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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 11, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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we are hoping it is going to spread throughout the navy and there is 100 teams play football in our level. it is l a lot of food that we provide. that's why we here for and people of america and that's why we came to the academy. it hits home. it really hits home. >> they're calling other teams to do the same. reminder, december 9th. ♪ this is "news day weekend" with victor blackwell and christie paul. breaking news hour, president trump is ready to have dinner
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with vietnam's president. earlier today, the president says he spoke with vladimir putin of the election 2016 election, president trump says putin denied the allegations and the president says he believes him. the two leaders chatted informally so far. >> gel zeleny and matthew chang is live with us in nanang. tell us what the president said regarding his discussion with president trump. >> reporter: good morning, the president says he's done talking about the russian meddling in the election. he was trying to move forward to other issues. he briefed with reporters here in nanang to hanoi here. he talked about the briefing here in nanang.
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he says that look, he believes he's taking vladimir putin at his words that the russians did not meddle in the election. >> now t president said this n an off camera briefing arrest force one to reporters, lets look, every time he sees me, he says "i did do that". i really believe him. the president is sticking to the fact that vladimir putin that he did not meddle in the election. there is still this discretion cloud that hangs in the administration which makes it an issue here. president trump once again as he did earlier this summer when these two leaders met in germany
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accepting president putin assertion that he did not meddle in the u.s. election here. a bit besides the point here of these investigation are well under way back in washington. it follows a pattern o f president trump trying to move beyond this and delegitimatize all the investigation that are in queries in the election. >> thank you so much. lets go down to matthew chang. matthew, i know you ask a question of putin there. i want to get to the question whether russian meddling was actually discussed because the russian press secretary for the president there denies it. >> yes, there is definitely a gap of what the u.s. president
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says the two leaders discussed in a short brief they shook hands and met during the traditional family photo. you just heard that president trump said he raised essentially the issue of allegation of russians meddling in the u.s. election. when vladimir putin spoke to mainly russian journalists but also cnn of the closed door news conference again. he was asked specifically what the two leaders discussed during the short encould wanters becau have seen videos and images of them walking and they seems to be happy walking. what did they talk about? >> they talked about issues and economic cooperations which is almost zero at the moment of
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russia and the united states, he did not mention the u.s. meddling allegation. i went back in touch from the press secretary, i texted him, as far as you know, was the issue of meddling discussed by the two leaders and he wrote back and said "no, it was not." you see this different interpretations of what was actually discussed between trump and putin. >> thank you, matthew chance. thank you very much. we appreciate it. i want to bring in melissa now. the president had to bring this up. had he not brought it up, it would have looked like a real lost opportunity, correct? >> absolutely. >> the interesting thing here of what we saw from president trump and vladimir putin is that the president as he has done before
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really seem to side with putin over u.s. intelligence agencies. we know at least four united states agencies are in agreement that russia did meddle in the 2016 election. i am sure the president's comment is going to be troubling to a number of democrats on capitol hill as we see these investigations continue. >> i want to get to something that the president said that holds to a theme that we have seen from this president, let me put it up here. >> the president says of these russian meddling that the whole thing was set up by democrats. they ought to look at podesta and all the things that was done with the phony dolzier. those are the big event. it seems like the song that we
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heard before >> yeah, this is definitely part of the core story for president trump. every time he's asked about the investigation of russian meddling, almost every time news break about robert mueller's vision, president trump and top members of his administration try to shift the conversation away on the president and onto the democrats. we saw it happened last week with donna brazile's new book of the 2016 election. we have seen it happen time and time again. we can expect the president to try to switch the conversation and pivot to how the focus really needs to be on democrats, john podesta and hillary clinton >> i want to hone into something that the president said, he said every time he sees me, he says i did not do that and i really believe when he tells me that, he means it.
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every time he sees me, he tells me. >> do we know president trump prou brought up the meddling or president trump -- or vladimir putin. what does it mean by these four intelligenc intelligences. >> i am sure it is extremely troubling for the u.s. intelligence committee to have this evidence and be in widespread agreement to hear the commander in chief not only he disagrees with them but he is agreeing vladimir putin. i don't know if we'll ever know about the truth of who raise the issue of election meddling. there are denials it was discussed from top russian officials. i think it can be expected that president trump has done it before. he's most likely under a lot of
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pressure when he was raised face to face with vladimir putin. >> raising the issue and say i believe him, he tells me every time that he did not do it. i believe him. >> i don't know if that's what people are hoping to hear from the president. melissa quinn, thank you very much. >> excellent. >> lets talk about roy moore. he's strongly denying sexual abuse allegations and pledges to stay in the race. what do voters in alabama think all about this? we are live with you there. >> the former member, offered a million dollars to forcely take someone out from the u.s., we'll have the latest from the report. (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation,
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a live look here, mike pence is seen with his gloves and cleaning supplies. he and the second lady is participating in a wall cleaning
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project in cooperation with the national parks service. >> a volunteer opportunity for them. this is the start of their day. they'll go the arlington reclaim ceremony at 11:00 this afternoon where they'll participate in the na national veterans day service at the cemetery there. the 64th annual celebration there. >> you see the vice president and second lady part picipatingy other volunteers, cleaning and polishing, the vietnam veterans memorial wall. >> we are here always saluting and thanks all of you who served and family members who have served and the family who sits booi behind as they serve. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> we'll bring you comments from the vice president later this
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morning. we want to get to other big stories of senate candidate roy moore calling allegations that he sexual i abusedd the 14-year-old girl is completely motivated. >> the allegations divide the republican party. more than a dozen republicans say judge moore may need to leave the race. steve bannon is sticking with him however. >> judge moore, i am standing with him. >> cnn's martin savidge is live in alabama for this us this morning. you are hearing similar sentiment from a lot of people you are meeting there. >> that's right. >> good morning victor and christie. >> that's very true. >> supporters of roy moore do
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not appear and so far did not change their mind. this is of a state level and the alabama gop. statewide and let them know of the quality if you want more. in the meantime, it also appears to candidates. >> reporter: roy moore taking to a conservative talk radio making his strong denial of accusations against him, including allegations of sexually abused a 14 earlier girl in 1979. sneeze allegations are fought and misleading. more than that, it hurts you personally. aim father and i have five dpra grandmothers. i have a special b concern for young ladieladies. it is hard to get on the video and explain these. these allegations are to be
4:17 am
false. >> moore said he had no corporation. i don't know miss cortman, i never had contact with her and it is completely false. >> one question, luke, should he continue or quit his quest for the u.s. senate? >> neither fellow republicans are buying this. >> if it is true, that's bad, he needs to step out the race. there is no question about that. >> moore is fighting support from his home state but can washington where he's hoping to take over the senate seat, more than a dozen says moore should step out. >> if they are true, you should step aside. >> the political scandal triggering reactions of president trump half way around the world.
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speaking of air force one in china and vietnam. >> first, given the impression of supporting more. >> russians believe that we do not allow a near allegation for many years ago to destroy a person's life. the next line sanders repeat, "however, the president believes that if these allegations are true, jeff moore should step aside." moore's brother, his brother says brother accuser and either being paid. he compares with his brother's political problem to the persecution of jesus christ. >> the question remains of the shocking accusations impacting alabama voters. depends on who you talk to? >> i think he can make it.
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>> people are saying timing is suspicious to many here. those who know roy moore says he's not going to quit and they expect he will be the next senator for alabama. >> richard, christie. >> all right, mark, thank you. our political anchor, arrow lewis is with us now. >> he's most likely is going win. if he wins, what does that do for the republican party. how do republicans in washington who have condemn this? >> it is a great question. first of all, lets not be entirely sure that he's going to win. the polls and even before the scand scandal broke had a tie with the democratic challenge. >> you have to keep in mind the roy moore is an unusual
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candidate. >> you should be able to serve in congress. he's got views that are far out and removed from office, twice. >> this is not somebody that's walking into the office by any means. it is going push the republicans in a difficult positions. there is a lot of seats they have to try to cover up and when or hol onto next year. there are already two that's clo closely contested in arizona and this was a minimum putting a third seat in place that they rather not battle to hold onto. >> we talked to mike allison earlier who's known him for 20 years. he's supporting him unless he hears from vladimir putin's putin's -- what do you make of
4:21 am
the people that stands behind him and what a lot of people see is a valid question. this is a man that's been in the public's eye for years. >> well, if you look and read the story, "the washington post," points out none of these women who came out. the woman went down and found them. the women don't know each other. it was an act of what we call journalists of enterprise where reporters chase down so rumors that was floated around and did the best job they could to try to verify whether or not those claims are true. >> if they are waiting to hear from roy moore's own mouth, they should really try to look closely of what he has said. what he said was that, i did not date a teenager when i was
4:22 am
working as district attorney. i never dated anyone under age without their mother's per serious condition. >> that tells a reason personal of what they need to know. >> that's not the same as i never dated a 14-year-old girl. >> correct me if i am wrong, he did not know her and a statement a couple of minutes ago, he said i don't know her and i have not seen her and he had no recollection of who this 14 earlier girl is. >> not remembering is not the same as i would not know her now or never met her this kind of thing. if you look back at the washington post report, they put him and her in and at the courthouse on the same day which is kind of remarkable. >> i think the woman who brought forth the accusation is remembering the best she can and there happens to be records that corroborate a lot of it and as
4:23 am
well asterisk creations from some of the friends. the woman said she's a trump voter. >> no political connection to the democratic race right now or anything else. i personally and i am not sure what else anybody could reasonably expect after 30 years. i am sorry. we are running out of time. i want to get your take on this. >> the editor says look at joseph and mary, they became parents of jesus, there is nothing immoral or illegal here. maybe just a little bit unusual. >> you couple that with what the brothers are say ing and comparing him to jesus christ and what we are hear frg, edward beck, really? >> so claiming he's a pedophile. >> what are you hearing of these
4:24 am
biblical references that are trying to be threaded in the conversation. >> there is a reason we have secular, these kinds of settle ms sort confine. >> they are speaking correctly to, his base, yes, there is a strategy there. >> yeah, here again, i wait until the polls are closed in december before we assign likelihood of success to the strategy. it seems to me absolutely. it does not square with the bible as i was taught from growing up. you know the reasonable people can differ as something as unab unreasonable as matter of faith. >> yeah, listening to some of the conversations that are being had after this, it is obvious that not all christians are taking these defense statements.
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welcome back, i am christie paul. >> we are hearing from president putin from the apex summit. >> president putin says he's ready to turn the page with the relationship with the u.s. we are prepared to turn the page and look into the future to solve the problem of interest and the people of the united states, the people of the
4:30 am
russia's federation. think of the fuelling of our economic relations with contents. president putin goes on talking about exxon mobile and we'll detail it throughout the morning. president trump says with respect to the u.s., russia is ready to turn the day. >> now, earlier president trump says that he spoke with president trump about russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election point president trump said that putin denied the allegations and president trump he believes it. putin's press secretary tells cnn that the top eic was not discussed. >> michael flynn is who we are talking about and his son may have been offered $15 million to force pli ibly remove the man fe u.s.
4:31 am
the man who's willing to buy turkey. >> the turkish is currently living in pennsylvania. a lawyer for flynn, former national security advicer, president trump says is false. >> the man who worked with robert mueller, for more than a decade says he can see where this investigation is going. >> the broughter investigati in. he is expecting more indictment and cooperations >> joining me now is robert anderson. mr. anderson, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> lets start with the reporting from the sexual street journal about general zplflynn and a so. what does this detail tells you of the investigation, the reporting that this is something that bob mueller is looking
4:32 am
into, what are you going from that details? >> what it tells me after the indictment we saw two weeks ago, the collateral aspect of this case, he's looking at are in great details. usually, what ends up happening after you go into the investigation, in this case, it is collusion and potentially with rouussia. people who are close to the president is going sanked h him. the key thing here with mike flynn was if this was a deal that the power brought up to him and did he report it immediately and let everyone know it is happening. >> you are in a great piece of "times." i want to start at the end of it where you write, he knows these guys are not criminals and he knows they're going to roll over. mark my word.
4:33 am
>> how did unceiling, first of all, george papadopoulos' document changed this case. >> it is a message. >> one, it lets you know that the teen is working for bob mueller and i know most of the people that's brought up on tv here. unbelievably good of what they do. it shows not only he's looking at the main character but all the people that work under that. it shows people done something wrong and they have not been interviewed or know about it yet. people are talking to him of an extended periods of time. if you are a defense council and you have a client in that, you have to start worrying about what did they know? lets focus on paul manafort here who you write will not serve 25
4:34 am
years. now, you suggest that he will corroborate with the special countdo counsel. i am sure you have read it. for every move mueller makes the president has a counter disin incentivize. >> he says tprocess works. this one is vehicle. the target is a vast arsenal. what do you make of his counter argument here? >> there is no doubt about it. they're going put up charges in their arguments, no doubt. i can tell you from 30 years along law enforcement and working hundreds of thousands of cases are what we recall crime cases are people bho who are hardly criminals. when you grab gang members and drug dealers and hotel people,
4:35 am
you can threaten, they're not going to look at you. my whole point being of what i talk about at a typically is individuals who are being arrested currently, i don't think they grasp, how these charges will affect them. a lot of the charges that mueller lays on on top of manafort, these are not small charges. some of them carried anywhere from five or ten years. it is a significant amount of jail time. these are people who are not loo used in looking at these jail time. >> robert anderson. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, it was a pleasure. >> well, the church massacre in sutherland springs, texas, killed 25 people now has some churches rethinking security and pushing for it to be gone. we'll look more into that, next.
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we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me? it is been nearly a week of the sutherland springs, texas, today, the feirst funeral, tomorrow, the community is holding a sunday church service. >> this shooting has a lot of churches rethinking their security. >> so yes, you snap it in there
4:41 am
one time. >> will is training like he has hundreds of others. >> you need to embrace the advantage that you are better than a bad guy. >> so you are carrying a gun on sundays? >> yes, if i am on property, i will always have a gun there. >> the pastor is a gate keeper, a volunteer licensed to ensure to protect the church. >> we have responsibility to every single member that walks into a safe haven and worship and wanting peace and providing the protection. >> just outside of dallas. >> it was so hard in those early years to get somebody to end $20 on a subscription to our website and now we have thousands and thousands of churches that are part of our national organization. in the last week, following the deadliest shooting in the u.s. house of worship, their phone
4:42 am
haves been ringing off the hook. from new york to hawaii, churches called want to learn how to protect himself. >> people have absolutely no experience and we pride ourselves on being able to hone these skills. >> volunteers are taught defense s tactics and how to interact with unru unru unruly parishners and how to use a gun >> there is a psychological evaluation and a background check, too. past pastor did not have my training. they needed more. when you look at the outside, private security sector, they
4:43 am
have resources but they don't know your con dpragregation or heartbeat of your ministry. know your campus and community and members, they can identify things that don't look right. >> how did you believe the event at first baptist could have been different if they had a gate keeper? >> i sure wish they had a gate keeper. >> cnn, dallas, texas. katy, thank you very much. it is veterans day and we certainly want to show yo you -- every time we see one of these, right. >> my gosh, yes. >> your face gets all warm and you got goose bumps. this is one of a surprise return from a soldier. coming up right after the break. we'll see more of this. >> oh my goodness. stay with us. november is epilepsy awareness month.
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47 hours passed the hour. president trump is in hanoi now and he's ready for dinner with the vietnam president. >> earlier, he spoke about the meddling of the 2016 election. president trump says putin denied allegation and he believes him. putin's press secretary tells cnn an election meddling was not discussed athd all. russia is ready to turn the page with regards to relations with the u.s. >> as you know and we often talk about it that we are prepared to turn the page and go forward to solve the interests of the people of the united states, to think about fulfilling our
4:49 am
economic regulations and just look at the economic forum at st. petersburg, there was a great number of american companies there. >> all right, while basically japan, president trump had a burger and setting off twitter a fire storm. people are criticizing the president. >> the president is eating an american meal here. it elevated quickly. take a look. >> reporter: president trump may have moved onto japan but he left booibdehind a culinary sta burger blessed by the president. >> he's in japan and he's eating hamburg hamburger. japan's prime minister, the two men teed off, the japanese
4:50 am
tweeted a photo, we but the business that boomed was munch's burger shack. the chef and owner was asked to come to the golf club to prepare the vip burgers. president trump pronounced his, very good. now, it's already considered one of tokyo's best burger joints is going gangbusters. one of the two branch it's even ran outside of meat. munch's posted on facebook that it was an honor to serve president trump but warned customers of trouble due to congestion due to their new popularity. and when president obama visited japan he and the prime minister ate at a local sushi restaurant where meals run 300 bucks, trump's cheeseburger cost
4:51 am
$12.50. we all know the president loves his kfc and mcdonald's, even did a mcdonald's commercial. >> tasty for just a dollar. >> reporter: now, he's inadvertently advertising for a burger joint. will the colby jack cheese burger be recisioned the trump burger? the menu hasn't changed yet but this is a happy meal for munch's burger shack. cnn, jeanne moos, new york. >> listen. we love to make you smile during a newscast. hopefully, that's going to happen next when you see this soldier who returns home from duty early to surprise two very special people. stay close. by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching
4:52 am
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our time for this week's staying well. you know how people say i want to live drama-free, no drama? well, in this case it's a good thing. a mental health treatment called drama theory, it's meant to help children and adults work through problems using role play. watch. >> my name is karen. >> she is a very, very artistic kid. if i let her, she will draw all day. she didn't like to talk to a lot of people when she was younger. it's hard for her to sometimes identify other people's emotions. kala has been diagnosed with autism. the frustration levels would get to a point where she would just
4:57 am
scream. i knew if i could find her a therapy to meet her where she was it would be better for a success for her. >> drama therapy is the combination of psychologist and theater and using them in a session. so when you're able to step into the role and play it out with your therapist. they're better able to play it out in everyday life. >> i don't know, what if they don't make any friends? >> they have tons of friends. >> what if they don't like me? >> that's okay, you go with the flow. >> language is difficult. where else do we get a laboratory for real life without consequence? >> drama and therapy is very good for kala. >> see how i have found trinity - it's just amazing to watch. >> all right. so, there's a special reunion we want to share were yith you on
4:58 am
veterans. this is a soldier deployed almost ten months. he went home and surprised a couple of people waiting for him, let's say. >> yes. watch. [ applause ] >> don't you feel the goose bumps. >> oh -- >> i mean, every time we see these, they're just heartwarming. students are filling the gym. they thought it was going to be a normal veterans day assembly. of course, there was this surprise. >> they were very disappointed when they were hearing and christmastime. to come home early was a fun way to surprise them. >> to have him back is the best feeling in the world. >> i saw the tears. and i had to fight them back
4:59 am
myself. >> and this is why i love this scene, not just for the families but for that soldier. >> yeah. >> for these guys and these women who are gone for so long separated from their families doing things that allow us to have the freedoms that we have. that they get this moment as well. so, thank you so much for your service. to all of you out there, thank you for your service, thank you for what you do for this country and for all of us. thank you to the families who are waiting because they are in their own way serving as well. they're going about their everyday lives without them. >> it's a family sacrifice. that service is a sacrifice for every member of that family who has do do without a mother or father. this morning, other veterans day sell operations. vice president mike pence a little while ago doing volunteer work cleaning the vietnam veterans memorial wall. later this morning, he'll participate in a wreath-laying
5:00 am
ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at the arlington national cemetery. we'll bring that to you, of course, live when it begins. this "new day" weekend with victor blackwell and christi paul. >> good morning to you. listen, we want to show you live pictures that we're getting in here. first of all, president trump sitting down with vietnam's president in hanoi. >> earlier, he spoke with the russian president vladimir putin about meddling in the 2016 election. president trump said putin denies the allegations and that he believes them. but putin's press secretary told cnn that that discussion never happened, as far as he knows. meanwhile, president putin is calling this an internal political struggle and saying that russia is ready for better relations with the u.s. >> translator: as you know and i often talk about it, we are prepared to turn the page to go forw


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