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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 10, 2017 10:00am-10:59am PST

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it's 12 noon in birmingham, alabama. 1:00 a.m. saturday in vietnam. wherever you are watching for around the world, thanks very much for joining us. the alabama republican nominee for the u.s. senate seat accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 years old. lawmaker steve bannon and the white house are all weighing in. michael flynn reportedly under investigation for an alleged plot to forcibly remove a muslim
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cleric from the united states to turkey in exchange for a 235e7b million paycheck after he was named as donald trump's national security adviser. plus, the high stakes formal meeting that never was. why president trump and president putin won't sit down for a formal meeting and what that may say about their relationship. let's get to all of that and begin with the plital aftershocks with the allegations against roy moore. the candidate in alabama. lawmakers are calling on moore to step aside if the accusations of sexual misconduct reported by "the washington post" are true. the most disturbing comes from a woman named lee corkman. moore initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was only 14 and he was 32. the former republican presidential nominee mitt romney said moore needs to go and tweeted this. innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not
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elections. i believe her account is too serious to ignore. moore is unfit forors and should step aside. that is what senator john mccain said. as for trump, the white house had this reaction. >> the president believes we cannot allow a mere allegation from many years ago to destroy a president's life. he also believes if the allegations are true, judge moore will do the right thing and step aside. >> moore told "the washington post" the allegations are completely false and a desperate political attack. he tweeted this is the most vicious and nasty round of attacks they faced and called the investigationit spiritual battle. he said our children and grandchildren's futures are on the line so rest assures i will never give up the fight. >> let's go to capitol hill right now.
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lots of reaction coming in. what's the latest reaction you are hearing from the lawmakers. >> across the board, the republicans called the allegations deeply disturbing and horrifying and troubling. significant that top republicans here are including this caveat to their statements if this is true. if the allegations are true, roy moore should resign. it makes statements over twitter and what we heard from john mccain really stands out in all this reaction the fact that right now a few republicans are saying look, we don't need any more proof here. we believe roy moore should resign and step aside immediately. that is a sentiment we heard from congressman peter king. he said the burden is on roy moore to prove his johnson.
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>> ordinarily they entitle the presumption of innocence and the changes are so serious and the fact that it's backed up by other women and it's so hideous. unless he can prove his innocence, in the next day or so, he has to step down. he owes it to himself and the state and the senate. >> up here on capitol hill, i suspect in the days and weeks especially as the story grows larger in terms of the ramifications for the senate race, i expect republicans will continue to get this question. what more proof do you need to say that roy moore should is it step aside. >> moore was already considered a major problem from the so-called establishment republicans. how much more of a problem is it right now? >> he certainly has not been embraced on capitol hill before these allegations came up and certainly this just adding to
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the level of controversy that he had. he had run his campaign against his republican. there have been as we noted a quick in recent days to come out against him. his name will stay on the ballot. if republicans want to win that seat, they have to win with a write in name. john thune is number three republican. he said we are looking at the processes to figure out what we can do. clearly republicans right now scrambling to try to figure out how they can salvage the race and get i win with the allegations floating around. >> a huge problem. thanks very much. roy moore refusing to step aside and vows to fight the allegations against him. what are the options for republican who is want him out of the race?
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alabama secretary of state is joining us now from birmingham. secretary, thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me as your guest, wolf. >> you know the election say month or so away for four weeks. it's too late to replace moore's name on the ballot, absentee bals ones have been sent out. his name will remain. >> on october 11th, the names from the major parties had to be confirmed from the office of the secretary of state and at that point when they were confirmed, the ballots were printed and distributed to military as well as absentee voters since october 18th. a number of people expressed their interest in the race and registered their votes and they are being held until election day when they will be counted. >> what are the various options and say he steps aside. what are the options?
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>> the first thing to know is that judge moore's name will continue to be on the ballot regardless of whether or not he disqualifies himself or if the party indicates to us that they do not wish to continue to confirm him as their nominee. both of those things would have to be done in writing and have to be done in a procedural manner for us to ensure that we were following the law as well as the party and the individual were following the law. judge moore receives the plural of the votes. and then he would if not being a viable candidate anymore, disqualifying himself or the party disqualifying him, the election would be null and void. the only way that doug jones would be the united states senator is if he receives the
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most votes on december 12th. for the senate seat, earlier on cnn, mr. secretary you said it was interesting and odd that this story is coming out at this point in the campaign. i want you to elaborate. >> just what i said. it's interesting and odd that this information is introduced at this particular time. judge moore has been a state elected official in alabama for parts of three decades. dozens of elections and primaries and run offs and general elections that he has been a part of. to my knowledge not one time has this type of information ever been introduced as far as he is concern concerned. >> you saying the current allegations reported extensively in "the washington post" was politically motivated and you don't believe the four women and 30 people who have backed up the
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accusations? >> no, sir, i certainly wouldn't say that. that calls for speculation on my part to determine whether or not the claims were valid. i do think it's important to note that just because someone alleges something occurred doesn't mean it did. it is always important to remember someone is innocent until proven guilty. that's the way our society was built and where we are today. it's important to note -- i want to conclude by saying the best indicator of someone's performance or record is based on what they have done or what they have been a part of in the past. to my knowledge there is no record of this type of activity in judge moore's past. >> do you want him to stay in this race? >> that's not my call. that call is to be left up to
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judge moore and his wife, kayla and their family and their election team. in another route by the republican party. we will continue to act as the chief election official and perform our functions as they are assigned by law. >> i asked the question because you are a republican as well in addition being the secretary of state of alabama. you are a republican. put on your republican hat for a moment. do you think it's best for alabama and the people of alabama and the republican party if he stays in this race? >> i think it's best for the people of alabama to have more information than what has been introduced. it is important to make sure that all records that can be identified with this particular issue are introduced to the people so they can make a thoughtful and a procedural decision about what they need to do when it comes to the election on december 12th. these charges are very, very serious and they need to be
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treated with that serious level of attention. i think the sooner this can be vetted and publicly processed, the better off everybody will be. especially the voters in al bam a. >> secretary of state, thanks so much for joining us. >> wolf, thanks for having me as your guest. >> i know you have a lot ggs on in alabama right now. >> let's discuss the political fallout from the roy moore allegations. we have our politics reporter and editor. our legal analyst and prosecutor laura coates and david, sounds to me that roy moore has no intention of dropping out. >> no indication whatsoever. he has been tweeting and sending out appeals to supporters indicating he will stay and fight and probably good reason to think that's a viable option for him. he, as you know, was never the
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establishment favorite. that was not where the establishment of the republican party was in the primary against luther strange. he sees himself as a conservative and part of the insurgent wing of the republican party. this is the kind of moment where steve bannon or roy moore buckles in and powers through controversy because at the end of the day it's not at all certain that voters are going to reject roy moore because of these quite serious allegations. >> what's your analysis? >> that's right. i think people may be shocked to hear and they are not familiar with politics and roy moore that he can still win. the idea that he is disqualified is not accurate. >> let me interrupt for a moment. luther strange is the current sitting senator and decides to tell the folks write me in.
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>> write in candidacies have been wroeoverrated. lisa murcowski won as a write in candidate. her name is complicated. murcowski. not easy to spell, but her father was the governor skand t senator. it's a name that people knew. luther strange is an appointed senator who was not around that long. he couldn't meet roy moore in a primary. the idea that you will write him in is hart. unless something changes, it doesn't strike me that roy moore is going anywhere. let's say luther strange runs. you will bifurcate the vote that would likely help them the way he would win. there is not enough democrats. >> made against lisa murcowski in alaska, but she won as a
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write in candidate. >> i would be skeptical. if you are betting today roy moore is still the most likely person to win though i take issue with the secretary of state saying guilty until proven innocent. mitt romney has the strength. that doesn't have to do with politics. let's not confusion politics versus the legal fees. when you see this level of serious allegations against someone and the post report is meticulously done. four women on the record who didn't reach out to the "washington post." i feel like saying fake news is intelevision. doesn't mean he won't win, but it's insufficient. >> he was the republican presidential nominee. innocent until proven guilty is for krim nat convictions and not elections. i believe the woman's account is too serious to ignore. moore is unfit for office and
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should step aside. the statute of limitations for criminal charges have gone. >> not necessarily. one of the women was 14 years old at the time. there is not a statute of limitations for people under 16 according to sourcing. you have the idea that perhaps now, but you don't have criminal charges here. i am reluctant to be dismiss ant of innocent until proven guilty. the court of public opinion is different. we do not subscribe to the same notions of limitations. we have credibility factors that come into play. this is not a character to be known as the right hand man of raw compasses. he is somebody who used christiani itity at the fore fr of his campaign and having his feet put to the fire. i still believe you have to have an open mind as to the charges
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if you are a prosecutor to the victims who are allege and to roy moore. it doesn't change the fact of what you are talking about that you have these allegations that are quite serious. we have a senate who punched a reporter and is part of the republican party. in congress. you do have this notion that we have a different sbrupt about what is disqualifying behavior. an allegation is not sufficient to be a disqualifier in my book. >> president trump has changed. candidate trump and now president trump has changed the political calculation in events like this. you bring up montana when he ran for the at large seat. people thought my god, there is no way. president trump and the "access hollywood" tape. there is a recalculation in american politics unlike what we are seeing in media, business,
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entertainment. other sectors we are seeing when the accusations come that there are real repercussions to be paid immediately that the accused have to pay. they does not seem to be the case in politics. >> the very fact to david's point that "the washington post" made this story for a number of people in that state. and they will be disqualifying. if you talked to 100 people, you would be surprised the number of whom would say we know roy moore. they did make that point. he is not a new politician down there. he was a state chief justice elected twice. removed twice and elected twice. they feel like they know him as part of the reason he beat luther strange in the run off. the idea that if a thing you don't trust and don't like says something, it's dismissed.
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if you don't believe the source, it's meaningless. >> the oddity of this entire situation are the things that disqualifies him from being a senator were not taken seriously when he won the primary. he refused to follow the precedent of the united states and also refused to adhere to the separation of church and state. they carry out different objections and pursuant. the 10 commandments refused to remove them. people love that down there. the republican nomination. david, laura and chris. up next, a shocking new allegation about former trump national security adviser michael flynn and his son, michael flynn jr. this involves big money. millions and millions of dollars
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and a plot involving a muslim cleric living in the united states. plus, president trump is now in vietnam. why he may not formally meet with russia's president putin and if not, what does it say about their relationship?
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it's a story that could have stunning political implications. the "wall street journal" reports the special counsel. >> rob: effort mueller is investigating the plan involving the fired michael flynn and his son, michael flynn jr. being offered $15 million if they forcibly removed a turkish cleric living in the united states. mueller and his team interviewed four people about the alleged plot. cnn's justice correspondent is following the late breaking details for us. what can you tell us? >> the offer was this. michael flynn and his son would be paid up to $15 million if they could forcibly remove a muslim cleric from his home in pennsylvania and deliver him to the turkish government, possibly by private jet. the "wall street journal" reporting that the deal was all laid out at a meeting in december of 2016. the fbi so far questioned at least four people about the
10:24 am
meeting. background here that muslim cleric has been living in the united states since 1999. president erdogan accused him of masterminding a failed coop in 2016 and trying to get him back to turk tow charge him. mueller's team is investigating this alleged offer and notably it's a deal that was reportedly proposed at the 21 club in new york city in december 2016. that of course was during the transition and a few week after michael flynn accepted the position as national security adviser. wolf? >> did flynn have any other meetings ordealings with turkish officials? >> mueller's team we know is probing a meeting they had a few months prior in september 2016. that's where he met with representatives of the government and according to one person in the room, former cia director who was a campaign adviser at the time and talked to cnn. he said that flynn and the officials did discuss ways to
10:25 am
send that muslim cleric back to face charges in turkey. flynn's lawyers denied that flynn discussed this at any meeting and heard back from michael flynn's son's attorney and he is not commenting. >> reporting for us. thanks very much. let's discuss this case with my next guest. our cnn legal analyst michael zeld on. thanks for joining us. what are the allegations? if the allegations as reported in the "wall street journal" are true, why is mueller looking at all of this? tell us what the changes could be. >> the charges potentially are kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap and money laundering with the objective of kidnapping. it's illegal to bring money into the united states with the crime of kidnapping. that's serious stuff. if this guy were extradited or brought back or killed, that would be a life sentence for the
10:26 am
people who participated and 20 plus years. very serious charges. mueller is looking at it because flynn is at the heart of this and flynn is at the heart of his collusion or marries that are always out of investigation. he can't not look at flynn. this may be distinct from collusion, but it shows the interactions that flynn is having with people that mueller has to inquire of to determine what's flynn's motives here. >> earlier in the week, cnn reported that michael flynn was nervous that mueller was getting closer and closer as far as his son, michael flynn jr. was concerned on the allegations. it's not unusual for prosecutors like the special counsel to look at an individual close to the main suspect, michael flynn this this particular case and get him as a way to pressure the other individual. >> that's exactly right. the latest allegations with the cleric and the kidnapping and
10:27 am
the rendition back to turkey, flynn's son is also alleged to be part of the discussions. you have the flynn intel question about bringing money in and laundering it and not reporting your taxes and all the same stuff that manafort was indicted for. you have the son and the father on this and as we know his parents. you protect your children. if mueller can leverage flynn senior by saying we are going to bring charges against your son, maybe he gets the cooperation from flynn he needs to communications with russians. >> michael flynn senior who became the adviser to the president for 28 days before he was fired met with the turkish representatives before he was named national security adviser during the transition, but he had another meeting after he was formally named in the transition to be the president's national
10:28 am
security adviser. legally what's the impact of that? >> he still is a private citizen in the transition. he is in no different status. the question was, was there potential corruption of the political office that he was going to assume? allegation that is when he became national security adviser, he was going to try to use the offices of government to reevaluate the request by turk ty to have this extradited. now the allegation is that he is going to use his office for that purpose for money. that's another crime. >> the big word is experience to do x, y, and z. that has serious ramifications. >> in the money laundering, you don't need the overt act. you just need the agreement and it's a 20-year felony. serious stuff.
10:29 am
>> that's why robert mueller is looking into this and interviewed others who have knowledge about this case as well. >> a lot of leverage points that mueller will be taking advantage of. >> it's heating up big time. president trump and president putin shake hands at the opening of the cooperation summit in vietnam. what should the message be? thomas pickering is the former ambassador to the united nations. los to discuss when we come back. a soft bristle brush for a feathery-soft lash experience. voluptuous volume. intense length. take your lashes to paradise. new lash paradise mascara. from l'oreal paris.
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will they or won't they. that's a question of president
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trump's stop in vietnam. the age of the cooperation summit and there by take a look at the russian president vladimir putin tying it up for a quick hand shake. no discussions at least not yet on any important issues. president trump said he expected to have a format meeting with president putin. the white house said scheduling conflicts are preventing that from happening. the russian foreign minster was asked why he responded this way. he said why are you asking me? we heard president trump express a wish to meet president putin and i don't know what the rest of his pen pushers are saying. we want to bring in thomas pickering and former u.s. ambassador of the united nations and russia and israel among other places as well. thanks very much for joining us. should there be at least an informal meeting between the president of the united states and the president of russia. >> one would hope so. you have a lot of business to do. u.s. and russia are putin and
10:35 am
trump and two of the three most important men in the world. nuclear power is still enormous and uncertainties in our relationship. we have a period where seemingly since the last meeting there hasn't been much contact. they usually tell us if there have been phone calls. the fact that they have important tickets. an effective conversation and an agenda and problems figuring that out. it's kind of strange. we have this inside baseball and
10:36 am
the real question is why. major issues. major issues. ukraine, croatia. and the russian meddling in the election. there is a cloud anxiehanging o this. i'm sure it disturbed president trump who hasn't said a bad word about president putin. i rich him success. this is very, very important. there is an attitude toward this is in ways that has held things back unfortunately. and in trouble economically more than he likes. he tries to ignore that. something useful with them to
10:37 am
move things ahead would be a feather in the president's cap. i solved this problem with president trump. it's great to be with you. don't leave yet. breaking news coming into cnn. the comedian louis ck is responding to allegations of sexual misconduct saying these stories are true. our senior media correspondent. give us the latest. just issued i take it in a lengthy statement. >> yes, a blunt statement 24 hours after the story hit from five women. four on the record. louis ck is saying bluntly, these stories are true. here's part of the statement he released a couple of minutes ago. he said i have been remorseful of my actions and he learned
10:38 am
from them. sorry, i tried to learn from them. let's be clear. i run from them and i am aware of the extent of the impact of my actions. i learned through the story the extent to which i left these women who admired them feeling badly about themselves and cautious around other men who would have never put them in that position. he acknowledges the effects of what the acts caused. not just in the moment, but down the line for these women and how it affected them and affected their careers in some cases. you might read this statement and say it's refreshing to see one of the men who is being accused speak forthrightly and say all the stories were true. you will recall with harvey weinstein said i caused pain, but i'm seeking help. he said this is true and i'm sorry. i'm going to step back and listen. this is a statement he just released 24 hours after the "new york times" story came out.
10:39 am
he have seen his movie premier canceled and netflix and hbo back away from him. louis ck deciding he is going to issue a long statement where he said he is very contrite. at the same time he talks about how the women admired him. some viewers might say he is coming across as egotistical, but he acknowledges the accountings of the women who said he masturbated in front of them a number of years ago. he said simply put, these stories are true. >> thanks very much. giving us the latest on that. up next, we will go to a different subject and the senate's latest tax plan and it includes more tax brackets than the house version, but which would do more to help middle class americans? (upbeat music)
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new tax plans on capitol hill. we have the details from both republican tax plans and several key differences setting up the senate and the house for potentially a dramatic showdown in the upcoming weeks when it comes to cutting the corporate tax rate to 20%ful the house wants it to happen immediately, but the senate wants to delay by a year, a big problem for president trump who insisted immediate tax cuts are necessary to spur the u.s. economy. another difference. the house bill would e 4ri8 nate deductions for medical and student low deductions. both preserve the adoption credit. the house bill would partially repeal this while the senate completely repeals it. what does it all mean?
10:45 am
here to break down the plans, we have economics reporter joining us right now. thanks very much for joining us. let's go through the differences in these two plans. a key difference between the two plans is the number of tax brackets between the house version and the senate version. explain who it helps and doesn't. >> they wanted to collapse the number down to 230ur, the idea being you can file on a postcard. they want to have more brackets in the senate. in the middle class, you will see people in the senate bill getting a little fewer tax increases they have in the house. what they have done is eliminate deductions and double the standard deduction and overall works out a little bit better for the middle class in the senate. >> they avoided the rocky roll out and preserved the more popular tax breaks.
10:46 am
>> you mentioned medical deductions as something popular and an outcry. blue states for people who make $400,000 a year. >> which plan seems to be better and in particular we can't make that aurkment because neither can pass the senate. that would have to be changed and what that change might be including maybe some settings would have a dramatic impact on the american people. >> assuming the house can get the votes, they will pass their version and senate will work on differences as you point out. then they go to conference committee to try to resolve differences and then they have to vote once again on a final
10:47 am
package. >> that's one way or the house can pass something first and the senate could pass something and the house can choose to pass that. the house and the senate will have to come to the same view and that will be difficult. >> do you think they have the vot votes? the republicans only have a 52-48 advantage. they need 50. if they lose three, it's over. >> the house republicans seem confident and the senate on the health care debate is a rockier ride. any individual republican senator could really change or kill this bill if there is three of them. i think the senate is a tougher road, but i think the senate republicans are confident they will get there. >> all the democrats oppose and they can only lose two senate republicans. they lose three as in health care has failed at least for now. this could fail as well. we will see what happens. thanks very much for joining us.
10:48 am
>> the u.s. secretary of state has troubled ally. the stern warning to foreign elements. leban lebanon's internal ark fairs. dramatic developments unfolding. we will explain when we come bam.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. tillerson is warning lebanon neighbors to stay out of the
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politics. this comes after hours of allies of the prime minister demanded safe russian from saudi arabia. let's go to ben from beruth rig beirut. this is complicated story. first explain why they think he may be held against his wishes in saudi arabia. >> reporter: well, this was an allegation made by his political opponent. but now we are hearing from affiliated with the former prime minister is that they believe he's not free to express himself. he's not free to move around. and even his own political block, the future movement, say they have no idea what is going on with the former prime minister. now, today the president of the republican, michelle one, who is political ally of hezbollah, summoned them to beirut and told
10:53 am
them the manner in which he put in his resignation is unacceptable and he demanded that he come back to lebanon immediately. now, what's interesting, of course, is that ha arie who has his own television station, has not spoken with any leb lebanon press. and of course everyone is calling for him to return and he's simply not responding to that call. wolf. >> because earlier in the week the prime minister announced he was resigning as prime minister. made the announcement in saudi arabia saying he was fearful of being assassinated by i take it iranian forces inside lebanon. is that right? >> reporter: well, he didn't specifically point to any sort
10:54 am
of iranian involvement in that particular alleged claim. but what's interesting is that the lebanese security forces, army, say they know of no such plot origins h against his life. but obviously the concern is current crisis could deteriorate to the point there might be some hostilities between hezbollah and israel. after he came out with the statement the israel prime minister called that a wake up call. the worry is repeat of the war between hezbollah and israel. so that's really one of the causes of these jitteries nerves at the moment, wolf. >> yeah, tense situation. ben reporting from us from
10:55 am
beirut. thanks very much. more news we are following, including this at 68, one of the world's great athletes. now the swimmer diane is speaking out about enduring sexu sexual assault at the tender age of 14. a lot more news. we'll be right back. our first always sharp, waterproof gel liner. all-day wear for precise eye looks. sleek. defined. on point. maybelline's master precise skinny™. make it happen. ♪ maybelline new york and when youod sugar is a replace one meal... choices. ...or snack a day with glucerna... ...made with carbsteady... help minimize blood sugar spikes... can really feel it. now with 30% less carbs and sugars. glucerna.
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you're watching cnn. thank you so much for being with me on friday. we begin with more roy moore fallout and the circumstances this has created. amidst the harvey weinstein awakening this country, a man nearly 40 years ago could still become the next u.s. senator. republican candidate roy moore will not, refuses to exit alabama s