing about harvey weinstein and the exact same
1:46 pm
thing about kevin spacey. this has been rumors about a numerous men, and i think the key difference here over the last few weeks is that when one or two women have speaken out, when reporters have been dogged in pursuing these stories and importantly when editors have had the guts to print these stories, which used to be called rumors, but all of the sudden now we're starting to believe women. then the change has started. and i think that was so interesting now is, you know, hollywood is really reacting. these people's careers are really suffering. and as, you know, compare that to our last segment when we were talking about politicians, will that extend to the political environment too? where the only accountability sort of with voters and other people, but when you've got a job, when you've got to sell something to the public, you know, brands are going to be worried about this. and they should be. >> interesting. do you think that we are in the middle of a sea change and it's
1:47 pm
going to last? >> you know, it feels like that. at least in sort of the level of branding and hollywood and people not wanting to be associated with that. i mean, i've been quite surprised that the volume, at the steadiness of it, at the willingness of women to come forward and talk on the record. i think anyone who is a woman and who's worked in any venue has probably experienced some of this from men and there are all sorts of ways that we deal with it and we talk about it and maybe some people come forward. so, yeah, i mean, i think you hope that this is a different era that we've entered and that more women come forward and that men change their behavior. and you hope that men are having conversations amongst themselves too. because women are the ones who've been dealing with this by and large and having to confront it or not bring attention to it. so, ideally we are in a different space. >> i mean, does it need to be
1:48 pm
multiple women -- are all allegations to be believed immediately? i mean, where should the line be drawn because obviously we -- just as a blanket statement, we as a society and me personally, i oppose this kind of behavior. but also, there run asterisk of there not being standards in reporting this. . >> this is very hard to do. it's hard for victims to come out, it's hard to get people to come out and talk about this. i do think we get into dangerous territory when it's only anonymous sources who are coming out and taking dune career. that being said, we have a pattern with all of these men who have suffered this recently where there were rumors in the past, but nobody had been really able to nail them down. there's strength in numbers, you've reached a critical mass of people willing to put their names on the stories, and then there's a pattern of behavior that is the same throughout the stories. and those women have contemporaneously reported those to friends and such because they were not able to come forward. and lastly i think you see this with louis ck. there was no mechanism by which
1:49 pm
to report that they felt good about and the comedy world is a really problematic area because it is pretty -- there's just no hr department at a comedy club where you're working with somebody. so -- but that pattern of facts i think put glos you in a i hav isser place. >> people are being careful and full disclosure, i represent a woman who claimed brett radner raped her. >> the executive producer. >> yeah, the reducer, the hollywood produce er. >> and there was scrutiny by the media outlets to her story. and the two tests were somebody told that the times and was enough detail given that it fit patterns of how other people experienced similar behavior. and that standard seems to be journalists are now using as kind of a new way to believe women who didn't report it to
1:50 pm
police. >> when you look at the washington post story right on roy moore, 30 people they talk to corroborating statements at the time from the young woman who was in that lead, phenomenal reporters, three reporters on that bye line, alex whose been attached to almost all of the stories that the post has done over the last ten or 15 years. so yeah, i think there is this standard and a lot of this stuff, you have republicans essentially saying oh, we don't know if you'll be believed. the question is what is the standard of believability? it feels like journalists, many of whom are women who are doing the reporting, at the "new york times," at the washington post, there is i think a pretty good standard. >> a greater understanding of why women don't report right away sometimes helps understanding some of those, particularly in the roy moore story. some run very true for me or
1:51 pm
said my kids were at school age and i wasn't sure what this would do to them or i had had several messy divorces. and everyone knew i was not an angel in my small town nap language true to me as reasons that are perfectly good for not bringing this forward and better cultural understanding which which we are now jane gaining. >> that's at the small town level. then you have pharaoh with another block buster report about insane, investigative private investigators that his -- that david boys, who was harvey weinstein's attorney that the law firm sicked on accusers of harvey weinstein and reporters looking into it. >> wait. >> with -- of this one woman pretending to be an activist, feminist, sitting down with rose mcgowan whom allegedly harvey weinstein raped and trying to get dirt. and the roy moore level, that's small town america and totally understandable, and then you
1:52 pm
have hiring former members of the moe sad to try to ruin your life. >> it is kind of the second wave of victimization again with melanie or brett, she got sued for defamation. she has no money. and she didn't ask for anything from brett. she just -- this was a message to be quiet. it was a message to everybody else who would speak out. since then, 40 other people have spoken out, but i think the thing that is so trubling is these powerful moguls, they have a lot of money, they're going to sick their lawyers on them. but -- and the media has here to for kind of pushed against these because these are all famous people. famous, same with roy moore. what i think is going to be the true test is over the course of the next couple of years, will the waitress in the diner, will the, you know, woman packing in the manufacturing plant, will there be a sense of empowerment against employers who are not
1:53 pm
famous? against people who are not going to be able to get into the media. can we, in the media, and can politicians really help affect a change in culture that reaches women across the country? >> now you're saying that, but i'm wondering what's going to happen with roy moore when you have a former 14-year-old alleging that when she was 14 he had actual contact with her. >> that's why it's such a test. >> we're not sure with the exception john mccain if republican senators are going to come against her. >> that's right. if it's true, he should step aside. i mean, it was almost coordinated, all of them said that. nobody stepped as far as john mccain said she should get out. thanks, one and all, appreciate it. be sure to tune in tonight. cnn has a live special town hall on this very topic. it's called tipping point, sexual harassment in america. new day's alisyn will be hosting the live event. it all starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. we're going to be right back, stay with us.
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welcome back. menus have changed the way america eats. this sunday, cnn's anthony bourdain explores the remarkable life of jeremiah tower. one of the most controversial in american dining. ♪ ♪ >> he was the master of ceremonies. he was the ring master. and he enjoyed being someone who could play host to the gathering of rich and powerful and important or self-important
1:59 pm
people. >> it amazed me that i know he spends a lot of time in the kitchen. he got splattered with some food. >> he come walking out around the crowd, shaking hands, saying hello. being jeremiah, and he was a lucky soul. totally in control. >> of course you love that. you wanted to see him. you wanted to see who was touching your food, who was making it, and who was directing the rest of the guys in the kitchen. i think jeremiah was a celebrity chef. he was one of the first. >> it was like a conductor walking through with an orchestra, and that's what he would do. and he you believely had a glass of champagne in his hand, and if he didn't, somebody brought it. >> jeremiah tower, the last magnificent airs this sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern, only on cnn. be sure to follow me on facebook, @jaketapper, that's
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the twitter account, jake tapper cnn is the facebook account. i'm jack tapper, i turn you over to wolf blitzer in the situation room, thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news, russian offer. president trump's former body guard testifies that back in 2014, he rejected a russian offer to send five women to donald trump's hotel room in moscow. the aid says he took it as a joke and that president trump laughed it off as well. more trouble. shocking allegations against roy moore. the republican nominee for the alabama senate seat. the washington post reports he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32. and three other women gave similar accounts. moore denies the allegations, but republican lawmakers say if they're true, he must step