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tv   New Day  CNN  November 14, 2017 2:59am-4:00am PST

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alzheimer's. >> thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> "new day" starts right now. >>. >> announcer: kr cnn breaking news. >> welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day" e tuesday, november 14. 6:00 here in new york. the we have three breaking stories on the starting line for you. first, attorney general jeff sessions is considering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate clinton foundation dealings, and the 2010 sale of a uranium company to the russians when hillary clinton was secretary of state. this disclosure appears to be a direct response to president trump who ten days ago expressed disappointment with sessions and said the clintons should be investigated. the announcement came about three hours after a bombshell report in the atlantic revealed donald trump jr. secretly corresponded with wikileaks.
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he responded by releasing some of those messages, the timing of which are raising a lot of eyebrows. >> now. a fifth accuser has come forward alleging she was sexual assaulted by roy moore decades ago when she was just 16. moore continues to deny any he says these charges are politically motivated. however, there is a growing chorus of republican lawmakers calling on moore to quit the alabama senate race, one senator even saying if he doesn't quit and he continues to run in the campaign and wins, the senate should expel him if elected. right now, president trump is heading home after this whirlwind 12-day trip to asia. he says that he has a major announcement to make when he returns. what will it be about? that's a question we need to cover. we're going to do it right now. we have it all to cover for you. michelle kosinski is live in our
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washington bureau. michelle? >> reporter: donald trump jr. himself is releasing what he says are the exchanges between him and wikileaks before the elections. even these few messages now that we know about tell us something, first of all, about wichlt kileaks, what they wanted to do for the trump campaign and what they wanted from it. and, of course, here we have yet another interaction between someone involved with the campaign and wihat the u.s. intelligence community believes, at the very least, is a channel for russian influence. the interactions between donald trump jr. and wikileaks happened in private over direct message via twitter, starting as first revealed in "the atlantic" september 20th last year. wikileaks reached out to trump's son, asking him what he thought of the new anti-trump website. he responded the next day, i don't know who that is but i'll ask around. thanks. "atlantic" reports that trump
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junior e-mailed several letting them know that wikileaks made contact. damaging material from wikileaks was coming. following day, don junior reached out to ask about it. what's behind in wednesday leak i keep reading about? he didn't get an answer back. four days later the intelligence community announced it believes russia was behind the dnc hacks. wikileaks, days later, started releasing hacked e-mails from jon podesta then this from candidate donald trump. >> i love wikileaks. >> wikileaks was back and trump dms, your dad tweet this is link if he mentions us there's many great stories the press are missing. two days later, trump junior
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tweeted that link that wikileaks asked him to post. that same day, mike pence denied the trump campaign was coordinating with wikileaks. >> nothing could be further from the truth zbla spokesperson for the vice president said that pence was not aware of anyone associated with wikileaks. on october 21st, 2016, an unusual idea, asking don junior to leak them his father's tax returns. the reason, quote, if we publish them, it will dramatically improve the perception of our partiality. trump junior didn't respond to any other twitter dms from wikileaks, urging the campaign to, quote, reject the results of the election as rigged if trump lost, something that the russian government was also planning on doing, according to a report from the intelligence community. trump's own cia director said this about wikileaks.
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>> it's time to call out wikileaks for what it is, nonstate hostile intelligence service often embedded by state actors like russia. >> reporter: a lawyer for trump junior responded saying we can say with confidence that we no concerns about these documents and any questions raised about them have been easily answered in the appropriate forum. expressing disappointment on twitter 11 days ago that the justice department isn't looking into issues related to his former rival, hillary clinton, the justice department announcing in a letter yesterday that prosecutors are now examining allegations related to the clinton foundation and the sale of the company uranium one to a russian nuclear agency and considering whether a special counsel should be appointed. a source tells cnn that these trump junior exchanges were already provided to congressional investigators and he, in fact, was asked about them when he appeared before the senate judiciary committee in a closed door session in
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september. only now are these interactions with wikileaks themselves being leaked, which trump junior, in a tweet, called ironic. but there are other members of congress part of the investigation into russian connections like the top democrat on the house committee that say they, too, want to question trump junior about this. chris? >> so, something that is certainly clear now even from the trump administration is what wikileaks was all about in terms of how to motivate negative energy in the election. what it means for donald trump jr. remains unseen. >> another murky situation is what we see surrounding the attorney general. in four hours, attorney general jeff sessions will face another grilling about the trump campaign's russia contacts. new special counsel request, undoubtedly, will come up, as well as questions about the truthfulness of sessions' past testimony. suzanne malveaux is on capitol hill. he better have eaten his
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wheaties when he gets up there. >> reporter: absolutely, chris. he will be in the hot seat again. responsibility oversight of the justice department. first issue when it comes to a new probe potentially into the clinton foundation uranium one deal, we do suspect that the committee chair will give sessions some praise on that. the democrats will be looking as to whether the white house influenced sessions' decision to look further into that. we've heard president trump urging and encouraging investigations into hillary clinton and her campaign and russia connections. second, of course, is going to be his own ties with russian officials, his role during the campaign. we know in january during his initial confirmation hearings, he said he had no russian connections, no discussions that evolved, changed into three chats with a russian ambassador.
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since then a guilty plea from national security adviser george papadopoulos who said yes, he lied, there were suggestions potentially of then candidate trump visiting with vladimir putin in russia. we also had heard from carter page who says, yes, he told sessions that he was going to russia. so, the big questions that are going to come up is sessions did not know, did he not recall these conversations? is there something deeper than this? and what did the president know about all of this? alisyn, chris? >> suzanne, thank you very much for all of that. joining us now to help us analyze everything that's happening this morning, jeffrey toobin, david gregory and chris cillizza. okay. jeffrey toobin, what do you see
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here? >> this is a very big deal. there's been so many developments. i know it's hard for people to keep straight. the whole gist of the mueller inquiry is was there cooperation between the russian government or russian affiliated entities and the trump campaign? that was denied categorically. now we know there was a direct link between wikileaks, which was, as donald trump's cia director just said, a witting instrument of the russian government and the trump campaign. and this raises very important legal questions. you know, it is unlawful. it is a crime to solicit or receive assistance from a foreign person or company. and that includes noncash contributions. this could be seen as an in-kind contribution from wikileaks to the trump campaign. it's very much grist for the
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mueller investigation. >> there seems to be one obvious political and one obvious legal question. the political question is why did you wait so long to put it out? don jr. loves to feel like he's kind of shaming the media by putting things out and showing nothing happened. why did he wait a year to put out this stuff if he knew it was a nothing situation to begin with? the legal question is going to become the timing. isn't it, jeffrey? if you're going to look at cooperation and coordination, when did wikileaks ask you to do something, what did you do in response and what was that in the context of the overall campaign? let's put up the timeline. >> let's recap it for everybody. how many times wikileaks reached out to don junior. eight times. he responded twice to that. >> but what it's about matters so wikileaks says to him, tweet a link of their releases. he doesn't respond. but then -- >> but let me show the dates. october 12th, as you're pointing
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out, chris, that's when they say that. on the 12 lth, wikileaks direct messages don junior asking for candidate trump to tweet out a link. great to see you and your dad talking about our publications. we strongly suggest that your dad tweets this link if he mentions us. there are many great stories the press is missing. 15 minutes later, this is key, this tweet from candidate trump says wikileaks should be covered more. quote, very little pickup of the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. so dishonest. rigged system. >> don junior tweets the link himself, for those who have the time to read about.
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>> wichlt kileaks, he specifically says. >> right. russian operative in this context. i know there are a lot of fans. you have to look at them in the context of the current investigation. they are an agent of the russian interference. that's how the cia under the trump administration sees them. so, jeffrey, the political question. why did you wait? the legal question -- only a political question because lawmakers had the documents. why did you wait to put them out if you don't think they're anything. the legal question is the timing. what do you have on those? >> first of all, why did you wait? people don't like to put out bad news. sometimes they try to get ahead of it. >> he says it's nothing. i'm going to throw it in your face right now because you guys are making more of it than it is. why did you wait? >> he's not that bright. this is not -- all of donald trump injury's behavior suggests someone who is not a
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terrifically intelligent person, crude in his thinking and just trying to help get his father get elected by any legal or illegal means he can. that's my interpretation. legally, i think the 15-minute october 12th gap is the easiest to understand. you know, wikileaks asked don junior, have your father tweet this out. 15 minutes later, he does. that's very difficult to explain other than direct coordination. >> david gregory, go ahead. >> well, i mean, it is -- we have these rolling disclosures, after all these blanket denials, we have more and more evidence that i keep coming back to the same phrase, which is that the trump campaign was open for business. if the russians came and said, hey, we want to help your dad. we've got bad information on your opponents. we could somehow work together. they said hey, let's check it out. there was apparently no adult in the room who said, no, you
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actually shouldn't do this. this is a nonstate actor. people knew what wikileaks were. if they had people who were actually grown up and serious about the office of the presidency they were pursuing, they could have given that advice. if they cared to get that advice. what we have now is more and more information about them not telling the truth about the contacts that they had and now we see more of these connections. and what the end point is, whether it proves collusion, i don't know. i don't think we know yet. we certainly see this willingness to cooperate at some level. and a long period now of denials until more of these disclosures are made. that's the big political piece here. that's why the president gets so upset about these things, because there's more momentum, there's more energy, as we go on, day in and week in for this investigation that finds these relationships. >> i see wheels turning.
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i saw the wheels turning. what do you have there? what's the point? >> one more date to throw in there, chris, which is october 7th, which is when the u.s. intelligence community says formally that they believe that russia is an active actor in trying to hack these e-mails and influence the election. so, that's october 7th. five days later is this don junior correspondence. a week after that is don junior's tweet. what's difficult is it's hard to say, i didn't know what wikileaks was. i had no clue. back in july, "the new york times" reported that the new york intelligence community was suspected that russia was behind all this. that was july. october confirmed. now, i guess you could say i didn't know wikileaks had anything to do with russia. but, again that's -- that is a legal argument you could probably make. politically, i think that's a much harder sell. i just -- i think that
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timeline -- from october 7th to october 14th, that one week is going to be very hard for don junior and, frankly, donald trump, to answer. >> jeff sessions is coming up today. he will get questioned again. obviously part of the curiosity was him cleaning up his prior curiosity about what russians he met with when. now a new iron in the fire, which will be there's this development that he may be looking at appointing a special counsel in certain matters surrounding the clintons and their foundation. timeline is also important here. so, paulina, let's put up what we know. november 3rd, look at them. don't just look at me. that's basically what he's saying there. november 13th, all right, we get a letter from the u.s. department of justice directed to the honorable w. goodlad, chairman of the jushry committee
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f of the house of representatives. bob goodlad in july and september sent two letters over to the department of justice saying the same thing. we want you to look into people on the left as well, this time in the form of the clintons. november 3rd, trump tweets what he tweets. ten days later u.s. department of justice responds to letters that they had gotten months earlier from bob goodlad and says we are looking into this. if there is anything that needs more investigation than is currently going on the ag and deputy ag will look at a special counsel. i think the media is getting ahead of the headline a little bit. i don't think this letter says i'm going to appoint a special counsel. back in november 22nd, after the election, the president was asked about this. are you going to go after the clintons? you kept saying you were going to all during the election. here is what he said. when it goes up, i'll read it. there it is. i want to move forward. i don't want to move back. and i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't.
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she went through a lot. and suffered greatly, in many different ways and i'm not looking to hurt them at all. the campaign was vicious. now because of what's going on with him, jeffrey toobin, do we see a different posture being motivated by the department of justice? >> you know, i don't want to be chicken little but this is what happens in authoritarian countries like turkey and russia. when a party takes power, they start criminally investigating their opponents. that's what this is, if it happens. it hasn't happened, as you just pointed out, chris. we're talking about the clinton foundation back in the '90s and the early part of this decade. we're talking about uranium one, who has already been investigated. this is a question about whether fox news runs the justice department or whether the career prosecutors run the justice department. and, you know, that's the issue here. >> david gregory? >> and it's the issue of distraction. what we see time and time again is a president of the united states who is reacting out of
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tremendous insecurity. and we've seen this all throughout this investigation. we also see it in the way he talks about the reception he has gotten in asia. how he talks about it's an unprecedented reception he has gotten. who talks like this, other than someone who is so insecure? and that insecurity is playing itself out throughout his decision making and his reaction where he wants to now force an attorney general, who he has put into a terrible position, jeff sessions, over the past several months with regard to recusing himself, putting pressure on to get a special counsel. to jeffrey's point, if you talk to former justice department officials who report terrible morale within the justice department, are enough people going to stand up to the rule of law saying no, this is not going to happen because you have a president who is reacting in a way, who promised to put his opponent in jail during a presidential debate. >> right. but hyperbole aside you have
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lawmakers, chris cillizza, who agree with the president. we'll have one of them on the show later this morning, jim jordan. you guys are so interested in this russia stuff, you nitpick the republicans and jim comey gave hillary clinton a pass and that uranium one investigation was a pass because we now know that they had evidence of dirty contributions going to the clinton foundation and bill clinton got a speech paid for. you never looked at any of it. that's justice, too. your response? >> i would say there are congressional committees, two at least, that currently are looking into those allegations. that's the role that congress has here, oversight. and that's what they're doing, including -- you know, you have trey gowdy. they announced it a couple of weeks ago that they're looking into it. a special counsel looking into this, i just think donald trump yet again winds up being his own worst enemy when you demand
3:20 am
things. if there had been no demand for why doesn't the justice department look into this, it may have been seen in a different light when the justice department started to look into it. remember, this is far from the first time those tweets that you showed are far from the first time he said that jeff sessions needs to essentially do a better job. and pay attention to the real scandal here. can donald trump get his way? don't forget, this is a man who said i wish the justice department -- i wish i could do whatever i wanted over there but apparently i can't. >> let's also remember how republicans have compromised themselves. congressman jordan and others need to answer for the fact that our history shows us what russia has done to mess with the united states, to fray relations with the united states. it happened under bush, under obama. because of trump they're willing to look the other way and make it some kind of political issue instead of an attack on america. i thought the republican party stood up against the role of communism in the world and
3:21 am
against russia. now it's just a talking point about how the media has gone too far. that's quite a turn around. >> david, chris, jeffrey, thank you very much. judge roy moore, this is a big election going on in alabama. this is very important to the gop's margin in the senate. will he discuss it now that he's back in the united states? and what happens here? what are the different possibilities about how this can play out? we've done the digging and have the answers, coming up. when you say you need a heart transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that
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global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. so growing calls this morning from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, urging gop roy moore to withdraw from the senate race. there's even threats to expel him if he is elected. this, as another accuser comes forward. jason carroll is live in gadstden, alabama. >> reporter: in the wake of the most recent allegations alabama's largest newspaper "the birmingham news" put out an editorial where they called roy moore grossly unfit saying it's time for him to step aside. moore saying late last night he he has no intention of going anywhere.
3:26 am
beverly young nelson says roy moore attack heard when she was a 16-year-old high school student and he was in his 30s after offering her a ride home from the restaurant where she worked 40 years ago. >> mr. moore reached over and began groping him. putting his hands on my breasts. i tried fighting him off while yelling at him to stop. but instead of stopping, he began squeezing my neck, attempting to force my head on to his crotch. he was also trying to pull my shirt off. i thought that he was going to rape me. >> nelson says she began to cry and moore eventually relented. >> he said you're just a child. and he said i am the district attorney of ottawa county and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> reporter: the embattled
3:27 am
republican alabama senate candidate denying the account. >> it's absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> reporter: but this message in nelson's high school yearbook suggests the pair did know each other. it reads to a sweeter, more beautiful girl, i could not say merry christmas. love roy moore, d.a. >> the backlash on capitol hill continues to grow. a number of republican senators calling on moore to leave the race outright, removing a key caveat urging him to drop out only if allegations are true. >> do you believe these allegations to be true? >> i believe the women, yes. >> senator corey gardner who chairs the committee to elect republicans to the senate going further, saying if moore refuses to withdraw and wins, the senate should vote to expel him. others voicing support for a
3:28 am
possible write-in candidate as the only five senators who back moore's campaign officially withdraw their endorsements. still many voters back in the home state of alabama rallying around the controversial former judge. >> we make very bad decisions when we're young. >> are we going to take one bad action and discount the good he's doing now? >> reporter: others in his hometown telling cnn that rumors about moore's behavior are well known. >> what we would hear was that he would hang out at the mall to meet young teenagers. >> it was common knowledge. you just steered away from him. >> reporter: part of moore's defense, he says some of these accusers are being paid to come forward. i spoke to leigh corpman's family about that. she claims to be sexually assaulted by moore when she was
3:29 am
a teenager. the family tells me no money, endorsement has been paid or promised and none is expected. chris? >> that last part very important. as with most things there are all these false analyses flying on the internet. and they were paid. nobody has come forward saying they were paid. why would they say so? no proof has come forward saying they were paid. i've not heard "the washington post" ever paying someone. it's not common practice. so chris cillizza why should roy moore step down? >> first of all let me say he's not going to or i would be stunned if he did. >> i read a headline saying roy moore is almost certainly not going to be a senator. >> someone wrote that. >> a handsome man. oh, it was you. >> the reason i think he's not
3:30 am
going to be a senator or he's not going to be a senator for long is what happened yesterday between the fifth accuser coming out and alleging not just a relationship but sexual assault. let's be clear there. that's different than what we heard before. we had sexual misconduct. now sexual assault. between that, mitch mcconnell, the leader of the senate saying he should resign or withdraw, which i'm not sure that affects roy moore. to me the most important one was corey gardner. essentially the guy who runs the campaigns for republicans. most people don't know his name. he came out and said if roy moore wins, we can't not seat him. the senate doesn't have that power. but we should move to expel him. he would only be the 16th senator expeled. roy moore. he would be the first one since 1862, someone expeled for siding with the confederacy in the civil war.
3:31 am
it's not used very often. if you have a prominent republican leader saying that, it's going to be hard to back off that, even if roy moore wins which i think means he doesn't spend a whole lot of time as a senator even if he wins and is seated. >> it's too late to take him off the ballot, right? he can't be removed from the ballot. they missed that deadline. it's happening december 12th. and, furthermore, to bring in david gregory, the voters so far that we have heard from, we have two radio show hosts coming up to give us the temperature of what's happening on the ground. voters are also digging in, the way roy moore is. he could very, very well be elected. >> no question about it. but what republicans are thinking about as well is what it means to the party in 2018, to have the party defined by roy moore in some way. of course, there's a lot of establishment republicans who didn't want him to be elected in the first place. this is a controversial figure
3:32 am
going back to his display of the ten commandments and other issues and things that he said, by the way, about 9/11 and other things. it would be interesting to see how and when and if president trump weighs in on that. remember some of the back story here. trump pushed to back luther strange, who loses. bannon supports moore. how does this play out in the way that trump wants to steer the party particularly toward 2018? does he try to tip the scales in some way? what we heard out of the white house so far is if these allegations are true that he should step aside. so there may be some supporters dug in for moore, but there's certainly a lot moving against him. >> if the allegations are true, chris. that's a hedge. >> of course. that's a band-aid.
3:33 am
>> there's not a trial. there will not be a fact finding. that's a hedge. it would make perfect sense. but isn't he fundamentally compromised on this, chris cillizza? people are going to jump on his head about the women who came out about him. >> it's dicey, much dicier than it would be for a different president, yes. i'm not sure that that prevents donald trump from doing it. he does lots of stuff like that where you think ooh, this could be politically fraught. it makes it more difficult. i think it does make it harder for him to speak from a position of moral authority on that. to david's point about these cross currents, donald trump doesn't love mitch mcconnell but he needs him, right? he needs him on taxes, tax reform and tax cuts. he need thes the rank and file senators on tax cuts. by the time donald trump lands tomorrow in washington, you're
3:34 am
going to see a majority of the republican senate conference. donald trump needs those folks. does he need to say something? to your point, chris, does him saying anything either have any effect on moore -- i'm not sure it does -- or boomerang on donald trump and, obviously, there were a number of women that came forward in the campaign. that's not an issue since he became president. donald trump had a similar reaction to roy moore saying all these things are absolutely false. >> white women without college educations, though i hate that demographic descriptive. that was a real demographic voter group for donald trump. they voted for him even after hearing the accusations. >> two alabama radio hosts will tell us what's happening on the ground there. that's next. for years, i suffered from abdominal pain and bloating.
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so in washington, a growing number of republicans are speaking out against alabama senate candidate roy moore. how do voters in alabama feel? from radio talk show, laser focused on the roy moore controversy we've been told. great to have you here. you guys have your finger on the pulse of what's happening because voters call in to your show. so, andrea, has anything changed since this fifth accuser has come forward? >> i think the folks who supported roy moore, his base, is so loyal, alisyn. i get the feeling when we go on the air this morning, nothing will have changed for those folks. they believe roy moore is innocent, innocent until proven guilty. they really are dug in. they have questioned every step
3:39 am
of the way the women who have come forward. why haven't we seen them? we've only read about them until yesterday. even yesterday on our radio station those supporters were calling in saying absolutely not, i'm standing with roy moore. >> let's take a listen to what the fifth accuser said when she did come forward and speak out publicly. listen to this. >> well, we always said -- >> was begging him to stop. i had tears running down my face. at some point, at some point, he gave up and he then looked at me and he told me, he said you're just a child. and he said i am the district attorney of ottawa county and if you tell anyone about this, no one will ever believe you. >> matt, sorry to interrupt you.
3:40 am
that was an emotional testimony she gave. why wouldn't that move the needle? >> well, obviously i'm sorry to interrupt miss nelson. i didn't hear her first there. it changes everything in my mind, alisyn, that we would have more accusers coming forward. we're hearing smatterings and rumors about the possibility of others coming forward in gadsden. it becomes more than he said, she said, when miss nelson produces evidence and simple facts that can be corroborated by others in gadsden from 40 years ago. >> when people call in and say i don't believe these women, what's your response? what's the logic behind not believing women who seem to have all sorts of specific details and are coming forward at an emotional cost to themselves? >> right, alisyn. that's so true. the article was very detailed. it's coming from "the washington post." there's not as much trust in the
3:41 am
state of alabama when it comes to "the washington post" because they've endorsed the democratic candidate. it's a liberal media outlet. what is it about seeing this woman yesterday and still saying i don't believe the women's stories, i think there's concern. roy moore being a conservative, being a christian. those who are dug in and support him loyally believe that democrats and some establishment republicans will do anything to keep him out of office. so, that's what they're thinking. what i say, alisyn, is i want to hear both sides of this. i want to hear what the women have to say. yesterday, seeing and hearing this woman tell her story in her own words goes a long way for me to start putting pieces together and form my own opinion. i want everybody to listen to both sides and then form their judgment. >> do you feel now that everybody has enough evidence to have heard both sides? >> well, i certainly think that there's a contingent of roy moore supporters that have been with him, loyal to him for almost 20 years now since he got on the statewide scene. there's a contingent of
3:42 am
supporters who will dig in and claim conspiracy. it's becoming increasingly hard to talk to those folks. they choose not to look at any of this. they believe it's all part of a grander conspiracy. a significant portion of alabama voters are taking a different look. i don't think that means they choose doug jones come december 12th but it makes them stay home. >> they sit out. andrea, now that you heard this fifth woman and they read the accounts of the other four, do you feel you've heard both sides sufficiently? >> i would like to hear a little more from roy moore. this is what the struggle is for people in this state. we're the ones voting on this. washington and everyone can weigh in. we in the state of alabama have to make this decision. and i am closer to feeling i've heard what i need to hear and forming my opinion as a conservative voter in the state of alabama. but, like we said, there are those who staunchly support him who will not change their minds. >> as a conservative voter
3:43 am
yourself, it sounds like you have come around to -- is it fair to say -- believing the women? >> i've never discounted the women. i have questioned timing. i've questioned motivation but i've not discounted their stories. certainly yesterday i was emotional listening to her. >> understood. matt murphy, andrea lindenberg, thank you very much. great to get your take on this. chris? >> thank you, alisyn. >> so the president is heading home from asia, actually, right now. he is playing up what he says is a great relationship with the philippines president and ripping into barack obama for not having one. we'll tell you why the president believes this is impressive when "new day" continues. when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. and got them back on track. get started at and got them back on track. this i can do, easily. i try hard to get a great shape. benefiber® healthy shape is a clear, taste-free,
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president trump on the sell. he wants a prime time platform for this major statement. cnn sara murphy live from manila in the philippines. sara, what's your take? >> reporter: well, chris, the president got a very warm
3:47 am
welcome here in asia. there was plenty of pomp and circumstance. it's clear trump wants to take some of these asia headlines back to the u.s. with him. he does not want to be talking about the russian investigation. he does not want to get bogged down in the controversy surrounding that alabama senate race. the president said he will have a big announcement coming on trade. aides are working to try to get a prime time address going during which president trump wants to stitch together the various narratives surrounding national security and trade from his trip. now, there were a couple of other things the president addressed before he decided to leave. he wanted to take a swipe at the previous administration and president obama's relationship with duterte of the philippines. listen to what trump said just before he headed back to washington. >> the philippines, we could not have been treated nicer. as you know, we were having a lot of problems with the philippines, the relationship with the past administration was
3:48 am
horrible. >> the reason that the philippines had a difficult relationship with president obama's administration is because they were publicly talking about the issues of human rights. that's obviously not something that went over well with the president of the philippines, duterte, and highlights one of the key differences in the way that president obama approached these trips and the way president trump did. he made it clear he wanted to talk about trade and national security, something he wants to continue when he's back stateside. >> was the president's whirlwind tour of asia a success? expert analysis, next. out my bed. this mattress is dangerously comfortable. when i get in, i literally say "ahhh." america loves the leesa mattress. we have more 5 star customer reviews than any other mattress of its kind. this bed hugs my body. i'm now a morning person.
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all right. so, we know that the stakes of president trump's asia trip were very verks high, to shore up support and create a very entrenched coalition with north korea on the table. he has trade war issues with china. was he successful? joining us now is the president of the counsel on foreign relations and author of the book, a world in disarray.
3:52 am
richard haas. the president agrees with you. the world is in disarray. he had to go there and fix it. how did he do? was america in a better position today after this trip? >> we probably part ways is on his contributions to the disarray. and i think in lots of ways by raising questions about american reliability, by putting aside traditional american policies, whether support for allies or support for free trade, i think this president, in some ways, has contributed to the disarray on this trip. on trade in particular, he took the united states out of the principle dynamic in the region. you have all the countries in the region and then you've got the united states on the side going its own way. there, i think the trip continued to be a set back. what we don't know is whether on north korea, behind the scenes, whether he made some progress. the facts aren't yet out. >> the president is somewhere on a plane right now, looking at the feed of cnn and he's angry at you, richard haas. he's going to say doesn't he see
3:53 am
how much respect they gave the united states here when they used to think that president obama was weak? they think i am strong. i went to china. the president is very nice to me and i have a better relationship with him now. and i will make trade deals. tpp stunk. i will make deals with each of these countries that are better because i'm a great deal maker. >> it's good that the president went out there. simply going to asia for two weeks sent a message that asia matters. the fact that people roll out the red carpet is not an impressive thing. they always do for an american president. we shouldn't be swayed or persuade by that. let's get to the substance, though. bilateral trade deals can't substitute for a regional platform. >> tell us why. >> in a regional agreement you can deal with issues that are larger. you can deal with government subsidies. you can deal with access to multiple markets. you have scale. when you deal with bilateral
3:54 am
things you can only deal with just that. individual countries, much smaller the steaks. you can't get consistency across the board. so you don't get the advantages you would get of 10 or 15 countries. >> is it true that tpp is still going forward and china has stepped into the place of the united states in that regional deal? >> half and half. yes, tpp is going forward without us. the 11 countries have their own agreement but china isn't part of it. >> china is stepping in how? >> setting up its own alternative trade deal. had we gone ahead with tpp that would have been the principle trading ve vehicle for the region, set much higher standards. china would have had to change the way it does business. right now it has a much more closed market, requires american firms and others to transfer energy as part of doing business there. instead now our friends have to deal with china on their own.
3:55 am
they can't compete. china is so much bigger and it will be more of a race to the bottom, trade agreements on china's terms it seems to me a big mistake. >> moral authority. the president met with two essential autocrat schs, putin duterte. putin first. he doesn't talk to him in any big or direct way about what they did in the united states election. he does say enough with the sanctions. they've been sanctioned so much already. we need to move forward and do better. it's good to be friends with russia versus enemies. what do you make of that posturing? >> it's not good to be friends with russia, per se. it's good to have russia behave in ways to show greater respect for international rules. i don't want them using force in ukraine, sitting on crimea the way they are, indiscriminate bombing in syria or meddling in our elections. i don't care if we have a, quote, unquote, good relationship with russia. i want a russia that stops behaving as an international spoiler. >> duterte, trump says obama had
3:56 am
no relationship. me, he respects me. he does not take on the human rights issue. what's the net plus minus on that? >> had i been advising this president you go to philippines for the meetings but not the bilateral meeting. we should not be on the same stage with him. he is doing extra judicial killings on a large scale. he is a thug, quite honestly. he is extremely pro-china in some of his behaviors. the purpose of american foreign policy is not to have friendly relations with other countries. it's to have them respect us and behave in ways that show respect for our values, which ought to also be their values, because they're universal, and our interests, the things we care most about. i don't care if the president and duterte get along. duterte is an out liar, he's not somebody that should be cozying
3:57 am
up to. >> grade on the trip? >> c. give it that. >> always a plus. attorney general jeff sessions announcing he may go after the clintons, hours after the disclosure that donald trump jr. corresponding with wikileaks during the 2016 campaign. coincidence? we'll discuss. rative colitis or crohn's symptoms are holding you back, and your current treatment hasn't worked well enough, it may be time for a change. ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works at the site of inflammation in the gi tract and is clinically proven to help many patients achieve both symptom relief and remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. pml, a rare, serious, potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus may be possible. this condition has not been reported with entyvio. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent
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you see it, right? is there a draft in here? i'm telling you, it's so easy to get home insurance on progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. this is a president who politicized as much of the government as he possibly can. >> i thought that he was going to rape me. and i was begging him to stop. >> i can tell you without hesitation, this is


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