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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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jeanie moss, cnn, new york. >> the burger does look good thou. thank for joining us, have a great weekend. ac 360 starts right now. good evening we begin tonight with breaking news about the candidate being accused of being a child molester about a woman who says he initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 13 years old. formal presidential candidates mitch mcconne mitt romney and two other candidates have pulled their ballot. how far for the moment alabama republicans standing by, more, some even using the bible to explain his alleged contact with a 14-year-old. moore is speaking out, he's calling the alleges completely false. his recollection of dating
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teenager girls are raising eye brows. >> you remember dating girls that young at that time? >> not generally no. i don't remember anything like that. >> would it be normal behavior back in those days for you to date a girl that's 17 or 18? >> no not normal. >> you can say you've never dated anybody in their late teens like that when you were 32? >> it would have been out of my customary behavior, that's right. >> in other words you don't recall dating any girls that age when you were that old? >> i've said no. >> he also denied knowing the accuser and meeting her. also said someone whose abusing a 14-year-old should not be a candidate. if they believe this man is predatory, he said, they are guilty of allowing him to exist for 40 years.
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someone should prosecute and go after them. state representative roy henry joining us now. you believe roy moore and not these women. i want to quote what you said in an interview -- >> wait hold on a second, anderson. you just gave the quote, let me back you up. >> let me give the full quote. >> you can't give the full quote because you don't know the quote. >> if you know somebody murdered somebody 40 years ago and didn't say anything about it you should be an accomplice to that crime. you've helped cover it up and keep it going. >> absolutely. there's two different things we're talking about, both of these are in conversations about just the greaters world in which we live.
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if you are going to basically protect by your silence then you're part of that. what the conversation around was the bill cosby events or incidents where he had molested women, paid them to be quiet, went and molested other women, paid them to be quiet so on and so forth and both of tease are lengthy conversations [overlapping speakers] >> so you're saying victims of sexual assault -- >> if you are part of silencing and keeping silence a crime, then you are culpable z-- >> so children who have been raped by a priest and never came forward -- >> that's not what we're talking about. >> sexual assault of a child. >> no what i was talking about is those instances.
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what you can the left like to say is oh, because he made this statement it applies to everything he believes and that's not true. if you are a pedophile and taking advantage of children and i hear and know about it, trust full well there will be hell to pay. >> of course no doubt about that. but it does seem -- again that's why we want you on, and i know you wanted to explain your comments because you got a lot of criticism for it. it does sound like you're saying in this particular case this was allegedly a 14-year-old girl who had a sexually encounter when mr. moore when he was 32 years old. >> supposedly, you're saying supposedly right? >> yeah allegedly. if this is true you're saying she is is culpable of him because she didn't come forward? >> no. no. that's where the disconnect is.
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we're talking more along the lines of just in theory of people worth quiet about things they know are responsible. and, it is disingenerius in my opinion for 50 something-year-old women to come forward prior to to a major senatorial election. one of the most 100 powerful people in the world that we're going to elect if four weeks. and four weeks out we have these allegations, that no one in alabama has heard about, it surfaces. it wreaks of politics. this is kwwhat it really does, this is what bothers me the most, it detracts from actually victims. people who have been molested or assaulted by -- >> you don't know what happened.
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>> -- it is going to further quiet anybody that is truly been assaulted and i don't know, you don't know anderson. >> nor do you. you're taking a stand based on no information. >> what i have is at least i know one of the individuals right, do you know any of them? >> no i don't. >> have you sat down and had a personal conversation. i i have had a personal conversation, and if i look at what i know of roy moore, a man who says what he means and means what he says and is willing to die for his country, and i look alt the face -- at the face of the facts on this, all of a sudden after 40 years suppose they, these women are coming forward two weeks out from an election, it wreaks and it smells horrible to me. >> i understand. >> and i am making the decision
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personally thatty do not believe them. >> okay. in another interview though, this wasn't just one interview that you gave, with the coleman times you said if they believe this man is predatory they're guilty of allowing him to exist for 40 years i think someone should prosecute and go after them. >> here's the thing, i offered to your producer to bring the reporter of the coleman times on the show with me tonight and let him explain to you the entire conversation, because that's not what we were talking about. he didn't portray it the way it is being taken by you and many of the people on the left. what amazes me is how many hate munger out there -- >> i'm just reading -- >> seems to be a flower child, oh we love peace and everybody and they say something they don't like and they're willing
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to kill you and that's scary. and part of it is thing like this because you and others like you are going to try and demy going. >> i don't know who others like me are or what you're imkatieing. i'm allowing you on having you to speak freely about this. >> i'm telling you the quote is being misconstrued. >> so, you're not saying any of these women should be prosecuted because they remained silence and you're not saying their accomplices. >> no. >> okay fair enough. >> that was not the context of the conversation. >> you say that you consider -- >> i realize that and now the reporter realizes that's the way it was taken. >> it was actually two interviews so it's not just one reporter. you consider though roy moore to be a victim, is that correct?
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>> yes, i think in these type of instances you have an accuser and accused. i think probably more often than not the accuser is the victim. i do believe occasional the accused is the victim. and i believe in this instance that roy moore is the victim. he is the victim of a political hack job, and whose biehind it,i don't know. i have no idea who paid for all of this and who will be paying for its in weeks to come. >> "the washington post" says the other women never sought out the paper. they spent a long time in alabama investing this. they have a dozen interviews with people and all these women were initially reluctant to speak out. it was made clear z-- i'm wondering what evidence you have that this was politically motivated or it just was a gut
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feeling? >> anderson, how many weeks until the senatetorial election, do you know? >> yeah, it's couple weeks away. >> less than four weeks. >> okay. >> and so, all of a sudden after 40 years -- and roy moore is not a guy that's been hiding in the shadows for the last 40 years doing nothing, this guy's been on the front lines. every single left group out there hates him. there are a lot of people on the establishment they hate roy moore. i know for a fact if he had anything like there in his past it would have been come out by now. and here we are, right before a huge election with national implications between a republican and a democrat, all of a sudden this is front-page news, headline news and item not
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buying it. >> so do you think "the washington post" -- >> it is political at every level. >> are you saying "the washington post" reporters they are paying these people, are you saying this has some sort of liberal -- >> i don't know who's behind it. i do not know whose behind it but it is absolutely political. >> can you talk about zsh you talk about the difficulty of women coming forward and you're concerned this would -- any false allegations, you say make it hard for women with real allegations to come forward. >> absolutely. i didn't label any women -- if in fact they are, they labeled themselves that by being used in this political process. that is the only reason this is coming out to suppress voters on the republican ticket on december the 12th.
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it is entirely -- entirely the only, only outcome is to express voters. >> there have been some people that said that if foor dmoore dd this with a 14-year-old girl it was a long time ago and they'd still vote for him. if he did this, do you think he should re-sign? >> i think anybody that tries to answer the question, if something, is a fool. >> i don't understand. >> your question should be -- look, if anything happened, my grandfather used to have a nice qui kwib about a frog and if he has wings. but here's the thing, frog doesn't have wings and for you to comment on it makes you as foolish as the question.
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[overlapping speakers] >> the real question is do you believe roy moore or do you believe the women. and you bereave the women i get that -- >> it's not any job to judge whose telling the truth. i'm not taking a position on this i'm just asking you questions and i don't think it's a crazy question to ask [overlapping speakers] >> if somebody did this, do you believe they should serve in the united states senate? i assume you would say no? >> i would say this, anyone who molest a child, male or female needs to be prosecuted. period. >> do you think you're a good reader of politics in the situation, do you think -- if this is applied by liberals or who ever it is, is this going to
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be an impact? is it possible this will rally more people around judge more? >> it will do a little of both. i think you'll probably see a greater suppression of the vote than a rally of the base. i think you'll see it will -- there will be enough people out there that once that feather goes out of -- you know misconduct, whatever it be, there'd be enough people that would just hear enough of the news because they're not attuned to it like you or myself. and they will stay home, they won't just go vote. all this is, is being voter suppression. >> lastly, two senators who withdrew their endorsements tonight. what would you say to them and others thinking trying to figure out what they should do? >> it's sad that we have that many cowards in washington, d.c.
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they are going to allow -- and maybe they don't know roy moore well enough, and if that's the case maybe they shun have endorsed him to begin with. but, if you really believe this is a good plan and you're going to allow surchly the allegation -- sirmply the allegation, no evidence, and you're going to withdraw your support and your elected official, then i feel you're a coward. >> according to "the washington post" reporter there were a number of people these women talked to around the time of this. it's not if nobody was informed they just didn't go public. >> what did they say anderson? >> the mother of the 14-year-old girl remember someone coming up to her. there were other people who were told, other people who were
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interviewed. >> the things that the other lady said were -- i mean they were just extremely vague. and while they would love to say something there just isn't there to say. >> i've been really focusing on the 14 years old -- >> i do not mind anderson -- correcti >> okay. i was focusing on the 14-year-old girl because the other girls were above the age of consent. so to me, i think the article was focusing on the 14-year-old. >> right, right. that's really where the article has completely gotten most of its fete. without the 14-year-old no one would have run the story. the funny thing is we're not talking about a 14-year-old, we're talking about what, 40, 50-year-old person today telling
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a story 40 years ago and you've got people that are older than that trying to tell a story as how they recall an interaction that happened 40 years ago. >> should also point out -- >> i remember a little bit not the details. >> what i should point out is roy approached her when she was a santa's helper at the mall. >> that is the statement to "the washington post" i do not discount that's her statement. i don't believe. >> i appreciate you being on tonight. i hope you felt we gave you a chance to say what you really wanted to say. >> tornado watch anderson. -- thank you very much anderson. more ahead, attempts to justify scrip cure on this. and the reports of the man
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whose about to become the president's national security adviser was offered millions of dollars by a foreign country. michael flynn addressing the allegation strongly, tonight. as you can clearly see,
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say he didn't buy the allegations against roy moore. we have more from martin who joins us from got son alabama, what's the word on this. >> reporter: one thing's very clear in gotston which is his hometown and in the state of alabama and beyond. this issue and alleges that have been made has shane his campaign, and what looked like a campaign on the way to winning now has a lot of dark kwlouds. those who know roy moore know he's not going to back out. but it's clear that roy moore is also shaken but this. and that's a chanstrange thing because roy more is no stranger
5:23 pm
to controversy. he stood up for a lot of causes people don't agree with. but this time what's different is personal. it's about him, it's being something he is alleged to have done in the past and that has struck a nerve and struck at the core. that's what this town in alabama is buzzing about and still trying to come to grips with, anderson. >> you spoke to some of his supporters, i wonder what they have to say. >> reporter: well, it varies. not everybody is a fan or a republican. but, for the most part the big thing that has brought up before is timing. people look at there and say why now? why does it come weeks before this critical vote. it's a common conversation to have and here's just an example. >> played baseball back if 2000 and he'd come out and help out and everything and help the
5:24 pm
community real good. why didn't this come up 7 or 8 months ago when he was running. all of a sudden two weeks from now this stuff comes up, you know. i think he's a nice guy. >> reporter: a lot of people are saying why is it not. lee cordman had come forward saying she was abused at 14. she had considered coming forward several times in the past but she also feared the backlash and anger. and she came forward and it appears it's coming true. the alleges have not been proven by they're having an impact. >> martin savage appreciate that. we eluded earlier to using scrip
5:25 pm
chur. take the bible, zechariah and elizabeth for instance, he was extremely old to mary elizabeth and they had john the baptist. take joseph and mary. katy wise was able to reach jim over the mark remarks he made. what did he have to say? >> that's right. over the years of being an investigate reporter i gave him a call about his comments. on the phone with me he shied away from making these biblical references you mentioned. he gave me a vague response saying there are several
5:26 pm
examples of older women over the years marrying younger women, including him himself who married someone 14 years younger than me. he did have a few other things to say about these allegations. >> first of all, roy moore denies the allegation. secondly, the allegations happened 37 years ago. why is this just now coming out? of course because he's about to be elected for united states senator. thirdly, "the washington post" report did not say that roy moore had sexually intercourse with a simple person -- single person or even an attempt.
5:27 pm
they're simply trying to paint a negative picture. >> and if they were true war your thoughts if these allegations were correct? >> they're not. this is of a 30, 30-year-old mandating younger girls. that's at the worse case scenario. >> there were allegations that he asked one of the younger girls to touch him inappropriately. thanks like that. >> listen, he get nighs all of that. >> it's pretty stunning i got to say to hear what he's saying. first of all he's saying, well there was no intercourse. we're talking about a 14-year-old girl, the allegation is that he striped down, she striped down, he made her touch him and he touched her over
5:28 pm
underwear. the idea, there's nothing wrong with him dating a younger girl, the allege she was just 14 at the time. do you hear that a lot? >> right. i think hochbsly it's a mixed bag reaction from voter here in the area. a lot of people are shocked just as you are about the allegations against moore and the way seegler is defending him. of course many of the republicans here in alabama resonates with moore's religious, anti-establishment form of politics and that's what this is all about. many of those voters here locally said they feel "the washington post" is false. just as you heard ed henry talk about. i think this really won't phase too many voters here in the states. because they've made up their mind to vote for moore. i think while it may be shocking to some people i think they see
5:29 pm
it as further defense to maroors case. >> katy thank you so much. one of the scrip churs cited, we have no idea about the -- >> number two comparing the alleges against moore to mary and joseph is disgusting. let's bring in the panel. maria, i'll start with you. how do you see this? >> you know, this to me is something that the republican party really is going to have to deal with, because the more that these kind of allegations come up and the more people are supporting roy moore, the more to me you'll see the erosion of the republican party as you see corrosive and cowardly and selective use of conservative
5:30 pm
values to support a candidate, their beloved candidate now matter how morally and hypocritical they are. it's also going to, i think give me, or remind people almost exactly one year ago this also happened with their republican party presidential candidate when 16 women came out allegations against president trump and many republicans looked the other way. i think after this week's democratic sweeps in the elections things are starting to change. and i think roy more could be in trouble in alabama. >> and amanda you heard roy moore, do you think it helps his case case? >> no. he was extremely defensive, he claimed persecution from the democratics and the media. when he was pressed, candidate
5:31 pm
was leading him to answer the question, saying don't you think this is wrong. he didn't go into the interview saying this is absolutely wrong, i'm trying to clear it up. there was not an ounce of compassion in his voice. the one thing in the interview which i thought was -- he said well i never dated young women without getting the mirrother's permission. what? that needs a follow-up question. now i see that roy more needs to debate a candidate -- i feel like he's imploding. if that was a legitimate reason they had you debate. he is running and hiding and all speaking in the safest of places. >> jack, do you think roy moore should stay in the race? i think right now he probably has to because of the ballot,
5:32 pm
you can't swap his name out. he probably should make -- right now, do we really want to send another vote to elizabeth warren and chuck shoe mer. i think that's one of the thing our parties have boiled down to. you just say, okay i'm going to overlook a lot of questions and allegations because i don't want to give one more vote to the other side. i'm not saying that's the good thing, i'm saying that's practical side of it. i think he should go out as purchase as possible publicly with his wife, children and grandchildren and maybe members of the evangelical community and he needs to show contrition that these allegations are out there. he should be very forthcoming in these things did not happen. but i did want to say this, as a southerner and as a republican
5:33 pm
there is a great suspicion of "the washington post" and the washington establishment. remember he ran against mitch mcconnell and republicans. he's run 40 years as a republican, and outsider this is not really unusual territory for him. i'm speaking as a politically progress maskly how would i advise roy moore. that's what i'd say to him. >> so, bill how to you see this playing out on the ground in alabama? >> well, first off, anderson thanks for having me on. having lived in new york and in alabama, this is home. i see the filter of how it's being portrayed in the bigger cities. i also see how it's being played out here on the ground. being here as an invest good faith reporters we're saying both sides. we're seeing people who do not
5:34 pm
like roy more. the side that likes roy moore this is given them a reason to say our guy is being picked on once again. the selection will mostly be decided in the middle. and in the middle folks, so far were staying home. they didn't vote for luther strange or doug jones. so it's what happens in the middle. will they stay home or go out and vote. so, down here it's not as fraud with anxiety as its being portrayed in the media. any allegation of sexual inproprietity with any child is serious business. >> you got to remember we're only 48 hours into this "the washington post" story. there is going to be follow-up from the ground. this isn't anywhere near over so i'm very curious to see where we are in a week or so.
5:35 pm
what those sources reveal on the ground for people who do have the personal relationships with those people, that will reveal a lot more. >> but, remember if he can successfully shift this to politics and away from the moral ground, i think he has a road to a strong come back and a path of victory. if he's unable to do that and it says in this moral argument -- >> he won't be able to do that jack, given the environment we're in, when you're talking about sexual assault and so many other industries and people of being accused. women are started to be believed. and "the washington post" as anderson pointed out earlier, they were not anonymous women. >> maria, the woman gibson work for hillary clinton, joe biden and -- >> she was an interpreter. >> she's got pictures on her web page.
5:36 pm
>> according to "the washington post" she created a company which provide services for the hearing impaired. >> but all i'm saying though he can build on that to say this is politics. i'm just saying on a practical political matter -- >> but one of the things about this that -- i mean, whether -- whether it's -- whoever you believe -- first of all because it happened so long ago, it probably will end up -- unless there's evidence or so many people coming forward it could end up being his word against their word. people retreat to their corners, see it through the lens of politics and that's how its interpreted. >> yeah completely. the only way these thing get settled is if their video or audio where the person is caught red handed. that's probably not going to happen in this case which is why
5:37 pm
i think we need to be paying attention to roy moore's response. >> until the blue dress is found if the closet that was worn by a 24-year-old intern, i don't think there was enough right now. however what amanda said is true, if there are more stories and witnesses that come out then that's going to be a huge problem. >> we got to leave it there thank you you guys for being with us. robert mueller is investigating a plan to pay a former security adviser mike flynn and his son millions of dollars to make a cler rit leave the united states. more on that next. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily
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the lawyer from michael flynn denied he's been -- and spared him from this country. the wall street journal broke the story about an alleged plan involving him and his son. pamela brown with the details. >> reporter: cnn is learning mueller is investigating matters
5:41 pm
of -- the wall street journal reports of the fbi has questioned several people regarding their meeting between the flynns. at the time flynn was weeks away from starting his new role as donald trump's national security adviser. in an interview with cnn, fareed interviewed before the story broke and aired sunday. the turkey prime minister denied any deals were made with flynn. but hoped flynn's previous work with the government how old help win extradition. >> had michael flynn provided you any assurance that it would happen? >> no no no. >> reporter: at this point it's knot known whether a deal was reached or money was proposed. this follows revelations of related discussions months ago.
5:42 pm
james was part of a meeting in september with flynn and turkey officials about ways to get goo lin back to turkey to face charges. >> there was at least strong suggestions by one or more americans present at the meeting to the turks, that we'd be able, the united states would be able through them to get hold of goo land. >> reporter: at the time a spokesman denied there was talks about physically moving him. he's been living in exile at this compound in pennsylvania. >> extradite this pan in pennsylvania to turkey. if we are partners or model partners do what is necessary. >> pam joins us now. what is the reaction on this from michael flynn and his attorneys? >> actually flynn's attorney released a statement tonight saying today's cycle brought
5:43 pm
alleges about flynn ranging from kidnaps and bribery that are so outrageo outrageo outrageous that we are making exceptions to our usual rules, they are false. this is unusual, and we want to point out too, that flynn junior's attorney did not provide a comment for us. we should also mention, anderson, flynn is no hot water for not displaying his lobbying work during the presidential campaign, where he took around $500,000. he had registered as a foreign agent. anderson. >> here with me now mark hurtly, and chief richard. richard, if this is true, is this illegal and what charges? >> you used the word bizarre and i couldn't improve on that. here's a wall street journal
5:44 pm
investigate report that says it's an allegation and we have to await the facts. but if true, talking about kidnapping an american whose living here in the united states. a person who has all the protections of our constitution, and this being a general, a retired general of the united states whose about to become national security adviser to the president of the united states. >> whose also being paid by -- getting money from the turks. >> yes. and not filling out the proper forms and lying to the fbi about contacts with the russians, we are told. so he's in a world of hurt, as far as this goes. and this is certainly the icing on the cake to be even in the room. he talked about dismissing his
5:45 pm
involvement after he attended the first meeting, but now staying in the room, apparently not reporting this, a discussion of kidnapping a federal crime of the highest order. it's incredible. >> so, even if -- >> it was a discussion of using his authority once trump became president of the united states to assist in an extradition in return for payment, and they're talking about $15 million, that is astonishing. >> you've known michael flynn for years, does this boggle your mind? given his track record would he end up doing there? >> anderson, i'd say if this is true it is jaw dropingly
5:46 pm
illegal, immoral for any citizen to do this but for a general doing this it's -- we kind of stay connected to the oath of office and the oath of allegiance to defend the constitution. this is a guy who is alleged to have been doing something against the government of the united states to collect money from a foreign government. it's just to me is bizarre. truthfully for this to happen on the eve of veterans' day makes it more distaste fortunately. michael flynn was an intelligent staff officer. he had an assignment with special officer command but he was not a special operator. i think perhaps maybe some of this hinged on his good judgment. in this is true, he can take
5:47 pm
someone given amnesty by our country and export them to the government of turkey for money, just seems to me toby czar. i hope it's not true. >> it's the kind of thing you hear from mercenaries back in the '60s who wanted to do stuff -- >> this is something we used to see -- this is something i saw in foreign governments at time with general officers that will do things in eastern european countries and some middle eastern countries. this would not happen in the united states where we vow and take an oath in the united states. >> again the timing of this, he's about no become the national security adviser. it's not as if he's somebody on the outside, he's as powerful as you can get in the administration or would have. >> it's absolutely dumbfounding that he would even stand for a meeting, if this is true, and we
5:48 pm
have to await further evidence to corroborate this to make the assumptions. the question is, if it were true, we are in a whole different world here in dealing with this man, and he is totally vulnerable. the question i would ask is, why president trump continues to support general flynn. why he did at such an early stage, even the allegations that after he lied to the fbi. and talk about amnesty in the form of presidential partner. now in water gate, the offer of clemency secretly made to hunt and other burglars but president nixon was one of the overt acts and furtherance to obstruct justice. here, it's right out there blaring if bright lights.
5:49 pm
>> good to have you guys on. up next gary tuchman go back on the streets of boston to see how two heroin addicts are doing. after the first story we found their family and friends had no idea they were alive. because of the the report they do now. what's happened since. and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.
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against if opioid crisis in america. our gary tuchman had a remarkable story of two young people, billy and megan who were addicted to heroin in boston. speaks volumes about this epidemic. you quickly realize it's not just thing addicts who are impacted, it's family and friends. you'll see that for yourself tonight. after gary's first report was filed, we discovered billy and megan's families didn't know where they were or even if they were alive. we sent gary back on the streets to see how billy and megan are doing and what we found was stunning. we want to warn you, we want to gave you heads up, some of what you're going to see may be tough to watch. here's gary's new report. >> reporter: last time we saw billy donovan he was trying to find a vein for his needle. >> i'm a junky. i'm homeless and live on the sidewalk. this is my life. >> reporter: we met megan in the same neighborhood just south of
5:53 pm
downtown boston. she's also a heroin addict. >> i lost the love of my life. we both overdosed. >> reporter: are you afraid you're going to die from this? >> i know i'm going to die from this. >> reporter: are you afraid you're going to die from this? >> not really afraid. honestly sometimes it just seems easier. i'm never giving up on megan. she won't die. she can't. >> reporter: this is julia channing ler, megan's mother. until she saw our story she didn't know where her daughter was, who was always a happy-go-lucky little girl. she didn't know for sure if "f" she think was-level. the same goes for billy. until his mother also saw our story, she didn't know for sure where her son was. the little boy who was always kind and friendly and she too feared the worst something if my son were to die, i mean, i just
5:54 pm
don't know how i would go on. >> reporter: both megan and billy have gone through treatment many times. but they've allegways relapsed. two weeks after we first met, i went back to find megan. >> it is nice to see you again. >> you too. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> reporter: and i found her dad too. megan's father saw our story, located his daughter and is now living in the streets with her refusing to leave until she gets help. he brought her dog along too. >> i was literally sleeping here and i woke up to my dog licking my face. he's like, i'm not leaving until you get help or go to the hospitalized. >> my kids are everything to me. >> reporter: is she breaking your heart? >> of course, she is. >> i check on him 100 times during the night. >> isn't that the irony?
5:55 pm
you're checking on him but you're the one who needs help. >> but that's how i am. i always take care of others before herself. >> reporter: as paul tries to convince his daughter to leave the treats ask seek treatment, billy's mother walks out of her house with some of her son's personal belonging for a special delivery. billy has decided to get treatment. some of his friends who saw our original story found billy and convinced him to go to this detox center in fall river, massachusetts, . she's making a delivery in hopes treatment for billy works. she talked to him on the phone for the first time in many months the night before. >> what did you say to billy when he called? >> i told him that i loved him, and he said i know. and he said i love you too. >> how did that make you feel? >> like i was dancing on top of
5:56 pm
the moon. >> reporter: meanwhile, megan remained on the street among the dozens of other heroin addicts in this neighborhood. she loves her father and wants him not to worry anymore, but -- >> can you go in for treatment? >> yeah, i want to. >> why don't you go? >> i don't know. one moment i really want it and the next i'm like, i'll go later. i'm a procrastinator. >> >> reporter: we say goodbye to megan and she and her father and dog prepare to spend the night outdoors sleeping in plastic bags in the mud. >> gary joined us me now. do you have any update on megan and billy? >> megan's father, paul, has been in the streets the with her for one week including right now. tonight is supposed to be the coldest night of the week, the windchill is supposed to 10 degrees in boston tonight. megan hasn't committed to go in for treatment.
5:57 pm
people who are addicted to heroin even when they stop for a short time they get violently ill. it's easier to keep using the drug. paul hopes it gets very, very cold and she realizes tomorrow she needs treatment. the dog you saw in the video, that particular dog has been taken by a family friend who has brought the dog to his house to keep the dog warm. regarding billy, anderson, he's still in the treatment center. his mom says he's been in treatment centers many times and often leaves in the middle of treatment but so far the treatment is going good. what i want to make clear, all these parents love these children. these children who are not children, they want to quit sadatly and this can happen in any family. >> the love of these parents to go through this time and time again, it's so awful. gary, incredible reporting. thank you. up next, republican senate candidate roy moore speaking of
5:58 pm
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breaking news, republican senate roy moore flatly denying allegations that he initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl.