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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 13, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PST

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the press that he had taken some rather pricey travel on private planes, rather than flying coach, flying first class, driving, going there the way that other people might. this is the statement from the president happy to announce i'm nominating alex aczar to be the next hhs secretary. aczar worked as deputy secretary of hhs in the administration of george w. bush and also has worked for eli lily, the giant pharmaceutical maker here in the united states. he will have more on that coming up. in the meantime it is a time for choosing in alabama. will the white house choose to push roy moore from the senate race there after a woman said that moore sexually molested her when she was 14? alabama republicans choose to stand by their candidate. we could know soon. for roy moore himself his choice for now is to stay in and to attack, to attack the on the roar claims that he touched a 14-year-old and pursued other teenagers and attack the newspaper that told their
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stories. >> an attack on my character reputation and a desperate attempt to stop my political campaign. these attacks involve a minor child, completely false and untrue. and for which they will be sued. >> moore's defiance right now in contrast to some national republicans saying that they do believe it is time for roy moore to drop out. cnn's kyung lah in the hometown of alabama. what's the situation? >> let's contrast what we're hearing on the ground from what we're hearing from national republicans. some republicans over the weekend went a step further beyond the "if true" phrase saying if true he should step aside to a couple saying look these are serious allegations and he should step aside. the white house saying these accusations, that they need to be looked at but saying that
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they don't want him convicted in the press. now locally, we are hearing a bit of a mixed bag. it is not a uniform voice. here's what voters here are telling us. >> roy moore is my friend. i'm a democrat. i'm not going to vote for him because i'm a democrat, but i've known him a long, long time. the thing that bothers me about those charges is that he's been in public life, run for many offices and as many times as this happened no one has ever said anything until now. >> well, i never was a roy moore supporter to begin with, but i see no reason why several women would come out and start talking about this stuff, you know, if it wasn't true. >> i'm waiting for more information to come out. but again, right now, i feel that there's -- where there's smoke there's fire. >> i really hate that all of this negative attention is on my
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home state and especially on my city gadsston, alabama. >> now the big question is going to be, what are all these voters going to do on december 12th. what is going to be the impact on that election. i have spoken to a republican woman who says that she did vote for moore in the primary, but since "the washington post" report, she's decided not to vote for moore in the election. but, i also spoke to another republican woman who said this is simply energized her even more to support moore. john, still right now, we simply can't predict it but it certainly is not a uniform voice coming out of this state. >> a range of responses. look, people still digesting the news which is relatively recent. key yang law in alabama. joining us bill brit editor in chief of the alabama political reporter always a pleasure to speak to you to get a sense of the situation on the ground in alabama. do you think that roy moore is
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feeling any pressure this morning to get out? >> john, thanks for having me on. i am actually in the county this morning at our family home, it's a farm up here in the county not far from roy moore. the sense we've gotten over the weekend is that, much like the report that we just heard, there are folks that are just die-hard, they're going to stay republicans and back roy moore, there are others who are saying i'm staying home. we're not seeing anyone, at least here in the county, saying that they're going to switch to doug jones from a republican. but we're hearing they just will not vote. >> what about the pressure that is now being -- or the signals now being sent by some national republicans, senator tim scott, senator pat toomey, bill cassidy, those who have supported roy moore or stayed out of the race who now think he should drop out? any impact? >> well, it does. it does to a degree, but in
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alabama, i say we're kind of the make me state, just like a missouri is the show me, we're the make me state. we want people -- we have to be made to do certain things. it's very contrary to the nature of alabamians for someone from d.c. or anywhere to come down here and tell us what we can do. now that may be good and that may be bad, but it is the nature of what we see here, even on the ground. people don't want to be told how to vote. so that's kind of where we are. it's a stubborn crew down here. >> there is one person who has not weighed in definitively yet on what roy moore should do and that's president trump. he, obviously, is very popular in alabama. do you think if he came out wednesday, for instance, when he gets back from the asia trip and says i think roy moore should drop out, do you think that would have an impact? >> well, it didn't have much of an impact when he said he supported luther strange. of course it's going to have an impact on certain republicans and certain folks. donald trump is hugely popular here. but so is roy moore.
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and what we've seen is a hardening, on both sides, folks that have always been against roy moore or have more reason to be against him and those who are for him calling this a washington conspiracy. we are on the ground with our reporters trying to illuminate the story even better. >> bill brit for us, keep us posted to what you hear, thanks so much. joining me now -- joining me now cnn political commentators angela and ben and selena. you have an interesting story, you were already seeing the impact of the roy moore case in alabama in other raise around the country. republicans are feeling pressure here. >> yeah, absolutely. there's a special house election to replace former congressman tim murphy who left under his own cloud of scandal for encouraging the woman he was having an affair with to have an abortion. so he left, but he left
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immediately, as soon as the scandal came out, he went to paul ryan, paul ryan said time to go, and he's gone. but so now there's a special election. the republicans and the democrats have to pick their nominees through a process within the party. the republicans picked first. they picked rick sacone and within two minutes of him being picked on saturday, an e-mail went out from one of the other seven democratic rival, they pick next week, saying he was just like roy moore. he was pennsylvania's version of roy moore. and so boom, right there, the republicans, you know, sort of see in the first election after this scandal came out, that democrats have no problem using this as a tool to sort of bludgeon any republican candidates that come out afterward. >>en and many republicans, including your own senator pat toomey has come out and said roy moore should step down, he believes the woman more than he believes roy moore.
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angela, one area which -- one place they haven't come out with a definitive response is the white house. the white house put out a statement early on saying if the allegations are true, moore should step down, but this weekend, kellyane conway and mark shore went on tv and said we need to hear more from roy moore. that's as far as we're going to go. is that far enough? >> of course it's not. what's mostly interesting on folks on the other side of the aisle is the way in which we will politicize these issues when it comes to democrats, right. there's a no tolerance policy when it comes to democrats, look no further than harry weinstein, but -- harvey weinstein, but there should be a line we draw in the sand on a sexual assault, molestation, on sexual predators. that should not be a partisan issue. this is something we should come together and say there is no place for a sexual predator in the united states senate and that message should come from the commander in chief. i think the challenge he has is he's been accused of the similar behaviors, not with underage girls but other women.
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does it open up that can of worms for him and is that why they're keeping their hands hands off. >> ben ferguson, how do you see it? does the white house need to say more than it already has? >> not at this point, no. i think what you see here is there's a lot of people in alabama, those that don't like roy moore have come out and said, i talked to one of them last night, a democrat, on my radio show in birmingham that said i don't like roy moore, i can't stand his politics, but this is a guy that's been investigated by the attorney general of the state. this is a guy that's been investigated by three different branches of the state government and never did any of this information ever come out. he's been unseated from the state supreme court and they did an investigation and didn't find it. people in birmingham and alabama, i think they say, let's continue to look into this, but let's also not just immediately, because someone makes an accusation, assume that automatically he is guilty. i think the white house saying if it's true, or if this comes to light that it is true or factual or accurate, you know, then yes, we'll have him step
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down. i think that's a more appropriate response at this point. i think look, roy moore is in a situation where you got to ask yourself this, do you care more about what you claim you believe in or do you care more about you as a person? if i'm advising him i would tell him to step aside because the issues you claim you care about are bigger than the person. i don't think he's going to do that. i think he's going to go down swinging. >> interesting. you say two things, you think roy moore should get out but at the same time you think it's too early to ps pass judgment. angela, with one of the issues,s they goes beyond politics, to allegations of sexual abuse, is sometimes we don't get more than this. this is actually a lot. you have four on the record accusations from one woman who says she was 14 who said roy moore did this. roy moore says no. this may be all we ever here. >> unless there are more accusers and i don't understand what that number is, right. is three enough? is four enough? 60? at what point do you begin to
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believe these stories sound similar. if there are people from alabama who say that this is well-known information about roy moore, right, which is -- which has been said, i don't know what else you really need. again, i go back to the point that republicans, when it's on the democratic side, this is all they normally have, john. >> look, selena, my hope on this thing it wouldn't be a partisan issue, this is an issue of someone, a woman who says she was molested when she was 14 on the record, she makes this claim, you know, i think that a woman's words have to be taken into account if we want to move forward in this society. but, is this one of those cases where so many times over the last 18 months we've seen that a lot of people are saying that oh, my god, this is the biggest thing ever, but there are other folks who think it's all overblown, a media creation? >> well, i mean what this -- this woman said about what happened to her when she was 14, and even the subsequent women who said it happened within the
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range that is legal, but still is kind of culturally creepy, you know, i think we need to take those things as valid concerns about the character of the person that's running for office and i think the best thing that could happen in terms for republicans is even if they lose this seat, or even if they refuse to seat him, they took the higher moral ground and they -- and if you're just talking pure politics, they lose less seats down the road than just losing one seat in the u.s. senate. >> ben ferguson, i want to ask you -- >> go ahead, ben. >> no. i think there's one thing here very clear and that is, the fact that people in alabama, they feel like they know roy moore better than people outside of the state. i mean this is a guy that has lost his job multiple times because he went against what the law said. >> right. >> i never thought that he should have been running in the first place, but the people of alabama feel like they know him and they also feel like he's been investigated by his
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enemies. he's been investigated by his enemies and this never came up. >> i know what you're saying, 100%. when you're dealing with sexual abuse, though, and allegations of sexual harassment or molestation, we have histories here which tell us that often women don't come forward. it's not the kind of thing necessarily that comes up in investigations. necessarily. maybe it would, maybe it won't, but this is a different case. this isn't, you know, tax returns from 25 years ago. we have seen patterns like this, bill cosby, people come out decades later. >> yep. >> it just happens. that's the way sometimes you see it in these cases. go ahead. >> and i was just going to say, i think one of the things that we kind of have to acknowledge is there are some things that are about antiquated values, right. we know more than 30% of alabamians are evangelicals and coming out of that tradition, i understand that some of the kind "little house on the prairie" values don't materialize or cross over as well in 2017. there are some things about the way that people are conditioned
7:14 am
to think that have to change. to that point, that is why women are get the courage that they now have to come forward. that is why you're seeing that from california to alabama. >> all right. angela, selena, ben, thank you for being part of this discussion. it's an important one. mixed messages, president trump under pressure to talk about human rights with the president of the philippines, but did he? plus, a shocking report says that two navy s.e.a.l.s. are accused of killing a green beret after he discovered they were stealing. we're on that. and more than half of puerto rico still without power, but the top commander leading u.s. response there is planning to leave this week. cnn gets exclusive access as he takes one of his last tours of the island. >> many people with your departure fear they will be left alone. >> absolutely not. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria.
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this morning, it is a he said/he said between president trump and the philippine president rodrigo duterte. did the two leaders talk about human rights or not? the white house says they did. in fact, they just put out a statement on paper that says the two sides underscored that human rights and the dignity of human life are essential. that is in a press release. but duterte's camp says the topic of human rights did not come up. so which is it? cnn white house correspondent sara murray, live for us in manila. interesting, sara. >> it is interesting, john. i mean, president trump has hardly been a champion of human rights on the world stage. he hardly goes into these meetings to hold other presidents' feet to the fire on this issue but this is particularly bizarre because of the conflicting statements. i'm going to read you two of
7:20 am
them. a spokesperson for duterte said the issue of human rights did not arise. it was not brought up. meanwhile, a white house spokesperson earlier had said human rights briefly came up in the context of the philippines' fight against illegal drugs. duterte has been waging a very bloody war against drugs here in the philippines, one that has raised concern about among human rights watchers, saying thousands are being killed without going through the judicial process. these two did not take questions when reporters tried to ask them questions about human rights and the drug war. duterte referred to reporters as spies. that a drew a laugh from president trump. there were, of course, some lighter notes in this summit, though, one of them was this so-called family photo, this is when all of the leaders get together, pose for a picture. john, you're used to seeing this, of course, at the asean summit. president trump appeared to struggle a little bit with this cross-body handshake. i think we have some video of him trying to get around to it. he makes it there, eventually.
7:21 am
this is a president who has somehow managed to make news repeatedly about the way he shakes hands on the world stage into that's a very awkward position to be in. i give him credit for pulling it off at all. sara murray in manila, thank you very much. in some ways these meetings with asian leaders have been overshadowed by statements the president has made about vladimir putin and russian meddling in the u.s. election. joining me to discuss that national security analyst nada. the president sort of half walked back his statement that he thinks that president putin believes it when he says the russians did not meddle and compared to that to what the president calls the political hacks who were running u.s. intelligence director comey, james clapper, director of national intelligence and john brennan, former director of the cia. both brennan and clapper had a chance to respond to the president right here on cnn. let's listen. >> putin is committed to undermining our system, our
7:22 am
democracy, and our whole process. and to try to paint it in any other way is, i think, astounding and, in fact, poses a peril to this country. the likelihood that the russians are going to pursue like interests with us is slim to none. i think it's very naive and, again, perilous to this country to make an assumption that russia is going to behave with the best interest of the world or certainly the united states in mind. they're not. >> i think he's giving putin a pass, and i think it demonstrates to mr. putin that donald trump can be played by foreign leaders who are going to appeal to his ego and to try to play upon his insecurities, which is very, very worrisome from a national security standpoint. >> i think there are a couple specific charges there and i %-p president's words about vladimir
7:23 am
putin pose a peril to the country. do you agree and if so, how? >> i think it does, mainly because what he and brennan had reiterated is that russia does not have our national security interests at heart. this is -- national security is about your own country and that's a very basic concept. for trump to then say putin is then telling him the truth, we know that putin is a former kgb officer, this is not in putin's best interest to then tell trump the truth. we know that they've been caught meddling, but he's not -- when confronted he's not going to say yes, this actually happened and we were involved. >> in the other interesting thing we heard from brennan was the notion that what this shows is that president trump can be played by other leaders. that's a charge which i have to believe gets under president trump's skin, by the way. do you think it's valid? >> well, given this example, i think it is somewhat valid.
7:24 am
if putin can actually persuade trump that what he's saying is true, other leaders could do the same thing and it's a very basic skill that kgb officers or spies as putin is, in coercing others. it's somewhat accurate. >> i've heard from russian analysts, and i have no way of knowing this is true myself, but what i have heard in the past is that one thing that vladimir putin does respond to is force, is strength. it's not sort of sucking up, if that's what the president is trying to do. >> right. exactly. i think in this instance if trump would have actually come to putin and said, we have this evidence, this discussion is not about whether or not you did this, this discussion is about going forward, we don't want your interference in our elections and we will take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening, if he's using this supposedly as leverage with north korea, we have a mer riyadh of issues with russia and
7:25 am
north korea. intelligence communities think they possibly sold a high potency fuel for their long-range missiles to north korea. so no, i totall agree, he needs to use force and, you know, solid conversations as sanctions rather than trying to befriend him. >> one of the other things the president said, we didn't play that sound, he said he thinks of vladimir putin meant it when he said the russians did not meddle but as of now the president believes u.s. intelligence agencies as currently constituted, hinting again he thinks they used to be run by political hacks. do the people inside the agencies think that their reliability or their confidence ebbs and flows with changes in administration? >> well, that's what he's telling them, is that it does. it depends who's sitting at the top. the people underneath haven't changed. these are dedicated civil servants still working in those positions and have through -- some through the clinton administration all the way
7:26 am
through george w. bush. they're not politically affiliated. i think at this point, they would question, is this going to change then given the next scenario when he disagrees with the intelligence community? >> nada, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. the general task with leading the military response to the crisis in puerto rico has been reassigned and only cnn is by his side as he takes his final tour of the destruction on the island. a live report ahead.
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the three-star general appointed to lead military efforts in puerto rico says the worst of the crisis is over and he plans to leave this week.
7:31 am
but he stresses this does not mean the military is leaving. more than half of the island still does not have power. cnn's leila santiago granted access with the general as he took his final tour of the island. zm leila, what did you see and what did he say? >> john, we were with him as he was flying over the island in his last 24 hours here. he pointed out that the island has changed, that mother nature is recovering, but at the same time he was also pointing out the lines that are down, power lines, still down, and blue tarps over damaged homes. still a lot of people struggling here without power, without water, and yet, he agrees now is the time to leave. this isn't the island he saw when he arrived. general jeffrey buchanan arrived a week after hurricane maria to lead the military's relief efforts in puerto rico. >> are you ready to leave?
7:32 am
>> no. i think that we're at the right place to transition. >> reporter: on his last day here, he visits the town. still no power here and one of the largest employers says it's struggling, conditions are forcing employees to leave. >> last month, you know, october, we had 15 resignations. >> reporter: buchanan still cannot deliver the news he would like to bring to troubled towns. >> what i know is, this area is going to be down for a little while, for electricity. >> reporter: as he visits the town's distribution center practicing his spanish along the way. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: many watching from a distance are grateful but concerned. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he wishes that he would stay a little bit longer so that he could see all the municipalities and as he describes it, what they're
7:33 am
suffering still to this day. they need more help, he tells me. it's not just buchanan leaving. this equipment, also leaving. what was once 72 helicopters for relief, now 38. by the end of the week, 14. all part of the military moving into recovery mode. what do you tell the people, including even family members of your own troops, who don't have power? who don't have water? what do you tell them as you say good-bye? >> you know, i think that, you know, we've got to work through the system. in the meantime, you know, one concern that i have is, is resiliency for the next emergency. >> reporter: he acknowledges the work here isn't over. proof can be found in the very notes taken on his last day. >> so we need three water pumps, we need three generators. >> reporter: many people with your departure fear that they will be left alone.
7:34 am
>> absolutely not. so we're -- you know, the military is not leaving puerto rico. we still have about 2,500 army reservists on activity duty here. we have about 5,000 national guard troops from both puerto rico and other places and fema, who's been in charge of the effort from the federal perspective is here for the long haul. >> reporter: now, buchanan believes puerto rico must shift into a new phase, without him on the island. and john, i asked buchanan a very direct question, will you be leaving this island with any regrets? he acknowledged mistakes were made, they've learned from them, adjusted, but when it comes to regrets, the first thing he mentioned was -- really the only thing he mentioned was, that he regrets not being able to save more lives. >> and, of course, as he leaves, a reminder that millions of
7:35 am
puerto ricans who live there cannot leave and are living in some cases without power as time goes on. leila santiago, thanks so much for being with us. happening now a search for survivors after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked the border between iraq and iran. more than 400 people were killed and thousands more were injured in what has become the deadliest earthquake of 2017. it struck last night about 200 miles north of baghdad. what was felt as far away as pakistan and turkey. jomana karadsheh following the developments for us. as the search goes on, what's the latest? >> well, you know, john when this earthquake struck on sunday evening it was very difficult to get casualty figures to assess the extent of the damage and destruction because it was nighttime. throughout this day, during daylight hours, we've seen the search and rescue operations taking place in iran and in iraq, and now what we understand is that the hardest hit area is
7:36 am
the western province of ker man shah in iran. according to authorities through state media the latest figures we have seen the death toll has been climbing throughout date, at least 395 people have been confirmed killed and more than 6,000 others were injured. these are rural areas. these are villages and towns that are not really designed and built to withstand such a powerful earthquake. across the border in iraq, it was the kurdistan region and also northeastern iraq that was impacted the most by this earthquake. according to authorities there, they say at least seven people were killed and more than 500 others were injured. and that includes many cases of severe shock according to health authorities in iraq. what officials there are now saying, they're very concerned about in iraq, is the state of the darbandikhan dam, a dam to the kurdish city. they say there's been some
7:37 am
cracks in the dam. no leakage yet. but they are concerned. they're continuing to monitor and assess that dam and they're asking people within that area around the dam to prepare to evacuate if necessary. john? >> all right. jomana karadsheh, we're watching this very, very closely, thank you so much for your reporting. so what did attorney general jeff sessions know? 24 hours from now we might have a different answer. he's facing lawmakers as part of the russia investigation and this could get very interesting. t-mobile family plans now come with netflix included. that's huge. that's right. t-mobile's got your netflix subscription covered... ...when you get a family plan with two or more lines. really? that's incredible. so go ahead and watch however you want. you're messing with me, right? all at no extra charge. this is awesome! another reason why t-mobile is america's best unlimited network. mic drop.
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7:42 am
new questions about contacts between the trump campaign and russia during the 2016 election and what jeff sessions knew about it. a member of the house judiciary committee joins me now. brad snyder of illinois. thanks so much for joining us, congressman. you among others wrote a letter to the attorney general saying interesting warning him you're going to ask about inconsistencies with answers that he has given mostly to the senate over the last several months in regards to some of the russia issues. what do you mean by inconsistencies. >> john, thank you. it's good to be here. this is an important hearing tomorrow. it's long overdue but i'm glad the attorney general is finally coming to the judiciary committee. i think this is an important opportunity for the attorney general to set the record straight. there have been a pattern of changing stories, changing narratives of what happened, how many contacts have been between the trump campaign administration and the russians. i think news reports are showing up to 30 documented contacts. we need to understand what's there. this is a chance for the
7:43 am
attorney general to set the record straight and restore his credibility. >> he has said that he didn't know of any other contacts besides his meeting with the russian ambassador between the trump campaign and the russians. he was in a meeting with george papadopolous who said he suggested at the time that the president meet or then the candidate meet with vladimir putin and also said he had been talking to russians. do you think that the attorney general has been telling the truth? >> well, i think that's what tomorrow's hearing will help shine a light upon. the attorney general has changed his story multiple times already. what he needs to do is set the record straight and lay out everything that he did know when he knew it and what contact this administration and the campaign before it had with the russians. i think that's very important. >> congress has its hands full right now, tax cuts, the tax reform, the republicans are putting forward could come to a vote in the house this week. the president in the philippines just put out a estimate on that and i want to -- a statement on that and i want to read it i'm
7:44 am
proud of the house for cutting taxes on reform. we're getting close. how about ending the unfair and unpopular individual mandate in obamacare and reduces taxes further, cutting the top rate to 35% with all of the rest going to middle income. that's two big changes to the republican plan if they go ahead with it getting rid of the obamacare individual mandate and cutting the top rate from 39% to 35%. what impact do you think this new statement from the president might have? >> i'm just hearing about the statement now, but i think you see in there a consistent pattern of the president to undermine and take away health care from millions of americans. he's doing that again. within his proposals on the tax code he's trying to give tax breaks to those who have the most and put the burden on americans working the hardest and struggling the most. that's the wrong track to go. i think everyone agrees we need tax reform but it has to be tax reform that supports the middle class, gives the middle class a break, grows our economy and doesn't put the children's
7:45 am
future at risk increasing the debt. >> you weren't going to vote for the tax plan anyway so the statements aren't going to make you less likely to vote for it. i want to get your reaction to some political commentary from "saturday night live" that took place this weekend. it's speaking to the current state of the democratic party and those who are leading the party. watch this, senator, if you can. >> you love our fresh new ideas delivered by fresh new faces like me, nancy pelosi. >> and me, dianne feinstein. >> and me, chuck schumer. >> tim kaine. >> and we learned our lesson from the last election we can't just apole to coastal elites we need mouth breeders from wisconsin. >> and window lickers from ohio as well. >> that's the first part of that statement, congressman, i promoted you to the state, you're a working member of congress in the house of
7:46 am
representatives, the first part of that from "saturday night live" is interesting and does point out right now that this is -- there might be a generational issue right now for the democratic party. do you think there is? >> you know, john, as i travel around my district i'm talking to people who are sharing with me concern about their future, their children's future, they're looking for government to work to help create job opportunities that are going to raise american standard of living. educational opportunities that are going to make sure our kids learn the lessons and skills they need to compete in a global 21st century economy. a message that democratic party is delivering that we are the party of the american dream. >> congressman they're looking for messengers and the question is, you know, are nancy pelosi and chuck schumer the right messengers right now? >> well, i believe we have a lot of messengers and nancy pelosi is the leader. i think she has done a good job over the last year if you look where we are, a year ago, after the election, in 2016, i think
7:47 am
the expectation was that the affordable care act, not perfect but a step forward providing insurance to millions of americans was going to be on the chopping block in january. here we are in november and millions of americans still have insurance, we need to address the issues, address the problems, stabilize the markets, as a group i'm a part of called the problem solvers caucus has put forward ideas to do that, but i think the broad democratic message is that we're fighting for all americans for working americans to have the opportunity that our parents and grandparents sacrificed to give us making sure our kids have a better opportunity in the future. >> you must know somebody because you're on two committees judiciary and foreign affairs. how would you grade the president's asia trip as he is on the home stretch right now? >> it's too early to give the president a grade. i will tell you i've watched closely as he traveled to the five nations. i breathed a sigh of relief that we didn't create any new crises. but, you know, the world is a marketplace not just for
7:48 am
commerce but ideas and leadership. i think what we're seeing with president trump and this administration is seating in the marketplace of ideas and leadership to countries like china and russia. we need the united states to lead. i believe the world is a safer place when the united states is at the front. i think everyone benefits including the american people. >> congressman brad snyder, we look forward to watching you tomorrow in the house judiciary committee hearing which will take place at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. see it here on cnn. murder in the military, an army green beret dead, two navy s.e.a.l.s. stand accused. could money have been the motive. new details next. it's the phillips' lady!
7:49 am
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shocking new details this morning in the murder of an army green beret. the daily beast reports two navy s.e.a.l.s. accused of killing staff sergeant logan mel ger in june after he allegedly found out they were stealing. according to two special operations sources cited in the report they offered to cut melgar in but he refused. barbara starr is at the pentagon and we know the circumstances surrounding this death were murky to begin with but this a chilling development. >> it is something you really just do not see very often, thankfully, in the u.s. military. the navy criminal investigative command taking this over. it is an ncis criminal investigation after the death of sergeant logan melgar in june. it was ruled by a military coroner to be a homicide, so death at the hands of another. now, what is on the table here. what is being investigated is the role of two navy s.e.a.l.s.
7:54 am
part of s.e.a.l. team six, we know that. we have not confirmed the other details that the daily beast is reporting that there was a significant dispute between the men that the sergeant discovered that the navy s.e.a.l.s. were essentially taking money from a fund being used to pay off informants, which is something that special operations do. they apparently, according to the daily beast tried to cut him in on the operation and he refused. beyond that, we really don't know what has happened here. it's all a matter of a criminal investigation. what does appear to be the case is it became a criminal investigation after it with you clear that it was a homicide, that this man did not die of some other cause, some sort of accident, that this was death at the hands of another. so now this full-blown investigation into how a green beret died in june in mali in
7:55 am
africa, assigned to the u.s. military operations there, and what role two navy s.e.a.l.s. played in all of it. john? >> once again, facing new questions about the role of u.s. troops in that part of the world. barbara starr at the pentagon for us, thanks so much, barbara. >> sure. >> roy moore, republican senate candidate in alabama says he is staying in the race. some washington republicans say it is time for him to go. the white house has not gone that far at least not yet. there are new developments in this case. we'll tell you all about them coming up. what started as a passion... ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything. what's in your wallet?
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. 12 days, five countries two political habs one liar, a short and fat dictator and for the finale a tweet storm. a busy tour of asia for president trump. he's in manila one more day and a new controversy or controversies he is facing. was the issue of human rights discussed with the philippines president duterte. seems straightforward but it depends on who you ask. then there's this. >> what i said there is that i believe he believes that and that's very important for somebody to believe. i believe that he feels that he and russia did not meddle in the election. >> does president trump believe the intel community or vladimir putin when it comes to russia's meddling in the 2016 election. again seems straightforward but no


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