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tv   New Day  CNN  November 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the "washington post" attacked my character in a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign. >> if the allegations prove to be true, he should step down. >> president trump is the leader of the republican party. it's his responsibility to say more. >> the threat posed by russia is obvious. to try to paint it in any other way is astounding. >> i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. >> it demonstrates that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders. >> those are the most ridiculous
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statements. president trump was focused on north korea and syria. they are areas we need to work together on with russia. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". alisyn is off. poppy harlow, always a pleasure. >> good to be here. >> good to have you. >> let's begin with a defiant roy moore threatening to sue the "washington post". there are 30 corroborating stories as well. member of the trump team are calling on moore to step aside. the caveat is if the allegations are true. what more can we know to vet the claims? >> promising an announcement on trade in north korea. this as he wraps up his trip
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across asia. the u.s. notably left out of a new trade deal. and conflicting reports whether trump and due tear toe spoke at all about human rights and the bloody war on drugs. a philippino government spokesman said he they did not. cunning live joins us live. good morning, kyung. >> reporter: good morning. roy moore continues to dig in his heels even deeper as criticism is rising in d.c. he is certainly buoyed, though, by some support here in his home state. >> these attacks that i was involved with are completely false and untrue and for which they will be sued. >> reporter: alabama republican senate candidate roy moore defiant, threatening to sue the "washington post" for publishing
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allegations that he pursued romantic relationships with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. including a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old. the controversial judge suggesting he is investigating his accusers. >> there are investigations going on in the next few days, there will be revelations about the motivations and the content of this article. >> reporter: led by former trump adviser steve bannon, breitbart news also attempting to discredit moore's accusers, publishing an article claiming the mother of corfman said reporters from the post pursued her daughter, convincing her to speak out against moore. the "washington post" acknowledging they approached the women who chose to give interviews after the reporter heard about the allegations while reporting on moore supporters.
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more blasting the allegations as a political conspiracy. many senate republicans abandoning the alabama republican, refusing to raise money for his campaign, and revoking their endorsements. >> i think the accusations have more credibility than the denial. i think it would be best if roy would just step aside. >> we have to find a way to restore confidence in our elected officials and confidence, and this goes the other way. some supporting luther strange. but back home in alabama, many of moore supporters rallying around the candidate. >> the thing that bothers me about those charges is that he's been in public life running for many offices and as many times as it's happened no one has ever said anything until now. >> white house officials cautioning against judging moore before he's being proven guilty while condemning the behavior.
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>> nothing is more serious than child pedophilia but having said that, he has not been found guilty. >> everybody should know that conduct is disqualifying. but i also want to make sure that we as a nation are not always prosecuting people through the press. >> reporter: the president was a little specific about his white house. he was ask more directly on air force one over the weekend. he said i haven't gotten to see too much. of all the evidence to the contrary, poppy, he added he does not watch much television. poppy. >> all right. kyung, thank you for the important reporting. another controversy is on the 12-day trip to asia, the white house claiming they briefly raised the issue of human rights with rodrigo duterte but a spokesman for duterte said it
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was never discussed. jeff? >> reporter: that was a question hanging over his head before he even arrived. after they had a meeting today one on one and several social gatherings, that question is still ringing here before the president leaves. how much did he question duterte on his human rights record? >> rodrigo. >> reporter: president trump meeting with president rodrigo due tear toe but not dwelling auto his bloody human rights record. sarah sanders saying human rights briefly came up in the philippines fight against illegal drugs. a spokesman for duterte saying otherwise. >> no. that issue was not raised. however, the president explained in length his war against drugs.
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>> reporter: duterte's aides stood and blocked cameras. he made clear he wanted to meet behind closed doors, channeling trump by calling out the media, referring to them as spies. >> i would like to reference media to leave us alone. you may leave the room. >> reporter: white house aides were anxious about visiting the philippines, but president trump came to amplify his message on trade and north korea. he stood alongside duterte grimacing during a ritual photograph. the president today basking in the glow of his travels through five asian capitals. >> i've been received like nobody has ever been received. that is a sign of respect for me a little bit but our country. and i'm really proud of that. >> reporter: outside the economic summit, a reality check. protesters filled the streets. water cannons deployed to keep
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demonstrators from the u.s. embassy. and the president's head burning on a swastika. the violent scenes were the most turbulent yet on trump's 13-day trip to asia. after carefully measuring his words for days, he engaged in a weekend fight with the north korean leader saying in a tweet, why would kim jong-un call me old when i would never call him short and fat. after telling reporters on air force one he believed putin's denial of meddling in the u.s. election, mr. trump backtracked. >> i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. as to whether i believe it or not, i'm with our agencies as currently constituted with their leadership.
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>> reporter: the president also says that he intends to announce a trade deal on wednesday at the white house. he said he will announce a lot of his conversations he's been having privately once he gets back to the u.s. one thing is clear, as the president has been traveling along having all of these meetings, his america first agenda has meant one thing, other leaders are moving on without the u.s., particularly on tpp. a deal was reached on saturday for the 11 initial countries in that agreement to keep going forward on core elements, leaving the u.s. behind on this. the president believes he can negotiate one on one with all of these individual countries. but that is wishful thinking in the minds of some here. china likes all of this because the u.s. is suddenly out of this. the lasting legacy of this trip of course, all the relationships the president is building. it is an open question if the u.s. will be left behind as opposed to america first on the
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trade agenda. >> thank you very much. let's bring in john avlon and david drucker. jeff makes a good point there. one of the reasons that the chinese president does seem very accommodating of the united states is what an opportunity trump has given china but pulling out of tpp, china is running the game in that entire part of the world in terms of trade. other countries are moving forward without the united states. >> absolutely. tpp will move forward except without the u.s. one strong argument was as a counterbalance to china's economic influence in the region. by pulling out and trying to do these bilateral agreements, a, it is much more complex. and it leaves that sphere of influence even more open to the chinese. it puts us at ajeeeo statistic disadvantage. sort of overall emphasis about where we're going in the 21st
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century. that gets abandoned. >> there is a huge assumption that all the nations a, after they sign on to this trade deal tpp minus the u.s. basically will want to have these bilateral agreements with the united states and that they will benefit them. it's a huge leg up to china. he muddied the water, if that's even possible, even more on whether he believes our intelligence community more or vladimir putin more. everyone knows at this point what the president said on saturday and then how he tried to clean it up on sunday. but never once definitively said i talked to putin. he denied meddling. that's bogus. i don't believe it. i believe our intelligence community. why can he not say that? >> the big $64,000 question is why a president, who is willing to jawbone our allies as well as every other adversary we have when it suits him, will not jawbone putin and knoll not level any mean tweet or say anything off color as it relates
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to russia. the president has never really addressed that. his attitude toward other leaders is why this is a flashing red light. there's nothing wrong with the u.s. getting along with russia. i almost said the soviet union because we're such in a place of adversary give or take with them. it should be on our terms. all the president has to say is, yeah, look, putin said he didn't do anything. let's just -- we're going to agree to disagree. we obviously know what's going to happen. we're going with intel. end of story. to say putin believes it it was a distinction without a difference. >> i actually know the answer to your question, why doesn't trump go after putin. that's easy. put up his tweet about kim jong-un. we can have a demonstration how it works with the most powerful man in the world. if you insult president donald trump on any level, he will come back at you. i know this is behavior that we all teach our chiropractor is
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counterproductive and doesn't lead to good adulthood, but this is what he does. why would kim jong-un insult me by calling him old when i would never call him short and fat. go to your room. you just said it. this is why he is not going after putin because putin hasn't insulted him. and that's good enough for this man. >> that's not good enough for the responsibilities of the presidency. no, no, no, but wait. >> xi never assaulted the president. nato, soerbg uth koreans, they t insult him. >> not when he went there. >> but before. after they met in mere law going. once you're nice to him, everything goes your way. >> before then, my point is that's what makes this so interesting. it's not just about him being
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insulted. he takes a different tact towards russia than any other nation. >> because they play to his disadvantage. >> there he seems susceptible to getting played by putin. >> it suits his interest. >> if there was ever a russia investigation, he was unwilling to call out putin for being the thug that he is. >> true. >> let's take a look at the kim tweet again. this is important. one of the things that has been accomplished was he seems to have done a good job forming a broader coalition. high stakes extremely important to diplomacy. blows it up with a mean girl tweet. i thought the president had been hacked. that tonally was too far for me. he gets called old and he calls a rogue state leader short and fat. and says why can't we be
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friends? it is beneath the office of the presidency and undercuts some of the good work that he has done and his team has done, which is incredibly high stakes. >> let's move on to roy moore. david, he is to sue the "washington post". breitbart pro moore trying to dig up dirt on these four women, four accusers. but saying he is going to sue the "washington post" is a page out of the president's book. he will sue the post, the "new york times", "the associated press". >> roy moore has a committed base down there. what he needs to do are things like this that give all the republican voters down there who would never vote for a democrat, almost never, just a reason to hang on for a month and believe. this is the kind of thing that could work. and i would is say this about bannon and breitbart. this is a big deal for bannon. if roy moore can't survive this.
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if he doesn't, his threats about primary and senate incumbents next year on the republican side go after mitch mcconnell are going to look not credible. he will be taken less seriously. republicans that support mcconnell will feel emboldened. for bannon, this is huge. >> this is huge for the senate republican party. republicans who endorsed moore, reluctantly abandoning him even with the caveat. the republican coalition is pulling out funding. wait until the first polls come out. you will see him trailing. >> they are mostly saying if the allegations are true. that's the way it should be. you're innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. this is political assessment. but saying if the allegations are true. that ends the discussion because
4:17 am
we'll never get more insight into the facts. >> the party has lost so much influence on both sides it doesn't have the ability like it did to push somebody out because of this. >> it might be a more competitive race than even before this. all right. a question. how is the roy moore controversy going to play with senators? we'll bring in a wisconsin democrat tammy baldwin. what does she make about the situation? could the senate really even do anything about moore if he wanted? next. next. we make sure you're in the loop at every step from the moment you decide to move your money to the instant your new retirement account is funded. ♪ oh and at fidelity, you'll see how all your investments are working together. because when you know where you stand, things are just clearer. ♪ just remember what i said about a little bit o' soul ♪ won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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wisconsin. this may be a colleague of yours if he wins this election. what is your take on what we have learned so far? >> well, i believe the women who were reluctantly involved in the story that the "washington post" released recently. it seems to be a very carefully researched story. and i sometimes wonder how much does it take for people who believe women in these instan s instances. i think the people of alabama have a better choice. don jones is a prosecutor, law and order candidate. and i hope that the people in alabama take this reporting seriously and make the right choice on election day in december. >> what about the defenses of roy moore that this happened a million years ago. nobody ever came forward. tops of elections, vetted, high youly controversial. certainly has his critics. and this never came up until
4:23 am
right now, right before the election. >> i would say a number of things. the reporting was very careful in terms of interviewing corroborating witnesses. four individuals who weren't in contact with one another. and they were reluctant at first. they weren't sure they wanted to actually talk with the "washington post" but ultimately decided to. perhaps bolstered by the many people who are finding the courage to bravely speak out now about those that did happen sometime ago. we're talking about powerful men. we're talking about something that has been fairly rampant. and right now we are seeing a lot of folks find their voice and speak out. >> what do you make of the republican response of many lawmakers that if the allegations are true he should resign. is that a good enough, strong enough statement for you?
4:24 am
>> i don't think so. some of my republican colleagues have said they read carefully the story. they found it persuasive. they have been clear about that. but many of my republican colleagues, as you have noted, said if true as though there were about to be a trial beyond what we are seeing in the newspapers. i read the story carefully. i listened to the response from roy moore on. and i believe the women. >> so if he does win the election and there's very is little chance that the senate will be able to remove him because you can't get a two-thirds vote on anything, let alone things politically sensitive to this, he will be a player in things like tax reform. we will see the first wave of it right now. the senate bill, by a nonpartisan estimate, is better for the middleclass than the house competing bill at this point. do you support the bill being
4:25 am
put forth by the white house and motivated by the senate? >> at this point i have to say know for a number of reasons. i want a tax code that it rewards hard work as much as wealth right now. i don't see that as either the house or senate plan. >> the senate plan favors the middle class more than the top tier. >> the senate bill favors the middleclass more than the house bill did. but the huge benefits still are to the benefit of the wealthy individuals. and there's quite a shift between the burden that individuals bear and corporate america. we haven't studied really that shift which is quite alarming. but, yes, there will be folks in the middleclass and working class who get modest benefits. and some who pay higher taxes. >> the senate bill we don't know yet because the independent organization that looked at it
4:26 am
didn't look at if over time we would see any spike in tax rates. we didn't get a conclusion from them. why do you believe that? >> if you look at the combination of policies that they have included. so, you know, they have eliminated the state and local tax deductions, which is a big factor. they have done some things that would benefit, you know, large corporations over individuals. but i still don't find it to be a tax plan that simplifies and is fair. i still see the benefits going to the very wealthy. we still tax capital gains and difficult were tkepbd derived income at a much lower rate than we do those who work for a living. and i want a tax code that really rewards hard work over wealth. there's a lot of things that we can improve. one of the basic facts we start
4:27 am
with is a go it alone approach. those of us working for progressive reforms in the tax code that really do recognize hard work and recognize the fact that the tax code can help people who have been facing stagnating wages for decades now get ahead. we want to be at the table and include those ideas. >> well, we'll be following the process. senator, always a pleasure to have you on "new day". >> thank you. >> be well. two former intel chiefs blast the president for appearing to clearly side with vladimir paoud in over the findings of our own intelligence community. e through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months,... ...with reduced redness,...
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so you don't see this that often. a pair of former u.s. intel chiefs criticized president trump's comments about putin and the election meddling saying the president got played. >> the russian threat to our democracy and our democratic
4:32 am
foundations is real. >> putin is committed to undermining our democracy and our whole process. to try to paint it in any other way is i think astounding and poses a peril for this country. >> this has gotten very messy. that analysis is contradicted by the president of the united states who says he believes that putin believes that he wasn't part of the election meddling. we have cnn counterterrorism analyst phil mudd and national security analyst samantha. phil mudd, the president said he didn't do it. every time i see him he said he didn't do it. and i believe that he believes that. good enough? >> of course it's not good enough. we're only talking about half the story. we keep talking about the intel community as if they're the only ones discussing russian intervention. as you know, recently people
4:33 am
from silicon valley, facebook and others have been in front of congress not talking about putin's involvement but russian entities buying far more material on facebook than we do in the past. and we learned that russian-backed material includes calls for violence in the united states. here's the deal. as the president swallows the bait from putin, we go in let's say in an election cycle in two years and we have the president of the united states saying i trust putin. meanwhile, in two years you're going to have intel guys, plus silicon valley coming out saying we have a democratic process where the russians are intervening. when is the president of the united states going to tell the russians to cut it out. >> so the pushback on what phil mudd is saying is that supporters of the president will say, look, he says i supports the intelligence community. they said that they did it. that's fine. they did it. and why do you guys want everybody to be fighting with russia all the time? you guys wanted yours reset.
4:34 am
we're just trying to have a good relationship with russia. that's what you said we were supposed to do. what do you make of the defense? >> i want to clear something up. u.s. intelligence is not political. intelligence officers, like phil mudd, sign up to serve their country regardless of who the president is, and regardless of which party he's from. by politicizing the intelligence community, president trump is playing vladimir putin's game for him because we are more divided as a country. >> so you believe this is the president taking the bait. supporters say that's not what this was. putin is going to say what he says. what do you want him to do, get in an argument with him right there. maybe he means it. and so the president is having it both ways. you don't see this as a good end. >> i think it's clear that president trump is more influenced by foreign intelligence officer than he is by his own intelligence community. and the problem is this casts a
4:35 am
lot of doubt on what reports president trump will pay attention to going forward. a lot of intelligence crosses the president's desk. he can't pick and choose what analysis he supports. >> except phil mudd. he will say of course i can. i'm going to do exactly that. sometimes he says things and i agree with it and i don't like this russia investigation. it's bad for me. you are trying to use it to frame me for having been part of something i had nothing to do with. any time someone can-can tamp it down, i'm okay with it. >> in this case he can have his cake and eat it too. as democrats and republicans have said, as the clinton people and as the second george bush said, we need a reset. we have a responsibility to work with the russians. the president is right in places like iran and places like syria. he can walk in and say i disagreed with president putin, be as tough as he is face-to-face, the intelligence
4:36 am
community and silicon valley said we had intervention and i am working on a plan for the next election. i don't know why we can't say we need a way forward in syria. >> do you think the president is getting played or he likes what he's saying -- >> yes. >> you think he is getting played? or he allows it. >> well, both. we have seen this happen just this week in the philippines. we have a country that is the philippines that is engaged in thousands of extra judicial killings. what does the president say? they rolled out a red carpet for me. they treated me well. putin has treated him well. this is trump branding saying i'm a great president. other powers respect me. instead of looking and saying whether my brand looks good or not, i have a responsibility to represent america. that's what he is not doing. >> let's put up a tweet about kim jong-un. this is getting a lot of hand wringing from people in
4:37 am
washington, d.c. the president tweeting after the kim jong-un leader of north korea made a joke about his age and insulted him he said i would never call him short and fat. i talk to my kids about this all the time. when you say the thing you're not going to say, now i have to punish you. why is this such a big deal? why is this not just trump being trump and his twitter persona, which is something his base voted for. >> this is trump reverting to bad behavior. going into this trip, we know he wanted russia and china to do more on north korea. he laid out specific steps in seoul. the policy took a major blow when president trump went to china. he said he was going to make them pay for raping our country. he didn't follow through on any of those threats. if you're kim jong-un, you have
4:38 am
no reason to believe he is serious about this threat, meaning he has no incentive to change his behavior. >> thank you very much. appreciate you both. poppy? all right. the first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas now a living memorial to the victims of the mass shooting. we're going to take you inside of that church ahead. fargo? $107.00 at...doggie lovers warehouse? no. i would never. "doggie lovers"? please! you know me. i don't even know where that is! look, i'm replying deny. see? oh, come on! [phone rings] hello? wells fargo. i did not make that purchase. i didn't do it! i'm so glad you caught that. uh huh.
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you get up to 5 lines of talk and text at no extra cost. so all you pay for is data. see how much you can save. choose by the gig or unlimited. xfinity mobile. a new kind of network designed to save you money. call, visit, or go to the first baptist church in sutherland springs, texas is holding its first service since the mass shooting there. 25 people and unborn child were killed. the church itself has now turned into a memorial. kaley is there with more. what can you tell us? >> reporter: poppy, 26 chairs
4:43 am
now sit inside first baptist church. each placed where one of the victim's bodies was found. as you walk among the chairs you see the names of each victim hand painted in gold lettering. this is where joanne ward threw her body on top of her children in an effort to protect them. you see where carlo holcomb had a vantage point overlooking the sanctuary. her chair the one chair on the altar. a red rose in each chair. a pink rose in honor of the unborn baby holcomb. the voices of the victims from their participation in past services. when this congregation and hundreds others gathered together to worship yesterday morning on a baseball field a half mile from here, pastor pomeroy asked for strength in the fight against evil. and he said eand he wanted the
4:44 am
doors of this church open so people know these people lived their life for the lord. that congregation will gather to worship. >> kaley, good to have you on the ground there. one of the aspects of this that was unique other than the venue that we have never seen a church be used as a target of death this way here in the united states, the impact on that is such a small group that this many people being killed and shot and affected affects the whole community in a way we have never seen before. we will keep an eye on sutherland springs and see how they cope and move forward. it's been seven weeks since hurricane maria. puerto rico is not back, okay? much of that population is still in survival mode without power. all of this stuff online that everything is back to normal now. that's a lie. clean drinking water is hard to come by. power has not been restored in a
4:45 am
lot of that country. that top commander of the united states said that this u.s. territory, remember, there were americans there. it's time to start pulling out. the relief effort is transitioning from crisis mode to recovery. that's going to be less resources. let's bring in leyla santiago with a cnn exclusive. in the context, this is part of america. these are american citizens. it is still crisis mode there. the criticism will be why would you remove any assets at a time that so much is still needed? >> reporter: i couldn't agree more with you, chris. 3.4 american citizens will watch as the three star germ leaves the island. he is aware of what you are saying. he knows much of this island still doesn't have power, still doesn't have clean water. and yet as we were with him in his last 24 hours on this
4:46 am
island, he is standing by his decision to leave. this is the island he saw when he arrived. he arrived a week after hurricane maria to lead the military's relief efforts in puerto rico. >> i think we're in the right place to transition. >> reporter: he visits a town with still no power here. one of the largest employers says it's struggling. conditions are forcing employees to leave. >> last month, october, we had 15 resignations. >> reporter: buchanan still cannot deliver the news we would like to deliver to troubled towns. >> when i know is this area will be down for a little while for electricity. >> reporter: as he visits the town's distribution center,
4:47 am
practicing his spanish along the w way, many watching from a distance are grateful but concerned. >> he wishes that he would stay a little bit longer so that he can see all the municipalities, and as he describes it, what they are suffering still to this day. >> they need help, he tells me. it's not just buchanan leaving. this equipment also leaving. what was once 72 helicopters for relief, now 38. by the end of the week, 14. all part of the military moving into recovery mode. what do you tell the peel, including family members of your own troops who don't have power, who don't have water? what do you tell them as you say good-bye? >> i think that -- you know, we've got to -- we've got to work through the system. in the meantime, you know, one
4:48 am
concern that i have is resiliency for the next emergency. >> he acknowledges the work here isn't over. proof can be found in the very notes taken on his last day. >> so we need three water pumps, three generators. >> reporter: many people with your departure fear they will be left alone. >> absolutely not. so we're -- the military is not leaving puerto rico. we still have about 2,500 army reservists on active duty here. we've got about 5,000 national guard troops from both puerto rico and other places. and fema, who has been in charge of the effort from the federal perspective, is here for the long haul. >> reporter: now, pwabuchanan believes puerto rico must shift into a new phase without him on the island. i asked him one other key question.
4:49 am
i said will you be leaving here with any regrets? he said of course they made miss takings, they learned from them along the way. but he doesn't regret trying them. if he has a regret it's that he could not save more lives. poppy? lleyla, thank you for your reporting. she has been there since before the storm hit. nsa's secrets following a hack more serious than the edward snowden leak. this is big. one of the "new york times" reporters who broke the story explains the fallout next. [ clacking continues ] good questions lead to good answers. our advisors can help you find both. talk to one today and see why we're bullish on the future. yours. (honking) (beeping) we're on to you, diabetes.
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whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums a civil war is brewing between the nfl and its owners. okay. so, those who own these teams now are creating a controversy. there's a potential contract extension for commissioner roger
4:54 am
goodell. that's in the mix here. andy scholes has more in this morning's bleacher report you brought us a potential suit by cowboy's owner jerry jones. what is the late snst. >> roger goodell's contract is up after next season. he is asking for a private jet for life in the new contract and $50 million. that is a raise from the roughly $30 million he makes right now. that espn report is not true. the only truth to the story is that the league's owners will be holding a conference call today to discuss goodell's extension. now cowboys' owner jerry jones has been opposed to goodell earning an extension. pro football talk is saying some league owners discussed the possibility of removing jones as the owner of the cowboys. you might be saying, how is that possible with the nfl and bylaw
4:55 am
saying could be removed for conduct to the league. it would take years of litigation. rough weekend for jerry jones all around as the cowboys got beat down by the falcons 57-7. >> keep us posted. big contract numbers. the nsa trying to get to the bougttom of a mystery hack. on the front page of "the new york times" this morning. the hackers were able to deeply infiltrate the most secret intelligence agency leaking many of the nsa's most important tools. david singer is with us, he co-authored the story and joins us now and also cnn political and analyst. thank you for being here to boil this down because it is a long article. very in depth. a lot of investigation went into it. this is, according to you and your colleagues, bigger than snowden. >> that's right, poppy. as my colleagues scott chain and
4:56 am
i started digging into this story, we were trying to answer essentially one big question. how could a group since august of 2016 right in the middle of the presidential election been able every month to come out and offer for sale samples of what clearly was used inside the national security agency to break into foreign computer systems. the reason it's bigger than snowden is that snowden revealed the code names and some of the descriptions of programs the nsa did around the world. scrapped many of them and forced them to go do many other things. what the shadow brokers, as they called themselves, are putting out on the market is the actual source code itself. so, if you are an adversary state, you look at this and go into your computers and say is the nsa inside my system? >> david near the end of the article is one of the most important nuggets as to the who. who is believed to be and what
4:57 am
nation stayed behind this operation and you indicate that a number of u.s. officials have a very strong belief that this is tied to russia. >> that's right. now, that does not necessarily mean that russia was the first one to hack into these systems. you can imagine that the nsa and particularly the unit that got hacked here, which used to be called the tailored access operations unit. they're basically the special forces of the nsa, they preserve their stuff pretty closely. so, a lot of people believe there had to be an insider or several insiders and maybe still is an insider in the system that was bringing the data out. but they also believe that the russians ultimately got that, whether they got it because the people, the insiders were working for them or simply put the stuff in a place the russians could access. >> that's what makes the president's comments over the weekend about believing putin over u.s. intelligence agency all the vexing. trying to clean it up the next
4:58 am
day and still putting the two on par, former cia director leon panetta called this incredibly damaging to our intelligence and cybercapabilities. what does this do to the nsa ability but the u.s. ability of u.s. intelligence to work with our allies on the most, you know, most imminent dangers our country is facing on this front? >> well, the first thing is it makes allies less confident about sharing their own most sensitive data with us. because we're clearly having trouble protecting our own codes. second, it raises the question, has the united states drive to develop cyberweapons on which the u.s. spent billions and billions of dollars, especially during the bush and obama administrations come thinking as hard as you protect that stuff. because, remember, what happened to these weapons. in two cases the attack that
4:59 am
happened in ukraine and you'll remember the big attack on the british health system. these were the russians and the north koreans taking american code and turning it into weapons that they then use to do attacks on other countries. those countries are going to begin to think why is it that the united states is developing weapons for the use of its own defense and its allies and they're being used against us. the analogy, poppy, it's like we lost control of our tomahawk missiles. and then discovered that parts of them were being shot back at the u.s. and its allies. >> important analogy but a scary one. david sangar, honk for tthank y reporti reporting. we appreciate it. we're following a lot of news, let's get right to it. >> investigationis going on. roy moore threatening to sue "the washington post" over accusations of sexual misconduct. >> having said that, he has not
5:00 am
been proven guilty. >> just really a matter as to whether he ought to be the standa standard of the republican party. i just think he shouldn't be. >> red carpet like probably nobody ever received. human rights briefly came up and a spokesman for dutrute saying otherwise. >> saying it would be nice if they were friend. >> strange things happen in life, but it's certainly a possibility. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning. welcome to your new day, it's monday, november 13th. alisyn is off, poppy harlow by my side. thank you for helping us start out the week. defiant roy moore. he is threatening to sue "the washington post." that is, of course, the paper that reported that the he had inappropriate contact with


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