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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  November 14, 2017 2:00am-2:59am PST

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asking federal prosecutor to look into a special counsel on the clinton foundation. is this to apiece the president's frustration with a lack of action against the clintons? >> the president's son admits he communicated privately with wikileaks. came just days before the emt stolen from the clinton campaign chairman. >> there are a number of options considered but he should not be a united states senator. >> whatever means-- >> whatever it requires. >> republicans sport in washington evaporating as dozens say roy moore needs to bow out of the senate race but with sport of alabama holding for now, will he? >> no sign of this yet. >> i'm christine romans. it is tuesday. november 14. 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's begin with the attorney general jeff sessions directing
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federal prosecutors to evaluate any ties between the clinton and sale of uranium to russia. takes place while clinton was secretary of state. some allege russia sought to donate to the clinton foundation to persuade the secretary of state to support to approve the transaction. >> senior prosecutors will make a recommendation about the potential need for a special prosecutor. sessions's decision comes despite saying this at his confirmation hearing back in january. >> do you intend to recuse yourself from both the clinton e-mail investigate and any matters involving the clinton foundation if there are any? >> yes. >> critics have expressed concern about the justice department's independence after president trump bemoaned his inability to direct the department to investigate his opponents, including clinton. >> donald trump jr. confirming
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he had exchanges with the wikileaks twitter account via private direct messages during the 2016 campaign. he tweete out the exchanges shortly after the atlantic first revealed them. he wrote, here is the entire chain of messages at wikileaks with my whopping three responses. >> the timing of the messages is notable. trump jr. has responded to two of them, and one wikileaks urges him to push a right wing website story about hillary clinton. trump jr. replies he already did and inquires about an upcoming leek. days later wikileaks starts releasing john podesta's e-mails. >> and days after that, president trump tweets -- urging his followers to read about clinton's quote disgraceful behavior. a course familiar with the matter says trump was briefly asked about the exchanges during a close the door meeting in september. joining us now josh.
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>> what do you make of all this? what do you make the interaction between donald trump jr. and wikileaks? and specially junior pointing out he only sent three messages to the wikileaks twitter account? >> it's a little misleading. he also followed instructions on tweeting out their disclosures and sought information from them, and it seems that they were in regular communication at a key time in the campaign. one more in a string of really poor decisions by donald trump jr. throughout the campaign, and in h his hunt to search for dirt on hillary clinton and incorporate that into the trump campaign. it doesn't show collusion between the trump campaign and russia. it suggests collusion between them and wikileaks. we know wikileaks is acoused of
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collusion with russia. the it's not a smoking gun in the russia/trump investigation but sure is another sign they were playing fast and loose with the rules and looking for ways to coordinate the distribution of e-mails and other information that was hacked. the hacking was a crime and the effort to sort of distribute the proceeds of that crime are untoward at best. >> wikileaks is not a friend. >> mike pompeo called it a non state foreign intelligence agency hell-bent to attack the united states. >> josh, what strikes me that two different kinds of stances or postures of the americans for example, with the russia issue and the russia intervention in the american election and say, the british, for example. theresa may at a banquet laying
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out this strong message to the russians. listen. >> so i have a very simple message for russia. we know what you are doing. and you will not succeed. because you underestimate the resilience of our democracies. the enduring attraction of free and open societies. and the commitment of western nations to the alliances that bind us. >> for such good friends and allies, there could not be two more starkly different stances. >> i would say that first of all, teresa may is saying the right thing, pushing back against the overall russia effort to not interfere in political processes all over the world. >> including brexit? >> of course. the point is that most of the u.s. government, in fact all of the trump administration except for the president and maybe his son agrees with teresa may. rex tillerson and mike pompeo,
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they've all said clearly that russia's attempts -- interfered in our election and attempt to go do it again and all over the world. this is something very important that the united states has to respond to. so that's not u.s. versus britain. it's really trump versus the rest of the world. and what the president sort of back and forth on this while he was in asia shows that he still hasn't come around to the conclusion that the russians did this. and that's a big problem. it harms our effort to sort of mobilize the u.s. government and all of the elements of american power to help not only our allies, also our own states and localities, and our federal government to make sure this doesn't happen again, because for sure, the russians are still going to try. >> and speaking of limits on power, we are learning or seeing that the president is learning the limits of his own power, and how much influence he has over the justice department. let's take a quick listen to a
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clip. >> the saddest thing is that because of the president of the united states i'm not supposed to be involved with the justice department. i'm not supposed to be involved with the fbi. i'm nots supposed to be doing the kiepsds of things i would love to be doing, and i'm very frustrated by it. >> very frustrated z and now we see that the justice department is considering naming a special prosecutor to look into the clintons and its uranium deal. how do you explain this about face? >> right. i think there's two things going on. one, the effort that distracted and sort of muddy the waters surrounding the russian investigation by introducing sort of non related issue. this uranium one scandal is based on the idea that somehow a donation to the clinton foundation would have influenced the sale of part of the american uranium stores to the russian
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company when in fact was approve: there's no evidence hillary clinton was involved. this is kind of a ginned up story being used to muddy the water es. the bigger issue is that we have a separation of powers. there are very good reasons the president is not supposed to be directing the work of the justice department in the prosecutors. i'm sure he is frustrated by that. the problem shah when he says things like that and does things like this it does have an effect. and we've seen attorney general sessions respond to the president's pressure. and use his power to sort of respond to the tweets and calls and criticisms. that's a probe lep e that's much bigger problem than one investigation here or there. the let's hope the justice department maintains its independence. they're entitled the to look into it, respond to house calls, even if calls are partisan to
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find out if there's something they should be prosecuting but they're not supposed to be following the president's pressure, and if there are signs they're doing, that's a much bigger problem. >> you make the point about that uranium one deal and the process it went through, the committee on foreign investment in the u.s., it's meant for a security of any kind of foreign deal like that. they let -- rarely. >> -- yes or no. >> they rarely say no to them because the idea is i go es a free market rule usually overrides there. >> christine, i think you're right. there are holes in h the process. of the efforts in congress led now by senator grassley to fix it. we're in a different world. what you would consider a security threat, in the 1980's is not the same as it is in h 2017. this is mostly to address the chinese threat, buying up lots
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of industries that are threatening our national security that maybe we wouldn't have thought of a decade or two decades ago. that's besides the point, really, because this uranium one deal, whether you think it was right or it wasn't right, there's still zero evidence that hillary clinton was directly vfl involved in the decision and zero evidence is has anything to do with the clinton foundation. le i'm sure the house is free to go ahead and investigate that, and yes, the justice department is free to go ahead and investigate too. but the poll litization of the justice department is really something we should push against and be worried about. >> come back in about half hour and give us your grade on what the president did in asia. >> let me think about that. thanks. >> the number republican lawmakers abandoning roy moore is growing by the hour in the
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wake of new allegations he sexually assaulted a minor decades ago. questions being raised about whether he would be allowed to serve, assuming that he wins the seat which is a significant possibility given that moore's support from many alabama voters and officials continues. >> more than a dozen gop senators, though, are calling for him to pull out of the race. cory gardner, chairman of the senate republican campaign committee, one of the first to say the senate should expel him, should he win the especially election four weeks from today. mitch mcconnell also calling for him to drop out. >> i think he should step aside. >> do you believe these allegations to be true? >> i believe the women, yes. >> gop senator jeff flake, who is retiring went so far as to say that quote, if p the choice is between roy moore and a democrat, a democrat, know doubt. >> now, an even greater number of republican senators are saying roy moore should exit the race, if the allegations are true. which will be impossible to
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prove, almost 40 years later, but senators are less clear on what to do if moore stays in. and when. >> roy moore himself adamantly denies the latest allegations. >> i can tell you without hesitation this is absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> the woman moore is referring to is named beverly nelson. she says he sexually assaulted her when she was 16 years old. nelson said moore offered her a ride home one night but instead, he parked the car behind the restaurant where she worked and began to grope her. >> he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head onto his crotch. i continued to struggle. he said you're just a child. and he said i am the district
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deal, a deal years in the works. over the weekend the 11 remaining nations forged ahead on a new deal without the u.s. including marriajor allies. of the they will negotiate their own deal the and might not want the one-on-one deals the president favors. president trump could face pressure to join this h new deal leaving america to play ja catch-up. >> now, there's a lot waiting on the president's plate when he returns to washington. he's on the way home now following more than a week in asia, cnn's sara murray is live in man nilamanila. there have been a lot of distractions back home. but how has that trip gone for
2:19 am
the president? >> reporter: well, it's pretty clear the president and his aides believe this was a smooth trip for him and he wants to bring some of those head lines from asia back to u.s. soil. he teased a major announcement that he would take about trade but his aides are also working to cobble together some kind of prime time address sources of telling us to try to stitch together the broader narrative of this trip. that certainly should be no surprised. the he was wined and dined and leaders literally rolled out the red carpet for him. he went through some of the head lines in his view. >> the philippines, china, and the incredible opening they gave us. the south korea was terrific too, as vietnam treated us incredibly, as did -- i mean the philippines we just could not have been treated nicer.
2:20 am
we've plirned a lot. i've enjoyed it very much. my press, i feel so sorry. the they're exhausted. >> press are exhausted, no doubt, after a grueling tour through asia and a brief 21-hour flight home later today. >> you don't look exhausted at all, sara. come on home. thank you. all right. no love lost between lebron james, new york knicks, king size beef at madison square garden. coy wire with the bleacher report next. this i can do, easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do!
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nics and cavs showing fight last night. first, case of the three ucla basketball players accused the shop shi shoplifti shoplifting. >> good morning to you guys, president trump says he talked to chinese president xi about the three basketball players being detained in china after accused of shoplifting. the three ucla freshman were arrested last week and questioned about stealing sunglasses from a a store. they're still believed to be at the hotel. president trump says he hopes the players would soon be released. another shot fired between the nfl owners over the contract extension of the commissioner.
2:26 am
"new york times" reporting that a group of owners sent a cease and desist warning to jerry jones to block him from interfering in the contract talks: the letter also outlines a list of punishments. a source tells cnn that good del's expense will be done shortly. reportedly he asked to are a salary of nearly $50 million a year, at use of a private jet, and a life health insurance for life for his family. le but, two leaked sources are disputing those claims. how about cam newton throwing four touchdown passes in h the panther's' blowout win. carolina piling up the points and yardage. 45-21 blowout and the panther es roll up a franchise record 458 yards of offense. now they have a record of 7 and
2:27 am
3. twitter beef between cav's star turned into the whole cow last night. james tweeted the-with a post and then, with some pushing during the game, when james and he got into a scuffle. now last night, their war of words spilled over on to the court. but what a game this was. in the end. i mean lebron was channeling his anger in h a more constructive way, late in the fourth quarter. game tied at 97 and lebron shows why he's the best player on the planet. he gives the cavs a lead, cleveland goes on in a big comeback win. 104-101. you see these guys afterwards also having a little communications there, and we may be as the morning goes on we can show you more of that.
2:28 am
the it was seeing two grown men getting in a battle. >> the next blowing a 24-point lead. now, we are monitoring a series of three big stories this morning. the president's justice department will consider a special counsel to look into the clinton foundation. the president's son also communicating with wikileaks days before the clinton campaign chairman had his e-mails released. and roy moore losing nearly all of his support in washington. the but will it matter when alabama voters have their say next month? fast acting zzzquil liquicaps help you fall asleep fast,
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the attorney general now asking federal prosecutors to look into a special counsel on the clinton foundation. is it only to appease the president's frustration for lack of action against the clintons? and the president's soon admits he communicated privately with wikileaks that came just days before the site released e-mails stolen from the chairman. >> there are a number of options being considered, but he should not be a united states senator. >> whatever means -- >> whatever it requires. >> republican support in washington evaporating as dozens now say roy moore needs to bow out of the senate race. but with support in alabama still holding now, will he quit?
2:32 am
welcome back to "early start." >> i'm alex marquardt. it's 32 minutes past the hour. attorney general directing federal prosecutors to evaluate any alleged ties. house republicans are all right investigating the 2010 deal which took place while clinton was secretary of state. some republicans including the president allege that russia sought to donate to the clinton foundation to persuade her to support the transaction. >> senior -- sessions' decision comes despite saying this as his confirmation hearing in january. >> do you intend to recuse yourself from both the clinton e-mail investigation and any matters involving the clinton foundation if there are any? >> yes. >> critics have expressed
2:33 am
concern about the justice department's independence after president trump bemoaned his inability to direct the department to investigate his op pennants, including clinton. donald trump jr. confirming he did have exchanges with the wikileaks. that was during the 2016 campaign. trump jr. tweet the out the exchanges shortly after the atlantic first reported them. he wrote, quote, here's the entire chain of messages with, at wikileaks with my whopping three responses. >> the timing of wikileaks message is notable. trump jr. responded to two of them. in one wikileaks urges him to push a story about hillary clinton. trump junior replied he already has and inquires about an yum coming leek. da day. >> days after that president trump tweets, urging his tole lowers to read about clinton's
2:34 am
disgraceful behavior. a source says trump jr. was asked about them. >> joining us now josh r -- what do you think is the motive here behind the attorney general asking his prosecutors to look into whether a special prosecutor is needed on the hillary clinton matter? >> well, we've seen several examples over the past few months of attorney general jeff sessions responding to public comments about president trump about what he should and should not be done. this seems to be the latest example that. the president says i shouldn't be interfering but if i was here's what i would want them to do. that's interference. that's a public call for the attorney general to do something, to investigate his political rival, and pursue a
2:35 am
prosecution of his political op pone naptss. or the interference is one problem but the other is we don't go after our political opponents using the law enforcement system after an election. that's something we usually leave to third world banana republics. and of course the issue you mentioned which is that jeff sessions promised to recuse himself and now seems to be going back. the house intelligence committee has been looking into this case. as is their praguative. now they've gotten the justice department to look into whether they should prosecute it. let's hope cooler heads prevail and the justice department remembers that it's an independent branch of government and also jeff session remembers he's not supposed to be doing the president's dirty work. >> switching gears between the
2:36 am
communication between donald trump junior and wikileaks, he said he only communicated three times. i want to throw up one message. it says it would be great if you guys could comment on, push this story, and the story they're talking about is a quote from hillary clinton about wanting to just drone the wikileaks founder julian assange. now, we have reporting that says that is there was -- there were direct ties between trussian government and wikileaks, now we have direct proof of communications between them and the son of the gop nominee. how can he explain this away? >> i don't think it's justifiable. what we see here, and not just the exchange that you just put up but a future exchange as outlined in the article, where wikileaks is leaking stolen e-mails and giving donald trump jr. a specific link and he
2:37 am
tweets out that specific link. he's add ver sizing the stolen material. some of this we knew. donald trump during the campaign was championing wikileaks, said quote, i love wikileaks, encouraging people to follow it. this kind of direct coordination is not only untoward, it borders on conspiracy to disseminate products af crime. how that relates to russia is unclear. that's what the cutouts are for. plausible deniability. the or in this case, i would say implausible deniability. we haven't quite reached the smoking gun. it's really bad behavior on the part of donald trump junior think he'll be able to explain away. >> we should remind viewers this came a few months after donald trump had a meeting with that russian lawyer who also had ties to the kremlin.
2:38 am
>> the president on his way back from the asia trip. give us your assessment how well it went. i mean the president naming all these nice things people said and did for him. on the trip. red carpet treatment, clearly flattery works with this president. what are the deliverables? he says he's going to make a big announcement on trade. the movement i saw was all these other countries moving forward without the u.s. what do you think he's bringing back? >> yes. so, it's kind of a mixed bag. first of all, we should give the president credit. he spent 13 days in the region with the five countries, met wa a ton of leaders. that's a good thing. he also unveiled what we call an indo-pacific strategic frame work, mitigate and manage chain into's rise, in h terms of deliverables, i think there's less here than meets the eye.
2:39 am
what the president is touting is what he calls $300 billion of trade deals with china, a few more billion in the other countries. the details of those are complicated, some of them are already baked into the cake. some coming into the future. overall, there's not a lot of deliverables. on the trade front, as you rightly pointed out, christine, we abandoned the tpp, and now the administration is a trying to replace that with one-on-one trade deals. we saw the japanese express general interest, there were tough wortszs on china on trade but not a lot of action to back up those words. what the president's going to do is he's going to come home and bring together all of these little pieces that we were just talking about and present this as a big move forward on trade and economic engagement with asia. i think that's a little bit too
2:40 am
far, but, again, this will play out over weeks and months. the and although he didn't get everything that he wanted on trade right away, in the coming weeks and months, if they're able to put together some of those 101 trade deals, fine, we should give them credit for doing that. >> josh, the president's returning home, of course, while wanting to focus on trade, to this roy moore scandal. the white house and president have said if these allegations are true, he should leave the race. but there's a growing chorus of republicans on capitol hill saying regardless, he should leave the race. roy moore has shown no indication that he is going to step down. do you have any sort of im pr eggs that alabama voters will care about these allegations? >> i just follow the work of some great cnn reporters who are on the ground who find a lot of alabama supporters who are not convinced these allegations should amount to him being disqualified. it represents a huge break from
2:41 am
a lot of those and what's going on in h washington. specially among republicans. if he were elected there are a range of scenarios they might employ. so that is a huge divide. wloo the white house has been trying to do ever since these allegations started to come into light is try to straddle that divide and by saying oh, well, if it it's proven, these are horrible things but we don't know the facts. that straddle is untenable. roy moore gives sort of half denials and ekwif oh kates. that decision is becoming much more difficult. president trump has been able to avoid weighing in because he's been on the trip but when he comes back that's going to go away. the first time he gets asked about this he's going to make a statement that's going to reveal how he thinks. >> speaking to a supporter of
2:42 am
moore's in h alabama, she said zero to none. >> he might be going back. he'll be in alabama again soon. thanks so much. are nearly half of all americans now have high blood pressure after they redefine the standard. the new guidelines and what they mean for you, next. when i was a navy seal, i trained as hard as i could to stay alive. i have more than 30 pieces of shrapnel still in my leg. but i still push myself to the limit. if it weren't for my tempur-pedic, i wouldn't be able to sleep on my left side at all. ♪ the tempur-pedic veteran's day savings event is here, and now is the time to take advantage of this incredible offer. save up to $500 instantly on select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer today at
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[ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. there's a lot waiting on president trump's plate when he returns to washington. the he's on his way home now after a week in asia and is promising a narj announcement later this week.
2:47 am
cnn's sara murray live in manila. >>reporter: good morning. well, the president and his aides feel like this trip has gone relatively smoothly for him. frankly they would rather keep the asia-style head lines going in the u.s. on his way leaving the country, the president said he would have a big announcement, a big address coming later this week. he has said he wants to make a big announcement on trade. the white house officials also say the president is angling for a prime time address to try to stitch together this asia trip but it's certainly no surprise after the warm welcome he got here abroad. he was wined and dined, leaders literally rolled out the red carpet for him before he left. he ran through some of the highlights. >> the philippines, china, and the incredible opening they gave
2:48 am
us. south korea was terrific too, as vietnam treated us incredibly, as did -- i mean the philippines. we so not have been treated nicer. we've accomplished a lot. i've enjoyed it very much. my press, i feel so sorry for them. they're exhausted. >>reporter: an exhausted press indeed. the president is already on his way home from this grueling trip and the american press will soon be behind him on a brief 21-hour flight. >> hopefully get rest on that flight. thanks so much. all right. bon voyage. bill gates wants to build a futuristic community in the desert. [ click ] [ keyboard clacking ]
2:49 am
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welcome back. jurors are considering criminal corruption charges against new jersey senator bob menendez telling the judge they are deadlocked but deliberations will continue. the judge ordered the jury to return this morning. their struggle to reach the decision on any charges could signal a potential mistrial ahead, which would not be a complete surprise. we get more from cnn's laura jarre jarrett. >>reporter: good morning. the message from the judge to the jury was a simple one. keep on going. the now, after several hours of deliberations, the jury said that it was stuck. it asked the judge what it should do, and the judge said clear your head, try again. so today we'll see if they can reach a unanimous verdict. we had a little bit of a preview this could happen last week when one of the jurors that was excused to are a previously planned vacation, told us about
2:54 am
the splits in the room, described the situation where the jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict on any of the 12 unts could -- of the counts chl what happens now is it if they come back and say they're still deadlocks, the judge could instruct them to still keep going and try to reach a verdict, or he could officially declare a full mistrial in which case the justice department would decide whether to try to pursue the charges once again and do this case all over again. christine? alex? >> thank you so much for that. le officials in iran announcing overnight that rescue operations are almost over after a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck sunday. they say relief operations could take months, right now the death toll at 452 people. more than 7100 others injured. officials now calling for blood
2:55 am
donors. the deadliest of the year surpassing the one that hit mexico sni in september. >> breaking overnight an angry protest in baton rouge after a fatal officer-involved shooting at an apartment complex. louisiana state police say an officer was escorting a caseworker when some kind of struggle broke out, the identities of shooting victim and the police officer have not been released. we're told the office every sustained a minor injury and was wearing a body camera. >> nearly half of all americans fall into the high blood pressure category based on new guidelines. according to the figures, 50% of adult men, 38% of adult boom in the u.s. fall into this new high blood pressure category. doctors say medication can often he avoided with a few lifestyle changes. >> new charges filed against msh
2:56 am
members of the fraternity at penn state. prosecutors citing newly recovered video. later that night, the young man fell down a flight of steps and sustained injuries that led to his death. according to the district attorney, members of the fraternity told police that base mts cameras were not working but officers uncovered evidence the footage had been manually deleted. >> powerhouse italy has pa failed to qualify for the world cup. the four-time world cup champions, not the only big name to sputter. netherlands, chille and the united states failing. >> planets are aligning again. if you missed it on monday, you're going to get another
2:57 am
opportunity this morning. in north america the event should be visible right about now. nasa's laboratory says at their closest point on monday as seen by the naked eye u the distance between the plan nets was smaller than the diameter of the full moon. >> let's get a check on cnn "money" stream. local stockmarkets mostly lower. general electric fell to a five-year low. le there's a gooed chance you own them somewhere in your portfolio. it fell 7%. investors apparently unimpressed after the coe outlined steps to turn the company around. he warned there will be a reset year and slimmed it down to three core businesses, power, aviation and health care. no more light bulbs. and ge cut its dividends in half. is it. wal-mart is about to up ets fashion game with a little help
2:58 am
from lord and taylor, keeming up to launch a shop an wall the shop will offer higher end clothing an accessories and will launch in the spring. it doesn't want customers to abandon its stores altogether in fact "the wall street journal" says it's raising prices for some items on line to nudge the customers back to the stores for the cheaper prices. bell gates wants to build a futuristic community. the investing $80 million in a high-tech development outside phoenix, to integrate technology into residents' lyes. designed to hold about 160,000 people featuring high speed networks autonomous vehicles and knew manufacturing technologies. how many projects does he have now? >> also trying to cure malaria,
2:59 am
alzheimer's. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> "new day" starts right now. >>. >> announcer: kr cnn breaking news. >> welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day" e tuesday, november 14. 6:00 here in new york. the we have three breaking stories on the starting line for you. first, attorney general jeff sessions is considering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate clinton foundation dealings, and the 2010 sale of a uranium company to the russians when hillary clinton was secretary of state. this disclosure appears to be a direct response to president trump who ten days ago expressed disappointment with sessions and said the clintons should be investigated. the announcement came about three hours after a bombshell report in the atlantic revealed donald trump jr. secretly


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